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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1726 C78/, no. []
1726 20 Jan 12 George Gordon gentleman one of the messengers in ordinary to his Majesty v. Thomas Bowers esq C78/2049, no. 12 [2]
1726 25 Jan 12 Henry Savile, esq, an infant, only son and heir of John Savile, esq, by Mary Savile, widow his mother and guardian; the said Mary Savile in her own right and as sole executrix of the said John Savile her husband; the Right Honorable Heneage, earl of Aylesford; and Elizabeth, countess of Aylesford his lady; and Elizabeth Savile, spinster v. Charles Savile; and Samuel Savile esq C78/1800, no. 11 [3]
1726 28 Jan 12 James Yeo; Robert Yeo; and Mary Yeo v. Thomas Townsend; Thomas Cole & Grace his wife C78/2074, no. 1 [4]
1726 28 Jan 12 John Porter, nephew and heir of George Porter v. Hugh Knoke; Sarah Porter; and Francis Woodhouse C78/1778, no. 16 [5]
1726 8 Feb 12 Richard Chauncey; Thomas Gilbert; John Greenhill; Self Norris; Francis Hyde; Robert Ramshire; and Robert Baker v. Nathaniel May; John Shorey, sr; John Shorey, jr; William Poston; Stephen Aynsworth; Peter Ellers; Joseph Goddard; Charles Parry; Stephen Peters; Samuel Richards; William Twyford; Thomas Umfrevill; Samuel Whittingham; William Shorey; Francis Bowyear; Edward Leapidge; John Dyer; Thomas Price; Gilbert Heathcote, knight; John Ward, knight; John Eyles, knight and baronet; Bartholomew Shorey; and William Billers, esq C78/1700, no. 1 [6]
1726 14 Feb 12 James Sharpe the younger, & Catharine his wife v. Benjamin Rutter; Samuel Chandler, & Elizabeth his wife; William Rutter, gent; and William Oliver the younger C78/1807, no. 7 [7]
1726 16 Feb 12 Richard Lawton gentleman and Edith Launder an infant v. William Hawkins clerk & Mary his wife; Thomas Knight sr clerk; and Thomas Knight jr; Thomas Launder gentleman; & Edith his wife; Reynold Jones & Mary his wife C79/42, no. [8]
1726 26 Feb 12 Anne Lucas, widow and administratrix of Sir Robert Adams knight v. Thomas Ollive, & Anne his wife C78/1817, no. 12 [9]
1726 11 March 12 Elizabeth Tomson, widow v. Philip Wale; and George Purefoy, gent C78/1807, no. 5 [10]
1726 26 March 12 David Gwynne, esq; Charles Morgan; and Rees Price, three of the creditors of David Lewis of Killgwynne in the parish of Mothsey [?Cilgwyn in Myddfai par.], Carmarthen, gent v. Thomas Price; David Evans; Henry Dampney, & Frances his wife; Morgan Davies; John Davies, & Elizabeth his wife; Daniel Vaughan, & Esther his wife; and Benjamin Morgan, & Gwenllyan his wife C78/1799, no. 3 [11]
1726 2 April 12 Richard Savage, the youngest son of Frederick, earl of Rochford by Bessy, countess of Rochford his wife, an infant by the Henry, earl of Lincoln v. Frederick, earl of Rochford; George Moult, esq; Charles Tillett, clerk; Sir John Colleton, baronet; William Henry Vassan commonloy called Lord Tonbridge C78/1707, no. 4 [12]
1726 27 April 12 John Wybarne, esq, son and heir of John Wybarne, esq and also administrator of said John Wybarne; and Thomas Goodwin, gent v. Walter Curle, esq C78/1819, no. 4 [13]
1726 2 May 12 William Dowdeswell v. George Dowdeswell C78/1804, no. 3 [14]
1726 2 May 12 Robert Cole, gent; Susan Porter; Edmund Harrington; Philip Cornwallis, & ___ his wife, executrix of Elizabeth Collinson; ___ Bird, doctor in physick; ___ Wolnought, clerk; ___ Daines; and Robert Ham, for themselves and for such other creditors of John Garwood of Tatterstone, Suff, gent, who contribute to the suit v. Thomas White; Daniel Bayley; John Garwood; Robert Garwood; Nathaniel Garwood; John Morley; Solomon Grimstone; James Peers; John Cuthbert; Thomas Stebbing, & Hanna his wife; John Dockin, sr; and John Dockin, jr; and Susanna Dockin C78/1570, no. 3 [15]
1726 3 May 12 Somersett Draper, son and heir of Edmund Draper, & Anne his wife; and Anne Draper v. Robert Brasenor, son of Randolph Brasenor C78/1699, no. 2 [16]
1726 5 May 12 Susanna Stoaks, widow; Thomas Woolly; John Altree; Jane Stibbs; WIlliam Duncombe; Richard Beeby; William Perry; Alice Salt; Thomas Garlick; Thomas Whightwick; Thomas Poole; Thomas Broadhurst; Thomas Wheeler; and Peter Reynolds v. Thomas Bathe; Thomas Kamersley; Richard Stamer an infant; Rachell Stamer; Edward Blakeway; and John parsons C78/1801, no. 7 [17]
1726 5 May 12 Henry Robinson v. John Mayhew C78/1801, no. 6 [18]
1726 9 May 12 William Wilkinson clerk & Mary his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of Ambrose Nicholson; Catherine Nicholson widow and relict of said Amrbose Nicholson formerly Catherine Hudleston one of the daughters of Andrew Hudleston late of Hutton John esq & Dane Davis widow v. Wilfrid Hudleston gentleman C78/1861, no. 3 [19]
1726 10 May 12 Andrew Holden; Andrew Holden his infant son; Dorothy Holden the widow of Benjamin Holden, clerk decd v. Richard, Earl of Burlington, Attorney General; Thomas Holden; Thomas Flesher; Lawrence Davison; and John Day Will of Benjamin Holden, uncle to Andrew Holden the infant, his godson. Messuage & land in the hamlet of Bilton cum Harrogate, in the township of Killinghall, which is in the the Manor of the Forest of Knaresborough, surrender to the uses of the will. C78/1424, no. 2 [20]
1726 13 May 2 Mary Wilks, widow and relict of Robert Wilks gent; Robert Wilks, an infnat by said Mary Wilks his mother v. Francis Wilks; Joseph Harris, & Susanna his wife; Benjamin Dawson, & Mary his wife C78/1742, no. 2 [21]
1726 14 May 12 John Passey and Eleanor his wife; Richard Davies; and John Wright copyholders and customary tenants of the manor of Titley, Herefs on behalf of themselves and the other copyholders; and Eleanor Dykes administratrix of William Dykes late a copyholder of the said manor v John Greenly senior; John Greenly junior; and the Wardens and Scholars of Saint Mary's College near Winton Customs of the manor of Titley [Herefs], and rights to enclose. C78/1394, no. 2 [22]
1726 14 May 12 David Turner an infant by Robert Sampson his guardian v. Mildred Turner widow; David Turner; George Turner a person non compos mentis by the defendant David Turner his guardian; and Nethersole Turner an infant by Stephen Nethersole his guardian; James Proud; and Cornelius Martin C78/1829, no. 3 [23]
1726 14 May 7 George Field, only surviving son and heir of George Field v. William Harrison the elder; William Harrison the younger; Rebecca Eaves; and Daniel Stanley, & his wife C78/1757, no. 7 [24]
1726 20 May 12 John Dell; and Mary Dell, an infant, by said John Dell v. Thomas Dell; Robert Waller; and Thomas Taylor C78/1737, no. 9 [25]
1726 24 May 12 Elizabeth Westbrooke; and Mary Westbrooke, spinsters, daughters and only surviving executrices of William Westbrooke v. Nicholas Goffe, the son, heir, and executor of Nicholas Goffe the elder; Elizabeth Scrase, daughter and executrix of Richard Scrase; and Francis Alcock, & Sarah his wife; and Barbara Ockenden mother of the said Nicholas since deceased; Barbara Goffe daughter of Nicholas Goffe sr; Henry Goffe; and Richard Whitpaine, executors of Nicholas Goffe the son; Elizabeth Goffe; Elizabeth Scrase; Francis Alcocke, & Sarah his wife; Thomas Sheppard; gent; John Young, esq; Thomas Thorne, & Sarah his wife; and John Holden, & Ann his wife C78/1816, no. 2 [26]
1726 25 May 12 Jacob Smith, & Katherine his wife v. John Scott C78/1742, no. 3 [27]
1726 1 June 12 Jane Jones, spinster v. Miles Meredith, & Mary his wife C78/1794, no. 21 [28]
1726 2 June 12 Nicholas Arnold, esq; and (added later: ) Edward Harley, esq v. Job Gilbert; Rachell Prosser, widow; Phillip Gunter; Roger Gunter; James Prosser; Benjamin David; Nicholas Gunter; William Prosser; Mary Gundy; Jasper George; Richard Gundy; John Morgan; Mary Morgan; John Price, sr; John Price, jr; Philip Powell; John David; John David; John Thomas Parry, & Jane his wife; Jane George, sr; John James; David William; Margaret George; Aaron Price; Thomas Watkins; Philip Gunter; Sarah Yorath; Edward Pritchard; Robert Probert; John George; James George; William Gilbert; John Parry; Joan Gilbert; William Phillips; David Jones; William Probert; Philip Prosser; John Prosser; William Prosser; Edward Gunter; David Gunter; Thomas David; William Prichard; William Nicholas; Maud Thomas; John Edwards; William Perrott; Walter Vaughan; Philip Powell; John Price alias Veyn; Anne George; William Steven; David George; James Thomas; Joseph James; Gilbert Arthur, & Diana his wife; James Price alias Lucas; Richard Gunter; Richard Arnold; Gundy Mary Meredith alias Watkins; and several others. C78/1808, no. 3 [29]
1726 7 June 12 William Storey v John Smethe Lease of a messuage called the George, Watling Street, Thaxstead [Thaxsted], Essex, in trust for Mary and Anne Rous daughters of Robert Rous late of Felsted, Essex by their uncles John Rous of Much Waltham, Essex and Thomas Rous of Felstead. C78/1401, no. 4 [30]
1726 7 June 12 Francis Barker, widow, administratrix with the annexed of John Hibbert v. John Burridge, esq; and Isaac Weare, gent C78/1801, no. 8 [31]
1726 14 June 12 Richard Banbury; John Mason; Joseph Wingfield; John Dunn; and Jasper Robins, five of the managers of the copartnership or undertaking commonly called the Free Fishery on behalf of themselves and all the rest of the proprietors or copartners of said Free Fishery or undertaking who had actually paid the sums of money by them respectively subscribed pursuant to the articles of agreement and copartnership thereinafter mentioned v. John Frost; Thomas Dunckley; Simon Kemp; Thomas Kemp; William Burg; Joseph Kemp; Benjamin Kemp; Thomas Masters; Humphrey Bell; Robert Carey; William Hunt; William Jackson; Thomas Fell; John Warner; John Garrett; Thomas Bodicoat; Thomas Bevois; Thomas Nixon; Mary Winn, widow; executrix of Charles Winn; William Langmore; Peter Debonay; and Jacob Leige, assignees of North De La Foundtaine a bankrupt; and St John Gates C78/1701, no. 1 [32]
1726 18 June 12 Mary Lewin, spinster, administrator of John Lewin her father de bonis non by Elizabeth his widow and relict v. John Bridges, esq; and others (sic) C78/1807, no. 6 [33]
1726 16 June 12 John Sawyer and Charles Spencer, creditors of William White, esq, for themselves and other creditors of said William White v. John Harington, esq; Anthony Goddard, esq; Jonathan Castleman, esq, & Dame Susanah Hicks his wife; How Hicks, esq; Susanah White, an infant, sole daughter and heir of said William White; and (added later:) Alice, the widow, relict, and administratrix of said William White C78/1746, no. 3 [34]
1726 3 July 12 John Hay, son of John Hay, esq and cousin German to Herbert Hay v. Thomas Moon, & Anne his wife C78/1778, no. 17 [35]
1726 6 July 12 Blunden (?) Charlton, esq, & Mary his wife; Francis Charlton; and Robert Charlton infants by the said Blunden Charlton their father v. Sir Francis Charlton, baronet C78/1782, no. 15 [36]
1726 7 July 12 Margaret Green and Mary Green v. Catherine Green now wife of George Arundell; Dorothy Green; John Arundell & Catherine his wife; and Elizabeth Green now wife of Lawrence Chapman C78/2066, no. 6 [37]
1726 9 July 12 Sir Jacob Jacobsen of London, knight; and Theodore Jacobsen of London, merchant v. The Merchants of Almaine being under and of the Confederacy, League, and Company of the Dutch House or Hause Townes of Lubeck, Bremen, and Hamburg C78/1688, no. 2 [38]
1726 12 July 12 William Coward, serjeant at law; and Phillippa, lady Mohun, his wife; and Elizabeth Mohun then an infant by her guardian v. Charles, lord Mohun, then an infant by Charles Orby, baronet his guardian; James Cordelia; Caatherine and Phillippa Mohun; the said Charles Orby, baronet: Samuel Maddock; and Isabella his wife; Reginald Couch; Elizabeth, countess dowager of Anglesea, the relict and executrix of Arthur, earl of Anglesea; Elizabeth, countess dowager of Anglesea the relict and administratrix of James, earl of Anglesea C78/1799, no. 1 [39]
1726 12 July 12 Joseph Harrison v. William Dover, & Sarah his wife C78/1793, no. 3 [40]
1726 12 July 7 John Bradbury, clerk, rector of Long Whatton, Leics v. Edward Dawson, jr; Thomas Bowley; and William Wilde; and others (sic) C78/1741, no. 7 [41]
1726 13 July 12 Robert Lumley Loyd; and Robert Scother v. Thomas Bartlett; John Reeves; James Fuller; Adam Johnson; and George Lewin Manor of Ewell, Surrey. Close called Charman Mead, to be used for the repair and support of the Town House or Court House in the town of Ewell. C78/1442, no. 4 [42]
1726 14 July 12 John Clifton, gent, grandson and heir of John Clifton, an infant v. Paul Orchard, esq C78/1741, no. 5 [43]
1726 15 July 12 Mary Holt daughter of John Frederick late of London, merchant, and Martha his wife both decd, and now the wife of Richard Holt son of Richard Holt late of London, merchant decd, by John Reeve of London v. John Frederick; Joseph Frederick; Dame Sarah Fitzakerly; and Richard Holt Will of John Frederick, plts said father decd (died 1694). Also will of Walwine Gascoyne decd, plts uncle (died 1696). Also bond due from Dorothy Loder, then Dorothy Hanks, widow, the plts aunt. And marriage agreement made upon marriage of plt to Richard Holt the younger. C78/1424, no. 1 [44]
1726 18 July 12 William Nicholas, esq; and John Blake, jr, gent, executors of Edward Whitaker, gent v. Richard Jameson, & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Kelly; Jane Kelly; Julia Kelly; and George Jameson C78/1750, no. 1 [45]
1726 19 July 12 Thomas Churchill... one of hte creditors of Randolph Scotcher, deceased v. Andrew Parsons; and George Abbot, executors of said Randolph Scotcher; Elizabeth Scotcher, widow; Randolph Scotcher, infant; Randolph Scotcher sr; John Scotcher; and John Scotcher, infant C78/1760, no. 5 [46]
1726 27 July 12 John Barker surgeon and John Barker his son an infant by the said John Barker his father; Thomas Blake; John Walpole apothecary; and John Walpole his son an infant by the said John Walpole his father; William Gibbs the elder; and Robert Gibbs an infant his son by the said William Gibbs his father; John Marton; Thomas Prithewe; John Barber; William Gibbs the younger; Joseph Pottle; and Simon Pottle his son an infant by the said Joseph Pottle his father v. Sir Robert Kemp baronet; Thomas Arrowsmith clerk & Mary his wife C79/63, no. [47]
1726 2 Aug 13 Phillip York, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of James Finlay, doctor in divinity, rector of Christ Church [Christchurch], Surrey; Daniel Powle; James Maintin; Hugh Theed; John Boyfield; Thomas Austin; Christoher Waggett; George Sterrey; Jermin Bazen; John Purde; Nicholas Swaine; William Bowen; John Morris, Thomas Keys; Ambrose Ward; Edward Bliss; Joseph Kingston; Henry Honour; William Batterson; and Edward Knight, all inhabitants of said parish for themselves and for the rest of the inhabitants of said parish v. John Neal; Thomas Lowfield; William Lowfield, esqs; Alexander Kellett; William Jackson; Josiah Boyfield, sr; Josiah Boyfield jr; Richard Atkinson, gent; and Robert Burrowes, clerk C78/1702, no. 2 [48]
1726 6 Aug 13 Elizabeth Bentham, widow & executrix of Anthony Bentham decd v. Ann Baron, widow; William Westbrook & Frances his wife; George Wharton; and Thomas Lupton C78/1472, no. 1 [49]
1726 13 Oct 13 Richard Eborne gentleman; Frances Burnaby widow; Ann gery widow; John Browne gentleman; Thomas Warden; Thomas Watkin; Henry Davis; Mary Bascoby spinster; ____ Smith widow; and Ruth Goodall widow creditors of Edward Rawson late of Coventry brewer and baker v. Elizabeth Rawson widow and Edward Rawson; John Rawson; Elizabeth Rawson; Ann Rawson; and Mary Rawson children of the said Edward Rawson the elder; Humphrey Whadock; James Birch; John Fox; Edward Green; Samuel Walker; and Nicholas Rothwell C79/2, no. [50]
1726 14 Oct 13 Robert, lord Lexington v. Sir Mathew Jenison, knight C78/1798, no. 10 [51]
1726 14 Oct 13 Nicholas Amhurst of Maidstone, Kent, gent, administrator de bonis non with the will annexed of Nicholas Amhurst of Maidstone, gent v. John Baker Dowell, esq; Katherine Kirkby; and Edmund Beagham C78/1643, no. 5 [52]
1726 27 Oct 13 Christopher Emmett; Peter Hartopp; Peter Lepipre; Laurence Ingoldsby; John Barnard; Nehemiah Lode; Andrew Brougham; John Baker; Richard Frome; Thomas Ward; William Smith; Francis Porten; James Porten; William Brooke; David Petty; John Radburne; David Miln; Henry March; and Edward Gouge of London, merchants; and Sir John Williams, knight and alderman of the City of London v. Richard Harris of London, merchant C78/1687, no. 6 [53]
1726 29 Oct 13 William Bartelott & Barbara; and Hannah Smith and Mary Smith then an infant by the said Hannah Smith her sister, which Barbara, Hannah, and Mary were three of the daughters and coheiresses of George Smith then late of Binderston, Sussex, clerk by Barbara his second wife v. William Woodford; Elizabeth Woodford; Mary Woodford; Sarah Peckham widow; Dame Elizabeth Peckham and Thomas Peckham C79/114, no. [54]
1726 3 Nov 13 Charles Sambridge of Westminster, Middx, gent v. William Beckford, esq; Ann Sambridge; Johanna Fettiplace; James Pettit, esq; Robert Allen, gent, & Dorothea his wife; Edmund Lewen, & Johanna his wife C78/1702, no. 3 [55]
1726 8 Nov 13 Thomas Gibson of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, salesman v. John Fane, esq; and Welfare Ford C78/1677, no. 1 [56]
1726 12 Nov 13 James Waller of Coggeshall, Essex, woolcomber v. James Waller and Samuel Waller C78/1858, no. 2 [57]
1726 17 Nov 13 Josiah Arnold an infant of about 7 years by Benjamin Arnold of Southwark, Surrey, distiller, his uncle and the said Benjamin Arnold; Nathaniel Arnold of Benson, Oxon, gentleman; John Arnold citizen and distiller of London; Henry Barksdell of Newbury, Berks, clothier & Mary his wife; Roger Quarterman of Clare, Oxon, glazier & Martha his wife v. Richard Wilkinson of London, sugar refiner C78/2049, no. 9 [58]
1726 21 Nov 13 James Garmson of London and Mary Magdalen his wife the only daughter and issue of John Bourges late of London decd v. Lewis Angier Will of John Bourges of London, merchant, and refugee from the persecution in France. C78/1423, no. 10 [59]
1726 21 Nov 13 Francis Fane, esq v. Granado Pigott, esq; and Sir Robert Raymond, knight, Attorney General C78/1703, no. 2 [60]
1726 21 Nov 13 Richard Malun, an infnat, by Edward Bourne v. Jane Townend, since deceased; and Anne Townend C78/1687, no. 5 [61]
1726 23 Nov 13 Carlotta Hide of Guildford, Surrey an infant by Henrietta Hyde her mother v. William Spencer & Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Widmore gentleman C79/97, no. [62]
1726 6 Dec 13 Thomas Edwards, sr; and Francis Colston, esqs; Henry Hoare; and Robert Carr, executors of Edward Colston, esq; Robert Carr, jr, an infant, by said Robert Carr, sr, his father; and Edward colston, an infant, by said Francis Colston, esq, his father v. Thomas Edwards, jr, esq, & Mary his wife; Sarah Campbell, widow; and Mary Edwards; and sophia Edwards, infants by said Thomas Edwards, jr, esq, their father and guardian; and Sir Robert Raymond, knight, Attorney General C78/1692, no. 2 [63]
1726 C78/, no. []