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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1645 21 C78/ , no. []
1645 10 Jan 20 Thomas Johnson v Peter Richant Debts re purchase and freighting of ships for fishing in Lewes and North of Scotland. C78/510, no. 8 [2]
1645 20 Jan 20 Walter Powell v Sir Raphe Dutton Discharge of encumbrances on lands in Little Harffield, Hardwick, Puttley, Standish, Moureton and Oxlindge, Gloucs C78/510, no. 9 [3]
1645 20 Jan 21 Phillip, Lord Wharton and another (named) v Thomas Lord, Viscount Wenmon and another (named) Trust settlement of lands in Bishops Wooborne, or Wooborne Davencourt, Bucks C78/1205, no. 3 [4]
1645 21 Jan 20 William Carpenter v Edmond Peiseley, William Peiseley, Ambrose Hooke, Thomas Reanoff, [blank] Freeland, widow Huntingdon, [blank] Bery, William Price, William Serjeant, John Chafey, Michael Turkington, Robert Rogest, Thomas Jadkin, Alexander Condericke, William Driver, [blank] Pattey, John Day, [blank] Holmer, Robert Briggs, [blank] Turke, Thomas Meades, Richard Alders, John Ward, William Jervis, Henry Greene, George Paule, John Robinson and William Driver Debt for £400 worth of tobacco bought on credit. Security of tenements in White Chappell, Middx C78/1327, no. 9 [5]
1645 25 Jan 20 John Hewson v Daniel Butler and others (named). Rents and profits from testamentary trust of personal estate of Thomas Huson and his lands in London and Oxon. C78/467, no. 8 [6]
1645 28 Jan 20 Phillip Bolles, citizen and merchant of London v Marmaduke Peckett Debt C78/1327, no. 12 [7]
1644 30 Jan 20 George Harwood v James Debudt Lease of copyhold tenement in Hackney, Middx C78/709, no. 6 [8]
1645 7 Feb. 20 Margery Beeston v William Powell and another (named) Administration of estate of Charles Yeoman. C78/538, no. 6 [9]
1645 12 Feb 20 Francis Bickley v Sir Anthony Cage Complt bond as surety for defts debts. Manor of Longstowe, Cambs & Hunts C78/1328, no. 3 [10]
1645 27 Feb 20 George and Mary Moore v William Brigham and others (named) Legacy payable by will of Joseph Colfe, from sale of lands in Canterbury, Kent. C78/467, no. 11 [11]
1645 18 March 20 Sir John Thorowgood v John and Christopher Jenny Possession of mortgaged manors of Risleyes, Hockthawes and Strawhall, Norfolk C78/709, no. 7 [12]
1645 8 April 21 Richard & Susan Lidsey v William & Sara Syer & others (named) Administration of estate of William Hurdman, consisting of lands in Gilford, Surrey and other lands in Essex and Middx, and contracts for melting of tin and pewter C78/417, no. 21 [13]
1645 24 April 21 Alice Base v Sir Join Wollaston and the Governors of the Hospital of Saint Mary Without Bishopsgate Bequest of tenements near Charing Cross called 'Stonehouse' - lease of the properties to Thomas Wood C78/582, no. 16 [14]
1645 2 May 21 Elizabeth Penn v Sir Thomas Hampson. Jointure from estate (unspecified) of Henry Penn. C78/467, no. 10 [15]
1645 3 May 21 Peter Spitsier v Robert Hayes and another (named). Lease of lands in Saint Nicholas Shambles, London. C78/399, no. 41 [16]
1645 3 May 21 Luke Brady v Francis Webb. Dispute over woods and mines. C78/471, no. 13 [17]
1645 6 May 21 William Truxton v Elizabeth Stallon or Starling Debts payable from cargo of indigo and borax C78/488, no. 23 [18]
1645 10 May 21 John James v Margaret James and others (named). Trust of lands in Newport, Isle of Wight, Hants C78/529, no. 9 [19]
1645 13 May 21 John Stannyant v John Crude! and another (named) Jointure from personal estate of Michael Crudd. C78/487, no. 1 [20]
1645 13 May 21 Francis Wynde and another (named) v William Lee and another (named) Cancellation of bonds re imprisonment of James Wooldridge in Fleet Prison C78/487, no. 2 [21]
1645 13 May 21 Edward Read v Sir Cornelius Vermuyden and another (named). Trust partnership and contract to drain fields of manors of Hatfield, Yorks, Epworth, Misterton, Gringley and Misen [Misson], Lincs and Notts. C78/1205, no. 2 [22]
1645 23 May 21 Sir Robert Wood v John Grubb and another (named). Rents from tenement "White Lyon" inn and lands in Clerkenwell, Middx C78/489, no. 2 [23]
1645 6 June 21 John Burghill, Ellis Wynne; ____ Morris; Francis Moore v. C78/1925, no. 8 [24]
1645 13 June 21 John Watson, James Seele and William Watson v John Norbury, John Booker, Richard Spencer, James Pinckney, William Sadler and Nicholas Wainewright Debt. Large transfers of money to Ireland. Complts brother James Watson & nephew Phillipp Watson, Aldermen of Dublin. Claims that complt was illegally declared bankrupt. C78/1327, no. 10 [25]
1645 13 June 21 John Norbury and Richard Spencer v John Watson Debts of the deft C78/1327, no. 11 [26]
1645 14 June 21 George More v George Moreton & others (named) Wardship of Ferdinando Heyborne and administration of wards estate C78/417, no. 20 [27]
1645 16 June 21 Zachary and Johan Reeve and others (named) v Mary Turner. Title to lands in Morton Henmarsh, Gloucs. C78/399, no. 39 [28]
1645 17 June 21 David Davidson v James Marsh and others (named). Lease of mortgaged lands in Wapping, Middx. C78/399, no. 39 [29]
1645 21 June 21 Edmond Simeon v Simon Wilkins or Wilkinson. Rents owing from lands in Greate Kimble and Little Kimble, Bucks. C78/467, no. 9 [30]
1645 23 June 21 John Whiteing and others (named) v William Hollie and others (named). Financial encumbrances on the manors of Snettisham, Hawkins or Hokins, Rustens, Dame Cicelyes and Hoods, Norfolk. C78/479, no. 15 [31]
1645 9 July 21 John Swift & Martha his wife daughter and heir of William Hunt v William Wardell and others (named). Possession of lands in Burghcastle, Suffolk. C78/709, no. 5 [32]
1645 13 July 21 Elizabeth Salmon v Richard Brooke, Wolf Bamaby, Walsall Thomas, Thomas Boore, William Clipwell Messuage and property at Hartlipp, Kent. Disputed sale of a lease C78/471, no. 12 [33]
1645 24 July 21 Edward Lee v John Jones, Robert Randolph and others Dispute over the lease of a messuage called the 'Chequer' Fleet Bridge, London. C78/381, no. 2 [34]
1645 24 July 21 Barbara Pritchard v Sir John St. John and others (named) Tithes from Penge, Surrey, due to vicar of Battersey, Surrey C78/538, no. 4 [35]
1645 6 Aug. 21 Anne and Afra Creake v Thomas Payne. Mortgage of lands in Nunnington, Kents and cutting of timber there. C78/549, no. 27 [36]
Michaelmas 1645 [Bill. 7 Feb. 1643]. Thomas and Elizabeth Capp v John Westby and others (named). Debts, bonds and title to Inns called 'Old Plough' and 'New Plough' in St Clements. (No County given). C78/444, no. 1 [37]
1645 23 Oct. 21 Thomas Godden v James Godden Relief from a bond for debt C78/471, no. 11 [38]
1645 31 Oct 21 John Lane v William Thomas and others (named). Lease of lands in Ratcliff, Middx C78/538, no. 3 [39]
1645 3 Nov 21 Stephen Browne by Thomas Jenkin v Thomas Huffam and others (named). Interests in estate of Stephen Browne, senior, of lands in Eastrey and Worthinge, Kent. C78/479, no. 17 [40]
1645 7 Nov 21 Daniel Pulford v Sir Thomas Barker and another (named). Sale of lease of messuage in Batisford, Suffolk. C78/642, no. 5 [41]
1645 9 Nov. 21 Thomas Galilee v Edmond Thorisby and another (named). As 399/32 under 23 November 1647. C78/399, no. 31 [42]
1645 13 Nov 21 Ralph and Elizabeth Nicholls v Constance Askwith and another (named). Unpaid legacies from personal estate. C78/640, no. 18 [43]
1645 15 Nov 21 Richard Hovenden v Samuel Hovenden and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Rolvendon, Benenden and Siddenden, and Crambrooke, Kent. C78/479, no. 16 [44]
1645 20 November 21 John Clerke of London doctor in physicke v. Thomas Stanley, William Stanley, John Needler, Peter Sanders, Barnabas Wassell, John Carrell, William Carrell and Elizabeth Carrill Conveyance of lands C78/497, no. 13 [45]
1645 22 Nov 21 William Stiles v Edmond Gonnell, Susan Keable, Thomas Murrell. Estate of John Mose, manor of Staverton, Suffolk. C78/389, no. 13 [46]