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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1782 C79/, no. []
1782 29 January 22 Elizabeth Susannah Ambrose spinster only younger child of John Ambrose esq by Charlotte his wife formerly Charlotte Norris both deceased and also a devisee and legatee named in the will of said John Ambrose v. John Ambrose esq only son and heir and also administrator with the will and codicil annexed of the said John Ambrose deceased; John Norris esquire; and John Bell gentleman C79/204, no. 4 [2]
1782 31 Jan 22 Benjamin Torin esq v. James Jeffreys esq C79/217, no. [3]
1782 12 Feb 22 Henry Hoare of Stourhead, Wilts, esq; Richard Hoare of Barn Elms, Surrey, esq; Henry Hoare of Fleet Street, London, esq; and Susannah Cecilia Hoare of Queen's Square, Middx, widow, executors of the will of Richard Hoare late of Boreham, Essex, esq v. Thomas Jones and Richard Benhamin Hoare C79/252, no. [4]
1782 12 April 22 Samuel Davis v. Richard Farr C79/241, no. [5]
1782 11 May 22 Mary Burnell widow and relict of Darcy Burnell v. Ellen Burnell; John Watson; Robert Holden; Atkinson Holden; Launcellot Rolleston; Judith Becke widow; John Gilbert Cooper; John Burnell; and Mary Farrand C79/229, no. [6]
1782 5 June 22 Charles Fox & Margaret his wife; Joseph Collier & Mary his wife; Robert Were & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Finemore Sanders; Sarah Maria Sanders; and Ann Sanders infants by Alice Dicker their grandmother v. Mark Davis; Thomas Dean; Samuel Munckley; Robert Lovell; Michael Dicker Sanders lately called Michael Sanders an infant C79/222, no. [7]
1782 28 June 22 Charles Brent; Coopcy Brent esq eldest brother and heir at law of John Brent late of the city of Bath doctor in physick deceased v. George Booth Tyndale C79/219, no. [8]
1782 17 July 27 Charles Fox & Margaret his wife; Mary Collier widow; Elizabeth Were widow; Thomas Were; Nicholas Were; Thomas Fox; Stephen Matravers; Thomas Finnemore Sanders; and Ann Sanders v. Mark Davis; Thomas Dean; Samuel Munkley; Robert Lovell; and Michael Dicker Sanders C79/222, no. [9]
1782 29 Oct 23 John Knowles and Thomas Knowles v. Thomas Jones clerk; William Greaves; Beaupre Bell; Thomas Haukey; George Russell; Abraham Young; and William Pickett C79/210, no. 2 [10]
1782 29 Oct 23 Richard Jackson and Philip Denoyer esqs and William Michael Lally gentleman surviving trustees made in the settlement made on the marriage of Fountain North esq and Arabella his wife and the said Fountain North and Arabella his wife late Arabella Strutt spinster the only child and heir at law of Isaac Strustt esq deceased v. Isaac Stapleton esq and John Marson out of the jurisdiction C79/209, no. 3 [11]
1782 1 Nov 23 Mary Ann Fontelier v. John Elkins C79/207, no. 3 [12]
1782 1 Nov 23 Mary Ann Fontelier v. John Elkins C79/207, no. 2 [13]
1782 12 Dec 23 ____ baronet v. Nathaniel Goobols; (added later:) Robert Jackson; and Richard Watts C79/209, no. 1 [14]
1782 C78/, no. []