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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1762 C78/, no. []
1762 15 Jan 2 James Shaw, esq v. Robert Davies, gentleman re. sale 1 Feb 1706, for £31 and 9 shillings of messuage, garden, orchard etc. in Penbiddle, a hamlet in Llanvihangel Crucorney parish, Monmouths. C78/1969, no. 4 [2]
1762 1 Feb 2 James Dippery, gentleman v. Sir Trafford Smyth, baronet re. agreement of sale 9 Feb 1759 for £10,000 by James Dippery to Sir Trafford Smyth, property in Birling, East Deane, Eastbourne and Friston [in par. East Dean and Friston], Sussex. C78/1972, no. 5 [3]
1762 4 March 2 Stephen Martin, gentleman v. James Plunkett, esq; Josiah Richardson, gentleman; Henry Dodwell, esq; Edmund Wilson, gentleman; Catherine French, widow; Mary Plunket; Simon French; Henry French; Mary Darcy; Ann Kerwin; and Jane Murphy re. ownership of various parcels of land within 530 acres granted by King Charles II to Samuel Barry at Port Royal harbour, Kingston, Jamaica. C78/1983, no. 1 [4]
1762 6 March 2 Thomas Penn and Richard Penn esqs true and absolute proprietaries of the Province of Pennsylvania and the three lower counties of Newcastle, Kent, and Sussex on Delaware in America v. Frederick, lord Baltimore in the kingdom of Ireland re. ownership of 'Three Lower Counties' on the Delaware river, governed under charters from King Charles II and his brother James, the Duke of York; vide also 1750, C78/1856, no 1 C78/1975, no. 6 [5]
1762 11 March 2 John Carter brother and heir at law of Richard Carter v. Sarah Carter widow devisee and executrix of said Richard Carter re. marriage agreement, Richard Carter the younger and Mary Powell, and messuage and lands in Woolhampton, Berks. C78/1975, no. 3 [6]
1762 16 March 2 John Brayne, gentleman v. Walter Roberts, gentleman; Daniel Kerry; Daniel Seymour; and Joseph Powell re. alleged fraud by Roberts while acting as compltnt's solicitor, and the compltnt's estate in Gloucs. C78/1978, no. 1 [7]
1762 29 March 2 John Eyre clerk; David Eyre; and Charles Eyre v. Thomas Gale; Jane Gale widow; Sarah Hawkins; Thomas Gale gentleman; Samuel Hawkes & Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Greenfield; William Mount; and William Merefield re. will 9 Feb 1732, of Thomas Gale (father of defndnt), and a loan £1,200 by Thomas Gale from John Eyre (complt's father) secured on arable land in Appleshaw [Hants]. C79/101, no. [8]
1762 13 May 2 John Warington of Blackman Street, Southwark, Surrey v. Charles Dunn of Greenwich, Kent, mason re. loan 26 Jan 1746, £500 by Charles Dunn from John Willis secured on three messuages (formerly known as 'The Green Dragon') in Blackman St., in par. Saint Mary, Newington, Surrey. C78/1980, no. 3 [9]
1762 9 July 2 Annabella Inwood widow and administratrix of Colonel Thomas Inwood her late husband and administratrix of Carolina Annabella Inwood her late daughter v. John Twyne; John Bodicate; Martha Gould; and Bolcher Macer who were the heirs at law of the said Carolina; Annabella Inwood; and also against James Brydges esq re. marriage agreement 3 June 1732, Thomas Inwood and Annabella Brydges; £1,300 and manor of Southwood and Silsmerd in par. Walton-upon-Thames, Surrey C79/87, no. [10]
1762 19 July 2 George Donisthorpe of Evershott, Dorset, gentleman & Catherine his wife, which said Catherine was aunt and next of kin to Richard Porter and Margaret Porter both deceased and also administratrix of said Richard Porter and administratrix of said Margaret v. Robert Porter, gentleman; Henry Sherbrooke, esq & Margaret his wife; William Coape Sherbrooke & Sarah his wife; Michael Hartshorn, clerk; and Daniel Cook, gentleman re. conveyance by Richard Porter, the elder (father of Richard and Margaret Porter deceased), 15 June 1717, of lands in Lambley and Car Colston, Notts. C78/1970, no. 5 [11]
1762 22 July 2 The Honorable Elizabeth Finch, widow, the only child and administratrix of Mary Savile widow v. Elizabeth Fairfax; Frances Fairfax; Charles Pryor; Thomas Pulleyn; and Thomas Fairfax re. loan 9 March 1714, £600 by Thomas Fairfax the elder and Thomas Fairfax, clerk his son from Bridget Thornton secured on capital messuage called 'Menston Hall' with lands, barns etc., etc., [near Ilkley], Yorks C78/1972, no. 2 [12]
1762 20 Nov 3 Keyser Mole v. Francis Douce gentleman re. particulars of sale by public auction, advertised 17 Nov 1760, of freehold and copyhold messuages and lands at Hackney and Stamford Hill, Middx. C78/1972, no. 3 [13]
1762 23 Nov 3 Cosmo Henry Joseph Nevill esq and Dame Margaret Conyers, widow v. Walter Carcy esq & Elizabeth his wife; William Stokes; Samuel Harper clerk & Jane his wife; Edward Cole & Mary his wife; John Lawes; William Lawes; Richard Lawes; Thomas Lawes; and Susanna Lawes re. descent of the manor and manor house & farm of Woodhall in [north] Pinner, par. Harrow on the Hill, Middx. C78/1981, no. 5 [14]
1762 25 Nov 3 Isabella Wellington v. Mansel Powell esq & Martha his wife; John Ingram; John Lacey; John Brown; Mary Powell; and Gabriel Curl re. alleged wrongdoing by Mansel Powell, an attorney, in investing sums of money (and 'pretending to be conversant in business of that nature') on behalf of Isabella Wellington and her sister. C78/1979, no. 6 [15]
1762 7 Dec 3 Seymour Leeke an infant by Robert Long esq v. Henry Sebastian Leeke and Francis Plumpton re. sale 28/29 Aug 1734, by Nicholas late earl Of Scarsdale [1682?-1736] to Earl Craven and George Dashwood of all his manors and estates. C79/86, no. [16]
1762 14 Dec 3 George Rooks esq the eldest son and heir of George Rooke & Elizabeth his wife who was the daughter of Richard Stevens v. Elizabeth Rooke, spinster; Elizabeth Rooke, widow; George Rooke the grandson; Nicholas Rooke; Richard Rooke; Christiana Maria Stevens; Richard Stevens; and Luke Glubb re. marriage agreement 6 Sept 1723, George Rookes and Elizabeth Stevens, and a capital messuage Barton Farm and demesne lands at Follaton in Totnes, Devon. C78/1973, no. 1 [17]