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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1781 C79/, no. []
1781 5 Feb 21 Richard Jackson; Phillip Denoyer; and Charles Sayer esq; and William Michael Lally gentleman trustees named in the settlement mad eon the marriage of Fountain North esq & Arabella his wife; and the said Fountain North & Arabella his wife late Arabella Shutt spinster the only child and heir at law of Isaac Strutt esq

v. Samuel Gower Poole; John Henton Tritton; Jacob Salomons; William Pickett; and Robert Albion Cox trustees of the real estates of Thomas Marson esq deceased for the benefit of themselves and the rest of the creditors and John Marson esq the eldest son and heir at law of said Thomas Marson, therein said to be residing in the East Indies and thus out of the jurisdiction

re. sale £1,000 12/13 Nov 1771, of mansion house called Sheep House at Ham, Surrey by Laurence Cottam (at request of Thomas Marson) to Isaac Strutt. C79/209, no. 4 [2]
1781 15 June 21 Richard Steavens v. John Nash re. loan £830 5 May 1777 by John Nash of par. St Mary, Lambeth from Richard Steavens of Walthamstow, Essex, secured on parcel of ground in par. St Mary, Lambeth on north side of the Lambeth to Newington road. C79/214, no. 2 [3]
1781 15 June 21 Richard Steavens esq v. John Noad re. loan 23 April 1777 £1,200 by John Noad of par. St George in the East, Middx [now Tower Hamlets] from Richard Steavens of Walthamstow, Essex, secured on parcel of ground in par. St Mary, Lambeth on west side of road from Westminster to Kennington, Surrey. C79/214, no. 3 [4]
1781 26 June 21 Robert Bewlay esq (since deceased) together with Henry Casson and Mary Ellis

v. Samuel Egerton esq (since deceased); William Dade clerk; Henry Brewster Darley esq; Edward Tomkinson esq; John Jenkins gentleman; Sir William Codrington baronet & Dame Ann his wife (by the name of Sir Robert Deane baronet & Dame Mary his wife); Charles Morton doctor in physick & Dame Mary Saville his wife (by the name of Charles Moreton doctor in physic) & Mary his wife; Anthony Proctor esq; Priscilla Atlee widow; John Baker esq & Elizabeth his wife; Daniel Wilson esq & Beatrice his wife (since deceased); John Brewster Darley esq; James Tomkinson the elder esq; James Tomkinson the younger esq; Timothy Mortimer gentleman; John Nodes the younger esq; Mary Place widow; Sophia Walker spinster; and the Attorney General

re. agreement of 12 May 1749 to live separately by Honora (née Brooks) and John Jenkins (married 1747); deed of separation 31 Dec 1755, and death of Honora Jenkins in Dec 1778. C79/234, no. [5]
1781 20 July 21 Henry Phillott; Richard Centwell; William Jones; Samuel Elkington; Samuel Hallett; Thomas Page Gailleman; and Richard White inhabitants of the parishes of St Peter and Paul and St James in the city of Bath being of the committee appointed and chosen by the parishioners of the two parishes v. John Chapman; Joseph Phillott; Nicholas Beaker; Benedict Master; Richard Hull; Mark Davies; and John Kendall on behalf of themselves and the inhabitants and parishioners of the two parishes and Thomas Baldwin re. agreement April 1735 by parishioners of two pars. St Peter & St Paul and St James, Bath [Somerset] to purchase ground to build a poorhouse. C79/264, no. [6]
1781 13 Nov 22 Thomas Bidwell gentleman & Elizabeth his wife; James Castle; and Gideon Gossett v. George Gibbons and James Mathews [Faded document] re. sale 21 April 1766 by Elisha Biscot to Thomas ?Rawstone & George Gibbons, parcel of ground, part of five closes situated on the King's high road from Knightsbridge to Brompton [A4, Brompton Road]. C79/219, no. [7]
1781 15 Nov 22 Soloman Fell esq creditor of Samuel Upwood a solicitor and attorney deceased on behalf of himself and all other creditors of Samuel Upwood who contribute to the suit v. Thomas Upwood and John Towers Allen clerk executors of Samuel Upwood re. monies allegedly due to Solomon Fell from Samuel Upwood now deceased, for acting as his agent and his clerk in court. C79/244, no. [8]
1781 24 Nov 22 Thomas Davenant esq eldest son and heir at law and also devisee and sole acting executor in the will of James Davenant esq v. James Kinnersley esq; William Huttson & Frances his wife; Edward Haydon & Emma his wife; and William Evans & Winifred his wife re. loan £500 29 April 1726 by Essex Sherbourne from Robert Smithson, secured on mansion house in 'the street below the bridge' in Pembridge, Heref. C79/242, no. [9]
1781 7 Dec 22 Thomas Hayes v. James Mico re. marriage agreement 14 Mar 1743, James Mico of Ilminster, Somerset and Susannah Hayes; £300 and a messuage in Crock Street, Ilminster. C79/250, no. [10]
1781 8 Dec 22 Richard Steavens late of Walthamstow, Essex, esq v. William Arundell re. loan £310 16 Aug 1776, by William Arundell, carpenter of par. St Mary, Lambeth from Richard Steavens of Walthamstow, Essex, secured on parcel of ground in par. St Mary, Lambeth on west side of road from Westminster to Kennington, Surrey. C79/214, no. 1 [11]
1781 C79/, no. []