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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1779 C79/, no. []
1779 1 Feb 19 Richard Mallam v. Edward Grant Tuckwell C79/224, no. [2]
1779 12 March 19 Thomas Baker student in physic and John Wilson yeoman & Elizabeth his wife v. John Slade & Elizabeth his wife and Edward Diggens C79/233, no. [3]
1779 14 April 19 The master, fellows, and scholars of Christ Church College in the University of Cambridge and The Reverend Anthony Shepherd doctor in divinity one of the fellows of the college v. Bryan Allott clerk and Pinkney Wilkinson esq C79/236, no. [4]
1779 5 May 19 John Christian esq; Eldred Addison; and Henry Robinson gentleman v. Isabella Curwen; Peter Taylor; Robert Mirric; Henry Adderton; and Eldred Pottinger C79/220, no. [5]
1779 7 June 19 Winifred Lawson widow and sole executrix of Hylton Lawson esq v. Henry Hudson; John Lawson; and Manofoldt Cardonnel esq C79/210, no. [6]
1779 15 June 19 Potter Fletcher v. Thomas Ashburne; James Ashburne; and Jonathan Dawson C79/222, no. [7]
1779 25 June 19 William Bromfield and Mason Cornish executors of Henry Woodward v. Ann Barry widow (afterwards the wife of Thomas Crawford) C79/219, no. []
1779 23 July 19 John Fox; Daniel Cameron; and William Chomley assignees of the estate and effects of John Barnes; and Thomas How Ridgate late merchants and copartners and sometime then since declared bankrupts on behalf of themselves and other creditors who contribute to the suit v. Osgood Hanbury and Mary Hanbury C79/207, no. 4 [8]
1779 20 Nov 20 John Mayer esq a legatee of 5,000 ps and devisee of testator John Gowland's personal estate v. Ralph Gowland the elder; Robert Wilson; William Bently, executors and trustees of the said testator John Gowland; Mary Mayer widow; Elizabeth Saltmarsh (the coheiresses and annuitants of the testator); Elizabeth Gowland (the testator's widow a legateeand annuitant); Ralph Cowland the younger; Thomas Gowland the elder; Thomas Gowland the younger devisees of testator's real estate; Robert Dyneley (who claimed to be purchaser of said real estate after the making of the will); Francis Ogle; Catherine Ogle; Sarah Ogle pecuniary legatees; Elizabeth Mayer; Mary Mayer spinsters (legatees and annuitants); Thomas Mayer (a legatee of 5,000 ps and who claimed a moiety of the residue of testator's personal estate under a written agreement between him and complainant; James Wilkinson & Sarah his wife (annuitants during the life of the wife); John Wilson; and John Vincent (legatees of 50 ps and 50 ps per annum in the long annuities but which were sold out by the said testator before his death but after making the will C79/255, no. [9]
1779 C79/, no. []