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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1712 12 Jan 10 Joanna Gore widow & executrix of John Gore decd v John Hockley Mortgage by John Hockley the elder of Catteshull, Godalming, Surrey and John Hockley the younger of Whitworth, Godalming, his son, of land in Catteshull. C78/1350, no. 6 [2]
1712 12 Jan 10 George Doddington of New Inn, Middx, executor of William Doddington late of New Inn, gentleman v. William Coward esq son and heir and surviving executor and trustee of William Coward esq serjeant at law C79/132, no. [3]
1712 12 Jan 10 Henry Townshend, an infant v. William Norris; Thomas Tompkins; Andrew Harrison; William Skeeler; Thomas Skeeler; Anne Young; Elizabeth Young; Bernard Addis, gent; William Mowle; Richard Oakeley, & Blanc his wife; John Bourne C78/1720, no. 7 [4]
1712 15 Jan 10 Michael Studholme v. Patrick Gallway; Stephen Creagh; Michael Fallett; Peter Barrillean; and John De Grave C78/1487, no. 2 [5]
1712 16 Jan 10 Samuel Aubery of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, coachmaker, and Peter Leknex assignee of George Caldecott of London, mercer v. Sir William Daws baronet since the lord bishop of Chester; Richard Butler of Lincolns Inn esq; and George Gregory esq C78/1916, no. 2 [6]
1712 26 Jan 10 Thomas Duppa of Drury Lane, Middx, vintner v. Joseph Ormston; and William Fisher of London, merchant C78/1106, no. 5 [7]
1712 28 Jan 10 William Martyn, gent, & Anne his wife, who was relict of Walter Rolleston, gent v. Zacheus Duckett, gent; Micahel Mathewes; and John Hurd C78/1720, no. 9 [8]
1712 29 Jan 10 William Fielding of Asted, Surrey, esq; and the Lady Diana, his wife, one of the daughters of the Francis, earl of Bradford, and relict and executrix of the Honorable Thomas Howard, late of Asted, esq v. The Right Honorable Edward, lord Dudley; and Ward William, bishop of Chester; Mary Butler; and Pennystone Lambe C78/1775, no. 1 [9]
1712 31 Jan 10 Thomas Marriott of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq; Charles Clayton of London, gent; and Elizabeth Scarburgh of London, widow v. Elizabeth Whitfield, spinster; John Ward, esq; John Vandenbendie, esq; Mary Spelman, spinster; Margaret Twitty, widow; and William Spelman, gent C78/1659, no. 5 [10]
1712 31 Jan 10 William Leaper, & Alice his wife v. Mary Metham, widow; Edward Newcomen, & Anne his wife; Richard Bradshaw, & Ellen his wife; Catharine Carter; David Richmond, & Hannah his wife; John Leaper; William Lilly; John Ratcliffe; Thomas Awdley; Daniel Fenton; Edmond Walker; and John Wilkinson C78/1561, no. 4 [11]
1712 1 Feb 10 Thomas Wood gentleman v. George Beale; Leonard Child; Caleb Wood; John Smith; Abel Wilkinson; James Taylor; and Richard Ford and others (sic) C79/160, no. [12]
1712 1 Feb 10 Christopher Comyn Higgins, gent & Rachell his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Francis Sambrook, gent v. John Higgins & Anne his wife C78/1182, no. 3 [13]
1712 4 Feb 10 Nicholas Sherman and George Feilder one of the younger sons of Roger Feilder who was son and heir of Roger Feilder the younger & Ann his wife v. John Feilder elder brother of said complainant George Feilder C79/169, no. [14]
1712 7 Feb 10 George Gollopp esq v. Benjamin Mathew; Henry May; Thomas Hewes; Richard Baker; Sarah Bayley; Thomas Gibbons esq serjeant at law; John Chase; Thomas Brake; James Sheppard esq; James Glyde esq; and Thomas Ford C78/1909, no. 2 [15]
1712 12 Feb 10 John Bryan & Sarah his wife daughter and heir at law of Joseph Westwood v. Lucretia Aylmer and Samuel Reeve & Priscilla his wife late the widow and executrix of Joseph Westwood C79/49, no. [16]
1712 12 Feb 10 The lady Letitia Russell widow and relict of Robert, lord Russell v. William Kingsford esq C78/1909, no. 6 [17]
1712 12 Feb 10 Edward Cary, esq, only surviving acting trustee of Francis Risdon, esq; Thomas Risdon, gent, his brother; Rebecca Risdon, his widow; Francis Risdon, his son and heir; Dorothy, George, Edward, Mary, and Anne Risdon, four of his younger children; Thomas, Susanna, and Frances, infants his three youngest children by said Rebecca Risdon their mother v. Thomas Lear; Henry Lane, surviving administrator with the will annexed of Roger Vavasor, during the minority of Henry Vavasor an infant, sole executor and heir of said Roger, the said Henry Vavasor by said Henry Lane his grandfather and guardian; Peter Knowling; and James Buckley C78/1627, no. 4 [18]
1712 13 Feb 10 Henry Foxcroft esq; Henry Hussey esq & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Isaac Foxcroft esq v. Sir Henry Johnson knight and William Johnson C78/2045, no. 19 [19]
1712 18 Feb 10 Henry Wilder and John Buckle the younger v. Henry Nelson C78/1475, no. 9 [20]
1712 20 Feb 10 John Silver of Yonghall, Ireland, gentleman son and heir of Owen Silver esq & Mary his wife who was one of the daughters of Andrew Woodley esq & Mary his wife who was the only sister and heir of John Lancaster esq v. Sir Thomas Trevor then Attorney General; Richard Nason & Catherine his wife; John Nason; Andrew Nason; Andrew Symes; George Symes; John Beresford; ___ Lancaster; Stephen Lee; John Newson; and Elizabeth Newland C79/67, no. [21]
1712 20 Feb 10 Walter Goodfellow, rector of Ladbrook, Warw v. Mary Chamberlayne, widow; Thomas Hewitt, doctor of phisick; William Smith, gent; Elizabeth Heath, widow; Joseph Rogers; Andrew Cattell; John Hayward; Henry Denny; Richard Good; and Abraham Murcott, gent; and others (sic) C78/1627, no. 5 [22]
1712 21 Feb 10 John Atkins, esq v. John Collingwood; and Henry Collingwood his father; and William Fenwick, clerk C78/1775, no. 3 [23]
1712 22 Feb 10 Thomas Heriott citizen of London; Vincent Rolfe; Bernard Prior; Richard Wyatt; and Mary Dovre v. John Foyle & Alice his wife C78/1909, no. 3 [24]
1712 26 Feb 10 Dame Mary Coell, widow and relict of Sir Thomas Coell, knight; Lawrence Ambrose; and John Turrett, jr v. John Dalton; and Edward Ambrose C78/1793, no. 4 [25]
1712 26 Feb 10 Edward Searle v. Richard Wilshaw C78/1786, no. 9 [26]
1712 28 Feb 10 Edward Pinfold of London, goldsmith, and Anne his wife one of the daughters of Richard Pitt late of the Liberty of the Tower of London, gunfounder decd v. Bigley Wilson and Thomas Wilson Estate of the said Richard Pitt, who died c. 1658. Messuages and warehouses on the north side of the Tower Ditch within the parish of St Peter ad Vincula & liberty of the Tower of London, and messuages in Perivall als Little Greenford and Harrow on the Hill, Middx, and others in the precincts of the Black Friars Preachers near Ludgate. C78/1429, no. 6 [27]
1712 28 Feb 10 Charles Gumer and Elizabeth his wife; and Robert Jey v. William Watts C78/1494, no. 6 [28]
1712 4 Mar 10 Attorney General at the relation and on behalf of the inhabitants of the City of Coventry and towns of Northampton, Leicester, Nottingham and Warwick v. Mayor, Bayliffs and Commonalty of the City of Coventry; The Master and Wardens of the Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St John Baptist, London; The Mayor, Burgesses and Bayliffes of Northampton; The Mayor, Bayliffes and Burgesses of Leicester; The Mayor & Burgesses of Nottingham; The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Warwick; William Bird, Francis Cater, John Suell, Thomas Diston, Matthew Goodall, Joseph Oldes, Benjamin Brockhurst and Joseph Cater of Coventry; John Clark, Robert Breton, William Else, John Collins, Benjamin Billivant, George Hayes and John Manning of Northampton; Thomas Harthorne, Richard Townsend, Richard Weston, Thomas Eyre, John Pratt and Robert Wingfeild of Leicester; Samuel Watkinson, William Buck, Benjamin Green and Francis Armstrong of Nottingham; Devereux Whadwicke, Thomas Newsham, Aaron Rogers, Stephen Nicholls and Richard Lane of Warwick Sir Thomas White's charity. C78/1441, no. 3 [29]
1712 7 Mar 10 John Powell and Mary his wife v Margaret Bevan; Thomas Bevan; William Meredith; and Jane Powell Trust settlement of estate of David Bevan the complt Mary's grandfather. Messuage in the parish of Cantreff, Brecon. C78/1375, no. 2 [30]
1712 7 Mar 10 Greenhill Woodyeare an infant by Richard Taylor v. William Woodyeare & Sarah his wife (the complts father & mother); Penelope Greenhill (the complts aunt); Philip Jackson; Arthur Bayly & John Page (who is since lately dead) Will of Henry Greenhill late of Stoake Damerell, Devon, the complt's late grandfather. Estate in Cornwall, Hants, Rutland & Wilts. C78/1406, no. 4 [31]
1712 7 Mar 10 Richard Hale v. Joshua Woodman; Benjamin Woodman; Mary Woodman; Anne Woodman; Charles Woodman; John Maynard; James Roach; and Alexander Low Mortgage of a messuage on the East side of the High Street in Fareham by Joshua Woodman the elder, then of Fareham, Hants, to the deft James Roach. C78/1444, no. 11 [32]
1712 7 Mar 10 Christopher Rawlinson son & heir and also executor of Elizabeth Rawlinson, widow, his late decd mother v. Elizabeth, Duchess Dowager of Montague; William, Lord Cheyne; Gervas, Lord Peirpoint Refs previous decree of 4 December 1710. C78/1452, no. 14 [33]
1712 7 March 10 Hannah Pierce, spinster, surviving daughter of Edward Pierce, administratrix of Caleb Pierce her late brother v. William Frasier, administrator de bonis non of Edward Pierce, complainant's father and executor of Rebecca Pierce complainant's mother and administratrix of Rebecca Pierce the complainant's late sister C78/1770, no. 1 [34]
1712 7 March 10 James Mountague, knight, Attorney General at the relation of Edward Laney, doctor in divinity, then vice chancellor of the University of Cambridge; Doctor John Balderston, master of Emanuel College; Doctor Charles Roddericke, provost of Kings College; Doctor Humphry Gower, master of St Johns College; Doctor Richard Bentley, master of Trinity College; and Doctor Charles Ashton, master of Jesus College at the said Univesity of Cambridge v. Nevill Lorimer; and William Rous; and Abraham Hill, two of the executors of Dame Mary Sadleir, late wife of Sir Edwyn Sadleir, baronet AND v. said Sir Edwyn Sadleir C78/1571, no. 10 [35]
1712 11 March 11 Sir Henry March; John March; Thomas March; and Mary March infants by Mary Dunster v. Thomas Eyans & Mary his wife; Richard March; Joseph Cranmer; Katherine Wooley; Robert Bristow senior; Robert Bristow junior; and Weight Woolley C79/114, no. [36]
1712 14 March 11 Francis Blyth esq & Jane his wife v. William Haukins; Thomas Savage esq; John Hodgetts gentleman; Sir Clement Fisher baronet; William doctor in physick; Richard Nansan esq; and Thomas Tristram clerk C79/20, no. [37]
1712 14 March 11 Nathaniel Wood; and Vincent Sheppard v. James Cole, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1717, no. 4 [38]
1712 14 March 11 George Gooday of St Andrews, Holborn, London, esq, eldest son of George Gooday of London, esq and administrator of his father Edward Gooday of London, merchant, second son of George Gooday; Daniel Gooday of London, merchant, youngest son of George ooday; and John Orlavar of the Middle Temple, London, esq, the administrator with the will annexed of George Gooday and late guardiansaid nowGeorge Gooday; Edward Gooday; and Daniel Gooday v. Giles Cutting of Hoveton, St Peter, Norf, gent C78/1786, no. 8 [39]
1712 17 March 11 Thomas Bayly v. John Milledge, & Hannah his wife; Richard Hall, an infant; Richard Sneade; Charles Jones; Thomas Castlewhick; John Heale; Paul Moon; Benjamin Coole; Peter Young; John Pope; John Cowling; and John rtaylor C78/1548, no. 5 [40]
1712 18 Mar 11 Henry Partridge and Mary his wife; and Anne Dickson spinster; executors of Elizabeth Dickson spinster their late sister decd v Thomas Lower; John Staploe; George Whitehead; William Bingley; William Beath; Richard Claridge and Joseph Heale Title to property in the parishes of Hitcham and Taploe (county not stated), mortgaged and sold by Richard Dell the elder and Elizabeth his wife, and Richard Dell the younger their eldest son. C78/1375, no. 3 [41]
1712 28 Mar 11 Frances Sedley, spinster, daughter of Sir John Sedley of St Cleer, Igtham, Kent decd; and Dorothy Sedley, widow, relict of George Sedley decd late son & heir apparent of the said Sir John Sedley; and Sir George Sedley; Charles Sedley; Isaac Sedley; Mary Sedley; Elizabeth and Frances Sedley, sons and daughters of the said George Sedley decd, infants by the said Dorothy Sedley their mother v. Reginald Peckham; Edward Sedley; and Phillip Sandford C78/1466, no. 2 [42]
1712 4 Apr 11 Dame Juliana Tracy wife of Robert Meeres, formerly widow of Sir John Tracy late of Stanwey, Gloucs decd, by Peter Wentworth v. Robert Meers Marriage settlement on marriage of the complt & deft. Complts jointure settled upon her by her first husband Sir John Tracy. Prescott Farm in Didcot, Gloucs, and Tadington Farm in Tadington, Gloucs. C78/1439, no. 3 [43]
1712 29 April 11 Christopher Bale the younger, esq, son of Christopher Bale the elder, esq v. William Colman esq; the said Christopher Bale the elder, & Elizabeth his wife; John Legassicke; and William Bogan an infant by said John Legassick his guardian AND William Colman esq v. Christopher Bale the elder, & Elizabeth his wife; Christopher Bale the younger; John Legassicke; and William Bogan C78/1770, no. 3 [44]
1712 3 May 11 William Cowper als Steyning the younger v. John Butcher and Sarah his wife; and Richard Butcher Will of William Cowper als Steyning the elder, the complts father. Property called Bignor in Rudgwick, Sussex. C78/1444, no. 13 [45]
1712 5 May 11 William Goodenough, esq v. John Southby; Richard Southby; Henry Southby; Thomas Turner; Charles Turner; Daniel Warwick; Elizabeth Goodenough, the complainant's wife; Annabella Kinston; Mary Goodenough; Annabella Goodenough; John Goodenough; William Goodenough; and Edmund Goodenough; Edward Glynn; and William, bishop of Oxford C78/1512, no. 1 [46]
1712 8 May 11 Sir Francis Charlton baronet v. Benjamin Whichtolt gentleman; Benjamin Kettleby & Joyce his wife; Roger Debitott; Robert Bevan; Jonathan Simons; John Davis; John Bury; John Burrell; Margaret Lockyer; and Anne Debitott; and others (sic) C78/2039, no. 1 [47]
1712 8 May 11 Rebecca Parker of St James Within the liberty of Westminster, Middx, spinster v. John Hoskins; and Walter Long Will of Sir Walter Long, uncle of the complt. Manor of Southwick, Wilts. C78/1429, no. 2 [48]
1712 8 May 11 John Whiteway, surviving executor of Bridget Wreyford v. Thomas Osborne C78/1770, no. 2 [49]
1712 9 May 11 Edmund Chamberlayne of Mangersbury, Gloucs v. Mary Winsmore; and Richard Winsmore Chief rents due from certain freehold messuages in the manors of Stow in the Wold & Mangersbury, Gloucs which had been purchased by John Winsmore (or some of his ancestors). Defts are widow & son of Richd Winsmore who died 1703. C78/1450, no. 8 [50]
1712 10 May 11 Alice Mitton, relist & administratrix of William Mitton, and John Mitton son & heir of the said William Mitton v Jeremiah Browne, executor of Thomas Brown, and James Duppa Mortgage of messuage, tan house & coppice in Clunton, Shrops settled on the complt Alice & her heirs on her marriage to William Mitton. C78/1385, no. 20 [51]
1712 10 May 11 Henry Young and Anna his wife; Elizabeth Clark, widow; and Charity Clark, widow v. John Cottle and Thomas Welham C78/1487, no. 3 [52]
1712 12 May 11 John Pollexfen of Wembury, Devon, esq; and Martha Ryder of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. John Mitchell the younger of Kingston Russell, Dorset, gent C78/1659, no. 3 [53]
1712 12 May 11 James Manfield an infant by Elizabeth Manfield widow his mother v. William Dugard & Elizabeth his wife and John Bramble C78/1935, no. 1 [54]
1712 13 May 11 John Hicks administrator of Elizabeth Hicks widow, daughter of Ager Gilbert, and Christiana Hicks the complts sister decd v Humphrey Gilbert and Daniel Michell Will of Agar Gilbert decd. Messuage called Higher House in Compton, Marldon, Devon. C78/1350, no. 4 [55]
1712 13 May 11 William Lord Widderington [Widdrington] Baron of Blenckey and Jane Lady Widderington his wife v Robert Ellison and Robert Jemson Mortgage of 3/8 parts of the manor and coal mines of of Winlington als Winlaton in the parish of Ryton, Co. Durham, originally made in 1659 by William Hodshon late of Winlaton, Co. Durham, grandfather of the complt Jane, and brother of Sir Robert Hodshon late of Hebburn, Co. Durham. C78/1367, no. 3 [56]
1712 14 May 11 Anne Lysons, sole daughter and heir of George Lysons of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq and also sole executrix of George Lysonsm an infant of about 12 years by Hester Rawdon, widow, her grandmother; and the said Hester Rawdon v. John Francis deCartassonet, esq, & Elizabeth his wife C78/ 1614, no. 11 [57]
1712 15 May 11 Jonathan Hatley administrator of Dorothy Hatley his late wife who was one of the daughters of Joseph How late citizen and Merchant Taylor of London decd and Lewin Grave and Sarah his wife, the other daughter of Joseph How v Elizabeth How widow of Joseph How late son of the said Joseph How and Dorothy How the only daughter and heir of the said Joseph How the son Will of Joseph How. Farm called Great Winchlowes and land in Hunsdon and Eastwyth parishes, Herts C78/1325, no. 2 [58]
1712 19 May 11 Henry Clifton v. Phillip Frowde C78/2008, no. 9 [59]
1712 19 May 11 John Birchet v. Phillip Frowde, esq C78/2008, no. 8 [60]
1712 20 May 11 Henry Streatfield v. Reginald Peckham senr; Thomas Lambert; Charles Selby Amhurst and Thomas Streatfield Mortgage of the manor of Yaldham, Kent to the complt's father, now decd. C78/1408, no. 4 [61]
1712 21 May 11 Joseph Goodman & Mary his wife one of the daughters of James Lucas of the parish of St Pancras, Sussex carpenter deceased v. Francis Peche & Anne his wife; Anne Peche; Elizabeth Peche; Nicholas Gates; and George Brooker C79/112, no. [62]
1712 21 May 11 James St John, citizen and goldsmith of London v. Robert Mitchell of London, merchant C78/1614, no. 8 [63]
1712 23 May 12 Tetha Catharine Jacobson and Theobald Balthazar Jacobson an infant by the said Tetha his mother; and Balthazar Mentzer administrator of Henry Jacobson v. Jacob Jacobson and others (sic) C79/139, no. [64]
1712 24 May 11 The Master and Scholars of the College of Scholars of Merton College, University of Oxford v. Sir John Thornicroft, baronet; Thomas Saunders; Thomas Browne; William Batt; William Browne; Benjamin Browne; Sarah Tibbitts? spinster; Elizabeth Porter; Richard Mollish; John Evans clerk; Mary Batt spinster; Jeremy Meteden sr; William Willcox; Edward Eibby?; John Raglan?; Charles Perrot; and Robert Thompson C79/76, no. [65]
1712 26 May 11 Marke Cole v Charles Harwick Agreement by the deft to sell his captaincy of a company of foot in the regiment late commanded by Lord Paston but now by Col. Franks. C78/1385, no. 5 [66]
1712 27 May 11 Robert Caldecott and Mary his wife and Joseph Stables and Temperance his wife v John Hobday and Jane Hinde Will of John Wigfall decd, legacies to his sister the complt Mary, and to the complt Temperance. C78/1347, no. 1 [67]
1712 27 May 11 John Drake & Andrew Prime executors of Hannah Fromanteel widow decd, Thomas Mordecai George and Anne Walker infants children of Anne Fromanteel since Anne Walker and John Walker her husband by John Higdon v John Fromanteel, the said John Walker and Anne his wife Will of Hannah Fromanteel. C78/1350, no. 5 [68]
1712 27 May 11 Thomas Patrick, gent v. Henry Framingham, esq; Thomas Cremer, gent C78/1641, no. 7 [69]
1712 28 May 11 William Cecill esq v. Francis Stanhope; Henry Cope; James Smith; and others (sic) C79/128, no. [70]
1712 30 May 11 Robert Goodrich gentleman v. Batalion Shotbolt; Alice Shotbolt; and Lott Meale C78/2055, no. 6 [71]
1712 30 May 11 Daniel Berry executor of Samuel Hamsworth decd v. John Reynolds; Daniel Marriott and others (not named) C78/1475, no. 7 [72]
1712 31 May 11 Elizabeth Mence v. Robert Peters; James Grove; William Stagg; Joseph Knight; John Theedam; John Evans; Francis Coppenge; Thomas Dykes; John Smith; John Bolter; John Story; and William Blake Refs decree of 26 Nov 10 Anne C78/1487, no. 11 [73]
1712 2 Jun 11 Peter Parker v Bullstrode Barry Mortgage of the leases of several messuages in Spittlefields, Middx by Francis Barry late of Kensington, Middx decd. C78/1346, no. 6 [74]
1712 2 June 11 Thomas Wickrod one of the sons of Peter Wickrod the elder late of St Paul Shadwell, Middx decd v. Martha Gardner, spinster and executrix of Peter Wickrod the complts brother and executrix of Peter Wickrod his father Refs previous decrees C78/1465, no. 2 [75]
1712 3 June 11 Joshua Edisbury v John Edisbury Doctor of Laws, John Harwood, Elizabeth Hiccocks, Walter Mills, Edward Leigh and Sir Richard Holford Loan from the complt to the deft his brother. Complt resides in Denbighshire. C78/1324, no. 1 [76]
1712 3 June 11 William Gibbs of _ in Gloucs, an infant of 2 years, by Anne Barrow, spinster; and the said Anne Barrow v. John Cocks, esq; Samuel Broad, clerk; Richard Parsons, doctor of laws; John Viny, esq; Reynon Jones, esq; and Edward Gibbs, gent C78/1760, no. 7 [77]
1712 3 June 11 Francis Eyles of London, esq v. Mary Sayer, relict and sole executrix of John Sayer of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq; and Edward Sayer her only son C78/1579, no. 3 [78]
1712 6 June 11 John Duboys and richard Duboys infants sons of Mayor John Duboys late of the island of Barbados brother of Thomas Duboys late of the said island esq v. Catharine Hole wife of Joseph Hole and others (sic) C78/2004, no. 3 [79]
1712 11 June 11 John, Lord Ashburnham v. Sir John Brescoe C78/1476, no. 4 [80]
1712 21 Jun 11 Samuel Granger of St Clements Danes, Middx, hair seller v. John Northwood Portion due to the complts late wife, Sarah Hinkes. C78/1439, no. 2 [81]
1712 23 Jun 11 Henry Gage v. Robert Cesar Gage (the complt's brother) and Bridgett his wife, and others (not named) Purchase by the complt of the defts estate, two messuages and land in the parish of Wichingford, Worcs, and an annuity paid out of lands near Shrewsbury, Shropshire C78/1421, no. 7 [82]
1712 25 June 11 Sir William Fowler baronet; Mary Dickins the wife of John Dickins esq; Thomas Dickins only son of the said John Dickins an infant by the said Sir William Fowler; and Nathaniel Lee esq; and John Laton esq v. John Dickins esq; Robert Dickins esq; Joseph Girdler serjeant at law; Richard Corfield gentleman; and Richard Knight gentleman C79/27, no. [83]
1712 25 June 11 William Lord Cheney the only surviving executor of Christopher late Duke of Albermarle decd, John Suffield, Higlord, Bazill Herne & William Lambe 4 of the six clerks of this court v William Henry Earl of Bath, Elizabeth Duchess Dowager of Monntague, John Duke of Monntague, Charles Lord Halifax, John Lord Somers, Jervas Lord Peirpoint, Edmund Dumer, Thomas Dumer, Henry Monke, William Courtenay, William Martin, Elizabeth Neighton, William Medway, Phillip Painter, Thomazin Crookey, William Pulling, John Rowell, Richard Whitrow, Elizabeth Allen, John Jope, John Simons, Symon Quial, William Lux, James Hooper, William Tripe, Thomas Wills, Elizabeth Wills, Jane Lucombe, Nicholas Topley, William Readway, Ann Vanstone, George Trickey, Sarah Jope, Thomas Wills, James Pittman, Robert Bond, John Meachin, William Atwill, Samuel Clarke, David Towell, George During, John Baker, John Arther, David Long, Edward Wills, Emanuell Seawood and Richard Bulford Estate of Christopher late Duke of Albermarle. Mortgages and trusts of the manor of Kenton & fourth part of the manor of Exminster, Devon. C78/1350, no. 1 [84]
1712 28 June 11 Rachel Collins widow of William Collins decd v John Powell and James Powell Complts rights to mill & land in Partrishoe, Brecon and messuage in Comyoy, Herefords, which her late husband had used as security for a loan. C78/1311, no. 1 [85]
1712 30 June 11 Nathaniel Edison v. William Mickelwaite C79/31, no. [86]
1712 2 July 11 Sarah Jones wife of Robert Jones, sole daughter and heir of Alexander Weld and Mary his wife, by Willoughby Smith v. Sir James Etheridge; Sir Thomas Halton; Henry Sawyer; George Bargoyne; William Burroughs; Robert Jones; Thomas Byde; John Gardner; Edmund Brown; Joshua Lomax; George Cressner; Robert Thornhill; William Collier; George Brewer and Mary his wife; and Anne Thompson C78/1465, no. 4 [87]
1712 3 July 11 Thomas White esq v. Thomas Coward esq C79/105, no. [88]
1712 4 July 11 Charles Niccolls of London, merchant v. Ralph Lane; Thomas Palmer; Edward Wood; and Jacob Turner C78/1660, no. 3 [89]
1712 5 July 11 Mathew Hopkins and Mary his wife who was the only daughter and heir of Henry Nicholls who was only son and heir of Richard Nicholls v. James Newnam C78/1484, no. 9 [90]
1712 7 Jul 11 Robert Heath and Arabella his wife; and Thomas Trevor, which said Arabella and Thomas and one Elizabeth the wife of David Polhill were the younger children of John Morley Trevor decd v. Thomas Askham son & heir of Thomas Askham decd; Dingly Askham; Sir Nathan Wright; Thomas, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury; William, Lord Bishop of Worcester; Edward, Lord Bishop of Gloucester; Sir Richard Levitt; Thomas Linford; William Ashton; George Stanhope, Dean of Canterbury; Bryan Fairfax; Edward Tenison senr; George Parke; John Craddock, grocer; Michael Foster; Thomas Tillett; surviving trustees of the said Lord Bishop; Mary Trevor, widow, executrix of Richard Trevor decd; and Susan Webster, widow & administratrix of Richard Webster decd Mortgage by Thomas Askham decd of an estate in Wrangle, Lincs to Richard Trevor (now decd) trustee for the complts. C78/1447, no. 1 [91]
1712 8 July 11 Hugh Johnson gentleman v. John Leigh gentleman C78/2055, no. 4 [92]
1712 8 July 11 Joseph Buckley of London, linendraper, & Rachel his wife, then late Rachell Stacey, widow; and John Field, citizen and blacksmith of London v. Philadelphia Hyde the widow; Philadelphia Hyde; Hannah Hyde; and Sarah Hyde, infants, daughters of said Philadelphia Hyde the widow; Ralph Walymott; and Thomas Pocock; and Elizabeth Fox; William Macquett; James William; and others the creditors of Joseph Hyde, deceased, then late husband of said Philadelphia C78/1658, no. 2 [93]
1712 8 July 11 Sir Ralph Asheton, baronet; and Katherine Asheton and Mary Asheton his daughters, by Mary Vavasor, who was the only child and heir of Thomas Vavasour esq, both infants, by said Sir Ralph Asheton their father v. Humphry Trafford, jr, esq, & Anne his wife C78/1527, no. 3 [94]
1712 9 July 11 John Somersett v The Dean & Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Hereford; Thomas Hill and Henry Jones Rights to renew the lease of the tythes of the parish of Cannon Pyon, Herefs, which had been leased to the deft Jones in trust for the plts father. C78/1385, no. 6 [95]
1712 10 July 11 Eichard, earl Rivers deceased v. Lake Astrey esq since deceased and Heath Hyde gentleman executors of Cartharine Hyde who was sole executrix of Reginald Bretland esq serjeant at law deceased;and George Bretland esq; and Sir Francis Child knight the surviving executor of the said Thomas, earl Rivers C79/71, no. [96]
1712 10 July 11 Sir Walter Hawkesworth & Dame Judith his wife; Francis Fawkes & Margaret his wife v. Thomas Bendlowes; George Grey; Robert Bell; Thomas Smithson; George Jackson; Hayford Wainwright; Sir John Burgoyne; Dame Francis Ayscough; Her Majesty's Attorney General; Peter Jennings and Ann Jennings Refs previous decree of 19 June 1708. Estate of Sir William Ayscough. C78/1408, no. 6 [97]
1712 15 July 11 Dame Anne Sebright widow of Sir Edward Sebright decd; and Sir Thomas Saunders Sebright son and heir of the said Sir Edward, an infant v. Wilson Murdey C78/1484, no. 8 [98]
1712 16 July 11 Edward Younge v. Thomas Deaves and Elizabeth his wife Will of Edward Younge the complts grandfather. Property in Little Comberton, Worcs. C78/1451, no. 9 [99]
1712 16 July 11 Walter Yorke v. George Stone; Jane Knott; Stephen Falldoe; George Thatcher; and Abraham Derew C79/187, no. [100]
1712 18 July 11 Sir John Mordaunt knight administrator of his eldest son Henry Mordaunt who died intestate v. William Cecill and Francis Stanhope esqs C79/128, no. [101]
1712 18 July 11 Honor Master & Elizabeth Master two of the children and executors of Honor Master late of London widow and Thomas Master one other of the children and the other executor of said Honor Master an infant by said Honor Master his sister; and John Master eldest son and heir of said Honor Master v. Charles Bentley; Peter Normansell; and Joshua Davis C78/1906, no. 1 [102]
1712 18 July 11 Anne Somersett widow v. Walter, lord Aston; Walter Auston esq; Edward Southcote baronet; Constantine Phipps; and William Hickford esqs; Thomas Conny and William Catterall gentlemen; Mary Galloway; and Elizabeth Galloway spinsters; Richard Pepper; and Benjamin Petre gentlemen; John Barber; Walter Riddale; and Joseph Palmer C78/1900, no. 7 [103]
1712 18 July 11 Elizabeth Higgins, the widow and administratrix of Richard Higgins, her late husband v. Walter Hawkins C78/1105, no. 4 [104]
1712 19 July ? 11 Casper Frederick Hemming and John Losting v. John Ferrers; Thomas Riggins; and Edward Wallis C79/70, no. [105]
1712 21 July 11 John Chambers, & Avis his wife, then late Avis Franks, spinster v. Samuel Reynoldes, an infant, daughter of said Samuel Reynolds; Andrew Card; Jacob Tonson; Thomas Lisle; and Thomas Clements C78/1501, no. 5 [106]
1712 22 July 11 James Watts and Elizabeth his wife, infants, by William Watts their father v William Price Will of John Price decd. Messuages and lands in Tregare, Llanvetherme Clenning als Llyngoed and Grosmont, Co. Monmouth. C78/1385, no. 7 [107]
1712 23 July 11 John Disher brother and heir of William Disher & Elizabeth his wife v. Elizabeth Disher widow and relict of said William Disher; James Sawbridge executor of said William Disher; John Lade; John Woodhouse; Anne and Elizabeth Woodhouse infants by their guardian; John Carr; Robert Hinde & Sarah his wife C78/1906, no. 9 [108]
1712 25 July 11 Daniel Allen of London, merchant; Sir George Newland of London, knight; Simon Beckley of London, gent, surviving executors and trustees in the will of John Watt; and John Holland, esq v. Lyonell Cranfield, earl of Dorset and Middlesex; Thomas Foley, esq (now Lord Foley) & Mary his wife; Charles Hooper; and Mary Staples C78/1132, no. 2 [109]
1712 26 July 11 James Morecroft of Winchester, Hants, gentleman; and William Morecroft one of the sons of the said James Morecroft v. Francis Wickliffe; Mary Bernard; and Richard Serle C79/113, no. [110]
1712 26 July 11 John Alleyn; and John Taylor, executors of Thomas Jones; Thomas Jones, framemaker; Ann Barber, relict and executrix or administratrix of John Barber; George Cure; Martha Knight, relict and executrix or administratrix of Francis Knight; William Ellyot; William steel; ___ Champey; Patrick Short; Thomas Tillett; John Vallence; Benjamin Talmash; John Bayley; John Gumley; Mathew Winch; ___ Johnson executrix or administratrix of John Johnson; Ann Coleman; William Young; William Brace; John Jones; Theophilus Hill; Henry Rose; Thomas Best; Maria Cook; Sarah Fayer; brother John Shaigneau; Rene Latoner; Abigail Michaut; William Lawler, and Ann his wife; John Michaut; and Arthur Spooner, creditors; Elizabeth Lloyd; Philip Hyde; and John Jones, creditors and servants; Thomas Nicholson, & Ann his wife; John Beck; Edward Mackdonnell; Peter Appleby; Sarah Woolhouse; Edward Hill; and Edward Cragge servants; and Thomas Wood, creditors of the late Lieutenant General Talmash C78/1618, no. 5 [111]
1712 26 July 11 Richard Powell v. Jacob Giles Zinck C78/1475, no. 8 [112]
1712 28 July 11 Richard Atwill a lunatic, son and heir of Richard Atwill gentleman his late father, brother and heir of John Atwill gentleman by Elizabeth Atwill his committee v. William Long esq; ____ Widger; and ___ Marshall C79/124, no. [113]
1712 30 July 11 John Cockhill v William Lowther Detention of the complts books of accounts kept while steward to the deft, and defts writ claiming £500 from the complt. C78/1307, no. 1 [114]
1712 30 July 11 James Timberlake, Edward Stanton and Thomas Walch creditors of Lytton Lytton decd v William Robinson als Lytton Payment of the debts of Lytton Lytton for carriages, a monument in Knebworth churchyard and clothes. C78/1331, no. 2 [115]
1712 31 July 11 Sir Arthur Chichester v Sir Charles Bickerstaffe, Frances Chichester the complts sister and others (not named). Payment of marriage portion. C78/1230, no. 5 [116]
1712 1 Aug 11 Sir James Monntague, Attorney General and Robert Brittille v Martin Calthorpe Mortgage of estate in Hickling, Pallinge, Sutton, Statham, Juycham, Grimstead, Indham, Smallburgh, Potter Higham, Waxham als Waxtensham, Horsley, Hempstead, Learingham & Cales, Norfolk. C78/1307, no. 2 [117]
1712 1 Aug 11 Lawrence Broome v John Hunton Mortgage of several newly built houses at Hammersmith in the manor of Fulham, Middx C78/1315, no. 3 [118]
1712 1 Aug 11 Sir Thomas Putt, William Coleman and William Martyn an infant only son and heir of William Martyn decd v Jonathan Ivie and William Hole. Mortgage and marriage settlement of lands in Oxton and Netherex, Devon. C78/1230, no. 6 [119]
1712 1 Aug 11 Robert Stracy v Robert Haddsley, Mark Noble, Francis Martin, James Mannison als Sansum and Richard Mead Robert Haddsley decd the complts grandfather, and mortgage of the reversion of an estate expectant upon the death of Prudence Haddsley. Messuage in the parish of Ware, Herts called Goddins als Goodwins. C78/1331, no. 5 [120]
1712 1 Aug 11 Robert Heathfield sole executor of John Strong decd v Joseph Renshaw Mortgage of leases to two newly erected messuages on Maze Lane, St Olave Southwark, Surrey C78/1350, no. 3 [121]
1712 1 Aug 11 Benjamin Tomlinson of the London, woolen draper; Richard Beale of Haile Place, Kent, gentleman; Edward Porter of Clarkenwell, Middx; John Dobson of St Sepulchres, London, innholder; Robert Matgi (?) of St Martin in the Fields, Middx, merchant taylor; and George Toulson of Lancaster gentleman an infant by Robert Piggott of St Clement Danes gentleman v. Lewis West esq; Samuel Belgrave gentleman; Stephen Husband gentleman; Elizabeth Toulson widow; Clement Toulson & Mary his wife; John Barber; Michael Ellis the steward or agent; and Thomas Parker C79/157, no. [122]
1712 1 Aug 11 Nathaniel Pennicott; William Carter & Anne his wife; Susan Coster; Mary Coster; Thomas Pettard & Sarah his wife late Sarah Coster; Thomas White; Phillipp Johnson & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas White; Anne White an infant by Thomas White her guardian; Charles White; Edward White; Anne White; Joan White; Thomas Godfrey; Peter Godfrey; Mary Peck; Henry Chandler; Susan Chandler an infant by the said Henry Chandler her guardian; John Hill; and Giles Hill infants by Roger Knight their guardian; and Mary Norton legatees of Susannah Ellis late the wife of Elias Ellis; Joseph Chridland an infant by Samuel Chridland his guardian; and James Strong devisees and legatees of Emanuel Harford who was a legatee of said Susannah Ellis as well on behalf of themelves as of the rest of the legatees of the said Susannah (other than the defendants) who contribute to the suit v. Arthur Parsons doctor of physick; Thomas Pullman; John Kirkpatrick; John Amory; William Cole; Elias Ellis; and Robert Lydston C79/151, no. [123]
1712 1 Aug 11 John Duboys and Richard Duboys infants by Richard Scott esq v. Joseph Hole & Catharine his wife; Francis Eyles merchant; Rowland Tryon merchant and others (sic) C78/2005, no. 4 [124]
1712 1 Aug 11 Anna Maria Watts of Hmapton Court, Middx, spinster, eldest daughter and one of the coheirs of Edward Batts of Tewin, Herts, esq; Thmas Dunster of Hertford, Herts, esq, & Dorothy his wife, one other of the daughters and coheirs of said ____ Watts v. John Ball, sr, esq; John Ball, jr; George Ball; and Francis Ball, sons of said John Ball; George Monson; Giles Dunster; Joseph Cramner; Walter Wellinger, esqs; and George Watts gent C78/1790, no. 2 [125]
1712 1 Aug 11 William Wardle of Bowsley, Staffs, gent v. Nicholas Bakin; John Gould; John Brindley; and Rebecca Goodwin C78/1770, no. 6 [126]
1712 1 Aug 11 Nathaniel Noell the younger of London v. Nicholas Staphorst of Lamborne, Essex, gent C78/1770, no. 4 [127]
1712 16 Oct 11 John Asgill and William Lilly v. Charles Hooper brother & executor of James Hooper decd Complt Asgill's purchase of the estate in Ireland of Nicholas Browne called Lord Viscount Kenmare, and encumbrance assigned to the decd James Hooper C78/1408, no. 5 [128]
1712 25 Oct 11 James Cardonnell v. William Morgan; Edward Herbert; John Asgill; Mortogh Griffin; and Thomas Wallis C78/1488, no. 9 [129]
1712 29 Oct. 11 Robert Stewart v Rowland Tryon, Christopher Warren, John Robins and Jane his wife and Christopher Bickerton and others (not named). Annuities due from mortgaged lands at Sexton, Ermington and Corwood, Devon C78/1230, no. 2 [130]
1712 29 Oct 11 Robert Stewart v. Rowland Tryon; Christopher Warren; Christopher Bickerton; [blank] Walters, widow; John Robins and Jane his wife; Nicholas Warren and Edgecomb (sic) Mortgage by the defendant Christopher Warren of farm called Sexton in the parish of Ermington, and farm called Harrathorne in the parish of Cornwood, Devon. C78/1421, no. 8 [131]
1712 29 Oct 11 Godfrey Lee v. Bridget Elwes, widow and executrix of Jeremy Elwes decd; Thomas Antrobus; and several other persons (not named) C78/1482, no. 2 [132]
1712 10 Nov 11 James Verdon, clerk v. William Balam, doctor of laws C78/1641, no. 8 [133]
1712 11 Nov 11 Sarah Bancks the elder of London, widow, relict and executrix of Richard Bankes, son of John Banks; and Sarah Banks the younger, an infant, sole daughter and heir of said richard Bankes, by said Sarah Bankes the elder, her mother v. Rebecca Bancks the widow, relict and executrix of said John Bancks; Utritia Bludworth, widow; and John Bludworth her son; Andrew Archer; Walter Stert; Sarah Cooke; and Nicholas Cooke; Peter Blundell; William Davenport; and Thomas Ford; Gyles Knightley; Robert Northley; Peter Sykes; John Marratt; Nathaniel Shewter; and Robert Fydell C78/1662, no. 2 [134]
1712 11 Nov 11 Sir Robert Bedingfield of London, knight; Samuel Awberry, coach maker; Jacob Franklin, vintner; William Pate, woollen draper; Adam White; William Spray, taylor; Thomas Bird; Thomas Green; Thomas Clayton, brewer; Charles Betty; William Arnold, linen draper; John Potts, tileman; Thomas Daunce, innholder; John Copland, butcher; William Scott; William Nash; James Bussar; Stephen Semay; Thomas Grammer, creditors of John, lord Jeffreys v. Thomas, lord viscount Windsor, Ireland & the Lady Charlotte his wife, baroness of Ross and Parr and of Kendall FitzHugh Marmion and St Quintin, England; The Right Honorable William Herbert, esq, commonly called the lord viscount Montgomery; The Right Honorable Sir John Trevor, knight, Master of the Rolls; and Joseph Goslin; and others (sic) C78/1119, no. 6 [135]
1712 12 Nov 11 John Piggott & Mary his wife v. Mary Chenell; Henry Hawley and John Aylward executors of Henry Cheynell C79/187, no. [136]
1712 14 Nov 11 Anne Milbanke, relict and only acting executrix of Ralph Milbank of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumb, gent v. Dame Jane Milbanck; John Milbancke; William Wall; Henry Lambton; Francis Wilkinson; Edmund Martin; Henry Martin; Sir Mark Milbancke, an infant, son of the said Dame Jane Milbanke, by Sir Marke Milbancke, her deceased husband; and Marke Milbancke, an infant, son of said complainant by her said husband C78/1663, no. 1 [137]
1712 15 Nov 11 Thomas Meredith, son and heir apparent of Ellis Meredith and Elizabeth his wife, sister and heir and administratrix of Richard Middleton decd v. John Wynn; Ellis Young; Gabriell Salisbury; Eubule Thelwall; Morris Jones; John Middleton; John Wynn; Dorothy Middleton relict of the said Richard Middleton decd C78/1465, no. 3 [138]
1712 20 Nov 11 Sir Cloudesly Shovell and Dame Elizabeth Shovell his wife executrix of John Hill late of London decd; Thomas Daeth senior of London; and Thomas Daeth junior of London v. Anne Nicholson, widow; Phillip Morris; and Isaac Francis Nicholson Mortgage by Francis Nicholson decd of the reversion of a lease of property called Poulton near St Radigans [St. Radegund's Abbey], Kent. C78/1452, no. 13 [139]
1712 21 Nov 2 John Kent, esq v. Sir Nathaniel Curzon, baronet; John Chamberlain; Richard Hawkins; William Poyntz; and Henry Cherrey C78/1560, no. 2 [140]
1712 22 Nov 11 Francis Blunt gentleman & Annabella his wife surviving daughter and administratrix of Roger Shackleton esq v. Isaac Newton C79/5, no. [141]
1712 24 Nov 11 Richard Brown; Thomas Harrison; Christopher Bewley; William Clarke; James Gardhouse; John Skilbeck; and James Hudson, customary tenants of the Barony of Graystock [Greystoke], Cumberland v. John Greenhow; Thomas Grave; and Anthony Edmondson and others (not named) C78/1489, no. 1 [142]
1712 27 Nov 11 Dame Mary Draper; Grey Nevill, esq; and Anthony Meeke, esq, lords and owners of the manor of Winckfield, Berks v. Thomas Ford; William Wise; John Terrey; George Horsenaile; Richard Bowyar; and William Finch; and divers other inhabitants of Warefield, Berks C78/1666, no. 1 [143]
1712 29 Nov 11 Calvert Bristow gentleman v. Francis Latham of London, merchant C78/1906, no. 10 [144]
1712 1 Dec 11 Elizabeth Dowsing, widow, administratrix of Daniel Dowsing her son v. Andrew Bracy, & Sarah his wife C78/1641, no. 5 [145]
1712 1 Dec 11 John Lovell; William Betts; John Betts; and Henry Betts v. William Boys C78/1494, no. 8 [146]
1712 2 Dec 11 Katherine Turner widow and sole executrix of Richard Turner the younger who was third son of Richard Turner the elder by Elizabeth his wife v. Elizabeth Turner mother and sole executrix of Robert Turner C79/58, no. [147]
1712 2 Dec 11 Joseph Muckleston; Evan Morgan; and Richard Muckleston an infant v. John Powell & Judith his wife; Sir William Williams baronet; John Muckleston; and Roger Trebor C78/2044, no. 7 [148]
1712 5 Dec 11 Paul Davis v Jane Jones widow of Maurice Jones; Humphrey Parry; Jane Jones widow of Humphrey Jones; David Lloyd; Owen Wynne; Robert Foulkes and John Williams Title to messuage called the Thole, Merioneth. Descent from Humphrey Jones, the plts great grandfather. C78/1385, no. 10 [149]
1712 6 Dec 11 Sarah Smith, widow v. John Smith; Henry Deane; Thomas Humfry Dolman; Lewis Dolman; Dorothy Dolman; Philip Henshaw; [blank] Hooke; Charles Cremer; and Philip Weston Debt & will of of Sir Thomas Dolman decd. C78/1445, no. 9 [150]
1712 8 Dec 11 John Brett, gent; and James Scott of London, grocer v. John Villars, earl of Buckingham alias John Villars esq C78/1730, no. 3 [151]
1712 8 Dec 11 Robert Prickler v. John Heaver C78/1466, no. 1 [152]
1712 10 Dec 11 Thomas Houghton, gent, & Sarah his wife, who was the only child and heir at law of John Acton of St Ives, Hunts, drover v. John Harknesse; and Dingley Askham C78/1723, no. 4 [153]
1712 11 Dec 11 Richard Gwynne v David Powell; Thomas Owen and Thomas, Lord Coningsby Title to messuage and farm in Glascombe [Glascwm or Glascome], Co. Radnor. C78/1385, no. 11 [154]
1712 11 Dec 11 James Brydges and Humphrey Walcott v Robert Rouse; James, Lord Chandoys and Edmund Adys Purchase and mortgage of the manor of Luyde als Lyde Arundel, Herefs. C78/1385, no. 8 [155]
1712 13 Dec 11 John, lord bishop of Litchfield and Coventry and Edward Byrch esq, register of the episcopal registry of the diocese of Litchfield and Coventry v. William Walmisley esq then chancellor of the said diocese of Litchfield; Gilbert Walmisley esq; Richard Ryder the elder; and Richard Ryder the younger C78/1908, no. 9 [156]
1712 11 Dec 11 Peter Shackerley, esq v. Thomas Sparke, gent, & his wife; Sarah Sparke, widow; Gerrard Townesend, esq; Samuel Tayler; John Hutton, gent; and Mary Wood, widow C78/1770, no. 5 [157]
1712 15 Dec 11 Edward Thomas v James Partherich; William Price and Tracey Pauncefort Debt of Sir John Thomas decd, the plts late brother. C78/1385, no. 14 [158]
1712 15 Dec 11 Patience Bennett relict and sole executrix of William Bennett esq who was brother and sole executor of John Bennett esq; and Thomas Bennett son and heir of said William Bennett and nephew and heir at law to said John Bennett v. William Dew C78/1900, no. 5 [159]
1712 15 Dec 11 Thomas Owen v. Moses Hart and Nathaniel Halhead Defts trading in Bank of England Stock on behalf of the complt. C78/1463, no. 6 [160]
1712 17 Dec 11 Jane Brune spinster, Christopher Pitt Doctor of Physick, Nathaniell Nappier clerke, Samuell Nappier, [blank] Prankerd, John Collins, [blank] Dawbeney, Andrew Bridle, [blank] Goodard widow, Simon Whetcombe, John Galton and Thomas Harding, principal creditors of William Lewis late of Stock Garlard, Dorset decd and Mary Lewis, Jenny Lewis, Anne Lewis, William Lewis and Dennis Lewis infants the younger children of the said William Lewis by Henry Thornhill v William Weston junr, Benjamin Coker and Charles Brune, Mary Lewis and Charles Lewis Debts of William Lewis and obligations in marriage settlement. Manors of Stock Gailard [Stock Gaylard, Dorset], Bradle [Bradley,?Gloucs], Barnstone, Wincanton [Somerset], Beer Hackett [Dorset], parsonage of Wincanton and advowson of Beer Hackett C78/1325, no. 1 [161]
1712 19 Dec 11 Sir John Tirwhyt baronet & Dame Mary his wife late Mary Drake grandaughter and one of the residuary legatees of William Mountagne esq and formerly Lord Chief Baron of the Court of the Exchequer v. John Lloyd gentleman: Charles Bertie esq; Ralph Freeman esq; Samuel Trotman esq; the lady Drake his wife; Mountagne Gerrard Drake esq; Mary Drake; Sir Simon Harcourt knight; John Drake esq; William Jennens; Jane Drake; and Bezaliell Knight C78/2059, no. 2 [162]
1712 20 Dec 11 John Pistor, clerk v. Henry Golding, gent; and Sir Compton Felton, baronet, sole executor of Sir Thomas Felton, baronet C78/1530, no. 1 [163]