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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1764 C78/, no. []
1764 31 Jan 4 Robert Longden v. Ann Longden; Francis Longden; Frances Longden; Henry Buckston & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Dale the elder; and Robert Dale the younger C78/1979, no. 3 [2]
1764 25 Feb 4 George Grey esq administrator of Alice Grey his late wife; the Reverend Hugh Moises clerk & Isabell his wife, executrix of Ann Clavering spinster, which said Ann Clavering was the executrix of Elizabeth Pell, spinster, which said Alice Gfrey, Ann Clavering, and Elizabeth Pell were three of the legatees and appointees of Elizabeth Rogers, widow v. Edward Montagu; Anthony Isaacson; and William Archdeacon esqs; Thomas Davidson; Edmund Burton & Mary his wife; Sir Thomas Clavering baronet; George Clavering; John Smiles; William Brown; and the Attorney General C78/1980, no. 1 [3]
1764 20 March 4 Dorothy Turner widow v. Gilbert Cheshire; Isabella Parker; Godfray Hodgkinson; George Hodgkins; Obadiah Hodgkinson; Thomas Lord; Joseph Ward & Catharine his wife devisees of Godfray Meynell C79/82, no. [4]
1764 15 May 4 Joseph Burny gentleman & Theodosia his wife v. Jemima Burny; Joseph Burny; and Elizabth Burny infants C78/1979, no. 4 [5]
1764 19 May 4 Edward Lloyd; John Williams; and Ellis Williams sons of William Williams v. Thomas Jones; Sarah Roberts; Thomas Morris & Elizabeth his wife; Owen Jones & Mary his wife; and Ann Roberts; and Robert Wynne C78/1982, no. 4 [6]
1764 25 May 4 Shute Barrington of the parish of St George, Hanover Square, Middx, master of arts & Lady Diana Barrington his wife the daughter and only younger child of Charles, duke of St Albans her late father v. George, duke of St Albans; Vere, lord lord Vere, baron of Hanworth, Middx; the Right Honorable and Right Reverend lord James Beauclerk, bishop of Hereford; Lady Charlotta Beauclerk, widow; the Honorable Charles Beauclerk, esq; Henry Paramour, esq; and Robert Andrews, esq C78/1984, no. 2 [7]
1764 30 May 4 George Houstoun gentleman administrator of Elizabeth Doidge who was the widow of Henry Doidge esq v. Edward Ives; John Pye; James King; John Wells; William Trelawney; and Ann Houston C79/86, no. [8]
1764 6 July 4 Charles Bridgeman & Susannah his wife formerly Susannah Parker widow and devisee of Jacob Parker v. Peter Cosby and John Stace C79/126, no. [9]
1764 26 July 4 Richard Warburton only son of William Warburton of Worcester esq by Barbara his wife deceased who in her lifetime was the youngest sister of John Robinson Sutton late of Knebworth, Herts, esq nephew and heir at law of John Robinson Sutton an infant by said William Warburton his father v. Vernon Robinson Lytton; Ellis Yonge; William Lloyd; John White; Elizabeth Deighton; Thomas Warren; Edward Wybard; John Wapee; Peter Ellice; Susan Peck; Thomas Penny; Sarah Barrington; Jane Sadles widow; and James Ozwald C79/116, no. [10]
1764 14 Nov 5 John Wright of Keldon, Essex, esq, only son and heir of Constantia his late mother by John Wright esq his late father her first husband then na infant of about 19 years by Anthony Wright of the parish of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middx, banker v. Peter Holford, esq and Catherina Maria Holford spinster an infant; Charles, lord Cadogan; Sir Henry Englefield baronet; Catherine Carington and afterwards Smith; Mathew Duane, esq; and Thadeus Offlaherty, esq & Mary his wife C78/1988, no. [11]
1764 23 Nov 5 Philip Francis Noricault Destouches; Thomas Robinson; Mary Johnson; Margaret Johnson; Thomas Johnson; James Johnson; and Frances Johnson an infant by the said Mary Johnson and Margaret Johnson her sisters v. James Walker and Richard Yates C79/88, no. [12]
1764 26 Nov 5 William Brackenbury; Nicholas Brackenbury; Langley Brackenbury; and Charlotte Brackenbury infants by Langley Brackenbury gentleman v. Robert Carr Brackenbury; Joseph Brackenbury; Thomas Brackenbury; John Brackenbury; George Brackenbury; Edward Brackenbury; Anna Susanna Brackenbury; Elizabeth Brackenbury; Grace Brackenbury; and Isaballa Brackenbury widow C79/87, no. [13]
1764 27 Nov 5 Thomas Kirk an infant by Thomasw Hopkins the younger v. William Kirk; Thomas Kirk; Samuel Sprag; and the Attorney General C78/1980, no. 8 [14]
1764 11 Dec 5 John Hall v. Francis Darney; Matthew Henrich esq; and Thomas Strickland gentleman C79/252, no. [15]
1764 11 Dec 5 Charles Anderson Pelham latedly called Charles Anderson, esq, eldest son of Francis Anderson esq and great nephew of Charles Pelham late of Brocklesby, Lincs, esq, an infant v. Charles Anderson; William Mellish; William Hildyard; Eoclyn Anderson; and Harriet Anderson infants by their guardian; Margaret Pelham, widow; and William, earl FitzWilliam Attorney General; and Charles Manby churchwarden; and John Barton overseer of the poor of the parish of Brocklesby C78/1982, no. 5 [16]
1764 12 Dec 5 George Bodens of the parish of St James, Westminster esq v. William lord viscount Galway; Robert Parson; John Watson & Jane his wife; and Richard Bodens & Mary his wife C79/116, no. [17]
1764 17 Dec 5 Henry Seymour esq the only son and heir at law of Francis Seymour esq his late father v. John Baily & Mary his wife and Edward Baily an infant son of the said John; and Mary Baily; Richard Brodropp; and William Baily clerk C79/87, no. [18]
1764 C79/, no. []