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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1664 16 C78/, no. []
1664 (bill) Hilary Term 16 Gerard Usher gentleman & Katherine his wife; Nathaniel Nokes & Rebecca his wife; and Margaret Taylor daughter of Daniel Taylor esq v. Mark Hildesley esq heir and executor of Marke Hildesley who was executor of said Daniel Taylor; _____ Willoughby & Margaret his wife C78/2071, no. [2]
1664 11 Jan 15 Thomas Vivian and Ann his wife administratrix of William Blaithwaite decd v William, Lord Sandys; George Coney; Robert Clayton; Robert Abdye; William Meggs; Richard Atkins; John Bernard; Robert Holmes & John Morris Debts payable from sale of Rookley Farm in the manor of Tymbury [Timsbury, Hampshire]. C78/624, no. 1 [3]
1664 13 Jan 15 Robert Wilmott v Edward Backwell and others (not named). Bills of exchange from Canary Islands C78/710, no. 1 [4]
1664 19 Jan 15 Henry Enstead and Anne his wife v Henry Richbell Payment of legacies from will of John Richbell, father of the complt Anne & the deft C78/745, no. 14 [5]
1664 23 Jan 15 Raphael Tarterean, esq, carver to the Queen v. William Dodson C78/1257, no. 9 [6]
1664 25 Jan 15 Henry Bressey and John Stone v William Nicholls; Mathias Nicholls; George Chapman; Richard Fincham Mortgage of lands in Wootton and Kempston, Beds. C78/631, no. 7 [7]
1664 25 Jan 15 Thomas Pury the elder of London, gentleman v. William Gosling C79/34, no. [8]
1664 26 Jan 15 John and Anne Dove v Sir John Prettyman and others (named). Life estate in meadow in Allexton, Leics. C78/635, no. 7 [9]
1664 26 Jan 16 Henry Please; Thomas Hill; Peter Norris; John Please; and John Burton all of them of the parish of Kings Brompton, Som, inhabitants and occupiers of divers lands and tenements with the tithing of Duxham for themselves and for the other inhabitants and occupiers v. Henry Ball and Daniell Glasse C79/185, no. [10]
1664 29 Jan 15 James Wainewright; Thomas Drinkewater; Humfrey Thornbury and Thomas Leigh v Arthur Ward the elder; John Ward and Mary his wife; Arthur Ward the younger; Andrew Lloyd; John Paine; Edward Ward; Thomas Ward & John Blodwell Marriage settlement of lands in Oswestry Porkington, Weston, Lullingfield and Stahwardine in the field, Salop on marriage of Richard Ward, son & heir apparent of Thomas Ward & Elizabeth his wife, and Judeth Thornes daughter of Edward Thrones C78/631, no. 5 [11]
1664 29 Jan 15 William King of Redriffe, Surrey, mariner v Joseph Gallant and Mary his wife Cancellation of bonds. C78/672, no. 4 [12]
1664 29 Jan 15 Edward Wingate administrator of George Wingate his son decd v John Moreden Accounts re apprenticeship to wool trade in Aleppo C78/698, no. 6 [13]
1664 29 Jan 15 Hugh Morris; Owen ap Robert ap Rees; Rowland Morris; Margarett verch Morgan, widow; Rees ap William ap Rees; Owen John; David ap Evan; Owen Rowland; William ap Evan ap Rees; John Owen; David ap Howell; Owen Edmond and others (not named) v Ellen Owen; Rowland White; Griffith Loyd & Anne Wood Changes in tenures and rents of ancient Crown tenants in Trevill, Trevonsmaire, Rhosvair and Tregarwedd, Anglesey C78/745, no. 4 [14]
1664 (--) Feb 16 Thomas Aston of Broome, Staffs v Anthony Harte; Margery Aston; and Elizabeth Aston Marriage agreement re lands in Shenston, Worcs. C78/673, no. 9 [15]
1664 1 Feb 16 Mary Sandall, widow, administratrix of John Sandall her late husband decd; William Augnish of the City of Norwich; Richard Sayer of Pulham, Norfolk; Samuel Spendlove of Norwich, woollen draper; Barbara Church of the City of Norwich, widow; and Mathew Manninge of Greate Riborough, Norfolk v William Trendle since decd & Clement Jermy Bonds and debts of Edmond Jermy payable from lands in Thorpe, Banburgh, Marlingford and Melton, Norfolk. C78/625, no. 11 [16]
1664 1 Feb 16 Walter, Lord Aston v Sir William Pershall; William Wollaston the elder; and William Wollaston the younger; and Henry Wollaston Bonds re encumbrances on trust of messuage in Little Bridgeford, Staffs C78/689, no. 12 [17]
1664 3 Feb 16 John Alport v George Pearson or Peirson. Mortgage of piece of land called "High Crosse Ledsowe" in Walsall, Staffs C78/739, no. 8 [18]
1664 4 Feb 16 John Littlejohn, clerke v Sir St. John Charnocke Bill (Trinity 1663) alleging disputes re setting out of pasture and meadow in lieu of glebe lands lost as a result of an agreement (Jan. 1648) to enclose 367 acres of common in Holcott, Beds C78/631, no. 6 [19]
1664 6 Feb 16 Francis Tryon of London, merchant v The Rt. Hon. Katherine, Lady Brooke, widow; William, Earl of Bedford; Margaret, Countess of Carlisle; Sir Edward Turner; Sir John Gore; Sir John Keeleinge; and Sir James Altham Loan of one thousand pounds by James, Earl of Carlisle: mortgage of the manor of Sawley, Yorkshire. Also a debt outstanding to Tryon. C78/785, no. 10 [20]
1664 8 Feb 16 Michael Honywood, Dean of Lincoln and William Bullock of Norten, Derbs v Mayor and burgesses of Derby; Charles Fleetwood; Gervas Dorret; Robert Ho..; and Godfrey Froggatt Bill (Mich 1662) seeking compensation for loss of Lincoln Cathedral Prebend's lands by illegal enclosure [see case 2 above]. Little Chester [Chester Green], Quarne {Quarndon] and Little Eaton. Derbyshire C78/655, no. 7 [21]
1664 8 Feb 16 Thomas Somner v Edward Searle Mortgage of lands in Epping, Essex C78/668, no. 9 [22]
1664 8 Feb 16 John Patteson v Richard Hanson and Anne Castleton, widow Bonds re office of postmaster of Birmingham, Salop and Worcester C78/695, no. 9 [23]
1664 8 Feb 16 John Edwards, administrator of Robert Edwards; and Phillipp Edwards v. Joane Rogers, administratrix of William Rogers, her late husband; and Arthur Rogers C78/1277, no. 5 [24]
1664 9 Feb 16 John Kempe v Benjamin Mason; Richard Newman; and Henry Delahay Debts of Robert Kempe, payable by mortgage of lands in Chenston and Waterston, Heref. C78/648, no. 2 [25]
1664 9 Feb 16 Edward Cookes of Powicke, Worcs, younger son of Edward Cookes late of [blank], Worcs decd v William Cookes. Title to customary messuage in Tardebigge, Worcs C78/674, no. 12 [26]
1664 9 Feb 16 Sir Thomas Allen, knight; Sir Thomas Rowe, knight; Thomas Collett, esq; Thomas Gower, esq; George Pryour, esq; and John Ireton, esq, Governors of the Free Grammar School erected by Sir Roger Cholmeley at Highgate, Middx; and Humfry Vernon, clerk, preacher at the Chapel of Highgate v. William Wilkins & Elizabeth his wife; William Blackmore the younger; William Shenton & Mary his wife; Thomas Bache & Judith his wife; Mathewe Mason; and George Brett C78/1013, no. 15 [27]
1664 10 Feb 16 Thomas Benett, now Sir Thomas Benett & Mary his daughter by Charlett his late wife decd v James Harrison and John Frith executors of Mary Harrison, widow, decd Legacy payable from personal estate of Mary Harrison. C78/625, no. 16 [28]
1664 10 Feb 16 John Wilson v William, Lord Pagett; Walter Fowler; George Walker; & Thomas Milward Bill (Hilary 1662) alleging disturbance of ancient enclosures (over 60 years previously) of the demesne of the manor in order to trick new purchasor of the manor. Court ordered enclosure to stand. Barkeswich or Berkswich Staffordshire C78/625, no. 17 [29]
1664 10 Feb 16 William Thornebury v Richard Ball; Elizabeth Ball now the wife of Richard Alcorne; & Richard Archbold Mortgage of lands in Cole Read [Coldred], and Shippersnell [Shepherdswell], Kent. C78/695, no. 4 [30]
1664 10 Feb 16 Robert Yallop and Robert Warner v Thomas Kett; Thomas Gostling; John Norton; and William Burley Trust settlement and mortgage of unspecified lands in Norfolk (some held of manor in Grishaw) to pay debts C78/716, no. 5 [31]
1664 10 Feb 16 Daniel Walsham a minor of 19 years & Sarah his wife, widow and relict of Thomas Daynes by William Walsham father & guardian of the said Daniel Walsham v Robert Rudd and Thomas Baxter Legacy payable from personal estate of Thomas Daynes C78/746, no. 10 [32]
1664 10 Feb 16 Silas Stocker; William Stocker; and Elizabeth Stocker, son and daughter of said Silas Stocker; William Hussey; John Seaward; and John Hussey v. Benedite Burnard, widow; John Barnard; John Stocker C78/859, no. 17 [33]
1664 11 Feb 16 William Rousby and John Rousby v Christopher Rousby and Henry Rousby Rent charges from lands in Crome and Sledmar, Yorks, granted by William Rousby the complts late father. C78/629, no. 10 [34]
1664 11 Feb 16 John, Earl of Bridgewater executor of Sir Charles Egerton decd v Richard Wise als Wisse and Lucy his wife; William Wise als Wisse; Robert Wise; Dame Grissell Egerton; and Sir John Maynard Testamentary settlement of messuage in New Borrowe, Staffs and lands in Agarsley and Hanbury, Staffs, and Markenfield, Rippon and Asmunderby, Yorks C78/739, no. 4 [35]
1664 11 Feb 16 John Cooper & Grace his wife v. William Syms; Henry Syms; and Thomas Syms C78/866, no. 1 [36]
1664 11 Feb 16 Sir Thomas Middleton, knight v. Sir Thomas Soame, knight; Henry Parker, esq; and Thomas Collwall, esq C78/1257, no. 10 [37]
1664 12 Feb 16 William Wandefford late lord deputy of Ireland v Sir Christopher Wandefford Debts payable from estates in Ireland. C78/597, no. 2 [38]
1664 12 Feb 16 Sir John Kay and Francis Nevile v Grace Driffeild, widow and others (not named). Bonds and debts. C78/631, no. 9 [39]
1664 12 Feb 15 James Carye and others (named) v John and Jeremy King Title to lease of messuage in Brewton, Somerset. C78/635, no. 8 [40]
1664 12 Feb 16 Mary Gawler widow late wife and administratrix of Edward Gawler on behalf of herself and on behalf of Edward Gawler her son an infant, the said Mary Gawler his mother being his guardian v. Roger Gawler; John Gawler; William Gawler; and Samuell Gawler C79/185, no. [41]
1664 12 Feb 16 Thomas Wornell v. John Blanchard & Florence his wife C79/34, no. [42]
1664 12 Feb 16 John Donston and John Magson gentleman v. Michael Vescy; William Vescy an infant executor of William Vescy esq by said Michael Vescy his father and guardian; Robert Horton esq & Anne his wife, relict of said William Vescy C78/2041, no. 9 [43]
1664 12 Feb 16 Andrew Pollexfen administrator of Henry Pollexfen v. Johane Hingston and Jacob Phillipps C78/2041, no. 10 [44]
1664 13 Feb 16 Mary Orton, Margaret Orton and Anne Orton And also Sarah Orton and Jane Orton infants by William Ruckley and his wife v Elizabeth Tayler; Thomas Hodgkis and Nary his wife; Margery Jones and Margaret Jones Possession of mortgaged meadows in Harley, Salop. C78/662, no. 10 [45]
1664 17 Feb 16 Thomas Neave of Barking, Suffolk, tanner and William Neave of White Chappell, Middx, tallow chandler v John Neave; John Arnold and Jeremiah Neave Portions payable from profits of sale of trust houses and lands in Barking, Suffolk C78/731, no. 3 [46]
1664 18 Feb 16 Bridgett Read of Bardwell, Suffolk, relict & administratrix of Thomas Read late of Wrangle, Lincs decd; and Charles Read son & heir of the said Thomas Read an infant by the said Bridgett Read his mother v John Hamby Trusts of lands in Tathwell, Lincs C78/731, no. 7 [47]
1664 19 Feb 16 Richard Smith administrator of both John Smith the younger and John Smith the elder and also right heir of said John Smith the elder and of John Smith the younger v. William Phelps C79/185, no. [48]
1664 22 Feb 16 Mary Leigh, widow; and Edward Backwell v Charles Carr, Earl of Ancram Mortgage of copyhold lands in Richmond or Westcheene, Surrey C78/631, no. 1 [49]
1664 22 Feb 16 William Thornebury; John Pearse son & heir apparent of Gregory Pearse & Lois wife of the said John Pearse & daughter of the said William Thornebury; William Chevall; John Woolhowse; Timothy Thornebury & Nathaniel Thornebury sons of the said William Thornebury v Gregory Pearse and Margaret his wife; Arthur Hollingworth; & Richard Deacon Marriage settlement of messuages in St. Buttolph without Aldersgate and St. Giles, Cripplegate, London C78/695, no. 8 [50]
1664 22 Feb 16 William Combe, esq; Sir Thomas Stephens, knight; and Sir Combe Wagstaffe, knight v. William Thomas, esq & Dorothy his wife; George Penny the younger, gen & Anne his wife; Thomas Lewis, esq & Mary his wife; Sir Robert Pointz, Knight of the Bath; and George Penny the elder, esq C78/1014, no. 6 [51]
1664 22 Feb 16 George, lord Abergavenny v. Jane Warren alias Page, widow, administratrix of Thomas Warren, her late husband; and Thomas Mawdsly C78/1277, no. 6 [52]
1664 23 Feb 16 Sir Thomas Hatton of Longstanton, Cambs, son & heir of Sir Thomas Hatton late of Longstanton decd v Dame Mary Hatton; John Fountayne; John Coell; Henry Wynn; William Butler and Elizabeth his wife; John Davis and Mary his wife; Christopher Hatton, John Hatton and Jane Hatton infants by William Butler Settlement of manors of Waxham or Waxtensham and Horsey, Norfolk C78/703, no. 12 [53]
1664 23 Feb 16 Francis Booth of Castle Camps, Cambs and Faith his wife, youngest daughter of John Baker late of Bartlowe, Cambs, clerke decd v Thomas Puckereing; James East and Anne his wife late wife of the said John Baker; Blaze Pratt and Anne his wife; Anthony Bettenham and Elizabeth his wife; Dorothy Baker; Theophilus Tyrrell; and Richard Davy Legacy to be raised from profits of tenement in Sampford Magna, Essex. C78/750, no. 12 [54]
1664 28 March 16 Leonard Collard v Jane Godwin Payment for quitclaim of interest in messuage in Stadinerclowe, Staffs C78/689, no. 11 [55]
1664 Date of decree torn and missing. 16 Daniel Atwicke the elder & Daniel Atwicke the younger v John Thynne; Samuel Lewis & Abraham Cartwright Interests in messuages and lands in Egham, Surrey. C78/664, no. 1 [56]
1664 18 April 16 Leonard Collard v Jane Godwyn Possession and profits due from unspecified land. C78/689, no. 10 [57]
1664 18 April 16 Francis Young of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq v. Sir Charles Harberd, knight; Henry Lucas; Henry Rich; Cope Rich; John Campbell, esqs & the lady Mary his wife C78/1257, no. 8 [58]
1664 20 April 16 Thomas Killigrew v Margaret Fleming and another (named) Arrears of pension payable from Kings Exchequer, to be recovered from fees owed to Crown for wardship of body, rents and lands of Edward Fleming. C78/635, no. 6 [59]
1664 22 April 16 Lady Elizabeth Cary, Mary Cary and Martha Cary daughters of Henry, Earl of Monmouth decd v Charles, Lord St. John and Lady Mary his wife; Sir Thomas Ingram; Sir Adrian Scroope; John Trevor; John Heydon; John Alleyn & John Ayleworth Payment of portion. C78/673, no. 8 [60]
1664 27 April 16 Edmond Page citizen and haberdasher of London v William Cutler of London merchant Payments due from trust settlement of lands in Clapton Streete, Hackney, Middx and in Hackney Marsh C78/710, no. 3 [61]
1664 29 April 16 Godfrey Twells of Haverhill, Essex; Margaret Awbery, widow; Godfrey Twells of Cambridge; and Mathias Twells, grandchildren of Godfrey Twells late of Canbridge decd v Robert Twells son of William Twells; Dudley Pope and Margaret his wife; Robert Twells of Cambridge; William Chapman and Margaret his wife; Stephan Baddock and Lidia his wife; John Twells; and Anthony Balam and Jane his wife Second codicil annexed to will of Godfrey Twells of Cambridge decd, made in 1626. C78/629, no. 11 [62]
1664 29 April 16 Thomas Parkinson v John Townend; Edmond Townend; Francis Smith and others (not named) Possession of messuage and lands in Carleton hall, Carleton, Yorks. C78/657, no. 2 [63]
1664 29 April 16 Henry Nevill of Holt, Leics, esq; William Nevill, esq; Sir Thomas Nevill, baronet, sons of said Henry Nevill; and Sir William Ayloffe of Braxted, Essex, baronet v. Robert, lord Lexington; Sir John Brampston, Knight of the Bath; Sir Richard Wiseman; and Sir John Shawe, knight C78/1277, no. 8 [64]
1664 30 April 16 Robert Smith v Sarah Romsey, widow; Thomas Romsey; Joseph Romsey; Samuel Rumsey; John Rumsey Redemption of mortgaged manor of Dane Court in Isle of Thanet, Kent C78/689, no. 6 [65]
1664 2 May 16 Thomas Brace of Payneshill, Hants and Helena his wife v William Urry; Anne Stephens, widow; and Richard Broad Mortgage of messuage and farm in Payneshill and tenement in Lockerley, Hants C78/731, no. 6 [66]
1664 4 May 16 Thomas Bawtrey and Sarah his wife v Henry Eskrigge; Thomas Roper; Thomas Satterthwayte; Cressey Burnett; Charles Yates; Mary Ibson the elder since decd; William Satterthwayte & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Ibson the younger Possession of two messuages in Petergate, York C78/664, no. 4 [67]
1664 4 May 16 George Wake, Master of St John's Hospital in the Town of Northampton, Northt v. Richard Owseley of Cortenhall, Northt, esq C78/1277, no. 4 [68]
1664 6 May 16 William Smythson v Elizabeth Dawson Alleged statutes and bonds on lands in Heslington, Yorks C78/629, no. 12 [69]
1664 6 May 16 Christopher Boone v. Milborne Williams C78/1014, no. 4 [70]
1664 7 May 16 Mary Pole, widow and John Pole her son v John Danvers; Jane Hastings, widow; Henry Hastings; and Richard Goodman Rents due from lands in Kilworth and Harecourt, Leics. C78/669, no. 19 [71]
1664 7 May 16 Edward Leigh administrator of Ursula Leigh his late wife, and one of the daughters of Samuel Marrow v William, Lord Viscount Say and Seale; Lady Lucy Grantham, widow; and Samuel Marrowe an infant, son & heir of Edward Marrow decd, who was son & heir of the said Samuel Marrowe the grandfather decd Portions payable from trust of the manors of Barkeswell and Birmingham, Warwicks. C78/1204, no. 1 [72]
1664 9 May 16 Eignon Beynon gent v. William Burleig esq Acquisition of various lands jointly by William Beaumont and the defendant, but to be held solely to the use of Beaumont. Beaumont, "having no children", by his will directed the lands to be settled on the plaintiff "his clarke and sonne in lawe" (probably the husband of a child of his second wife by a previous marriage). C78/663, no. 12 [73]
1664 9 May 16 Mary Powtrell, widow; and Henry Powtrell, esq & Anne his wife v. Clement Spelman, esq C78/866, no. 3 [74]
1664 10 May 16 Margaret Blower, widow & relict of Peter Blower, son of old Peter Blower decd v Peter Blower; John Grice; Walter Moore and others (not named) Annuity payable by will of Peter Blower from lands in Westham and Newgate Market, Middx C78/668, no. 8 [75]
1664 10 May 16 Robert Hill of the City of Gloucester, goldsmith; and William Harris of Wotton, Gloucs, husbandman v Sir Thomas Stephens; Richard Brooke and others (not named) Lease of manor of Barnewood and Wootton, City of Gloucester. C78/745, no. 1 [76]
1664 10 May 16 Isabella Stanhope, widow, late wife and relict of John Stanhope late of the City of York decd; and Darcy Stanhope, Edward Stanhope and Elizabeth Stanhope children of the said John Stanhope v Sir Toby Wolrich; and Thomas Thompson Trust of the profits of the office of Principal Actuary of the Exchequer. C78/745, no. 2 [77]
1664 10 May 16 Elizabeth Hird widow administratrix of richard Hird her late husband v. John Olmer C79/34, no. [78]
1664 11 May 16 Samuel Hooker v William Innings Debts and legacies payable by will of John Hooker from his personal estate C78/673, no. 4 [79]
1664 11 May 16 Margery Nicoll, widow, relict, and executrix of Randall Niccoll, gent v. Robert Barker; Joseph Clerk; and Peter Niccoll of the Hale, trustees of said Randall Niccoll v. Edward Niccoll; and Peter Niccoll, infants C78/902, no. 8 [80]
1664 12 May 16 Percy, Lord Powys v Sir Charles Loyd and Thomas Jukes Mortgage of messuage and lands in Poole, Montgomeryshire C78/746, no. 13 [81]
1664 13 May 16 Katherine Hurleston, widow, executrix of Humphry Hurleston decd v Elizabeth Marler; Clement Spilman; Henry Aiscough Debts of Humphry Hurleston payable from trust of unspecified lands C78/662, no. 12 [82]
1664 14 May 16 John Glover, doctor in phisick v. William Portington; Thomas Rolt the elder; Thomas Rolt the younger; and Charles Rolt C78/902, no. 4 [83]
1664 16 May 16 Thomas White v Ninian Cunningham Agreement re purchase of manor and parsonage of Pirton, Herts C78/655, no. 4 [84]
1664 16 May 16 William Basse of Ratcliffe in the parish of Stepney, Middx, gunsmith, son & heir of Thomas Basse of Ludgarshall, Bucks decd v William Basse Title to lands in Farnham Royall and Chalfont Saint Giles, Bucks. C78/1220, no. 2 [85]
1664 17 May 16 Samuel Mathewes and Elinor his wife v Henry Wood & Margaret his wife; and Richard Browne Marriage settlement and possession of messuage in Cantlopp, Salop C78/703, no. 11 [86]
1664 18 May 16 Henry Arnold v Hugh Whithorne; Phillipp Wibbyn; John Kimber; and Timothy Platt Trust of Somerset House in Buckland, Berks. C78/662, no. 11 [87]
1664 18 May 16 Elias Ashmole, esq v. Hester Tradescant, widow C78/902, no. 9 [88]
1664 20 May 16 Marmaduke Lyng & Elynor his wife v. Thomas Greenwood, gent; and Joane Greenwood C78/1279, no. 9 [89]
1664 21 May 16 Johane Hilton, widow; John Turner; John Reeve; Hilton Turner an infant v Edward Goodyer; John Stillwell; John Palmer; Margaret Fawchin; Richard Coldham and Elizabeth his wife; William Eyles and Margery his wife Trust surrender and mortgage of copyhold lands in Farnham, Surrey C78/668, no. 7 [90]
1664 21 May 16 Thomas Lloyd , son & heir of John Lloyd, son & heir of Thomas Lloyd and Charity his wife v John Vaughan and Mahald his wife; John Mathias and Jane his wife Title to mortgaged premises of the manor of Tredavid and other lands in Pembs C78/716, no. 3 [91]
1664 21 May 16 Elizabeth Shelford, widow, executrix of Richard Shelford her late husband decd v Thomas Sayer and John Sherwood Mortgage of lands in Fritton, Norfolk C78/716, no. 4 [92]
1664 23 May 16 Thomas Bludworth and William Turner v Garratt Moore Debts C78/703, no. 10 [93]
1664 23 May 16 William Hart son & heir of Richard Hart and Diana his wife daughter of Alexander Levingston decd v Charles Harris; Francis Buckley and Jane his wife; Francis Mannay and Clare his wife; Joyce Harris; George Richardson; Ralph Marsh and others (not named) Trust settlement by a fine to lead the uses of lands in Fulham, Middx. C78/714, no. 2 [94]
1664 23 May 16 Francis Shute v William Roberts the younger and Wolstan Roberts Bonds re payments owed for purchase of a pasture ground in Upton, in Sibson, Leics. C78/739, no. 5 [95]
1664 24 May 16 Thomas Newman; John Beare and Thomas Harris v Thomas Rodbard; John Braine and Martha his wife Possession of manor of Peter Shayes in Yorkham, Devon. C78/674, no. 9 [96]
1664 26 May 16 James Compton esq an infant by the lady Anne Farmer and Jonathan Cope esq his guardians v. Dame Elizabeth Alington widow; Sir Lionel Tolamatch; and Thomas Doughty C79/34, no. [97]
1664 Trinity term 16 Sir John Knightley of Offchurch, Warks and Dame Mercy his wife, late the wife of Thomas Whitwicke late of the City of Coventry decd; and John Whitwicke & Thomas Whitwicke sons of the said Thomas Whitwicke & Mercie infants v Thomas Streete and Robert Beake Trust of lands in the manor of Flaunders, Warwicks. C78/673, no. 7 [98]
1664 1 June 16 Edward Beaucocke and Ellinor his wife, late widow and executrix of William Hustler decd v Henry Simpson. Debts of William Hustler payable from lands in Smeaton, Yorks. C78/610, no. 10 [99]
1664 7 June 16 Dorothy, Lady Dacre, widow, the relict of Richard, Lord Dacre decd; Sir Dudley North, brother of the said Lady Dacre; and Richard Barrett son of the said Lady Dacre v Challoner Chute; Henry Barker; and Anthony Collins Marriage settlement of the manors of North Wootton and South Wootton, the castle and chase of Kersinge, Norfolk and the manor of Sutton Court in Cheswicke, Middx C78/746, no. 12 [100]
1664 10 June 16 Rebecca Newce, widow relict & executrix of Richard Smalwood and also relict of John Newce v Lewis Harding executor of John Newce. Administration of estates of John Nuce and Richard Smalwood. C78/547, no. 2 [101]
1664 10 June 16 Gustavus Venner, gent v. John Manley & Mary his wife; Francis Thomas; and Grace Thomas C78/1265, no. 4 [102]
1664 11 June 16 William Thurgar v. James Clutterbooke; Gyles Edney and Mary his wife C78/1299, no. 4 [103]
1664 13 June 16 Margaret Niccoll, widow, the relict and executrix of Randall Niccoll of Hale, Middx, gent v. Robert Barker; Joseph Clarke; Peter Niccoll; Edward Niccoll; and Peter Niccoll C78/902, no. 3 [104]
1664 14 June 16 Leonard Scott v Robert Berryer; John Scott; & Bernard Scott Mortgage of a messuage in Hull, Yorks C78/735, no. 3 [105]
1664 15 June 16 Nehemiah Bourne the elder of London, merchant v Thomas Hartley; John Hosier; Hannah Blake, widow, the relict & administratrix of Robert Blake; Hannah Blake an infant the only daughter & heir of the said Robert Blake; Samuel Wilson; Thomas Fowke Mortgage of houses in Deptford, Kent. C78/610, no. 8 [106]
1664 15 June 16 Richard Willoughby v Lady Theodosia Bovenham, widow; and William Hynd Rent arrears from lease of manor of Parkington on the Heath, Leics and Derbys. C78/737, no. 13 [107]
1664 16 June 16 Bartholomew Combes v John Prond. Mortgate of farm in Ash, Kent. C78/750, no. 6 [108]
1664 16 June 16 Daniel Proctor and Anne his wife eldest daughter of George Spiller decd, one of the sons of Sir Henry Spiller decd v Sir Thomas Regnell & Dame Katherine his wife; Thomas Regnell; and Henry Regnell their sons; and Richard Proctor Portion payable from manor of Laleham and Shepperton, Middx. C78/1220, no. 1 [109]
1664 17 June 16 Robert Laurence son & heir of Aslacke Laurence an infant by Barbara Laurence his mother v Elizabeth Laney; Thomas Tillett & his wife; Robert Dover; William Smyth; Henry Hill; & Robert Barkway Timber rights on copyhold lands in Pulham, Norfolk. C78/711, no. 15 [110]
1664 17 June 16 Hugh Wynne, gent v. William Langford, clerk; Howell Lewis, gent; Katherine Bodvell alias Wood; and Margaret Lewis, widow C78/1257, no. 7 [111]
1664 18 June 16 John Pyne v William Justee; Thomas Swaffeild and others (not named) Lease of lands in Little Windsor, Dorset. C78/547, no. 1 [112]
1664 18 June 16 Frances Driver v John Salmon; Elizabeth Salmon; Anne Driver an infant by William Nolloth; and Elizabeth Driver an infant by Edmond Grigby Exchange of lands in Shrapham, Norfolk for lands in Wrentham, Suffolk. C78/1209, no. 5 [113]
1664 20 June 16 Richard Hawker v Thomas Osborne or Webber Title to lands in the manor of Winsham, Somerset. C78/695, no. 2 [114]
1664 20 June 16 Sir William Backhouse, baronet & Dame Flower his wife; William Moyd, clerk; and Francis Turner, gent v. Mary Codrington, widow, relict, and executrix of William Codrington; and Samuel Bellingham C78/902, no. 2 [115]
1664 21 June 16 Frances Metcalfe, widow, late wife of Ralph Metcalfe, late of Bridlington, Yorks v Dame Anne Metcalfe now the wife of Arthur Jegon; Leonard Thompson; Henry Brearey; John Mattison Trust and lease of manor of Wansford, Yorks. C78/610, no. 9 [116]
1664 21 June 16 William Massinger of Upton St Leonard, Gloucs v Mary Massinger, widow; John Theyer the elder; John Theyer the younger; and Thomas Try Quiet possession of tenement called Kinsbury in Upton, St. Leonard, City of Gloucester. C78/746, no. 8 [117]
1664 22 June 16 Richard Jaques and William Jaques both of the City of London, brothers of Thomas Jaques decd; Samuel Great of Colchester, Essex, apothecary and Susan his wife; Sarah Jaques and Anne Jaques infants by John Godscall of the City of London, which said Susan, Sarah and Anne were the daughters and heirs of Nicholas Jaques decd who was brother of the said Thomas Jaques decd v James Cooper Annuities payable by will of Thomas Jacques C78/731, no. 4 [118]
1664 22 June 16 John Sturt v Thomas Smalpeice; John Smalpeice; John Whiteheaad; Thomas Newton; John Aderton and John Childe Sale of mortgaged lands in Stoke near Guildford, Surrey C78/737, no. 12 [119]
1664 22 June 16 Margaret Mansfield, widow, late wife and administratrix of John Mansfield of Derby v. Sir John Harpur, knight; and Walter Lee, gent C78/866, no. 5 [120]
1664 23 June 16 William Draper, gent, son & heir of Paule Draper decd v Sir John Cropley Alleged mortgage of messuage in Walbrooke, London. C78/695, no. 6 [121]
1664 27 June 16 John Ewens v William Fry Bonds re debts payable from trust of mansion house of Whitstaunton, Somerset. C78/636, no. 3 [122]
1664 27 June 16 Sir John Gell of Hopton, Derbs v Sir John Dowring Payments for services rendered re obtaining a pardon for misprision of treason against the Commonwealth C78/703, no. 9 [123]
1664 27 June 16 John Bill of St Anne Blackfryers, City of London, one of the printers to the King v Mathew Barker Bonds re interests in the moiety of office of Kings Printer C78/1215, no. 2 [124]
1664 27 June 16 John Baker v John Wightwick and Francis Wightwick, sons of Samuel Wightwick decd. Bonds in connection with purchase of lands in Hamsteed Marshall, Berks. C78/1220, no. 3 [125]
1664 28 June 16 Sir James Sheane and others (named) v John Browne and others (named). C78/635, no. 5 [126]
1664 28 June 16 Thomas Skinner v Thomas Merry and John Woodroffe Financing of voyage of the ship "Thomas" of London to the East Indies. C78/669, no. 14 [127]
1664 29 June 16 James Oswald administrator of Thomas Crompton decd, unadministered by Jane Oswald v East India Company and John Shaw administrator of Sir Peter Vanlore & Dame Jacoba his wife, and executor of the goods unadministered by Thomas Crompton Financial trusts invested in East India Company stock C78/662, no. 2 [128]
1664 29 June 16 Richard Shelton; Thomas Fox; Richard Shelton junr; Richard Higgins; Thomas Newell; Henry Bradley; William Cooper, inhabitants of Lilleshall and Sheriff Hales, Salop on behalf of themselves and other the parishioners, tenants and inhabitants of the said parish and manor and of the inhabitants and freeholders of the whole county of Salop v Walter Story; Isaack Taylor; William Addams; Humfry Kelsall; Richard Lowe; Richard Schrimshire; John Adams; John Selman; Thomas Orton; and Francis Fowler inhabitants within the constablewicke of Sheriffe Hales in the hundred of Cuttleston, Staffs on the behalf of themselves and of the inhabitants and freeholders of the whole county of Staffs Dispute whether county charges and taxes should be paid to the sheriff of Staffs or Salop. C78/673, no. 5 [129]
1664 29 June 16 Mary Vincent, relict and executrix of Samuel Vincent decd; Samuel Vincent son & heir of the said Samuel decd; James Vincent; Thomas Tooke; and Adam Moone v Humfrey Deane Legacies payable by will of Samuel Vincent from land called Butfield, Isle of Thanett, Kent C78/695, no. 3 [130]
1664 1 July 16 Francis Wingate v William Foster the elder; Willm Foster the younger and Dorothy Stone Tithes issuing from town fields of Luton, Beds. C78/657, no. 1 [131]
1664 3 July 16 Thomas Cowley the elder yeoman & Anne his wife v. Charles Doyley; John Pecke; John Trinder; William, Samuel, Isaac, Daniel, Beata, and Anne Cowley C79/47, no. [132]
1664 4 July 16 Thomas Bowen of Trefloyne, Pembroke gentleman by Abra Bowen his mother guardian v. sir Thomas Rowse baronet; Mary Bowen widow; Katherine Tooley; Nicholas Devereux & Bridget his wife; John Bell; and Jane Lawson C78/2069, no. 26 [133]
1664 4 July 16 John Pinsent, esq v. Henry Ford, esq C78/1277, no. 3 [134]
1664 6 July 16 Francis Downes and Edward Stringe v Henry Hungate Possession of the manor of Hamond, Norfolk. C78/737, no. 15 [135]
1664 8 July 16 John Roe v Henry Drewell and Giles Hamond Salary and expenses for management of estate and purchase of messuage called Old Lawnd, Lancs. C78/629, no. 2 [136]
1664 8 July 16 Daniel Madox v William Bruton Mortgage of messuages and lands in Whimple, Devon C78/737, no. 9 [137]
1664 8 July 16 Ann Hipworth of Appledore, Kent an infant by Thomas Longley of Appledore v William Easterfield and John Waters Trust settlement of money. C78/750, no. 4 [138]
1664 8 July 16 William Easterfield and John Waters of Appledore, Kent v Nicholas Thatcher and Elizabeth his wife; Anne Hepworth; Samuel Keite and Helen his wife; Mary Fowtrell; Mary Waters; John Waters and Robert Hammes Payment of debts and legacies from personal estate. C78/750, no. 7 [139]
1664 8 July 16 Robert Blackaller son & heir of Robert Blackaller decd v. Elizabeth Dawson, widow; William Dawson; Richard Parmee; Henry Martyn; and John Wood Purchase by Richard Dawson, late husband of the deft Elizabeth Dawson of a messuage in Farlington, Yorks, inherited by the complts father from the complts late grandfather George Blackaller decd. One off payment by the complts father to cover an annuity to Anne Blackaller the widow of George Blackaller for her life. C78/1452, no. 1 [140]
1664 8 July 16 Armiger Warner v. Richard Farrington; and Jacob Jacobson C78/859, no. 16 [141]
1664 8 July 16 John Langham v. Richard Heard C78/1260, no. 12 [142]
1664 12 July 16 Charles, Lord St. John v Rt. hon. John, Lord Marquesse of Winchester; Walter Strickland; George Coney; and Daniel Witherley Performance of an agreement re annuity C78/625, no. 19 [143]
1664 13 July 16 Thomas Lawes v William Carpenter and Anne his wife Lease of land in Harrowe Alley, St. Buttolph without Algate, London C78/, no. [144]
1664 13 July 16 Ezekiel Lampen and Abigail his wife, eldest daughter of James Stayner, merchant decd v Robert Stayner; Thomas Rich and Edward Watts Payment of legacies from personal estate C78/720, no. 11 [145]
1664 13 July 16 Sir Francis Wortley and Dame Frances his wife v Sir James Harrington; John Stafford; and Francis Cramer Financial arrangements of marriage settlement C78/739, no. 3 [146]
1664 14 July 16 Henry Spurstowe of London, merchant v Richard Bostocke; Robert Bostocke; Thomas Yale; Thomas Williams and Mary his wife; William Barneston; Richard Pulford and Anne his wife; John Fletcher; John Paylin; Thomas Johnson; William Barrowe; Ralph Gibbons; Thomas Whittacher; Hugh Hankey and others (not named) Assurance of messuage, lands and windmill at Aldford and Churton, Chester C78/746, no. 9 [147]
1664 14 July 16 John Ashton v. William Hodges; Edward Nichollson; Elizabeth Gamblington; John Hamerton; and Thomas Pearty C78/1299, no. 10 [148]
1664 15 July 16 John Apsley, son of John Apsley of Pulborough, Sussex and of Katherine his wife one of the sisters of William Rishton late of Almodington, Sussex decd; and William Lelam of St Brides, London, son of Mary Lelam one other of the sisters of the said William Rishton; Elizabeth Apsley; John Abar; William Abar Edward Abar; Richard Abar; Barbara Abar; Thomas Warner and Katherine his wife, late Katherine Waldron; Judith Randall an infant by John Randall her father; Mary Henshaw an infant by Thomas Damell and Susan his wife, her mother; Thomas Craddock; Mary Gunter, Amphillis Gunter, Henrietta Gunter and Elizabeth Gunter, infants by Katherine their mother; John Anns; Egborowe Shervill; and John Rumbridger v Robert Anderson; Thomas Gunter; Mary Rishton; and William Rishton Legacies and annuity payable from trust of tenements in Almodington, Earicke and Pulborough, Sussex. C78/684, no. 6 [149]
1664 16 July 16 William Peirson, Thomas Peirson, Susan Peirson and Anne Peirson, children of William Peirson decd v Susan and Mathew Peirson Portions payable by will of William Peirson from trust of messuage and lands in Kirkby, Grindalith, Duggleby and Stainston, Yorks C78/662, no. 8 [150]
1664 18 July 16 John Roe v Richard Shutleworth; Thomas Duckworth; Roger Barton and John Sager Mortgage of copyhold lands in Ightenhill, Lancs. C78/629, no. 8 [151]
1664 18 July 16 Thomas Stocken son & heir of George Stockton decd v Richard Hudd. Mortgage of lands in Loughborough, Leics. C78/669, no. 20 [152]
1664 18 July 16 Richard Bosvile v Sir Humphrey Style; Sir Richard Young; Richard Brayuthwaite; and Nicholas Francklyn Trust of manors of Newton, Cold Newton, Newton Burditt, Newton Marmyon, Leics and Eccleshall, Staffs C78/689, no. 8 [153]
1664 14 Sept 16 Nicholas Isaaks and Elizabeth his wife the relict and administratrix of John Davy decd; William, Gilbert and James Davy, sons of the said John Davy v John Davy the son; Sir John Northcott; John Champneys; Lewis Dowrish; John Bradford; John Davy; and Mary Hole Trust settlement and mortgage of lands in Sandford, and Crediton and other lands in Devon and Cornwall. C78/711, no. 14 [154]
1664 14 Oct 16 John Perrott v Richard Leigh Bonds and debts. C78/655, no. 6 [155]
1664 24 Oct 16 John Derbisheire v John Baines and Ann his wife Cancellation of bonds re debts of John Carter C78/629, no. 6 [156]
1664 28 Oct 16 Anne Hampden of London, widow & relict of Richard Hampden, merchant decd; and Richard Hampden of Hampden, Bucks, executors of the said Richard Hampden v Anne Brewer, widow, administratrix of John Brewer decd. Debts from trading partnership in cloth. C78/625, no. 7 [157]
1664 28 Oct 16 Francis Copledike and his wife; and Thomas St. George v Daniel Fleming; William Heaveningham; William Lehunt; Thomas Lee; John Lewis; John Wade; Edward Enderby; and others (not named) Discharge of encumbrances on lands in Aswardby and Southropp [Sausthorpe], Lincs. C78/662, no. 6 [158]
1664 28 Oct 16 Robert Creighton, Dean of the Cathedral Church of Wells v John Strachey and Jane his wife; Mary Wogan, widow; Jeremy Horler and Anne his wife Possession of rectory and tithes of Wedmore, Somerset C78/673, no. 3 [159]
1664 28 Oct 16 William Smalwood v Rebecca Parkes, widow; John Parkes; Richard Merryhurst; William Penson; Miles Cooke; Henry Hurlbut; and John Waldron Possession of close called Rough Lessow or Clarksons Leasowe in Wednesbury, Staffs C78/689, no. 5 [160]
1664 29 Oct 16 Anne Combe, widow & relict of George Combe, the surviving child and daughter of Walter Burton & Margaret his wife decd executrix of the said Walter Burton v. Thomas Norfolke the present master; William Lilly and John Braithwaite the present wardens and assistants of the Company and Society of Freemen of the Art or Misterie of Tylers & Bricklayers of London C78/1299, no. 7 [161]
1664 29 Oct 16 Thomas Waldronne, esq & Dame Ellinor Hasteings his wife; Henry Erskin, esq, administrator to Dorothy, countess of Bohan; Thomas Walker; and Dame Dorothy his wife, daughter of said countess v. Sir Robert Knyvett, baronet; and Hugh Audley, esq C78/1269, no. 9 [162]
1664 31 Oct 16 George Fawnt; Robert Tomlyn; Samuel Heyford; John West; Thomas Wilson; Edward Bryan; Richard Waples; Mary Lewcas; William Riddington; Thomas Riddington; Henry Burton; Daniel Heyford; James Henchman; Thomas Sturgis; and William Smith v Edward Rawlins; Edward Iliffe the elder; William Burdett; John Carter; and Richard Wilson Bill (Easter 1664), alleging attempts to destroy enclosures after articles of agreement (31 Aug. 14 Chas. II) to have general enclosure of the manor of Laughton, Leicestershire, with adequate provision to the church, and division and re-allocation with unanimous consent (Sept. 1663), and seeking court ratification of the agreement C78/669, no. 18 [163]
1664 31 Oct 16 John Boulcott and Elizabeth his wife eldest daughter of William Tourney late citizen & merchant taylor of London v Roger Reves; Robert Sewell; George Tourney; Anne Tourney; Ralph Coppinger and Mary his wife Marriage settlement of £400. C78/720, no. 7 [164]
1664 31 Oct 16 Henry Rogers; and Sarah Rogers v. Sturch Walford; Hugh Walford; Thomas Walford; Francis Capell & Susan his wife; Robert Tibbotts & Elizabeth his wife; John Walford; and Mary Walford C78/1260, no. 11 [165]
1664 4 Nov 16 Isabella Lusher, widow v Anne Bancks, widow; John Arnold & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Bancks; and William Cole Discharge of incumbrances of messuage called "Princes Arms" in Fleet Street, London C78/668, no. 4 [166]
1664 4 Nov 16 Richard Savage, since decd,and Mary his wife v Robert Cordell; Humfrey Weld; Barbara Barker now the wife of William Harpham Annuity out of manor of Melford or Long Melford, Suffolk C78/714, no. 1 [167]
1664 4 Nov 16 Thomas Clowes v. John Bill, esq C78/1271, no. 17 [168]
1664 7 Nov 16 Anne Gosnald widow executrix of Clement Herne v Thomas Boutflower administrator of William Boutflower; and John Hirne Bonds re marriage portion and legacies from will of Sir Thomas Hirne. C78/625, no. 14 [169]
1664 7 Nov 16 Walter Hanford v Ayliffe White and Elizabeth his wife; Richard Adams; James Winston; John Hanford; Edward Hanford; Thomas Hanford; Edmond Bradshawe and Anne his wife; Barnard Beckwith and Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Clarke; Mary Hanford; and Minifrid Hanford Debts and maintenance payable from manors of Wollashall and Nafford, Worcs. C78/748, no. 4 [170]
1664 11 Nov 16 William Trenchand of Cutteridge, Wilts an infant by John Tynt v Randolph Caldecott and Martha his wife Possession of copyhold tenement in Overcourt, Wilts. C78/662, no. 7 [171]
1664 14 Nov 16 Jonas Johnson v. William Wood C79/34, no. [172]
1664 16 Nov 16 Sir Thomas Kant administrator of Thomas Hamond decd v Elston Wallis and Edward Coote Legacies due to estate of Thomas Hamond by wills of Edmond and Anne Hamond. C78/682, no. 22 [173]
1664 16 Nov 16 John Cooke of London, merchant v [blank] Hunt; Sir John Howe, Edward Rich, Sir Thomas Cooke Estate of Thomas Cooke, deceased. Messuages, outhouses and other properties in the parish of Claynes and Saint Swithins, Worcestershire. C78/855, no. 17 [174]
1664 16 Nov 16 Phillipp Jamet; and Jonathan Raymond of London, brewers v. Joseph Lawrence C78/1001, no. 11 [175]
1664 16 Nov 16 Abraham Dee v. William Alwin and Richard Alwin C78/1299, no. 9 [176]
1664 17 Nov 16 Ralph Gray the elder and Barbara his wife administratrix of William Calverley her late son decd v Anne Cole, widow; Margaret Cole an infant; Lyonell Maddison and Anne his wife; Robert Ogle; and William Newhouse Administration of personal estate of William Calverley, dying in London, but late of Newcastle upon Tyne, and in particular the whereabouts of a cabinet within which William Calverley kept his ready money, gold, jewels, rings and securities for money. This cabinet having been moved for safe keeping during the time that the armies of Monck and Lambert were in Newcastle. C78/664, no. 3 [177]
1664 18 Nov 16 Maurice Thompson v John Calvert; Richard Calvert the younger; Charles Calvert; Richard Calvert the elder; Edmond Calvert; Thomas Rogers; Sir William Pershall; Gaulter Frost; Katherine Gage & Samuel Foxley Mortgage of manor of Cockeram, Lancs. C78/689, no. 4 [178]
1664 18 Nov 16 James Mutlowe v Thomas Beauty Rents due from manor and parsonage of Tillingham, Essex C78/737, no. 10 [179]
1664 18 Nov 16 John Harding and Ruth Harding, children of Sarah Harding late of Chipping Wicomb, Bucks, widow decd, who was the relict of Richard Harding also decd v Robert Taylor; Levy Gibbs; and Richard Harding Legacies payable by will of Richard Harding payable from lands in Chipping Wicomb, Bucks. C78/1212, no. 7 [180]
1664 18 Nov 16 Samuel Lawrence; and Lovisa Lewis v. Anthony Buller C78/1269, no. 7 [181]
1664 19 Nov 16 Abbott Newell alias Hunt v. Godfrey Norris C78/1265, no. 2 [182]
1664 21 Nov 16 Richard Lyster v Abraham Holdich; James Turner and another (not named) Debts and bonds. C78/720, no. 6 [183]
1664 22 Nov 16 Arthur Gorge and Dame Mary, Countess of Anglesey, his wife v Rt. hon. Edward, Earl of Clarendon; Charles, Lord Buckhurst; Dame Barbara Villiers, widow; and Henry Murrey Marriage settlement of lands in Battersey and Wandsworth, Surrey C78/970, no. 4 [184]
1664 23 Nov 16 William Armiger of North Creake, Norfolk v Sir Thomas Rant; Charles Everard; John Pettus; and John Hobart Mortgage and trust of the manor of Thorpe Hall in North Creake, Norfolk. C78/746, no. 6 [185]
1664 23 Nov 16 Anne Aynsworth, widow; Michael Chealle; and Edward Lilley, yeomen v. Henry Bigland, esq; Henry Smith the younger, gent; Elizabeth Smith, widow; John Morrice; John Groves; John Powtrell; William Tomson; James Lane; Thomas Stephenson; Christopher Patience; Robert Parsons; Elizabeth Parsons; Elizabeth Launder, widow; Robert Laundere; Robert Stephenson; John Whilcock; Thomas Aynsworth; Robert Aynsworth; William Wild the elder; Thomas Bowley; Edward Dawson; Thomas Lockington; Henry Leister; Hugh Hartshoone; Anthony Polwright; Thomas Rist; Henry Parsons; William Middleton; Richard Hartshorne; Richard Plowright; Thomas Lawrence; William Lovett; James Cooper; Thomas Hebbe; Edward Bradshawe; Lawrence Hartshorne; Thomas Barker; John Balsall; Isabell Groves, widow; Hugh Sherword; William Wild the younger; Nathaniel Palmer; William Pratt; John Bonsall; John Allen; John Fowler; Thomas Stephenson; Nicholas Fowler; Thomas Parsons; John Leister; and Thomas Powtrell Agreements regarding rights to three pasture grounds in Long Whatton, Leics C78/1581, no. 5 [186]
1664 23 Nov 16 Anne Aynsworth, widow; Michael Cheatle; and Edward Lilley, yeoman v. Henry Bigland, esq; Henry Smith the younger, gent; Elizabeth Smith, widow: John Morrice; John Groaves; John Powtrell; William Tompson; James Lane; Thomas Stephenson; Christopher Patience; Robert Parsons; Elizabeth Parsons; Elizabeth Launder, widow; Robert Launder; Robert Stephenson; John Shilcock; Thomas Aynsworth; Robert Aynsworth; William Wild the elder; Thomas Sowley; Edward Dawson; Thomas Lockington; Henry Leister; Hugh Hartshorne; Anthony Plowright; Thomas Rist; Henry Parsons; William Middleton; Richard Hartshorne; Richard Plowright; Thomas Lawrence; William Lovell; James Cooper; Thomas Hebbe; Edward Bradshawe; Lawrence Hartshorne; Thomas Barker; John Balsall; Isabell Groves, widow; Hugh Sherwood; William Wild the younger; Nathaniel Palmer; William Pratt; John Bonsall; John Allen; John Fowler; Thomas Stephenson; Nicholas Fowler; Thomas Parsons; John Leister; and Thomas Powtrell C78/866, no. 4 [187]
1664 24 Nov 16 James Hughes v Robert Hippesley; Mary Eyles, widow; John Eyles; and Thomas Maundrell Bonds, debts and mortgage of unspecified premises. C78/636, no. 2 [188]
1664 24 Nov 16 George Taylor and Anne his wife daughter, heir and administratrix of Robert Jephson decd v Henry, Marquesse of Dorchester; Sir Jeoffrey Palmer; Sir John Mayney; John Penrice; Marke Cottle; and Richard Starten Debts and legacies of Viscountesse, Lumley, payable from lands in St Buttolphs without Algate and unspecified lands in Yorks and Hants. C78/1203, no. 9 [189]
1664 25 Nov 16 Edmund Castell doctor of divinity and rector of Higham Gobyon, Beds v. Annabella, countess dowager of Kent and Richard Tavernor Glebe lands of the rectory. C78/855, no. 14 [190]
1664 25 Nov 16 Master and Wardens of the Merchant Taylors of London v Thomas Bromfield; and Lawrence Marsh Legacies payable by will of Henry Colborne, from profits of sale of lands in Hertford, to erect free school at Ashwell, Herts C78/1212, no.6B [191]
1664 25 Nov 16 John Colechester of London, draper v. James Parker and Katherine his wife C78/1299, no. 8 [192]
1664 26 Nov 16 Edward Kirlewe, gent v. Charles Bowes, esq; and Susan Fenwicke, the relict of Charles Fenwicke, esq Yearly rent payable out of lands in Hagthorpe, Yorks, and of the tithes of Brackenholme in the parish of Hemingbrough, Yorks C78/1269, no. 5 [193]
1664 27 Nov 16 Constance Askwith of Hackney, Middx, widow, late the wife and one of the executors of Nicholas Askwith decd v Abraham Chamberlayne the elder and Abraham Chamberlayne the younger the other executor of the said Nicholas Askwith Mismanagement of estate of Nicholas Askwith C78/652, no. 15 [194]
1664 29 Nov 16 Francis Driffield, esq v. Thomas Carlile; John Carlile; Thomas Athropp & Mary his wife; Richard Hinderley & Katherine his wife C78/1269, no. 8 [195]
1664 2 Dec 16 John Roberts & Elizabeth his wife v. John Middleton C78/1257, no. 6 [196]
1664 2 Dec 16 John Boys, gent; Humphry Shalcrosse, esq, administrator of Thomas Bolton, gent; and John Harris; and Richard Harris, executors of Edward Harris, esq v. Sir David Cunningham, knight, executor of Sir David Cunningham, knight and baronet; William Moorehead; Jane Lanman; William Loveking; Sir John Jacob, knight; Sir Nicholas Crispe, knight; Sir John Harrison, knight C78/1269, no. 6 [197]
1664 3 Dec 16 Robert Griffin and Jane his wife v Andrew Partridge and William Okeley Estate of Martha Griffin of Saint Buttolphs Parish, London. Properties in this and other parishes. Bequest to the poor — she being a 'collyer'. C78/557, no. 18 [198]
1664 3 Dec 16 George Berrowes, gent for Anne Newsam, wife of Thomas Newsam v. said Thomas Newsam; Richard Croswell, esq; Humfrey Grove; and Thomas Lowe, gent C78/1014, no. 3 [199]
1664 7 Dec 16 Gregory Pearse and Margaret his wife late wife of Thomas Webb decd v John Offley Legacies and debts payable by will of Robert Moore, from lands in Dunmowe and Henham, Essex C78/688, no. 9 [200]
1664 7 Dec 16 William Ellis an infant by Thomas Culpepper v Edward Austin. Debts. C78/720, no. 16 [201]
1664 11 Dec 16 John Davies and Mary his wife v Dame Mary Hatton, widow; John Fountaine; Henry Wynne; and John Coell Unpaid portions from personal estate C78/970, no. 6 [202]
1664 12 Dec 16 John Lord Bishop of Durham; Sir Gilbert Gerrard of the parish of St Martins in the Fields, Middx and Dame Mary his wife, eldest daughter of the said Lord Bishop; and also Gilbert Gerrard, Samuel Gerrard and Charlott Gerrard the only children of the said Dame Mary by the said Sir Gilbert Gerrard, infants v Sir William Turner and William Bigg Financial Trusts C78/682, no. 23 [203]
1664 13 Dec 16 George Prowse administrator of Prudence Prowse his late wife decd who was one of the daughters of Robert Burges and Jane his wife decd, the said Jane being daughter of John Cooke also decd v Edward Herle; John Arundell; William Allen and Anne his wife; Joane Cooke, widow and others (not named) Payment of legacy and damages C78/720, no. 5 [204]
1664 19 Dec 16 William Cosford of Daventry, Northt, cordwainer v. Samuel Bishop and Richard Cosford Trust settlement of tenement in Walnut Tree Lane, Southwark, Surrey C78/850, no. 7 [205]
1664 19 Dec 16 Thomas Langham; and Joseph Munday v. Villers Philpott, esq; and Thomas FitzJames, esq C78/1013, no. 14 [206]
1664 19 Dec 16 Christopher Marton and Jane his wife v. Arthur Perryman & Mary his wife; Peter Treby; George Treby and infant; Thomas Hele and Anne his wife; Thomas Pearse and Grace his wife; John Furrs; Thomas Chudleigh and Melior his wife C78/1299, no. 2 [207]