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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1789 C79/, no. []
1789 15 Jan 29 Richard Will gentleman v. Michael Jones & Mary his wife; Robert Robinson & Sarah his wife; David Bradshaw & Magdalen his wife; Thomas Osborne & Ann his wife; Frances Coyney; Elizabeth Coyney; Dorothy Newton; Thomas Emery & Elizabeth his wife; Catherine Coyney; Samuel Nott; and Frances Holyoake re. Edward Coyney of Alverton (or Alton) Lodge [now Alton Towers], Staffs, deceased and his entitlement to moiety of Litley Hay Farm in par. Cheadle, Staffs. C79/252, no. [2]
1789 26 Jan 29 The Reverend Francis Merewether and Fettiplace [née Shaw] his wife...v... Henry Merewether; Thomas Crosse; and John Merewether; (later added:) Bartholomew Tipping; Sarah Gwilt; Joseph Setch; Meliora Shaw; John Parslow; Charles Crosse; and Humphry Morrice [faded document] re. indenture 2/3 May 1739 & manors in the par. of Cheshunt, Herts.to William Shaw for natural life and then to Bartholomew Tipping and John Cookes for 500 years. C79/212, no. [3]
1789 3 Feb 29 Sir Gilbert Heathcote baronet and Gilbert Heathcote esq his eldest son and heir apparent an infant by his father v. Sampson Duckett; John Beasley; and Thomas Mainwaring re. settlement 20 June 1749, Sir Gilbert Heathcote [c.1723-85] and remainder to Gilbert Heathcote [1773-1851], of impropriate rectory of Walcot [in North Kesteven], Lincs; rights to tithe etc. C79/298, no. 4 [4]
1789 3 March 29 Mary Eleanor Bowes called countess of Strathmore by William Lyon v. Andrew Robinson Bowes; Henry Bourn; Thomas Goasting; William Birch; and George Stephens re. will of John Bowes [9th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, 1737-1776], property in co. of Durham, York, Northumberland and Middx. C79/270, no. [5]
1789 28 April 29 James Fox esq v. Robert Mackroth; John Baynes Garforth; and John Dawes re. alleged inheritance by the complt. James Fox, at age 17 in 1773, of an estate in Surrey from George, Lord Bingley [George Fox-Lane, 1st Baron Bingley, c.1697-1773]. C79/243, no. [6]
1789 27 June 29 Henrietta Hanbury and Frances Hanbury v. Jane Hanbury; John Capel Habury; Deborah Parsons; and Catherine Tracey widow (later struck out); and (later added:) Henry Dagge re. indenture 24 Oct 1734, messuages, lands and tenements in the co. of Monmouth, after decease of Briget Hanbury to John and Capel Hanbury and then to Capel Hanbury. C79/251, no. [7]
1789 13 July 29 James Smithson esq heretofore called James Smithson Taylor v. John Stafford; James Moor; William Wilkinson; and Thomas Brewster re. will 24 Dec 1764 of James Smithson of Monkwearmouth, Durham and his ownership of a moiety of coal mining and distribution business in Birtley, Durham [now Tyne and Wear] and elsewhere. C79/269, no. [8]
1789 16 Nov 30 Francis Coleman; Thomas Wood the younger; and Henry Dunsford v. Robert Sarel; Samuel Sarel; Samuel Whitaker & Jenny his wife; (added later:) John Sarel (otherwise Searle otherwise Serle); and Thomas Taylor re. executors of will of George Davey of Tiverton, Devon; influence of Joan Sard (wife of John Sard, cowkeeper) over him, in his lifetime, and sums of money given to her. C79/206, no. 1 [9]
1789 17 Dec 30 The Reverend Charles Bostock doctor of laws & Mary Frances his wife then late Mary Frances Rich spinster and John Bostock clerk v. Edward Blakeney; John Dronly; William Chamberlayne; Joseph White; James Gladell Vernon; Alice countess of Shipbrooke; William Burrell; and William Pierce; Ash A'Court re. will 31 Oct 1767 of Robert Rich [Field Marshal Sir Robert Rich, 1685-1768] (complt Mary Frances Bostock's g-father); considerable stock and annuities bequeathed to Francis Lord Orwell [Francis Vernon, 1st Earl of Shipbrook 1716-1783] and to eldest son Robert Rich, remainder to Mary Frances Bostock. C79/233, no. [10]