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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1695 C78/, no. []
1695?? Fisher v. Baker and Robert Silver (Silver was probably administrator of Anne Fisher (later Anne Gardiner) who was executrix of Richard Fisher). The date of the decree is missing; the top of the record is worn off. Perhaps readable under ultraviolet in the original. C79/199, no. [2]
1695?? Craven v. Harrison C77/199, no. [3]
1695 18 Jan 7 Thomas Sturmy of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. John Hodges of the Inner Temple C78/752, no. 1 [4]
1695 19 Jan 7 Sir Francis Lawley v George Abbott the elder and Anthony Keck afterwards Sir Anthony Keck Debts of Edward Abbott, George Abbott & Maurice Abbott (father of the deft George Abbott) to William Bond C78/1371, no. 4 [5]
1695 19 Jan 7 John Lade, citizen and leather seller of London v. Thomas Wood, only son of Thomas Wood of Uckfield, Sussex, gent; John Russell of Uckfield, grocer, administrators of said Thomas Wood the father C78/1516, no. 2 [6]
1695 20 Jan 7 Henry Portman of Orchard Portman, Som, esq v. Thomas Erle, esq; Edward Berkeley, esq; Richard Fownes, esq; and Nathaniel Palmer, esq C78/804, no. 1 [7]
1695 23 Jan 7 James Taylor of London, merchant & Elizabeth his wife, who was thentofore second wife of Everingham Crescy,m esq v. Dorothy Crescy; John Tate, esq; Henry Crooke; Henry, lord Fairfax; Francis Nevile, esq; Henry Tyreman, gent; Gervas Crescy; Thomas Crescy; and Luke Robinson, esqs C78/957, no. 1 [8]
1695 24 Jan 7 Edmund Raven, yeoman; Martha Laver, widow; James Fox, gent; and Mary Snellock, widow, for themselves and for other creditors of Hezekiah Dowsett v. Jane Dowsett, widow; Ezehiah Dowsett; Anne Dowsett; and Elizabeth Dowsett C78/1612, no. 5 [9]
1695 24 Jan 7 The Bailiffs and Burgesses of the Burrough or Town of Wych alias Droitwich, Worcs; Sir Edward Seabright of Belford Court in the same county, baronet; Dame Mary Yate of Hartington, Worcs, widow; Ralph Sheldon of Weston, Gloucs, esq; John Cooke of Staunton, Worcs, esq; John Clutton of Pensax, Worcs, esq; Simon Barker of Worcester, Worcs, esq; and Henry Johnson on Hanbury, Worcs, gent, being proprietors of divers bullaryes of salt and salty halls within the town of Droitwich and liberties and precincts thereof v. Robert Steynor, gent C78/1071, no. 1 [10]
1695 25 Jan 7 Nathaniel Stoughton, esq & Anne his wife, daughter of Doctor William Brough, late Dean of Gloucester, heir and executrix of Edmond Brough her brother v. Elizabeth Gleane, administratrix of Leonard Gleane, gent; and Thomas Gleane, son and heir of said Leonard; John Jay; and John Houghton, trustees of said Leonard C78/957, no. 2 [11]
1695 27 Jan 7 Sara Paige widow, administratrix of Richard Watts decd and also administrarix of Isabella Hull the wife of Benedict Hull and grandmother of the said Richard Watts v William Freeman, Roger Kemp and Joseph Bennett Debts for merchants goods (beef, pork, butter and candles). Also refs case of said William Freeman v Sarah Paige and Roger Kemp the younger C78/810, no. 4 [12]
1695 29 Jan 7 The Keepers or Wardens and Society of the Art of Mystery of the Broderers of the City of London v. John Pidgeon; and John Ingram C78/1612, no. 6 [13]
1695 30 Jan 7 William Robinson, gent v. George Jackson; and Samuel Biscopp C78/1529, no. 4 [14]
1695 31 Jan John Finchm son of Richard Finch of Steining, Sussex, miller v. Nicholas Ditcher, & Elizabeth his wife; John Newnham, gent; Walter Comber; William Head; Thomas Steining; and John Cooper C78/767, no. 1 [15]
1695 4 Feb 7 The Attorney General for their Majesties and for the inhabitants of the parish of Haseley, Warw v. Edward Clopton, esq, & Martha his wife; Robert Mordant, esq; William Fetherston, gent; John Bree, gent; William Hill, clerk; Samuel Price; William White; William Fullford; Thomas Whitehead C78/766, no. 4 [16]
1695 4 Feb 7 Jeffrey Jeffreys; and John Jeffreys, esqs, executors of John Jeffreys esq; Dorothy Mericke, relict and executrix of Benjamin Merricke; and John Tillotson, doctor in divinity and dean of St Pauls, London; and William Rawlins, executor of Thomas Chesterman v. Margaret Morris, widow ; and Charles Morris, esq C78/812, no. 1 [17]
1695 4 Feb 7 Roger Whaley, citizen and grocer of London & Susanna his wife; and John Whaley; and Katherine Whaley, infants, son and daughter of said Roger Whaley by their said father v. Thomas Chasey; and Charles Carpenter C78/1233, no. 2 [18]
1695 6 Feb 7 Peter Ellers of London merchant v Joseph Strutt merchant Accounts of money invested in the deft, interest due on over £38,000. C78/1356, no. 4 [19]
1695 6 Feb 7 John Heron of Abingdon, Berks, widow v. William Pudsey, esq C78/752, no. 3 [20]
1695 9 Feb John Smith; and Cornelius Machan, executors of Anne Delamott v. Sibilla Delme, widow, executrix of Samuel Reynolds C78/783, no. 7 [21]
1695 9 Feb 7 Luke Short v. Charles Taylor, gent C78/827, no. 4 [22]
1695 12 Feb 7 John Makins, & Sarah his wife; and John Borley v. Thomas Barker C78/1612, no. 2 [23]
1695 15 Feb 7 John Starling v. Thomas Browne, esq, & Martha his wife; Nicholas Parham; Sir Richard Berney, baronet; Arthur Rookwood; John Berney, & Phillippa his wife C78/1612, no. 7 [24]
1695 16 Feb 7 John Hay v. John Hay, clerk; and John Vaughan C78/784, no. 7 [25]
1695 18 Feb 7 William Bridgeman, esq v. Sir John Rous, baronet; and Margaret London C78/1560, no. 1 [26]
1695 22 Feb 7 William Pugh esq v. Edward Vaughan esq & Mary his wife C78/2038, no. 5 [27]
1695 23 Feb 7 William Hawes, gent v. John Gurden; and John Wace C78/783, no. 6 [28]
1695 23 Feb 7 John Hill, esq & Anne his wife v. Jonathan Langley, esq; and Dame Elizabeth Langley; and others (sic) C78/955, no. 1 [29]
1695 23 Feb 7 Dame Elizabeth Burton alias Holford the widow, relict, and one of the executors of Sir William Holford, knight; and divers others the creditors and legatees of said Sir William Holford v. Sir William Holford, knight, eldest son and heir of said Sir William Holford & the Lady Frances his wife, one of the daughters of James, late earl of Salisbury; Geoffry Palmer; Mathew John; and Richard Brudnell, esqs; Ebenezer Sadler; and William Massey, gent C78/1138, no. 2 [30]
1695 26 Feb. 7 William Norris and Elizabeth his wife, Nicholas Pollexfen and Read Pollexfen v John Pollexfen, Sir Francis Drake, John Buller and others (not named) Financial trusts, and money in the hands of Sir Henry Pollexfen decd C78/780, no. 5 [31]
1695 6 March 7 John Buckner of Roydon, Suff, gent & Jane his wife v. Clement Martin of Shelley, Suff; Isaac Wakenfield; and Henry Creamer C78/958, no. 1 [32]
1695 8 March 7 Dame Elizabeth Monius of Waldershare, Kent, widow v. Nathaniel Denew of Dover, Kent, gent; and Richard Jobson of St Clement Danes, Middx, taylor C78/1694, no. 1 [33]
1695 8 March 7 Richard Butler, gent; Thomas Strangwayes, esq; Thomas Watters; John Markham; Constantine Jessop, doctor of divinity; Richard Butler the younger; and Elizabeth Benson, widow, administratrix of William Benson v. Thomas Lander the elder; Thomas Lander the younger; Francis Stanley; Francis Cleyton; Philip Perkins; and William Houghton C78/1088, no. 2 [34]
1695 9 March 7 Stephen Rothwell v Jane Walpoole widow and administratrix of Theodore Walpoole, and Daniel Wickham. Recovery of money laid out in financial trusts C78/780, no. 4 [35]
1695 9 March 7 John Allenson, son, heir, and administrator of Robert Allenson, an infant, by Judeth Stead, his guardian v. Henry Ramsden C78/776, no. 3 [36]
1695 11 March 7 The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of the College of John the Evangelist in the university of Cambridge v. Sir Samuel Fleming knight C79/43, no. [37]
1695 12 March 7 Jeremiah Walden, Herts, esq, of the age of 22 years; Henry Hale; Barnard Hale; and Thomas Hale; Catherine Hale; and Elizabeth Hale, infants being younger sons and daughters of said William Hale by Mary Hale, widow their mother v. Robert Cecill, esq, & Elizabeth his wife, late widow of Richard Hale, esq, the complainants elder brother; William Hale, an infant, son of of said Richard Hale; Jeoffry Elwes; and John Hoskins, esq C78/774, no. 1 [38]
1695 6 April 7 Mary Dawson, widow; Lucy Dawson, an infant, by said Mary Dawson her mother; Edward Becher; Richard Becher; and John Hughes v. Joseph Lawrence; and Samuel Elliott; and others (sic) C78/955, no. 2 [39]
1695 10 April 7 John Plater v Nathaniel Grantham Debt C78/1361, no. 4 [40]
1695 10 April 7 John, earl of Rutland; John Crow; William Whatton; Roger Herbert; and Edward Lowe v. Christopher Clapham; John Windar; and John Browne, esqs; Joshuah Blackwell; Thomas Woodford; and John Lowe, gen; John Skelton, clerk C78/1134, no. 1 [41]
1695 11 April 7 Ambrose Browne, esq v. Sir Adam Browne, since deceased; Sir William Meux, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Sir James Worsly, knight; Sir Jemmett Raymond, knight; and Jemott Raymond, esq; John Browne, esq; Margaret Browne; William Jordan & Phillippa his wife C78/1109, no. 4 [42]
1695 13 April 7 John Reeve; and Richard Cope v. George Carleton C78/781, no. 11 [43]
1695 17 April 7 John Ward of London, gent v. Richard Bowater; and Richard Bignell C78/1571, no. 2 [44]
1695 18 April 7 Rebecca Mytton widow v. Richard Pope & Alice his wife and Roger Pope C78/2038, no. 6 [45]
1695 19 April 7 John Hudson of St Olaves, Southwark, Surrey, feltmaker v. Samuel Grosvenor; Anthony Cheney; George Thompson; Henry Burman; Richard King; Michael Evans; Nicholas Orton; Sir Samuel Dashwood; Sir Robert Dashwood; John Perry, esq; Edward Nowell; and Leonard Condit C78/752, no. 5 [46]
1695 22 April 7 Craven Peyton of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq, son and heir and also one of the executors of Sir Robert Peyton of Lincolns Inn, knight; and Spencer Gerrard of Easthaw, Surrey, esq, the other executor of Sir Robert Peyton v. Bryan Ayliffe, citizen and tallow chandler of London; and Richard Weston of London, gent C78/958, no. 3 [47]
1695 25 April 7 Elizabeth Carew, widow v. George Semor; James Cotton; Robert Brough; Henry Carr; Elizabeth Carr; Anna Sophia Carr; and Allena Maria Carr C78/1631, no. 4 [48]
1695 25 April 7 Anne Southernwood, daughter of Thomas Sothernwood v. said Thomas Sothernwood & Mary his wife; and Richard Churchman C78/1034, no. 4 [49]
1695 26 April 7 Herbert Masters; and Elizabeth Jones, executors of Somerset Fox, esq v. Edward Smallman, gent, & his wife C78/769, no. 2 [50]
1695 30 April 7 Elizabeth Merson widow and administrarix of Robert Merson v Robert Baker Loan by the late Robert Merson to Baker. Security of 3 messuages in Uffculme, Devon. C78/805, no. 3 [51]
1695 1 May 7 John Beighton and Susanna his wife; Mary Selby, widow; William Pocklington; Purbeck Halles; John Walker and Elizabeth his wife; John Somner; Paul Duckmane; Henry Braddon; William Webb; Anthony Warrman; William Hartley; Thomas Clarke; Gilbert Hallwincle; Edward More; John Freeman; and Abraham Shoemaker v. Robert Bellamy the elder; Robert Bellamy the younger and Katherine his wife; Thomas Wood and Katherine his wife; Hannah Bellamy; Henry Bellamy; John Harlock; and Jeremiah Mason C78/1474, no. 2 [52]
1695 3 May 7 Richard Goodman, John Wallis and others v Hugh Barker Purchase by the late Edmond Sherrock of the Dove House Farm, Buckinghamshire C78/775, no. 2 [53]
1695 3 May 7 John Mountjoy v. Thomas Wintle; and Nurse Yates C78/768, no. 8 [54]
1695 6 May 7 Sir Edward Ward knight Attorney General at the relation of Gabriel Towerson, doctor in divinity, rector of the parish church of St Andrew Undershaft, London, and of Thomas Kett and George Waylett churchwardens and of William Richardson; John Forman; Richard Acton; and Thomas Bromfield overseers of the poor of that parish v. Sir William Rich C78/2009, no. 1 [55]
1695 7 May 7 Edward Colston v. John Meredith C78/766, no. 6 [56]
1695 7 May 7 Elizabeth Morgan, widow v. Thomas Berenger & Edith his wife C78/1248, no. 9 [57]
1695 8 May 7 William Powers v. Thomas Overton C78/768, no. 7 [58]
1695 9 May 7 Elizabeth Lawrence, only daughter of John Lawrence, an infant, by Hubert Gould her uncle and guardian v. Anthony Floyer, esq; James Gould; and Lawrence Purchase C78/1620, no. 15 [59]
1695 10 May 7 Richard, John and Elizabeth Letten, children of Nathaniel Letten decd by Richard Nicholls v Susannah Letten widow and executrix of John Letten, Susannah Letten and Sarah Letten children of Nathaniel Letten, Martha Letten, Susannah letten and Elizabeth Letten children of the said John Letten decd and John Mason Debts and testamentary settlement of personal estate and stock in Hudsons Bay Co., East India, Co., and African Co., and mortgage of lands in Berks C78/780, no. 6 [60]
1695 11 May 7 Anne Lillee v Charles Robinson Marriage settlement of waterhouse and works and lands in Sculcoates, Hull, Yorks C78/780, no. 2 [61]
1695 11 May 7 Hugh Bethell, esq v. Charles Robinson, gent C78/772, no. 3 [62]
1695 20 May 7 John Baker, citizen and brewer of London v. Dame Anne Mathews of London, widow and relict of Sir Phillip Mathews of Edmonton, Middx, baronet; and Sir John Mathews of London, baronet, son and heir of said Sir Phillipp, an infant C78/958, no. 2 [63]
1695 21 May 7 Mary Holloway widow and administratrix of John Holloway late citizen and merchant taylor of London decd v Joseph Greenhill and Nathaniel Holloway and others (not named). Debts C78/780, no. 3 [64]
1695 21 May 7 Margaret Henman v Mary Cookeman Mortgage of tenements in Scotch Yard, Bush Lane, London C78/1110, no. 2 [65]
1695 21 May 7 Robert Tucknes of Word alias Worth, Kent, yeoman v. John Kingsford of Canterbury, milliner C78/1516, no. 9 [66]
1695 21 May 7 Adam Fawcett; Jane Fawcett; and Margaret Fawett, an infant, by said Adam Fawcett her guardian v. Jane Fawcett, widow, executrix of George Fawcett; and Anthony Fothergill; James Spalton, & Anne his wife C78/773, no. 5 [67]
1695 21 May 7 Francis Hollingshead, esq & Anne his wife; Angell Hollingshead; Thomas Hollingshead; and Francis Hollingshead, children of said Francis Hollingshead & Anne, infants, by said Francis their guardian v. Edward Mellish, esq C78/1109, no. 7 [68]
1695 24 May 7 John Ward; Lawrence Wright; John Parker; Henry Wright; Sir Richard Onslow and Dame Elizabeth his wife only daughter and administratrix of Elizabeth Tulse widow decd v Susannah Ward widow and Isabella Ward and Mary Ward surviving children of Sampson Ward decd Mortgage of the tythes of Capeston, Ches by Sampson Ward. C78/1372, no. 4 [69]
1695 1 June 7 Margaret Bobbet, Alexander Chamberlyn v Arthur Bobbet and William Standard. Messuage on the manor of Newton Placey, Somerset. Disputed customs and fines of the manor C78/805, no. 1 [70]
1695 4 June 7 Richard Grice v John Gregson and Samuel Jenkinson Debts owing to the complainant: messuage at Pudsey, Yorkshire, as security C78/775, no. 9 [71]
1695 4 June 7 Thomas White v Christian Seely. Estate of Richard Seely, and execution of his will C78/805, no. 2 [72]
1695 5 June 7 Joseph Gascoigne, doctor of divinity, executor of Robert Theobald, esq v. George Salter C78/1123, no. 5 [73]
1695 5 June 7 Guicciardine Wentworth, gent, executor of Guicciardine Ayloffe v. John Clarke, deceased; John Try; Richard Barker; and John Cozens C78/1233, no. 1 [74]
1695 10 Jun 7 James de Montant, Samuel De Boisrond, Charles De Vignoles administrator of Jaque de Banne Davigean decd, Guilleame De Blossett de Pralong, Francis de la Vivare, Nicholas De la Charoys, Jaque De Ferron, Jeremy Bancons, Henry Lislemarais, August Rabar, Gasper belgarde, Francis de Cadolles administrator of Guillaume De Madronnet decd, Samuel De Cluso administrator of Daniel De la Godnnarie decd, Jean Poisson De la Brouse, Louis Pelissier, Jaque De Rimbilliere, Francis de Mont Andre, Constantine De Magny, Marc Anthonie De Moncat, Theophile De la Cour De Brisay, Louis de Gozzon de Theine, Pierre De Bruse and Daniel De Virazall v Peter De la Gruelle and Ludovna his wife and others (not named) Payments due to officers and soldiers in the Company of Granadeers in Their Majesties Regiment of Foot C78/1371, no. 3 [75]
1695 11 June 7 John Newberry v. William Turner; William Cox, & Sarah his wife C78/1629, no. 1 [76]
1695 13 June 7 Margaret Spencer; and Rachell Spencer v. Henry Aldrich; Thomas Turner; and Henry Smith, doctors of divinity C78/1123, no. 3 [77]
1695 14 June 7 Tamworth Reresby, esq v. Sir William Reresby, baronet C78/1571, no. 1 [78]
1695 18 June 7 Margaret Brighouse of Westminster, Middx, an infant of the age of 16 years or thereabouts by John Frances v. William Paige esq; Edward Byrch serjeant at law; Mathew Johnson esq; and Peter Ridge C79/180, no. [79]
1695 18 June 7 Elizabeth Bettenham, widow and relict of Anthony Bettenham, gent v. Thomas Carter, doctor of divinity C78/1714, no. 20 [80]
1695 19 June 7 William Steele v. Francis Creswick esq C79/165, no. [81]
1695 20 June 7 Judith Sharpe executrix of Thomas Smith decd, Gameliel Sugden supervisor of the last w & t of Robert Sharpe decd, Isabella & Susan Sharpe infants children of the said Robert & Judith Sharpe, Robert Sugden, Elizabeth Sugden and Frances Sugden children of the said Gameliel by Mary his wife daughter of the said Robert Sharp infants v Thomas Lord Jermin Will of Robert Sharpe. Messuage in the Marlow in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. C78/1330, no. 4 [82]
1695 20 June 7 Robert Woolcombe, esq; and Susan Wyatt, daughter of Richard Wyatt, gent and of Mary his wife, an infant by said Robert Woolcombe v. Alice Wyatt, widow; Richard Wyatt, gent; and John Carwithen, gent C78/798, no. 6 [83]
1695 22 June 7 Elizabeth Whittington, widow and Sarah Pury, spinster, 2 of the daughters and executors of Thomas Pury decd v. Theophilus Leigh; Jepthah Wyrall and Martha his wife; Robert Hill; Deborah Pury, spinster; and Sarah Huggins and Thomas Huggins, infants Will of Thomas Pury decd. Estate in Gloucester. C78/1443, no. 5 [84]
1695 22 June 7 Mercy Walsh, widow, relict, and administratrix of George Walsh, esq v. William Walsh, esq; Francis Bromley, gent, & Anne his wife; Victoria Walsh; Mary Walsh; Elizabeth Walsh; Octavia Walsh; Elizabeth Walsh; and Katherine Walsh C78/1716, no. 8 [85]
1695 22 June 7 Mercy Walsh, widow, relict, anbd administratrix of George Walsh, esq v. William Walsh, esq; Francis Bromley, gent, & Anne his wife; Victoria Walsh; Mary Walsh; Elizabeth Walsh; and Octavia Walsh, an infant, by Elizabeth Walsh, widow and guardian AND v. Elizabeth Walsh; and Katherine Walsh, the only children of Charles Walsh doctor of divinity, infant by Henry Toye their guardian C78/1713, no. 15 [86]
1695 26 June 7 Jasper Kingsman, esq v. Edward Bury, esq, son and heir of Henry Bury; Henrietta Bury, widow and relict of said Henry Bury; Henrietta Bury, spinster; and John Bury, children of said Henry Bury; William Palmer, esq; Richard Bacon; Thomas Freeman; Gyles Browne; John Alleyne; John Orlebar; Joseph Fountaine; and Richard Boraston, creditors of said Edward Bury C78/799, no. 4 [87]
1695 26 June 7 William Kittridge, gent & Mary his wife; and Katherine Kittridge, an infant, by William Kittridge, her father and guardian v. James Grahme; and Charles Pigeon, esqs C78/1116, no. 6 [88]
1695 28 June 7 Elizabeth Selby v Leonard Dykes, Robert Abell. Property on the manor of Holme Cultrain, Cumberland: debts owed to Abell, a vintner of London. C78/775, no. 8 [89]
1695 29 June 7 Diana Masters, widow and executrix of Edward Masters, Doctor of Laws v. William Masters, clerk Reversion of the manor of Halton in county of [blank], settled by Broome Whorwood late of Halton decd. upon Doctor Masters and the complt Diana upon their marriage. C78/1443, no. 7 [90]
1695 1 July 7 William Lucas als Penning and Jane Lucas als Penning infants by John Sharpless of the parish of St Martin's in the Fields, Middx v Charles Rampaigne and Wm Parkinson John Godshall of London, merchant, executor of the last w & t of his late father John Godshall decd. Lease of the site of a messuage on Lime Street, parish of Dionis Backchurch, London which burnt down in the late fire of London. C78/1322, no. 1 [91]
1695 1 Jul 7 Benjamin Godwin v Alexander Davenant; Richard Cowper; Robert Cowper; John Cowper and Anne Patterson Mortgage of a tenth part of the profits of the two play houses or theatres in London and Middlesex. C78/1372, no. 3 [92]
1695 3 July 7 Joane Standish relict and executrix of Edward Standish v Bridgett Raymond widow, Samuel Raymond, Henry Selleck, Timothy Raymond and Dorothy Raymond spinster Legacies payable from profits of leases of lands in Michael Creech, Somerset C78/1110, no. 7 [93]
1695 4 July 7 Elizabeth Morton widow, executrix of John Whicker Morton decd v Sir Sebastian Smith, Thomas Sherwood, Thomas Gregory, William Kent, James Medlicott, Thomas Southby and John Morton an infant by Emanuell Morton Will and debts of John Whicker Morton. Manor of Hill Court in Tackley, Oxon C78/1356, no. 5 [94]
1695 4 July 7 Thomas Clarke, clerk, in his own right and as administrator of Joseph Clarke his brother v. Joshua Dunne, & Mary his wife; and Thomas Burdett C78/774, no. 4 [95]
1695 4 July 7 Servington Savery, esq, & Elizabeth his wife v. Robert Bedingfield; George Newland; William Symonds; and Simon Beckley C78/827, no. 3 [96]
1695 5 July 7 John Taylor of Stratford, Essex, yeoman, & Rebecca his wife; John foster of St Margaret, Westminster, Middx, gent, & Rebecca his wife, eldest daughter of said John Taylor; and Elizabeth Taylor, spinster, youngest daughter of said John Taylor v. Elizabeth Shorter, spinster C78/1503, no. 7 [97]
1695 6 July 7 John Bishopp of Stickford, Lincs; Bishopp Young of Hemswell, Lincs an infant by John Young his father; and [blank] Cater eldest son of Richard Cater of Horne Castle [Horncastle], Lincs v. Thomas Fountaine; Anne Bradshaw and Elizabeth Todd, widows; Sir Richard Osbaldiston; Hannah Wheately; Edward Misdale; [blank] Watson; Mathew Clarke; Edward Harrison; John Farrer; [blank] Marshall; Francis Norton; [blank] Marwood; Henry Kany; George Viccars; Robert Wrightson; [blank] Hely; [blank] Sill; [blank] Turner; [blank] Matson; [blank] Simons; Thomas Shepley; John Clayton; John Matson; Edward Harrison; Francis Cotton; Joseph Pease; James Townsend; James Gleadall; John Green; William Hornecastle; John Gill; John Ostcliffe; William Ibetson; Thomas Collett; Edward Grave; John Botham; sarah Brooke; Robert Greaves; Sarah Lister; Nathaniel Prince; John Jumey; William Jackson; Peter Allen; John Arundell; Thomas Corbridge; Thomas Bramhall; William Beckitt; Thomas Roydehouse; George Preistley; Edward Child; Robert Hesselgreave; Thomas Bradshaw; Thomas Hepworth; Anthony Beamont; Thomas Hurst; and Anne Absom C78/1485, no. 1 [98]
1695 8 July 7 John Bishop of Stickford, Lincs, gentleman an infant by John Young his father and ____ Cator eldest of Richard Cator of Hornecastle [Horncastle], Lincs, gentleman v. Thomas Fountaine; Anne Bradshawe; and Elizabeth Todd widows; Sir Richard Osbaldiston; Hannah Wheately; Edward Misdale; ____ Waatson; Mathew Clarke; Edward Harrison; John Farrer; ______ marshall; Francis Norton;______ Marwood; Henry Kany; George Vicars; Robert Wrightson; _____ Hely; _____ Sill; _____ Turner; ______ Matson; _____ Symons; Thomas Shepley; John Clayton; John Matson; Edward Harrison; Francis Cotton; Joseph Pease; James Townsend; James Gleadall; John Green; William Collett; Edward Grave; John Betham; Sarah Brooke; Robert Greaves; Sarah Lister; Nathaniel Prince; John Inmey; William Jackson; Peter Allen; John Arundell; Thomas Corbridge; Thomas Bramhall; William Beckitt; Thomas Roydehouse; George Preistly; Edward Child; Robert Hellesgreave; Thomas Bradshawe; Thomas Hepworth; Anthony Beamont; Thomas Hurst; and Anne Abson C79/99, no. [99]
1695 8 July 7 Charles Ventris, esq, & Frances his wife, one of the four daughters of Sir Nicholas Stoughton and one of the sisters and coheirs of Sir Lawrence Stoughton baronet v. Anne Glydd; Margaret Massingberd; Henrietta Stoughton; Sarah Stoughton; and Timothy Whitfield & Elizabeth his wife C78/777, no. 1 [100]
1695 10 July 7 Edward Ward, esq, since Sir Edward Ward, knight, then Attorney General, at the relation of John Marsh; William Hornby; Thomas Veere; Jacob Pennington; Mathew Deane; John Deane; and Isaac Hannell v. Mathew Disney; and William Lea C78/1146, no. 1 [101]
1695 11 July 7 Henry Cornish esq v. Sir Andrew Henley baronet C79/165, no. [102]
1695 11 July 7 Henry Cornish esq v. Andrew Henley baronet C79/128, no. [103]
1695 12 July 7 Susanna Blackmore and Mary Blackmore daughters of Susanna Blackmore widow daughter of Mary Gonson widow infants by Humphrey Gonson v. Susanna Blackmore widow; William Richardson; and Edward Gonson C79/9, no. [104]
1695 12 July 7 Timothy Posterne; Charles Holloway; Thomas Griffin; Henry Headly; and Elizabeth Chipps an infant by said Henry Headly v. Edward Stedman & Elizabeth his wife; and William Chipps C78/2015, no. [105]
1695 12 July 7 Patience Bond, widow, executrix of John Bond, gent, her husband; and Edward Turner, trustee for said John Bond v. Robert Jefferyes & Mary his wife; Frances Bryant; Edward Plummer; and John Bond, esq, son and heir of said John Bond C78/1109, no. 6 [106]
1695 12 July 7 Sir Edward Ward, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Francis Baker and Henry Manfield, churchwardens; and Alexander Cooke and Roger Wright, overseers of the poor, and for the parish of Drinkeston, Suff v. Stephen Camborne; Edward Camborne; Reginald Sayer; and Thomas Cocksedge, executors of Thomas Camborne, clerk C78/1123, no. 4 [107]
1695 12 July 7 Edward Ward, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Matroe the younger of Bury St Edmunds, Suff, gent; Samuel Grove of the same, dent; and Samuel Buttely of the same, gent v. James Calthorp; Christopher Calthorp; Reynolds Calthorp; Robert Low; Charles Trumball, doctor in law; John Nicholas, doctor in divinity, executors of Dorothy Calthorp, spinster C78/1125, no. 1 [108]
1695 13 July 7 Sarah White widow v. Edward Maurice sr and Edward Maurice jr & Margaret his wife; Henry Mostyn gentleman & Catherine his wife; Mathew Price esq; Eubule Theswall esq; and others (sic) C79/44, no. [109]
1695 13 July 7 Sarah White widow v. Edward Maurice sr; and Edward Maurice jr & Margaret his wife; Henry Mostyn gentleman & Catherine his wife; Mathew Price esq; Eubule Thelwall; esq; and others (sic) C78/2038, no. 3 [110]
1695 16 July 7 Robert Payne and Matthew Lant v. John Hodges; Dame Mary Heveningham; and Martha Tym C78/1487, no. 5 [111]
1695 18 July 7 Thomas Butler, gent; and Macaiah Perry v. Thomas Aspin, esq & Elizabeth his wife; Gilbourne Scroope; John Greening; and Daniel Fox C78/1109, no. 5 [112]
1695 25 July 7 Henry St John, esq & Angelica Magdalena his wife late widow and executrix of Phillipp Wharton, esq v. Robert Byerley, esq & Mary his wife, daughter and heir of said Phillip Wharton; Sir John Chardin, knight; and Theodore Colladon, doctor in phisick C78/1034, no. 8 [113]
1695 10 Aug 7 Francis Parry, esq; Elizabeth Boteler, widow; and Thomas Owen, esq v. Sir Thomas Meres, knight; Robert Meres; The Honorable Bernard Granvile & Anne his wife; George Granvile; and Thomas Boteler, esq C78/1099, no. 1 [114]
1695 18 Oct 7 John Hinton v. Arthur Owen; William Wogan; Edward Hillyard, esq; Thomas Knight; William Morgan; Lewis Loyd; Nicholas Baker; and John Johnson C78/1068, no. 1 [115]
1695 23 Oct 7 William Pearce, & Rachell his wife v. William Nabbs the elder; William Nabbs the younger; John Nabbs; Thomas Tremayne; Edward Carter; and others (sic) C78/768, no. 1 [116]
1695 29 Oct 7 Margaret Wood; and John Wood, an infant, by said Margaret Wood his grandmother v. Lancelot Megotson; Samuel Wall; and Frances Robson C78/1571, no. 3 [117]
1695 29 Oct 7 Elizabeth Clarke v. Dame Joyce Turner, widow; mathew Johnson, esq; John Tench; and George Clarke, gents C78/791, no. 7 [118]
1695 31 Oct 7 Benjamin Joseph v. Roger Mott; and Roger Williams, executors of John Hill C78/1713, no. 16 [119]
1695 31 Oct 7 Thomas Walker, esq, & Elizabeth his wife, one of the three surviving daughters and coheirs of Hoe (?) Gaines, esq, her late father and one of the three surviving sisters and coheirs of John Gaines, esq, her late brother and also one of the three aunts and coheirs of John Williams her late nephew, late son and heir of Blanch Williams, late wife of Daniel Willjames, esq, formerly called Blanch Gaines, spinster v. Florence Lucy, widow; and Gaine Lucy, gent, son of said Florence an infant by said Florence his mother and guardian, AND also v. Katherine Gaines, spinster C78/1631, no. 7 [120]
1695 31 Oct 7 Jane Butcher otherwise Bourchier, Phillipa Butcher otherwise Bourchier and Anne Butcher otherwise Bourchier three of the five daughters and coheiresses of John Butcher otherwise Bourchier v. Mary Butcher otherwise Bourchier, widow and relist of the said John Butcher otherwise Bourchier; Mary Gullifer, widow; and John Goodwyn and Elizabeth his wife C78/1485, no. 2 [121]
1695 7 Nov 7 Anne Clutterbuck widow and Thomas Clutterbuck, joint executors of Samuel Clutterbuck decd v Major Bradley and Sir John Sabine. Payments due from mortgaged lands in Hearne [Herne], Strode [Strood], Christlett [?Yorkletts], Whitstable, Seasalter[in Whitstable], West Hith [West Hythe], Canterbury and Isle of Thanet, Kent C78/810, no. 5 [122]
1695 9 Nov 7 Sir Robert Legard v Charles Earl of Winchelsea, John Finch, Anne Finch, Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Winchelsea, John Eyres since decd, Richard Bethell, George Carter and Daniel Earl of Nottingham Purchase by Christopher Legard, the complts father, of the manor of Tranby [in Anlaby], Co. Yorks and Co. of Kingston upon Hull from Heneage late Earl of Winchelsea and Francis Finch late of the Inner Temple decd. C78/1371, no. 1 [123]
1695 9 Nov 7 William Wight, clerk v. Sir Richard Newdigate, baronet; Richard Newdigate, esq, his son; Thomas Bayly, gent; Walter Devereux; Edward Chamberlain; John Gee; William Meeds; John Astley, esq; Joseph Vere, gent; John Malin; Thomas Wade; Richard Miller; William Lucas; William Jacques; John Wilkinson; Elizabeth Lucas, widow; John Swik; Thomas Clarke; John Chamberlaine; Joseph Harris; Thomas Haukinson, jr; John Stone, sr; John Merry; Michael Merry; William Gee; Richard Clarke; Thomas Hall; Benjamin Kelsey; Thmas Cramner; Christopher Lucas; John Hinckleuy; Ralph Bucknell; Abraham Young; Joseph Holmes; William Mason; Robert Cla; John Cheshire; John Vere, sr; John Vere, jr; Henry Townsend; Simon Clifton; Joseph Capener; Thomas Drought; Joshua Hewett; Elizabeth Hidson, widow; Thomas Haukinson, sr; John Moody; Abraham Young; Aaron Hands; Elizabeth Ward, widow; Richard Walker, gent; John Smith; Elizabeth Webb, widow; and John Stone, jr C78/769, no. 1 [124]
1695 11 Nov 7 Elias Russell, an infant son and heir of Elias Russell of St Leonard's Bromly, Middx, who was surviving son and heir of Ann Conine, widow by John Page his uncle v. William Bower C78/1783, no. 3 [125]
1695 11 Nov 7 Elias Russell, an infant son and heir of Elias russell late of St Leonard's, Bromley, Middx, who was surviving son and heir of Ann Conine, widow by John Page his uncle v. William Bower C78/1783, no. 3 [126]
1695 11 Nov 7 John Clarke of Boston, Lincs, gent, administrator of Ann his late wife one of the daughters of John Hodgson of Stixwould, Lincs, gent v. Humphry Taylor, sr, & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Timperly the executor or administrator of John Colston; Phillip Hodgson; and Faith Heneage C78/1783, no. 2 [127]
1695 14 Nov 7 Thomas Edwards, gent v. Henry Watts; and Richard Watts C78/766, no. 1 [128]
1695 15 Nov 7 Richard, lord viscount Bulkeley, & Elizabeth his wife, late wife and executrix of Thomas Lort, esq, the only daughter and heir of Griffith White, esq, by his wife who was the only issue of Griffith Dawes, esq v. George Lord, esq; John Jones, doctor of physick, & Judith his wife; Griffith Hewes Rewell, & Elizabeth his wife; George Meare, esq, & Hester his wife; Mary Bowden, widow; Mathew Bowen, gent; Owen Jones, clerk; Elizabeth Williams; ___ Margat, gent; and Richard Fenton C78/1620, no. 5 [129]
1695 15 Nov 7 Elizabeth Stephenson, widow, administratrix of Nicholas Stephenson her late husband v. Henry Wilson, & Jane his wife C78/772, no. 1 [130]
1695 15 Nov 7 John Hall; John Haynes; Richard Humfryes; Richard Calcott; Richard Samon; Thomas Gyles; George Westbury; Humphry Whealer; Richard Hall, jr; Mathew Harwood; James baker; Edward Baker; Richard Hall, sr; John Gilkes; William Calcott; Phillipp Malun; Richard Wyatt; Thomas Hall; James Hall; John Willett; Joseph Tayler; William Keene; and Joseph Newell, all landholders and inhabitants of Wiggington, Oxon v. Richard Bridcoake, esq C78/781, no. 8 [131]
1695 (?) 17 Nov 7 William Turk, an infant by Joseph Reader v. Nicholas Bolld; and John Bolld, executor of John Bolld his late father; and others (sic) C78/1715, no. 11 [132]
1695 19 Nov 7 Robert Tatham of Pontefract son & heir of Robert Tatham decd, Walliam Tatham another son, Samuel Emerson, Elizabeth Tatham, Mary Tatham, Anne Tatham, Margaret Tatham, Isabell Tatham and Dowglas Tatham daughters of the said Robert Tatham v William Ramsden and John Kiplin Execution of the will of Robert Tatham decd C78/1369, no. 16 [133]
1695 19 Nov 7 William Castle, gent v. Walter Hill; Francis Baskerville; Humfrey Baskervile; Christopher Taylor; and Bylas Vaughan C78/784, no. 6 [134]
1695 20 Nov 7 William Parker, gent v. Dorothy Silly, widow; Joseph Silly; and Francis Calmady C78/1794, no. 4 [135]
1695 23 Nov 7 Kingham Hort and Isaac Hort v. Thomas Hort and Thomas Knight esq C78/2014, no. 3 [136]
1695 27 Nov 7 James Sawyer, gent v. Thomas Blasoe, gent C78/1034, no. 6 [137]
1695 28 Nov. 7 George Bright Doctor in Divinity and Dean of St Asaph [Denbighshire] and William Busby of Loughborrow [Loughborough], Leics v Samuel Staples Mortgage of messuage in Burleigh [Burleigh Hall] and lands in Loughborrow, Leics C78/1224, no. 11 [138]
1695 28 Nov 7 Robert Symonds v. Nicholetts Barneby, & Anne his wife; and Sir John Barneby, knight C78/784, no. 5 [139]
1695 28 Nov 7 Edward Brooke, clerk; and Elizabeth Burt, widow v. John Taylor; and Mary Taylor, widow C78/807, no. 5 [140]
1695 28 Nov 7 Robert Shaw, brazier v. Joseph Harper C78/1109, no. 2 [141]
1695 29 Nov 7 Dame Catherine Lawrence widow of Sir John Lawrence decd and Katherine Lawrence and Dorothy Lawrence daughters of the said Sir John Lawrence and Dame Catherine infants v Thomas Stone, Ralph Hare, John Stone, Edward Stone, Joseph Arnold, John Lawrence and Adam Lawrence sons of the said Sir John Lawrence and Thomas Priestly Rent charge due to the complt for her jointure. C78/1371, no. 8 [142]
1695 30 Nov 7 Mary Squibb alias Rowe v. Peter Bluzee C79/67, no. [143]
1695 2 Dec 7 Sarah Norman, an infant, only daughter and heir of Jonathan Norman, by William Rictter v. Anne Norman, relict of said Jonathan; and George Norman, executors of said Jonathan Norman; Samuel Alderson, clerk; and Thomas Phillipps C78/1109, no. 3 [144]
1695 4 Dec 7 Ellen Fisher, widow and relict of Edward fisher of London, merchant v. Francis March, merchant; and Samuel Blackerby, esq, executors and legatees of Edward Fisher; Mary Fisher, infant, sole daughter and child of said Edward an a legatee of Richard Middleton; Ann Mary Middleton; Katherine Middleton; and John Godman, legatees in said will C78/1503, no. 6 [145]
1695 10 Dec 7 John Tomkins v John Heather Title to mortgaged premises in Trotter Alley in Bermondsey, Surrey C78/1211, no. 2 [146]
1695 10 Dec 7 David Hughes of Burford, Oxon; Thomas Mayott; Robert Aston; and Robert Aston; John Aston; John Brag; Thomas Bolter; John Collyer; Tymothy Collyer; Isaac Clarke; John Cusse; Richard Dabner; Robert Henwick Faulleroy; William Ford; William Goram; William Gosson; William Holland; William Hill; William Hunt; Thomas Hunt; John Jorden; John Innes; Thomas King; Christopher Kempster; John Lynsey; James Maddey; Richard Monke; Richard Maundes; Humphry Nunny; Phillipp Price; John Playdell; William Payett; Henry Rudgeley; Richard Smith; William Tayler; Samuel John White; Francis Weston; Thomas Yale; Symon Yale; Sir George Ent; Mary Stonehouse; Richard Alder; Nicholas Corall; [blank] Boncale v. Sir Edmund Fettiplace; John Pryor; Katherine Lenthall; and John Lenthall her son Will and debts of William Lenthall late of Burford, Oxon, only son & heir of Sir John Lenthall of Bassersleigh, Berks [Besselsleigh, now in Oxon], and grandson & heir of William Lenthall of Burford decd. C78/1454, no. 5 [147]
1695 10 Dec 7 Nathaniel Gurdon, doctor and professor of Divinity, brother and heir and also executor of Phillip Gurdon, esq v. Thomas Carver, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1620, no. 11 [148]
1695 10 Dec 7 Thomas Sanders, citizen and Skinner of London v. Thomas Witherden of Tunbridge, Kent, apothecary, & Bridget his wife; Hugh Chamberlaine of St Clement Danes, Middx, doctor in physick; John Brett of St Clement Danes, apothecary; and Nathaniel Carpenter, citizen and draper of London C78/1519, no. 3 [149]
1695 10 Dec 7 John, earl of Rutland; John Crow; William Whalton; Roger Herbert; and Edward Low v. Christopher Clapham; John WInder; and John Browne, esqs; Joshua Blackweth; Thomas Woodford; and John Low gents; and John Skelton, clerk C78/1034, no. 5 [150]
1695 16 Dec 7 Henry May, gent v. Thomas May; and Henry May C78/1631, no. 5 [151]
1695 17 Dec 7 Thomas Webb of Kensington, Middx, esq v. Sir Cesar Cranmer, knight C78/766, no. 7 [152]
1695 17 Dec 7 Nicholas Gilbert of London, gent v. The Royal African Company of England Plaintiff was employed the Company as their cash keeper and book keeper, entrusted to receive and pay their cash C78/814, no. 5 [153]
1695 20 Dec 7 Richard Bate of London, merchant and Sarah his wife; Raynes Bate, Newton Bate, Sarah Bate, Barbara Bate & Isabella Bate children of the said Richard Bate, infants v. Isaac Hawkins; John Burrows and Christopher Prissock [Prissick], merchants Execution of the will of Barbara Newton, widow, decd, late mother of the complt Sarah Bate the elder. Estate in Snopton [Scropton] & Foston, Derbys and in Barbados. C78/1418, no. 1 [154]
1695 20 Dec 7 John Venables, esq v. Thomas Barker, executor of William Bentley, doctor in physick C78/799, no. 3 [155]
1695 20 Dec 7 John Venables, esq v. Thomas Barker, executor of William Bentley, doctor in physick C78/1146, no. 2 [156]