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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1647 23 C78/ , no. []
1647 14 Jan 22 John Godowne v Thomas Lawes, Charles Richardson and others Purchase of land at Stepney by Thomas Bates, and his bequest of this and other property C78/582, no. 8 [2]
1647 23 Jan. 22 William Howe, Samuell Smyth v Sir Thomas Pelham. Dispute over an Inn at Smithfield called the "Rose". C78/389, no. 14 [3]
1647 25 Jan. 22 Francis Savage and others (named) v Sir William Palmer and others (named) Marriage settlement of the manor of Cardington, Beds C78/489, no. 8 [4]
1647 26 Jan 22 Robert Powneall v John Verrier, Thomas Stokes and others Conveyance of the moiety of an annuity, arising from a property at Sutton, near Dover. Bequest of William Nethersoll C78/471, no. 7 [5]
1647 26 Jan. 22 John Rabull v John Johnston Joint trading ventures, trade to France, ill-kept accounts. C78/497, no. 6 [6]
1647 28 Jan. 22 Richard Bacon v Robert Wright, Edward Wood Estate of William Bacon, died intestate. C78/471, no. 9 [7]
1647 29 Jan. 22 Henry Strudwicke v Richard Scutt Bonds and mortgage of tenements and lands in Wisborough Greene or Kirdford, Sussex C78/489, no. 7 [8]
1647 29 Jan 22 William and Katherine Chamberlaine and others (named) v Elizabeth Toppesfeild. Accounts of estate of Richard Alsopp, including lands in White Chapell, Middx C78/529, no. 6 [9]
1647 30 Jan 22 John Chappilowe, William Goodhand v William Robinson and William Carlill Estate of John Smith — relief from bonds for debt. C78/471, no. 4 [10]
1647 1 Feb. 22 Mathew Emerson v Robert Tooker and another (named). Tithes of rectory and parsonage of Streatham, Surrey. C78/510, no. 5 [11]
1647 1 Feb 22 Theodocia Necton and others (named) v Henry Probyn and others (named) Trust settlement of lands in Cheping Wickombe and Penn, Bucks. C78/640, no. 13 [12]
1647 3 Feb. 22 William Drury v Sara Penn. Payment of an annuity from unspecified lands C78/640, no. 12 [13]
1647 4 Feb. 22 Elizabeth Barcock v John Pease and others (named). Title to 11 acres in Stebenheath or Stepney, Middx. C78/463, no. 2 [14]
1647 5 Feb. 22 Timothy and Sarah Belleire v Sir William Belfore. Possession of lease of tenements and wharfes on the Tower ditch, London. C78/529, no. 5 [15]
1647 8 Feb. 22 John Surman v John Wilkinson Settlement on the projected marriage of Surman and Alice Wilkinson C78/471, no. 8 [16]
1647 8 Feb. 22 John Browne and Robert Hunt v Anthony Clifford. The property of John Cage - reference to an earlier case. C78/497, no. 8 [17]
1647 10 Feb. 22 John Wightwicke and others (named) v Isaack Walden Lease of lands in Shortley, Coventry, Warwicks. C78/1150, no. 44 [18]
1647 12 Feb. 22 Thomas West and others v Mark Whalley and others Dispute over the sale of a yardland messuage in Sowtham, Warwickshire. C78/491, no. 31 [19]
1647 16 Feb. 22 Sir Henry Blount y Sir John Harpur, Henry Harpur, and Gilbert Ward Manors of Arleston, Sindefin [Sinfin], in the several parishes of Normanton, Barrow, Twiford [Twyford], and Steenson [Stenson], Derbyshire C78/471, no. 6 [20]
1647 26 Feb 22 Walter Rethorick v Thomas Humble, William Humble and Leonard Stockettle The will and estate of John Govington, leases upon houses in Chancery Lane and Whites Alley, London. C78/499, no. 13 [21]
1647 6 March 22 William Greenfield by Joane Mathew v Jasper Goodwyn & another (named) Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in Barking, Surrey C78/417, no. 16 [22]
1647 11 Mar 22 Francis Lathbury v Robert Milding, Richard Chandler, Thomas Stones, Isaack Watlington Dispute over the hire of a ship, 'True Love' of London C78/471, no. 5 [23]
1647 23 March 22 Hugh Over of London, gent & Katherine his wife one of the daughters of Richard Higgons late of Bury, Sussex, esq v. Edward Higgons and Ralph Cooper Leases held by Richard Higgons, one of which was lodgings in Grays Inn. C78/497, no. 11 [24]
1647 Easter term 23 Samuell Hatton v Henry Cassy. Lease of unspecified lands. C78/399, no. 21 [25]
1647 10 April 23 William Peacocke, late of Chignall St. James. Essex v John & Mary Stourton Debts of Nathaniel Peacock, payable from messuage called Choppins [?Chobbins in Chignall par.], no place-name given C78/417, no. 15 [26]
1647 26 April 23 Sir Thomas Gawdy v Sir William Spring Dispute over the manors of Reddenhall, Coldham Hall, and Holdbrook. Case arising from a marriage settlement C78/499, no. 15 [27]
1647 11 May 23 Robert and Thomasine Platt v Mary Platt. Trust of copyhold lands in Parish Garden, Surrey C78/529, no. 4 [28]
1647 17 May 23 William Atkinson v John Peirs & others (named). Profits from office of Register of the Exchequer of the Archbishop of York C78/417, no. 12 [29]
1647 18 May 23 Mathias and Frances Browne and others (named) v William Harryman and others (named) Legacies by will of William Harryman payable from sale of lands in Quadring, Lincs. C78/474, no. 3 [30]
1647 18 May 23 Richard Dagnall v Samuell Thomas and others (named). Debts and bonds on security of messuages, watermills, wharves and gardens in Southwark, Surrey C78/488, no. 18 [31]
1647 18 May 23 Walter Lee v William Swetman and others (named) Rents from gardens and tenements in Clerkenwell, Middx C78/489, no. 6 [32]
1647 20 May 23 Mathew Wallis v Lawrence Wykes Estate of John Wykes of Motcombe, Dorset. Manor of Gillingham, and other holdings C78/471, no. 2 [33]
1647 24 May 23 William and Johan Knight v John Saunders and others (named). Debts. C78/399, no. 30 [34]
1647 27 May 23 Jane and William Davies v Michael Jones Title to messuage and cellar in St Laurance in the Old Jewry, London C78/488, no. 25 [35]
1647 28 May 23 Henry Reede v Anthony Taylor The 'Red Lion' Bishopsgate, London, lease to John Palmer C78/582, no. 7 [36]
1647 29 May 23 Roger Pride v Edward Clarke and others (named). Debts payable from house in Newent, Gloucs and personal estate of William Pride. C78/463, no. 1 [37]
1647 31 May 23 John and Mary Sadler v Margaret Curtis Possession of lands in Charleton, Downton and Adderbury, Wilts C78/489, no. 5 [38]
1647 31 May 23 Anthony Henn and others (named). Legacy of £400. C78/640, no. 7 [39]
1647 20 June 23 Henry Sweeting citizen and pewterer of London v. Thomas Lunsford esq Bills of exchange not honored. C78/497, no. 8 [40]
1647 22 June 23 Jane Lovel alias Boutilier administratrix of John Lovell merchant her late husband v. Thomas Lunsford esq Loans by John Lovell abroad amounting to £470. C78/497, no. 9 [41]
1647 23 June 23 John Arnold and another (named) v Phillipp and Rebecca Colby Legacy from will of Roger Pymble, to poor of parish of Kensington, Middx, payable from rents of tenements in Kensington, and bequest to maintain a free school there C78/467, no. 4 [42]
1647 26 June 23 Peter and Hellen Wyard v Thomas Beake. Debts and bonds of Anthony Lamplugh. C78/479, no. 18 [43]
1647 28 June 23 Sir John Reresby by Lady Frances Reresby v Emanuel Bourne. Disputed demesne or glebe status of some closes in manor of Ashover, Derbys. C78/634, no. 9 [44]
1647 2 July 23 Sir Edward Powell v John Delaett Bonds re payment of debts of Sir Peter Vaulore C78/417, no. 13 [45]
1647 3 July 23 Esabell Wallys v William Wallis. Rent charge and jointure from marriage settlement of unspecified tenement C78/404, no. 17 [46]
1647 5 July 23 John Sandbrooke citizen and draper of London & Mary his wife and Roger Ramsey of Hethersett, Norf v. Rowland Dee of London merchant Apprentice bonds and conduct. C78/497, no. 10 [47]
1647 6 July 23 Richard Ferrars v Thomas Sap, Mathias Webb and Ursula Ferrars Purchase by Anthony Ferrars of property from Francis, late Earl of Bedford. Property at Saint Martins in the Fields, London C78/471, no. 1 [48]
1647 7 July 23 Peregrine and Katherine Pelham v Sir Henry Crooke and another (named). Debts of Sir Peter Vaulore payable from trust of the manor of Hamstead and Hamstead Norris,-rectory of Compton and manor and rectory of Beenham, Berks, messuages in London and lands in Tunbridge and Madlowe, Kent C78/633, no. 12 [49]
1647 20 July 23 Thomas Turner, and others v Henry Potter, Richard Turner and others Customs of the manor of Westmersey, Essex C78/536, no. 17 [50]
1647 10 Aug 23 Elizabeth Godderd v John Harrison and others (named) Lease of tenement in Savoy, Middx C78/489, no. 4 [51]
1647 21 Oct 23 John Raoul v. John Johnston C78/1291, no. 12 [52]
1647 28 Oct 23 Christopher Blower v Sir William Russell, Sir George Wolstenholme, Robert Fenne, Elizabeth Lady Hunt and Elizabeth Cherrey Bond for debt between Edward Blower and Robert Cherrey — late of Eltham, Kent C78/507, no. 2 [53]
1647 30 Oct 23 Ralph Everard, gent & Trephena his wife for John and Martha, children of Lydea Wade v. John Munt, gent C78/1291, no. 11 [54]
1647 4 Nov 23 John Ingleby of Lawkeland v Lancelot Lake The will of Dame Mary Lake C78/536, no. 16 [55]
1647 4 Nov 23 Charles Harris, Susan Courtman widow & executrix of Andrew Courtman decd, Thomas Lambe, Valentine Stucky, [blank] Lane in the right of his wife Lucy administrarix of Henry Held decd v Thomas Trumplyn the elder, Thomas Trumplyn the younger and John Oven Debts of Thomas Trumplyn junr, linen draper of London, a bankrupt. C78/1328, no. 5 [56]
1647 8 Nov 23 James Thompson, Katherine Baron v Thomas Pitcher and William Kilburne. Manor of Trumpington, Cambridgshire. Also the manors of Tincotts,. Delapooles, Arnold, and other properties, dispute over the ploughing up of sheep pastures, and the stocking and stinting of common lands. C78/389, no. 10 [57]
1647 15 Nov 23 John Millen v Henry Body and Margery Body Dispute over bonds C78/499, no. 12 [58]
1647 19 Nov 23 Mayor, aldermen and citizens of Bristol, master and wardens of merchant taylors, London and others (named) for poor of London and Bristol v President and deans of Syon College, London and others (named). Administration of almshouse in London and bequests to poor of London and Bristol by will of Thomas White C78/489, no. 3 [59]
1647 20 Nov. 23 Josiah Horne by Frances Horne v John Launder Management of trust of personal estate of Josiah Home the elder. C78/417, no. 10 [60]
1647 20 Nov 23 Richard Holloway and Frances his wife and others (named) the daughters and coheirs of Lewes James late of Reading v Mary James, Nicholas Smith, William Demson and others Disputed property called "Horsey Downe", parish of Saint Olave, Southwark, Surrey C78/536, no. 15 [61]
1647 20 Nov. 23 John Reynolds and others (named) v Thomas Dowell and others (named). Property of Thomas Dowell, land at Ware and Amwell C78/582, no. 6 [62]
1647 23 Nov. 23 Katherine Dunthorne and others (named) v John Beckham. Bonds. C78/399, no. 32 [63]
1647 25 Nov. 23 Theophila Coke and others (named) v Sir Cleppesby Crewe. Portions from trust settlement of unspecified lands of estate of Sir Edward Coke. C78/510, no. 2 [64]
1647 26 Nov. 23 Anne Yarnoll v Maurice and John Yarnoll. Title to tenements (place-names not given). C78/399, no. 36 [65]
1647 26 Nov 23 Ann Blake v John Goodwin and others (named). Encumbrances on jointure lands in Chelsey, Kensington, Knightsbridge and Westminster, Middx. C78/479, no. 11 [66]
1647 27 Nov 23 Marke and Anne Egden v Henry Daniel and others (named) Mortgage of tenements in All Saints, Southampton, Hants. C78/606, no. 10 [67]
1647 2 Dec. 23 Dionis Lowndes and others (named) v Thomas Wendover Legacies from will of Joane Ford C78/488, no. 24 [68]
1647 2 Dec. 23 John Cartwright v Andrew Gosfright Accounts re trade in silk and spices from East Indies C78/634, no. 8 [69]
1647 7 Dec. 23 Dame Grace Mannors of Bagworth v John Greaves and others The debts of John Greaves - dispute over the manor of Bagworth Park, Leicestershire C78/497, no. 2 [70]