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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1637 13 C78/, no. []
1637? (bill) Thomas Aty of Westminster, Middx, esq nephew of Thomas Aty of Little Stanham, Suff, esq; and Robert Westwood of London, grocer one other of the nephews of said Thomas Aty v. Alice (Strangman?) and Maria Hayward widow C78/1925, no. 19 [2]
1637 20 Jan 12 Humfrey Peake, Rector of the parish church of Lyminge als Lymage, Kent v. Dudley Digg, now Master of the Rolls; Sir Anthony Awcher; Sir John Wylde; Sir Robert Hatton; William Ford; Anthony Cheston; Edwyn Awcher; and Robert Hamon C78/1296, no. 2 [3]
1637 23 Jan 12 Nathaniel Bowden v Sir Francis Fulford and others (named). Lease of capital messuage and demesne in Huxham, Devon. C78/448, no. 15 [4]
1637 26 Jan. 12 John Colman v Thomas Bamford and another (named). Profits from forges in Brewood, Staffs C78/484, no. 11 [5]
1637 26 Jan. 12 Johan Barter and another (named) v Robert Swayne and others (named) Lease of lands in Up Clatford, Hants C78/574, no. 14 [6]
1637 28 Jan. 12 Samuel Harvy v John Laughton, Spencer Potts, William Love, John Neudall and others (named). The will and estate of Robert Chandler, merchant factor — and the apprenticeship of Harvy as a factor at Aleppo. Disputed shipments of silk. C78/366, no. 8 [7]
1637 28 Jan. 12 Henry Waller and others (named) v Samuel Tooker and others (named). Legacies and debts of Abraham Archdale payable from lands in Whateley, Oxon. C78/661, no. 10 [8]
1637 30 Jan. 12 William Atherton v Sir Edward Hungerford and others. Property of Agnes Keeble, she being one hundred years old. Disputed copyhold. C78/369, no. 13 [9]
1637 30 Jan. 12 Walter Taylor v John Cole and John Mychell. Dispute over the leases of the manor of Brannscombe, Devonshire. C78/382, no. 4 [10]
1637 1 Feb. 12 Richard Dale v Abraham Gray. Bonds re debts and detention of goods. C78/378, no. 3 [11]
1637 2 Feb 12 Richard Pryor and others (named) v John Guildridge and another (named). Debts payable from trust settlement of lands in Firlestreete, Sussex. C78/378, no. 5 [12]
1637 6 Feb 12 George Meryton v Robert Meryton Manor of Castle Levington, Yorkshire. The property of George Meryton, disputed title. C78/387, no. 1 [13]
1637 7 Feb. 12 Thomas Richards v Thomas Warde Debts, bonds and mortgage of tenement called Trenosowe in Cornwall C78/574, no. 15 [14]
1637 7 Feb. 12 Samuel Whitchurch v Edmund Leversedge and another (named). Lease of messuage and fulling mill and land in Froome, Somerset. C78/649, no. 20 [15]
1637 8 Feb 12 Anne Grigge v. Richard Fowe C78/1293, no. 7 [16]
1637 9 Feb. 12 Nicholas Hill v Isaacke Woodcocke, Emme his wife. Estate of the late Robert Eldred. Disputed marriage of Hill and one Edye. C78/373, no. 10 [17]
1637 7 Feb. 12 Mayor, aldermen and burgesses of Bideford, Devon v William Andrewe and others (named). Gift of messuage called Cidverparke in Bideford to be used as a house for the mayor, by the will of John Andrewe C78/516, no. 4 [18]
1637 7 Feb. 12 George and William Gouldocke v Ellen Child and others (named). Mortgage of tenements in Upchurch, Halstone and St. Warborroughs, Kent C78/604, no. 15 [19]
1637 9 Feb. 12 Anne Johnson and another (named) v Thomas Colston and others (named). Payment for repairs to ship 'Willinge Mynde'. C78/378, no. 4 [20]
1637 9 Feb. 12 Edward Redford v John Freake and others (named). Possession of copyhold lands in Cashill, Berks. C78/427, no. 7 [21]
1637 10 Feb. 12 Thomas Tyrer v Edward Broade Possession of messuage and lands in Upton in parish of Elmeley Lovett, Worcs. C78/626, no. 15 [22]
1637 10 Feb 13 Thomas Tyrer of Stowe in the Would, Gloucs v. Edward Broad gentleman C78/2036, no. 12 [23]
1637 11 Feb. 12 Robert Michell doctor of the civil law v William Hellyer, George Kemdall. Purchase from Hellyer of a mansion house. C78/383, no. 9 [24]
1637 11 Feb. 12 Sir Robert Cholmondley and another (named) v Sir Thomas Hanmer and another (named). Title to messuage and lands in Hanmer, Flints. C78/426, no. 7 [25]
1637 11 Feb. 12 Symon Rugeley v Richard Sheffington Debts payable from trust of lands in Rugeley Armitage, Staffs C78/661, no. 11 [26]
1637 13 Feb. 12 Edward Wraye, Christopher Pater, Mary Hitch, Richard Young, John Okeley and others (named) v Edward Maund, Edward Clerke, John Horwood, and Andrew Hide Enrollment of the bylaws and orders concerning the common lands of Windlebury, for the better preservation of tillage. C78/499, no. 4 [27]
1637 13 Feb. 12 William Garrett v John Ball & Margaret his wife Delivery of title deeds of messuage in Fetter Lane, London C78/516, no. 5 [28]
1637 16 Feb. 12 Peeter Nicolls v Owen and Priscilla Pugh and others. Lease of tenements in St. Johns Street, parish of St. Sepulcher, Middx. C78/402, no. 9 [29]
1637 16 Feb. William Woodhouse v William and Anne Badland Trust settlement of lands in Stansbache, Walpeleys, Caves, Upper Staunton, Staunton-upon-Arrowe and Mowley, Heref. C78/715, no. 6 [30]
1637 28 Feb. 12 Henry, Earl of Dover and others (named) v Lady Mary Cary and others (named). Trust settlement of manor of Cottesbrooke, Northants. C78/477, no. 5 [31]
1637 13 William Hall v William Reynolds, Robert Reynolds and Francis Harrington Purchase of the manor house of Mailston, Leicestershire. Case heavily crossed out. C78/551, no. 1 [32]
1637 13 John Dyke v William Rick and Anne his wife Estate of Jeremy Shuker — land at Edmonton, Middlesex. Settlement of debts and execution of his will C78/508, no. 1 [33]
1637 1 April 13 Thomas Hayfield v John Mustard and another (named). Payment of services of factor in East Indies trade C78/604, no. 12 [34]
1637 4 Apr 13 Edward Nott, Susan Sewster, Raph Latham v Sir Arthur Smithers, Roger Nott, George Sewster and Edward Sewster. Concerning the guardianship by Latham of the family of Edward Sewster, late goldsmith of London. C78/366, no. 4 [35]
1637 24 April 13 Reginald and Martha Bray v Thomas Legatt and others (named). Payment of debts of Peter Humble from lands in Southwark and Kent Street, Surrey C78/604, no. 11 [36]
1637 27 Apr. 13 Thomas Sutton v Simon Walter and others (named). Recovery of possession of messuage and lands in Cobham, Surrey. C78/426, no. 4 [37]
1637 29 April 13 Robert Bankes and another (named) v Katherine Harling and another (named). Sale of farm in Maidenhead, Berks. C78/620, no. 12 [38]
1637 29 Apr 13 John Batner v Nicholas Challoner, John Challoner and others Disputed properties in the parish of Westineston, Sussex C78/485, no. 5 [39]
1637 1 May 13 George Cruse v Bartholomew Geale. Dispute over several properties at Islington, Middx. C78/383, no. 10 [40]
1637 2 May 13 William Leech v Rt hon Edward Vaux and others (named). Lease of lands in Patenham, Beds. C78/365, no. 11 [41]
1637 2 May 13 Thomas Carleton v Humfrey Pearson or Carleton and another (named). Bonds re mortgage of lands in Wilsingham Parke, Durham. C78/368, no. 7 [42]
1637 2 May 13 Thomas Carleton v Humphrey Pearson. Estate of Lancellot Carleton, deceased. C78/373, no. 6 [43]
1637 9 May 13 Samuel Watts v Edward Nayle, Robert Smith. Treaty for marriage between Watts and Katherine his late wife. Payment by her family of a portion. C78/383, no. 8 [44]
1637 9 May 13 John Sellecke, William Sellecke v Richard Oliver & Symon Legge Disputed property called 'Atkins' or the Ould House and orchard, courts and buildings at Spayton and Netherstowey, Somerset C78/415, no. 4 [45]
1637 9 May 13 Henry Marten v John Blower Purchase of Denman's farm in Inglesham or Over Inglesham, Wilts C78/708, no. 4 [46]
1637 10 May 13 William Brinsmead v Thomas Kingston, Robert Kingston Sale of a barn, stable, backhouse and Carters Orchard, in the parish of Bishops Liddyard, Somerset C78/415, no. 3 [47]
1637 11 May 13 Elizabeth Sheldon the younger v Elizabeth Sheldon the elder and others (named) Jointure interest in moiety of manor of Manston, Dorset C78/427, no. 8 [48]
1637 11 May 13 Sir Robert Howard v Stephen Legouch. Debts re sale of diamond ring. C78/477, no. 11 [49]
1637 13 May 13 John Clotworthe, John Puncombe, Sapo Stukeley & others v John Clotworthe, John Leach, James Franck, Walter Oake & Thomas Radford The debts and obligations of Bartholomew Clotworthe, dispute over the manor of Meshawe. C78/415, no. 7 [50]
1637 13 May 13 William Page v Robert Gosnold. Debts and bonds. C78/426, no. 6 [51]
1637 15 May 13 Thomas Kynnersley esq v. Sir John St John knight; Dame Margaret his wife; John Howe; George Howe; George Gy____ Parker; George Parker; Elizabeth Parker widow and others (sic) C78/2036, no. 28 [52]
1637 16 May 13 Daniel Rogers v Henry Woolcott & George Woolcott Concerning a projected marriage between Elizabeth Ingram and Rogers. Disputed partition of portion C78/415, no. 5 [53]
1637 16 May 13 Sir Robert Heath serjeant at law, Edward Heath (eldest son of Sir Robert) and Lucy his wife (daughter and heir of Paul Ambroius Crook late of the Inner Temple) v Sir Henry Bulstrode, Thomas Bulstrode and Edward Bulstrode The marriage of Edward Heath and Lucy his now wife and lands to be settled upon them. C78/499, no. 3 [54]
1637 17 May 13 Edmond Gresham v Francis Schuldham, Edward Rust, Jeffery Cobb, and others (named). Estate of Sir Richard Gresham. C78/369, no. 1 [55]
1637 20 May 13 John Butt of The Leighe, Gloucs, yeoman v. John Browne; Richard Browne the father; Richard Browne the son; and Nathaniel Etheridge; and others (sic) C78/1199, no. 5 [56]
1637 21 May 13 John Gwither v Henry, Roger and John Lorte Trust settlement of lands in Jamestone and Norton, Pembs C78/1205, no. 5 [57]
1637 22 May 13 Ela Merrell, Sir Henry Halmes v Mary Whorlwood, John Ball, William Tomlinson, Richard Stodderd, Richard Simcott, Thomas Price, John Gibson, Richard Sindon, John Wells, Walter Peare. Execution of the will of James Merrell, goldsmith of London. Also involving the wills of William Snow and George Clarke. C78/366, no. 6 [58]
1637 22 May 13 Sir Miles Sandys, Dame Elizabeth his wife, Ethelred Parkes, Dame Mary Mountagne, Alexander Bradshawe, Thomas Girlinge and others (named) v Anne Welby, William Wise, Vincent Welby and others (named). Estate of William Welby, manor of Gedney, Lincolnshire. Debts to numerous persons. C78/506, no. 6 [59]
1637 26 May 13 John Bampton of Nimton, Wilts, yeoman, John Grobham and others (named) v Sir John St. John and others (named). Administration of rents and profits of estate of Sir Richard Grobham of lands in Wilts, Gloucs and Somerset. C78/516, no. 3 [60]
1637 1 June 13 John Poole v Henry Barker and others (named). Reimbursement of money borrowed by charchwardens to repair steeple of church of St. James, Clerkenwell, London. C78/426, no. 5 [61]
1637 1 June 13 Obadiah Sedgwicke v John Langley Marriage settlement with financial trusts. C78/620, no. 11 [62]
1637 7 June 13 Sir Hamond le Strange v Christopher Crowe and others (named). Office of Messor or Collector of dues in manor of Gressenhall, Norfolk. C78/365, no. 8 [63]
1637 7 June 13 Dame Anne Morgan v Sir Thomas Morgan Jointure interest in house in Cardiff and lands in Ruersperry (incl. coalmines), Glam. C78/427, no. 11 [64]
1637 10 June 13 Robert Harrington v Thomas Langton and others (named) Trusts of copyhold lands in Grashall, Sible Hedingham near Maplestead, Essex C78/392, no. 17 [65]
1637 10 June 13 John Cooper v Richard Bevis and another (named). Accounts re purchase of Outlandish Wood, Devon. C78/448, no. 14 [66]
1637 12 June 13 Edward and Margaret Savage and others (named) v Thomas Brett and others (named). Legacies from lands in Plumsted, Earith and Lestres, Kent, by will of Sir Richard Smith. C78/367, no. 4 [67]
1637 14 June 13 Dorothy Dennys v Sir Thomas Nurse. Estate of William Morment: messuage in the City of Gloucester called 'Palmers'. C78/369, no. 15 [68]
1637 14 June 13 John Shawe and another (named) v Richard Fowler and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Crosseyate Whitkirke and Thorner, Yorks. C78/376, no. 6 [69]
1637 15 June 13 John Arthur of Grays Inn v Roger Harlackenden and others (named). Jointure and trust interests in manor of Ufton, Kent, and lands in Tunstall, Milton, Borden, Bredgate and Brensett and Sittingborne. C78/365, no. 10 [70]
1637 15 June 13 Robert Spicer and others (named), tenants of manor of Lillye, Herts, v Periam Dockura. Customary rights and dues and encroachment in sheep pastures in Lillye, Herts. C78/392, no. 16 [71]
1637 16 June 13 Edward Phillipps of Nether Pillerton alias Pillerton Hersey, Warw, yeoman; and William Horne of Bishopton, Warw, yeoman v. John Holford; Elizabeth Heminge; Alexander Sheffield; Alice his wife; and Phillipp Rose; and others (sic) C78/1199, no. 4 [72]
1637 17 June 13 William, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury v Anthony Roper. Dispute over eighty acres of land on the manor of Westgate, near the City of Canterbury. Boundaries in question. C78/369, no. 14 [73]
1637 17 June 13 Bartin Allott v Raphe Ashton and others (named) Rent charge from lands in Netherflotton, Yorks C78/604, no. 8 [74]
1637 17 June 13 Robert Batisford and another (named) v Humfry Wingfield and others (named). Rent charge from the manor of Drayton and site of the manor in Avenalls, in Chesterton, Cambs C78/657, no. 15 [75]
1637 17 June 13 Robert Tompson v William Tompson Title to copyhold lands of the manor of Waborne. [No county given.] C78/715, no. 5 [76]
1637 17 June 13 William Bate of West Lathes, Yorks, gentleman v. Francis, earl of Bedford C78/1918, no. 3 [77]
1637 19 June 13 Sir Thomas Lake v Nicholas Fortescue, Francis Phillips and William Lake. Manor of Stanmore, Middlesex, and the parsonage and other properties at Harrow, Edgware, Upbridge, Whitchurch, Bushey, Hendon, and other places in Middx and Essex. Also property in the parish of Saint Martins in the Fields, the property of the late Sir Thomas Lake. C78/388, no. 6 [78]
1637 20 June 13 John Winchcombe v William Penne and others (named). Marriage portions of lands in Netherworton, Oxon and Henwicke, Berks. C78/477, no. 7 [79]
1637 20 June 13 Henry Campion v Richard Harrison. Concerning the placing of Henry Campion in the trade of brewer at the brewhouse called the 'Bridgehouse' Southwark. Lease of the brewhouse held of the Mayor and Commonalty of London. C78/366, no. 7 [80]
1637 20 June 13 Mary, Barbara, Isabella and Constance, daughters of Archibald, Earl of Argyle v Henry Knollis and others (named). Legacies and bequests from personal estate of Anne, Countess of Argyle. C78/659, no. 9 [81]
1637 20 June 13 John Galpin, clerk, vicar of Portesham, Dorset v. William Powlett, esq C78/1293, no. 6 [82]
1637 21 June 13 Francis and Cecily Addams v James Ravenscroft and others (named) Accounts of trust of lands in Chadwell near West Tilbury, Orsett, Westham, Upton and Stratford Langthorne, Essex. C78/661, no. 9 [83]
1637 22 June 13 William Lord Fitzwilliams v Sir John Hanbury Sale of lands in Castor Elsworth and Sutton Meadowe, Northants. C78/396, no. 8 [84]
1637 22 June 13 John Brooke v Henry Sympson Debts re purchase of flax. C78/604, no. 10 [85]
1637 22 June 13 Verney Bourcher, gent, one of the younger sons of Sir John Bourcher, knight and administrator of said Sir John Bourcher, who died intestate v. Thomas Jones, esq; AND also v. Sir John Brooke, knight; Roger Jones; Andrew Palmer; Thomas Russell; and divers others, together with the Governor, Assistant, and Fellows of the Society of Soapmakers within the city of Westminster C78/1293, no. 5 [86]
1637 23 June 13 Elizabeth Flood v Samuel Sheppard, Gilbert Atkinson, William Pocklinton, John Bell and James Shaw The prebend and rectory of Southscarle, Nottinghamshire. Disputed leases and holdings. C78/506, no. 5 [87]
1637 26 June 13 Andrew Sandilande v John Hotchkins Rent arrears from lease of parsonage and tithes of Great Waldingfield, Suffolk C78/427, no. 6 [88]
1637 26 June 13 Sir John Bracken, knight v. Mary, lady Bentley, widow C78/1293, no. 3 [89]
1637 27 June 13 Thomas Emery, for self and others (named) v Christopher Hinton and others (named) Legacies payable by will of Thomas Emery from lands in Overslowe and West Haingfield, (no county given). C78/427, no. 9 [90]
1637 27 June 13 Francis Mingay, esq; John Pepis, gent; John Wallinger, gent; and Francis Bowles, for themselves and divers other creditors of Edmund Peshall, citizen and grocer of London v. Sir Robert Philmer, knight; John Barrington; Sir Egrimond Thynn; Sir John Peshall, baronet; Sir Edmond Winsor; Sir William Peshall; Sir Humfrey Stiles, knight; Edmond Randolfe; Anne Randolfe, widow, late wife and administratrix or executrix of said Edmond Randolfe; Robert Peshall; Edmond Peshall the son; Christopher Eyres; Thomas Peshall; and others (sic) C78/1293, no. 4 [91]
1637 28 June 13 William Norton and others (named) v Dame Barbara Hynde and others (named). Annuities payable from trust of parsonage of Hinxton, Cambs. C78/365, no. 9 [92]
1637 28 June 13 Anne Austen and others (named) v Thomas Gee Blocking of right of way to messuages in parishes of St. Bennett and St. Peters near Pauls Wharfe, London. C78/371, no. 8 [93]
1637 28 June 13 Robert Tompson v Marke Bridge. Mortgage of lands in Shelley, Suffolk. C78/452, no. 5 [94]
1637 28 June 13 Thomas Style v Henry Gold and another (named). Debts payable from sale of lands in Little Missenden, Bucks. C78/477, no. 10 [95]
1637 28 June 13 Tytus Westby v Amy Bradshawe. Westby a draper and shopkeeper at Saint Pauls Churchyard. Credit dealings with Peter Bradshawe, late husband of Amy. Title of a house at Saint Pauls. C78/485, no. 9 [96]
1637 28 June 13 Henry Denne v Michael Denne and others (named) Rents due from lease of manor of Littleborne, Kent C78/516, no. 2 [97]
1637 29 June 13 John Podye of Woodseeves, Salop, gentleman v. John Barker, gentleman; Allen Tue; Robert Johnson; William Massey; and Henry Poole C78/2036, no. 11 [98]
1637 12 July 13 William & Jane Ceelie v Richard Creshold.& another (named) Trust of lands in North Laine in Gramashams in Pawlet, Somerset C78/414, no. 1 [99]
1637 17 July 13 Attorney General v Bailiff and burgesses of Warwick Appropriation of trust funds and profits of rectories of Blessed Virgin Mary, Warwick and Budbrooke, Warwicks C78/429, no. 15 [100]
1637 27 July 13 John and Thomazine Page v John Page and others (named). Portions payable from trust settlement of manor of Heesse, Middx. C78/427, no. 10 [101]
1637 21 Aug 13 Henry Baldwyn and others (named) v Rodolph Hobbes and another (named). Interests in an estate of lands in West Wickombe, Bucks. C78/640, no. 16 [102]
1637 14 Oct. 13 Thomas Cockcrofte v John Kenyon and others (named). Conveyance and assurance of messuage and lands in Standen, Lancs. C78/427, no. 4 [103]
1637 18 Oct. 13 Richard Oliver and others (named) v Rt hon Mountjoy, Earl of Newport and others (named). Sale of Helte Park in Dorset C78/427, no. 5 [104]
1637 21 Aug. 13 Mary Hobbes and others (named) v Rodolph Hobbes and another (named). Dower rights in lands in West Wickcombe, Bucks. C78/376, no. 5 [105]
1637 Michaelmas Term 13 William Garbull v John Nelson, Francis Page. Property at Kirkgate and a messuage at Thirske, Yorkshire. C78/388, no. 7 [106]
1637 10 Oct 13 Samuel Gilpin v Barnard Burton. Rectory and parsonage of Benxfield, Kent, leased by the bishop of Canterbury to John Gilpin. C78/366, no. 5 [107]
1637 10 Oct. 13 Thomas and Elizabeth Colemey v Richard Smalebrooke and others (named). Settlement and assurance of messuages and lands in Worcs and Warwicks. C78/626, no. 24 [108]
1637 10 Oct. 13 Thomas Woodall v Thomas and James Hibbins Bonds and debts re silk shop in St. Lawrence Lane, London C78/659, no. 4 [109]
1637 13 Oct. 13 William Stoner v Nicholas Copland. Dispute over the Park and Warren of Watlington, Oxfordshire, underwoods and timbers. C78/369, no. 12 [110]
1637 16 Oct. 13 Henry Presse for Mathewe Chubb and others (named) v John Sivyor and others (named). Trust and alleged mortgage of the rectory and tithes of Portland, Dorset C78/659, no. 7 [111]
1637 17 Oct. 13 Edward and Anne Waldron v William Kent and others (named). Marriage settlement and mortgage of lease of rectory of Burrington, Wilts C78/452, no. 4 [112]
1637 19 Oct. 14 Humphry Ludlowe v. Sir Gerrard Fleetwood, John Feverell, Robert Baker, William Compton and Walter Rowce. The farm of Allington, parish of Southstoneham, Hampshire and the tithes and rents of Saint Marys Hampshire. C78/481, no. 14 [113]
1637 24 Oct 13 James Churchey & others (named) v Alexander Ewens & others (named). Right to hold weekly market in Wincalton, Somerset C78/412, no. 9 [114]
1637 25 Oct 13 Attorney General v. The Bailiff and Burgesses of the Town of Warwick C78/1923, no. 14 [115]
1637 25 Oct 13 Thomas Aty of the City of Westminster son and heir? of Thomas Aty of Little Stanham, Suff and others v. Alice Atie widow and Marian Hayward widow C78/1918, no. 2 [116]
1637 26 Oct. 13 John Vyneing and others, for burgesses of Wincaulton v Thomas Gowen and others (named). Bill (Trinity 1634) reciting verbal agreement (60 years past) made between adjoining manors of Horsington, Stoke Tristrar, Bayford and Cucklington with burgesses of Wincaulton to divide the three commons shared by all these manors, and subsequent enclosure of the part allotted to Wincaulton, Somerset, and alleging breach of this enclosure (35 years ago). C78/384, no. 8 [117]
1637 27 Oct. 13 Christopher Richman or Webb v Nevill Masklyn and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Pirton, Wilts. C78/365, no. 5 [118]
1637 27 Oct 13 Henry Chauncey v Richard Cater and others (named). Portions payable from lease of coats or Frithwood farm, (no county given). C78/659, no. 8 [119]
1637 28 Oct. 13 Samuel Millward, James Millward and others v James Disse and others Estate of Thomas Stronde and Elianor his wife. Pasture and copice lands on the manor of Balcombe, Somerset. C78/481, no. 15 [120]
1637 30 Oct. 13 Henry Sheldon v Lawrence and Jane Feme Marriage settlement of lands in Hartington, Derbys. C78/659, no. 5 [121]
1637 30 Oct. 13 Robert Banckworth v John Gibbon and others (named) Annuity from trust settlement of the manors of Fynnyngley and Fynnyngley Hall, Notts and Blackston and Doncaster, Yorks C78/659, no. 6 [122]
1637 31 Oct. 13 Richard Stephens and others (named) v John Trowbridge and others (named) Testamentary trust settlement by will of William Leonard of lands in Taunton and Wilton, Somerset. C78/424, no. 1 [123]
1637 31 Oct. 13 Roger Cotton v Dame Mary Vere and others (named). Annuity payable from manor of Tilbury and other lands in Essex C78/604, no. 7 [124]
1637 Nov 13 __________ v. Richard Bassano C78/1918, no. 1 []
1637 7 Nov 13 William Fenwick v John Addison & another (named). Mortgage of manor of Easthaddon or Easthedon, Northumberland. C78/412, no. 4 [125]
1637 8 Nov 13 Margaret Hooker v Rt hon William, Lord Powis Debts due to estate of Nicholas Hooker. C78/443, no. 17 [126]
1637 9 Nov 13 Roger Ellis v Sidney Ellis. Possession of rectory of Llansylin, Denbighs and Salop. C78/477, no. 6 [127]
1637 10 Nov. 13 John Elliot v Dame Honora Norton and others (named) Lease and trust of manor of Cuttenbeake and Germyn or St Jermyns, Cornwall. C78/574, no. 7 [128]
1637 10 Nov. 13 John Ellyot v Honor, Lady Norton and others (named) Re-assurance of mansion and lands of Cuttibanke and St Jermin, Cornwall C78/574, no. 12 [129]
1637 10 Nov 13 Thomas and Susanne Bland v Thomas Lacye and another (named) Title and agreements re profits of Offices of Surveyor particular, Receaver, Bayliffe and Collector of the lands, possessions and revenues of the former Provost of Beverly and lands of the dissolved monastery of Haltenprice, Yorks C78/657, no. 16 [130]
1637 11 Nov. 13 John and Anne Venner v John Steevens and others (named). Marriage settlement and lease of tenement in Ufculme, Devon. C78/384, no. 7 [131]
1637 11 Nov 13 Johan Ball v Savine Ball and others (named). Title to lease of part of tenement and lands called Harcombe, Devon and quitclaim of interest in rectory of Kenton, Devon. PROBLEM in ordering of membranes. C78/402, no. 4 [132]
1637 13 Nov. 13 Josse Glover v Hugh Awdley and others (named). Trust settlement and sale of the manors of Shrevenham, Stalpitts, and Bewcott or Beccott, Berks C78/708, no. 8 [133]
1637 13 Nov 13 Sir Sidney Mountague, knight, one of the Masters of Requests v. Theophilus, earl of Lincoln; the Lady Elizabeth Gorges; and Nathaniel Palfryman C78/1293, no. 2 [134]
1637 14 Nov 13 Robert Baseleigh v Edward Bagnell and William Stocker Concerning the estate of the late Henry Courtney, Marquis of Exeter. Relation of the enclosure of the manor of Colyton some forty six years previously. Enclosure

confirmed. Manor of Colyton, Devon.

C78/382, no. 3 [135]
1637 14 Nov 13 Edward Cressett v Robert Mathewes and others (named). Debts of John Mathewes payable from his personal estate and lands in Salop, Montgomerys and Denbighs C78/626, no. 21 [136]
1637 15 Nov. 13 Gabriel Maverley v William Barringer and another (named) Administration of personal estate of Thomas Maverley. C78/367, no. 5 [137]
1637 15 Nov 13 Sibell and Henry Smyth v Richard Scott and others (named). Title to messuages and lands in Ashefurlonge, Sutton Colefield, Warwicks C78/626, no. 20 [138]
1637 15 Nov 13 William Broadbury v William Lune and others (named). Alleged forfeiture of lease of copyhold lands in Alrewas, Staffs C78/626, no. 23 [139]
1637 16 Nov 13 Thomas Brocas v Henry Pope. Sale of part of messuage in Bramley, Hants. C78/452, no. 3 [140]
1637 17 Nov 13 Henry Davy v Stephen Lay and another (named). Bonds and debts owed to Anne Amye C78/574, no. 11 [141]
1637 18 Nov 13 Sir William and Edward Monyns v Richard Branthwaite and another (named). Marriage settlement of income from personal estate of Thomas Style C78/477, no. 8 [142]
1637 20 Nov. 13 Robert Thorpe v Ladye Ann Middleton. Legacy payable from personal estate of Elizabeth But. C78/402, no. 7 [143]
1637 20 Nov. 13 Sir Nicholas Marton and another (named) v Francis Fortescue and another (named). Title to land in Netherex, Devon. C78/443, no. 17 [144]
1637 20 Nov 13 John and Alice Gosling v Walter Bayly Trust of messuage and lands in West Bradly, Somerset. C78/452, no. 1 [145]
1637 20 Nov. 13 John Parsons and another (named) for all tenants and inhabitants of 72 ancient cottages in Markett Harborough, Leics v William Holliocke and others (named) Pasture rights for inhabitants of Market Harborough in the fields in Bewdon, Leics C78/603, no. 12 [146]
1637 21 Nov. 13 Richard Whitehouse v Raphael and Ellinor Hollingworth. Possession of messuage in Dudley, Worcs. C78/626, no. 19 [147]
1637 21 Nov. 13 Charles Cornwallis v William Turton and others (named). Possession of watercourse in manor of Oldberry Langley and Wallexall, Salop C78/626, no. 22 [148]
1637 22 Nov 13 Meredith Madey v Robert Senior and others (named). Annuity from tenements in Bridge Rowe, parish of St. Anthony and in Garlickhithe, London. C78/659, no. 3 [149]
1637 23 Nov 13 John Elliott v Oliver Glanvile and another (named). Surrender in trust of copyhold lands in Launceston, Cornwall. C78/402, no. 8 [150]
1637 23 Nov. 13 John & Mary Sanbrooke v Roger Ramsey. Portion payable from personal estate of deceased Roger Ramsey and lands in Norwich, Norfolk C78/412, no. 5 [151]
1637 25 Nov. 13 Nicholas Prideaux v John Prideaux Concerning the estate of Humphrey Prideaux, eldest son of Sir Nicholas Prideaux. C78/499, no. 2 [152]
1637 27 Nov. 13 Sara and Margaret Hawkins v Raphe Latham and others (named) Will made by freeman of London in ignorance of the City regulations on disposal of goods C78/392, no. 16 [153]
1637 28 Nov 13 John Blomer v Sir Edward Hungerford and others (named). Possession of lease of lands in Eastlach Martyn, Gloucs. C78/365, no. 6 [154]
1637 28 Nov. 13 John Toll v Margaret Gaith and another (named). Recovery of mortgaged household goods and jewels C78/574, no. 10 [155]
1637 29 Nov. 13 William Johnson v Robert Johnson, James Gardner and others (named). Messuages, lands and tenements at Newlands, Oxfordshire. Disputed tithes. C78/369, no. 11 [156]
1637 1 Dec. 13 Thomas and Mary Hawes v Raphe and Elizabeth Ashmore and others (named). Marriage and testamentary settlements of lands in Sutton Wicke and Abingdon, Berks. C78/371, no. 7 [157]
1637 2 Dec. 13 Benjamin Deicrowe the younger v Benjamin Deicrowe the elder and others (named). Title to lands in Enfield, Middx. C78/620, no. 10 [158]
1637? 9 Dec (Master's Report) 13 Samuel Trotman, esq v. Francis Webb; Walter Smith; William Hill; and John Wakeman C78/1293, no. 1 [159]
1637 14 Dec 13 Samuel and Elizabeth Kuipe v Edward Ashburner and others (named). Jointure and dower interests in lands in Millam, Corney, Whitcham and Ulfa, Cumberland. C78/368, no. 20 [160]
1637 14 Dec. 13 Richard Chappell and others (named) v Richard and Mary Stuckey. Annuities and portions payable from manor of Iddesly and lands in Brodecliste, Devon. C78/384, no. 12 [161]