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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1777 C79/, no. []
1777 26 Feb 17 Sir John Dixon Dyke baronet v. John Helmer and Lewis Stevens C79/221, no. [2]
1777 26 Feb 17 The Reverend James Collins clerk vicar of Caverdon, Warw with the chapelry of Norton Lindsay annexed in the bishopric of Worcester v. Thomas Cumines; Mary Jolliffe; Sir Harry Gough baronet; Margaret Nansan; and The Reverend John Tottic C79/220, no. [3]
1777 11 June 17 John Gowland esq and Jarvis Cross gentleman on behalf of themselves and other annuitants and legatees of Godfrey Bagnall Clarke esq who contribute to the suit v. Thomas George Skipwith; Edward Gibbon; and Gilbert Clarke esqs; Sarah Clarke spinster; Clement Kynnersley and Wenman Samwell esq; Catherine Clarke and Mary Clarke C79/134, no. [4]
1777 1 Nov 18 Thomas Newlyn of St John in the soke near the city of Winchester, Hants, gentleman v. George Dacres esq C79/148, no. [5]
1777 12 Nov 18 John Codrington Warwick Bamfylde esq v. Sir Charles Warwick Bamfylde baronet; William lord viscount Courteney; Oldfield Bowles esq; Amias Warwick Bamfylde; Richard Warwick Bamfylde; Elizabeth Bamfylde; Jame Codrington Bamfylde spinsters; Harriet Bamfylde an infant; Mary Frances Bamfylde an infant; and Georgina Sophia Bamfylde an infant C79/205, no. 2 [6]
1777 26 Nov 18 Thomas Nichollsand William Nicholls and John Nicholls infants by Thomas Nicholls their brother v. Edward Crisp and Thomas Crisp; Ann Forester widow; and Thomas Hut & Elizabeth his wife; John Kelsan & Mary his wife; Nathaniel Basnet; Frances Cropper widow; Samuel Snow & Ann his wife; Jane Gardner widow; Robert Thompson & Susannah his wife; Mary Stewart widow; Thomas Lawrence & Elizabeth his wife; Frances Wincles widow; and Frances Norbury spinster C79/258, no. [7]
1777 27 Nov 18 The Reverend Daniel Collins clerk vicar of Claverdon, Warw, with the chapelry of Norton Lindsay annexed in the bishopric of Worcestor v. Andrew lord Archer; Samuel Cox; Richard Callis; William Canning(?); John Middleton; Thomas Cummes(?); Mary Sollifte; Sir Henry Goughn baronet; Margaret Naufan and The Reverend John Tottie C79/220, no. [8]
1777 C79/, no. []