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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1755 C78/, no. []
1755 22 Jan 28 Penelope Stapleton; Catherine Stapleton; Eleanor Stapleton; Elizabeth Stapleton; and Frances Stapleton infants v. Eleanor Conway; Martin Maden, esq; Augustus Schutz, esq; Dame Catherine Stapleton; Sir Thomas Stapleton baronet; John, earl of Westmorland; William Stapleton; James Stapleton; and Catherine Stapleton infants by said John, earl of Westmorland their guardian; and Frances Stapleton C78/1947, no. 3 [2]
1755 24 Jan 28 Lewis Edward esq v. David Owen; Ann Owen, widow; Owen Rees Ellis; Thomas David William; and Frederick, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry C78/1942, no. 5 [3]
1755 27 Jan John Hippisley Coxe esq, & Mary his wife late Mary Northleigh v. Margaret Northleigh the only sister of the plaintiff Mary by John Pollexfen her guardian deceased; Dame Frances Chudleigh, deceased; the said John Pollexfen; Sir John Oglander baronet; Thomas Prowse, esq; William Spicer, esq, trustees for said Mary, Margaret Coxe, and Richard Hippisley Coxe infants by John Topswell, clerk, their guardian Petition C78/1803, no. na [4]
1755 19 Feb 28 Cecilia Scott spinster administratrix of Thomas Whorwood esq with the will annexed v. Sir John Peyto baronet; David Evers; Ann Maule; Joseph Cranmer; Robert Cranmer; George Stubbs; John Hensleigh; Thomas Lewis; Charles Button; Kinsmill Evans; Adam ordon; the Right Honorable Sir Thomas Parker knight lord chief baron of the exchequer & Martha his wife; and Martha Parker and Letitia their children; Robert New; and John Phillips C78/1890, no. 9 [5]
1755 20 Feb 28 Anthony Burleton of Shaftesbury, Dorset, gentleman & Anna Maria his wife the only child and heir at law of Thomas Humfrey late of Little Canford in the parish of Hampreston, gentleman an infant of 13 years and upwards by said Anthony Burleton her husband v. Nicholas Humfrey; Jane Humfrey; William Humfrey the younger; and Richard Humfrey; Benjamin BUrroughs & Mary his wife; Sain Alban Roy; Ann Roy; Sarah Roy; William Elletson the younger; Elizabeth Elletson; and Ann Elletson C78/1953, no. 5 [6]
1755 27 Feb 28 Philip Bendlowes esq & Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Carr widow devisee and executrix of Carleton Carr esq her former husband v. Edward Fairless; Robert Bates; James Davison; Henry THomas Carr; Ralph Trotter; Eden Wright; and Robert Bates the younger an infant by said Robert Bates his father and guardian C78/1889, no. 4 [7]
1755 1 March 28 Sarah Shepherd otherwise Wood, widow and executrix of Samuel Shepherd otherwise Wood v. John Kerly gentleman C78/1942, no. 2 [8]
1755 8 March 28 John Mendez d'Costa and Nicholas Santini of London merchants; John Morse citizen and goldsmith of London; Samuel Clarke of London, merchant; Thomas Bowdler of London esq; and John Ward of Hackney, Middx, esq for themselves and all others who were adventurers or interested in the General Joint Stock of the Governour and Company of Merchants of England Trading to East Indies commonly called the Old East India Company at the time of their dissolution v. Charles Dubois; Edward Gibbon; Nathaniel Herne; Arthur Moor; John Fellows; Joseph Herne; John Davenport & Judith his wife; and Gratham Andrews C78/1888, no. 2 [9]
1755 30 April 28 Henry Coulthurst esq & Jane Maria his wife v. Jenney Wood executrix of John Wood late of Bath, Som, esq; John Wood son and heir of said John Wood; George Willy; Samuel Bush; And James Sparrow C78/1949, no. 2 [10]
1755 2 May 28 James Brackstone & Mary his wife v. Thomas Harrison and Peter Dobree deceased; Frances Taunton, widow; Andrw Goater Haynes; the Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses of the town of Southampton; and the Attorney General Sir Dudley Ryder knight C78/1970, no. 2 [11]
1755 9 May 28 William Scroggs the younger esq elder son and heir of William Scroggs the elder, esq & Ann his wife v. William Scroggs the elder & his wife; Edward Scroggs the plaintiff's younger brother; and Edward, duke of Somerset surviving trustee named in the marriage settlement of said William Scroggs the elder & Ann his wife made previous to their marriage C78/1954, no. 4 [12]
1755 10 May 28 The Attorney General at the relation of Samuel Whitchurch clerk and others (sic) v. Joseph Percival; John Towgood; Anna Houlton; James Frampton; and Robert Houlton C78/1955, no. 4 [13]
1755 6 June 28 George, earl of Cardigan and Mary, countess of Cardigan his wife; the Honorable John Montagu esq commonly called lord Brudenell their eldest son and heir apparent an infant by the said George, earl of Cardigan his father v. Edward Montagu knight of the Bath and Isabella duchess dowager of Manchester his wife; John Montagu esq and Isabella Montagu infants the son and daughter of said Sir Edward Montagu by said duchess of Manchester his wife and the Right Honorable the lady Elizabeth and lady Mary Montagu daughters of said earl and countess of Cardigan; Edward Montagu of Allerthorpe and William Folkes esqs the action executors and trustees of the will of John, late duke of Montagu C78/1890, no. 8 [14]
1755 20 June 28 John Henley clerk v. Sandys Jones C78/1891, no. 2 [15]
1755 21 June 28 The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge; and Roger Long, doctor in divinity, master of Pembroke Hall in the same university v. Awnsham Churchill, esq & Sarah his wife; Randle Wilbraham; and Thomas Booth esqs C78/1957, no. 2 [16]
1755 30 June 29 Ann Marshall and Lucy Marshall infants (Ann being about 8 years old and Lucy being about 7 years old) being all the children then living of William Marshall & Ann his wife (then late Ann Gatward spinster) v. the said William Marshall & Ann his wife; Eleanor Nightingale; and Geoffrey Nightingale C79/117, no. [17]
1755 30 June 29 William Sotheby esq cousin and heir at law on the part of the mother to Anna Benigna deceased only child and heir at law of Mary deceased late wife of George Stonehouse clerk late Mary Crisp at the time of her death C78/1973, no. 2 [18]
1755 11 July 29 William Blunt and Mary Blunt infants by Edward Moore v. Mary Blunt widow; Sir Henry Blunt baronet; George Stubbs; Charles Blunt; Thomas Vaughan & Charlotte his wife; Zachary Hamlyn; and Samuel John C78/1948, no. 1 [19]
1755 24 July 29 Robert Pitt esq eldest son and heir of residuary legatee of Thomas Pitt esq and Thomas Pitt eldest son and heir of apparent of said Robert Pitt; and William Pitt one other of the sons of Robert Pitt an infant by the said Robert Pitt his father v. Thomas, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery; Thomas, earl of Londonderry; Charles Cholmondeley; William Chapple; and George Pitt C78/1947, no. 2 [20]
1755 28 July 29 Isabella Powlett an infant by Thomas Hussey Apreece esq v. John, earl Gower & Mary, countess Gower his wife; George William, earl of Coventry; Francis Blake Delaval & the Right Honorable Lady Isabella his wife; Matthew Lamb esq; and Sir Thomas Robinson C78/1954, no. 3 [21]
1755 29 July 29 George Lacy of Stinsford, Dorset, clerk v. John Allen and William Moore C78/1955, no. 6 [22]
1755 23 Oct 29 Martha Hanmer of Shrewsbury, Salop, spinster v. Joshua Rogers the younger C78/1945, no. 5 [23]
1755 22 Nov 29 John Benson; William Houghton; John Jackson; William Robinson; Joshua Poole; Josiah Brownrigg; and Christopher Walls on behalf of themselves and other tneants of the manor of Waberthwaite, Cumberland v. Sir John Pennington baronet; James Clarke; and Miles Singleton C78/1947, no. 1 [24]
1755 25 Nov 29 Allen Senhouse v. Augustine Earle esq & Frances his wife C78/1942, no. 7 [25]
1755 4 Dec 29 Sir Francis Dashwood baronet v. Thomas Barrabee C78/1950, no. 3 [26]
1755 12 Dec 28 (sic) Grace Buck, widow v. William Melhuish esq; Thomas Melhuish; Eleanor Melbuish; Elizabeth Melhuish; William Barbor; John Spurway; George Newell; Narcisons Hatherly; Mary Melhuish; Thomas Benson esq & Frances his wife; James Hillow the younger; and Thomas Commins C78/1950, no. 6 [27]