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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1744 C78/, no. []
1744 16 Jan 17 Dudley Ryder, esq, Attorney General at the relation of The Provost, Fellows, and Scholars of Worcester College, the University of Oxford v. James Fynney, esq re. will 20 Feb 1726,of Dr James ffyney and bequest to Worcester College, Oxford C78/1841, no. 4 [2]
1744 26 Jan 17 Isaac Gron v. Richard Wooley & Jane his wife; William Newland; William Cooper & Sarah his wife; and Townly Rigby & Grace his wife C78/2048, no. 1 [3]
1744 31 Jan 17 Briscoe Mortimer, esq, eldest sand and heir and also administrator with the will annexed of Edmund Mortimer esq v. Gresham Hakewill re. loan of £500 29 Aug 1737, by Gresham Hakewill secured on land he allegedly owned at Newport Pagnell, Berks. C78/, no. 2 [4]
1744 4 Feb 17 Thomas Hodgson v. Anne Sommers, widow and executrix of John Sommers; James Acourt; and John Lane C78/1812, no. 11 [5]
1744 7 Feb 17 Hannah Evans, spinster v. James Edmonds, a lunatic by John Edmonds his committee; the said John Edmonds; William Edmonds, & Mary his wife; and Edward Jeffs C78/1841, no. 3 [6]
1744 8 Feb 17 Rowland Belasyse, esq; Bridget Belasyse, eldest daughter of said Rowland Belasyse; Barbara Belasyse his third daughter; Ann Belasyse an infant, fourth daughter of said Rowland Belasyse by said Rowland Belasyse; and Anthony Belasyse, younger son of the said Rowland Belasyse v. Sir Thomas Frankland, Charles Fernegan and ffrances his wife, John Hebb and Henry Belasyse C78/1804, no. 6 [7]
1744 9 Feb 17 John Copeland of St Saviours, Southwark, esq v. Richard Parkins C78/1829, no. 2 [8]
1744 9 Feb 17 Mary King of Rudgwick, Sussex, widow v. John Walter late of Petersfield, Hants, mercer, but now of Horsham, Sussex, mercer re. loan 22 July 1730, £150 by John Walter from Mary King, secured on messuage in West Street, Horsham, Sussex C78/1827, no. 4 [9]
1744 9 Feb 17 George Keightley, gent v. Richard Nicholson; and Leonard Phillips C78/1809, no. 10 [10]
1744 14 Feb 17 Charles, duke of Richmond, Lenox, and Aubigny v. Charles Thompson; William Coope; Thomas Ryder, gent; Charles Challis, gent; and Sir George Strickland baronet an infant C78/1822, no. 13 [11]
1744 18 Feb 17 Thomas Lyte gentleman & Ann his wife formerly Ann Packer v. Isabella Rivers widow formerly Isabella Parker C79/144, no. [12]
1744 18 Feb 17 Rowland West v. Robert Elliott; and Ann Elliott re. loan December 1725, £26 by Robert Elliot (father of defendant) secured on copyhold cottage in Wyke C78/1802, no. 6 [13]
1744 19 Feb 17 John Doman, tobacconist v. Nicholas Stephens; and John Lewis; and Henry Stephens re. loan Sept 1735, £350 by Nicholas Stephens, secured on property in Lockworthy [?Lower Larkworthy], Devon C78/1797, no. 13 [14]
1744 27 Feb 17 William Mowbray son and only child of William Mowbray v. Frances Mowbray widow and executrix of said William Mowbray; John Whormby surviving trustee of said William Mowbray; Sarah Saunderson widow; Jane Rickerby widow surviving sisters of said testator ; Richard Lowdon; Nicholas Browne & Sarah his wife; Edward Welch & Elizabeth his wife, which said Sarah and Elizabeth were the surviving children of Hannah Lowdon another sister of the said testator; and William Fetherston; Haigh Mowbray re. will, 5 Dec 1732, of William Mowbray senior, of St Clement Danes, Middx, and duties from lighthouses. C78/2046, no. 8 [15]
1744 1 March 17 Joseph Wildigos v. Charles Morley esq; Thomas Vernon Winkfield Keeble; Johnb Keeble; George Green & Sarah his wife; Joseph Williams; and Mary Williams; Sir Dudley Ryger knight; Benjamin lord bishop of Winchester; John Cook; and William Moor esq re. will, 26 March 1732, of Mary Bone of Corhampton, Hants C79/73, no. [16]
1744 6 March 17 Elizabeth Hale, widow v. John Webber; William Dixon; Richard Davies; Thomas Owens; Charles Owen; John Gilbert; John Mackelcan; John Lea, & Joanna his wife; Ebenezar Fuller, & Sarah his wife; Mary Crossman, widow; and Ann Stephens, widow re. loan, 26 March 1735, by Thomas Stephens, clothier deceased from George Small, secured on messuage in par. of Avening, Gloucs. C78/1797, no. 14 [17]
1744 8 March 17 Sir Thomas Mackworth baronet v. Thomas Briggs C78/2058, no. 6 [18]
1744 16 March 18 Thomas Roberts of Plas Myood, Denb, gentleman, a lunatic by John Davies of Denbigh, gentleman; and Thomas Owen of the same place, apothecary, the committees of the personal estate v. John Jones; John Edwards; John ____ & Ewenline his wife; Evan Williams; Robert Williams; Robert Perrott; and Edward Loyd C78/1883, no. 4 [19]
1744 3 April 17 Francis Wollaston esq v. The Honorable George Hamilton esq; Abraham Tilgham; William Champneis esq; Daniel Bayley gentleman; William Hamilton esq an infant; and John Hamilton re. 1737 loan of £1000 by John Hamilton from Francis Wollaston, secured on messuage or mansion in par. of Barton Malard [?Boughton Malherbe] C79/137, no. [20]
1744 26 April 17 Jaine Katherine Blount, widow v. Thomas Cripps, & Sarah his wife; and Samuel Walter re. will 16 Jan 1726 of John Pashley and bequest to his son C78/1841, no. 5 [21]
1744 28 April 17 John Norris eldest son and heir of John Norris of Witton, Norf, esq, who was eldest son and heir of John Norris of the same place, an infant by Thomas Seaman v. Edward Le Neve, esq, & Henrietta his wife; Isabella le Neve, spinster; and John Rogers, & Ann his wife C78/1829, no. 1 [22]
1744 30 Apr 17 Elizabeth Blisset, widow v. Mathew Robinson; Robert Heyns; and Richard Thomlinson re. May 1737 loan £900 by Robinson and Heyns secured on messuage in East Greenwich, Kent C78/1814, no. 7 [23]
1744 1 May 17 William Peckham gent, son of William Peckham first cousin heir and devisee of Sir Thomas Peckham, knight then also deceased and also cousin and heir of Ricahrd Peckham gent who was the only son and heir of the said Sir Thomas Peckham who was in his lifetime only son and heir of Thomas Peckham eldest son and heir of said William Peckham who was eldest brother and heir of said Thomas Peckham the late father of the said Sir Thomas Peckham and grandfather of the said Richard Peckham v. William Dobell esq devisee, residuary legatee, and sole executor of Richard Peckham; and Henry Peckham esq; and George Stamper, gent, devisees also in trust of the said Richard Peckham C78/1823, no. 9 [24]
1744 9 May 17 Paul Jodrell esq since deceased v. John Angell esq C79/100, no. [25]
1744 30 May 17 John Humphreys gentleman administrator with the will annexed of John Humphreys late of Linslade and also late citizen and vintner of London v. Lititia Johnson C78/1850, no. 6 [26]
1744 30 May 17 William Abblett, gent v. Amy Rivett; Robert Jenny; and William Naunton, esq C78/1822, no. 14 [27]
1744 2 June 17 John Dormer of St Margarets, Westminster, Middx, esq v. Mary Dormer; Catherine Dormer; Sir John Fortescue Aland, & Dame Elizabeth his wife; and John Parkhurst, esq, & Ricarda his wife; and others C78/1833, no. 2 [28]
1744 12 June 18 Charles Sanderson then lately deceased; Henry Webb; William Dugard; and Phiulip Henvill on behalf of themselves and other simple contract creditors of William Dixon, gents v. Samuel Dixon; and Hutton Perkins esqs, the two surviving trustees and executors of said William Dixon; Jane and Ann Dixon and Thursby Dixon administrator of William Dixon jr C78/1803, no. na [29]
1744 13 June 18 Woolcombe Pollexfen, esq v. Charles Adelmare alias Caesar the elder, esq; and Charles Adelmare alias Caesar the younger C78/1844, no. 4 [30]
1744 15 June George Garnet joiner and carpenter; John Mackeeth lime merchant; and James Trimmer executor of Richard Waterman brickmaker creditors of William Tuffnell bricklayer and builder on behalf of themselves and the other creditors of William Tuffnell who contribute proportionately to the suit v. Alexander Haselar & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Mills; Rebeccah Tuffnell; Thomas Tuffnell otherwise Austin Robert Haselar; Thomas Clapham & Dorothy his wife C79/74, no. [31]
1744 15 June 18 John Bonner of Broad Street, London, gent, eldest son and heir at law of Henry Bonner, & Catherine his wife, both deceased v. Robert, bishop of Peterborough; Thomas Cooke; and John Freeman C78/1711, no. 2 [32]
1744 27 June 18 Abraham Schuldham & Mary his wife which Mary was the only surviving child of Charles Randall & Mary his wife both deceased and which Mary Randall was one of the daughters of Thomas Ampleford v. John Mickleburgh & Ann his wife; Edward Mickleburgh; Henry Mickleburgh; George Bacon the father; and George Bacon the son; John Turnpenny; and John Rily and William Kiteridge re. will 9 May 1690 of Thomas Ampleford having property in Raveningham and Loddon, Norfolk and Beccles[?], Suffolk and bequests to his five daughters. C78/1952, no. 1 [33]
1744 29 June 18 Edward Bowles gentleman & Anne his wife v. James Draper an infant ; Barrington Flacks; William Hatley; John Shotbolt; Edward lord bishop of Bath and Wells; Barbara viscountess Longueville; Augustus earl of Sussex an infant re. will 31 March 1732 of George Draper the younger, his property in Beds. and Herts. and elsewhere and bequests. C79/74, no. [34]
1744 4 July 18 Mary Adlington of Bristol, widow, only daughter and lawful heir of Lawrence Hollister late of Dundry, Som, gent thentofore of Bristol, wine cooper v. William Cann, esq; and Mary Andrews C78/1813, no. 10 [35]
1744 7 July 18 Anne Page widow v. Robert Chembers and others (sic) re. will 27 Nov 1692 of John Hicks, the elder (complainant's father) and bequests to his daughter. C78/1850, no. 4 [36]
1744 11 July 18 John Lacon, gentleman v. Ralph Smith, esq, and Anne his wife; Sir Hugh Briggs baronet; John Newport, esq; James Hill, esq; and George Middleton re. monies allegedly owed by late earl of Bradford to John Lacon deceased, for work done as attorney and solicitor. C78/1847, no. 5 [37]
1744 13 July 18 Mary Phillips spinster administratrix of Thomas Phillips her late father v. Henry Muilinan (a native of Holland) and Henry Baynes re. separation of Teresia Constantia Muilinan, née Phillips and husband Henry Muilinan C79/153, no. [38]
1744 17 July 18 Dorothy Gwyn; Priscilla Gwyn; and Elizabeth Williams, infants by Charles Williams, clerk (which Charles Williams was father of William Williams, clerk, who was father of infant Elizabeth Williams) v. John Hooke, esq C78/1847, no. 4 [39]
1744 23 July 18 Sir William Ashburnham baronet; John Frewen clerk; and Thomas Frewen, gent, executors of Robert Bradshaw clerk v. George Bradshaw; Elisha Kirkall, & Deborah his wife; Ferdinando Norton, & Bridgit his wife; James Dewhurst, & Alice his wife; Margaret Bradshaw; The Attorney General; The Governours of the Charity for the Relief of Poor Widows and Children of Clergymen; The Governours of Queen Anns Bounty for the Augmentation of Small Livings C78/1821, no. 4 [40]
1744 24 July 18 John Lacam administrator of Elizabeth Hay widow on behalf of himself and the rest of the creditors of Elizabeth Hay v. John Henry Merttyns, esq; Symon Deage esq; Peircy Kirke esq re. loan 10 July 1735, £1000 by John Hay from Thomas Moseley, secured on manor of Little Chester, Derbs and £800 secured on manor of Boothby, Lincs. C79/116, no. [41]
1744 24 July 18 Sackville Tufton, esq, commonly called Lord Tufton, eldest son and heir apparent of Sackville, earl of Thanett, an infant by Sir William Abdy, baronet v. Joseph Thornton; Henry Dennison; Margaret Thomson; Thomas Yeates; Edward Blencarne; Edward Miller; John Shaw; John Thomas; Alice Nicholson; Henry Weightman; and Thomas Todd, customary tenants of the several manors, lordships, and forests of Oglebird and King's Meaburne, East Stainmore, and Burrells Brough; Knock, Two Broughs; South Stainmore; East Stainmore; Brough; Sowerby by Winton; Kirkby Stephen; Brampton; and Mallerstang, Westmorland, on behalf of themselves and the other submitting customary tenants of the aforesaid manors and lordships and forests v. Sackville, earl of Thanett C78/1827, no. 1 [42]
1744 12 Oct 18 The President and Scholars of St John Baptist College in Oxford University v. Anne Selwood, widow; and Esther Selwood an infant by the said Anne Selwood, widow her guardian re. grant by Court Baron 12 Oct 1694 to Robt. Sellwood the elder & Robt. Sellwood the younger, of closes in Eaton, Berks [now in Oxon.]. C78/1841, no. 6 [43]
1744 12 Oct 18 Samuel Shepheard, esq v. Francis Cornish, & Bridget his wife C78/1813, no. 5 [44]
1744 12 Oct 18 Francis FitzHerbert, spinster v. John Joseph re. loan 3 Feb 1736, £200 by J Joseph from Miss FitzHerbert secured on building in Avon Street, Bath, Somerset. C78/1805, no. 8 [45]
1744 16 Oct 18 Thomas Simmonds, gent v. Matthew Robinson; Thomas Robinson; Morris Robinson; Richard Brittain; and Elizabeth Simmonds re. will 14 March 1680 of Thomas Simmonds (complt's grandfather), and lands etc. in Merryvale [Merevale], Warks. C78/1846, no. 4 [46]
1744 29 Oct 18 Jane Colman, widow, late Jane Seymour, spinster, one of the daughters of Sir Edward Seymour, baronet; Edward Colman; Francis Colman; and Jane Colman, spinster, all infants by William Daddo clerk, which said Jane Colman the widow is the relict of said William Colman esq and the said Edward, Francis, and Jane are the two younger sons and daughter of said Willliam Colman by said Jane who was the eldest son and heir of William Colman, esq, the elder, and the said Edward and Francis the two sons and Jane the daughter are the grandsons and grandaughter of said William Colman the elder v. William Colman the eldest son and heir at law of William Colman the father and grandson of William Colman the grandfather; the Right Honorable William Fortescue, esq, Master of the Rolls, the surviving trustee of the settlement of two hundred years in the settlement named in the case; and Sir Edward Seymour baronet surviving trustee of said term of 500 years in the said settlement, eldest son and heir at law of Sir Edward Seymour baronet his late deceased father and the brother of the said complainant Jane Colman the mother C78/1804, no. 5 [47]
1744 31 Oct 18 Mary King widow v. James Dupin; Samuel Marissat; Frances Descams; Thomas Eaton; and Gascar le Maitre re. alleged bid by James Dupin to defeat writ of fieri facias by disposing of his estate and retiring beyond the seas. C78/1850, no. 8 [48]
1744 3 Nov 18 Erasmus Phillips, gent v. John Phillips the younger re dowry relating marriage between Erasmus Phillips and Martha his wife. C78/1804, no. 16 [49]
1744 12 Nov 18 Jane Holland, widow v. John Powell C78/1843, no. 2 [50]
1744 21 Nov 18 Thomas Carew esq v. Thomas Parker C79/100, no. [51]
1744 29 Nov 18 Richard Buckile v. John Hill C78/1813, no. 9 [52]
1744 15 Dec 18 Ann Wingfield, spinster; William Bagshaw, esq, & Mary his wife; which said Ann Wingfield and Mary Bagshaw were two of the younger daughters of John Wingfield, gent v. Margaret Newton; Robert Newton her son; Francis Pole; Joseph Offley; Henry Winder; William Shaw; William Wildman, & Priscilla his wife; and Wingfield Wildman their son C78/1788, no. 5 [53]
1744 17 Dec 18 Sarah Munn, widow, executrix of Dame Frances Norton, widow v. Edward Downes; Hugh Morgan; Alice Wigley, & Agnes his wife; Spencer Colepeper; Francis (erased); and Thomas Colepeper; Henry, earl of Bradford; Thomas Freke; Elizabeth Norton; and Martha Norton; James Warren; and James Alwright re. annuity of £500 formerly paid to Dame Frances Norton, now deceased C78/1803, no. 3 [54]
1744 C78/, no. []