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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1785 25 C78/, no. []
1785 25 Jan 25 John Blackburne the younger and John Williamson assignees of the real and personal estate of Sarah Clayton late of Liverpool, Lancs, dealer in coals a bankrupt v. William Gregson; William Earle; Thomas Parke; Thomas Case; Robert Townsend; Humphry Morice; Richard Bull; and John Claxton; (later added:) Thomas Starkie and Bridget Downes C79/232, no. [2]
1785 29 January 25 Richard Grenville Temple earl Temple since deceased and George Grenville esq since earl Temple and now marquis of Buckingham v. Francis Saunders C79/217, no. [3]
1785 16 Feb 25 Thomas Lawes gentleman & Mary his wife v. Sarah Bennett widow and executrix of John Bennett esq C79/210, no. 5 [4]
1785 21 Feb 25 Edward Townsend and John Townsend executors of William Townsend the elder v. John Rawlinson doctor in physic and Christopher Rawlinson esq C79/277, no. [5]
1785 3 June 25 David Simpson of the parish of St Andrew, Holborn, Middx, yeoman; Richard Franklyn of Soper Lane in the parish of St Pancras, Middx, gentleman; and Dobson Willoughby of Brook Street in St Andrew, Holborn, victualer v. Henry Rattray the younger; Henry Rattray the elder; Phillip Dobbins; and Peregrine Hogg C78/1990, no. [6]
1785 16 July 25 Thomas Rigge of Bristol doctor in phisic v. Richard Bowater; John Mount; and John Frere C79/225, no. [7]
1785 5 Aug 25 John Whistler v. John Rawlinson; William Townsend; Susannah Pitt; Sarah Pitt; and Ann Pitt C79/284, no. 1 [8]
1785 13 Nov 26 John Cator esq v. George Dewar and John Pecock esqs C79/239, no. [9]
1785 17 Nov 26 The Reverend Edward Warneford of Winterbourn, Gloc, clerk; The Reverend Charles Warneford of Coleshill, Warw, clerk; Frances Nicoll of Towcester, Northt, widow formerly Frances Warneford spinster; and Susanna Warneford of Thorp, Northt spinster; and Elizabeth Rickinghall, Suff, clerk deceased: legatees named in the last will of Elizabeth Samwell wife of the Reverend Jam Samwell of Helmdon, Northt, deceased, the said Edward Warneford being also administrator of Elizabeth Samwell with the said will annexed v. Lucy Warneford; Susannah Elizabeth Warneford; and John Samuell Ody C79/282, no. [10]
1785 18 Nov 26 Elizabeth Adams of the parish of St James, Clerkenwell, Middx, widow v. David Hewson; Henry Holah; and John Taylor C79/204, no. 2 [11]
1785 C79/, no. []