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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1788 C79/, no. []
1788 15 Jan 28 The Reverend James Tattersall clerk v. Sir William Mayne baronet,lord Newhaven; James Piercy the younger & Rebecca his wife; William Shewen; and Page Keble C79/276, no. [2]
1788 20 Feb 28 Thomas Sweet; Agnes Lambe; Henry Stevens; Daniel Tremlett; Johnb Wreford; Elizabeth Northleigh; Thomas Melhuish; John Bennett; Thomas Bennett; Benjamin Dickinson; John Lake; John Thorn; and John Elworthy creditors of John Partridge the elder and of John Partridge the younger on behalf of themselves and all other creditors of the said John Partridge the elder and John Partridge the younger who contribute to the suit v. Mary Partridge the elder widow; Mary Partridge the younger widow; John Patridge; John Lee; and William Stacey C79/275, no. [3]
1788 7 June 28 Elizabeth Robinson widow v. John Hardcastle; George Robinson; Nicholas Chilton; Michael Hardcastle; Ralph Ord; Robert Rowling; Cuthbert Ewainston; Richard Wright C79/268, no. [4]
1788 16 July 28 Hugh Vaughan esq v. Robert Lloyd esq C79/286, no. 1 [5]
1788 26 June 28 Sir William Lewis gentleman and Jemmy Wells & Elizabeth his wife then late Elizabeth Lewis spinster which said William Lewis and Elizabeth Wells were son and daughter of Elizabeth Lewis widow of William Lewis gentleman deceased v. George King & Hester King his wife and Thomas Johnson C79/210, no. [6]
1788 12 Dec 29 Richard Pepper Arden esq then Attorney General at the relation of the wardens of the parish of St Saviour, Southwark Surrey; and the wardens of the same parish v. Robert Goulding and John Wild C79/227, no. 6 [7]
1788 20 Dec 29 Samuel Scott & Margaret Christiana his wife v. Elizabeth Tyler; George Shakespear; Charles Mahew; Philip Nind; and Richard Dryer C79/273, no. [8]
1788 C79/, no. []