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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1767 C79/, no. []
1767 23 Jan 6 Jacob Adolphus; Cally Adolphus; Myra Adolphus; Helena Adolphus; Susannah Adolphus; Jacob Adolphus; and Jemela Adolphus (the children of Joy Adolphus doctor in physic by David Wang gentleman; and Golfrit Lucas and Solomon Henry on behalf of themselves and other creditors of the said doctor Joy Adolphus who contribute to the suit v. Michael Adlophus esq; Joseph Martin esq; Aaron Franks esq; The Honorable Lockhard Gordon esq; Judy Levy widow; and John Lade esq & Hester his wife C79/204, no. 1 [2]
1767 25 Feb 7 Dorothy Turner widow v. Philip Goll as executor and Robert Cheshire as heir at law of Catherine Cheshire then lately deceased C79/82, no. [3]
1767 18 March 7 Thomas, earl of Kinnoull by the then name and addition of His Honorable Thomas Hay of Whitehall in the liberty of Westminster esq called lord viscount Dupplin v. James Moncy esq; Susannah Washbourne since deceased; Richard Washbourne & Ann his wife; and Hester Soames the heirs at law of Constantia late wife of said Thomas earl of Kinnoull and also v. Fant Holden and Priscilla Holden C79/210, no. 1 [4]
1767 6 July 7 Edward Tayler of Ansty in the county of the city of Coventry esq v. Martha Wigley widow and Mary Fisher widow C79/157, no. [5]
1767 14 July 7 Jonathan Ormston one of the trustees and executors in the will of Sir Arthur Hesilrige baronet v. Charles Hesilrige; Hannah Hesilrige; Bridget Hesilrige; Ammabell Hesilrige an infant; Sir John Palmer baronet; Sir Robert Hesilrige baronet; Grey Hesilrige an infant; Thomas Hesilrige; Arthur Hesilrige; Richard Buckby clerk & Elizabeth his wife; Dorothy Hesilrige; Charles lord viscount Maynard; George Bridgman esq; John Sawbridge esq; Thomas Carter esq; and Bridget Buckby; Elizabeth Perkins; Hutton Perkins; Elizabeth Dixon; Thomas Sopwith & Mary his wife C79/150, no. [6]
1767 28 July 7 Anthony Todd of the General Post Office, London, esq formerly the husband of Ann Todd who was one of the daughters of Christopher Robinson of the same office & Ann his wife both since deceased v. Mary Robinson; John Maddison; Ann Todd; Eleanor Todd; Samuel Cox; James Read; John Wooller; John Robinson; and Henry Boult Cay C79/157, no. [7]
1767 31 July 7 Henry Sudbury v. Easter Bellwood; Ellin Sudbury; and Samuel Gray since deceased surviving executors of Richard Bellwood ; William Stoke & Elizabeth his wife formerly the widow of William Sudbury deceased; and William Cobbett which said William Cobbett and Elizabeth Stokes were the executors of the said William Sudbury; Mary Rider; and John Humphrase an infant by his mother and guardian, which said Mary Rider and John Humphrase were legatees of Richard Belwood C79/88, no. [8]
1767 30 Oct Mary Greenly widow; Edmund Bull esq & Mary his wife; Edward Greenly esq; and John Phillipe baronet v. James Hocot & Susannah his wife; Edward Mainwaring Davies; Chamberlain Davies; Anna Sybelia Davies; Mary Probert; Henry Howorth the son; Catherine Callowhill; John Banke & Ann his wife; Phebe Howorth spinster; Sir Edward Williams baronet; Penry Wiliams esq; and John Hocott gentleman C79/88, no. [9]
1767 17 Nov John Pritchard esq administrator of Mary his late wife one of the daughters of Sir Nicholas Trevanion knight and a legatee named in his will and also administrator of said Sir Nicholas Trevanion with his will annexed unadministered by the executors named in his will; William Davis Philips esq; Charles Moore esq & Mary his wife; and Joseph Brent & Elizabeth his wife (which William Davis Philips, Mary Moore, and Elizabeth Brent were the son and daughters of William Davis Philips esq and Marianna his wife and also legatees named in the will of Sir Nicholas Trevanion, which said Marianna his wife was another of the daughters of Sir Nicholas Trevanion) v. Arabella Barlow widow (another of the daughters of Sir Nicholas Trevanion and administratrix with the will annexed); William Strode esq a lunatic then deceased; Richard Strode esq; and Richard Trevanion C79/119, no. [10]
1767 C79/, no. []