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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1766 C79/, no. []
1766 3 Feb 6 William Cordwell an infant be Elizabeth Cordwell his mother v. John Mackrill esq C79/238, no. [2]
1766 10 Feb 6 Joan Cole spinster and Jane Torer widow devisees executors and residuary legatees of William Martyn esq v. Edward Lillicrap; Richard Welsh; and Oliver Pearce C79/85, no. [3]
1766 18 Feb 6 Winifred Marshall of Stockton, Durham, widow v. Henry Makin and Thomas Booth; and (added later:) Thomas Makin C79/86, no. [4]
1766 19 Feb 6 George Blenkinsopp gentleman v. Sanderson Ilderton C79/86, no. [5]
1766 14 March 6 James, earl of Castlehaven, Ireland and lord Audley in Great Britain executor of Francis Garvan esq and Thomas Bromwich simple contract creditors of Henry Furnese esq on behalf of themselves and other simple contract creditors of Henry Furnese who contribute to the suit and Robert Bower & Elizabeth his wife the said Elizabeth being a legatee of Elizabeth Peirce widow who was sister and only next of kin of the said Henry Furnese on behalf of themselves and all other legatees who contribute to the suit v. Francis, earl of Guilford; and Catherine, countess of Guilford his wife; Frederick lord viscount Bolingbroke; and St John Edward Doring; Robert Bragg & Deborah his wife; Robert Laythropp & Ann his wife; Sir Abraham Jansson; Howard Thompson clerk; Edward Northey & Susannah his wife; Elizabeth Rossa otherwise _____ otherwise Francessima; James Adolphus Oughton; Henry St John; John St John; and Louis St John C79/85, no. [6]
1766 10 May 6 Dudley Ryder an infant by Michael Baxter gentleman, which Dudley was the only son of Nathaniel Ryder esq who was the only child of Sir Dudley Ryder knight by Dame Ann his wife and afterwards his widow v. the said Dame Ann Ryder widow and the said Nathaniel Ryder C79/155, no. [7]
1766 10 May 6 Edward Toye gentleman v John Shenstone; John Hodgetts; Robert Doddesley; Richard Graves; Edward Audley & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Shenstone; Edward Cookes; Mary Cutler; Richard Southall & Mary his wife; Mary Arnold; Elizabeth Hodgetts; and Ann Hodgetts spinster; (added later:) William Davis C79/87, no. [8]
1766 10 May 6 Bilall Moses spinster; Napthali Hart Myers & Hester his wife v. Henry Moses; Jacob Nathan Moses; Nathan Solomons; Aaron Goldschmidt; Michael Adolphus Joseph Martin; Joseph Aaron Hart Myers; Rebecca Hart Myers; and Symon Hart Myers infants C79/88, no. [9]
1766 12 May 6 William Pryor v. Francis Beyer; Permanus Moore; and St John Burrough C78/1983, no. 3 [10]
1766 5 June 6 Edward Marsh v. John Ashbury & Mary his wife C79/, no. [11]
1766 8 July 6 Barzillon Jones of Carmarthen gentleman; John Phillips of Carmarthen the younger of Carmarthen esq; and John Adams of Carmarthen v. Elliot Jones widow; Kyffin Williams; William Owen; Ralph Leinester; Rawleigh Mansell; John Morgan; John Evan; Davis Power; and Richard Educont C79/80, no. [12]
1766 C79/, no. []