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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1784 C79/, no. []
1784 20 Feb 24 Edmund Jeffery v. The Reverend William Sprigg; The Reverend Kennedy Kennedy & Margaret his wife; Odal Upton & Grace his wife; John Douthat & Sarah his wife; and Edmund Norris; (added later:) Joseph Partington; and John Blagden C79/253, no. [2]
1784 23 Feb 24 William Lowther esq & the Honorable Augusta Lowther his wife (thentofore the Honorable Augusta Fane spinster the daughter of the Right Honorable John late earl of Westmoreland deceased by lady Augusta Burghersh his wife also deceased and which said lady Augusta Burghersh was one of the two daughters of the Honorable Montague Bertie deceased commonly called Lord Montague Bertie by Dame Elizabeth his wife deceased formerly Elizabeth Piers spinster; and the said Augusta Lowther was the granddaughter of the said Lord Montague Bertie deceased and the niece and administratrix with the will annexed of Frances Bertie spinster deceased who was the other daughter of the said Montague Bertie by the said Elizabeth his wife and a legatee and devisee in the will of the said Frances Bertie and which Lady Augusta Burghersh and Frances Bertie were the two daughters and only children of the said Lord Montague Bertie by the said Elizabeth his wife v. John, earl of Westmoreland; the Honorable Thomas Fane; The Honorable James Grenville; Richard Gould; The Honorable Henry Fane; and Inigo Jones C79/254, no. [3]
1784 13 March 24 Ann Peele widow v. Lawrence Cox esq C79/264, no. [4]
1784 12 May 24 Dofrothy (Harvey?) v. Solomon Ashley & Winifred his wife; Mary Pitfield; Sir Thomas Clarke; John Ashley; William Smith; Thomas Bodicote; Julines (?) Beckford & Elizabeth his wife; George lord Carpenter; John Middlemore; Rebecca Lechmere; Sarah Cooke; and David Petty C79/208, no. [5]
1784 15 June 24 Francis Saunders gentleman; Benjamin Symes gentleman; Saunders Jeffery gentleman; James Saunders gentleman; and John Cripps gentleman; Robert Jeffery the elder gentleman; Joseph Symes gentleman; Samuel Jeffery gentleman; Robert Jeffery the younger gentleman; William Saunders the elder gentleman; James Jeffery gentleman; William Galcombe gentleman; Philip Sidball gentleman; John Thorne gentleman; Jacob Deane gentleman; Francis Jeffery gentleman; Francis Saunders gentleman; and Richard Amesbury gentleman all of the parish of Huntspill, Som; Thomas Jeane of Bromefield, Som, esq; William Saunders the younger of North Petherton gentleman; and Richard Venn of Lawrence Liddiard gentleman being owners and occupiers of lands lying in different parts of the parish of Huntspill and particularly lands lying in the tithing of Weethy on behalf of themselves and other owners and occupiers of lands in the tithing and parish of Huntspill C79/214, no. 5 [6]
1784 26 June 24 John Taylor doctor of laws v. Anthony Rhudde & Mary his wife and Thomas Astle C79/276, no. [7]
1784 8 July 24 Kinchant v. Kinchant C79/224, no. [8]
1784 27 July 24 John Iddy & Appolonia his wife v. The Right Reverend Brownlow bishop of Worcester; John Ross; James Lewis; and Thomas Evans C79/223, no. [9]
1784 4 Aug 24 Charles Morgan esq v. Lady Rachael Morgan widow since deceased; William Jones & Elizabeth his wife; George Augustus Cavendish esq called Lord George Augustus Cavendish; Frederick Cavendish esq called Lord Frederick Cavendish; and John Cavendish esq called Lord John Cavendish C79/211, no. 3 [10]
1784 24 Nov 25 Thomas Porter of East Hoathly, Sussex, clerk v. James Camfield & Mary his wife and Elizabeth Baker C79/264, no. [11]
1784 29 Nov 25 Richard Hoare of Fleet Street, London v. Gabriel Selby C79/252, no. [12]
1784 C79/, no. []
1784 16 Dec 25 (Incomplete:) Richard Stephens; Wilhelmina Ann (Western) v. William Hanbury and Ann the wife of John Harvey (added later:) John lord viscount Bateman; Henrietta Elizabeth Tillard; and Frances Western C79/216, no. [13]