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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1758 C78/, no. []
1758 18 Jan Sir Henry Fredericke Thymel knight and baronet v. John Bampfeild esq C79/193, no. [2]
1758 19 Jan 31 Lewis Edwards, esq v. David Owen; Ann Owen, widow; Owen Rees; Ellis Thomas; David William; and Frederick, lord bishop of Lichfield and Coventry C78/1964, no. 2 [3]
1758 8 Feb 31 Constance Harpur, widow and relict of John Harpur then late of Littleover, Derbs v. Samuel Heathcote, gentleman & Elizabeth his wife C78/1968, no. 7 [4]
1758 14 Feb 31 Robert Whyt; James Oswald esq; Claud Johnson merchant; and Martha Whyt an infant by Robert Whyt; James Oswald; and Claud Johnson v. James Buchanan; Richard Richards; Robert Steele; and Nathaniel Cole C79/83, no. [5]
1758 4 March 31 Robert Westron eldest son and heir of Robert Westron yeoman by Joan his first wife deceased v. Henry Westron and John Were C79/196, no. [6]
1758 11 March 31 Sir Dudley Ryder, knight, Attorney general at the relation of John Brown doctor in divinity Master of the College of the Great Hall in the University of Oxford commonly called University College and the Fellows of the same College, informant; and Cecilia Scott, spinster; Edward Lunn, clerk; William scott; Cholmley Scott; Ann Whorwood, widow; Thomas Hawkesworth Rowles; Dominic Moren & Ann his wife; and Sir John James Markham AND Ann Whorwood, widow v. Cecilia Scott; John Brown, doctor in divinity, Master of University College in Oxford and the Fellows of the same College; Sir John James Markham baronet; Dominic Moren & Ann his wife; and Thomas Hawkesworth Rowles C78/1960, no. 2 [7]
1758 4 April 31 Sir Walter Blacket baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife v. Margaret Allgood, widow and executrix of Major Allgood who was the surviving executor and trustee of Sir William Blacket, baronet deceased & Mary Allgood only child and heir at law of said Major Allgood only child and heir at law of said Major Allgood; Thomas Wentworth; Sir William Wentworth, baronet; William Marshall, esq & Elizabeth his wife; Frances Bruce, widow of the Honorable Robert Bruce, esq; Isabella Blackett, countess of Buchan, widow; Ann Treychars then wife of Mr Gordon; The President and Governors of Guys Hospital; The Honorable Bussey Mansell, esq then lord Mansell & the lady Barbara his wife; and Joseph Richmond C78/1960, no. 5 [8]
1758 17 April Adrian Van Bleyswick of Enchaysen within the domininions of the states of Holland, esq, and Peter Goshe of the Hague within the said dominions esq, the only two surviving executors of Eliza Hubert Sismus late of Rotterdam within the dominions advocate deceased v. The Governor and Company of the Bank of England and John Obreen C79/279, no. [9]
1758 19 April 31 The Attorney General at the relation of Thomas Atkinson; John Wilkinson; and Thomas Ashburner v. John Bracken; Edward Hastewell otherwise Hastewhittle; Edward Hodgson Wilson; John Robinson esq; Thomas Gurnell; and John Baxter C78/1969, no. 6 [10]
1758 21 April 31 Thomas Cholmondeley, esq v. Richard Meyrick, esq; and Owen Lewis Meyrick; and Mary Meyrick infants by the said Richard Meyrick their father and guardian; William Wannup, clerk & Mary his wife; and Philip Egerton, esq C78/1972, no. 6 [11]
1758 27 April 31 Thomas Banks, gentleman v. Thomas Boughton & Margaret his wife; Thomas Scott; Isaac Scott; and George Scott C78/1964, no. 1 [12]
1758 29 April 31 Robert Johnson only surviving son and heir of Archibald Johnston which Archibald was the eldest brother of William Johnston deceased and eldest son and heir of Robert Johnston which said Robert left issue three sons, to wit Archibald the comlainant's father his eldest son; Andrew then long deceased and William Johnston his third son and no other sons v. Edward Gardner & Catharine his wife; Mary Johnston; and Ann Johnston C79/140, no. [13]
1758 2 May 31 Sir John Thomas Stanley of Alderley, Ches, baronet, heir at law of Sir Samuel Lennard of West Wickham, Kent, baronet, an infant by Dame Mary Stanley widow his mother v. Jane Lennard, widow; and Mary Lennard, an infant; and Peter Burrell, esq, son and heir of Peter Burrell, esq C78/1958, no. 2 [14]
1758 5 May 31 James Ralf; Francis Powell; and John Bloxham v. Richard Tuck deceased; Ambrose Audry; James Edgell & Mary his wife; Thomas Bumodan & Ann his wife; John Foile; Sinall Jane Tuck spinster; Jane Tuck, widow; Thomas Coleman; Philip Smith; and Samuel Lindsey C78/1963, no. 5 [15]
1758 8 May 31 Sir Samuel Prince knight one of his majesty's serjeants at law & Dame Hannah his wife; Edward Frere esq; and William Selwyn v. Robert Stebbing and John Sheppard son of Thomas Sheppard; Sir Joseph Hankey knight; Sir Thomas Hankey knight; John Sheppard son of Francis Sheppard; Barnabe Gibson; Elizabeth Girling widow; James Carter clerk & Mary his wife; Philip Dykes & Ann his wife; and Nathaniel Browne C79/118, no. [16]
1758 27 May 31 Sir Richard Corbet baronet; Godolphin Edwards esq; an Thomas Hill esq v. Charlton Leighton; Anna Maria Leighton; Honor Leighton; Anna Bella Leighton; Trafford Barnston; John Coppinga; Deborah Fannings; Robert Owen; William Owen; and Roger Kingston esq C79/118, no. [17]
1758 2 June 31 Lawrence Donnelly & Phebe his wife who was the widow devisee and sole executrix of Thomas Sanderson v. William Campbell & Ellen his wife; Henry Simon esq; Thomas Davison; and Sir George Savile baronet; Nathaniel Ogle; and Henry Curwen esqs heirs at law of Charles Sanderson; and Thomas Sanderson deceased; and Thomas Crookenden; Eleanor Smith, widow; Elizabeth Potts; and Hannah Gerry, spinsters; and Mary Gibbons, widow heirs at law of Rachael Sanderson, widow C78/1959, no. 3 [18]
1758 6 June 32 Henry Wright, gentleman one of the five grandchildren of Henry Rayney and also heir at law and administrator of Thomas Wright his late brother who was another of the grandchildren of said Henry Rayney; Marmaduke Wright another of the grandchildren and also administrator with the will annexed of Robert Wright his late brother who was another of the grandchildren; and James Glover, gentleman & Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Wheatley, widow one of the other grandchildren v. Nathaniel Pearson; Frances Seaton; Mary Pearson; Frances Pearson; and Samuel Clyatt Wright C78/1965, no. 5 [19]
1758 23 June 32 Thomas Howorth, gentleman v. William Deene & Margaret his wife; George Pardoe & Mary his wife; Robert Haselden & Magdalen his wife; Isabella Howorth; Elizabeth Howorth; Mansell Powell; William Barnesley; Edward Baugham; Benjamin Wellington; and Isabella Wellington C78/1966, no. 4 [20]
1758 17 July 32 William Murray, esg, Attorney General at the relation of Lawrence Drummond and John Williamson the then churchwardens of the parish of Kensington, Middx; and Charles Stauvoton (??) and Henry Stevenson overseers of the poor of that parish on behalf of themselves and all other parishioners of Kensington parish v. Thomas Methwold, esq; John Fleming, esq; and George Wigan doctor in divinity C78/1967, no. 3 [21]
1758 18 July 32 William Pickering, esq & Elizabeth his wife; and James Towers, gentleman v. George Towers the elder; George Towers the younger; Ellizabeth Towers; Samuel Pickering and Mary Pickering C78/1959, no. 4 [22]
1758 8 Nov 32 Vere lord Vere baron Vere of Hanworth, Middx; Henry Beauclerk commonly called lord Henry Beauclerk; James Beauclerk, lord bishop of Hereford; and John Drummond esq v. Francis Pigott, gentleman C78/1969, no. 7 [23]
1758 20 Nov 32 Lockhart Gordon esq administrator of Isabella Gordon formerly Isabella Levy his late wife v. Moses Hart; Judy Levy; Reuben Adolphus; and Michael Adolphus; Lazarus Simons; and Joseph Martin esq executors of Moses Hart C78/1977, no. 4 [24]
1758 20 Nov 32 Benjamin Clerke, esq, administrator of Agnes Greenhill, widow v. John Chapman; William Kilpin; Thomas Jones; and William Hamilton C78/1960, no. [25]
1758 15 Dec 32 Anne Plowman, widow v. Henry Haseman & Alice his wife; Letitia Haseman; Alice Haseman; and William Plowman C78/1963, no. 4 [26]
1758 20 Dec 32 Samuel Hill esq v. Bridget Bayly, widow; Thomas Bayly, esq; and Sir Nathaniel Curzon, baronet C78/1964, no. 5 [27]
1758 C79/, no. []