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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1628 4 C78/, no. []
1628 21 Jan 3 Blanche Glover v Thomas Hulme. Marriage settlement proposed between Bartholomew Quinney and Elline Loftis: property at Crosshernes and Southill, Easthamstead. C78/295, no. 6 [2]
1628 21 Jan 3 Tristram and Anne Arscott v Roberte Hooke and others (named) Cancellation of mislaid bonds C78/393, no. 7 [3]
1628 26 Jan 3 Ursula Coningsbye v Fitzwilliam Coningsbye and another (named). Annuities and portions payable from lands in Herefs, Worcs and Salop. C78/400, no. 3 [4]
1628 26 Jan 3 John Farrer v Robert Pye, Humphrey Farrer Purchase of Chilwall House, parish of Iron Acton, Gloucestershire. Also the issues of several houses in Pentecost Lane, Newgate, London C78/508, no. 12 [5]
1628 26 Jan 3 Ferdinando, Lord Hastinges v Sir Guye Palmes. Debts owed to the estate of Sir John Davies. C78/1208, no. 9 [6]
1628 28 Jan. 3 Raphe Latham v Sir Roger James, Sir Robert Cocke, John James, Thomas Claybome, Thomas Legatt, Anne Bland, Robert Frith, Sir William Ayloffe and others (named). Estate of William Latham. Spinster Hall, Essex. Lease of mansion to George Wiseman. C78/247, no. 5 [7]
1628 28 Jan. 3 Margaret David & another (named) v Morgan David and others (named). Possession and trust of messuages and lands in Llanfanfred, Brecon. C78/312, no. 10 [8]
1628 29 Jan. 3 Robert Randall v William Belfield and Margaret Belfield. Will and estate of Thomas Belfield C78/347, no. 1 [9]
1628 30 Jan 3 Richard Faunce v Mary Hutton, John Field, John Hovell and William Dowyer. Plot of John Field and John Hovell to induce Faunce into debts. C78/305, no. 14 [10]
1628 31 Jan 3 Ela Merrell and another (named) v Marye Whorwood, and others (named). Rents from tenements in Thames St., London. C78/289, no. 7 [11]
1628 1 Feb 3 Peter Wadbrooke of Thames Ditton, Surrey, gentleman v Humfrey Cheeke of Thames Ditton gentleman Dispute over several debts. C78/248, no. 13 [12]
1628 4 Feb. 3 Dame Maria and William Leeke v Francis, Lord Deyncourt. Trust lease of lands in Sutton in the Dale, and other lands in Derbyshire. C78/256, no. 8 [13]
1628 5 Feb. 3 Katherine Lyne v Christofer Moyle and others (named). Arrears of rents from tenement in Nether Kingstone. (No county given). C78/242, no. 2 [14]
1628 4 Feb. 4 Dame Maria and William Leeke v Francis, Lord Deyncourt. Trust lease of lands in Sutton in the Dale, and other lands in Derbyshire. C78/256, no. 8 [15]
1628 6 Feb. 3 Sir James Evington v William Hake and others named. Arrears of rent from lease of lands in the manor of Burrowberrie, Northants. C78/238, no. 6 [16]
1628 6 Feb. 3 Samuel Symond v Thomas Shutlacke and Mary Wrighte Lease on property at Horse Head Rents, parish of Saint Saviours, Southwark. C78/508, no. 11 [17]
1628 7 Feb. 4 Sir George Simeon v Sir William Sanders, Sir Michael Greene and Thomas Earle. The purchase of the manor of Great Milton by Sir John Simeon from Sir William Greene. C78/261, no. 6 [18]
1628 7 Feb 3 Sir Arnold Herbert and others v John Bland, Lawrence Lownes, Joliffe Lownes and others (named). Estate of Peter Bland, Master Skinner to James I. Manors of Hutton, Wandisley, and Angream, Yorkshire. Also the church of Marston. C78/265, no. 4 [19]
1628 9 Feb 3 John Coxe v William Swanton and others (named). Annuity payable from lands in Fifhead Magdalen, Dorset. C78/242, no. 3 [20]
1628 9 Feb. 3 John Sellar v William Stoner. Case arising from the enclosure of the open fields of Dudcott, Berkshire. Boundaries in dispute and also the extent and issues of the glebe lands. C78/342, no. 7 [21]
1628 11 Feb. 3 Valentyne Allen v Anne Newport and others (named). Testamentary settlement of lands in Harringworth, Northants and Thorpe, Rutland. C78/271, no. 14 [22]
1628 11 Feb. 3 Edmond Maskelyne v Rowland Cole, Thomas Hide, and others (named). Dispute over the Cowfield, parish of Tewkesbury. Also the 'Carrantes Mylles' and other properties C78/435, no. 9 [23]
1628 11 Feb. 3 William Awdley v Henry Honywood, Richard Chamlett and Margaret Hall. Estate of Robert Honywood. Fresh Wharf and other properties in Thames Street, London. Sale of property to Thomas Ellyott, fishmonger of London. C78/435, no. 11 [24]
1628 12 Feb 3 Rt. Hon. Charles, Earl of Nottingham v Sir Thomas Springett. Title to copyhold lands at Plompton, Sussex C78/274, no. 5 [25]
1628 12 Feb 3 William, Earl of Salisbury v John Adams. Lease on property called 'Roydon Hall Manor' in Essex. Disputed lease. C78/292, no. 3 [26]
1628 12 Feb. 3 Edward Gill v Katherine Webb, Robert Webb, William Allebaster. Bond between John Webb, Thomas Forde and Edward Gill. The will of John Webb, provision for the settling of his debts. C78/293, no. 12 [27]
1628 12 Feb. 3 William Bartlett, Henry Wakeford, Jane Chennell v Samuel Bassano, John Street, Henry Chandelor. Estate formerly belonging to William Dabbe of Bramley, outstanding debts to Chennell and others. C78/363, no. 7 [28]
1628 15 Feb. 3 Sir George Reynell v Robert Tirrell, Sir Valentyne Browne, Henry Tirrell and others (named). The lease of the Office of the Fleet and Keeping of the Police of Westminster. C78/292, no. 1 [29]
1628 23 Feb. 3 John Yardley, John Smith, John Sames, John Edward, John Sandford, Christopher Hanworth v Thomas Freshwater The debts of the late John Freshwater C78/508, no. 10 [30]
1628 8 April 4 Katherine &. Edward Hussey v Wymond Burgee or Bridges and others (named). Lease of inn and tenements in King Street, Westminster, Middx. C78/312, no. 4 [31]
1628 30 Apr 4 Anthony Dowdeswell v Sir Simon Clarke and others (named). Legacies payable from debts owed to estate of Ferdinando Dowdeswell in connection with conveyance of lands and mills in Broome, Bidford and Broome, Warwicks. C78/238, no. 8 [32]
1628 3 May 4 Francis Dackett, John Anton v Katheren Verbeake, John Ellison, Peter Verdere, Henry Yemmes. Estate of Henry Yemmes, late of Norwich — messuage of land and gardens in the parish of Colgate, Norwich. And property in the parish of Saint Lawrence, and at Hackford, Norfolk. C78/349, no. 5 [33]
1628 5 May 4 William and Anne Clarke v Thomas Dey. Annuities from lands in Cranwich, Norfolk. C78/334, no. 5 [34]
1628 5 May 4 Philip Holditch for Jonas Philips v John and Edward Phillipes. Possession of lease of farm called Cruft in Charleton, Devon. C78/468, no. 11 [35]
1628 6 May 4 Sir Thomas Posthumus Hobye v Samuell Bonfoye and others (named). Encroachment on grounds of house in Blackfriars London. C78/231, no. 6 [36]
1628 7 May 4 William Juby v Henry Kendall and another (named). Bonds. C78/280, no. 5 [37]
1628 7 May 4 Mary and Margaret Moore v John Moore and others (named). Annuities payable from farm of Chilmarke, Wilts, by will of William Moore. C78/1206, no. 3 [38]
1628 8 May 4 John Greenwood v Luke John and another (named). Mortgage of 2 messuages in Stansfield, Yorks. C78/256, no. 6 [39]
1628 8 May 4 Symion Sewell and others, inhabitants of Owtewell, v Edward Fyncham. Bill (no date) refers to earlier decree (16 Nov. 2 Chas. I) ordering defendant to assure lands in ground called Coltons (100 acres and 46 or 48 tenements) to inhabitants as allotments in respect of their lost commons, and re regulation of keeping cattle there. Owtewell, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire. C78/400, no. 4 [40]
1628 9 May 4 Richard Warr v Richard Bastock fuller, Daniel Bamham, and Ursula his wife. Estate of Sir Edward Dyer, manor of Middlezomey, Somerset. C78/293, no. 13 [41]
1628 9 May 4 Edmond Powell v Hugh Parsons, Richard Parsons and others (named). Disputes arising from the exchanges of land between the tenants of the dissolved priory of Littlemore. Also the enclosure of Sandford (Oxon) common - rights of passage over closes and fields. C78/342, no. 8 [42]
1628 9 May 4 George Dodge v Raphe Searle. Agreement between the parties for Searle to procure the estate of Dodge. Holdings of land called 'Alson' at Buckland, Devonshire. C78/346, no. 6 [43]
1628 10 May 4 James Johnstone, Davis Selkricke v William Alexander, alias Milward, Latton Welbecke and John Eastell. Estate of Alexander: Rectory and parsonage of Caversham, Oxfordshire. C78/309, no. 8 [44]
1628 12 May 4 Sir Charles Foxe and another v John Cage and others. Bill re payments levied on a trust in lands of Frampton upon Severne, Bowlisson, Fretherne and Swindon, Gloucs and coal-mines in Broseley, Salop. C78/260, no. 6 [45]
1628 12 May 4 James Cottingham, Grace his wife and others (named) v John Parham, Sir Edward Parham, Thomas Crowth. Contrivance of the marriage of the complainants by Jolm Parham. C78/305, no. 8 [46]
1628 12 May 4 Nicholas Frevile v John Atkins. Bonds re debts of George Frevile C78/473, no. 13 [47]
1628 15 May 4 Gyles and Anne Brownerigg v John Lume and others (named). Inheritance of messuages in Enfield and St. Clement Danes, Middx. C78/339, no. 1 [48]
1628 16 May 4 Richard Westwood v Sir Thomas Sackvile Bonds and financial encumbrances on mortgaged manors of Bybury, Arlington Gloucs and lands in Inglesham, Berks C78/406, no. 7 [49]
1628 17 May 4 William Betley v William Pancke and others named. Title to lands in Peterborough, Northants C78/439, no. 9 [50]
1628 19 May 4 Mary Pearson v Christopher Peacock, Leonard Burgh Estate of the late Marmaduke Pearson, a mercer of Richmond, Yorkshire. Tenements at Cleatlam, and debts in dispute. C78/255, no. 5 [51]
1628 19 May 4 Mary Hughes v Roger Middleton, Roger Bellott and Thomas Hughes. Estate of Richard Hughes, tenements and property at Estlusham, Denbighshire. Dispute over fines and other customs. C78/297, no. 7 [52]
1628 21 May 4 William Greene v Anne Awbrey and others (named). Partition of capital messuage called Higham in Bargh in Barton, Yorks. C78/257, no. 7 [53]
1628 23 May 4 Mary Bate v Edmond Griffith. Estate of Francis Rowland, also dispute over his will. C78/363, no. 4 [54]
1628 23 May 4 Peter Belderby v John Knyven and another (named) Bonds re financial trusts. C78/439, no. 8 [55]
1628 26 May 4 Matthewe Griffith and others (named) Churchwardens of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fishstreete, London v Samuel Berry. Profits from tenements in Southwark due to parish of St. Mary Magdalen for poor relief, by will of Thomas Berry. C78/231, no. 7 [56]
1628 26 May 4 Edward Sheldon v Henry Gibbes. Annuity payable from manor of Honnington, Warwicks. C78/238, no. 2 [57]
1628 31 May 4 William Galthropp v Abraham Parratt, Edward Crawley. Purchases of malt by Galthropp, a brewer. C78/265, no. 3 [58]
1628 31 May 4 William Childcott v Nicholas Parker the Elder and Nicholas Parker the Younger. The manor of Langthorn, Yorkshire. Surety for a mortgage and loans. C78/297, no. 8 [59]
1628 16 June 4 Nicholas Rowe and others (named) v Roger Jones and others (named). Title to lands of parsonage of St. Margaret in Stanstead, Great Anwell and Stanstead Abbot, Herts C78/271, no. 13 [60]
1628 16 June 4 Robert Doughtie and others (named) copyhold tenants of Hanworth, Norfolk v Thomas, Earl of Arundell and others (named). Fines for copyhold tenants of Hanworth, Norfolk. C78/334, no. 4 [61]
1628 17 June 4 John Deane alias Collins v Francis Deane, Christopher Poulter and Michaell Fowler. Estate of Thomas Deane, alias Collins, woodlands and arable lands at the parish of Stokenschurch, Oxfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. C78/297, no. 9 [62]
1628 17 June 4 Robert Borrett v Margaret, Charles and James Borrett Debts and legacies payable by will of Robert Borrett from lands and marshgrounds in Wilbye, Orford, Stradbrooke, Allington and Worlingworth, Suffolk. C78/428, no. 5 [63]
1628 18 June 4 Rt. hon. Robert, Earl of Sussex v Sir Daniel Norton and others (named). Interest in reversion and remainders of manor of Woodham Walter, Essex. C78/237, no. 5 [64]
1628 18 June 4 William Eden v John and Robert Eden. Annuity payable from lands in Windlestone and West Awkeland, Durham by will of Robert Eden, the elder. C78/340, no. 4 [65]
1628 19 June 4 Sarah Howe and others v John Hamburye, Edward Lindsey, Walter Lucas Estate and will of John Well — settlement of the marriage portion of Sarah, on her marriage to Howe, a goldsmith of London. Marriage portion of properties at Ringmere and Barcombe, Sussex. C78/508, no. 9 [66]
1628 20 June 4 William Haddon v Edward Shugboroure. Bonds and extents on lands in Creaton, Northants. C78/257, no. 3 [67]
1628 20 June 4 John Howe v Richard Fawkner, Edward Collins, Raphe Downes, John Mason. Estate of Thomas Howe: two messuages and four cottages at Brincklowe, Warwickshire. C78/265, no. 2 [68]
1628 20 June 4 James Derehaugh v Arthur Middleton and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Gedgrave and Sudbury, Suffolk. C78/270, no. 1 [69]
1628 21 June 4 Francis Pember v Edward Vaughan and others (named). Mortgage of manors of Kings Pewne and Buttas, Heref. C78/236, no. 6 [70]
1628 23 June 4 Marsilian Sampson and others (copyholders of manor of Glatton and Holme, Hunts) v Sir Robert Cotton and others. Bill (Trinity term 1618) alleging attempt to overthrow copyhold estates by raising admission fines. Second Bill (Michaelmas term 2 Chas. I) brought by defendants alleging tenants were using demesne lands as common. Court order (5 Nov. 3 Chas. I) — Demesne lands to be enclosed for Lord's use; ancient customs of manor to continue. C78/300, no. 1 [71]
1628 25 June 4 Henry Mitton v John and Edward Pate. Inheritance of messuage and lands in Sisonby, Leics C78/257, no. 15 [72]
1628 26 June 4 Dame Anne Fitton v John Lowgher. Cancellation of paid up bonds. C78/237, no. 6 [73]
1628 27 June 4 Sir Thomas Dawney v Thomas Hunte Rents due from lease of manor of Cridling, Yorks. C78/257, no. 4 [74]
1628 27 June 4 William Iver and another (named) v William Bartlett and others (named) Trust sale of messuage and lands in Horram and Hoxon, Suffolk by will of George Aldrich to raise annuity for poor of Kenton and Horram, Suffolk, and other legacies. C78/462, no. 5 [75]
1628 28 June 4 Thomas Hoord, James Actor v William Parker, Richard Brittayne, John Mynne and others (named). Concerning the manor of Fitznells or Fennells, Surrey. Attempted frauds. C78/305, no. 7 [76]
1628 30 June 4 Robert Awdley v Robert Awdley the Elder, Henry Beadell, Thomas Peadley, Henry Awdley and Thomas Awdley Settlement on the marriage of Robert Awdley and Elizabeth Marburie, and provision of a portion. Manor of Great Granden, Huntingdonshire. C78/235, no. 4 [77]
1628 30 June 4 Thomas Cockayne v William Stanhope, Ketherine Stanhope, Thomas Leving, William Osborne, John Grundy and Sir Roger Cooper. Conveyance and settlement of several properties in Derbyshire and Warwickshire, and elsewhere, for the benefit of dependents. Conveyance of the manor of Pooley, Warwickshire. C78/235, no. 5 [78]
1628 30 June 4 Sir John Boteler v Frauncis, Lady Boteler and others (named) Jointure from lands in Woodhall, Herts. C78/238, no. 3 [79]
1628 30 June 4 Raphe Ashmole v Symon Biddulphe. Estate of Thomas Ashmole, property near Lichfield. C78/342, no. 6 [80]
1628 30 June 4 William Young v Margaret, Lady Brunly, John Weld, Michael Ould, Francis Addams, George Whitmore, Francis Barkeley and others. Estate of James Lliffor, deceased. Manor of Broseley, Shropshire. C78/461, no. 1 [81]
1628 July 4 Anthony Franckland v Frances, Lady Franckland and others (named). Annuities and portions payable from manor of Aldwarke or Oldewarke, and site of priory of Ellerton, Yorks. C78/447, no. 6 [82]
1628 1 July 4 Sir Thomas Brereton v Sylvester Plunckett, Sir Walter Heningham, John Gifford, Dame Barbara Crompton, and Thomas Crompton Estate of Sir Randolph Brereton of Malpass, Cheshire. Manor of Creswell, Staffordshire. C78/248, no. 12 [83]
1628 1 July 4 Ann Carr v Margaret and Edward Pennell. Redemption of 10 mortgaged houses near Aldersgate Street, London. C78/256, no. 5 [84]
1628 1 July 4 Thomas Blofield v Sir Thomas Deereham and others (named). Title to lands in Beeston next the Sea, Norfolk. C78/334, no. 3 [85]
1628 1 July 4 John Moore v Henry Hodges and others Payment of legacies and marriage portions C78/394, no. 7 [86]
1628 2 July 4 Henry and Jane Wroth and another (named) v Sir Arthur Manwaringe and another (named). Testamentary trust settlement of manors of Burgham, Givford and Wisley and lands in Egham, Thorpe and Chertsey, Surrey. C78/238, no. 5 [87]
1628 2 July 4 George and John Fishe v James Seaman and others (named) Possession of copyhold lands in the manor of Framlingham and Castrum, Suffolk. C78/428, no. 2 [88]
1628 2 July 4 Thomas Smith and others (named) v Joos Croppenbergh and others (named). Bill (Hilary 1624) describing the reclamation, division and enclosure of lands in Garith and Plumsteed called "The Great Breach", Kent, surrounded by river Thames, and reciting articles of agreement in June 20 Jas. I by which defendant should take part of each allotment in lieu of reclamation and enclosure expenses, and alleging disputes about the process of mapping the enclosed area. C78/454, no. 1 [89]
1628 2 July 4 Sir Thomas Awbrey for Thomas Bussey v Sir Thomas Mansell Rent charge from lands in Ulceby Waterles [?Ulceby Skitter], Bootheby [Boothby], Clabie [?Claxby], Mumby, Anderby, Sloughby [Sloothby], Heggesthorpe [Hogsthorpe] and Huttoft, Lincs. C78/473, no. 14 [90]
1628 2 July 4 Katherine and Edward Hussey v Richard Whittaker and another (named). Mortgage of messuage and lands in Cotton, Salop. C78/1208, no. 8 [91]
1628 3 July 4 Edward Brounker v Judith Lady Corbett. The tithes of the vicarage of Cropredye, Oxfordshire. Dispute over pasture lands. C78/293, no. 11 [92]
1628 4 July 4 Sir John Walter and others (named) v Sir Humfry May. Debts payable from trust settlement of estate of Lord Viscount St. Albans, from manor of Garhambury, Herts and pension from office of Alienations. C78/238, no. 1 [93]
1628 4 July 4 John Odber v Roberte Odber. Legacies payable from lands in Christchurch, Hants, by will of Robert Odber the elder. C78/358, no. 8 [94]
1628 5 July 4 Susan Decampe and others (named) v John Baholt Maintenance payments and legacy from will of Michaell de Hurter. C78/334, no. 2 [95]
1628 8 July 4 John Harris v Sir Bernard Grenvile Marriage settlement of rectory of Talland and lands in Lamaine, Lanrest and Lametton. (No county mentioned) C78/333, no. 2 [96]
1628 9 July 4 Elizabeth Brett v Richard Brett, John Thorpe and George Jackson. Property of the late William Brett. Disputed will. C78/305, no. 15 [97]
1628 9 July 4 Peter Leonarts and another (named) v John Flesher and others (named). Damages re voyage of ship called the Sonches Phenix. C78/1208, no. 10 [98]
1628 18 July 4 John Meantis v Sir John Thompson. Estate of Dorothy Thompson of Husband Crawley, Bedfordshire. C78/265, no. 1 [99]
1628 18 July 4 Margarett Watts, John Watts, Farmer Watts and others (named) v Dutton Farmer. Estate of Thomas Watts, deceased. Property in the town and fields of Cullworth, Northamptonshire. Disputed lease held by Farmer. C78/293, no. 10 [100]
1628 1 Aug 4 Robert Smith v Roger Clarke Rents due from tenement and shop in Pater Noster Rowe, London. C78/238, no. 4 [101]
1628 1 Aug 4 William and Joseph Thomas and others (named) v Tymothy and Martha Midleton. Legacies payable from tenement in Friday Street, London by will of William Bennett. C78/242, no. 1 [102]
1628 1 Aug 4 Audrey Nuce v Phillipp Nuce and another (named). Bonds re interests in a house in Tower Street, London C78/1208, no. 5 [103]
1628 14 Aug. 4 Samuel Bradstreet v Henry Bradstreet, Edward Street and John Pearce. Execution of the will of Symon Street. A Brewhouse at New Bramford, Middlesex. C78/293, no. 8 [104]
1628 21 Aug. 4 Joas Godschalke and others (named) v John Turner and others (named). Lease of manor house of Atherston upon Stower, Warwicks. C78/1208, no. 6 [105]
1628 3 Oct. 4 William Cornwallis and others (named) v Rt. hon. Thomas Viscount Savage and another (named). Annuities issuing from manor of Monckton Farley and Comerwell, Wilts. C78/432, no. 9 [106]
1628 8 Oct 4 Bryan Nelson, Thomas Dawson, James Collinson, Richard Nelson and others (named) v Gilbert Nelson, Richard Garthwaite, Richard Hobson and others (named) Case arising from the sale of holdings to the tenants of the lordship of Barstall, Yorkshire, and the enclosure of the commons, a part being left unimproved. C78/305, no. 4 [107]
1628 8 Oct. 4 Bryan Nelson, Thomas Dawson, James Collinson, Richard Nelson and others (named) v Gilbert Nelson, Richard Garthwaite, Richard Hobson and others (named). Case arising from the sale of holdings to the tenants of the lordship of Barstall, Yorkshire, and the enclosure of the commons, a part being left unimproved. C78/306, no. 4 [108]
1628 13 Oct. 4 Stephen Boughton, Robert Marsh, John Marsh and others (named) v Sir Francis Smith, John Randall, Robert Hide and Thomas Phillipps Estate of Leonard Hide, deceased. Manor of Throcking, and other properties in Hertfordshire. Payments under an annuity to George Gilson of London. C78/508, no. 8 [109]
1628 18 Oct 4 Thomas Mounson v Rt. hon Robert, Earl of Somerset and others (named). Debts. C78/287, no. 1 [110]
1628 9 Oct. 4 Henry Bosvile v Sir Raphe Bosvile. Arrears of rent charges issuing from manor of Blackhall and lands in Sevenock and Seale, Kent. C78/285, no. 10 [111]
1628 10 Oct. 4 Henry Johnson v Dionisius Nootestock and another (named). Disposal of personal goods of Jane Overdates. C78/307, no. 13 [112]
1628 13 Oct. 4 Samuell Howett v Robert Erswell. Title to copyhold lands in Bugden, Hunts. C78/256, no. 4 [113]
1628 15 Oct 4 James Killett and others (named) v Robert Morris. Trust settlement of messuage in Holborne, St. Giles in the Fields, Middx. C78/239, no. 12 [114]
1628 16 Oct 4 Sir Edward Hartopp, George Hartopp, William Clerkson, John Clerkson, Mary Clerkson, Judith Clerkson and others (named) v John Digby and George Flower The will of Michael Clerkson, and the marriage of the deceased to Elizabeth Hartopp. C78/498, no. 2 [115]
1628 17 Oct. 4 Henry Cholmely v Mathew Jobson and another (named). Payments due from lands in Tunstall, Yorks. C78/285, no. 11 [116]
1628 20 Oct. 4 Susan Bynnes v Edmund & Hester Brerecliffe. Legacy of £40, from rents of unspecified lands. C78/285, no. 9 [117]
1628 20 Oct 4 Elizabeth Griffin v Thomas Taylor, John Shotbolt, William Halfhide and others. Dispute over the property of John Shotbolt of Yardley, Hertfordshire. Also property at Clothall. C78/297, no. 5 [118]
1628 23 Oct. 4 Sir Thomas Monnson v Lionell, Earl of Middx. Mortgage of manor and rectory of Laughton, Lincs. C78/279, no.8 [119]
1628 23 Oct. 4 Dame Anne Bromley and others (named) v Sir John Eyre. Jointure in the lands of the manor of Wykeham, Lincs. C78/285, no. 8 [120]
1628 23 Oct 4 Thomas Nutting v Gregory Carpenter. Estate of William Levorett Messuage near the Bridgehouse, Southwark, Surrey. Dispute over the customs of the City of London and a lease. C78/315, no. 1 [121]
1628 27 Oct. 4 Thomas Marker v William Peck. Land, messuage and property at Spixworth, Norfolk, held of William Packe or Pecke. C78/269, no. 11 [122]
1628 27 Oct 4 Henry Rosewell v John, Earl of Bridgwater, Robert, Bishop of Bristol, Sir John Davys, Sir John Straungeways, John Saunders. The estate of Robert Rosewell — the manor of Stapleton, Somerset. Property at Walthamstowe, Essex and in Coleman Street, City of London. C78/435, no. 8 [123]
1628 28 Oct. 4 Paul Dewes v Mary and Priscilla Allanson Alleged recognizance of £500 levied on tenements in Fleetstreet and Blackhorse Allye, London, already paid from fines of manor of Lavenham, Suffolk. C78/257, no. 5 [124]
1628 28 Oct. 4 Paul Dewes v Marie Allanson As (5) above under 28 Oct. C78/257, no. 6 [125]
1628 29 Oct. 4 John Plomer and others (named) v George Hale. Testamentary trust settlement of lands in Amwell and St. Margaretts Herts given to use of the poor of Broxborne and the school in Hoddesden, Herts, by will of Thomas Boll. C78/239, no. 11 [126]
1628 30 Oct 4 John Mychell v Erasmus Greenway and Godfrey Rayner. Bonds for debt. C78/248, no. 5 [127]
1628 30 Oct. 4 Rowland Wilson and others v Edmond Underwood. Estate and will of Edward Beale, grocer of London. Involvement in the Anglo-Spanish trade. C78/269, no. 4 [128]
1628 31 Oct 4 Roger Otway v John Midleton. Debts payable from lands in Kirby Lonsdale, Cumberland and Westmorland. C78/257, no. 11 [129]
1628 4 Nov 4 Giles Ingles v John Moore Shares in part of Tullistowe farm, Devon and tenements in Virginstow and Bratton Clovelly, Devon. C78/333, no. 1 [130]
1628 8 Nov 4 Marie Poynter v Sir Richard Roberts. Will and estate of Wingfield Morlesworth. Payment of legal and others fees. C78/263, no. 9 [131]
1628 8 Nov 4 George Abbott v George Clarke. Accounts re grocery apprenticeship. C78/340, no. 6 [132]
1628 10 Nov. 4 Charles Osborne and others (named) v Owen Sheappard and others (named). Bill (Hilary 1627) alleging refusal by tenants to accept the allotments made to them after agreement (12 June last past) to re-allocate and enclose common lands, including marshland in Kirkeby Bidon and Wicklingham, Norfolk C78/273, no. 5 [133]
1628 10 Nov 4 Humfry Robinson and another (named) v John Lloyd and others (named). Rents due from lands in Vaynor and Ayviour, Montgomeryshire C78/274, no. 8 [134]
1628 10 Nov 4 Anne Winchcombe v Benedict Hall and others (named). Title to manors of Ashendon, Bucks, Noake, Oxon and Laverstock, Wilts. C78/351, no. 15 [135]
1628 10 Nov. 4 Dame Margaret Strode and others (named) v Peter Hoskins and another (named). Dispute re arbitrary or fixed fines for admission to copyhold tenements in manor of Beamister Second, Dorset C78/432, no.20 [136]
1628 10 Nov 4 Anne Hambrooke daughter and heir of Emanuel Hambrooke and Anne his wife now the wife of Ricahrd Smyth alias Singer gentleman v. Richard Smith alias Singer & Anne his wife; John Marsham, knight and baronet; Anthony Bowyer, esq; and John Dawson, gentleman C78/2024, no. 12 [137]
1628 10 Nov 4 Dame Margaret Strode widow late wife of Sir Robert Strode knight; Hugh Crabb; Henry Hillary; and William Fowler four of the customary tenants of the manor or prebend called Beaumister Second, Dorset on their own behalf and for the rest of the customary tenants v. Richard Corbett clerk doctor in divinity and prebendary of the said manor and Peter Hoskins esq C78/1919, no. 5 [138]
1628 11 Nov. 4 Jane Lady Clifton v Francis Beldes, or Bedles. Marriage between the complainant and Sir William Clifton: provision for Lady Clifton, the manors of Little Gidding and Barkham, Huntingdonshire. C78/235, no. 2 [139]
1628 12 Nov 4 Thomas Worsley and Richard Burman v Sir Peter Gleane, George Horsnett and John Worsley Property of Thomas Worsley, 'Goale House' Norwich. Also other messuages and tenements. C78/343, no. 3 [140]
1628 12 Nov 4 Mawde Aston v John Hayes and others (named). Possession of lease of messuages and shops in Fanchurch Streete, London. C78/447, no. 5 [141]
1628 13 Nov. 4 Arthur Duck, Margaret his wife and others v Sir Charles Berkley Rectory and parsonage of Brewton and the chapels of Brewton, Pitcombe, Redlinch, and Wiecke, Somerset. Disputes over the administrations of the church, and the influence of popish recusants upon the authority of the Church. C78/455, no. 9 [142]
1628 15 Nov 4 Sir William Russell v Sir Thomas Reade. Manors of Strensham, Birlingham, Defford, Coppiscourte, Ekington, Dormeston, Great Wytley, Little Witley, Pepilton and Sutton Sturinge, Worcestershire. Marriage settlement between the Russells and the Reades. C78/263, no. 8 [143]
1628 15 Nov. 4 William Mayne, Thomas Thurston v John Jackman, John Mayne and others (named) Estate of John Jackman of Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. Pasture in the parish of Stewkley. C78/261, no. 5 [144]
1628 18 Nov 4 John Farmer, Edward Clerk, Robert Watson, Clement Clarke, George Watson and others (named) v Henry Biddle. Schemes for the enclosure of the above properties and provision for the upkeep of the church of Willoughby. C78/263, no. 6 [145]
1628 18 Nov. 4 James Marshall v John Brothers. Recovery of portion of goods and money after discovery of bigamy. C78/285, no. 7 [146]
1628 19 Nov 4 Henry Seyliard v William and Anne Martyn Mortgage of lands in Ightam, Kent. C78/274, no. 10 [147]
1628 20 Nov 4 William Warmestrey v Dame Elizabeth Tanfield and others (named). Possession of lease of parsonage of Bladington, Worcs. C78/237, no. 4 [148]
1628 20 Nov 4 Roger Dey v Thomas Betts and Mary Jackson. The estate of John Brett: land on the manors of Scameing Hall and Drayton Hall, Norfolk. C78/269, no. 2 [149]
1628 20 Nov 4 Phillip Holman v Sir Thomas Beckingham and others (named). Rents and other charges on encumbered estate of Follifants, Highams and Joyces, Essex. C78/288, no. 13 [150]
1628 20 Nov. 4 Lawrence Lomax, Humphrey Cantrell v Sir Jervase Clifton, John Mollineux, Robert Pierpoint. Dispute over the property of Rutland Mollineux in the towns of Fledborough and Tuxford, Little Markham, Great Markham, Barleton and other places in Nottinghamshire. Conveyances to Richard Mollineux and others. C78/305, no. 9 [151]
1628 20 Nov 4 Lawrence Lomax, Humphrey Cantrell v Sir Jervase Clifton, John Mollineux, Robert Pierpoint. Dispute over the property of Rutland Mollineux in the towns of Fledborough and Tuxford, Little Markham, Great Markham, Barleton and other places in Nottinghamshire. Conveyances to Richard Mollineux and others. C78/306, no. 9 [152]
1628 20 Nov 4 Mary Howard, Elizabeth Howard, Mary Howard v Thomas Earl of Suffolk, Theophilus Lord Howard of Waldon, Sir John Sulyard, Edmond Bacon. Dispute over the complainants’ estates in Devonshire, Cornwall, Surrey and Kent. Projected marriage to Sir Charles Howard, son of Thomas, Earl of Suffolk. C78/363, no. 5 [153]
1628 21 Nov 4 Foulk Walwyn v Lyson and Anne Thomas. Trust settlement of the manors of Martle Awdlyes, Dornington, Bartestree, Sutton St. Nicholas and Hassell, Heref. C78/239, no. 11 [154]
1628 21 Nov. 4 Richard Draper v Edward Dawson and others (named) Restitution of goods and money left by will. C78/271, no. 12 [155]
1628 21 Nov 4 John Davis v Richard Hipsley. Dispute over the mansion house of Blynmans, parish of Cubarrowe, Somerset. C78/435, no. 7 [156]
1628 22 Nov 4 Thomas Marbury and wife v Robert Tanfeild and others. Bill re administration of trust in lands of the rectory of Warden, Beds. C78/260, no. 5 [157]
1628 24 Nov. 4 Thomas Islipp v Richard Halford. Bill (Easter 1628) alleging refusal by new owner of the manor to acknowledge deed of exchanges (27 Oct. 37 Eliz.) and subsequent enclosure of part of the manor as demesne. Edithweston, Rutland. C78/288, no. 10 [158]
1628 24 Nov 4 Thomas Munn v Thomas and Anne Parsons Rights of dower in manor of Kimpston Hardwick, Beds C78/288, no. 12 [159]
1628 25 Nov 4 Oliver Killingworth and Jane his wife, Edward Newton and Barbara his wife, John Carnaby and Anne his wife, Thomas Brian and Elizabeth his wife, John Hall administrator of Isabell his late wife, Robert Mitford & Oswald Mitford v Michael Mitford, Sir Timothy Whittingham, Sir John Calverley Estate of Robert Mitford, manor of Sighill [Seghill], Northumberland, leases of land and of coal mines at Heaton. C78/342, no. 5 [160]
1628 26 Nov 4 William Adams v Anne Newport, Humphrey Salway and Francis Hayes Debts of the late John Newport of Hanley, Worcestershire — the manor of Welton, Northamptonshire. C78/293, no. 5 [161]
1628 26 Nov 4 Samuel Tryon v John Harrison and Edward Norton. Estate of John Spinks, Salter of London. Land in the parish of Saint Lawrence Old Jury, London. C78/269, no. 10 [162]
1628 26 Nov. 4 William Cooke v Edward Meade & others (named). Title to copyhold lands in Athripp Pothinge, Essex. C78/358, no. 7 [163]
1628 26 Nov 4 John Foster v Edward Sheeres, William Eltonhead. Partnership between Edward Sheeres and John Foster for the buying and selling of lime. Property consisting of a house, brick warehouse, wharf and other brick

buildings at Saint Marys Parish, Westminster.

C78/363, no. 3 [164]
1628 27 Nov. 4 William Traherne v Henry Jenkins, David Parry and Roger Morgan. Messuage at Manhilad (?), Monmouth, mortgaged as security for a loan by Jenkins. C78/263, no. 11 [165]
1628 27 Nov 4 Jeffery Kirby v Jasper Lnocatelly and the Company of Merchants Trading to the East Indies. The trading debts of Augustine Lnocatelly. C78/269, no. 3 [166]
1628 28 Nov 4 Margaret Pennant v Thomas Lord Viscount Savage. Thomas Cornewallis. Estate of Lady Katherine Cornwallis, late of East Horseley, Surrey. Manor of Moncton Farley. C78/248, no. 10 [167]
1628 28 Nov. 4 Nicholas Steward v Jervase Scroope. Payment of money for the demesnes of the manor of Tarrante Hinton, Dorset. C78/293, no. 6 [168]
1628 28 Nov 4 Rt. hon. Henry, Earl of Huntingdon v Thomas Pestell. Payment of tithes on lands in Packington on the Heath [Leics] and Measam [Measham], Leics and Derbys. C78/339, no. 2 [169]
1628 28 Nov. 4 Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore v George Mynne and William Asheton. Increase in duty on raw silk of March, 18 Jas. I. Lease on the subsidy. C78/363, no. 6 [170]
1628 29 Nov 4 John Hallett v Alice Aplegate. Bonds for debts. C78/257, no. 13 [171]
1628 1 Dec. 4 Thomas Cockayne v William Stanhope, Katherine Stanhope, Thomas Leving, William Osborne, John Grundy and Sir Roger Cooper. Concerning numerous manors and properties in Derbyshire, and Warwickshire. C78/235, no. 3 [172]
1628 2 Dec 4 Raphe Riggs, Roger Seager, Roger Middleton and others v Robert, Earl of Warwick, Edward Seymour, Sir Henry Mildmay, Sir Henry Roe, Sir Edward Hungerford, William Hurte, and others (named). Dispute over the rents, fines and customs of copy-hold tenures on the manors of Twyford and Marwell. C78/248, no. 11 [173]
1628 2 Dec. 4 John Carew v Hugh Broughton, Robert Moggridge, John Prescott, William Prescott, Martha Doble and others (named). Dispute over details concerning the exploitation of the meadows and other lands of the manors of East Studley and West Studley, Devonshire. Also over timber and other 'wastes and spoyles'. C78/345, no. 3 [174]
1628 2 Dec 4 Cornelius and Elizabeth Burgesse and others (named) v Sir Erasmus Dryden and another (named). Portions payable by will of Sampson Sheffield from lands in Seaton, Rutlands C78/1208, no. 4 [175]
1628 3 Dec. 4 George Coles v Elizabeth Coles, Giles Barry and others (named). Estate of John Coles, the Grange of Barton or Blagden, Somerset and other lands. C78/293, no. 7 [176]
1628 10 Dec 4 Thomas and John Gleidhill v George Clapham Possession of Newhall, house and lands in Beamsley, Yorks. C78/256, no. 3 [177]