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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1789 C79/, no. []
1789 15 Jan 29 Richard Will gentleman v. Michael Jones & Mary his wife; Robert Robinson & Sarah his wife; David Bradshaw & Magdalen his wife; Thomas Osborne & Ann his wife; Frances Coyney; Elizabeth Coyney; Dorothy Newton; Thomas Emery & Elizabeth his wife; Catherine Coyney; Samuel Nott; and Frances Holyoake C79/252, no. [2]
1789 26 Jan 29 The Reverend Francis Merewether Fettiplace ... v. ... Shaw; Henry Merewether; Thomas Crosse; and John Merewether; (later added:) Bartholomew Tipping; Sarah Gwilt; Joseph Setch; Meliora Shaw; John Parslow; Charles Crosse; and Humphry Morrice C79/212, no. [3]
1789 3 Feb 29 Sir Gilbert Heathcote baronet and Gilbert Heathcote esq his eldest son and heir apparent an infant by his father v. Sampson Duckett; John Beasley; and Thomas Mainwaring C79/298, no. 4 [4]
1789 3 March 29 Mary Eleanor Bowes called countess of Strathmore by William Lyon v. Andrew Robinson Bowes; Henry Bourn; Thomas Goasting; William Birch; and George Stephens C79/270, no. [5]
1789 28 April 29 James Fox esq v. Robert Mackroth; John Baynes Garforth; and John Dawes C79/243, no. [6]
1789 27 June 29 Henrietta Hanbury and Frances Hanbury v. Jane Hanbury; John Capel Habury; Deborah Parsons; and Catherine Tracey widow (later struck out); and (later added:) Henry Dagge C79/251, no. [7]
1789 13 July 29 James Smithson esq heretofore called James Smithson Taylor v. John Stafford; James Moor; William Wilkinson; and Thomas Brewster C79/269, no. [8]
1789 16 Nov 30 Francis Coleman; Thomas Wood the younger; and Henry Dunsford v. Robert Sarel; Samuel Sarel; Samuel Whitaker & Jenny his wife; (added later:) John Sarel (otherwise Searle otherwise Serle); and Thomas Taylor C79/206, no. 1 [9]
1789 17 Dec 30 The Reverend Charles Bostock doctor of laws & Mary Frances his wife then late Mary Frances Rich spinster and John Bostock clerk v. Edward Blakeney; John Dronly; William Chamberlayne; Joseph White; James Gladell Vernon; Alice countess of Shipbrooke; William Burrell; and William Pierce; Ash A'Court C79/233, no. [10]