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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1632 8 C78/, no. []
1632 23 Jan. 7 Thomas Hayles v Robert Sparks and George Mathies. Bond and surety of a debt to Johan Leader. C78/309, no. 2 [2]
1632 23 Jan 7 John Hicks v Walter Meeke. Bonds re covenants in marriage settlement of houses in St. Martyns Lane and Old Change, London. C78/433, no. 7 [3]
1632 24 Jan 7 Henry Cromwell v John Cary and others (not named). Recognizances in connection with trust settlement of manor and rectory of Staynes, Middx C78/407, no. 2 [4]
1632 27 Jan 7 Sir William Colepepper and others (named) v Sir Edward Yate and another (named). Debts and annuity payable from lands in Cranebrook, Kent. C78/351, no. 4 [5]
1632 28 Jan 7 The Mayor and Burgesses of Reading, Berkshire, the Mayor and Commonalty of Wallingford, and the Warden and Burgesses of Henley Upon Thames, Oxfordshire v Richard Braybrooke, Edward Woollascott The estate of William Palmer of Southstoke, Oxfordshire. Bequests to the poor of the above towns. C78/455, no. 2 [6]
1632 28 Jan 7 Josias (?) Clarkeson, one of the clerks of Robert Henley, esq, one of the Six Clerks of Chancery v. Bennet Aldridge; and John Gadbury, executors of William Gadbury, who was coexecutor with the said complainant to said Thomas Aldridge C78/1167, no. 7 [7]
1632 30 Jan 7 Margaret Hodgett v Jane Bill, John Mounford, William Austyn and Martin Lucas. The estate of John Bill of London, stationer. John Hodgett and other creditors in trade claim upon the estate. C78/305, no. 2 [8]
1632 30 Jan 7 John, Lord Darcy of Aston, William Palmer, Francis Smith, Margaret Redmaine v William Allerton, William Andrew, Wilstropp Redmaine, William Saunderson, Robert Lambert and others (named). Estate of Nicholas Lockey of Ulley, Yorkshire. C78/315, no. 6 [9]
1632 30 Jan. 8 Rebecca Burton v Dame Grace Carnsewe, Grace Barret, Mary Barret, Humphrey Nichols, Tristram Arscott and others. Dispute over sums of money, payments to Burton by Sir Richard Carnsewe, deceased. Fraudulent dealings C78/465, no.10 [10]
1632 31 Jan. 7 John Temple v John Shuckburgh. Bill (1 Feb. 1629) alleging attempt to restore original plots after agreements (25 Eliz. 33 Eliz. and 36 Eliz.) to exchange and enclose plots in common fields for 10 years. Franckton, Warwickshire. Court ordered enclosures to stand. C78/351, no. 10 [11]
1632 31 Jan 7 Sir John Prescott v Sir Augustine Sotherton and others (named) Bonds and debts. C78/442, no. 10 [12]
1632 31 Jan 7 William Kerriche v Myles Kerriche Possession of lands in Bedfield Suffolk. C78/483, no. 5 [13]
1632 1 Feb. 7 Nicholas and Joane Cooke v Thomas Smallpeece. Annuity (as jointure) payable from lands in Newdigate, Charlewood, Surrey C78/430, no. 5 [14]
1632 3 Feb 7 Robert Holford v Edward Lytleton and another (named). Debts on security of lands in Little Baddowe and Banbury, Essex and rectory and parsonage of Ellingham, Northants. C78/284, no. 5 [15]
1632 4 Feb. 7 Godfrey, Lord Bishop of Gloucester v James Phillippes and others (named). Possession of manor and parsonage of Dewchurch, and rectories of Much Birch, Glasbury, Devymocke, Pyperton, Talgarth and Wentworth, Heref & Brecknock. C78/313, no. 1 [16]
1632 4 Feb. 7 Samuel Ward and others (named) v William Welles and others (named). Possession of trust lands in Mangrave, Lilley and Offley, Herts C78/454, no. 4 [17]
1632 6 Feb. 7 Anne Greene v John and Garrett Crowley Trust settlement of lands in Aldenham. C78/288, no. 1 [18]
1632 6 Feb. 7 Sara Connton (?) v Thomas, Earl of Berkshire. Estate of the late William Connton, grocer of London. Debts to Alderman George Whitmore. C78/305, no. 1 [19]
1632 6 Feb. 7 George Alcester v Thomas Symonds. Mortgage of lands in Huddington, Worcs. C78/359, no. 9 [20]
1632 6 Feb. 7 William Lewes v Sir William Unedall Debts, on security of manor of Abbots Anne or Anna Abbatis, Hants. C78/422, no. 7 [21]
1632 6 Feb. 7 Sir Anthony Pell v John Blewet or Bluett and others (named). Debts on security of manors of Dymbleby [Dembleby] and Willoughby, Lincs, in connection with the office of Master of the Hawkes to King James I C78/433, no. 2 [22]
1632 7 Feb. 7 Sir George Semeon v Sir Michaell and William Greene. Bill (Mich 1627) alleging fraudulent incursions into allotments made to freeholders at time of enclosure (no date). Chilworth and Combe, Oxon. C78/337, no. 1 [23]
1632 7 Feb. 7 Joane Grammat v Richard Makin Mortgage of tenements in Mill Banke, Westminster and Holborn, Middx. C78/340, no. 14 [24]
1632 8 Feb. 7 William Turner v Susan, Lady Hildesley. Sale of rectory and parsonage of Birdfall, Yorks. C78/288, no. 3 [25]
1632 9 Feb. 7 Sir Edward Radcliff and others (named) v Edmond Weste and another (named). Title to former chantry lands in Ashewell, Herts. C78/302, no. 6 [26]
1632 9 Feb. 7 Mary, Countess of Westmorland v Sir William Cope & others (named) Marriage treaty and trust of former monastery of Bruerne, Oxon, and manors of Hardwicke, Hamwell, Drayton, Shelswell and Tangley, Oxon, South Marneham and North Marneham, [Low and High Marnham], Notts, Williamthorpe, Derbys, and Wharnes in Thames-street, London C78/410, no. 2 [27]
1632 9 Feb 8 John Penrose, gent v. William Palmer; Richard Beaple; James Bulteale; Gilbert Page; Richard Medford; and Robert Penrose C78/1243, no. 13 [28]
1632 10 Feb. 7 Robert and Alice Warner v Arthur Staveley Debts due to estate of Thomas Hyron. C78/301, no. 4 [29]
1632 10 Feb. 7 Phillipp Payne v Robert Patteson, Thomas Baron. Property of Robert Pateson - Rectory and parsonage of Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire. Held of Jesus College, Cambridge. C78/315, no. 7 [30]
1632 11 Feb. 7 Richard and Hester Coles v Robert Dixon. Inheritance of houses in Fleet Street and Gunpowder Alley, London. C78/340, no. 17 [31]
1632 11 Feb. 7 John Kennell v Samuel and Germaine Doves, Thomas Cropley The property of Jane Kennell, jewels, 'howseholdstuf houses, and tenements at Tower Wharf, London. C78/431, no. 12 [32]
1632 13 Feb. 7 John Crowe v Jeremiah Lewes and another (named). Title to lands in Northampton, Northants, subjected to a trust settlement. C78/360, no. 7 [33]
1632 14 Feb. 7 William Barton v Henry Hollins and others (named). Payments due from trust settlement of rectory of Chedell, Staffs. C78/302, no. 5 [34]
1632 16 Feb. 7 Robert Weald v Vernon Bower Non-payment of a legacy. C78/284, no. 4 [35]
1632 18 Feb. 7 John Napper & others (named) v Henry Saunders Possession, by terms of trust settlement, of manor of Sawford or Roxley, Surrey and lands in Eywell, Langeytton and Thames Ditton, Surrey C78/410, no. 3 [36]
1632 21 Feb. 7 Taylor, James Leigh v Hermage Stretchley Estate of Thomas Pike, manor of Stanton Gabriel or Stanton Bullen, Dorset. Also other properties in the counties of Dorset, Devonshire and Somerset. Provision for the advancement of Elizabeth Pike. C78/347, no. 6 [37]
1632 27 Feb. 7 Charles John Barston v Christopher Hore. Administration of the estate of Francis Hore, recovery of debts. C78/342, no. 2 [38]
1632 27 Feb 7 Thomas Worseley of Hovingham, Yorks, esq v. Thomas Charnocke, esq C78/1243, no. 15 [39]
1632 10 Mar 7 Thomas Laycock v John Lambert Accounts in connection with recovery of customary lands in Banstead, Surrey. C78/340, no. 13 [40]
1632 10 March 7 Anne, Lady Molleneux v Henry Harrington. Settlement of lands in Newbould and Dunston, Brampton and Chesterfield, Derbys. C78/436, no. 6 [41]
1632 11 March 8 Sir Richard Greenevile, knight and baronet & Dame Mary his wife v. George Cutteford the elder; George Cutteford the younger; John Cutteford; Walter Hele; William Grills; and Anthony Shorte, doctor in divinity C78/1167, no. 5 [42]
1632 28 March 8 Joas Godschalke of London, merchant v. Thomas Buttler of Johnston, Pemb, esq; and Hughe Buttler his son C78/1271, no. 2 [43]
Date missing-torn. Bill - no date John Hollman v Richard Hollman & another named. Portion and jointure and other financial arrangements of marriage settlement. C78/416, no. 1 [44]
1632 18 Apr 8 Rt. Hon. William, Lord Eure, Baron of Malton v Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Arundell, John Middlemore, Mylles Phillipson, Robert Parkinson, William Parker and William Elsworth. Treaty for the marriage of Raph Enre and Katheren, daughter of Lord Arundell. Delivery of marriage portion, manors and castles in Yorkshire. C78/349, no. 3 [45]
1632 20 Apr. 8 Elizabeth Antrobus v William Johnson, William Rolfe and Richard Antrobus Estate of the late Thomas Antrobus — dispute over the execution of his will. C78/465, no. 7 [46]
1632 20 Apr. 8 William Southworth v Stephen Burton Execution of the will of Alexander Prescott, Alderman of London by John Southworth and Stephen Burton. Provision for the orphan children of Prescott. C78/465, no. 8 [47]
1632 20 Apr 8 Lawrence Whittacres and another (named) v John Griffith Lease of crown rents from rectory of Aberdacon and chapel of Brincrois, Caernarvonshire C78/483, no. 4 [48]
1632 20 April 8 Elizabeth Cann by Isaack Willis v William Catford. Possession of lands in Westmelcombe or Boomer in parish of North Petherton (no

county given

C78/1207, no. 9 [49]
1632 23 Apr. 8 John Clarke and others (named) v Richard Hill and others (named). Mortgage and trust of lands in Priors Marston and Harbury, Warwicks. C78/351, no. 6 [50]
1632 23 Apr 8 Samuel Plume v John Barrage Title to mortgaged messuage and houses in Melis or Mellys in Brampfield, Suffolk. C78/442, no. 12 [51]
1632 26 April 8 Edward and Sibil Baker v Anne and John Browne Possession of mortgaged messuage and lands in Eastwood Bury, Essex. C78/338, no. 1 [52]
1632 28 Apr 8 Francis Martyn, Elizabeth Fortescue and others (named) v William Bruton and Arthur Fortescue Marriage of Elizabeth, daughter of Bruton, to Edward Fortescue. C78/451, no. 5 [53]
1632 1 May 8 Andrew Everard v John Bourchier and others (named). Title to manor of Grimstone or Hanging Grimstone, Yorks and advowson of rectory of Kerby Underdale, Yorks. C78/307, no. 5 [54]
1632 2 May 8 Fardinando Babington and others (named) v Raphe Vines and others (named). Testamentary dispute over money left to buy a house in Chobham, Surrey. C78/279, no. 1 [55]
1632 2 May 8 Richard Gregge v Francis & James Rosse. Consideration due from lease and surrender of freehold and copyhold lands in Matherne, Worcs. C78/359, no. 10 [56]
1632 3 May 8 James Welsh v John Arscott and others (named). Sale of manor and advowson of Pyworthy, Devon. C78/351, no. 7 [57]
1632 3 May 8 Robert Holt v Sir William Cope. Rent arrears due from lease of tithes of Baniton, parish of Stokelyne, Oxon. C78/351, no. 8 [58]
1632 3 May 8 Horace, Lord Vere and others (named) v Dame Jane Throckmorton and others (named). Rent charge due from marriage settlement of manor of Fulbrooke Gynsham and Fulbrooke Huetts, Bucks and lands in Hoggshawe, East Claydon, Bottleclaydon and Granborrow, Bucks. C78/407, no. 3 [59]
1632 3 May 8 John Francke v Thomas Humfreys and others (named). Annuities payable from lands in East Smithfield and Houndsditch, London and Popler Marsh, Middx C78/439, no. 4 [60]
1632 5 May 8 Henry Duport v Francis, Earl of Rutland & others (named). Boundaries of three moities of the manor of Shepshead, including the villages of Long Whatton, Harherne, Heningxon and Knight-thropp, Leics. C78/312, no. 5 [61]
1632 7 May 8 Thomas Elliott, Thomas Ekins, Thomas Merchant and others (named) v Nicholas Atkins and John Atkins. The landlord and tenants of the manor of Stanwick, Northamptonshire agree upon a settlement of the fines and terms of copyhold tenure. C78/341, no. 4 [62]
1632 7 May 8 Keeper, poor men and women of Almshouse of Heytesbury, Wilts v Henry Ludlowe and others (named). Detention of 20 cartloads of wood, due from the manor of Cheverell and houses in Heytesbury, Wilts given by Lady Margaret Hungerford to the use of the hospital. C78/458, no. 3 [63]
1632 8 May 8 Sir Humfrey Lee v Sir Edward and Sir Francis Kynaston. Portions payable from marriage settlement of lands in Sponehill and Cope Devenye, Salop C78/400, no. 12 [64]
1632 8 May 8 Thomas Symonds, George Symonds and Jane his wife v Joanne Grainer, Richard Huxley, Richard Kempson, William Walsford, Edmond Rawlins and others (named). Intended marriage between George Symonds and Jane, heiress of Richard Russell. Wardship of her estate. C78/299, no. 1 [65]
1632 8 May 8 James Darrell v John Hill and others (named) Quitclaim of annuity in exchange for interests in lands of the manor of Fornesse, Duchy of Lancaster C78/406, no. 5 [66]
1632 8 May 8 Christofer and Dorothy Parsons v Robert Wright, lord bishop of Bristol Bonds re breach of marriage contract. C78/407, no. 6 [67]
1632 9 May 8 John Litchford v Bridget Welch, Robert Rowland Estate of William Rowland of Chaderden, Derbyshire. Disputes over the custody of money and property. C78/341, no. 3 [68]
1632 9 May 8 Thomas Gilbert v Elizabeth Harry and another (named). Bonds re lease of lands in Claddock, Heref C78/1207, no. 12 [69]
1632 10 May 8 Katherine & Harbert Springett v Sir Thomas Springett & another (named). Annuity payable from lands in Hawkhurst, Kent, by will of Harbert Springett the elder. C78/359, no. 8 [70]
1632 11 May 8 Charles Fox and others (named) v Phillipp and Dorothy Winston and others (named). Annuity payable from rectory of Bosbury and lands in Stoak Prior and Lempstar, Heref. C78/302, no. 4 [71]
1632 11 May 8 Thomas Harding v Grace Kington. Payment of purchase money for Newtown farm in Melsham, Wilts. C78/458, no. 8 [72]
1632 12 May 8 Daniel Rushmere v Peter Fisher and others (named). Rights of fouldcourse in Attlebrigg, Norfolk. C78/351, no. 9 [73]
1632 12 May 8 Robert Barnaby v Thomas Moore & others (named). Possession of lease of lands in Boddenham, Brockhampton, and Bromyard, Heref. C78/359, no. 13 [74]
1632 12 May 8 Lionel Edgar and another (named) v Andrew Sorrell and others Title to tithes of manor and rectory of Henley, Suffolk. C78/462, no. 8 [75]
1632 16 May 8 Sir Robert Rich and another (named) v Sir John Underhill and others (named). Debts and jointure payable from profits of sale of manor of Gorhambury, Westwick, Herts C78/302, no. 2 [76]
1632 16 May 8 Hawis Dorpington v William Skynner and another (named). Debts due to estate of Francis Dorpington payable from manor of Waternewton, Hunts and lands in Bridgnorth, Salop. C78/351, no. 11 [77]
1632 18 May 8 Edmond Saunder v Edward Foster. Portions payable from marriage settlement of unspecified lands in Surrey. C78/367, no.7 [78]
1632 18 May 8 John Beighton of Cusacre, Yorks, an infant, by his guardians and tutors; Nicholas Steede & Frances his wife, the said Frances being mother unto the said John v. John Beighton the elder and John Beighton the younger C78/1167, no. 6 [79]
1632 30 May 8 Charles Cock v Robert Barker and others (named). Possession of a lease of the manor of Leving or Parlam, Bucks. C78/307, no. 3 [80]
1632 (bill) Trinity Term 8 Sir Francis Crane, knight, Chancellor of the Order of the Garter v. Sir Robert Napper the elder, knight and baronet; Sir Robert Napper the younger, knight; Robert Napper, esq; Edward Wareham, esq; and Simon Ward C78/1291, no. 13 [81]
1632 1 June 8 Anthony Foxcrofte v William Jessan Debts. C78/410, no. 1 [82]
1632 4 June 8 John Fulnetby and another (named) v John Lamott and others (named). Bill (Aug 20 Jas. I) alleging difficulty in determining boundaries of glebe lands of the rectory of Itchington, Warwicks, and reporting survey by commission with their decision to set out 123 acres (the town close and other enclosed areas) in lieu of glebe. [Deserted village.] Bishops Itchington alias Nether Itchington Warwickshire. C78/400, no. 9 [83]
1632 4 June 8 Fulke Crompton v Walter Gifford and others (named) Annuities payable from manor of Walton, Staffs. C78/400, no. 13 [84]
1632 6 June 8 Dorothy Herne and others (named) v Francis Parlett and others (named). Legacies bequeathed by will of William Guibbon C78/400, no. 11 [85]
1632 6 June 8 Walter Lukin and others (named) v Sir William Lukin and others (some named). Trust settlement of messuage in Good Easter and High Easter and Mastbury, Essex C78/462, no. 6 [86]
1632 7 June 8 Dame Elizabeth Clere v Elizabeth Hawley and another (named). Debts and bonds. C78/339, no. 9 [87]
1632 7 June 8 George Penny v William Penny Possession of farm and lands at Toller Wylme, Devon. C78/351, no. 2 [88]
1632 7 June 8 Walter Coles v John Champneyes and others (named). Lease and trust of lands in Whatcombe, Froome, Elwood and Marston Bigott, Somerset. C78/433, no. 1 [89]
1632 7 June 8 Sir Thomas Cheeke and others (named) v Thomas Elmes and another (named) Customary fines and usages for copyhold tenements in Warmington, Northants and setting out of copyhold and freehold lands distinctly C78/439, no. 3 [90]
1632 7 June 8 Edward Warre v Richard Shapley and others (named). Debts payable by will of Richard Weekes from trust settlement of manor of Easter Nynehead and lands in Hilforance and Kittesforde, Somerset. C78/476, no. 8 [91]
1632 7 June 8 Edward Warr v Richard and Justin Shapley and others (named) Debts of Richard Weeks payable from trust of the manor of East Nynehead Prior, Somerset C78/1207, no. 10 [92]
1632 7 June 8 Joseph Codner v Andrew Codner and others (named). Maintenance payments from lands in Cossenswell and Dackham, Devon. C78/1207, no. 11 [93]
1632 8 June 8 Edmond Mountstephen v Thomas Stiles and Nathaniel Stiles. Marriage of Mary Mountstephen to Edward Carrell of Harting, Sussex. Management of property at Paston, Northamptonshire by Thomas Stiles. C78/341, no. 5 [94]
1632 9 June 8 Robert and William Pitt v Stephen Ashe and another (named). Testamentary settlement and lease of messuage or inn 'The Sarisons Head' and lands outside Temple Gate, London C78/458, no. 4 [95]
1632 9 June 8 Martha Sympson v John Harper and others (named). Debts payable from lands in Potton, Beds, due to estate of John Sympson C78/469, no. 8 [96]
1632 11 June 8 Robert Foxall v Griffin Ferryman. Purchases of malt by Foxall, a brewer. C78/431, no. 11 [97]
1632 12 June 8 Dr. Frewen, President of Saint Mary Magdalen and the Scholars of Saint Mary Magdalen v Hamond Claxton. Manor of Horsington, Lincolnshire, dispute over holdings. Also the rectory of Horsington. C78/309, no. 1 [98]
1632 12 June 8 Sir William Elliott v Sir Symons Dewes. Portion payable from unspecified marriage settlement. C78/400, no. 14 [99]
1632 13 June 8 George Lloyde of Grays Inn v Sir Edward Radcliff and another (named). Payment of marriage portion. C78/462, no. 9 [100]
1632 14 Jun. 8 William Themilthorpe, Edmond Themilthorpe v Thomas Themilthorpe. Estate of Robert Themilthorpe — properties at Howton, Bylangh and other places in Norfolk. C78/349, no. 2 [101]
1632 14 June 8 Samuel Yarworth v Richard Boles, Edward Perry, Edward Bennett, John Salisbury and others (named). The maintenance of the chapel of Hindon, East Knoyle, Wiltshire C78/455, no. 1 [102]
1632 16 Jun. 8 Sir Thomas Darnell and Dame Sarah Darnell v Robert Mason, John Seldon, Francis Tyndall and Benjamine Valentyne. Estate of Susan Fisher — disputed will. C78/349, no. 1 [103]
1632 18 June 8 Sir Edward Plompton v Barnard Ellis and others (named). Mortgage of messuage in Kirkby-super-Wharf, Yorks. C78/302, no. 3 [104]
1632 18 June 8 Edward and Frances Cragge v Marie Sharpe and another (named). Jointure from lands in Lawrence Waltham, Berks. C78/337, no. 2 [105]
1632 19 June 8 Mary Foxe v George and Francis Middlemore and others (named). Annuities payable from lands in Moseley, Kings Norton, Norfeild and Yardley, Worcs, and Birmingham, Castell Bromwich and Aston, Warwicks C78/400, no. 17 [106]
1632 20 June 8 Sir Edward Salter and others (named) v Robert Barker and others (named). Office of His Majesty's Printer and stock of stationery. C78/307, no. 4 [107]
1632 20 June 8 Mathewe Brookesby v Sir Alexander and Richard Cave Mortgage of lands in Ashby Magna, Leics. C78/340, no. 3 [108]
1632 20 June 8 Richard Uvedall v Tuppyn Scras and another (named). Purchase of ships "True Love" and "Hopewell" of Weymouth, for service in French wars. C78/453, no. 4 [109]
1632 21 June 8 Thomas Lock & others (named) v Thomas & Joyce Hunt. Rights of common, pasturage, and felling trees on commons in Merton, Surrey. C78/358, no. 1 [110]
1632 29 June 8 Thomas Kynaston v Hugh Hassall. Title to copyhold lands in Wemme and Prees, Salop. C78/337, no. 4 [111]
1632 29 June 8 Theodora Jocelyn v Sir Thomas Hetley Trust settlement of manor and parsonage of Hagington, Cambridge C78/416, no. 2 [112]
1632 2 July 8 Sir John Maynard and others (named) v Dame Anne Middleton and another (named) Testamentary dispute of personal estate and unspecified mortgages C78/393, no. 1 [113]
1632 31 July 8 Peter Palmer and others (named) v Peter Caldwell, William Bawdricke Disputes over the title and lease of the manors of Willingham and Ludford, Lincolnshire. C78/431, no. 1 [114]
1632 23 Aug 8 Samuel Plume v John Borrage Dispute over a messuage, tenements and houses in the parish of Brampfield, Suffolk C78/411, no. 9 [115]
1632 Mich term 8 Humfrey Day and others (named) v Fraunces Day and another (named) Testamentary settlement of lands in South Somercotes and Skidbrooke, Hundlevy [Hundleby], Halton, Holgate [Holegate], Ingollmells [Ingoldmells] and Burgh [Burgh-le Marsh] and elsewhere in Lincs, by will of Humfrey Day the elder. C78/472, no. 6 [116]
1632 (bill) Mich term 8 Peter Venables esq baron of Kinderton, Ches; and William Shenton, clerk vicar of Rotherstone alias Rostorne, Ches v. the Dean and Chapter of the cathedral church of Christ in Oxford; Bryan Duppa dean of the said church; John Prideaux; Samuel Fell; Richard Gardner; John King; and Henry Kinge doctors in divinity and prebendaries of said church and others C78/1928, no. 10 [117]
1632 (bill) Michaelnmas 8 John Birte of Dorset yeoman v. John Bearde; Christopher Bearde?; Ellinor Bearde widow C78/1919, no. 14 [118]
1632 15 Oct. 8 Sir Edward Mountford and others (named) v Edward Banbury As in 400/10 in 1631 under 25 June. C78/400, no. 16 [119]
1632 15 Oct. 8 Charles and Susan Evans v Sir Stephen Lesieur As C78/458/6 (12 Feb.) C78/458, no. 9 [120]
1632 16 Oct. 8 William Noxon v Thomas and Margery Noxon. Title under trust settlement of unspecified lands. C78/377, no. 9 [121]
1632 17 Oct. 8 John Pococke and others (named) v William Pitt and another (named). Debts in connection with sale of woollen cloth C78/407, no. 4 [122]
1632 17 Oct. 8 Thomas and Beatrice Martyn v Daniell Peake and others (named) Interests in freehold and copyhold lands in Tillingham, Essex. C78/442, no. 7A [123]
1632 18 Oct 8 Alice Marston v John Marston. Portions payable from trust settlement of manor of Goram and Westwick and Praye, Herts. C78/354, no. 9 [124]
1632 18 Oct. 8 John Snelling v Henry Farrer and others (named) Lands in Broxborne, Hoddesdon and Muchamwell, Herts used as security for debts C78/394, no. 2 [125]
1632 18 Oct 8 William Spencer v Rt. Hon. Lord Spencer, Sir Richard Anderson, Richard Knightley, Richard Branthwaite Estate of Sir Thomas Spencer, deceased. Manor of Cardington alias Yarneton and Segbrooke, Oxfordshire. Also the manor of Whitfield Radston, Everton, Norfolk. Land at Biddleton; "Buckinghamshire. Estate of Thomas Spencer of Claverdon, the manor of Claverdon. Management of the estates and conveyances by Branthwaite C78/515, no. 9 [126]
1632 22 Oct. 8 John Walcott v Thomas Bond, John Churchill and Nicholas Hampson. Estate of Giles Winston of Hardwick, Gloucestershire. Parsonage and vicarage of Princeswicke, Gloucs. Land in the parish of Nimpfield. C78/431, no. 10 [127]
1632 23 Oct. 8 Richard Foley v Sir Thomas Whorwood and others (named) Diversion of watercourse supplying water to iron-works in West Bromwich, Staffs C78/400, no. 15 [128]
1632 23 Oct 8 John Johnson v John Hall & others (named). Bonds re purchase of jewelry. C78/412, no. 10 [129]
1632 24 Oct. 8 Thomas Wynne v Sir Samuel Smythe and another (named) Statutes raised on "The Goat" tavern in St. Sepulchre without Newgate, London C78/430, no. 1 [130]
1632 24 Oct. 8 Thomas Freeman v Anthony James or Felpe Profits of leases and alleged trust of Cromershe farm, Oxon, and lease of tithes and parsonage of Bensington, Oxon. C78/468, no. 14 [131]
1632 24 Oct 8 Francis Bynford v Elizabeth Dennys and others (named). Title to manor of Willand, Devon. C78/468, no. 10 [132]
1632 24 Oct. 8 Valentine Wanton v Judith Edwards and another (named) Lease of the manor of Greate Stoughton, Hunts, Little Stoughton and Pertenhill, Beds C78/1207, no. 8 [133]
1632 25 Oct 8 Charles Trevanyon v John Trestraile, John Tredinham and Hugh Mundey. Estate of John Trestraile, deceased. Messuage called 'Hey' in the parish of Veryan, Cornwall. C78/465, no. 6 [134]
1632 26 Oct. 8 Rt hon. Edmonde, Lord Sheffield & others (named), feoffees in trust for almsmen of Snaith, Yorks, v Walter Jobson & others (named). Annuity to support six almsmen or women by will of Walter Jobson the elder, from lands of dissolved priory of Snaith and monastery of Selby Yorks. C78/354, no. 7 [135]
1632 27 Oct. 8 Edward Tirwhit and Mary Tirwhit, Gervayse Ellowys and others (named) v Phillip Tirwhit. Indenture of February 16 James I, concerning the manors of Eagle, North Scarle, Southesey, Urforth, Lincolnshire. C78/341, no. 2 [136]
1632 27 Oct. 8 John Churcher and another (named) v Robert Scroope and others (named). Rent charge from farm in Ascott, Oxon. C78/377, no. 8 [137]
1632 30 Oct. 8 Henry and Anne Dutton v John Darcy and another (named). Trust settlement of manors and advowsons of Burnham, Deepedale, Brancaster Hall, Hellingham and Morton cum Ringland, Norfolk. C78/348, no. 8 [138]
1632 31 Oct. 8 Florence Howe v Hanibal Vivian and others (named) Rents due from lands called Pawton in St Breacke, Cornwall, owed to estate of Elizabeth Bullingham. C78/462, no. 3 [139]
1632 31 Oct. 8 Awdry Dixon v Thomas Harper Eviction of vicar from rectory of Witherly, Leics. C78/1205, no. 9 [140]
1632 1 Nov. 8 William Crofts v Dame Mary Crofts, Sir John Walter, Sir John Danners and Sir Francis Clerke. Estate of Sir Herbert Crofts, Gately Park, Herefordshire. Also the manor of Crofts. C78/431, no. 7 [141]
1632 6 Nov. 8 William Turner v George Morgan. Accounts of partnership in alum mines in Yorkshire. C78/354, no. 10 [142]
1632 6 Nov. 8 Sir Richard Darley and others (named) v Sir Francis Foliambe Possession of manor of Haldanby Park, Yorks. C78/483, no. 1B [143]
1632 6 Nov. 8 William Upton v Thomas Leake and others (named). Lease of 3 houses in Kingestreet, Westminster. C78/483, no. 3 [144]
1632 8 Nov 8 Sir Benjamin Pellatt v Thomas Elficke. Reference to an earlier case, concerning the manor of Sandore Sutton, Sussex. C78/431, no. 8 [145]
1632 8 Nov. 8 Humphrey Colles v Sir Thomas Whorwood, Dame Ursula his wife and George Almery The property of Sir Thomas Whorwood: Wetherockhill House, Kings Norton. Leasing of the property to Colles and a bond for the payment of money C78/515, no. 8 [146]
1632 9 Nov 8 Hugh Lloid v Anne Buckley. Title to mortgaged houses near Grays Inn Lane, London. C78/430, no. 2 [147]
1632 10 Nov 8 Francis Mingay, esq; John Pepis, gent; Francis Bowles; and John Wallenger, gent for themselves and divers others of the creditors of Edmond Peshall, citizen and grocer of London v. Sir Robert Fillmer, knight; John Barrington; Sir Egrimond Thunne; Sir John Petrall, baronet; Sir Edmond Windsor; Sir William Penall; Sir Humfrey Styles, knight; Edmond Randolfe; Anne Randolphe, widow, late wife and administratrix or executrix of said Edmond Randolphe; Robert Petiall; Edmond Petiall the son; Christofer Ayres; Thomas Peticall; John Swarland; John Bostocke; Thomas Briscoe; Roger Terrye; William Pyott; Robert Buckland; Nathaniel Wrighte; and others (sic) C78/1271, no. 1 [148]
1632 12 Nov 8 John Woodley v Edward Woodley and others (named). Possession of lands in Stoughton, Hunts C78/442, no. 8 [149]
1632 13 Nov. 8 John Leigh and others (named) v Nicholas Gilbert and others (named) Possession, under terms of marriage settlement, of tenement and lands in Churstowe and Charleton, Devon C78/405, no. 9 [150]
1632 13 Nov. 8 Mary Cole v Thomas Pury. Estate of George Cole of Michel Taynton, Gloucestershire, broad-weaver. Dispute over the sale of property on the manor of Michel Taynton, reference to wool smuggling, Pury a common informer. C78/431, no. 9 [151]
1632 15 Nov 8 John Dix or Ramsey v Richard Cooke and others (named). Bill (1629) alleging illegal enclosure of 50 acres of common (in addition to small enclosures made 20 years earlier) blocking access to sheep walk and fouldcourse on Barningham Heath. C78/348, no. 12 [152]
1632 15 Nov 8 Sir Thomas Lake v John Page and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Stanmore and Whitchurch, Uxbridge, Edgware, Bushey, Henden, Harrowe on the Hill, Sundburie, Winborough and St. Martins in the fields, Middx, and lands in Low Leyton, Essex, Groftam or Croftam and Gaynes Perrie, Hunts. C78/391, no. 14 [153]
1632 15 Nov 8 Godfrey Bosvile v Charles Bosevile Interests in mortgaged manor of Ganthwaite, Oxpringle and Peniston, Yorks C78/422, no. 5B [154]
1632 17 Nov. 8 John Bell v Katherine Bell. Title to lands in Ovington, Northumberland. C78/356, no. 2 [155]
1632 17 Nov. 8 Mary Aubrey v Robert Goldisborough and others (named). Jointure from lands in Meere, Duchy of Cornwall. C78/458, no. 8 [156]
1632 17 Nov. 8 John Ashe and others (some named) for poor inhabitants of parishes of Histerton and Shepton Beauchampe, Somerset v Robert Owsley and others (named). Non-payment of annuity given by William Owlsye to the poor of Misterton and Shepton Beauchampe C78/1205, no. 8 [157]
1632 19 Nov. 8 Anne Burnell and others (named) v Thomas Burnell and others (named) Testamentary settlement of the manor of Stanmore, Middx, by will of John Burnell. C78/430, no. 3 [158]
1632 20 Nov. 8 Elizabeth Oldesworth and Robert Oldesworth v William Wyse and others (named). Jointure from manor of Bradley and lands in Sunwell, Wootton Underedge and North Nibley, Gloucs and houses in St. Martins in the Fields, Middx C78/571, no. 4 [159]
1632 21 Nov. 8 Dudley Boyland v James Holmes gent executor of Andrew Allam Debts and bonds C78/512, no. 18 [160]
1632 22 Nov 8 William and Amye Fuller v Mary Snelling and others (named). Debts and bonds. C78/348, no. 9 [161]
1632 22 Nov 8 Theophilus, Lord bishop of St Davids v Sir Edmond Morgan and others Lease of messuage in Penhowe, Mon C78/407, no. 5 [162]
1632 22 Nov. 8 Richard Brownelowe and others (named) v Edward Wraye and another (named) Possession of manors of Snarford, Faldingworth, Westlaby and Snelland, Lincs C78/483, no. 1A [163]
1632 23 Nov 8 John, Mary and Agnes Suggate and others (named) v Nicholas Carr. Portions payable from personal estate of Andrew Carr and William Carr. C78/348, no. 11 [164]
1632 23 Nov. 8 John Ewsden v Robert Young and others (named) Accounts of partnership for planting and dressing of hops C78/512, no. 11 [165]
1632 24 Nov 8 Edmond Lenthall v Roland Corbett, Arthur Savage and Ralphe Vine. Land and messuages at Piddington, Oxfordshire C78/343, no. 2 [166]
1632 24 Nov 8 Dean and Chapter of Norwich Cathedral (not named) v Thomas Copping. Lease of lands in Gately and Colkirke, Norfolk. C78/348, no. 7 [167]
1632 24 Nov 8 Richard and Robert Aldhouse v John Stubbard Possession of lands in Beedfield, Suffolk C78/512, no. 16 [168]
1632 26 Nov 8 William Watson v Richard Dodd and others (named). Possession of rectory of Dawly, (No County given). C78/442, no. 7B [169]
1632 26 Nov 8 Elizabeth Pickering widow v Rt. hon. Francis, Earl of Rutland and others (named). Widow's estate in copyhold lands in manor of Wellowe, Somerset C78/512, no. 17 [170]
1632 28 Nov 8 Alice Atkins v Stephen Smith and others (named). Rent charge from manors of Bacons and Flores, Essex. C78/340, no. 2 [171]
1632 28 Nov 8 Richard Lucas v John Bucknell. Farm of Nortofte, parish of Gilsborowe, Northamptonshire. C78/341, no. 1 [172]
1632 28 Nov. 8 Christian Barlowe v John Baber and others (named). Bonds and deeds of estate of William Marshe. C78/571, no. 2 [173]
1632 28 Nov 8 Richard Galthroppe and others (named) v Symon Lawrence and another (named). Legacies from personal estate by will of Mary Galthroppe. C78/348, no. 10 [174]
1632 28 Nov. 8 Fitz William Conyngsby, John Saunders v Thomas Gower, John Wheeler, Gilbert Wheeler & John Gower Dispute over several salt springs owned by Conyngsby at Netherwick and Droitwich. C78/362, no. 8 [175]
1632 28 Nov. 8 Sir Henry Spelman v Sir Robert Mordant. Exchanges of plots of land in manor of Rustens in Congham, Norfolk, to overcome infringement of liberties of fouldcourse. C78/409, no. 7 [176]
1632 28 Nov. 8 Thomas and Mathias Allen v Richard Metcalfe and others (named). Lease of lands in Camshouse, Sedbuske, Lidderskewe and Stoddall Flatt, Aiskarth, Yorks C78/430, no. 4 [177]
1632 28 Nov 8 Edward Merrick v Raph Gore Dispute over Bignes farm, Northcott, parish of Hayes, Middlesex C78/431, no. 6 [178]
1632 28 Nov. 8 Edmund Purpett and others (named) v Samuel Bleverhassett. Mortgage of manor of Kelvendon Hall or Keldon Hall, Essex C78/715, no. 9 [179]
1632 30 Nov 8 George Smithe v Sir Miles Fleetewoode. Jointure and other interests in the manors of Bulkeworthie and Goodleighe, Devon. C78/467, no. 14 [180]
1632 1 Dec. 8 John and Elizabeth Moore v Simon Every and others (named) Dower rights and legacies from lands in North Moore, Oxford. C78/394, no. 4 [181]
1632 4 Dec. 8 Nicholas Ramsey & others [named] v Robert Ramsey and others [named]. Legacies payable from land inMarsland, Norfolk, by will of John, Earl of Holderness. C78/356, no. 1 [182]
1632 6 Dec. 8 John Goddard, Francis Gooday, John Church, John Okey and others the customary tenants of the manor of Haddenham, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire v Thomas, Earl of Suffolk. Enclosure of the manor of Haddenham, commons and an adjoining property called 'Gall Fenn' - initiated by the Earl of Suffolk, with the agreement of the tenants. Large acreage involved. C78/465, no. 14 [183]
1632 17 Dec. 8 George Stofford v John (name obscured) Arthur Champnowne, Humphrey Smith and John Pease. Concerning the two leases on closes in the farm of Colebrooke. C78/383, no. 1 [184]