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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1787 C79/, no. []
1787 18 Jan 27 Mary Hale of Birmingham, Warw, spinster the niece and heir at law and also administrator of the the goods and chattles rights and credits of the Reverend John Audley late of Magdalen College, Oxford doctor in divinity with the will annexed v. Joseph Rann C79/223, no. [2]
1787 24 Feb 26 Richard Butler Clough; Hugh Powell Clough; and James Henry Clough infants by Roger Clough esq their uncle v. Patty Clough widow; Charles Morgan esq; John Morgan esq; Sir Charles Gould knight; The Reverend Thomas Clough clerk; John Foulkes esq; Ellin Roberts; and William Roberts C79/239, no. [3]
1787 20 March 27 Robert Holeton; Atkinson Holeton; and Launcelot Rolleston esqs v. Mary Burnell widow; Ellen Burnell widow administratrix of John Burnell; John Watson esq; Judith Beck; William Lee esq; Stephen Farrand executor of Gerrard Thomas Farrand; Francis Noel Clarke Mundy esq; Samuel Burnell; John Whetham now deceased executor of John Augustine Finch and administrator of Mary Mapletoft unadministered by the said John Augustine Finch; Humphrey Sibthorpe executor of Coningsby Sibthorpe; Peter Pegge esq; Catherine Wombwell; Francis Hawkins; and John Hatley executor of Francis Burnell C79/247, no. [4]
1787 4 May 27 The Reverend John Bishop doctor in divinity and Thomas Horner esq v. John Huddy Chichester; John Long; James Green; William Plaister; John Nelson; Aaron Perkins; Richard Rich; John Hodges; Robert Morgan otherwise Wilcox; James Hall; John Webb; Abraham Claver; John Rich; George Stork; Abraham Davey; Ann Stork; Isaac Rich; James Bryant; Richared Salway; Samuel Robins; Philip White; and Richard Green C79/285, no. 3 [5]
1787 25 July 27 Harriet Norrtan spinster an infant by John Stables and John Hunter esqs v. William Netigan & Harriet his wife; James Adair and the Governor and Company of the Bank of England C79/298, no. 3 [6]
1787 C79/, no. []