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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1772 C79/, no. []
1772 Thomas Bewer and John Brewer v. William Cooke & Ann his wife and John Bridges then an infant C79/231, no. [2]
1772 31 Jan 12 Ann Goodenough widow of William Goodenough doctor in phisic v. Richard Jocelyn Goodenough esq; William Addington; Robert Sanxay; Edmund Sanxay; and James Goodenough C79/120, no. [3]
1772 25 Feb 12 Samuel Pocklington esq then lately called Samuel Sharpe & Pleasance his wife and Robert Pocklington their only son an infant by the said Samuel Pocklington his father v. Peter Holford esq; John Woodrooffe clerk; Thomas Bridge gentleman; Sarah Pocklington, widow; Mary Pocklington spinster daughter of Charles Pocklington deceased; Catherine Pocklington; and Mary Pocklington spinsters daughters of Thomas Pocklington deceased; and Charles Domville esq then lately called Charles Pocklington C79/154, no. [4]
1772 29 June 12 Thomas Wood and Elizabeth Wood the two younger children of Robert Wood esq deceased infants by Francis, duke of Bridgewater v. Ann Wood widow of the said Robert Wood and Robert Wood an infant oldest son and heir at law of said Robert Wood by Nicholas Skottowe esq his guardian C79/282, no. [5]
1772 28 July 12 William Mason and William Walling and Charlotte Walling an infant by said William Mason v. Thomas Moss & Martha his wife and Richard Salisbury & Mary his wife formerly Mary Walling spinster C79/101, no. [6]
1772 31 July 12 Daniel Collins clerk v. John Wheeler; William Jackson; and Lydia Ward C79/220, no. [7]
1772 30 Nov 13 William Trevillian esq thentofore called William Ceely executor of John Trevillian esq his uncle v. Robert Talbot an infant by his guardian C79/119, no. [8]
1772 19 Dec 13 Dorothy Lodge; John Lodge; and Henry Lodge v. Edmund Lodge and Grace his wife; Thomas Pierse; and Thomas Sawer esq C79/254, no. [9]
1772 C79/, no. []