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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1761 C78/, no. []
1761 20 Jan 1 Humphrey Holland; William Trubshaw; Thomas Anderson; William Daldern; Robert Kent; William Harvy; John Twentyman; Ann Brown; Martha Mottram; and Elizabeth Cartwright v. David Atkinson; William Morland; Michael Cooke; Dennis Cooling; Godfrey Wentworth; William Wentworth; John Pilkington; Charles Pilkington; Dorothy Pilkington; Catherine Pilkington; Michael Pilkington; Harrison Pilkington C78/1970, no. 6 [2]
1761 28 Jan 1 Abraham Francia of Smyrna in the Dominions of the Grand Seignior, merchant; and Elias Francia of the same place, residuary legatees of Raphael Francia late of London, merchant C78/1969, no. 2 [3]
1761 16 Feb 1 Francis Ferrand Foljambe, esq, heretofore called Francis Ferrand Moore the only son of John Moore of the town and county of Kingston upon Hull, esq by Ann his late wife, an infant by William Lambe, gentleman v. John Twigg, esq & Frances his wife; Nicholas Twigg since deceased; Thomas Francis Twigg an infant by Stephen Gamble his guardian; Sir Henry Ibbetson baronet; John Moore, esq; and John Foljambe an infant by Obed Foljambe his guardian C78/1970, no. 4 [4]
1761 9 April 1 William Murray, esq, Attorney General; at the relation of John William Awbry esq; Richard Bailey timber merchant; Thomas Phillips brandy merchant; and John Carey innholder all of them inhabitants of Speenham Land, Berks v. Henry, duke of Chandos; Joseph Andrews esq; Mary Andrews spinster; Elizabeth Andrews, widow; Benjamin Morrell; George Phillips; and John Pottinger C78/1980, no. 5 [5]
1761 16 April 1 Thomas Edwards surviving executor of James Sawcer v. John Marsh the younger; Luke Abbot and William Williams & Margaret his wife C78/1968, no. 1 [6]
1761 20 April 1 Charles Rumnoll v. Mary Rumboll and John Bishop (Bishop afterwards struck out) (and added later:) Edward Barwick C78/1969, no. 3 [7]
1761 23 April 1 Stephen Skynner, esq, sole executor, nephew, and heir at law of Thomas Walker, esq v. George, earl of Orford; and Richard Hammond, esq C78/1968, no. 2 [8]
1761 8 May 1 William Wright esq sole executor of Henry Wright, esq the surviving trustee of the marriage settlement of Sir Martin Wright knight and Dame Elizabeth his wife v. said Sir Martin Wright and Dame Elizabeth his wife; Martin Wright esq; Dorothy Wright; Elizabeth Wright spinster; and William Wright jr the children of Sir Martin Wright and Dame Elizabeth his wife C78/1967, no. 2 [9]
1761 6 June 1 Sir Dudley Ryder, knight, Attorney General at the relation of the then William, duke of Devonshire and the said duke of Devonshire v. John Wall; Henry Thornhill; Pierce Galliard; Thomas Bradshaw; Philip Gell; Nicholas Twigg; Anthony Tessington; Francis Cripps; Peter Nightingale; John Twigg; John Twigg the younger; Norman Edmund Turner & Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Scholler; Elizabeth Garland; John Johnson; George Tissington; and Thomas Thorston C78/1976, no. [10]
1761 18 June 1 Mary Willie wife of Samuel Willie by John Elwick v. Adam Lugg; Joseph Dixon; and John Bassett executors of Robert Dixon; and the said Samuel Willie C78/1979, no. 5 [11]
1761 29 Oct 2 Sir Dudley Ryder, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Woodward; Francis Jennings; Thomas Bichray; Mathew Daniel; Benjamin King; Joseph Freelove; Richard Cooke; Thomas Rush; and Nathaniel Costin several of the burgesses, freemen, and principal inhabitants of the town of Bedford, Beds v. The Mayor, bailiffs, burgesses and commonalty of the town of Bedford; George Bridle; and Willliam Bowles C78/1971, no. 2 [12]
1761 26 Nov 2 John Pearce and Richard Bayly who is since deceased v. John Bartlet the son; Jacob Bartlett; Samuel Taylor & Frances his wife; Richard Browning & Mary his wife; Robert Parker; and Joseph Nicholls C78/1970, no. 3 [13]
1761 15 Dec 2 James Musgrave of Chinnor, Oxon, doctor of laws; Sir Wilfrid Lawson of Brayton, Cumberland, baronet; and Robert Shafto of Whitworth, Durham, esq, lords of the manor of Washington, Durham; James Smithson of Monkwarmouth, Durham, gentleman; James Brack of Washington, gentleman; Thomas Stell of Washington, yeoman; Robert Shanks of Washington, yoeman; Edward Tate of Washington, yeoman; John Burne of Washington, yeoman; John Newby of Washngton, yeoman; Robert Thompson of Washington,, yeoman; John Hodgson of Washington, miller; and William Walker of Cox Green, Durham, yeoman v. Richard, lord bishop of Durham; and Mary Bland; and John Wake C78/1977, no. 7 [14]
1761 18 Dec 2 John Dickinson sole executor of George Skinner v. Samuel Hallam & Mary his wife C78/1975, no. 2 [15]