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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1718 C78/, no. []
1718 13 Jan 4 Compton South v. Thomas Chamber, esq; James Norman;John Rogers; and Thomas South, an infant, by his guardian C78/1736, no. 3 [2]
1718 13 Jan 4 William Burlace the surviving executor in trust of Anthony Bazatz decd v. John Robins and Jane his wife; Dorothy Oliver the widow & relist of Thomas Oliver; Mary Oliver; Richard Hughes; Richard Hughes jun; Thomas Hughes; William Hughes; Elizabeth Hughes; Mary Hughes; George Baron and Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Walter Will of Anthony Bazatz. C78/1456, no. 16 [3]
1718 16 Jan 4 William, Lord Berkley, Baron of Stratton v. Richard Tanfeild; Mary Tanfeild executrix of Timothy Tanfeild and others (not named) C78/1477, no. 2 [4]
1718 23 Jan 4 Francis Kingston gentleman; William Hawkins clerk; and Peter Templeman gentleman v. William Glasson; Jpohn Sterry the elder; and John Sterry the younger; and William Stone C78/1906, no. 13 [5]
1718 23 Jan 4 Robert Sorsbie of Sheffield, Yorks, son and heir of Robert Sorsbie, gent, and administrator of Malan Sorbie, second son of said Robert Sorsbie v. Jonathan Lee; and robert Darwent C78/1579, no. 1 [6]
1718 24 Jan 4 William Hoad v. Jane Hoad; and William Studman C78/1616, no. 3 [7]
1718 27 Jan 4 Helena Jones widow of Edward Jones who was the only son and heir of Edward Jones decd v John Nutt and John Price executors of Edward Jones the father, Henry Webb and Hester his wife administratrix of Mary Jones widow of Edward Jones the father, Edward Nutt, Richard Nutt, Rebecca White, Thomas Mathews, George Mathews, Robert Lovell and John Lewing Will of Edward Jones the father. Estate in parishes of St James and St Martins in the Fields, Middx, and New Windsor and Cleworth [Clewer], Berks C78/1332, no. 4 [8]
1718 27 Jan 4 Elizabeth Tatchell, widow v. John Tatchell; William Marks; and Samuel Priggs C78/1735, no. 6 [9]
1718 27 Jan 4 Martha Ley, spinster v. Robert Ley, Whitlock Bulstrode, John Bennett & Charles Lingwood executors of Martha Reynolds, widow decd; Thomas Renda & Sarah his wife; and Ross Ley C78/1473, no. 3 [10]
1718 1 Feb 4 Dennis Nevile of Dronfield, Derbs, gent, eldest son and heir of John Nevile of Thorney, Notts, esq, & Rebecca his wife, both deceased, and also administrator of said John and Rebecca Nevile and also executor of Rebecca Nevile one os his sisters, and likewise administrator of Elizabeth Nevile v. Robert Offley, esq C78/1586, no. 3 [11]
1718 4 Feb 4 Huntley Bigg scrivener; Benjamin Timbrell carpenter; George Pearce plumber; and Robert Frith plasterer v. vicar and church wardens of Saint Martin in the Fields, Middx and john Beddle; Thomas Head; and lancelot Keat doctor; Thomas Green; Samuel Lancaster; and Edward Nelthorpe esq C79/72, no. [12]
1718 4 Feb 4 James Buck of Bolingbrook [Old Bolingbroke], Lincs, grandson and heir and devisee of James Buck of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Thomas Dickins; Mary Thomas the elder; and Mary Thomas the younger C78/1731, no. 3 [13]
1718 4 Feb 4 William Winspear, gent v. Sir Richard Palgrave, baronet; and Dame Anne Palgrave C78/1613, no. 11 [14]
1718 5 Feb 4 John Monntague, Dean, and the Chapter of Durham; Richard Wolfe; Hannah Wetwang, widow, executrix of David Douglas her first husband, and administratrix of Henry Wetwang her late husband decd; and Mary Jackson, widow v. Charles, Duke of Somerset and the Lady Elizabeth, Dutchess of Somerset his wife; William Robson; William Bewley; Anthony Dunn; Henry Carr; and John Waugh Rights to operate a ferry across the River Tyne between South Shields, Co. Durham and North Shields, Northumberland C78/1477, no. 3 [15]
1718 8 Feb 4 Benjamin Morrett & Robert Ayres, creditors of John Bennett decd on behalf of themselves and other judgement creditors of the said John Bennett v. Thomas Paske; Mary Copplestone; Sir Nicholas Morris; Rebecca Withrow; Elizabeth Reynolds; Elizabeth Bennett; Grace Bennett; Daniel Cox and Rebecca his wife; Leonard Pead; Daniel Alford; John Monntague; Joseph Moyle; John Winston; Joseph Huddlestone; Francis Thompson; John Littlehales; John Mercer; [blank] Peline; John James Gaches and Rebecca his wife; John Jolley; John Foster; Matthias Walraben; Joseph Cranmer; Richard Lawrence; John Freeman; John Frewen; Francis Taylor; Sir Edward Dering; William Dering; Jane Tryon; William Broaduaes; Jane Mead; John Mead; John Gumley; Daniel Simonds senr; and Daniel Simonds junr Mortgage of Messuage called Paradice, tenements and closes in Rederiff als Rotherhithe, Surrey C78/1419, no. 1 [16]
1718 10 Feb 4 Joseph Marshall v. Richard Frank, & Ruth his wife; Thomas Leigh; and John Dixon C78/1771, no. 10 [17]
1718 14 Feb 4 Henry Welsteed an infant by Ralph Welsteed his father and also said Ralph Welstead and Elizabeth Bisse spinster v. John Wale; John Haynes; George Gyer & Jane his wife; Phillip Moore; and Henry Williams C78/1934, no. 8 [18]
1718 18 Feb 4 John Jordan of Bourton in the Water, Gloucs, esq v. Francis grove, an infant; Mary Grove, a widow; John Grove; and Bartholomew Tipping C78/1727, no. 18 [19]
1718 18 Feb 4 Mary Humphryes, the widow and relict of John Humphryes v. Thomas Hobbs; Elizabeth Humphryes; Hannah Humphryes; Michael Davis, & Mary his wife; Sarah Humphryes; Anne Humphryes; Richard Andrews; John Widdows; John Shortland; Edward Humphryes; and Benjamin Hobbs C78/1724, no. 2 [20]
1718 18 Feb 4 Ann Paston, widow and sole executrix of The Honorable Robert Paston, esq; and Ann Vernon of London, spinster v. Peter Wilson, esq, & Theophila his wife; Francis Clarke, & Anne his wife; Hester Britiffe, spinster; Edmond Giles; Hooper James Hallett; William Nash; Thomas Pestall; and John Mead C78/1634, no. 10 [21]
1718 19 Feb 4 Elizabeth Haberfield widow and relict and also executrix of Edward Haberfield late of the Middle Temple, London, gentleman and Mary Woodcock of the parish of St Andrews Holborn, Middx, spinster v. Thomas Platt and Elizabeth Sandys alias Platt C78/1932, no. 9 [22]
1718 19 Feb 4 Joane Giffard, widow formerly the wife of Humphry Bury decd and executrix of his last w & t; and Christian Bury the only daughter then living of the said Humphry Bury v. Thomas Bury the only son and heir of the said Humphry Bury; Samuel Rolle; John Hacche; and Thomas Bere; Sir Nicholas Hooper and others (not named) Complts jointure. Bartons of Dunington and Bury and Ford tenement, the barton farm & demesnes of Collaton [Colyton], the manors of Collaton [Colyton] and Bicklescombe [Bicclescombe in Ilfracombe par.], three water grist mills called Collaton Mills within the parishes of Chulmleigh, Chawley [Chawleigh], Burrington, Wemworthy [Wembworthy], Bicklington [Bickington] and Ilfordcombe [Ilfracombe] in Devon. C78/1456, no. 18 [23]
1718 20 Feb 4 John Earl of Exeter and Baron of Burghley, Felix Feast and Richard Allen v Richard Lord Bishop of Peterborough and Richard Knowles Inclosure within the hamlet of Ingthorpe in the manor of Tinwell, Rutland. C78/1312, no. 2 [24]
1718 20 Feb 4 John Meller one of the Masters of this Court v William Lloyd and Martha his wife and Edward Owen Estate of Joshua Edisbury C78/1312, no. 4 [25]
1718 24 Feb 4 William Aish; George Richardson; Sarah James; Robert Ford; William Cox; William Hallett; Robert Ronsell; Samuel Barter; George Bennett; Richard Stivey; Samuel Bovett; John Alford, & Elizabeth his wife, executors of Joane Abbott for themselves and the rest of the creditors of William Wellman v. the said William Wellman, & Joan his wife; Agnes Wellman; Anne Wellman; Elizabeth Wellman; and Henry Parker C78/1736, no. 6 [26]
1718 26 Feb 4 John Castle and Timothy Coles v Anne Barter; Mathew Barter; William Barter and Joshua Goodright Lease to Nicholas Barter, and Mathew and William his sons, of messuage and lands in Fordingbridge, Hants by John Lisle and Alice his wife, and Thomas Tipping and Elizabeth his wife. C78/1386, no. 1 [27]
1718 26 Feb 4 Nicholas Lockey of Rotheram, Yorks and sometimes of Ulley, Yorks, yeoman, son and heir of Nicholas Lockey of Ulley, gent, who was son and heir of John Lockey of North Kelsey, Lincs, gent, who was brother and heir of Nicholas Lockey of Ulley, who died 100 years ago or upwards v. John Allterton; Anne Allerton; and racell Allerton; and (added later:) John Kitchin, & Mary his wife; James Nicholson, & Anne his wife; William Lister; John Bower; Matthew Glensover; George Westby; and Nathaniel Beverley C78/1585, no. 3 [28]
1718 28 Feb 4 William Bradgate the elder; and William Bradgate the younger v. Lelio Hensbergh, & Susan hius wife; Mary Russell; and Edward Barber C78/1736, no. 2 [29]
1718 3 March 4 Anthony Morris v. John Peacock and others (sic) C79/15, no. [30]
1718 4 Mar 4 Bridgett Mellish widow and executrix of Edward Mellish decd v Edward Griffith; Arthur Morgan; Grace Devischer; Henry Ferne; and Thomas Webb serjt at law Refs decree of 5 Feb 1716. C78/1386, no. 2 [31]
1718 6 March 8 Richard Hebden; and Richard Cappur, & Grace his wife v. Thomas Lyte, & Silvester his wife C78/1584, no. 8 [32]
1718 7 March 4 John Brocklesby gentleman v. Frances Pate Lister; Bennet lord Sherrard; John Lister; John Browne; Henry Browne; Athroy Browne; William Droycott; Grace Toone; William Toone doctor; Thomas Geary; Penelope Lister; Edmund Whitehead; Sherrard ______; Elizabeth Browne; and William Hollwell C79/70, no. [33]
1718 8 Mar 4 James Gramer v. Francis Gramer; Patience Gramer, widow; Henry Hinckley and Beata his wife; and Benjamin Greaves and others (not named) Francis Gramer decd, father of the complt, and the deft Francis Gramer. Marriage settlements on his marriages to Susanna Johnson & Patience Abell. Estate in Atherstone, Mancester [Mancetter] and elsewhere in Warks & Leics. C78/1436, no. 1 [34]
1718 11 March 4 Penelope Murray the widow and administratrix of Robert Murray gentleman v. Susan Laqueen; Gooding Barrington est; Boyle Smith esq & Arabella his wife subscribers or the representatives of subscribers to the deed poll mentioned in the bill; Joseph Blake; Abell Attwood; Thomas Tuthill; James Read; John Roades; John Williams deceased; and many other subscriber or representatives of subscribers (sic) C79/147, no. [35]
1718 13 Apr 4 Sir Francis Child, Knight and Alderman of the City of London, on behalf of himself and the legatees of Charles, Earl of Dorset and Middx who should contribute to the charge of this suit v James, Duke of Ormond; Charles, Lord Halifax; Lyonell Cranfield, Earl of Dorset and Middx Will of Charles, late Earl of Dorset & Middx, and mortgage of estate in the Strand, Middx to the complt. C78/1386, no. 3 [36]
1718 30 April 4 John Well of Minchinhampton, Gloucs clothier v. Giles Pinfold & Susannah his wife C79/110, no. [37]
1718 30 April 4 John Willmot v. Edward Molins C78/1901, no. 12 [38]
1718 30 April 4 Robert Lowther, esq, executor of Dame Catherine Lowther, widow and relict of Sir William Lowther v. Sir William Lowther, baronet C78/1771, no. 8 [39]
1718 2 May 4 Edward King v William Binley senr and Bartholemew Muson John King brother to Thomas King the complts late father. Legacy of copyhold estate in Rowington [?Swannington], Leics. C78/1332, no. 3 [40]
1718 2 May 4 Gilbert Spearman v. Henry Place; Elizabeth Colling; Michaell Bird; Edward Goddard; John Welford; Mary Crawford; Jane Eden; George Nicholson; Jonathan Hall; George Clayton; Thomas Meaburne; John Moore; Robert and John Fotherby; Elizabeth Field, widow; Thomazin Wilson; William Stobbs; and Alexander Watt C78/1477, no. 5 [41]
1718 5 May 4 George Spendley, & Susan his wife, daughter and next heir of Timothy Pimberton and grand daughter and next heir of Timothy Pimberton v. Robert Maswon, & Elizabeth his wife; and several others (sic) C78/1613, no. 8 [42]
1718 7 May 4 John Sintelear, Doctor of Physick v William Sherbourne Lease by the deft of part of a messuage called the Duke of Leeds House in High Holborn, Middx. Proceedings in the Court of Kings Bench. C78/1386, no. 4 [43]
1718 7 May 4 Zachary Moore of Lofthouse, Yorks, esq v. Joseph Beaver of Millordam [Newmillerdam in Wakefield], Yorks, dry salter; Thomas Butterfield; and others (sic) Contract to purchase Alum from the complts mine at Lofthouse [Loftus], Yorks C78/1730, no. 7 [44]
1718 7 May 4 John Hawkins, citizen and gunmaker of London, & Mary his wife v. John Caswell; and Broughton Wright of London, merchants; and John Barton C78/1684, no. 4 [45]
1718 9 May 4 Richard Hall of Denbury, Devon v. John Beard; Robert Waymouth; and Thomas Beard C78/1478, no. 4 [46]
1718 9 May 4 Francis Stanhope v. Frances Stanhope, widow; and Michael Stanhope, clerk C78/1496, no. 1 [47]
1718 10 May 4 Mary Ash the widow of Jeremiah Ashe decd v Simeon Ash clerk; Palitia Gront widow; Thomas Boddicoate; John Meale and also against Edward Clive Complts claim to one third of the estate of Jeremiah Ashe, quoting the customs of the City of London regarding the estate of deceased citizen and freeman. C78/1378, no. 4 [48]
1718 10 May 4 Philadelphia Cotton; Stephen Cotton; John Salusbury Cotton; Sophia Cotton; Hester Maria Cotton; Sidney Arabella Cotton; and Vere Cotton younger children of Sir Thomas Cotton baronet by Thomas King esq; and Dame Philadelphia Cotton otherwise King his wife v. Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton baronet; John Offley otherwise Crews esq; and Stephen Thompson merchant C78/2072, no. [49]
1718 12 May 4 Thomas Cory v William Nicholls Sale of lease to a farm in Landaffe [Llandaff], Glamorgan called the Farme Vaier C78/1378, no. 5 [50]
1718 13 May 4 William Andrew citizen and haberdasher of London v. Alexander Pitfield esq C79/121, no. [51]
1718 15 May 4 William Luddington son and heir of Daniel Luddington gentleman by Mary his wife; and Mary wife of the said William Luddington; Daniel Luddington gentleman; Henry Gladman & Martha his wife; John Saunders & Mary his wife; Thomas Henstredge & Frances his wife; and Jane Luddington spinster v. Mary Luddington; Joseph Mellish esq; and Robert Vincent C78/2055, no. 1 [52]
1718 15 May 4 William King v Thomas Saunders; Francis Jeffreys; and others (sic) C78/1695, no. 2 [53]
1718 16 May 4 John Banks of Kingston Hall, Dorset, esq; and John Shepheard of Ireland, gent v. Thomas Morley of ___, Debrs, gent; and Daniel Jepson of Barradle, Cumberland C78/1580, no. 9 [54]
1718 16 May 8 Mary, viscountess dowager Montagu now wife of Sir George Maxwell of Archarton and Kisconbery in North Britaine, baronet, by William Herbert, esq commonly called Lord Montgomery alias Lord Powis v. Anthony, lord viscount Montagu; and said George Maxwell, baronet C78/1547, no. 8 [55]
1718 19 May 4 Henry Mandey executor and devisee of Abraham Hill the younger who was son and residuary legatee of Sarah Hill the widow and executrix of Abrham Hill the elder father of said Abraham Hill the younger v. Elizabeth Thrush widow; Richard Lamas; Daniel Lamas; Randall Lamas; William Thrush; Sarah Lamas; Elizabeth Lamas; Anthony Darvell; Mary Darvell; William Nicholls; William Eagle & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Hill; and Henry Rogers C78/1934, no. 7 [56]
1718 23 May 4 Robert Jones and Felitia his wife, one of the daughters of William Nabbs decd and Thomasin his first wife also decd, who was one of the daughters of William Cotton decd; Edward Green, and Anne Green & Margaret Green, spinsters, children of William Green & Thomasin his wife who was another of the daughters of William Nabbs & Thomasin his wife v. Mary Nabbs, widow, one of the executors of William Nabbs her late husband decd, and also administratrix of her son Thomas Nabbs decd who was the other executor of the said William Nabbs, his father; Robert Bosvile and Anne Bosvile his daughter an infant, neice and heir of the said Thomas Nabbs & sole daughter and heir of Elizabeth Bosvile the surviving sister of the whole blood of the said Thomas Nabbs; and Richard Mountfort administrator of his brother Thomas Mountfort decd Marriage settlement of William Nabbs and Thomasin, daughter of William Cotton. Lands in Leek & elsewhere in Staffs. C78/1431, no. 3 [57]
1718 26 May 4 Edward Mellish of Badbury, Wilts, eldest son and heir of Edward Mellish late of Badbury decd; Bridgett Mellish his widow; and Elizabeth Mellish widow of Charles Mellish late of Ragnall, Notts decd who was the eldest brother and heir of Robert Mellish heretofore of Badbury decd; and Joshua Galliard of Thavie's Inn, London v James Stone; Dorothy, Lady Capell; Frances Scudamore an infant; and Elizabeth Mellish spinster an infant Will of Dorothy Mellish decd, widow of William Mellish heretofore of Hatton Garden, St Andrew Holborn, Middx. One third share of the manor of Badbury, Wilts. C78/1382, no. 1 [58]
1718 28 May 4 John Duboys and Richard Duboys infants by Richard Scott v. Sir George Bridges Skipwith and others (not named) Will of Thomas Duboys late of the Island of Barbados, the complts late uncle. C78/1420, no. 10 [59]
1718 29 May 4 John Harkness; Joseph Ingram; Pledwell Goddard; Thomas Goad; Richard Russell; Anthony Dean; William Makeness; Matthew Rycroft; Francis Burdett; Robert Atkins; and Edward Dodd; severally creditors of William Baylie late of Hommingham [Honingham], Norfolk decd v. Priscilla Baylie, spinster; Samuel Sowton; James Ladd; Peter Finch; Benjamin Wodnoth senior and Benjamin Wodnoth junior Debts of William Baylie decd. Lease of Prebend Rectory & Parsonage of Lanibister [Llanbister], Radnor. C78/1460, no. 3 [60]
1718 (bill) Trinity term Sir Edward Dering baronet and Cholmley Dering both infants by Jane Thyen widow v. George Scott esq & Cecilia his wife and William Dering esq C79/115, no. [61]
1718 13 June 4 John Nicholas and William Cope for and on behalf of themselves and the rest of the simple contract creditors of Matthew Howard late of Hackney, Middx decd v. Matthew Howard; Elizabeth Howard senior; and Bucknall Howard, Samuel Howard, Elizabeth Howard junior and Sarah Howard, infants, children of Elizabeth Howard senior; Hannah Howard; and Alexander Merriell Will and debts of Matthew Howard C78/1411, no. 2 [62]
1718 16 June 4 Robert King v Sir Bibye Lake, Elizabeth Taylor widow & Sir Edward Northey his Majesty's Attorney General Complts acting as surety for Robert Peter, Receiver General for taxes for the County of Herts. C78/1366, no. 2 [63]
1718 17 June 4 John Beale an infant by Anne Beale, widow, his mother; [blank] Beale; and John Binckes als Pencie v. Anne Deane; and William Weale Right of way over a headland to the complts lands in Hitching Field, Temple Guyting [Temple Guiting], Gloucs. This decree is incomplete, and date supplied by the finding aid. C78/1443, no. 10 [64]
1718 17 June 4 The Honorable Hester Egerton, widow and The Honorable Charles Egerton, esq v. Risley Brown; and others (sic) C78/1759, no. 1 [65]
1718 17 June 4 The French Ministers of the French Congregation of Protestants Strangers in & about the City of London & Suburbs thereof of the foundation of King James the second; and Isaac Maynard; James Saint Amour; Daniel Oliver; Anthony Soleyroll; Peter Jonmard; Michael Hue; Isaac Bleiberge; John Jortin; and Rena Dumontrer being the Consistory or vestry of the said Congregation as well on behalf of themselves as the said Congregation v. John Forent; Timothy Baignoux; and Susanna Mettayer C78/1495, no. 4 [66]
1718 19 June 4 Robert Dennett v. Lucy Lemon, widow and executrix of Richard Alie; Elizabeth Alie; Richard Alie; Lucy Alie; and Sir William Leman, baronet C78/1613, no. 6 [67]
1718 20 June 4 Joshua Lomax, esq v. Richard Rider the elder; and Richard Rider the younger C78/1560, no. 4 [68]
1718 28 June 4 Sir John Egerton of Farthinghoe, Northt, baronet, & Dame Anne his wife, the only daughter and child of Francis Wolferstan of Statfold [in Thorpe Constantine par.], Staffs, esq, by Hester his first wife also deceased; and Cahterine Egerton, spinster, the only child of said Sir John Egerton, & Dame Anne his wife, an infant, by John Egerton her father; Ralph Sneyd, esq; and William Sneyd, gent v. Stanford Wolferstan, esq, & Sarah his wife; Fisher Littleton, esq; Dame Joyce Littleton, widow; Nicholas Parker, sr; Nicholas Parker, jr; and John Hoo, esq, serjeant at law; and John Hoo, jr, esq C78/1585, no. 1 [69]
1718 28 June 4 Richard Glanvile of Southwell, Notts, gent, eldest son of Richard Glanvile of Elmsett,m Suff, esq and grandson of Richard Glanvile, esq and great grandson of Richard Glanvile of Elmsett, bachelor in divinity v. Richard Glanvile his father; Sarah Street alias Glanvile; Richard Gideon Glanvile; Mary Rogers since deceased C78/1532, no. 10 [70]
1718 30 June 4 Jane Meyrick of Carnarvon, widow v. William Robinson; Francis Edwards; Henry Rowlands; William Bold; Richard Bulkley als Richard, Lord Bulkley; Robert Wynn; Ellen Glyn; Margaret Uch David; Hugh Jones; Rice David; Ellen John Morgan; Anne Thomas; William Hughes; Mary Phillips; Evan Probert; Prees Griffith; David John; Francis Wynn; Mary Wynn; Rowland Jones; Thomas Jones Taylor; Richard Owen of Tredavid; [blank] Wynn of Dolbenmaen;[blank] Hughes; [blank] Griffith; Catherine Ellis; Henry Jones; William Luke; Henry Luke; Owen Williams; Edward Jones; Joseph Clarkson; William Provend; Robert Bulkley; William Meyrick; [blank] Galway; Roger Morgan; Hugh Rowland; Richard Sanway; Richard Williams; [blank] Wynn of Cromleth; Doctor Robert Wynn; Methanvey Williams; Margaret Lewis; Thomas Jones; Thomas Loyd of Llamdan; Ambrose Lewis; Jonet Edwards, spinster; Margaret Jones; Thomas Holland; and Henry Powell C78/1499, no. 2 [71]
1718 3 July 4 Sir Edward Northey knight Attorney General of her late Majesty at the relation of William, lord bishop of St Asaph; John, lord bishop of Bangor; David Gwynn doctor of divinity; John Brickdale doctor of divinity; Benjamin Howell doctor of divinity; John Davis doctor of divinity; Edward Hughes; Thomas Pordore; Humphry Lloyd; Samuel Prestland; Hugh Jones; Robert Brynky; William Lloyd; Peter Morris; ; Thomas Parry; and Richard Pritchard on behalf of themselves and of the poor of the parish of Carmarthen, Carm; and Evan Griffith v. John Wynne doctor of divinity; Elizabeth Richardes; Griffith Howell; James Morgan; Owen Lloyd; and John Lewis & Jennet his wife C79/38, no. [72]
1718 3 July 4 William Elliott esq and Granville Elliott and Catherine Elliot infants by said William Elliott their grandfather v. Thomas Burroughs esq & Charlotte his wife C78/1936, no. 10 [73]
1718 4 July 4 Henry Farmer; Ezekiell Welson; Peter Tayler and Edward Watkins late churchwardens of New Radnor in the County of Radnor v Thomas Tonman; Thomas Jones; William Prosser; Joseph Pugh; Fletcher Powell; David Williams; Edward Stones; Thomas Hoddall; Tomothy Morris; and Samuel Tonman parishioners of the parish of New Radnor Mortgage by Phillip and William Sevens to the churchwardens of New Radnor of a parcell of land called the Long Meadow als Clithorne in New Radnor. C78/1382, no. 2 [74]
1718 4 July 4 Thomas Vernon esq v. Thomas Ball and Jacob Cliffe C79/110, no. [75]
1718 4 July 4 Andrew Baden; William Viner; and Thomas Kingstone on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Phillip, late earl of Pembroke v. Thomas, lord viscount Windsor and the lady Charlotte his wife daugher and heir of the said Phillip, late earl of Pembroke and relict of John, lord Jeffreys; William Herbert, esq commonly called Lord Montgomery; and Sir John Trevor, knight, late Master of the Rolls C78/1936, no. 8 [76]
1718 4 July 4 Franck Cryer; and Mary Ann Cryer, infants by Rebecca Cryer, widow, their mother v. Mary Brittanie, widow; and Mary Lawrence C78/1793, no. 25 [77]
1718 4 July 4 Elizabeth Terry, widow and relict of Francis Mercurius Terry and daughter and administratrix of Robert Gainsford decd v. Richard Fisher C78/1482, no. 7 [78]
1718 5 July 4 George Worsfold of Ewhurst, Surrey v John Snelling Sale of messuages called Coverworth & Little Holt in Ewhurst, Surrey. C78/1368, no. 6 [79]
1718 9 July 4 Sir Matthew Jenison knight; John Jenison clerk executor of Richard Bradford who was grandson of Richard Bradford gentleman and eldest son of Richard Bradford who was grandson of Richard Bradford gentleman and eldest son of Richard Bradford which said Richard the grandson was the sole executor of Catherine his sister and the said Sir Mathew is administrator to Elizabeth wife of the said Richard the son and administrator de bonis non of said Richard the son; John Bradford; Mathew Bradford; and Elizabeth Bradford children of the said Richard and Elizabeth infants by the said Sir Mathew Jenison v. John Pocklington; William Buller & Bridget his wife; Elizabeth Buller; Willoughby Buller; Mary Buller; Anna Maria Buller; Samuel Buller; and Bridget Buller infants and children of the same William and Bridget Buller C79/94, no. [80]
1718 9 July 4 John Pocklington executor of Ames Bradford gentleman who was surviving executor of Richard Bradford gentleman; and Bridget Buller wife of William Busser gentleman (daughter of said Richard Bradford); Elizabeth Buller; Willoughby Buller; Mary Buller; Anna Maria Buller; Samuel Buller; and Bridget Buller sons and daughters of said William and Bridget Buller infants by said John Pocklington v. Sir Matthew Jenison knight C78/1901, no. 13 [81]
1718 9 July 4 John Duboys and Richard Duboys v. Sir George Skipwith Refs previous decree of 28 May 4 Geo. Mortgage of defts estate at Twickenham. C78/1420, no. 11 [82]
1718 9 July 4 Mary Campbell, widow and relict of David Campbell of Westminster, esq v. George Middleton; Peter Campbell, esq; Richardson Pack, esq; John Grace; and John Campbell, an infant C78/1691, no. 1 [83]
1718 15 July 4 Charles Wheatley; Roger Wheatley; Joseph Wheatley; Benjamin Wheatley; Sarah Wheatley; and Elizabeth Wheatley, sons and daughters of Henry Wheatley of Peckham in Camberwell, Surrey, esq v. Deborah Wheatley, widow of said Henry Wheatley; and John Wheatley; William Wheatley; and Thomas Wheatley, sons of said Henry Wheatley C78/1669, no. 2 [84]
1718 16 July 4 Thomas Brereton, gent v. Elizabeth Sophia Parsons, widow; and John Board C78/1785, no. 10 [85]
1718 16 July 4 Samuel Clapp of St Sidwells, Exeter v. Isaac Clarke & Gertrude his wife C78/1490, no. 7 [86]
1718 17 July 4 Henry Halstead, clerke v. Sir Robert Smith; and James Smith Complt's right of way as rector of the parish church of St Bennett Gracechurch in London to use a passage from Fanchurch Street North to the Church Yard and Parsonage house of Grace Church, and his rights to charge others to use it. C78/1456, no. 1 [87]
1718 18 July 4 Richard Ridley; Mathew Featherston; and Benjamin Joseph, merchants, for themselves and for their respective partners and for all other creditors by simple contract of William Musgrave of Newcastle upon tyne, merchant v. Grace Musgrave; Cuthbert Alder; John Johnson,dyer; Jonathan Chilton; Alexander Campbell; John Dawson; Thomas Salkeld; John Johnson, merchant; and William Varey C78/1507, no. 5 [88]
1718 19 July 4 Elizabeth Mompesson widow and relict of Henry Mompesson esq; Esekiel Longman; and Margaret Crump v. WIlliam Long & ELizabeth his wife; John Mayne; Robert Fitz Henry Mompesson; James Bisse; John Cheeke; Thomas Cheeke; Mary Mayne; and Eleanor Newman C78/2053, no. 1 [89]
1718 19 July 4 Martha Williamson, widow and relict of Robert Williamson late of Liverpool, Lancs decd v. Thomas Singleton and Elizabeth his wife; and James Cowley C78/1483, no. 1 [90]
1718 21 July 4 Henry, earl of Thomond and viscount Tadcaster v. Henry, earl of Suffolk and Guidon; Sir Richard Newman, baronet; Ralph Freeman, esq; Charles William Howard commonly called the Lord Walden; The Honorable James Thomas; and Arthur Howard, esq; and the Lady Sarah Henrietta Howard; Sir Mathew Dudley, esq; and Sarah Henrietta Dudley C78/1764, no. 11 [91]
1718 22 July 4 Thomas Smith v. William Bint, & Mary his wife C78/1729, no. 14 [92]
1718 22 July 4 George Dashwood & Henry Dashwood only surviving children of George Dashwood their late father decd, infants by Sir Sewster Peyton v. Algerma Dashwood, widow; Richard Dashwood; and Francis Hayes Will and trust settlement of estate of George Dashwood of Woodhall [in Sutton par.], Suffolk, one of the sons of George Dashwood also decd C78/1463, no. 2 [93]
1718 22 July 4 John Smith, esq v. Giles Cutting, gent; George Prettyman; mary Bence; and William Betts, gent C78/1500, no. 6 [94]
1718 25 July 4 Elizabeth Colley, widow and executrix of her late husband John Colley, deceased v. Sir James Etheredge, knight C78/1730, no. 5 [95]
1718 28 July 4 Hester Stanley, spinster, daughter and only child of Henry Stanley, citizen and clothworker of London v. Charles Smith; William Norcliffe; and Rebecca Agard C78/1560, no. 5 [96]
1718 29 July 4 Robert Lowther, esq v. Sir William Lowther, baronet C78/1771, no. 9 [97]
1718 29 July 4 John Chevall v. Mary Chapman; and Joseph Hall, & Mary his wife C78/1735, no. 3 [98]
1718 1 Aug 5 Thomas Willis of London, Merchant v Henry Heginbotham the elder and Henry Heginbotham the younger Debts of Henry Heginbotham the younger, a bankrupt, and money due to him from property in Salford, Lancs and Marple, Chesh. C78/1396, no. 4 [99]
1718 1 Aug 5 John Trevanion, esq; Robert Bullock; John Candye; John Beale; Nevill Barriball; Peter Wadge; Thomas Goodman; Phillip Browne; Robert Hodge; Richard Cornish; John Browne; William Dingley; Sylvester Sleep; Henry Keast; Charity Serle, widow; Robert Peter; Sampson Couch; Richard Wadge, gent v. William Plowden, esq, & Mary his wife; John Trevanion Plowden; Mary Plowden; and Barbara Ann Plowden, the children of said William Plowden and Mary his wife; and Penelope Plowden; and Frances Plowden the only daughters of said William Plowden and Mary his wife; and Penelope Plowden; and Frances Plowden the only daughters of said William Plowden by Mary his former wife; Joseph Amptileth; Francis Clare; Sir William Goring baronet; and Benedict Wakeman C78/1524, no. 2 [100]
1718 7 Aug 5 Mary Stock; Judith Stock; Anna Rose Stock; Priscilla Stock; Hannah Stock; Elizabeth Stock; Jemima Stock and Rose Stock, children of Thomas Stock and Rose his wife, infants by John Stock v. Thomas Stock and Rose his wife; Robert Barker; Robert Vincent; and Stephen Perry C78/1480, no. 2 [101]
1718 14 Oct 4 Andrew Crosse of St James, Clerkenwell, Middx; John Hassell of St Giles, Middx; and Blackborne Poulton of Cursitors Alley, gent v. Dorothy Crosse, widow and relict of Thomas Cross of Mitcham, Surrey, esq; James Willymott, esq; Ralph Willymott, gent; Sarah Plumb; Godfrey Gardiner, clerk, & Deborah his wife; Willymott Gardiner an infant; Joseph Fossey, & Rebecca his wife; John Crosse son of James Crosse; Dorothy Fossey; and Sheircliffe Willymott, infants; John Crosse, nephew and heir of said Thomas Crosse; and Harry Crosse an infant, brother of the last named John Crosse; John Crosse, son of John Cross of Hexam [?Hexton], Herts; and Thomas Robinson; WIlliam Naylor; Daniel Naylor; Elizabeth Holmes; Divell Pead, clerk; Samuel Clifford; James Newton; The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of London, Governors of the Hospital for the Poor commonly called St Bartholomews Hospital; and Sir Edward Northy, knight, then attorney general to Queen Anne C78/1724, no. 1 [102]
1718 16 Oct 5 Robert Paige formerly of Rotterdam but then of London, merchant v. Charles Reeve clerke C78/1908, no. 12 [103]
1718 20 Oct 5 Bernard Crowstone v John Jefferyes Estate of Susanna Clayton widow decd, complt being principle legatee, and deft the trustee. C78/1310, no. 3 [104]
1718 23 Oct 5 Edward Coleburne; Mary Dale; and Bartholomew Balderstone v. John Bringloe, jr C78/1616, no. 4 [105]
1718 27 Oct 5 John Lynel v. Robert Harding; Anne Hawley, widow; John Hawley C78/1497, no. 7 [106]
1718 28 Oct 5 Richard Shales and John Shales sons of Charles Shales of the City of London, goldsmith, & Anne his wife infants by Daniel, earl of Nottingham; Anne Barrington of Tofts [in Little Baddow par.], Essex, widow, relict, and executrix of Thomas Barrington of Tofts, esq; and Elizabeth Meade of Hatfield Broad Oak alias Hatfield Regis [Hatfield Broad Oak], Essex, spinster for themselves and for other legatees and creditors of Sir Charles Barrington late of Barrington Hall in Essex baronet v. Sir John Barrington baronet; John Barrington; Charles Barrington; Elliston Barrington; Thomas Barrington; the said Charles Shales & Anne his wife; William Lowndes esq; and Mary Barrington C78/1903, no. 1 [107]
1718 28 Oct 5 Edward Little of Kilnsey, Yorks, gent v. John Morehouse; and Anne Tadman C78/1500, no. 8 [108]
1718 29 Oct 4 Thomas Smith of Norrington [Alvediston par.], Wilts, gent v. William Bint of Chipping Lamborn [Lambourn], Berks, yeoman, & Mary his wife C78/1729, no. 13 [109]
1718 4 Nov 5 William Miller and Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Nixon and Martha his wife, Edward Barsham and Rebecca his wife, Mary Bourne and Rebecca Loveday Complt Elizabeth's inheritance of a moiety of 2 houses in Leadenhall Street, London from her late father Samuel Loveday decd C78/1319, no. 6 [110]
1718 6 Nov 5 Walter, lord Blantyre, deceased, then the Honorable Walter Stewart, esq; and the Right Honorable Robert, now lord Blantyre then the Honorable Robert Stewart, esq; and the Honorable John Stewart; James Stewart since deceased; and Hugh Stuart his brothers, all then infants v. Lawrence, earl of Rochester, since deceased; Alexander then lord Blantyre father of the said complainants since deceased; Sir William Whitlock, knight, since deceased; and Sir James Gray, baronet, then James Gray esq, executors of and trustees of Frances Teresa Stewart, late duchess dowager of Richmond and Lenox C78/1678, no. 1 [111]
1718 7 Nov 5 Robert Graham of South Warnborough, Hants v. Henry, Earl of Rochester Outstanding account between the complt and Lawrence, Earl of Rochester decd, the defts late father C78/1452, no. 3 [112]
1718 9 Nov 5 Daniel Plowman esq administrator with the will annexed of Daniel Plowman mariner v. Bigley Wilson C78/1932, no. 8 [113]
1718 10 Nov 5 John Whitmore of Ludston, Salop, esq v. Thomas Palmer; and Mathew Baldwin C78/1500, no. 7 [114]
1718 14 Nov 5 Thomas Bransby of Harleston, Suffolk v. John Kerrich; Anne Kerrich; Giles Bladwell and Elizabeth his wife; and George Chesledine C78/1499, no. 5 [115]
1718 17 Nov 5 John Robinson & Elizabeth his wife v. Jervis Owbridge and Elianor Owbridge C79/94, no. [116]
1718 17 Nov 5 William Markes of London, glover, son and heir of Nathaniel markes of London, glover v. Daniel Markes, clerk, & Mary his wife; and Richard Markes; and Anne Markes, infants, their children; and John Shalcross; Emanuel Smith; Ralph Arderne; William Jordan; and Mary Johnson, an infant; and Rebeccah Clifford; and others (sic) C78/1684, no. 2 [117]
1718 18 Nov 5 The Master and Governor and the Brethren and Sisters of the Hospital or Almshouse of Elizabeth, Queen of England of St Lawrence de Ponteboy in the parish of Bodmin, Corn v. Henry Dagge of Bodmin C78/1793, no. 12 [118]
1718 19 Nov 5 Sir Oliver Ayshcombe baronet v. Robert Greenway; Lawrence Ambrose; Randolph Greenway & Ann his wife; John Selwood & Martha his wife; Dame Elizabeth Chapman; Godfrey Gumbard; Simon Folke; Edward Hamond; James Metcalfe; Richard Coxhead & Elizabeth his wife; James Coxhead; Richard Pleydell Webb; and William Stephens C79/122, no. [119]
1718 20 Nov 5 Sir Thomas Wiseman of East Grinstead, Sussex, baronet; and Ann Tatam, widow v. Edward Staples; and Thomas Cranfield C78/1556, no. 3 [120]
1718 9 Dec 5 Mary Clarke, the widow and relict of William Clarke of Pourborne, Herts, esq v. Samuel Strode, Joseph Brookbank; John Clarke; Stanley West; William Clarke; Paris Clarke; James Clarke; Elisabeth Clarke; Sloughter Clarke; George Clarke; Henry Clarke; Anna Maria Clarke; and Frances Clarke C78/1788, no. 8 [121]
1718 21 Nov 5 Thomas Elliott v. James Clarke; John Faithorne; Thomas Cole; and Thomas Payer als Payour Parish church of Holy Rhood, Southampton. Contract to melt down the 5 church bells and recast as 6 new bells. C78/1429, no. 13 [122]
1718 21 Nov 5 Benjamin Wilson of the City of London, linen draper v. Mary Feilding, widow & executrix of Edward Feilding decd; Charles Feilding; George Carter; and others (not named) Debts owed to the complt by the decd Edward Feilding for clothes. C78/1450, no. 10 [123]
1718 22 Nov 5 Richard Bradley of Whittington, Staffs v The Honourable Harry Gray, Thomas New and Henry Carter Rights of common on lands formerly of the Forest of Kinfare [Kinver]. Parcel of inclosed land called Iverley Hay, with bounds described, in the manor of Whittington, Staffs. C78/1320, no. 1 [124]
1718 22 Nov 5 James Worsley esq v. William Merrick esq; Daniel Dodson; Thomas Garth esq; and Rowland Tryon merchant C78/2054, no. 5 [125]
1718 27 Nov 5 Edward Northey, knight, late Attorney General, at the relation of Arthur Bennett; and Francis Ashby, esq, churchwardens; and of Richard Watson; and Lyonell Emp, overseers of the poor of Harefield, Middx v. Walter Rawlins, & Mary his wife; Sir Richard Newdigate, baronet; Thomas Gregg; and Thomas Watson C78/1584, no. 7 [126]
1718 27 Nov 5 Sir Edward Northy, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of The Mayor, Burgesses, and Commonalty of the Burough of Thetford, Norf and Suff for themselves and the inhabitants of the town of Thetford v. Joseph Hornesby C78/1509, no. 1 [127]
1718 1 Dec 5 Mary Thomas an infant by Elizabeth Lewis v Francis Jones and Catherine his wife; Thomas Morgan and Thomas Thomas Estate of Lewis Thomas decd the plts late father, former husband of the deft Catherine. C78/1388, no. 4 [128]
1718 1 Dec 4 Daniel Wall nephew and heir of John Wall v. Arthur Toogood & Hannah his wife; William Keep & Mary his wife; and Samuel Playle infant by said William Keep his guardian C78/1897, no. 8 [129]
1718 4 Dec 5 Jane Drake, widow, principal creditor of William Berners on behalf of herself and the rest of the creditors v. Samuel Robinson and Henry Raworth surviving trustees and executors of William Berners decd; Margaret Lockey, widow, executrix of John Lockey decd the other executor and trustee; Robert Berners; William Berners; and Henry Berners infant sons of the said William Berners by the said Elizabeth their mother; William Grubb executor of Mary Berners, widow, mother of the said testator William Berners; Hill Denny, clerk, and Abigaile his wife; Richard Pugsby; John Mascall; Lawrence Thompson; John Hawkins; and also William Clarke and Agnes his wife; Richard Trapps and Elizabeth his wife; Gilbert Browne and Mary his wife; and Lydia Jarvis executors of George Jarvis creditors of the said testator. C78/1469, no. 4 [130]
1718 6 Dec 5 Jacob Gomes Serra merchant v. William Toot C78/1901, no. 15 [131]
1718 9 Dec 5 Nathaniel Tredcroft of Horsham, Sussex v Henry Lintott, Elizabeth Tredcroft, Edward Tredcroft, Mary Tredcroft and Nathaniel Tredcroft and Thomas Hall Marriage agreement between the complt & Elizabeth Scras only daughter of William Scras of Steyning, Sussex (the deft Elizabeth Tredcroft). Manor of Cobden [in Sullington, par.], Sussex. C78/1368, no. 7 [132]
1718 9 Dec 5 The Honorable John Grobham How esq; Edmond Bray esq son and heir of Reginald Bray esq by Jane his wife and sole executrix also deceased; Mary Bray; Frances Bray; and Jane Bray daughters of said Edmond Bray jr by their said father; Frances Harrison the younger daughter of Frances Harrison the elder then wife of Edward Harrison esq then or then late governor of Fort St George in the East Indies, the said Frances being also a minor by the said Edmond Bray hee uncle; and the said Frances Harrison the elder on other of the daughters of said Reginald Bray by said Jane his wife; Reginald Kemeys; and Charles Kemeys sons of Anne Kemeys widow another of the daughters of said Reginald Bray by said Jane his wife also minors by the said Anne their mother; Richard Harrison one of the sons of said Frances Harrison the elder also a minor by said Emond Bray his uncle; Tracy Caltchmay second son of Barbary Catchmay widow, the said Barbara being another of the daughters of said Reginald Bray by said Jane; the said Tracy being also a minor by said Barbara his mother; Anne Petty; Mary Petty the younger; and Mary Petty daughters of Mary Petty the elder by said Edmond Bray their uncle; the said Mary Petty the elder being another of the daughters of said Reginald Bray by his said wife Jane and also executrix of said Jane Bray deceased C78/1899, no. 11 [133]
1718 9 Dec 5 John Vannam sr doctor in divinity; John Vannam his son and heir; Jane Bray relict and executrix of Reginald Bray esq; Jane Whorwood widow; Edmund Whorwood; William Whorwood two of the sons of the said Jane Whorwood (the said Edmund and William Whorwood being minors by the said Jane Whorwood their mother); Anne Kemeys widow; Thomas Sawbridge clerk administrator of Jane his wife who while living was eldest daughter of said Anne Kemey; Mary Petty the elder; Mary Petty the younger; Anne Petty; and Margaret Petty daughters of said Mary Petty the elder (the said daughters being also minors by said Mary Petty sr their mother); Edmund Bray jr youngest son of Edmund Bray sr esq who was son and heir of said Reginald Bray (said Edmund Bray jr being also a minor by said Jane Bray his grandmother); Tracy Catchmay second son of Barbara Catchmay widow (the said Tracy being also a minor by the said Barbara his mother); Reginald Harrison and Richard Harrison the two sons of Frances Harrison jr only daughter of Frances Harrison sr the wife of Edward Harrison esq now Governor of Fort St George in or near the East Indies, the said Reginald and Frances Harrison jr being also minors by said Jane Bray their grandmother; Ralph Butler & Mary his wife; Mary Harris spinster; and Jane Medes, which said Mary wife of Ralph Butler; Mary Harrison, and Jane Medes were all late servants to the said Jane Whorwood v. Edmund Bray sr esq and William Bray esq C78/1899, no. 4 [134]
1718 9 Dec 4 Richard Hicks; Walter Tredway; Richard talver; Mary Owen, widow; John Ashley; and ___ Mines on their own behalf and for other creditors of James Talver v. George Fawkner; John Stephens; and said James Talver C78/1771, no. 7 [135]
1718 9 Dec 5 Joseph Longden, gent v. Marmaduke Bealing, esq AND said Marmaduke Bealing v. Joseph Longden C78/1526, no. 5 [136]
1718 10 Dec 5 John Green; Thomas Proctor; Samuel Smith; William Mannors; Edward Kittle; and William Bambury v. Nevill Ridley; Richard Young; and Francis Canning C78/1496, no. 5 [137]
1718 11 Dec 5 Francis John Tyssen only son and heir of Francis Tyssen late of Shacklewell [in Darlston] in the parish of Hackney, Middx, esq and Mary Tyssen his only daughter both infants by Richard Beauvoir esq their uncle v. Rachell Tossen widow and relict of said Francis Tyssen; John Tyssen executor of said Francis Tyssen; William Tyssen; and Samuel Tyssen C78/1905, no. 10 [138]
1718 13 Dec 5 Sir Roger Bradshawe and Dame Rachael his wife v Peter Shackerley, Sir John Guise and Charles Egerton Estate of the late Countess of Oxford C78/1325, no. 3 [139]
1718 15 Dec 5 William Drake, Ann Drake and Margaret Drake infants by Thomas Drake their father v. Robert Fry; Amos Callard and Ann his wife; Arthur Story and Dorothy his wife; and William Drake Will of John Fry, grandfather of the complts. Property in Dorset. C78/1456, no. 2 [140]
1718 19 Dec 5 George Bridges esq & Anne his wife v. John Hanger esq; Christopher Lethieullier, esq & Mary his wife; John Hartopp esq & Sarah his wife; Peter Lepipre merchant; and the most noble Charles, duke of Shrewsbury; and the Right Honorable James, earl of Caernarvon C79/203, no. 1 [141]
1718 19 Dec 5 Sir Edward Northey, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Michael Waggett, clerk, rector of Marrick, Yorks; Reuben Orton; and Thomas Buckton, overseers of the poor; and Christopher Kay; and Ralph Hillary, churchwardens of said parish v. Thomas Langley, esq; William Burfield, esq; Henry Currer, esq; John Comms, gent; and Jaques Garth C78/1505, no. 1 [142]
1718 19 Dec 5 Rees Powell and Elizabeth his wife late the wife of Anthony Gwynn decd and administratrix of the said Anthony v. Thomas Lloyd and Mary his wife late the wife of William Williams decd; Elizabeth Phillips, widow; Edward Garnes; Elizabeth Gwynn an infant the daughter & heir of Anthony Gwynn decd; and Walter Williams Refs previous decree of 28 October 6 Ann C78/1495, no. 3 [143]
1718 21 Dec 5 Theophilus Newton of Barton Regis, Gloucs and Martha his wife, great grandaughter and heir of William Willett formerly of the City of Bristol decd v George Weld, John Lacon, Herbert Langley and Mary his wife Calcotts and Perry Tree Croft and coal mines in Broseley, Shrops. C78/1363, no. 2 [144]