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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1786 C79/, no. []
1786 6 Feb 26 Susannah Lovell spinster v. John Henshaw C79/254, no. [2]
1786 27 Feb 26 Richard Mawer yeoman only son, heir at law, and sole executor of Richard Mawer v. John Mawer clerk Mortgage of property in Upleatham, Yorks, formerly in occupation of John Mawer the grandfather, Thomas Craw and George Chapman. C79/298, no. 2 [3]
1786 28 Feb 16 Giles Bulluck v. Robert Sadler and Anthony Kerk C79/219, no. [4]
1786 8 May 26 Thomas Pitt and Ann Pitt infants by John, earl of Chatham v. Thomas lord Camelford; Ann, baroness Camelford; John Smith & Mary his wife; Charles Douglas Smith; William Sidney Smith; John Smith the younger; Thomas Auguste; George Bristow; Joseph Watkins; James Hanway; Thomas Prestow; and John Close C79/262, no. [5]
1786 27 May 26 William Hartley Roundell an infant the second son of William Roundell esq and one of the devisees named in the last will of John Currer esq by Ellin Roundell his grandmother v. Margaret Clive Richardson Currer; Frances Mary Richardson Currer; William Roundell & Mary his wife; Joseph Allen Thomas Richardson; Joseph Priestley; and Joseph Richardson C79/267, no. [6]
1786 21 Dec 27 William Pocock v. Roger Rowle C79/265, no. [7]
1786 C79/, no. []