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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1775 C79/, no. []
1775 28 Jan Sir Jarritt Smith baronet; The Honorable Thomas Willoughby esq; and Alexander Colston esq v. William Clarke Esq & Hester his wife C79/156, no. [2]
1775 10 March 15 Thomas Rowley gentleman; William Ward; and Sarah Read widow on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Bowyer Leftwich Wynn of Congleton, Staffs, esq, who contribute to the suit v. Bowyer Leftwich Wynn & Mary his wife; Mary Elizabeth Wynn; Haricott Wynn; Bowyer Williamson Wynn; Peter Brooke; Richard Woodward; Thomas Naylor; John Lowe; John Mulliner; Richard Ayton Lee; Robert Thornley & Hannah his wife; William Ayton; Thomas Masdon; Robert Lawton; Edward Salmon; John Ford; Sara Swinton; William Wynn; and John White C79/266, no. [3]
1775 1 July 15 Francis Henry gentleman & Jane his wife v. Ignatius Purcell & Mary Ann his wife; William Green; Thomas Moore; and Mary Jones C79/252, no. [4]
1775 4 July 15 Elizabeth Callard of Ford in the parish of Stockland, Dorset, widow of Amos Callard v. Thomas Cook; Emanuel Dommet; William Stebbins; William Keath (?); Mary his wife; Matthew Hoare; Courtney Pierce; Caleb Pierce the younger; William Wright; and Henry Lippencot C79/119, no. [5]
1775 7 July 15 Moses Stainton v. Henry Shelley esq; Elizabeth Rideout, widow; Margaret Pellatt, widow; William Pellatt, esq; John Elliot, gentleman; and George Goos C78/1985, no. 2 [6]
1775 25 Nov 16 John March esq; Thomas March esq; and Phillips Dashwood esq an infant by Charles Vere Dashwood esq (which three were three of the devisees in the will of Samuel Phillips esq) v. Charles Lisle; Mary Phillips widow; Thomas Allsopp gentleman; and Richard Lowe C79/257, no. [7]
1775 28 Nov Francis Hite on behalf of himself and all other legatees and creditors of Michael Salter and Jane Birddall widow v. Ann Salter; Hannah Salter widow; William Salter; Mary Salter; Margaret Salter; John Partridge the elder; John Partridge the younger; and Jame Mare C79/163, no. [8]
1775 C79/, no. []