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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1686 2 C78/, no. []
1686 18 Jan 1 John Ward & Elizabeth his wife; and Isabell Cooke v. Anne Walter C78/991, no. 8 [2]
1686 19 Jan 1 Sir John Guyse baronet and William Guyse esq executors of Anthony Arnold and Anne Arnold widow and relict of said Anthony Arnold v. Sir Edward Smith baronet and Dame Frances his wife devisee and executrix of Sir Richard Weston; Richard Arnold son and heir of said Anthony Arnold and Henry Nourse esq C78/2061, no. 1 [3]
1686 19 Jan 1 Edward Brent, esq v. John Williams; Richard English; Randolph Poulson; Robert Cage; John Jeffrys; Walter Tindall; and Henry Burman C78/991, no. 7 [4]
1686 20 Jan 1 Elizabeth Baker; Mary Baker; Anne and Katherine Baker infants by Sir William Hooker knight; Robert Newton son of Thomas Newton; Robert Newton son of Richard Newton; Mary Newton; Elizabeth and Frances Newton daughters of the said Richard Newton by Richard Briscoe, all of them either creditors or legatees of Sir Robert Newton late of London,baronet v. Sir Philipp Howard; Dame Elizabeth his wife; James Smith; John Middleton; Richard Newton; William Beaver; anbd Phillip Rawlins C78/1936, no. 12 [5]
1686 20 Jan 1 Frances Whitmore, widow and infant, relict, and executrix of William Whitmore of Balmes, Middx, esq, by Mathew Harvey, esq; and Dame Frances Whitmore his wife, her mother, and next friends v. William Shenton, esq, & Dame Anne Robinson his wife, the surviving sister of William Whitmore, esq, father of said William Whitmore, the complainant's husband and one of his coheirs; Sir John Robinson, baronet; Sarah Robinson; James Robinson; Henrietta Robinson, infants; and Anne Barker, children of said Lady Robinson; Storie Barker, esq, husband of said Anne Barker; and Henry Barker; William Barker; Elizabeth Barker; and Anne Barker, also infants, grandchildren of said Lady Robinson; Sir Charles Kemeys baronet, son and heir of Dame Margaret Kemeys; George Kemeys; Mary Kemeys; and Anne Kemeys, children of said Dame Margaret who was one other of the sisters and coheirs of said William Whitmore, the father; and George Weld, esqs, son and heir of Dame Elizabeth Weld; Thomas Weld; Elizabeth Weld; Anne Whitmore, children of said Dame Elizabeth Weld, who was one other of the sisters and coheirs of said William Whitmore the father; and Richard Whitmore, husband of said Anne Whitmore; Roger Pope; George Pope; Elizabeth Weld; George Weld; Charles Weld; Thomas Weld; William Weld; Dorothy WEld; Anne Whitmore; Katherine Whitmore; William Whitmore; and Dorothy Whitmore, also infants, grandchildren of said Dame Elizabeth Weld; Sir William Whitmore, baronet; and William, earl of Craven C78/1605, no. 2 [6]
1686 23 Jan. 1 William and Thomas Hall v Bernard Dowthwaite and others (named). Rent charge issuing from settlement of lands in Newsham [Neasham], Westholme [by Winston], Alwent [in Staindrop par.] Winston and Little Bellamy, Durham. C78/1020, no. 9 [7]
1686 23 Jan 1 Sir Walter Long baronet and George Arnold esq v. Alice Perryer widow; Edward Bulwer esq & Hannah his wife; and Hannah Bulwer an infant daughter of said Edward Bulwer & Hannah his wife C78/1914, no. 14 [8]
1686 24 Jan 1 Richard Pendarvis, esq; and john Thompson v. Elias Rich, esq, & Sarah his wife, late daughter of Sarah Knight, widow; and Sir Peter Rich, knight C78/1600, no. 6 [9]
1686 25 Jan 1 Robert Oxman yeoman v. Stephen Wiles C78/1936, no. 11 [10]
1686 26 Jan 1 Edward Plainpin of Aylesbury, Bucks, gent, administrator de bonis non (by Mary his wife who was his administratrix) of his father, Thomas Plainpin of London, esq v. John Beas, doctor in phisick C78/1113, no. 1 [11]
1686 28 Jan 1 William Atkinson v. Jacob Atkinson; Thomas Atkinson; Luke Atkinson; and Alexander Atkinson, infants C78/964, no. 8 [12]
1686 28 Jan 1 John Cox & Mary his wife v. Thomas Lewes, esq; and Thomas Browne, esq C78/991, no. 6 [13]
1686 29 Jan 1 Daniel Parsons of Wapping in the parish of St Mary Matfellon alias White Chapel, Middx v. John Smith of Margatt in the parish of St Johns, Kent, surgeon; and Alexander Smith of Sandwich, Kent, mariner C78/1056, no. 1 [14]
1686 1 Feb 1 John Cole the younger, gent v. Ralph, lord Stawell; Susannah Cole, the wife of said John Cole; Christian Grey; Margaret Grey; Jane Grey; and Henry Backway, gent C78/1281, no. 3 [15]
1686 2 Feb 1 John Gregor esq and Elizabeth his wife daughter of Sir Walter Moyle knight and granddaughter of Sir William Morrice knight by Sir John Carew baronet; and Henry Gregor gentleman their guardian v. Sir William Morrice baronet C78/2034, no. 3 [16]
1686 4 Feb 1 Lawrence Hamond & Ursula his wife; and John Clay v. William Bird; and Thomas Clay, executors of John Clay C78/963, no. 3 [17]
1686 4 Feb 2 William Hawes, gent v. John Sharpe, esq C78/1148, no. 4 [18]
1686 5 Feb 1 Humphry Jennens, esq & Mary his wife; Charles Adderley, esq & Felicia his wife, which Mary and Felicia were two of the daughters of John Milward, esq, and two of the sisters and coheirs of Henry Milward, son and heir of said John and the surviving administrators of the said Henry and executrices of Dorothy their late sister, late wife of William Copley, another of the sisters and heirs of said Henry Milward; John Constable, esq, son and heir of another of the sisters and coheirs of said Henry v. Henry Boothby, an infant, son and heir of Francis Boothby who was son and heir of Frances, another of the sisters and coheirs of Henry Wilward; Sir William Boothby, knight and baronet; Anne Child, widow; William FitzHerbert, esq; and Christopher Lea, trustees of said Francis Boothby; and Thomas Barker, one of the trustees of said William Copley & Dorothy his wife; and William Lathsopp (?) C78/963, no. 2 [19]
1686 8 Feb 2 James Freeman, & Sarah his wife, sister of Richard Barnes v. Richard Smith C78/808, no. 3 [20]
1686 8 Feb 2 John Powell; Philadelphia Metford; William Mitford; Sarah Mitford; Charles Mitford; John Lethullier; Mary Lethuellier; and Anne Lethuellier, all infants by Samuel Powell and Anthony Stephens v. Samuel Thompson & Sarah his wife C78/888, no. 4 [21]
1686 9 Feb 2 John Legh esq; Thomas Legh; Gravenor Dyson; Richard Windle; Samuel Toye; John Davey; Thomas Jorden; Martha Bate widow; and Elizabeth Nevill widow v. Henry Gray esq and Thomas Dickins C78/2037, no. 3 [22]
1686 9 Feb 2 Robert, lord Ferrers, baron of Chartley, Staffs; Charles Manwaring, esq; John Grosvenor; Sir Phillipp Egerton, knight; Margaret Swettenham; John Mills; John Thredder, merchant; George Manwaring; Charles Hinton, esq; William Phillipps; Francis Cholmondley, esq; and John Fishwicke; and Thomas Neild, executors of Ralph Pownall; Katherine the wife of John Baguley, the surviving executor of Humphry Pownall; John Wall; William Penkston; Richard Blackburne; Peter Yates of Church Holme; Collins Wolrich; Ralph Lownds; Peter Yates of Middlewich; Samuel Beckett; Thomas Webb; Thomas Foedon & Felicia his wife; Anne Sneyd; Humphrey Briggs; and Thomas Booth v. Katherine Venables, widow and relict of Peter Venables, esq, late baron of Kinderton; and Anne Venables, daughter and heir of said Peter Venables; William Venables, esq & Mary his wife, sister of said Peter Venables; Sir Geofrey Shackerley, knight; and Richard Leigh, esq C78/1016, no. 9 [23]
1686 10 Feb 2 Thomas Tooke, esq & Elizabeth his wife v. Richard Atkins, esq; Thomas Atkins, esq; Edward Corbett, esq; and Thomas Tooke, gent C78/888, no. 2 [24]
1686 11 Feb 2 Francis Burgis, Edward Hall and John Burgis an infant, son of the said Francis Burgis by William Hodgson his guardian v John Page Mortgage of lease of parcel of ground on Thomas Street, usually called Swan Alley, Clerkenwell, London C78/1313, no. 3 [25]
1686 11 Feb 2 John Wilkins gentleman v. Mary Wolseley, widow; Thomas Charnells gentleman; Beauchampe Wolseley; William Greene & Casandra his wife; Elizabeth Wolseley; and Hester Wolseley C78/2037, no. 8 [26]
1686 11 Feb 2 Frances Beckford of London, widow, the relict of Richard Beckford of the same, esq; and Anne Beckford, one of the daughters of said Richard and Frances, by said Frances Beckford v. Sir Thomas Beckford, knight; John Butterfield; William Kendall; Nathaniel Haggott; George Beckford; and Baldwin Duppa C78/1166, no. 8 [27]
1686 12 Feb 2 Mary Bignall widow v. Jacob West; James Hurst & Alice his wife; and Alexander Sanderson C78/2045, no. 5 [28]
1686 13 Feb 2 Anne Odell v John Odell and others (named). Payments due from trust settlement of lands in Farnedish, Beds C78/1020, no. 10 [29]
1686 13 Feb 2 John Clarke, esq; John Trye, esq; and Richard Baker executors of George Dewey, gentleman v. Sarah Jevon, widow; and David Grant, gentleman C78/2033, no. 13 [30]
1686 15 Feb 2 Charles Read v. John Lane; Thomas Spencer; and William fitz Williams Barnewell C79/71, no. [31]
1686 15 Feb 2 Thomas Bates; Abraham Orme; Thomas Marshal; John Hassard; Robert Harrison; John Bowler; William Teybott; Joseph Clerke; John George; Hugh Bennett; William Armeston; Elizabeth Orme widow; all of Ashby de LaZouche gentleman, Leics; Thomas Wright; Thomas Dudley, gentleman; Henry Sykes; and Nicholas Joyce v. Abraham Presbury the elder; Joseph Clerke the elder; Symon Perrins the elder; Ithiell Smart clerk; Nicholas Sykes the elder; Martyn Farwell; William Sparkes; Michael Ash; John Pullen; and Thomas George surviving feoffees of the lands and tenements belonging to the schools of Ashby de LaZouche C78/2037, no. 9 [32]
1686 15 Feb 2 George Bacon of Hartford, Som, gentleman v. William Sellecke of Oake, Som, gentleman & Elizabeth his wife C78/1909, no. 11 [33]
1686 16 Feb. 2 William, Earl of Kingston upon Hull v Henry, Duke of Newcastle and others (named). Bill (Trinity 1684) reciting agreements (no date) with inhabitants of Edwinstowe, Ollerton and Walesby to quit claim their common rights in the wood of Billhayland [Bilhaugh] and Birklands, Nottinghamshire, in order that it could be imparked and enclosed with adjoining lands in Palethorpe [Perlethorpe] and Thoresby, Notts, by the complainant, and alleging that the inhabitants were breaking down his enclosure. C78/921, no. 6 [34]
1686 16 Feb 2 William, Earle of Kingston upon Hull v Henry, Duke of Newcastle and others (named). Bill (Trinity 1684) reciting agreements (no date) with inhabitants of Edwinstowe, Ollerton and Walesby to quit claim their rights to common in the wood of Billhayland [Bilhaugh] and Birklands, Nottinghamshire, in order that it could be imparked with adjoining land in Palethorpe [Perlethorpe] and Thoresby, Notts, by the complainant, and alleging that the inhabitants were breaking down his enclosure. C78/922, no. 9 [35]
1686 18 Feb 2 Thomas, bishop of Lincoln; Sir Richard Newdigate, baronet; and Edward Abbott, clerk v. John Daud, gent C78/1559, no. 9 [36]
1686 20 Feb. 2 Hannah Wilson and others (named) v Henry Jones and another (named) Debts due to executors of will of William Wilson to enable his testamentary bequests to be paid. C78/820, no. 5 [37]
1686 20 Feb 2 John Varey the elder v. George Beadnall C78/909, no. 2 [38]
1686 22 Feb 2 Henry Greswold, clerk; Anne Greswold, widow; and Humphrey Powell, gentleman & Elizabeth his wife v. Sir George Walker, knight and baronet; and Sir Robert Marsham, knight C78/2033, no. 10 [39]
1686 22 Feb 2 Ezekiel Gibbs v. Thomas Wythe C78/2014, no. 1 [40]
1686 22 Feb 2 John Suffeild; Thomas Speering; and Richard Dee v. Edmond Plowden and Francis his wife; James May; Edward Griffin; and Charles Pigeon Encumbrances remaining after sale of messuages and land in Farling, Hants. C78/1452, no. 4 [41]
1686 23 Feb 2 Glover Johnson, Sarah his wife v Henry Heacock Deposit of money by Sarah into the hands of Heacock C78/885, no. 2 [42]
1686 23 Feb. 2 Thomas Warde v Cuthbert Wade and others (named). Bill (Hilary 1682) reciting partition and enclosure of common fields and seeking a commission to allocate plots. Kilnesey Wood, Craven, Yorkshire. C78/920, no. 9 [43]
1686 23 Feb 2 Thomas Seackbaine, citizen and clothworker of London v. John Hartford, & Anne his wife; and Christopher Smith C78/762, no. 2 [44]
1686 26 Feb 2 Sir Robert Sawyer, knight, Attorney General, for his late Majesty Charles II v. Edward Vernon, esq; Rupert Browne; and Samuel Bohome, gents C78/1591, no. 1 [45]
1686 1 March 2 John Wightwicke, esq & Elizabeth his wife, formerly called Elizabeth Beverley, sole daughter and heir of James Beverley, esq, son and heir of Sir James Beverley, knight and niece of Oliver Beverley of Lincolns Inn, gent v. John Jermy & Jane his wife; Albion Chare; Thomas Tinman; and Theophilus Smith C78/888, no. 7 [46]
1686 1 March 2 Elizabeth Castle, the widow of James Castle v. Daniel Brent; Adiell Mille; John Mille & Susanna his wife; Francis Childe; John Hulker; Arthur Squire; John Lucas; and Samuel Brewster C78/991, no. 4 [47]
1686 2 March 2 Edward Stephens of Gillingham, Kent, gentleman administrator with the will annexed of John Parker late of Gillingham gentleman v. John Winter; Leonard Meeres; Edward Meeres; Jeoffery Nightingale; and John Nethersole C79/167, no. [48]
1686 2 March 2 William Walbanck gentleman& and Elizabeth his wife the relict and administratrix of Mathias Taylor late of Wisbech in the Isle of Ely esq not administered by William Colvile esq; Richard Marriot esq and Burrage Martin esq executor of said Mathias Taylor and Peter Vanden Anchor of London merchant v. Henry then duke of Norfolk since deceased; the lord Thomas Howard esq; Richard Marriot esq; ___ Widdrington; William Bourne; Richard Taylor; Edward Partherich; Thomas Cobb; Oliver Baron; Reginald Mitchell; Colonel Silus Titus; Sir Thomas Chicheley knight; Thomas Curtis; Francis Warts; Abraham Rees; Thomas Wright; Thomas Percivall; Robert Holmes; William Cole; Richard Hooper; William Aires; Thomas Read; Richard Read; John Cooper; John Pettit; Richard Cooper; William cooper; Peter Descos; Cornelius Grimwood; John Fincham esq; William Gent; Thomas Smyth; William Neale; William Cawthorne; John Burrow; Thomas Adamson; James Tunk; Francis Burrell; and the governer, bailiffs, and commonalty of the Company of Conservators of the Great Level of the Fenns called Bedford Level C79/47, no. [49]
1686 3 March 2 Edward Spencer v John Turner and another (named). Debts and bonds in connection with mortgage of lands in Silveston, Northants C78/1120, no. 9 [50]
1686 3 March 2 Alice Cole v Thomas Wright and others (named). Legacies payable from houses in Ipswich, Suffolk C78/1120, no. 10 [51]
1686 3 March 2 Sir Robert Sawyer knight Attorney General on behalf of his Majesty as well as at the relation of Roger Davies of Uxbridge, Middx, clerk and William Wing of Colebrooke, Bucks, clerk v. Robert Kenwricke esq & Elizabeth his wife; William Kenwricke esq & Katherine his wife; WIlliam Stephens; Charles Coleman; John Gregson; Thomas Cartwright; Robert Garrett; Anne Proctor; Ralph Hawtrey esq; Lancelot Johnson esq; John Slocombe; Richard Townsend; Henry Fewtrell; George Fewtrell; Mathew Collett; and Mathew Coleborne C78/2070, no. 9 [52]
1686 3 March 2 Cornelius Van Beselar of London, merchant; John Bulteel of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, gent; and John Reeve of St Andrew, Holborne, silk dyer, by John Pordage gent v. Samuel Hutchinson; and Edward Windas C78/1168, no. 1 [53]
1686 4 March 2 Francis Jervis v John Preston Possession of messuage called "Greene Dragon" in Old Brentford, Middx and lands in Ealing, Middx C78/1218, no. 5 [54]
1686 5 Mar 2 Robert Dickenson uncle and heir of John Dickinson decd who was son and heir of John Dickenson his father also decd v Thomas Styles and Elizabeth his wife, and Richard Allibon Marriage agreement at the marriage of John Dickenson the father and Elizabeth the daughter of George Weld C78/1313, no. 4 [55]
1686 5 March 2 Charles Goodall doctor in phisick; Sir William Twisden baronet; Charles Twisden doctor in phisick; George Hutchins esq; Zachary Smarthwaite gentleman; James Sherratt; and John Hoskyns esq v. John Smart & Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Cryer widow C78/1914, no. 1 [56]
1686 5 March 2 Richard Overman of London, merchant v. Mathew Elliston; and Benjamin Hinton C78/1275, no. 1 [57]
1686 6 March 2 Isabella Walmsley surviving executrix of Denham Hunlowe v. Thomas Morley esq & Penelope his wife and Robert Forster C78/2042, no. 2 [58]
1686 6 March 2 Sir Cane James baronet; Dorothy Phelips since married to Henry Frederick Thynne esq and Elizabeth Phelips daughters of Francis Phelips the elder esq deceased and also infants by Anne Phelips their mother and guardian v. Thomas Hamond, gentleman; William Dyer & his wife; and John Osborne C78/2033, no. 12 [59]
1686 6 March 2 Richard Woolaston, esq v. Sir Richard Stevens, knight; and Edward Hemming C78/991, no. 5 [60]
1686 6 March 2 Robert Wimington of St Clement Danes, Middx, gent v. Richard Bourne of the Middle Temple, esq & Anne his wife; Joane Salmon of Fulham, Middx, widow; and James Masters of Yoakes, Kent, esq C78/1056, no. 2 [61]
1686 6 March 2 Edward Chamberlaine, doctor of laws v. Thomas Chamberlaine, esq C78/1239, no. 3 [62]
1686 14 April 2 Anne Garrett of Winfrith Newburgh, Dorset, widow; Robert Rose of ____, Dorset, yeoman; and Roger Clavell; Anne Clavell; and Katherine Clavell, infants, by said Anne Garrett, their mother v. George Mullins; Mathew Webber; Walter Goddard; and thomas Gosse, executors of Christopher Garrett the complainant Anne's late husband C78/1056, no. 3 [63]
1686 15 April 2 Samuel Verdon, ent v. Sir William Cooper; John Cooper; James Cooper; Charles Paris; Henry Paris; Robert Gransby; Peter Cleyton; William Millett; Mary Lane; Francis Lane, jr; and Margaret Lane, the infant; and Francis Lane, sr C78/762, no. 6 [64]
1686 20 April 2 Samuel Moyer the younger of London, merchant; and Dame Anne Dethick of Tottenham, Middx, widow, executor of John Jollyff of London, merchant v. Benjamin Albyn of London, merchant C78/1800, no. 6 [65]
1686 21 April 2 William Chudleigh v John Cole, William King Estate of the late Robert Creswell. Lease from the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford, of the Church of Weston C78/885, no. 5 [66]
1686 21 April 2 Richard Gay v William Corye and others (named). Legacies and debts payable from testamentary settlement of copyhold lands in Woodton, Hempnall, Saxlingham, Shottisham, Fritton, Shelton, Catton, Elmeham East and West Braddenham, Norfolk C78/1020, no. 2 [67]
1686 22 April 2 John Kingsmith; and Daniel Kingsmill, sons of Daniel Kingsmill, deceased, who was a younger son of Sir Henry Kingsmill, knight & Dame Bridget his wife, both deceased v. Sir William Kingsmill, knight, who was son and heir of Sir Henry Kingsmill; the Lady Frances Ellis, daughter and administratrix of James Fynes, afterwards Lord Say; Symon Smith, executor of the Lady Gorge; Richard, lord Gorge; and Abigall Kingsmill C78/1082, no. 1 [68]
1686 24 April 2 George Grey v Margret Palmer and others (named). Bonds in connection with lease of manor of Langley, Leics C78/1020, no. 1 [69]
1686 27 Apr 2 John Pryor v. William Life, clerk since decd; and Thomas Life Debts of the complt to both defts. Non-delivery of previous bond for cancellation. C78/1425, no. 7 [70]
1686 28 April 2 Robert Forster for creditors (not named) of Rt. hon. Henry Noell v Baptist Lord Viscount Campden and others (named). Debts payable from estate of manors of Wickham, Lines, Upminster, Essex and North Luffenham, Rutlands. C78/1180, no. 5 [71]
1686 1 May 2 Henry Atkinson v Dorothy Atkinson and others (named). Trust of Kippon Parks and lands in Killinghall and two watermills in the forest of Knarsbrough, Yorks C78/922, no. 7 [72]
1686 1 May 2 Sir Thomas and Dame Elizabeth Price v Richard Bayly and others (named). Lease, trust and mortgage of fen lands in Lincs and Isle of Ely, Cambs. C78/923, no. 1 [73]
1686 1 May 2 Sir Robert Sawyer, knight, Attorney General, for His Majesty and at the relation of The Governors of Christs Hospital within the City of London for the Benefit of the Poor in said Hospital C78/757, no. 1 [74]
1686 3 May 2 George Hall and Margaret his wife v Thomas Bayliffe, John Bayliffe and Elizabeth Bayliffe widow. Portions payable from lands in Hallywell, Northumberland. C78/922, no. 8 [75]
1686 3 May 6 Sir Richard Middleton, baronet; Thomas Middleton, esq, an infnat, by said Sir Richard, they being brothers of Sir Thomas Middleton, baronet; Richard Middleton, merchant; Charles Middleton, esq; and Robert Middleton, son of said Richard v. Dame Charlotta Middleton; Charlotta Middleton, an infant, her daughter; Sir Thomas Wilbraham, baronet; Sir Thomas Grosvenor, baronet; Sir John Bridgman, baronet; Thomas Cholmondley, esq; Mutton Davies since deceased; Thomas Pirchard; Peter Davies; and Thomas Edwards C78/1588, no. 6 [76]
1686 3 May 2 John Fishe, an infant, by Peter Marsden v. Sir Richard Standish, baronet; and James Roscowe C78/792, no. 6 [77]
1686 4 May 2 John Cateau v. Peter Phillippo, since deceased; and Omas Phillipo C78/1016, no. 6 [78]
1686 4 May 2 William Pegg of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, taylor v. Elizabeth Hunt; Elizabeth Bell; Sarah Cunningham; and Richard Williams C78/1174, no. 4 [79]
1686 5 May 2 Thomas Cooke; John Speed; and William Horsington gentlemen; William Webb; Hugh Corb; Walter Deacon yeomen; and John Gifford gentleman v. Edward Strode esq C78/2045, no. 2 [80]
1686 5 May 2 Robert Thorowgood of Kings Lynn, Norf, merchant, & Katharine his wife, executrix of Roger Briggs her then late brother v. Margaret Grey; Ralph Gray; and Robert Ellison C78/1641, no. 14 [81]
1686 5 May 2 William Barker, esq v. William Temple; and Richard Onslow; and others (sic) C78/1641, no. 13 [82]
1686 (bill) 6 May 2 Sir Edward Bromfield of Suffolk Place, Surrey, baronet & Dame Anne his wife; John Page and Francis Millington of London merchants v. Sir Anthony Mayne of Linton, Kent, baronet C79/25, no. [83]
1686 7 May 2 Anne Yeoman spinster v. William Nut esq executor of Joseph Wilson C78/1908, no. 2 [84]
1686 7 May 2 Roger Coke, esq, executor of Ciriat Coke v. Thomas Knight, sr; and Thomas Knight, jr C78/808, no. 1 [85]
1686 2 May 2 William Bonell; and Robert Bonell v. Robert Dodd; and Rowland Brograve C78/888, no. 1 [86]
1686 10 May 2 Daniel Barer, jr v. John Simpkin; and Daniel Barker, sr C78/762, no. 5 [87]
1686 10 May 2 Sir Richard Piggott, knight & Dame Rebeccah his wife; Elizabeth Pickering, widow; Thomas Nappier, esq, son and heir of Mary Nappier v. Elizabeth Marchant, widow; Anthony Lambert, gent & Edith his wife; Giles Tombes & Elizabeth his wife C78/963, no. 1 [88]
1686 11 May 2 Ralph Sandiford v Jonas Kay Title to mortgaged messuage and lands in Carlecoates, Yorks C78/921, no. 4 [89]
1686 11 May 2 William Sacheverell v Richard Davenport and others named. Title and interests in manor and advowson of Kibworth, Beauchampe, Leics. C78/1020, no. 7 [90]
1686 11 May 2 Thomas Bigg of Hackington, Kent v. Thomas Newsum C79/167, no. [91]
1686 11 May 2 Amos Sheppard and Ewsebius Sheppard, sons of Dormer Sheppard of London, citizen and salter; and Elizabeth Sheppard youngest daughter of William Sheppard of Great Rowlreght, Oxon, esq, infants by Fleetwood Sheppard, esq, their uncle v. Dormer Sheppard and Robert Sheppard C78/1800, no. 5 [92]
1686 11 May 2 Sir Richard Osbaldeston of Hunmanby, Yorks, knight, administrator of Dame Frances Osbaldeston his late wife v. Sir Thomas Strickland, baronet; William Strickland, esq; and Walter Strickland his sons; Henry, lord Fairfax; Dame Jane Pyle, widow; Walter Crompton, esq; and Christopher Percehay, gent C78/1592, no. 11 [93]
1686 11 May 2 Roger Rant of Swaffham Prior, Cambs, gent, eldest son and heir of Roger Rant of Swaffham Prior, Cambs, esq; and John Rant of Swaffham Prior , gent, second son of said Roger Rant v. John Rant, esq; William Meadow; and Robert Chaplyn, gent AND v. Mead Rant; and Thomas Rant, infants C78/1592, no. 7 [94]
1686 12 May 2 Charles, earl of Manchester; Frances, countess dowager of Scarsdale; Abraham Vandenbande; and John Rotheram, esqs v. Charles, earl of Nottingham; Sir Richard Francklin, baronet; and the Lady Anne his wife; Sir Walter St John, baronet; Henery St John, esq, son and heir apparent of said Sir Walter; and Henery St John, esq, an infant, son and heir of said Sir Henery St John, esq; John vandenbande, son of the complainant Abraham Vandenbende; and John Rotheram, son of said John Rotheram C78/1047, no. 4 [95]
1686 14 May 2 William Lochard v Thomas Lochard. Title to manor of Ollerton or Woollerton, Salop C78/921, no. 2 [96]
1686 14 May 2 Mary Stoakes, spinster v. John Mawson, goldsmith C78/756, no. 6 [97]
1686 14 May 2 Robert Peirson v. William Blennerhassett, esq C78/964, no. 7 [98]
1686 14 May 2 Samuel Symons of Fulham, Middx, clerk & Katherine his wife, the relict of Richard Powell the younger of Fulham, gent; and Elizabeth Powell, an infant of about 3 years, only daughter and heir of said Richard Powell, by said Samuel Symons & Katherine his wife, her next friends v. Richard Powell, esq & Anne his wife; John Tate, esq; Richard Hall, gent; Roger Dade, esq; William Warne; Thomas Lee, gent; and William Wotton C78/981, no. 5 [99]
1686 17 May 2 Anne Baxter v Thomas Hayton and others (named). Legacies payable from personal estate. C78/1020, no. 6 [C78no1020]
1686 17 May 2 Edward Sturt & Elizabeth his wife; John Ash; Richard Ash; Elizabeth Ash; and Benjamin Ash children of the said Elizabeth by the said Edward Sturt & Elizabeth his wife their guardian v. William Nutt and Hugh Hartshorne C79/45, no. [100]
1686 17 May 2 Clement Herne, esq & Frances his wife; and Frances Herne, daughter of them the said Clement and Frances Herne; and Frances Herne an infant, by said Clement Herne her father v. Henery Fairfax C78/1085, no. 5 [101]
1686 19 May 2 William Sambach v William Stephens and William Sambach Estate of John Sambach, lands at Broadway, Worcestershire C78/885, no. 4 [102]
1686 19 May 2 Edward Hales v George and Frances Sayer. Mortgage of manor of Chilson or Chilleston, Kent. C78/1020, no. 3 [103]
1686 19 May 2 Thomas Tibson gentleman; Samuel Short; and humphrey Roe v. John Hoo, gentleman; Thomas Cooke; and Elizabeth Cooke C78/2037, no. 7 [104]
1686 20 May 2 Dame Sarah Bodmin, relict of Robert, lord Bodmin, who was son and heir apparent of John, earl of Radnor v. Abraham Vendenbeinde; Elizabeth Butler, widow; Sir John Rotheram, serjeant at law; and others (sic) C78/1630, no. 2 [105]
1686 21 May 2 Eldred Lancelot Lee v Dame Katharine Ranisford and others (named) Mortgage of lands in Duke Street, St. Giles in the Field, Middx C78/820, no. 4 [106]
1686 21 May 2 Ambrose Ilsted of London gentleman v. Mary Manning and Susanna Manning an infant by the said Mary her mother and guardian C79/96, no. [107]
1686 5 June 2 Ambrose Preston v Robert and Mary Parkinson and others (named). Interest in tenement in Ellett, Cockerham, Lancs. C78/1020, no. 8 [108]
1686 5 June 2 Isabella Carre of about 16 years by Dame Elizabeth Carre v. Sir William Ellis baronet and Sir John Newton baronet C78/2045, no. 4 [109]
1686 7 June 2 Edward, Lord Ingram by Henry Slingsby and others (named) v. Sir Thomas Meeres and others (named) Boundaries and title to the two manors of Dallisons manor of Scotton and Meeres manor of Scotton, in Scotton, Lincs. C78/921, no. 5 [110]
1686 7 June 2 Dame Susannah Hele v. Richard Hele; Sir John St Awbyn; and Walter Vincent, esq C78/897, no. 6 [111]
1686 8 June 2 Robert Clerke, esq, since Sir Robert Clerke, knight v. Henry Serle, esq (and inserted by order:) Nicholas Barbone, doctor in phisick; Michael Scrimsheire; Jonathan Barthropp; Thomas Powell; Thomas Alston; James Mathews; John Warter; and James Boardman C78/972, no. 5 [112]
1686 9 June 2 Robert Twiford and another (named) churchwardens of Wilsden, Middx v Sir William Roberts and others (named). Annual rent from freehold tenement in Willesden Greene, Middx given by Francis Roberts.to use of the poor. C78/925, no. 5 [113]
1686 9 June 12 John Blanchard v. Elizabeth Raikes, widow; Thomas Raikes; Josua Webster; and Robert Legard, esq, now Sir Robert Legard, knight C78/1594, no. 12 [114]
1686 10 June 2 George Marwood of London merchant v. Edward Metcalfe; Paul Priaulx; and others (sic) C79/11, no. [115]
1686 10 June 2 Robert Thomas esq v. Humphrey Edwyn of London merchant; Sir Robert Thomas baronet; Thomas Harris esq; and Anthony Kecke gentleman C79/4, no. [116]
1686 10 June 2 Sir Robert Sawyer, baronet, now Attorney General, at the relation of Richard Pardue and Edward Lewis, churchwardens of Chipping Barnet, Herts; and William Hunt and Henry Welsh, overseers of the poor of Barnet; and of several others therein named v. Francis Ellaby of Barnett, gent; and several others (sic) C78/888, no. 6 [117]
1686 11 June 2 Abigale Williams spinster one of the daughters of Sir Henry Williams baronet an infant of 19 years by Samuel Wightwicke gentleman her guardian v. Thomas Lane esq and Dame Abigaile Williams his wife; Sir Thomas Williams knight and baronet; Sir Edward Williams knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife C78/2037, no. 5 [118]
1686 11 June 2 Jasper Hodsden of Edmonton, Middx, malster v. Richard Hawkins C78/981, no. 6 [119]
1686 11 June 2 Jane Pory the widow and relict of Robert Pory, doctor in divinity, formerly wife of Bryan, bishop of Chester v. John Marsh C78/1174, no. 5 [120]
1686 11 June 2 Richard Meech v. John Mitchell, esq C78/1264, no. 1 [121]
1686 12 June 2 William Simpson v. Sir Simon Eaton baronet and Henry Johnson his son in law C78/1913, no. 23 [122]
1686 12 June 2 William Simpson v. Sir Symon Eaton, baronet; and Henry Johnson, his son in law C78/942, no. 8 [123]
1686 15 June 2 Blanch Lloyd and Lumley Lloyd two of the daughters of Pierce Lloyd the younger late of Lligwy, Anglesey, esq v. Owen Hughes esq; Jane Holland, widow; Anne Wood, widow; Owen Lloyd; and William Lloyd infants; and Anne Lloyd also an infant C78/2045, no. 3 [124]
1686 16 June 2 William Piseing & Alice his wife v. William Hartridge C79/133, no. [125]
1686 18 June 2 Richard hill & Anne his wife; Alice, Elizabeth, Anne, Dennis, and Barbara Hill infants children of the said Richard & Anne Hill by the said Richard their father; Thomas Killner & Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Mary Killner children of the said Thomas and Elizabeth by the said Thomas Killner their father v. Mary Harding widow C79/45, no. [126]
1686 18 June 2 Anne Feetley v Henry Coape and others (named). Profits from lands in Covent Garden, Middx and Dodderhill (Worcs.) C78/922, no. 3 [127]
1686 18 June 2 George Meynell the younger, gent & Mary his wife; and George Meynell the elder, esq, father of the said George Meynell the younger v. Richard Massey, esq; and John Blundell, esq & Elizabeth his wife; Hugh Dickenson, esq; Edward Trotter, esq; Sir Roger Bradhaigh, knight; John Moore; and Richard Pennington, esqs; Thomas Berry; and Roger Bambridge C78/1016, no. 11 [128]
1686 19 June 2 John Turbin v. John Holmes; and Nathaniel Smith C78/991, no. 2 [129]
1686 21 June 2 Ellen Symonds, widow v. Henry Pierson, doctor in phisick, & Ellen his wife C78/792, no. 7 [130]
1686 22 June 2 George Talbot gentleman v. Edward Braddill C78/2045, no. 1 [131]
1686 22 June 2 Martha Dingley, an infant, by Edward Hind, her guardian v. William Dingley; Anthony Stephens; and John Mann, esq C78/1714, no. 1 [132]
1686 23 June 2 William Metcalfe v Timothy Silverwood Dispute over an agreement for the purchase of several houses in the City of York to John Troutbeck C78/885, no. 3 [133]
1686 23 June 2 William Pawlin and another (named) v John Loggin Lease of iron mill in Crayford, Kent, and accounts re partnership in iron works C78/923, no. 3 [134]
1686 24 June 2 Rebecca Baker, widow v. Hannah Pierce, widow C78/2033, no. 11 [135]
1686 24 June 2 John Cooke, esq, executor and devisee of Samuel King, gent; Nicholas Straunge; and John Bellamy v. Richard Bourne; Wolfegange Howser; Judith Bourne; Martha Howser, only daughter of said Wolgegange Howser; Joseph Wolfe; and others (sic) C78/1636, no. 9 [136]
1686 25 June 2 Robert Foyle of Chute, Wilts, esq and ________wett clerk, rector of Kimpton, Hants: John Battes of Kimpton, yeoman; Robert Munday; Christopher Hopkins; Edward _____; Lawrence Bullpitt yeoman; and Joan Gale of Kimpton v. Christopher Hopkins; Henry Hopkins; and Martha Hopkins C79/133, no. [137]
1686 2? June 2 Paul Spooner v Robert Nockwould. Debts and legacies payable from profits of sale of manor of Ingham, Norfolk C78/1020, no. 5 [138]
1686 24 June 2 Matthew Carvile and others (named) v Robert and Edward Carvile Legacies payable from lands in Kirkby upon Wharfe, Yorks. C78/1020, no. 4 [139]
1686 25 June 2 John Bateman of Walton, Yorks, yeoman v. Elizabeth Baskervile; Thomas Baskervile; and one William Baskervile C78/981, no. 3 [140]
1686 26 June 2 Edward Brooke, gent, administrator of Francis Brooke; and Walter Brooke, his two sons v. Mary Edwards, widow; and John Edwards, esq, executors of Bridget Edwards C78/981, no. 4 [141]
1686 29 June 2 Anne Eeles an infant by Nicholas Eeles of Henly upon Thames, Oxon, barber surgeon father of Anne Eeles and Thomas Timps of Greenwich, Kent, vintner & ELizabeth his wife; and Katherine Denton of the same place, widow, Elizabeth and Katherine Denton being heirs at law to Nicholas Houlton late of the parish of St Clements Danes , Middx, lorimer v. John Coggs of St Clements Danes goldsmith and Richard Acton of the same, turner C79/16, no. [142]
1686 29 June 2 Zurrish Addai Lang, doctor in phisick v. Ralph Norton; and Daniel Norton, his son and heir; and Christopher Davenport C78/964, no. 6 [143]
1686 30 June 2 Sir Frances Dayrell an infant by Paul Dayrell her father and guardian v. Jonothan Scott C79/4, no. [144]
1686 30 June 2 Frances Dayrell an infant by Paul Dayrell her father and guardian v. Jonathan Scott C79/4, no. [145]
1686 30 June 2 Henry Fenton; Joseph Marshall; John Pearson; Christopher Fearon; John Phillipson; John Lawrence; Lancelott Porman; John Dixon; Richard Pearson; William Burnyeate; John Burnyeate; Anthony Banke; William Wood the elder; John Fox; Thomas Jakinson; Thomas Fearon; John Wood; Anthony Wood; William James; Peter Head; John Winder; William Wood jr; Thomas Wood; Launcelot Richardson; Thomas Fearon; John Fearon; John Crosthwaite; James Scott; Thomas Jenkinson; John Banke; William Wilkins; Henry Fox; and William Richardson; Elizabeth Barne; William Crosthwaite; Lancelot Harrison; and John Dale customary tenants and cottagers of the manor of Brathwaite, Cumber v. Henry Skelton esq & Bridget his wife C79/4, no. [146]
1686 30 June 2 Sir Nicholas Bacon, Knight of the Bath v. Edward, viscount Hereford; Thomas Carter, esq; Theophilus Cooke, clerk; and Edward Steynor, gent C78/1558, no. 2 [147]
1686 1 July 2 Nicholas Lovell v Edward Cooke. Title to lands in Easington, Bucks C78/930, no. 3A [148]
1686 2 July 2 Charles Bill v Sir Charles Cotterell and others (named). Mortgage of Dovers farm in Surrey and interests in profits of printing office. C78/922, no. 1 [149]
1686 2 July 2 Vere Essex, Earl of Ardglasse, Ireland v George Pitt and others (named) Rent charge from formed monasteries of Downe, St. Patrick de Downe, Saint John and Saint Thomas de Downe, Saule Inch and lands in Downe Patrick, County Down, Ireland. C78/923, no. 2 [150]
1686 2 July 2 Bennett lord Sherard baron of le Trim in Ireland v. the lady Philadelphia Cary; Sir John Pelham baronet; and Elizabeth Sherard widow C79/36, no. [151]
1686 2 July 2 Elizabeth Marshall, widow v. Henry Gardner; John Childe; Nicholas Corbett; and Thomas Frampton C78/792, no. 5 [152]
1686 2 July 2 Robert Panton v Christopher Whisker and another (named). Legacy payable from personal estate of John Watson C78/922, no. 5 [153]
1686 (or '87) 3 July John Forshaw and William Lawne executors of Jeffrey Gregson; George Bird; and William Mathewes executors of Wolston Geare butcher; Allan (?) Parkinson; and Robert Dixon & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Woolmer; and Lucy Prince widow C78/2033, no. 2 [154]
1686 3 July 2 Dame Anne Calthorpe, widow; and James Calthorpe, esq, son and heir apparent of Sir Lestrange Calthorpe by said Dame Anne, his mother; and Elizabeth the now wife of him the said James Calthorpe v. Sir William Cowper, knight C78/762, no. 1 [155]
1686 4 July 2 Abraham Dolms of London, esq v. Edward Proby; William Hall, esq; Duncan Dee, esq; John Cole; Edward Ambrose; Edward Shaller, gent; and Edward Soame, gent C78/972, no. 1 [156]
1686 6 July 2 Sir John Carew, baronet, surviving executor and trustee of Sir Samuel Hele, baronet v. Arthur Shaen, esq & Jane his wife; Judith Hele; and Richard Hele C78/971, no. 6 [157]
1686 8 July 2 Jane Strode, an infant, by Mary Strode, widow, her mother, Jane being the only daughter and heir of Charles Strode of Meavy, Devon, esq; and said Mary Strode, relict and executrix of Charles Strode; and Sidney Strode, gent, brother of said Charles v. Serjeant Maynard, knight, Serjeant at Law; Nicholas Baxter, esq; Richard Strode; and William Strode, gent C78/1085, no. 6 [158]
1686 10 July 2 David Locke & Elianor his wife v. Sarah Jevon, widow C78/2033, no. 7 [159]
1686 10 July 2 John Wagstaffe, esq, executor of Edward Wagstaffe v. Thomas Wearge; Mathew Portman; and Thomas Dickens & his wife C78/928, no. 5 [160]
1686 13 July 2 Richard Dyott esq an infant son and heir of Richard Dyott esq deceased by William Inge esq guardian v. Sir Thomas Gresley baronet C78/2037, no. 6 [161]
1686 13 July 2 Eliza Fowke v. Thomas Hunt, executor of James Fowke; William Gold; James Gold; and Anna Gold, infants by their guardian C78/987, no. 2 [162]
1686 15 July 2 Nathaniel Treslow; Edward Payne; Thomas Cradock; Anne Oliver; Richard Harrison; Thomas Crosse; Nicholas Coward; John Crocker; Daniel Hawett; John Bradford; Christopher Bull; Richard Knapp; Thomas Bromsmead; Robert Tilly; John Thome; Robert Pitt, administrator of Edward Pitt; Robert Britt; Joane Fry, widow; John Parker; William Bisse; John Corne; John King; William Violett; Avis Crocker; Richard Lisse; Richard Young; and John Jolly, for themselves and several others who were legatees and creditors of Alexander Vincent of Blandford Forum, Dorset, gent v. Thomas Lane; and Nicholas Ingram, both of Blandford Forum, gent; Thomas Young of Sturminster Newton Castle, Dorset, clothier, executors of Alexander Vincent; and Ambrose Vincent, brother and heir of said testator Alexander Vincent C78/1046, no. 3 [163]
1686 16 July 2 Walter Love, churchwarden; Thomas Everett; and William Totman, overseers of the poor of Ashwell, Herts, for themselves and for the other inhabitants of Ashwell v. The Master and Wardens of the Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St John the Baptist in the City of London C78/1609, no. 4 [164]
1686 16 July 2 Sir Robert Sawyer, knight, Attorney General, for the King and for the inhabitants of the town of Peele, Isle of Man v. The master, Wardens, and Commonalty of the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers of the City of London C78/1166, no. 10 [165]
1686 30 July 2 Elizabeth Sumner, widow v. Thomas Chettle & his wife; Alexander Thistlethwaite; and Maurice Buckland C78/991, no. 3 [166]
1686 (bill) Michaelmas Term 2 Richard Blanchard and William Wayland v. Francis Child now Sir Francis Child knight; Christopher Craiford; John East; Nicholas Veel the elder & Alice his wife; and Nicholas Veel the younger C79/31, no. [167]
1686 4 Oct 2 Charles, lord Gerrard, baron of Gerrards Bromley, Staffs v. Elizabeth Gerrard C78/1603, no. 4 [168]
1686 12 Oct 2 Hannah Collard, widow then late wife, relict, and executrix of Leonard Collard of Deptford, Kent shipwright v. William French of Deptford, ropemaker; Richard Hanning; and Henry Wilson C78/759, no. 1 [169]
1686 13 Oct 2 Nicholas Barebone, doctor in phisick v. Bazill, lord Denbigh; Thomas, lord Leigh; The Honorable Charles Leigh, esq; John Bridgeman, baronet; William Bromly, esq; Bazil Fielding, esq; Thomas Clarke, esq; John Westley, esq; Timothy St Nicholas, gent; Oliver Eave, esq; Francis Burden, clerk; and Thomas Marriott, gent C78/1004, no. 4 [170]
1686 16 Oct 2 Ralph Holt v. Mary Dodsworth C78/928, no. 3 [171]
1686 23 Oct 2 Sarah Cope, widow and relict of thomas Cope v. Robert Hooker; and John Stevens, administrator of said Thomas Cope C78/1558, no. 7 [172]
1686 26 Oct 2 Sir Thomas Harvey, knight, heir, executor, and residuary legatee of John Harvey, esq v. The Honorable Elizabeth Harvey, widow; Phillipp, earl of Leicester; Francis, lord viscount Newport; ande Sir John Coell, knight C78/972, no. 8 [173]
1686 28 Oct. 2 Vere Essex, Earl of Ardglasse v George Pitt. Rent charge from lands in Ireland. C78/922, no. 4 [174]
1686 30 Oct 2 The Honorable Charles West, esq, eldest son of Charles, lord Lawarre v. said Charles, lord Lawarr; and Sir John Cutler, knight and baronet C78/1082, no. 2 [175]
1686 3 Nov 2 David Heard of St Dunstans in the West, London, bricklayer & Mary his wife, late wife of William Rawlin v. Richard Etheridge, gent & his wife; and Thomas Prigg C78/1054, no. 7 [176]
1686 4 Nov 2 Isaac Selfe of the Middle Temple, London, gentleman & Anne his wife; and Thomas Smith an infant by said Isaac Selfe, which said Thomas and Anne were the only children of Thomas Smith late of Froome Zellwood, Som, clothier deceased v. Edward Maddox; Francis Mercer; and others (sic) C78/1939, no. 11 [177]
1686 6 Nov 2 Robert Hills and John Murrell executors of Henry Murrell of St Martin in the Fields parish v. John George; Edward George; William George; John Goerge; and Robert George; Edward Savage & Margaret his wife; John Niblett & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Reeves & Susanna his wife; Richard Webb; John Webb; Francis Lawford; Thomas Murrell; John Murrell; and ____ Murrell; James Leigh; Elianor Clarke; Philadelphia Wildey; Thomas Wildey; Thomas Hatterall & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Bullivant & Alice his wife; Jane Wimball; Thomas Ward; Ralph Jenning; Katherine Martin; Isabella Hinson; Henry Tuppin; Richard Robins & his wife; Charles Clarke and his wife AND v. William Wigg and John Davies church wardens of St Martins in the Fields; Richard Roswell; John Crosse; William Blick; James Whiddon; Richard Lakenby; William Greenaway; William Threeves; Thomas Revell; William Rose; Robert Hamson; Robert Empson; Edward Price; Roger Sparkes; William Bawmer overseers of the said parish; Sir Robert Sawyer knight Attorney General; John Wright; Thomas Eyres; William Mosse; Godfrey Norris; John Eversfield; Edward Eversfield; ______ Hobbe; John Mathews; Alexander Grorton; John Champion; John Stanley; Percival Stanny; Elianor Thomas Sidenham; Richard Pagett esq; Elizabeth Lovell widow; Peter Hume the younger; Elizabeth Carew widow; John Dunell; Alice Watson widow; William Furnisse; Nicholas Deering; Thomas Whitfield; Anne Hargrove widow: John Allen; Robert Lawford; Richard Fletcher & Mary his wife; Samuel Ford & Sarah his wife; Jeremiah Evans: robert Reynold; Mary Reynold; and Elizabeth Reynold son and daughters of Robert Reynold of Myntye, Wilts C79/70, no. [178]
1686 6 Nov 2 Thomas Thorowgood, gent, since deceased v. Robert Thorowgood, gent, executor of Sir John Thurrowgood, knight C78/792, no. 4 [179]
1686 6 Nov 2 Thomas Thorowgood, gent, since deceased v. Robert Thorowgood, gent, executor of Sir John Thorowgood, knight C78/792, no. 6 [180]
1686 8 Nov 2 Mary Gee, widow v. Elizabeth Spencer C78/2033, no. 6 [181]
1686 8 Nov 2 Rebecca Westwood, widow and relict of John Westwood and John Westwood son and heir of said John Westwood by Rebecca an infant by Adam Littleton doctor in divinity his guardian v. John Turton & Frances his wife the relict and executrix of John Westwood father of John Westwood the complainant's father; Edward Westwood brother of said John Westwood the complainant father; John Cox; and George Fayting trustees of said John Westwood the said complainant's grandfather; and William Wheatly C78/2012, no. 2 [182]
1686 9 Nov 2 Judith Rogers, administratrix of Nathaniel Attwood v. Henry Kindon C78/941, no. 2 [183]
1686 9 Nov 2 Henry Hilton, esq v. Sir James Smith, knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London; Sir William Turner, knight; Sir William Hooker, knight; Sir Robert Vyner, knight and baronet; and Sir James Edwards, knight, the four senior aldermen of the said City; William Wagstagge; Henry Crispe; Joseph Lane; Edward Wynne; William Lightfoote; and John Greene C78/1168, no. 4 [184]
1686 10 Nov 2 Mark Smyth v. Mary Wilson alias Locke and Ann Wilson alias Locke C78/193, no. [185]
1686 10 Nov 2 William Randall & Mary his wife sole daughter of James Challen & Agnes his wife v. Elizabeth Challen; William Challen an infant by said Elizabeth guardian C78/2033, no. 8 [186]
1686 10 Nov 2 John Elliott esq and Dame Susanna Hele v. Richard Hele; Sir John Carew baronet; Sir Thomas Carew knight; and Sir William Wyndham knight and baronet C78/1913, no. 22 [187]
1686 10 Nov 2 John Elliott, esq; and Dame Susanna Hele v. Richard Hele; Sir John Carew, baronet; Sir Thomas Carew, knight; and Sir William Wyndham, knight and baronet C78/897, no. 7 [188]
1686 11 Nov 2 Richard Brothwicke v. Sir Charles Bickerstaffe; and Archbald Clinkard; and others (sic) C78/965, no. 3 [189]
1686 12 Nov 2 Sir Robert Sawyer, baronet, Attorney General, at the relation of Richard Pardue and Edward Lewis, churchwardens of Chipping Barnett, Herts, and of several others (sic) v. Francis Ellaby, gent and others (sic) C78/893, no. 8 [190]
1686 13 Nov 2 Henry Slingsby, esq & Anne his wife, daughter of Sir Anthony Cage, knight, executors of Sir Anthony Cage v. William Cage, son of said Sir Anthony Cage; John Cage; Daniel Blackaby; Thomas Blackaby; John Hornesby; William Thurlos; Robert Wollfe; Thomas Abbott; James Dickinson; Richard Deere; James Disbyrough; Richard Guine C78/1168, no. 3 [191]
1686 15 Nov 2 Jane, Elizabeth, and Alicia Lloyd, daughters and only children of Richard Lloyd, late citizen and mercer of London, infants by Sir John Hartop, baronet; Ralph Ingram, esq; James Greene, esq; and Samuel Mayne v. Triphena Lloyd, widow; and The Mayor, Aldermen, Citizens, and Chamberlaine of London C78/1603, no. 3 [192]
1686 15 Nov 2 Ralph, lord Stawell, baron of Somerton v. Sir John Austen, baronet; Robert Austen; and Edward Austen, esqs; John Stawell; William Stawell; and Edward Stawell, esqs, younger sons of said Lord Stawell C78/1263, no. 6 [193]
1686 17 Nov 2 John Cooke v. John Casebeard gentleman C79/42, no. [194]
1686 17 Nov 2 Robert Attwood, gent, one of the brothers of Thomas Attwood, gent v. Frances Attwood, widow; Thomas Reeve; William Shackspeare; Simon Kempson; Richard Holmes; and Thomas Fetherston C78/893, no. 3 [195]
1686 17 Nov 2 John Teeinges of Amsterdam, merchant; Teins Jansen Brasher of Edam, merchant; Jacob Tysen Osierling of Edam, merchant; John Claes Boer the elder of Edam, merchant; Derick Baen of Edam, merchant; Gertur Pickler de Punt of Edam, merchant; Peter Houtinge of Minnick Edom, merchant; John Claes Shoen of Amsterdam, merchant; Peter Johson Ammeraell of Edam, merchant; Jacob Tysen Horne of Edam, merchant; Cornelious Broatlimerson of Edam, merchant; John Johnson Hansen of Edam, merchant; Claes Johnson Roose of Edam, merchant; Peter Isaackson of Edam, merchant; Peter Peters Hunting of Munckedam, merchant; and Peter Tyssen Horne of Edam, merchant, all inhabitants in the province of Holland in parts beyond the seas v. Nicholas Dobson of Seaford, Sussex, yeoman; Dennis Gere of Rottingden, Sussex, yeoman; Nicholas Beard the elder of Rottenden, yeoman; and Nicholas Beard the younger of Rottenden, yeoman C78/1054, no. 6 [196]
1686 18 Nov. 2 William Millett v Sir Edmond Doyly and others (named). Mortgage of manor of Blackford Hall in Stoke Holly Crosse, and lands in Great Povingland, Little Povingland, East Carleton, Holthall, Ketheringham, Hethersett and Mulbarton, Norfolk C78/820, no. 3 [197]
1686 22 Nov 2 John Pranck of Thetford, Norf, plummer, son and heir of Thomas Pranck, who son and heir of John Pranck v. Thomas Thorowgood; Susanna Peirson; Christopher Good; and John Slapp C78/982, no. 1 [198]
1686 23 Nov 2 Sir John Bendish, baronet v. Thomas Westerne, esq; Dorothy Bowyer, widow; Anne marryott, widow; John Ridley, gent, & Elizabeth his wife; Martha Bowyer, an infant; and Samuel Westerne C78/1600, no. 4 [199]
1686 23 Nov 2 Thomas Rider of Boughton, Kent, esq; and William Rider of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq v. Sir Thomas Draper, baronet; and Joseph Crowther, doctor in divinity C78/979, no. 7 [200]
1686 24 Nov 2 John Skynner & Sarah his wife, administratrix of Richard Kilby her late father v. Nathaniel Kilby C78/991, no. 1 [201]
1686 24 Nov 2 Samuel Sapp; and Thomas Sapp, jr; Richard Sapp; John Sapp; and Anne Sapp, infants by Thomas Sapp the elder their father and guardian v. The Master, Wardens, and Company of Brewers; and Sir James Edwardes, knight C78/999, no. 3 [202]
1686 24 Nov 2 Thomas Gamlyn of Newmarket, Cambs, gent & Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of William Mallory of Saffron Walden, Essex, gent, which William Mallory was elder brother of Thomas Mallory of Grantham, Lincs, gent, who about a year before died without issue v. Henry Mallory, esq C78/1138, no. 4 [203]
1686 25 Nov 2 Thomas English esq & Dorothy his wife v. James Zouch esq C78/2070, no. 13 [204]
1686 25 Nov 2 Jeremy Porter v. Mary Porter, widow; and John Porter her son an infant Will of John Porter, the complts father. Messuages & lands in Suffield, Antingham, Ounton, Colby & Felmingham in Norfolk. Mention also of Vincent Porter the complts grandfather. C78/1425, no. 6 [205]
1686 25 Nov 2 Sir Francis Burdett, baronet, brother and heir and also executor of Lettice Hounsell v. Mary Bowes, widow, sister of said Sir Francis and Lettice C78/1558, no. 3 [206]
1686 25 Nov 2 Sir Henry Wingfield, baronet, an infant, by Mervin Audley, earl of Castlehaven, his grandfather v. William Coleman; and Phillip Clarke, gent C78/1239, no. 4 [207]
1686 25 Nov 2 Abigail Hodges of Ipswich, Suff, widow v. William Barker, esq C78/1290, no. 5 [208]
1686 26 Nov 2 Richard Hatton v. Thomas Aldersey, esq C78/1168, no. 2 [209]
1686 27 Nov 2 John Smith of London, vintner v. Joseph Bourne C78/1166, no. 2 [210]
1686 2 Dec 2 Samuel, Lord Bishop of Oxford, by the name of Samuel Parker v. Jane Bradford, widow of the Reverend John Bradford decd; and Elizabeth Bradford and Jane Bradford daughters and coheirs of the said Doctor Bradford Purchase of the inheritance of the manor of Says als Says Court in the Isle of Harty, Kent, and of several hereditaments in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in the said island. C78/1425, no. 4 [211]
1686 2 Dec 2 Burnham Raymond, son and heir of Thomas Raymond esq v. Ricahrd Tastard, & Frances his wife; Alice Tastard; Samuel Waller, & Alice his wife C78/1628, no. 10 [212]
1686 2 Dec 2 Sir Benjamin Ayloffe, baronet; Rosoman Watson, widow; and John French v. William Nutt C78/797, no. 4 [213]
1686 4 Dec 2 Sir William Humble v Sir Thomas and Lady Elizabeth Windham and another (named) Annuity payable from lands in Stoake Bassett and Ipsden, Oxon C78/820, no. 2 [214]
1686 4 Dec 2 Angelica Magdalena Wharton widow & executrix of Philip Wharton decd who was the executor of Sir Thomas Wharton also decd v Mary Wharton, William Wharton, Hutton Byerley, Elizabeth Wharton, Jane Wharton, Anne Byerley senior and Anne Byerley junr, Sir John Charden and Theodore Colladon Doctor in Physick Complts jointure, rent charge on the manor of Hutton Pannell, Yorks and the manor of Edlington and Park of Ravensworth C78/1313, no. 5 [215]
1686 6 Dec 2 Sir Thomas Nevill, baronet; and James Tyrill, executors in trust of Francis Hall of Brixworth, Northt, gent; Dame Sarah Nevill, wife of said Sir Thomas Nevill; and Anne Nevill, daughter of said Sir Thomas, an infant, by said Sir Thomas Nevill her father v. Edward Saunders, esq; and Francis Saunders, grandchild and heir of said Francis Hall and son an dheir of Anne Saunders who was wife of said Edward Saunders and daughter and heir of said Francis Hall; William Stiles; and Joseph Duckett C78/1087, no. 3 [216]
1686 7 Dec 2 Alexander Popham, esq, an infant, by The Right Honorable Edward Seymour, esq; and William Carr, esq, his guardians v. Warwicke Bampfield, esq; John Winter, esq; Anne Rogers; Thomas Warr, esq; Sir John Saint Barbe, baronet C78/1285, no. 3 [217]
1686 8 Dec 2 John Hill, one of the sons of Elizabeth Hill, widow, deceased & Sarah his wife v. Henry Hill; and Langley Hill, two other of the sons and also executors of said Elizabeth Hill C78/965, no. 7 [218]
1686 8 Dec 2 Dame Jane Wharton, widow and relict of Sir Thomas Wharton, Knight of the Bath, her late husband v. Angelica Magdalena Wharton, widow, relict, and executrix of Phillip Wharton, esq, son and heir and executor of Sir Thomas Wharton AND v. Elizabeth and Jane Wharton, daughters of said Sir Thomas, by said complainant C78/1016, no. 10 [219]
1686 9 Dec 2 Bromfield Middleton, esq; and Charles Middleton, esq, an infant, by said Bromfield Middleton v. Sir Thomas Middleton, knight C78/965, no. 4 [220]
1686 9 Dec 2 Charles Love of Brooke, Norf, gent v. George Ward, esq; Jeffery Ward, gent; and Anne Ward, widow C78/1290, no. 4 [221]
1686 11 Dec 2 John Godsthall junr v Samuel Scudamore, Francis Commine and Amy his wife, and John Scudamore Agreement to purchase capital messuage in the Pall Mall, St Martin in the Fields, Middx C78/1336, no. 6 [222]
1686 11 Dec 2 Sir William Kenricke, baronet, son and heir of Sir William Kenricke, baronet v. Thomas Mason, gent C78/1714, no. 3 [223]
1686 11 Dec 2 James Cragg; William Bouskill; Robert Atkinson; John Addison; John Garnett; Lawrence Turner; Richard Harrison; John Bayliffe, & Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Garnet; Isabell Burrow; Bridget Thurnbeck; Nicholas Fawcett; and john Thurnbeck, all of them creditors of Henry Bland; and Susanna Bland; Alice Bland; and Agnes Bland, daughters of said Henry Bland, all of them infants, by said John Turnbeck v. Agnes Bland, widow; Henry Bland, an infant; William Otway; Joseph Gibsonb; and Bryan Thornbeck C78/1606, no. 4 [224]
1686 12 Dec 2 Bridget Nuthall spinster an infnat, daughter of Henry Nuthall & Margaret his wife the only sister of Posthumous Edwardes deceased v. Elizabeth Edwardes, widow and relict of said Posthumous Edwardes and Nicholas Beard C78/2029, no. 12 [225]
1686 13 Dec 2 John Luke, esq; and Sir Richard Cocks, baronet, son, heir and administrator of Richard Cockes, esq v. Katherine Overbury, widow and relict of Nicholas Cherbury, esq; and Thomas Overbury, son and heir of said Nicholas an infant; and Edmond Chamberlayne, esq C78/935, no. 1 [226]
1686 14 Dec 2 Edward Brewer and William Waterson gent v. Joseph Dawson; Susannah Dawson; Elizabeth Dawson; and Mary Dawson; John Wilcox, jr & Elizabeth his wife; Archdale Palmer & Mary his wife; John Mosyer; and Henry Overall C78/928, no. 2 [227]
1686 14 Dec 2 Thomas Grayham; Edward Atkinson; George Grayham; Richard Scott; John Waugh; Richard Bell; Reynald Dell; John Phillipps & Jane his wife; William Graham alias Creeles; Richard Graham; John Calvert; William Graham; Rynion Story & Blanch his wife; Jane Baty; John Graham; Thomas Urwen; George Little; Alexander Portus; Margaret Blacketer, an infant by Francis Bell her father and guardian; Lancelott Pearson; Richard Lynox; William Urwen; Thomas Lowry; Edward Urwen; William Graham; Thomas Story & Elizabeth his wife; George Story; John Armestrong; Roger Bulman, an infant by Edward Bulman his father and guardian; George Urwen; Edward Bullman; William Palmer; Andre Whetherington; William Musgrave; George Hetherington; Andrew Atkinson; Gilbert atkinson; and Richard Pontledge for themselves and all the rest of the customary tenants of the manor of Kirklington, Cumberland v. Edmund Appleby, gent; and Joseph Appleby his son, lords of the said manor C78/965, no. 8 [228]
1686 15 Dec 2 Thomas Ward, gent v. Cuthbert Wade, esq; Edward Hartley; Cuthbert Holliday; Christopher Lambert; Christopher Broadbelt; Thomas Ibetson; Samuel Tennant; Thomas Leyland; Thomas Eyreton; Richard Wigglesworth; John Topham; John Lupton; Nicholas Hargrave; John Atkinson; George Horner, by Elizabeth Horner his guardian; John Bolland, jr, by John Bolland sr; John Wilkinson & his wife; and Thomas Winterborne, executor of William Lambert C78/928, no. 7 [229]
1686 15 Dec 2 Anne Garrett, widow; Robert Rose; Roger Clavell; Katherine Clavell; and Anne Clavell, infants, by said Anne Garrett their mother and guardian v. Thomas Gosse; George Mullens; Mathew Webber; and George Goddard C78/1263, no. 5 [230]
1686 17 Dec 2 Richard Ashton, esq v. John Bagshaw, esq C78/982, no. 3 [231]
1686 18 Dec 2 Martha Dingley an infant by Edward Hinde v William Dingley, John Mann and Anthony Stephens and also Anthony Stephens v William Dingley by William Hill Mortgage of the manor of Paddlesworth and Wolverton estate (county not stated). Debts of John the complts grandfather C78/1335, no. 5 [232]
1686 18 Dec 4 William Atwood of London, merchant v. Humphry Weld, esq C78/763, no. 4 [233]
1686 19 Dec 1 Edward Radcliffe, esq, & Penelope his wife, one of the daughters and coheris of Arthur Shirley, esq; and Ralph Radcliffe, gent, eldest son and heir apparent of said Edward Radcliffe and Penelope; and Elizabeth Radcliffe, their daughter, both infants, by said Edward Radcliffe v. Sir James Smith, knight, then Lord Mayor of the City of London, & Dame Elizabeth his wife C78/808, no. 2 [234]
1686 23 Dec 2 John Willson v. Gyles Bullock; and John Harvey C78/999, no. 4 [235]
1686 24 Dec 2 John Durston clerke v. Miles Sandys esq C79/70, no. [236]