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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1765 C78/, no. []
1765 6 Feb 5 Elizabeth Crowther of the parish of St Clement Danes, Middx, widow, relict, and sole executrix of John Crowther late of the Middle Temple, London, gentleman v. William Stanford of the parish of St Bridget otherwise St Brides, London, gentleman & Ann his wife; Nathaniel Andrews of the parish of St Dionis, Backchurch, London, gentleman; and Simon Luttrell of the parish of St George, Hanover Square, Middx, esq C78/1098, no. 2 [2]
1765 14 Feb 5 James, earl of Waldegrave and John Tempest of Winyard, Durham, esq and Sarah Petre of Bellhouse, Essex, spinster, sister of John Petre late of Bellhouse, esq; and John Nicholson late of Bellhouse, gentleman creditors of the said John Petre on behalf of themselves and all other creditors of said John Petre who contribute to the suit v. George Perrott; Francis Hutton; Catharine Petre an infant; and Frances Petre, the widow and administratrix of said John Petre C78/1980, no. 2 [3]
1765 22 Feb 5 John Deane & Hannah his wife v. Thomas Stead; Elizabeth Venn; Charles Marshall; and the Attorney General C78/1982, no. 1 [4]
1765 23 Feb 5 George lord viscount Torrington v. Sir George Pococke knight of the Bath; The Honorable John Byng esq; George Byng esq; and George Byng an infant by the said George Byng his father C79/101, no. [5]
1765 4 March 51 Charles Vernon esq a son and the residuary devisee named in the will of the Honorable James Vernon esq v. Thomas Cue gentleman & Margaret his wife since deceased; Joseph Clancluton (later struck); John Barber gentleman; and Hano Stanley esq; later adding Elisha Bishop esq; Thomas Brooke gentleman; and Henry Vernon esq C79/278, no. [6]
1765 6 March 5 Brackley Kennett; Leonard Cropp; and thomas Parke creditors of Thomas Willis late of the parish of North Stoneham, Hants, esq grandson of Browne Willis formerly of Bletchley, Bucks, esq; and the said Thomas Parke being also a legatee of Thomas Willis on behalf of of themelves and all others creditors and legatees of said Thomas Willis who contribute to the suit v. Ann Willis; Richard Lowndes; and William Lowndes, esq; Frances Willis; Catherine Willis, widow; Gertrude Willis; Catherine Willis, spinster; Edward Harvey, clerk & Mary his wife; Richard Eyre doctor in divinity & Alice his wife; Penelope Symonds; Daniel Willis; John Willis; Thomas Willis; Joseph Tarber; Agnes Herbert; Richard Lane; and John Claridge C78/1983, no. 2 [7]
1765 12 March 15 Richard Walmsley of Bathan, YHorks, esq, and Walter Todrell of Lincolns Inn, esq v. Jane Witton; Peregrine Wentworth esq & Mary his wife; Sir William Milman baronet; William Sotherton esq & Sarah his wife; Bacon Frank esq & Catherine his wife; Margaret Frank widow; and Jane Catherine Standish widow; Sir John Ramsden baronet & Dame Margaret his wife; Sir Alexander Bannerman baronet and Doring his wife; and John Doring C79/280, no. [8]
1765 20 May 5 John Hall; John Pearce; Ann Kent; Sara Anstie; John Anstie; Peter Anstie; Benjamin Webb Anstie; and Mary Anstie v. Godfrey Webb; John Anstie; Philip Carteret Webb esq; Philip Carteret Webb jr esq; Gascoigne Frederick Joseph Anstie; Eleanor Anstie; Anthony Webb Anstie; Elizabeth Anstie; Ann Anstie; and Richard Anstie C79/86, no. [9]
1765 2 July 5 Charles, earl of Egremont since deceased v. John Gale; Jonas Lindow; Jonathan Wear; and John Johnstone C79/221, no. [10]
1765 2 July 5 Sir Fletcher Norton knight Attorney General at the relation of William Pinckney clerk vicar of the parish of Charing, Kent, and David Brenchley of Charing yeoman; and Joseph Ashbee of Charing yeoman, churchwardens of Charing v. George Carter esq; Michael Bothom; and Benjamin Francis Tribe Pool esq C79/88, no. [11]
1765 4 July 5 John Marsh eldest son of Henry Marsh esq an infant of about 12 years by said Henry Marsh his father v. Edward Lunn clerk and John Winchester, esq C78/1981, no. 6 [12]
1765 9 July 5 Henry Thomson clerk v. Thomas Thomson; George Thomson; Edward Thomson; John Thomson; Mary Thomson; Frances Thomson; Charlotte Thomson; and Elizabeth Thomson spinster C79/87, no. [13]
1765 16 July 5 Mansell Langdon of Carmarthon, Carm, esq and William Langdon esq captain of his Majesty's ship Albany v. Sir Edward Vaughan Mansell baronet; Dame Mary Mansell widow; Rowland Dawkin esq; Bilsn Gwynn; Courthope Clanton; THomas Bailey & Magdalen his wife; Edward Townsend; John Townsend; Samuel Townsend; Mansel Cole; John Brown; Edward Brown; and Hector Reed C79/83, no. [14]
1765 9 Nov 6 Lewis William Buckeridge an infant by Elizabeth Jephson his mother v. Abraham Oxworth (?); Margareta Mabella his wife; Ralph Allen deceased; William Greaves; Mary Boddicote widow; Samuel Jeynes; George Grimstone; Peter Trignett; and James Windus deceased C79/120, no. [15]
1765 21 Nov 6 Charles Gilbert gentleman v. William Tooth; Thomas Cruttendon; and Samuel Noel C79/246, no. [16]
1765 8 Dec 3 John Kettle of Birmingham, Warw, ironmonger administrator of John Kettle his late father v. John Corbyn C78/1984, no. 3 [17]
1765 16 Dec 6 Ozias Churchman esq v. Elizabeth Long widow of Israel Long esq; Susan Long; and Sarah Long spinsters, sisters, and coheirs of said Israel Long; Mary Corrance an infant by Thomas Gibbon their guardian; John Dawney clerk; and Susan Plummer C79/130, no. [18]
1765 20 Dec 6 John Paltock sole executor and also devisee of Brinley Skinner esq v. Richard Dalton; Edmund Probyn; Sophia his wife; John Symons; Gabriel lord Colerain; Benjamin Boddington & Mary his wife; Eleanor Boddington; Robert Paltock & Anna his wife C79/88, no. [19]
1765 C79/, no. []