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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1713 C78/, no. []
1713? John William Teshmaker and Sarah Testmaker two of the children of John William Teshmaker by Charles Hocker v. Esther Barbara Teshmaker widow and relict of said John William Teshmaker the father of John Cuttlehert Teshmaker his brother and Merry Testmaker his eldest son C79/203, no. 2 [2]
1713? John Goodrich of Ipswich surgeon administrator of Mary his late wife late Mary Reave v. John Barker; Thomas Paris & Sarah his wife one of the sisters and coheirs of the said Mary late wife of the complainant and Anne Melsop widow the other sister of complainant; and James Mingay gentleman C79/197, no. [3]
1713 (bill) Hilary Term 11 Humphry Whadcock gentleman; John Birch; Samuel Walker; and Nicholas Rothwell v. Henry Parry & Elizabeth his wife C79/5, no. [4]
1713 14 Jan 11 Alice Watkins widow v Robert Bennett and Mary his wife; John Prosser and Elizabeth his wife Mortgage of messuage in Kentchurch, Herefs to Roger Watkins, plts late husband, by Nicholas Wathen and his wife. C78/1385, no. 9 [5]
1713 14 Jan 11 Hamden Reeve v. William Gifford C78/1641, no. 4 [6]
1713 14 Jan 11 James Allen of Brunston, Staffs, yeoman, executor of Henry Atkins of Burton upon Trent, Staffs, yoeman v. Thomas Atkins, son and heir of said Henry Atkins; John FitzHerbert of ___ Herbert, Derbs,m clerk, executors of Thomas Alsop of Derby, Derbs, gent; Ann Allsop, widow and relict of said Thomas Alsop; and Thomas Allsop, his son and heir; John Newbold, & Ann his wife, one of the daughters of said Henry Atkins; Katherine Harris, one other of the daughters of said Henry Atkins and late wife of Robert Harris; and Robert Harris; and Henry Harris, sons of of said Robert and Katherine Harris; Henry Jones; Thomas Jones; mary Jones; and Anne Jones, legatees of said Henry Atkins; Thomas Allen; and Richard Alsopp, two other of the legatees of said Henry Atkins C78/1580, no. 3 [7]
1713 15 Jan 11 Francis Baskervill v Thomas Bevan; Henry Thomas and Edward Phillips Refs decree of Trinity Term 1712. C78/1376, no. 1 [8]
1713 16 Jan 11 Sir Phillipps Coote, and the lady Elizabeth, his wife, who was one of the daughters and coheirs of William then late earl of Meath v. William Moore; and Elizabeth, countess of Meath, relict of William then late earl of Meath; and the Lady Catherine Brabazon the other daughter of the said earl C78/1762, no. 13 [9]
1713 19 Jan 11 John dela Chambre; and Lancelot Lee of London, merchants, two of the creditors of Samuel Harrison of London, merchant, a bankrupt for themselves and for all other creditors of said Samuel Harrison v. John marten of London, surgeon; Joshua Stevens; and William Clarke of London, warehousemen C78/1658, no. 1 [10]
1713 23 Jan 11 Stephen Bainton v Thomas Austin and John Bainton Mortgage of messuages and maltings near the Crosse in St Neots, Hunts. C78/1332, no. 1 [11]
1713 23 Jan 11 Arthur Hay esq v. Thomas Rich esq & Sarah his wife C78/1900, no. 8 [12]
1713 23 Jan 11 Jael Boscawen, widow and administratrix de bonis non of Margaret Carr, widow, her late sister, with the will annexed, and also administratrix of Edward Boscawen her late son v. Robert Jenison, esq; Thomas Bendlowe, esq; Ralph Jenison, esq; Anne Brackley, widow; Sarah Atkinson; John Bendlowes; John Porret; John Mawer; John Cotton; Katherine Turner, widow; Penelope Lemon; Edward Trotter; Gamaliel Chester; and Richard Conyers C78/1711, no. 6 [13]
1713 24 Jan 11 Charles Holt v. John Jennens Messuage called Erdington Hall & other lands in Erdington als Yernton, Warks. Lease by Essex Devereux late of Leigh Court, Warks and Anne his wife. to John Jennens the elder. and sale of the reversion to Sir Thomas Holt the complts great grandfather C78/1427, no. 5 [14]
1713 24 Jan 11 John Harrison, gent; Thomas Newman, jr, & Mary his wife; and Anne Harrison, daughters of Alington Harrison, clerk v. Samuel Warner, esq; and the said Alington Harrison; and Nicholas Burrell, doctor in divinity C78/1529, no. 9 [15]
1713 26 Jan 11 James Younge v Thomas Saunders. Mortgage of tenements outside West Gate, Plymouth , Devon C78/1230, no. 4 [16]
1713 27 Jan 11 Edward Hancock and Anne Hancock infants by Charles Hancock their uncle v George Graves and Mildred his wife Estate of Edward Hancock late citizen of London decd. Plts were his children, and deft Mildred his late wife. C78/1379, no. 5 [17]
1713 28 Jan 11 Richard Morgan esq and Robert Wood doctor of laws on behalf of themselves and other creditors of George Clerke esq v. the said George Clarke; Edward Wharton a creditor by mortgage; the Honorable Peter Wenworth esq; and John Dodd; Thomas Welham; and fitz William Jope trustees for sale of the estate and payment of George Clerke's debts C79/169, no. [18]
1713 28 Jan 11 James Dixon v. John Franklin and John Merritt C78/1935, no. 2 [19]
1713 29 Jan 11 William Collingwood, gent, by Conly Wyndham, gent v. Richard Dalton, sr, esq & Anne his wife; Brathwayte Otway; and Richard Dalton, jr, son of said Richard Dalton, infant, by said Richard Dalton, sr, his father and guardian C78/1106, no. 6 [20]
1713 31 Jan 11 Mary Horwell spinster one of the daughters of Thomas Horwell by Susanna his former wife who was the only sister of William Harris decd v The said Thomas Horwell the father and Elizabeth his current wife, John Stone, Robert Stone and John Harris son and heir of John Harris his late father. Portion payable from trust settlement of tenements in St Stephens by Launceston and Ezclosberry [Eggbeare], Cornwall and Holsworthy, Devon C78/1230, no. 3 [21]
1713 4 Feb 11 John Hickes administrator of Elizabeth Hickes & Christiana Hickes decd v Humphrey Gilbert and Daniell Mitchell Legacy in the will of Ayar Gilbert decd to John Gilbert also now decd C78/1307, no. 3 [22]
1713 7 Feb 11 Peter Barnes and Margaret his wife, Joshua Barnes, Peter Barnes and John Barnes sons of the said Peter Barnes infants, Joshua Barnes brother of the said Peter Barnes and Gregory Barnes an infant by John Hill v John Bigg the elder and John Bigg the younger executors of Sarah Gregory widow decd Refs decree of 14 July 9 Anne. Estate of Sarah Gregory decd. Messuage in Great Queen Street, St Giles in the Fields, Middx; Bouflers Head Tavern, Threadneedle Street, London; Manors of North and South Gosforth, Northumb. C78/1350, no. 7 [23]
1713 10 Feb 11 Phillipp Causton (by the name of Phillipp Causton of Great Clacton in Essex) v. Elizabeth Warren, widow and administrarix of Thomas Warren, mariner decd; and Jeremiah Warren, an infant, the eldest son & heir of Jeremiah Warren C78/1482, no. 1 [24]
1713 12 Feb 11 Nicholas Apthorpe v. Simon Mason esq and Thomas Sclater esq C78/2045, no. 13 [25]
1713 13 Feb 11 Eleanor Fowler v. Christopher Fowler C78/1770, no. 7 [26]
1713 13 Feb 11 Elizabeth Gounter, spinster v. John Silcock & Richard Pursell C78/1487, no. 14 [27]
1713 14 Feb 11 John Davies administrator of Elizabeth his late wife v Sir Charles Peers; Edmund Took; Thomas Brailsford executor of Thomas Brailsford decd; George Brailsford; James Hughes and Anna Maria his wife; Smart Goodnough and Mary his wife Will of James Brailsford of London, merchant, brother of the said Thomas Brailsford decd. Refs also bill of Smart Goodnough v Peers and Tooke. C78/1379, no. 4 [28]
1713 16 Feb 11 James Hardin & Eliza his wife who was the only daughter and heiress of Nicholas Crouch was was son and heir of Thomas Crouch v. Sarah Crouch widow of Robert Crouch and Henry Crouch C79/169, no. [29]
1713 19 Feb 11 John Smith clerke v Grace Blow widow, Martin Brown, John Robinson and Henry Boulton Claim against the complt, who had acted as security for loan of £100 to John Blow since decd. C78/1364, no. 6 [30]
1713 19 Feb 11 James Ford, clerk, & Elizabeth his wife; John, Hannah, and William Mugleston, infants, by John Mugleston, sr their guardian; Elizabeth, William, and Soloman Merrett, children of Soloman Merrett, sr, who were then arrived to the age of 21; and also Anne, Frances, Mary, John, Lucretia, and Henry Merrett, infants by said Soloman Merrett, sr, their guardian; Leonard, Mary, Anne, Susan, and Alexander Fosbroke, also infants, by Leonard Fosbroke, sr, their guardian v. White Kennett, doctor in divinity; and John Buckby C78/1637, no. 4 [31]
1713 19 Feb 11 Joseph Avery, doctor in divinity v. Samuel Robinson; Robert Oldisworth; Henry Emmett; and Honor Beare C78/1105, no. 1 [32]
1713 19 Feb 11 Nathaniel Marlove of The Inner Temple, London, esq & Anne his wife, sole executrix of Alice Sotherne, widow, late relict and executrix of James Sotherne of St John, Hackney, Middx, esq v. Francis Bassett; George Mordaunt & Katherine his wife; Jane Marwood; Dame Jane Spencer; Henry Jackson; and ____ Fowler C78/1119, no. 5 [33]
1713 20 Feb 11 Jonathan Spann v. George Paddon and Barrow Harris C78/1905, no. 5 [34]
1713 20 Feb 11 Sir Samuel Daniell; Randle Wilbraham; Thomas Cotton; John Lee brother of Nathaniel Lee late of Darnhall, Cheshire decd; and also John Lee, Salisbury Lee & Frances Lee, children of the said Nathaniel Lee infants by John Lee their uncle v. Sidney Lee, widow C78/1499, no. 6 [35]
1713 21 Feb 11 William Riley and William Applebee assignees of the commissioners in a commission of bankrupt awarded against Elizabeth Dye widow; and Mary Hartwell widow relict and sole executrix of Richard Hartwell one of the creditors of the said Edlizabeth Dye v. John Stonell and Richard Wise C79/80, no. [36]
1713 25 Feb 11 Sir John Ingilby executor of Dame Margaret Ingilby his late mother decd; Ann Arden widow of John Arden decd; Marke Shaftoe and Margaret his wife; and Mary Ingilby spinster, executrix of Catherine Ingilby, spinster decd (which said Ann, Margaret & Mary together with the said Catherine Ingilby were the daughters of the said Dame Margaret Ingilby) v. John Savile; Robert Suell executor of Thomas Vyner who was executor of Sir Robert Vyner; Mary Sherrard and John Fryer executors of Dame Mary Bolton; Arrabella Greenhill executrix of Mary Greenhill who was executrix of John Greenhill; Sir John Trevor, Master of the Rolls Refs previous bill filed in 1701, and also bill filed by Dame Margaret Ingilby in 1687. Will of John Savile decd, father of the deft John Savile, and also of Dame Margaret Ingilby. C78/1444, no. 15 [37]
1713 26 Feb 11 Margaret East, widow v. Sir John Clarke, baronet C78/1711, no. 4 [38]
1713 26 Feb 11 Nathaniel Moreland, sole executor of Henry Moreland v. John Coppin; and others C78/1641, no. 6 [39]
1713 27 Feb 11 William Sharp & Sarah his wife one of the children of Thomas Chapman deceased v. Alivce Chapman the widow and relict of Thomas Chapman and executrix of said Thomas Chapman and also executrix of John Chapman a younger son and heir of said Thomas Chapman and Henry Chapman a younger son of said Thomas Chapman; John Pankhurst; and Walter Burt trustees appointed in the will of said Thomas Chapman C79/169, no. [40]
1713 28 Feb 11 John Grevill and Elizabeth his wife formerly widow of John Griffin decd and daughter of John Watton of London & Elizabeth his wife v. The said John Watton; and Joshua Morris Complt Elizabeth's jointure from her 1st marriage, and also her rights as only child & heir of John & Elizabeth Watton. Lands in Hadley & east Barnet, Middx, and also leases in St Pauls Shadwell. C78/1440, no. 13 [41]
1713 March (sic) 12 John Hawkins citizen and brewer of London and Thomas Hawkins citizen and fishmonger of London brother and trustee of the said John Hawkins v. John Twisleton; William Peer Williams; Robert Thorowgood; Ralph Thorowgood; John Stevenson & Honora his wife; Robert Elwes; Ralph Freeman; Francis Kelly (?) & Dame Elizabeth Brograve his wife; Edward Brograve; Thomas Brograve; Henry Twisleton; William Johnson; Thomas Brograve; Thomas Coxed; Gosford (?) Goodman; and John Bruer; C79/136, no. [42]
1713 2 March 11 Elizabeth Hickman, spinster; Sir Willoughby Hickman, baronet; and John Stapylton, esq, & Mary his wife v. Sir Hardolph Wasteneys, baronet; Catherine Wasteneys; Mary Wasteneys; Richard Kenett, & Penelope his wife; Elizabeth Crake, widow; George Chappell, gent, & Anne his wife; Charles Chappell; Henry Webb, & Mary his wife C78/1637, no. 3 [43]
1713 6 March 11 Richard Elmer, & Hannah Sophia his wife v. Doughty Wormill, gent; Augustine Christian Bornman, gent; and Thomas Heanes, gent C78/1544, no. 4 [44]
1713 9 March 12 James Smith, esq v. George Hosyer; and Robert Thompson C78/1614, no. 7 [45]
1713 11 Mar 12 John Stevenson and Honora his wife v Ralph Freeman, Robert Clives, Francis Sterry and Dame Elizabeth his wife, Phineas Rothwell, Thomas Coxed, John Hawkins, Thomas Hawkins, William Johnson, Henry Twisleton, Thomas Brograve an infant by William Gill, John Twisleton, William Peer Williams, Robert Thorowgood, Ralph Thorowgood, Everard Goodman and John Bruer and also John Hawkins and Thomas Hawkins v John Stevenson and Honora his wife, Ralph Freeman, Robert Elves, Thomas Brograve an infant by John Twisleton, William Peer Williams, Robert Thorowgood, Ralph Thorowgood, Francis Sterry and Dame Elizabeth his wife, Henry Twisleton, William Johnson, Phineas Rothwell, Thomas Coxed, Everard Goodman and John Bruere and wherein Francis Sterry and Dame Elizabeth his wife were complts against John Stevenson and his wife, Thomas Brograve an infant by Ralph Freeman, Robert Elves, Henry Twisleton, William Johnson, Phineas Rothwell, Thomas Coxed, Everead Goodman, John Bruere and Mathew Amyas the executors of Edward Brograve decd Estate of Sir John Brograve decd. Mortgage and marriage settlement concerning Westmillbury Farm. C78/1335, no. 6 [46]
1713 12 March 12 Robert Markham v. George Meadows C79/169, no. [47]
1713 12 March 12 Thomas Marriott of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq; Charles Clayton of London, gent; and Elizabeth Scarburgh of London, widow v. Elizabeth Whitfield, spinster; John Ward, esq; John Vandenbendie, esq; Mary Spelman, spinster; Margaret Twitty, widow; and William Spellman, gent C78/1659, no. 2 [48]
1713 12 March 12 Thomas Driver, gent, & Pleasance his wife; and Elizabeth Sayer, spinster, which Pleasance and Elizabeth being the only daughters and also they or one of them administratrix of Elizabeth Sayer, widow C78/1529, no. 8 [49]
1713 20 March 12 Anne Collingwood, spinster, an infant of about 16 years, by Conby Windham, gent v. William Collingwood; Richard Dalton, esq & Anne his wife; and Braithwaite Otway, esq C78/1105, no. 2 [50]
1713 14 April 12 Charles Barnard and Henry Barnard executors of Charles Barnard decd v Thomas Phipps Mortgage by Thomas Phipps citizen and mercer of London and Bridget his wife of the manor of Dilton als Dalton and messuages in Westbury, Wilts C78/1368, no. 2 [51]
1713 14 Apr 12 Charles Samborne Lebas of the parish of St Margaret Westminster v John Vaughan and Anne his wife; and Hugh Price Will of Thomas Samborne late of Westminster decd. Messuages etc called Rosfaith Gwerne Elloy Maes and Gwddell and Tythyn John ap Jenkin in the parish of Penall [Pennal], Merioneth C78/1375, no. 1 [52]
1713 15 April 9 Joseph Browne; and John Athorp, gent; Mary Browne, widow; and Richmond Browne, gent v. George Beardsall; and Thomas Chappell, esq C78/1569, no. 2 [53]
1713 18 April 12 Edward Jenkins and William Francklyn administrators of Thomas Francklyn v. James Vavasour C78/1931, no. 5 [54]
1713 24 April 12 James Gardiner; Richard Bradley; and William Eastwick for Rachell Jemmatt, wife of John Jemmatt; and the said Rachell Jemmatt by them the said James Gardiner; Richard Bradley; and William Eastwicke v. William Grover; the said John Jemmatt; and Thomas Meredith C78/1527, no. 4 [55]
1713 25 April 12 Stephen Scott of London gentleman nephew and heir of Edmund Scott late of Hayes [in Bromley], Kent esq and son and heir of Stephen Scott of Hayes esq v. Richard Chiswell & Mary his wife; John Farrington & Eliabeth his wife; Young Bull; John Twisleton esq; William Dyose gentleman; William Lyndall gentleman & Hannah his wife; Samuel Trench; and William Bovery C79/52, no. [56]
1713 27 Apr 12 John Whiston of Stepney als Stebonheath, Middx v. Robert Oatridge; and John Oatridge Will of John Head (dated 1659), and descent of farm called Great Hide in Highworth, Wilts. Parties are great grandchildren of the testator. C78/1450, no. 7 [57]
1713 2 May 12 Rebecca Hudson wife of Gawen Hudson gentleman v. Gawen Hudson; Francis Symkins; Elizabeth Speckman; George Robins; and Samuel Selfe C79/27, no. [58]
1713 2 May 12 Elizabeth Lee, widow and relict of Richard Lee of London, gent, administratrix of William Heath of Ingoldstone alias Ingatestone, Essex, bachelor, de bonis non by said Ricahrd lee her husband administrator when living of said William Heath v. Henry Curson and Richard Wright C78/1801, no. 13 [59]
1713 3 May 12 Sarah Shallett, widow executrix of Arthur Shallett her late husband decd v. William Ingledew Shares in the proceeds of a previous suit in Chancery by the owners of the ship Susannah against the East India Company for non payment of charges.. C78/1462, no. 3 [60]
1713 5 May 12 William Shanks v. Anne Blagrave; James Blagrave; Richard Milner; William Barnard; James Barnard; Jane Barnard; Frances Gough; Edward Jord (?); and Henry Harper C78/2039, no. 2 [61]
1713 7 May 12 Thomas Croaisdale v Thomas Johnson Marriage settlement on complts marriage to Mary daughter of Thomas Shipway citizen and vintner of London. C78/1350, no. 2 [62]
1713 7 May 12 William Church and Rebeccah his wife administratrix of Mary Wickens her daughter by Robert Wickens her former husband both decd v Thomas Kirtland and Thomas Wickins Money due on bonds. C78/1385, no. 13 [63]
1713 7 May 12 Mathew Baynes clerk and Dame Frances Willis his wife late the widow and administratrix of Sir Thomas Willis baronet and also administratrix of Sir Thomas Willis the younger baronet son of the said Sir Thomas Willis the elder by the said Dame Frances v. Sir Thomas Willis baronet; Anne Hare; Mary Snagg; and Joseph Pyke C78/2056, no. 3 [64]
1713 11 May 12 John Danvers citizen and draper of London v. Mathias Hickeringill & Elizabeth his wife C79/89, no. [65]
1713 12 May 12 Mary Feilding widow v. William Feilding esq C79/187, no. [66]
1713 12 May 12 Benjamin Morrett, merchant; and Richard Lawley, esq v. Maximilian Western; and Robert Western, esqs, executors of Thomas Western, esq, their late father; John Bennett, esdq; Dame Anne Lawley; and Nicholas Morrice C78/1569, no. 3 [67]
1713 15 May 12 George Noble v Samuel Brewster Mortgage of estate in Alton als Alton Priors, Wilts. C78/1333, no. 2 [68]
1713 15 May 12 Sir Lacon William Child knight late one of the masters of this court; Sir Robert Legard knight one of the masters of this court; Thomas Pitt esq one of the masters of this court; Thomas Gery esq one of the masters of this court; Samuel Kerk esq late one of the masters of this court; Sir Richard Holford knight late one of the masters of this court; as also Gervase Neville esq & Honora his wife (late Honora Richards); John Richards; Francis Richards; and Mary Richards, which said John and Francis Richards and Honora Neville and Mary Richards were th sons and daughers of John Richards doctor in Physick and all of them infants by Martha Richards their mother; as also Martha Richardes widow; and William Churchill esq (the only acting executor of the said Doctor Richards) v. Walter Cary esq C79/106, no. [69]
1713 16 May 12 Margaret Birch, spinster v. Nicholas Geast; and Zachary Downing C78/1182, no. 2 [70]
1713 19 May 12 Sir Thomas May of Raughmere [in Lavant par.], Sussex, knight v. James Vavasor ; Joane Peckham; Katherine Tawke widow; George Butterley; Edward Cobden the younger; Henry Peckham; John Peckham; William Peckham; Mary Peckham; Anne Peckham; and Joane Peckham the sons and daughters of John Peckham deceased C79/110, no. [71]
1713 19 May 12 John Ridley; Mathew Ridley; Cuthbert Ridley, an infant, by said John Ridley, his brother and guardian; Dorothy Ridley; and George Wilson, & Ann his wife v. William Charleton; Thomas Ridley of Park; and John Taylor; John Charleton; John Coulson, & Ann his wife; Thomas Ridley the son; Mary Ridley; and Margery Ridley C78/1774, no. 12 [72]
1713 20 May 12 Richard Warren esq eldest son of Doctor Warren v. Sir Francis Vincent baronet; Christopher Buckle esq grandson and heir and executor of Sir Christopher Buckle the surviving trustee; Vincent Warren; and Catherine Warren the younger children of the said Doctor Warren C79/164, no. [73]
1713 3 June 12 John Buckner & Jane his wife v. William Rutland and others (sic) C78/1927, no. 16 [74]
1713 3 June 12 John Polexfen of Wembury, Devon, esq; and Martin Ryder of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. John Machell, jr of Wingston Russell[Kingston Russell], Dorset, gent C78/1659, no. 1 [75]
1713 3 June 12 Thomas Newman, jr, & Mary his wife; and Anne Harrison, daughters of Alington Harrison, clerk v. Samuel Warner, esq; and said Alington Harrison, clerk AND said Samuel Warner v. Alington Harrison C78/1529, no. 10 [76]
1713 5 June 12 William Vince, doctor in phisick; and Charles Smith, merchant, for himself and the rest of the creditors of said complainant Doctor William Vince v. Henry Read, gent; Richard Sutton; Joseph Macham, merchant; and George Vince C78/1578, no. 4 [77]
1713 6 June 12 Nicholas Ware and William Finch executors of John Fletcher decd v. Letitia Rondes widow and John Rondes Mortgage to John Fletcher, by the deft Letitia, of a brick messuage called the Boareshead in St Buttolph without Aldersgate & St Sepulchres without Newgate, Middx. C78/1444, no. 16 [78]
1713 8 June 12 Thomas Dixon doctor in divinity and Elizabeth Kent widow v. Thomas Rose & Jane his wife; Robert Munday & Anne his wife; Richard Gaisford & Sarah his wife; and Margaret Kent spinster C78/1935, no. 7 [79]
1713 9 June 12 John Dunmoll and Susanna Todd widow the relict of Thomas Todd v. Henry Arpwood C78/2059, no. 4 [80]
1713 12 June 12 Phillip Atherton, gent & Susanna his wife, only child of Arthur Rooke, gent, by Joane Brooking his first wife v. said Arthur Rooke; Charles Taylor; Nicholas Rooke, clerk; George Rooke; and Catharine Rooke, infants, son and daughter of said Arthur Rooke by said Arthur their father and guardian and others (sic) C78/1158, no. 2 [81]
1713 13 June 12 Samuel Luxton of Tavistock, Devon, taylor v. Thomas Hore C78/1165, no. 3 [82]
1713 13 June 12 Anne Salmon daughter and only child of John Salmon her father who was the son of Henry Salmon her late grandfather an infant by John Browne of the parish of St Dunstans in the West, London, victualler v. Benjamin Smith; Jeremiah Powell; and James Townsend C79/27, no. [83]
1713 16 June 12 Walter, lord Aston baron of Forfar, Scotland and the Honorable Walter Aston esq son and heir apparent of the said Walter, lord Aston v. William Marshall and Thomas Marshall C78/2041, no. 15 [84]
1713 18 June 12 Alice Daniell, widow and relict of Thomas Daniell, esq v. Sir Samuel Daniell knight C78/1768, no. 3 [85]
1713 19 June 12 William Hearst, esq; and Anne Clare v. Robert Dormer, esq, JCP; and John, earl of Exeter; and others (sic) C78/1711, no. 5 [86]
1713 22 June 12 George, earl of Earl of Warrington v. The Honorable George Booth esq C79/169, no. [87]
1713 27 June 12 William Norton v. Mary Allen, widow; Smauel Webb, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Allen; and Audrey Allen C78/1762, no. 16 [88]
1713 29 June 12 Daniel Gotheridge & Elizabeth his wife; Josiah Marshall; Mathew Marshall; James Marshall; George Marshall; and Christopher Marshall an infant by Nicholas Marhsall gentleman his father v. John Hobbs C78/1897, no. 19 [89]
1713 1 July 12 Anne Melsop, widow and administratrix of Thomas Melsop her late husband decd v. John Hawys and Mary Hawys C78/1474, no. 5 [90]
1713 8 July 12 Mary Inar widow v Elizabeth Parsons widow and executrix of William Parsons late of London scrivener Debts of William Parsons decd. Security of an estate in Islington, Middx. C78/1330, no. 6 [91]
1713 8 July 12 John Snashall v. Richard Buckwell C79/17, no. [92]
1713 9 July 12 John Marshall and Mary his wife, daughter of Phillip Hamond decd v. Nicholas Hamond; Henry Moorman; John Webber and Agnes his wife; and Edward Hamond Will of Phillip Hamond. Close called Norther Deane, Loxhore, Devon. C78/1457, no. 2 [93]
1713 15 July 12 Benjamin Rudyerd the younger esq eldest son and heir apparent of Benjamin Rudyerd the elder esq v. John, duke of Marlborough; Henry Kingsmill esq; Francis Stonehouse esq; Benjamin Rudyerd the elder; Robert Gardner esq; Robert, Thomas, Dorothy, and Mary Rudyerd; and William Moore C78/2054, no. 7 [94]
1713 15 July 12 John Benthall of London, weaver v. Sarah Marshall; and William Bythell C78/1787, no. 2 [95]
1713 15 July 12 Joseph Brett, clerk; John Blofield; Elizabeth Blofield, infants, by Robert Pate, clerk; Peter Bokenham, & Elizabeth his wife; James Causon, & Anne his wife; John Barker, & Bridget his wife; Benjamin Ayton, & Martha his wife; Joseph Brett, an infant, by said Joseph Brett, his father; Thomas Little, doctor in divinity, & Sarah his wife; Blofield Little, an infant by said Thomas Little, his father; and John Negus, gent v. Leonard Blofield; Thomas Blofield, an infant, by Richard Berney, esq, his guardian; Richard Manlove; John Hawett; James Norris; Thomas Bell; John Thompson; and Thomas Coulson C78/1617, no. 4 [96]
1713 15 July 12 Joseph Banks of Scofton, Notts, gent v. Mary Lee of Sheffield, Yorks, widow; Samuel Newbold; John Gregory; Barnerd Metcalfe, & Mary his wife; and Jonathan Lee C78/1575, no. 1 [97]
1713 16 July 12 Elianor Lewis, widow, lately Elianor Griffith; and Martha Griffith, spinster, both daughters of Edward Griffith, gent v. Elianor Griffith, widow C78/1806, no. 1 [98]
1713 17 July? 12 mentioned: Sir John Cheshire C78/196, no. [99]
1713 18 July 12 Charity and Julian Hele daughters and heirs of Roger Hele decd who was son and heir of Sampson Hele the younger also decd who was the son and heir apparent of Sampson Hele the elder also decd, infants by Julian Hele their mother v John Bond and Isabella his wife, Paschasms Minne and Martha his wife and Sampson Minne, Caleb Minne, Martha Minne, Mary Minne, Gertrude Minne, Sarah Minne, John Minne and Isabella Minne their children and also Sir Francis Drake, William Ilbert, William Perrott, Richard Langworthy since decd, Francis Hodder, Josias Calmady, John Pollexfen, Sebastian Prestwood, Nicholas Warren, Nicholas Avent, Francis Hele and Daniel Shath. Trust settlement of lands in Battisborowe [Battisborough], Holberton [Harberton], Bridgersnell [?Bridgerule], Sheafe [?Sheepwash], Newton Ferrars, Southpoole [?South Pill], Stockinham [Stokenham], Chivelstone, Charleton, Yeahampton [Yealmpton], Brixton, Wembury and Ugborow [Ugborough], Devon and Cornwall. C78/1230, no. 1 [100]
1713 20 July 12 John Thurston gentleman v. John Nicholls C78/2053, no. 3 [101]
1713 20 July 12 Charles Niccoll v. Ralph Lane; Thomas Palmer; and Jacob Turner C78/1660, no. 2 [102]
1713 30 July 12 Sir Thomas Meeres of Lincoln, knight; Sir Gilbert Dolben of Finedon, Northt, baronet; and George Wathcott of Harpswell, Lincs C78/1792, no. 2 [103]
1713 21 July 12 C79/58, no. []
1713 21 July 12 Jarvis rose v. Christopher Curd, sr; Christopher Curd, jr; and Joseph Whaples C78/1806, no. 2 [104]
1713 24 July 12 Sir William Coles, knight, & Dame Elizabeth his wife v. John Hawford, gent; and Thomas Hanwell C78/1723, no. 1 [105]
1713 14 Oct 12 Katherine Beaumont of Sharlston, Yorks, widow and relict of Richard Beaumont of Whitley Hall, esq, and only daughter and heir of Thomas Stringer of Sharlston, esq, also deceased v. Richard Beaumont the younger, esq, son of Richard Beaumont of Lassells Hall [Lascelles Hall, Huddesfield], Yorks, esq; and others (sic) C78/1661, no. 1 [106]
1713 15 Oct 12 Joseph King of London merchant for himself and the other partowners and merchants freighters of the ship Shrewsbury Galley v. William Mitchell; Elizabeth Richardson widow; William Gorden; and James Cheish; and John Mathew C78/1897, no. 17 [107]
1713 15 Oct 12 Henry Audley, esq & Dame Elizabeth his wife v. Abraham Ward, & Grace his wife; and others (sic) C78/1578, no. 5 [108]
1713 23 Oct 12 Thomas Brocas esq; Elizabeth Westwood; Robert Westwood; Jane Westwood; Letitia Westwood; and Susanna Westwood infants by Thomas Brocas v. Joshua Wale gentleman and Mary Westwood C79/7, no. [109]
1713 23 Oct 12 Thomas Wyatt doctor in divinity; Edward Garrard esq; Joseph Maten; and Susannah Hill, creditors of James Lynch of White Parish, Wilts, esq and of James Lynch his son also deceased on behalf of themselves and other creditors of said James Lynch the father and James Lynch the son v. John Eyre, esq; Maurice Bockland; Edward Young; William Hilthcock; John Ockett; Barbara Hockett; Henry Irish & Annre his wife; and Abell Skinner C78/1937, no. 16 [110]
1713 26 Oct 12 Richard Haines, & Sarah his wife; and Mary Halling, an infant by Daniel Stacey, jr; and Mathew and Elizabeth Andrews also infants by Elizabeth Andrews their mother v. Thomas Halling and John Halling C78/1784, no. 13 [111]
1713 27 Oct 12 Elizabeth Moore, widow and relict of Thomas Smith, esq; and Thomas Smith, esq, son and heir of said Thomas Smith, by said Elizabeth Moore v. Thomas Moore, gent; and Jane Moore; and Mary Moore, infants by said Thomas Moore their guardian; and John Meeres of London, gent C78/1664, no. 4 [112]
1713 28 Oct 12 John Churchill, citizen and carpenter of London v. Dame Anne Hopson; George Hopson; John Hopson; Thomas Hopson; Richard Hopson; Charles Hopson; Mathew Hopson; Ann Hopson; and Nicholas Goodwin C78/1105, no. 6 [113]
1713 30 Oct 12 Samuell Wildy executor of Richard Wildey v. the Masters, Wardens or Keepers of the Coopers Company of London; Peter Gaton and Robert Manning C79/160, no. [114]
1713 30 Oct 12 John Robson of Hawkeny, Northumb; and James Robson v. John Robson of Newcastle upon Tyne; Robert Whalley; and William Charleton C78/1775, no. 2 [115]
1713 3 Nov 12 Nicholas Burley v. Richard Burley C78/1643, no. 3 [116]
1713 3 Nov 12 James Mutlow; and Elizabeth Mutlow, infants, by John Ball v. William Hind; John Mercer; and Thomas Mutlow C78/1526, no. 6 [117]
1713 4 Nov 12 John Rolfe; James Pegworth; William Kingham; and David Houlston v John Harding Lease of the tythes of the parish of Tring, Herts. C78/1378, no. 2 [118]
1713 4 Nov 12 Moses Gale and Joseph Savage v. Samuel Bexill; John Sedgwyck & Ann his wife; Alexander Goddard; John Coker; Thomas Crofts; Daniel Warren; and John Andrew C78/1937, no. 15 [119]
1713 4 Nov 12 Richard Baynton; Charles Baynton; William Baynton; and John Baynton, infants, by Ricahrd Nansan, esq v. Somerset Jones; Edward Baynton; John Baynton; Walter Grubb; and Lucy Baynton C78/1526, no. 7 [120]
1713 9 Nov 12 Judith Pretty, widow and relict of John Pretty, gent; and Richard Pretty, son and heir of said John Pretty, an infant by said Judith v. Thomas Rathbone, gent C78/1617, no. 1 [121]
1713 10 Nov 12 Silvanus Hamer of Hereford, innholder v. Edward Bullock of Hereford, baker C78/1105, no. 3 [122]
1713 11 Nov 12 Gilbert Penrice, gent v. Robert Steyner, esq C78/1723, no. 2 [123]
1713 11 Nov 12 Thomas Crosse, & Anne his wife v. Michael Dixon; and Thomas Dixon, executors of Joseph Dixon C78/1617, no. 3 [124]
1713 13 Nov 12 Sir Thomas Tipping baronet v. Lettice Piggott widow; Simon Maine esq; Robert Piggott jr; William Piggot; Walter Dryden Piggott; Dryden Piggott clerk; William Crooke jr; Thomas Watson; Elizabeth Ingold by William Colemore; John Marriott; Thomas Halsey; and Edward Bate C79/31, no. [125]
1713 17 Nov 12 Charles Niccoll v. Ralph Lane; Thomas Palmer; and Jacob Turner C78/1660, no. 1 [126]
1713 17 Nov 12 Phillipp Stebbing, gent v. William carver C78/1536, no. 6 [127]
1713 19 Nov 12 James Hill v. Andrew Doughlass and Joseph Roberts C78/1931, no. 2 [128]
1713 20 Nov 12 Dame Esther Hook widow the relict of St Hele Hook baronet v. Thomas Grove esq & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Grove jr their son; William Hamond esq & Mary his wife; John Hammond their son; William dyer esq & Anne his wife; and William Dyer jr their son. C78/1931, no. 6 [129]
1713 21 Nov 12 Elizabeth Bearcroft, spinster v. Thomas Rogers C78/1176, no. 1 [130]
1713 22 Nov 12 Francis Pemberton v. George Scott Defts debts to the complt. Proposed bill in parliament to enable the deft to sell part of his estate. Quit rents of the manor of Brabourne, Kent. C78/1440, no. 14 [131]
1713 24 Nov 12 John Mounsier and John Goose, clerks v. John Aldrich and Mary his wife; Samuel Hartley; and against Samuel Wade and John Wade infants by Margaret Wade their mother C78/1494, no. 1 [132]
1713 26 Nov 12 Mary Darrell spinster (sister and legatee of Thomas Darrell esq her late brother); John Barham; Thomas Collins; and John Bayly three of the creditors for themselves and other creditors of said Thomas Darrell v. Arthur Darrell esq; George Westbrook gentleman & Lucy his wife; Borlace Warren; Arnold Warren; and Thomas Berkley esq C78/1900, no. 6 [133]
1713 26 Nov 12 Juliana, Countess of Burlington, and The Earl of Burlington an infant by the said Countess his mother v. Sir Abstrupus Danby; Samuel Harper; Christopher Watson; Sarah Briggs, widow; and Lancelot Myers Lease of the parsonage of Leeds, Yorks. Tithes of corn & hay. C78/1466, no. 4 [134]
1713 28 Nov 12 William Bateman the elder & Mary his wife and William Bateman the younger an infant by said William Bateman the elder his father v. John Stone; Joseph Webster; Nathaniel Gwillym; andJames Ball executors of Susannah Bateman widow C78/1905, no. 9 [135]
1713 28 Nov 12 John Turner v. John Linn C78/1488, no. 10 [136]
1713 30 Nov 12 Thomas Golding executor of Thomas Golding his late uncle decd v. Robert Taylor Refusal by the deft, attorney at law for the late Thomas Golding, to produce an account of his dealings or to deliver up deeds etc in his possession. C78/1435, no. 1 [137]
1713 1 Dec 12 Edward Richards v. John Gore; Francis Coles & Dame Frances his wife; George Wilcox & Margaret his wife; Sir John Hawles; Richard Chandler; and Edward Pleydell Lease by Gilbert Raleigh of the rectory of Downton, Wilts, and settlement on the marriage of his son Sir Charles Raleigh and Frances Arnley daughter of Robert Ernley C78/1410, no. 14 [138]
1713 1 Dec 12 Peter Wentworth and Juliana his wife; and Frances Clarke, spinster v. Sir John Tirwhitt; John Noell; and Mathew Johnson C78/1471, no. 2 [139]
1713 4 Dec 12 Edward Owen of Woodhouse, Salop son and heir of Robert Owen late of Woodhouse decd v Doctor John Harwood, Doctor John Edisbury, Joshua Edisbury and John Meller Debts of Joshua Edisbury C78/1342, no. 4 [140]
1713 4 Dec 12 Peter Atkins, gent; Wilmott Wright, widow; Phillip Mills; Henry Palmer; Henry Blackaller; Zachary Martin; William Wright; William Trump; William Palmer; James Venicombe; Joshua Speed; William Seagar; Jonas Watson; Edward Crosse v. Sir Thomas Trevor, knight, Attorney General; Sir Edward Seymour, baronet; Edward Yard, esq; Walter Farthing; Robert Fowle; Frances Mallack, widow; Rawlin Matlack, esq; and others (sic) C78/1158, no. 1 [141]
1713 5 Dec 12 Mark Mowbrey of Lincoln, waterman v. Ann Green; and John Green C78/1119, no. 2 [142]
1713 7 Dec 12 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Robert Gardner an elder and teacher; and of George Gravett and James Parker two of the deacons of the congregation of protestant dissenters commonly called Anabaptists frequently assembling in the then late dwelling house of Francis Cornwell then late of Marden, Kent for and on behalf of the poor of the said congregation as also at the ?aclecon? of Daniel Allen Frances Allen the four (sic) sons and heirs according to the custome of gavelkind of Daniel Allen decd intestate by the said George Gravet v. John Earles and Richard Eales the sons and heirs of Nicholas Eales decd the eldest brother of Richard Eales then late of Valding in the said County decd; and Richard Eales and John Eales the sons and heirs of John Eales the second brother of the said Richard Eales decd and heirs according to the custom of gavelkind to the said Richard Eales decd C78/1474, no. 9 [143]
1713 8 Dec 12 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Chilton Tub; Joseph Sayers and others (not named) v. John Holloway; and Thomas Smith Charitable bequest to the poor of Istley [?Iffley], Oxon in the will of Alice Smith widow, late of Istley, Oxon. C78/1446, no. 1 [144]
1713 9 Dec 12 Sir Henry Bedingfeld of Oxboro [Oxborough], Norf, baronet, son and heir of Sir Henry Bedingfeld of Oxboro, knight and baronet; Edward Bedingfeld of Grays Inn, Middx, esq; Richard Arundell Belling of St James, Westminster, esq; and John Eyres of Grays Inn, gent, executor of Sir Henry Bedingfeld the father v. Thomas Allen; Anthony Ransome; John Flowerdew; Mary Flowerdew, executors of Thomas Flowerdew; and Thomas Flowerdew an infant C78/1800, no. 7 [145]
1713 10 Dec 12 Phillip Sandford clerk v. Charles Abington esq C79/58, no. [146]
1713 10 Dec 12 Richard Norton esq v. Robert Skinner; Adam Battin; Edward Battin; Charles Layfield; and Richard Chandler esq C78/2059, no. 1 [147]
1713 10 Dec 12 Phillip Hawkins gentleman v. Henry Badcock & Parthesia his wife; and Thomas Badcock C78/2054, no. 6 [148]
1713 11 Dec 12 William Morse v Peter Hill Plts debt to the deft C78/1385, no. 19 [149]
1713 19 Dec 12 Hugh Johnson gentleman v. John Leigh gentleman C79/139, no. [150]
1713 22 Dec 12 Sir Richard Newdigate, baronet v. William, bishop of Lincoln; John Mooreland, clerk; Job Cureton; Edward Woodward; William Moore; and William Grey, yeoman; William Cave; and Thomas Blakesse, gents; William Moore; John Moore; John Crick; and Edward Sturges, yeoman; Thomas Stanley; and William Wagstaffe C78/1559, no. 4 [151]
1713 C78/, no. []