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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1753 C78/, no. []
1753 26 Jan 26 Simon Jennings; Lancelot Adney; and Richard Adney v. Willliam Smith and Sarah Smith re. descent of two messuages called Nether Hollies and Titterford in par. Alveley, Salop from Thomas Holloway, and conveyance of 10 Jun 1633 to George and Leslie Holloway and their heirs. C78/1885, no. 8 [2]
1753 27 Jan 26 Sir Thomas Tyrrell baronet v. Dame Hester Tyrrell; Hester Maria Tyrrell an infant by the said Dame Hester her guardian; William Watkins clerk; and Frances Penelope his wife; William Smith & Penelope his wife; Thomas Vernon; and Edward lord, bishop of Durham re. conveyance 19/20 Oct 1692 of manors of Thornton, Lyamsond, Leckhampstead and Mastend, Bucks by Sir Thomas Tyrell and Harry Tyrell to William Vaux. C78/81, no. [3]
1753 27 Jan 26 Sir Tanfield Leman baronet v. Richard Alie, esq and Elizabeth (?) Netonham (?) re. conveyance by Sir John Leman, to his nephew Sir William Leman (cmplt's g-grandfather)on his marriage, of manors of Rampton Cambs. & Warboys, Hunts [now Cambs.] and descent of manors. C78/1970, no. 1 [4]
1753 12 Feb (late process) 26 John Stirling doctor in phisick v. Thomas Rand re. loan 11 July 1750, £250 by Thomas Rand from John Stirling, secured on 'The Bell' at Two Waters, par. Hemel Hempstead, Herts. C78/1881, no. 10 [5]
1753 16 Feb 26 Edward Knipe and Randolph Knipe of London, esqs v. Benjamin Hinton; Nathaniel Webster; Thomas Fawkes; Ann Eisbard; Richard Ruth; John Coates; John Blewett; Robert Driver; Sprage Dyer; Peter Cumber; Edward Beawell; John Riwalton; Thomas Izard; John Haberaffe; John Crane; Samuel Barnett; Charles Haidley; WIlliam Esok?; John Boyfield; Francis Knight; Benjamin Hanwinche; Joseph Stokes; Robert Cates; Mary Shaler; Mary Freestone; Thomas Smith; Sarah Stokes; Joshua Thompson; Elizabeth Scoles; and Robert Elsvon re. Benjamin Hinton, banker & goldsmith deceased of Lombard St., and garden plot on west side of Finsbury Fields near Bunhill in par. St Giles-without-Cripplegate, Middx. & other listed property; and Indenture 21 Dec 1682 and lease to Sir John Chapman & Robert Mellish, merchant. C78/1883, no. 5 [6]
1753 19 Feb 26 Thomas Patteson esq; William Cust gentleman; William Frankland gentleman; and Thomas Cust; John Cust; and William Cust only sons and Mary Cust only daughter of said Thomas Cust & Elizabeth his wife and who were several infants by said Thomas Cust their father v. James Swiney & Bridget his wife; Jacob Tibson; Joseph Sayer & Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Lenard; Ann Lenard; John Jones & Catherine his wife re.loan 9/10 June 1713, £500 by James Haddock deceased from Mary Patterson & her daughter Elizabeth (then) Patterson secured on property in pars. St Cuthbert & St Mary, Carlisle, Cumb. C78/1887, no. 3 [7]
1753 20 Feb 26 John Dawson v. Richard Pighells and Henry Pighells re. loan in arrears £760 by Richard Pighells [Pickles] and Henry Pighells from William Thompson, and ejectments served on tenants of farms at Scholes near Keighley, Yorks. used as security; Further loan £800 Oct 1746. C78/1887, no. 6 [8]
1753 20 Feb 26 Elizabeth Field widow v. Pitman Scandcott; Edward Kenwrick clerk; Ann Kenwrick; Mary Kenwrick AND v. Elizabeth Kenwrick; Ursula Kenwrick; Catherine Kenwrick; Margaret Kenwrick; and Edward Townshend Kenwrick infants AND v. William Field re. will 8 Feb 1734, of John Field (complt's late husband), bequests and annuity to complt. C78/1878, no. 8 [9]
1753 1 March 26 Arthur Evans esq v. Joseph Fowler re. loan 14 Dec 1728, £200 by Joseph Fowler from Elizabeth Cox secured on messuage with one yard land of arable (called Kings Yard and Lands) in East Hanney, Berks [now in Oxon]. C78/1879, no. 2 [10]
1753 3 March 26 Robert Barber esq v. John Wyndham esq & Ann his wife; and Anna Wyndham spinster re. descent of several farms and tenements in Kington Magna, Dorset and messuages in Salisbury from complt's g-grandmother Ann Barber (d.1695). C78/1881, no. 6 [11]
1753 13 March 26 William Hambly esq surviving executor of Richard Pinnell the elder v. John Hallett administrator of Thomas Hall esq re. will 13 Jan 1737, of Richard Pinnell [vide C78/1838, no. 7 and C78/1832, no. 5] C78/1883, no. 10 [12]
1753 3 May 26 Richard Ellicombe of Colebrooke, Devon, clerk & Jane his wife v. Mary Greene widow; John Hunt; and Elizabeth Taylor widow; Elizabeth Atkins; John Green then an infant; Elizabeth Tuckfield widow; and John Tuckfield; Edmund Overall gentleman; and the Governors and Company of the New River Water Works brought from Chadwell and Amwell to London re. shares in the New River Company artificial waterway from Chadwell & Amwell to London. C78/1951, no. 2 [13]
1753 5 May 26 Nathaniel Jones of Uckinton, Salop, gentleman v. Thomas Clough who was the eldest brother and heir of John Clough; and Richard Clough another brother and devisee in the will of said John Clough re. marriage agreement Thomas Clough & Hannah Spencer and property and tythes in manor of Caus Castle [par. Westbury], Salop. C78/1885, no. 9 [14]
1753 10 May 26 Richard Jackson rector of Donhead St Mary, Wilts, doctor in divinity v. Philip Fricker; Robert Bower; Richard Knight; Andrew Barratt; George Hull; and John Baker re. George Pitt's presentation, July 1746, of Richard Jackson as rector of Donhead St. Mary and rector's right to the great and small tythes. C78/1887, no. 1 [15]
1753 4 June 26 Judith Vanacker Sambrooke of the parish of St George Hanover Square, Westminster, Middx, spinster v. Thomas Hanbury and Elizabeth Hollingworth re. John Moreton's conveyance 25/26 Aug 1671, of land and buildings in close called 'Liverpond Field' at north end Gray's Inn Lane in par. St Andrew's, Holborn, Middx C78/1879, no. 5 [16]
1753 7 June 26 John Edmonds & Sarah his wife; and John Constable & Susan his wife v. John Bothell; Thomas Russell & Mary his wife; William Nixon & Susan his wife; and Edward Hall; and George Sanders re. failure to pay agreed annuity to Thomas Bothell, by his eldest son John Bothell, after yielding up business to him. C78/1881, no. 7 [17]
1753 26 June 27 Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General at the relation of Daniel Collins clerk curate of Wribbinhall Chaple; John Solry esq; and Stynt Duncombe merchant two of the inhabitants of Wribbenhall for themselves and for other principal inhabitants of the hamlet of Wribbenhall; and also the said David Collins v. The Right Honorable Thomas, lord Foley; Isaac, lord bishop of Worcester; William Boraston clerk; and the Reverend Robert Job Charlton doctor of laws re. voluntary agreement 1719 by principal inhabitants to build a chapel in Wribbenhall [hamlet in par.Kidderminster], Worcs on land of Lord Foley, and who should hold keys to it. C78/1889, no. 1 [18]
1753 27 June 27 Edward Lockwood clerk v. Thomas Samwell esq re. rector, since 6 Oct 1750, of St Peter, Northampton with the chapels of Kingsthorpe and Upton, and his non-receipt of great and small tythes. C78/1881, no. 8 [19]
1753 17 July 27 The Honorable John Murray esq commonly called lord viscount Fincastle eldest son and heir apparent of William, earl of Dunmore and eldest nephew of John, late earl of Dunmore an infant v. William, earl of Dunmore; James, duke of Athol; David lord viscount Stormont; the Honorable William Murray esq Sollicitor General; George Ross gentleman; the Honorable Thomas Murray esq; and the Honorable Charles Murray; and William Murray esq re. will, 6 Sept 1751, of John Murray, [2nd] Earl of Dunmore and manors of Stanwell and Hammonds, Middx [Now Surrey] & messuage in Grosvenor Sq., Middx. C79/81, no. [20]
1753 21 July 27 Sir Charles Wake Jones baronet v. Thomas Waller; John Harding; George Gilderson; James Pickering; John Arthur Shish esq; Sir ____ Humphrey Monoux baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife; and William Pickering & Elizabeth his wife re par. Waltham Holy Cross [now Waltham Abbey], Essex and hamlets of Townside, Holyfield, Sewardstone and Upshire, and the rights of Charles Wake, otherwise Jones to great and small tythes of three of the hamlets. C78/1885, no. 5 [21]
1753 24 July 27 Richard Gleed an infant by Thomas Gleed his father v. Edmund Gleed and Bristoe Mortimer & Mary his wife re. marriage agreement, 7 Jan 1687, Richard Gleed & Elizabeth Wagstaff and sale of manor of Middleton Malsor [Milton Malsor], Northants to Thomas Wagstaff and Richard Gardener. C78/1885, no. 3 [22]
1753 25 July 27 William Prior Johnson gentleman v. Thomas Wood; John Chambers Dorrill; Elizabeth Dorrill; and Dorothy Dorrill re. 10 Aug 1751, agreemnt to sell for £4,100 by John Chambers Dorrill, messuages and lands, with the timber, in Great Badddow and Sandon, Essex C78/1881, no. 4 [23]
1753 6 Aug 27 John Macaree of Canterbury, gentleman v. Peter Tall of the parish of Hearne, Kent, yeoman; and Mary Froumy otherwise Fourmes, spinster re. will 22 Sept 1749, of John Tall of Hunt St., Mile End New Town [now Tower Hamlets] and bequest of considerable real and personal estates in Essex to complt. C78/1980, no. 7 [24]
1753 10 Aug 27 John Crewe; Richard Crewe; Sarah Crewe; Emma Crewe; Elizabeth Crewe; and Fraces Crewe all infants by Samuel Hill, esq v. Samuel Egerton; Philip Egerton; and Charles Orgood re. descent of properties in Stafford., Cheshire & Chester to Johm Crewe as eldest son 'in tail male' from John Crewe deceased. C78/1958, no. 4 [25]
1753 15 Aug 27 John Shelley of Firle, Sussex, yeoman & Ann his wife late Ann Welbar two of the legatees of Sir William Gage late of Firle, baronet, knight of the Bath on behalf of themselves and other legatees of William Gage who contribute to the suit except those who had or claimed annuities under the will; and Gabriel Ayres of Lewes, Sussex, merchant, a creditor of said William Gage on behalf of himself and other creditors of William Gage who contribute to the suit v. The Right Honorable Henry Pelham of Esher, Surrey, esq; Sir Francis Poole of Lewes baronet; Lancelot Storey of Westminster, esq; Thomas, lord viscount Gage; The Honorable William Hall Gage; Thomas Gage; Joseph Gage, esq; Sir William Gage of Hengrave, Suff, baronet; William Marshall & Elizabeth his wife; and John Board, esq re. will of Sir William Gage of Firle, [East] Sussex (d.1744); considerable personal estate and divers manors, messuages, lands etc. in Sussex and other counties. C78/1962, no. 2 [26]
1753 15 Aug 27 Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General at the relation of Isaac Jones; Robert Sharwood; John Hills; John Hen; Thomas Foreman; and Matthew Adrian six of the free fishermen and dredgermen of the town and hundred of Faversham, Kent v. Edward Lunn clerk; John Winchester esq; and john Knowler esq re. management of the society or fellowship of oysterman & dredgermen of Faversham, Kent, and borrowings in times of stock or brood reduction. C78/1879, no. 4 [27]
1753 5 Nov 27 Henry Uhthoff v. Robert Nettleton esq; James Heywood; Frederick Ludowick Metzner; Henry Voguel the younger; Gottfried Molling AND v. the Right Honorable John Ponsonby esq; the Right Honorable Michael Ward esq; the Honorable Anthony Malone esq; Anthony Foster; William Cooper; John Bourke; Robert Downes; Abraham Creichton; John Folliot; Richard Dawson; Nicholas Archdall; and Thomas Fortescue esqs trustees for the improvement and encouragement of the Flaxen and Hempen Manufactures in Ireland AND v. Arthur Newburgh esq the clerk to the said trustees re. co-partnership articles 25 Mar 1745, between Henry Voguel, Theophilus Pritzler and George Amyard as merchants and factors for merchants. C78/1956, no. 1 [28]
1753 26 Nov 27 Henry Stonyford of Basinghall Street, London, one of the solicitors of this high and honourable Court v William Chapman; William Smith; , John Hotchkis; James Barret; William Power; Thomas Budgen; John Collins; Henry Sayer; William Gattaker; Martha Oates; Henry Hough; and William Venables re. will 14 Feb 1732, of Hester Mead and an estate in Croft, Lancs [now Chesh.] C78/1971, no. [29]
1753 12 Dec 27 Richard Giles of Bristol, annuitant v. Francis Forbes of Newbury, Berks, wharfinger re. alleged misconduct at Bristol by chief agent for the proprietors of the River Kennet between Newbury and Reading. C78/1949, no. 3 [30]