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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1648 24 C78/, no. []
1648 4 Jan 23 William Hurst, Priscilla Hurst, Robert Collis and others v Lawrence Tristram, Robert Draper Estate of Edward Hurst, late of Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Disputed will. C78/390, no. 6 [2]
1648 18 Jan. 23 Sir Thomas Hampson v Oliver and Margery Ridge Debts on security of farm and lands in Medenham, Bucks C78/510, no. 1 [3]
1648 24 Jan 23 Theophilus Wright v Martin Bennett and others. Sale of lands and brewing houses in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. C78/399, no. 34 [4]
1648 3 Feb. 23 Elizabeth Bradbury v Sir Allen and Dame Katherine Zouch. Payment of purchase money for manor of Stewkey, (no county given). C78/510, no. 7 [5]
1648 4 Feb. 23 Lady Anne and Thomas Poole v Sir Robert Tracy Debts. C78/399, no. 13 [6]
1648 4 Feb. 23 Lady Anne and Thomas Poole and another (named) v Sir Robert Tracy. Debts C78/399, no. 25 [7]
1648 7 Feb. Edward Perkins v Benedict Hall. Trust by lease of manors of Staunton and English Bucknor, Gloucs. C78/479, no. 1 [8]
1648 7 Feb. 23 Richard Balthrop v Nicholas Grice. Manor of Mansfield and lands at Horton, Morris and Langley, Buckinghamshire. Also Mansfield Mansion C78/497, no. 4 [9]
1648 7 Feb. 23 Richard Halliwell, haberdasher of London v Peter Sawyer Dispute over lands and houses at Blewberry, Berks C78/499, no. 11 [10]
1648 8 Feb. 23 Edmond Woodley v Thomas and John Beale Legacies and other payments from lands called Berrowe Court, Worcs. C78/399, no. 29 [11]
1648 9 Feb. 23 Anne Dine & others (named) v John Dyne Legacies payable from lands in Ashford and Orlestone, Kent, by will of Thomas Fitch. C78/417, no. 8 [12]
1648 12 Feb 23 William Gidwins v Alexander Maior & another (named). Bonds re settlement of estate of Robert and Moses Davies C78/417, no. 9 [13]
1648 13 Feb. 23 Dame Rachael Cambell and others (named) v Thomas Wilcoxe and others (named). Assignation of manor and parsonage of Brightlingsey, Essex. C78/399, no. 35 [14]
1648 14 Feb 23 Robert Potter, Nicholas Mall, Jonathan Coffe, Edward Rand and others v Josias Clarkeson Manor of Langham, Essex: dispute over fines and customs. C78/555, no. 8 [15]
1648 14 Feb. 23 Henry Tirwhitt and others (named) v-Peter Malbone and others (named) Annuity and trust of rents from unspecified lands in Kent and personal estate of Lady Anne Walter. C78/634, no. 7 [16]
1648 26 Feb 23 John Reynolds, Elizabeth his wife and John Dowell v Thomas Dowell and others (named). C78/582, no. 5 [17]
1648 19 April 24 Elizabeth Hartforth v Richard Hartforth. Marriage treaty of copyhold lands in Wistowe, no county given. C78/520, no. 1 [18]
1648 20 April 24 John Drury v Hugh, Baron of Colerane. Possession of manor of Southmore, Norfolk. C78/467, no. 1 [19]
1648 22 April 24 Robert Pattrich and Hannah his wife v William Orange and others The estate of Jeffrey Cuckoe C78/536, no. 13 [20]
1648 24 April 24 William Moore v John Gifford Redemption of mortgaged lands in Breewood, Staffs C78/549, no. 17 [21]
1648 26 April 24 Samuel Freeman, Thomas Alcock v Richard Freeman Estate of Robert Freeman, worth £15,000. C78/582, no. 1 [22]
1648 29 Apr 24 Thomas Watts v Robert and Richard Tirrell. Title to manor of Ellinghams or Alinges, and lands in Hockwold, Feltwell, Wilton, Methold and Helgay, Norfolk. C78/479, no. 10 [23]
1648 2 May 24 Henry Boyton v Henry and Grace Kinge Annuity payable by will of William Boyton C78/709, no. 15 [24]
1648 5 May 24 Robert and Elizabeth Payne and others (named) v John Veele and others (named). Trust marriage settlement of lands in Longford Wooton, City of Gloucester. C78/467, no. 5 [25]
1648 6 May 24 Roger and Elizabeth Blankeley v Bartholomew Nokes. Title to lands in Finsburie, Middx. C78/399, no. 26 [26]
1648 8 May 24 Roger Merrill v Beniamyne Gunell Forfeiture of lease and damages for waste committed on Mountsale farm, Essex. C78/479, no. 9 [27]
1648 9 May 24 Samuel Sevell v Richard Gardiner and others (named). Sale of manor of Bisley, Gloucs. C78/399, no. 14 [28]
1648 9 May 24 Samuel Sevell v Richard Gardner and others (named). Sale of lands in Bisley, Gloucs. C78/399, no. 37 [29]
1648 12 May 24 Elizabeth Wilse v Daniel Wilse and another (named). Legacy payable by will of Joane Wiise from lands in Barnewood, City of Gloucester. C78/467, no. 6 [30]
1648 15 May 24 Edward Cason and others (named) v William Wymondsold and another (named). Trust settlement of the rectory and advowson of Wainsworth, Surrey. C78/399, no. 27 [31]
1648 15 May 24 William Whitehall, James Whitehall and Richard Whitehall v Thomas Tuke Property of Lady Corbett, land at Over Lockaigh, Nether Lockaigh, Spondon, Chaddesdon, Morley Stagey, Derbyshire C78/582, no. 3 [32]
1648 19 May 24 Sir Richard Vivyan v Henry and Richard Newte. Right of presentation to rectory of Tiverton, Devon. C78/404, no. 18 [33]
1648 6 June 24 Richard Lamborne and others (named) v William Langland and others (named) Mortgage of lands in Cuddington (county not given). C78/640, no. 15 [34]
1648 8 June 24 Joseph Moore v John Mattocke and others (named) Financial trusts C78/1150, no. 43 [35]
1648 12 June 24 John and Elizabeth Baldwin v Bartholomewe Baldwin and another. Legacies from personal estate of Francis Baldwin. C78/488, no. 22 [36]
1648 13 June 24 Henry Laugher v Abraham Ashe and others (named). Title to lands in Broughton, Worcs. C78/399, no. 24 [37]
1648 15 June 24 Henry Peirce and others v Walter Rhetoricke, Henry Thomas, Eustace Craddocke and others. Estate and will of Richard Banckes, portion for Mary Peirce C78/582, no. 2 [38]
1648 16 June 24 Nicholas Roope v Nicholas Shepheard Mortgage of tenement in Clifton Darmouth Larnes, Devon C78/404, no. 20 [39]
1648 17 June 24 Alice Ball and others v John Claydon Estate of William Ball, Colmore Farm, Hampshire, and other properties. C78/381, no. 1A [40]
1648 17 June 24 Charles Vaughan v Elizabeth Couch and another (named). Debts and annuity from tenement in Bickington (No county given). C78/464, no. 21 [41]
1648 20 June 24 Sir Benjamin Ash v Robert Emerson. Debts and bonds. C78/399, no. 20 [42]
1648 20 June 24 Grace and Elizabeth Prowse v Jasper Chaplyn and others (named) Legacies payable from 'The Bell Inn' Taunton, Somerset and lands in Wilton, Somerset and Thorverton and Cullompton, Devon. C78/404, no. 24 [43]
1648 21 June 24 William Warren for Christian Colwell v John Colwell and another (named). Maintenance payments due from profits of sale of messuage in Doddiscombleigh C78/404, no. 19 [44]
1648 26 June 24 Jane Hele v Christopher Eyres Delivery of jewelry. C78/549, no. 26 [45]
1648 26 June 24 Robert Bustard for creditors of Robert Batchellor v John Rowle and others (named). Debts payable from mortgaged lands in Kirton, Lincs C78/633, no. 13 [46]
1648 4 July 24 John Payne v Elizabeth & Richard Bateman. Bequest of a cabinet of "mountain chrystall" by will of Robert Bateman C78/417, no. 7 [47]
1648 6 July 24 Daniel and Elizabeth Sherley v Edward Burton and others (named) Possession of lands in Tilehurst, Englefeild, Shingfield and Reading, Berks C78/709, no. 14 [48]
1648 7 July 24 John Hobart and others (named) v Sir William Paston and others (named) Sale of trust lands in Wayborne, Norfolk. C78/640, no. 11 [49]
1648 13 July 24 Richard Bell v Christofer and Mary Andrewes Debts and bonds C78/549, no. 25 [50]
1648 15 July 24 Henry Randall for self & another (named) v Gregory Wilshire & others (named) Debts charged to estate of Thomas Taylor C78/417, no. 5 [51]
1648 15 July 24 William Wakelyn v Dorothy Over & another (named). Rents of lease of manor of Shillingford, Oxon. C78/417, no. 6 [52]
1648 18 Aug 24 Samuel Bulteele and others (named) for creditors of Sir Nicholas Slanning v Nicholas Slanning and others (named). Debts payable from estate of lands in Penryn, Mawnan, Pennance and Anton, Cornwall. C78/479, no. 5 [53]
1648 24 John Cooke v Thomas Cooke and others (named). Inheritance of lands of Thomas Docton in Hartland, Devon C78/568, no. 1 [54]
1648 27 Oct. 24 Edward Firth v Isaack Knipe. Factorship for sale of cloth. C78/640, no. 9 [55]
1648 28 Oct. 24 Wesgate Coppin v John Pepys, Andrew Leake, Robert Whale and Robert Ward. Estate of John Coppin: several properties at Langall, Kirkstead, Seethinge, Norfolk. Provision for his family. C78/389, no. 11 [56]
1648 28 Oct 24 Thomas Baynham v John Bayliffe Estate of Benedict Haynes - lands in Essex and Surrey. Disputed leases. C78/582, no. 15 [57]
1648 31 Oct 24 Lancelott and Abigail Durrell v William Hurt Legacies from personal estate of John and Thomas Lawrence C78/488, no. 26 [58]
1648 4 Nov 24 Euseby and Susan Dormer v Samuel Jones and others (named). Testamentary settlement of houses in Fanchurch St, London and lands in Newington Butts, Surrey C78/640, no. 10 [59]
1648 4 Nov. 24 Euseby and Susan Dormer v Samuel Jones and others (named). Testamentary settlement of houses in Fanchurch St, London and lands in Newington Butts, Surrey. C78/640, no. 14 [60]
1648 7 Nov. 24 Leon and Helen Hollingworth v Sir Guy Palmes Rent arrears from lease of closes in Thorpe, Stoke and Elston, Notts. C78/617, no. 1 [61]
1648 8 Nov. 24 Edmond Fowell v Elizabeth Crocker. Redemption of mortgage and shares of lands in Plympton St Mary, Devon. C78/404, no. 21 [62]
1648 9 Nov 24 Thomas Greiseley and another (named) v Anthony Mawood or Morewood. Payment of legacies. C78/397, no. 10 [63]
1648 11 Nov. 24 John Tasbrough and another (named) v Sir Jervas Clifton Debts and legacies payable by will of Sir Edmond Williams from sale of manors of Buckland and Castocke, Dorset C78/633, no. 11 [64]
1648 13 Nov 24 John Roberts v Anne Bacher and others (named). Debts. C78/399, no. 24 [65]
1648 13 Nov 24 Susan Newman v Thomas Newman & others (named) Legacies payable from lands in Amersham, Bucks and Remenham, Berks, by will of John Newman C78/417, no. 4 [66]
1648 14 Nov 24 Thomas Claydon v Thomas Barnes, Nathaniel Coxe and Daniel Onyon. Estate of John Claydon, holdings of land at Radwinter, disputed title. C78/389, no. 9 [67]
1648 15 Nov. 24 George and Joane Luxford v Thomas and Mary Brett. Possession of messuage in Woodmancoate and lands in Rusper, Sussex. C78/479, no. 8 [68]
1648 21 Nov. 24 Thomas Osborne and another (named) for Jane Stephens v Richard Cooke and others (named). Lease and trust of lands in Cirencester, Gloucs. C78/467, no. 7 [69]
1648 24 Nov. 24 Anne Vaughan and others (named) v William Courteene and others (named). Mortgage of messuage in Elford, in manor of Loughton, Devon. C78/679, no. 1 [70]
1648 25 Nov 24 Simon Lee v Judith Watts. Bonds. C78/464, no. 19 [71]
1648 28 Nov 24 Richard Lyell and others (named) v Thomas Burd and another (named) Title, by testamentary settlement of lands in Higher Brymley (No county given). C78/464, no. 20 [72]
1648 1 Dec. 24 Thomas Sicklemore v John Littlebury and another (named). Accounts, debts and bonds. C78/464, no. 14 [73]
1648 2 Dec 24 Elizabeth Clarke and others (named) by John Duxberry v James Tassell and others (named). Portions payable from sale of lands in St Lawrence, Isle of Thanet, Kent. C78/479, no. 6 [74]
1648 14 Dec. 24 John Combes v Vincent and John Hunt and others (named). Bonds re sale of unspecified mortgaged messuage C78/606, no. 9 [75]
1648 16 Dec. William Parkins v Walter Walker and another (named). Marriage settlement of rectory of Humberston, Leics. C78/397, no. 1 [76]
1648 19 Dec. 24 Humfry Beare v John Garland and others (named) Mortgage of messuage in Saint Neepe, Cornwall. C78/578, no. 6 [77]
1648 22 Dec 24 John Edwards v Oliver and Margaret Sheynton. Mortgage of tenement in Trewithen in parish of Llandinam, Montgomeryshire. C78/479, no. 7 [78]
1648 30 Dec. 24 John Edwards v Charles and Bennett Lloyd. Mortgage of messuage in Little Hemme, Montgomerys. C78/479, no. 4 [79]
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