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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1627 3 C78/, no. []
1627 13 Jan 2 Richard Peter of Duss.., Somerset v Gertrude Davis the widow & relict of Gilbert Davis late of Cristowe, Devon Reservation of tithes, and sale of rectory of Christowe, Devon C78/408, no. 5 [2]
1627 23 Jan 2 Thomas Coxe of Bishops Itchington, Warks with Sir John Farewell of London and Robert Huet of London and other creditors of the said Thomas Cox v Christofer Loveday of London & Elizabeth his wife. Mortgage of lands in Bishops Itchington, Warwicks. C78/303, no. 3 [3]
1627 25 Jan 2 Sir John Speccott of Penheale, Cornwall and Paul Speccott of Penheale v Nevill Blighe; Leonard Yeo; Leonard Treyes; Richard Gedy Disputes over customary payments, suit of court and grinding at manorial mills in manor of Penheale, Eglesberry, Cornwall. C78/333, no. 8 [4]
1627 27 Jan 2 John Davidge of Fished Magdalen, Dorset v Roger Morgan and James Chapper als Nicholls Cancellation of bonds. C78/339, no. 6 [5]
1627 27 Jan 3 Sir John Barker of Trimley St Mary, Suffolk; Thomas Sorrell; Thomas Finche; John Sowegate v William Unwyn and Edward Moore Arrears of rent-charge from lands in Grinsted Hall and in Morston and Stratton [?Norf]. Mary Cavendishe & her son Thomas Cavendishe C78/428, no. 9 [6]
1627 27 Jan 2 Sir Edward Cooke of Stoke, Bucks v Elizabeth, Lady Cleere, widow & relict of Sir Francis Cleere; John Wroth Review of a decree of 8 May 16 Jas. I re title to manors of Thornington and Wenhaston, Suffolk. C78/470, no. 7 [7]
1627 29 Jan 2 Johanna Troshoes, widow, late wife of Henry Troshoes decd & administratrix of Christopher Fenton her former husband v Dame Elizabeth Martyn, widow; David Bourne; Cuthbert Burbage; Emanuell Fenton; Henry Archer Lease made by Henry Poole for Christopher Fenton on a property at Blackfriars, London C78/502, no. 1 [8]
1627 30 Jan 2 Anthony Dennys of Orleighe, Devon & Gertrude his wife v John Harris of Radford, Devon. Marriage between Christopher Harris and Gertrude Grenville, settlement of cash and a lease on the messuage called 'Bartons' — the rectory and tithes of Talland, Cornwall and other properties. C78/346, no. 9 [9]
1627 3 Feb 2 Peter Titley of Ufford, Northants, clerk v Walter Baker and John Baker his son. Possession of lease of lands in Etton and Peikirke, Northants C78/339, no. 8 [10]
1627 3 Feb 2 Raphe Hughes v Margarett Lloyde, widow. Agreement to purchase lands in Melyden, Rhedorney, Brinlidith and Mouldesdale, Flints. C78/307, no. 14 [11]
1627 3 Feb 2 Simon Every of the Middle Temple, London, son, heir & executrix of John Every late of the University of Oxford v John Moore & Elizabeth his wife late the wife of the said John Every Testamentary disposition of lands in parish of St. Peter the East, Oxford C78/393, no. 8 [12]
1627 3 Feb 2 Richard Elmehirst v. Jervase Hanson & Elizabeth his wife Robert Elmehirst the complts father. Copyhold messuages in the manor of Worsbrough, Yorks C78/1279, no. 7 [13]
1627 5 Feb 2 Sir John Browne of East Kirkby, Lincs v William Hayward; Richard Maxie; William Quadringe; Thomas Massenberdge; Richard Whelpdale; Christopher Waldgrave; Thomas Kingerby; William Gummys; George Cater; Christopher Skegneis; Richard Stevenson; John Carter; Mary Trewe, widow; Hamond Hubbard; Richard Greene; Simon Oresby; John Caborne; Christopher Horneby; William Thorey; William Wolby; John Mottram; John Palmer; William Smyth; Richard Bonner; John Newporte; Charles Waterladd; John Lawrence; Allen Ellinson; Edward Plant; Robert Lee; John Gleane; Mathew Whytinge; William Cragge; Thomas Francklyn Tithes owed to the rectories of Brough in the Marsh [Burgh-le-Marsh] and Wynthorpe [Winthorpe], Lincs. C78/1207, no. 4 [14]
1627 7 Feb 2 Incent Castell of Olney, Bucks v Christofer Osborne; Phillip Osborne; Phillip Knight; Sir Thomas Crewe Dispute lease of lands at Olney, Bucks. C78/270, no. 6 [15]
1627 9 Feb 2 John Cicell of Tewkesbury, Gloucs, baker & Dorothy his wife v John Reade of Mitton, Worcs Marriage treaty re lands in Mitton, Worcs and jointure of house in Tewkesbury, Gloucs C78/1207, no. 2 [16]
1627 10 Feb 2 Mary Jordaine of Ide Hill, Kent, widow, executrix of Thomas Jordaine her late husband decd v John Petty Bonds and extents on lands in Penshurst, Kent C78/1207, no. 3 [17]
1627 10 Feb 2 William Allason; George Fearon; John Spencer; Peter Holstocke; John Richardson; Christopher Fearon; Richard Wylson; William Wilkinson; Cutbert Richardson; Thomas Bell; John Threlkeld; Robert Fearon; Peter Winder; Thomas Fysher; John Stubb; John Jackson; Hugh Allason; Thomas Allason; John Peill; Robert Wilkinson; Thomas Hutton, customary tenants of Richard Barwys of Ilebecke, Cumberland in the manor of Whinfell & Hams als Hams Hill, Cumberland v Richard Barwys and William Musgrave Agreement to replace arbitrary fines with fixed ones in manor of Whinfell and Hams (or Hamshill), Cumberland. C78/432, no. 10 [18]
1627 10 Feb 2 Anne Cole; Edmund Harrington; Elizabeth his wife; Giles Johnson & Grace his wife v Robert Taylcot Title to messuage, brewhouse and maltinghouse in Colchester, Essex. C78/473, no. 3 [19]
1627 12 Feb 2 Toby Cage of Woodford, Essex; Simon Thelowall; Lionell Bayly of Woodford; Benjamin Cecill & Charles Cecill sons of Sir Thomas Cecill; John Dade; Jeremy Ellwys; John Handford of Woodford v Bernard Whitstones. Bill (9 Feb. 2 Chas. I) quoting agreement (1 Feb. 2 Chas. I) to convert copyholds and customary lands into leasehold plots and to enclose part of the waste of Woodford Manor, Essex. C78/270, no. 5 [20]
1627 12 Feb 2 Thomas Claydon of Henley upon Thames, Oxon; William Claydon the elder & Isabell his wife of Moncks Risborough, Bucks; William Claydon the younger of Moncks Risborough; Thomas Syred the elder of Weadle in the parish of Moncks Risborough; John Welch of Meadle; Henry Custard of Owleswick in Moncks Risborough; William Ledgingham of Meadle; John Williams of Owleswick; Thomas Syred the younger of Meadle; William Mortymer of Meadle; William Monck of Moncks Risborough; Thomas Sellett of Meadle; Thomas Bigge of Ascott in Moncks Risborough; Thomas Duncombe of Owleswick; Richard Pratt of Meadle, blacksmith; William Syred of Ascott; Richard Clark of Moncks Risborough & Alice his wife; Jeffery Goodchilde of Kimble Weeke in Great Kimble, Bucks; John Tapping of Owleswick; John Gurney an infant son of John Gurney late of Owleswick by John Tapping his father in law, that is to say husband of Elizabeth his mother; Edmund Syred of Dunsteed in Moncks Risborough; Edward Francklin of Owleswick; Joseph Claydon son of William Cleydon the elder of Owleswick; John Clarke of Moncks Risborough; William Easton of Meadle; William Tee of Moncks Risborough; John White of Waldridge; Henry White of Waldridge; Thomas Howlett of Owleswick; Robert Wellin of Waldridge; John White of Meadle; Thomas King of Meadle; Edmund Syred of Meadle, customary tenants of Moncks Risborough v John Barbor als Grigge. Ratification of agreement re ancient customs of the manor of Risborough Monachorum, Bucks. C78/474, no. 7 [21]
1627 17 Feb 2 John Potter the younger of South Tawton, Devon & Anne his wife one of the daughters of John Battishill decd v William Piddesley; Daniel Battishill Annuity payable from messuage in Hitsligh, Devon. C78/333, no. 7 [22]
1627 17 Feb 2 Margaret Townson, widow, late wife of Robert Townson late Lord Bishop of Salisbury & before that time wife of William Townleye late of London decd v Edward Skepper of East Kirkbye, Lincs Annuity due from messuages and lands in East Kirkbye [East Kirkby], Lincs C78/457, no. 1 [23]
1627 20 Feb 2 Sir Charles Boll of Thorpe Hall, Lincs v Francis Bowles Dispute over the clothing account of Sir Charles Boll amounting to £1000 and due to Bowles a tailor of London. C78/292, no. 4 [24]
1627 27 Feb 2 Ellis Sutton of the City of Westminster & Alice his wife v Master and Community of Cordwayners, and Mayor and Citizens of London as Governors of Christs Hospital And also v William Rooper & Frances his wife Annuity to poor scholars by will of Thomas White C78/400, no. 22 [25]
1627 17 March 2 Henry Isaacson of London v John Parker executor of Lancelot, Lord Bishop of Winchester. Estate of Lancelott, Lord Bishop of Winchester. Dispute over the stewardship of Isaacson over the affairs of the Bishop. Money and accounts. C78/297, no. 10 [26]
1627 7 April 3 Robert Blake late of Overstey, Someset, clothier decd; John Smith; Richard Slocombe v Nicholas Smith; William Sellacke; John Jurden; George Blanchflower Messuage in Overstoy, Somerset used as security for debts. C78/423, no. 4 [27]
1627 11 April 3 John Marcall of the City of London v Lawrence Hyde; Henry Seward. The estate of Frances Greene of New Sarum, the manors of Brigmeston and Midleton, Wiltshire. The rectories of Midleton and Mylston. C78/305, no. 10 [28]
1627 14 April 3 Sir Arnold Harbert of the City of Westminster & Dame Susanna his wife one of the daughters of Peter Bland, citizen & skinner of London v John Bland of London, merchant and the said Peter Bland. Peter Bland the Master Skinner to King James I. Debts incurred in the Kings service. C78/265, no. 8 [29]
1627 14 April 3 Mary Fortescue, widow & administratrix of Gilbert Fortescue decd second son of Sir Francis Fortescue of Salden, Bucks v Mathew Huntley. Rents due from messuage in Wootton Underedge, Gloucs. C78/438, no. 9 [30]
1627 16 April 3 Anne Pitts, widow late before the wife of Phillip Pitts of Istley, Oxon decd v Sir Thomas Eddolph; William Stoner; William Wickham Marriage settlement of lands in Staunton St Johns, and Woodperry, Oxon. C78/287, no. 6 [31]
1627 17 April 3 Walter Rolte & Alice his wife v Henry Melsopp; Michael Fludd, clerk; John Strutt Title, under testamentary settlement, to parsonage of Littleporte, Isle of Ely, Cambs. C78/333, no. 5 [32]
1627 17 April 3 Christian Francklyn, widow, late wife of John Francklyn of Sherstone, Wilts; John Francklyn; Elizabeth Francklyn; Phillip Seaborne & Margaret his wife; Johan Francklyn; William Francklyn; Fardinando Francklyn; Thomas Francklyn; Sarah Francklyn; Henry Francklyn; Thomas Hancock & Anne his wife, sons & daughters of the said John Francklyn decd & the said Christian his wife v Richard Francklyn eldest son of the said John Francklyn; Phillip Francklyn brother of the said John Debts, portions and legacies payable by will of John Francklyn from profits of Shearstone Farm and other lands in Shearstone, Wilts. C78/438, no. 8 [33]
1627 17 April 3 Sir Thomas Roberts of Glassenberrye in the parish of Crambrooke, Kent; Sir Water Roberts son & heir apparent of the said Sir Thomas v Sir Alexander Colepepyer; William Colepepeyr; Sir Thomas Denton; Henry Crispe; Sir George Fane; Nicholas, Lord Tufton; Sir William Twisden; Sir Edward Hales; Sir Thomas Henley; Sir Humphrey Tufton; Sir Thomas Colepepyer; Sir John Fowle; Sir John Colepepyer; Sir John Hales; Cheney Colepepyer; John Porter; Walter Harleckendon; Martin Sheppard; John Austen; William White; Peter Courthopp; Alexander Fowle Dispute over lands at West Maytham, Kent. C78/501, no. 3 [34]
1627 20 April 3 Thomas Coney, citizen & mercer of London & Johan his wife, executrix of Robert Gibson her late husband decd, likewise citizen & mercer of London v Samuel Armitage; John Chambers; Edward Williamson; Hester Langley; Edmund Slater Advancement of Robert Gibson, marriage to Coney’s wife and dispute over the estate of Robert Gibson. C78/261, no. 2 [35]
1627 20 April 3 Sir William Pope, v Edmond Goodere. Dispute over property of Sir Thomas Pope — farm of Dunthropp, Oxfordshire. Dispute began circa Edward VI. Disputed methods of husbandry and whether property had been spoiled or improved. C78/342, no. 10 [36]
1627 23 April 3 Joseph Norgate of the City of Norwich, beer brewer v Richard Punder; Christopher Punder; George Gardiner; Augustine Swifte; William Thetford; Mathew Nowell Marriage settlement of mortgaged lands in Horsham St Faithes, Norfolk. C78/217, no. 1 [37]
1627 23 April 3 Hugh Pyne of Cathanger, Somerset; Arthur Pyne his son & heir; Edmond Windham of Cathanger; Alexander Towse; William Metford v George Stoford; Richard Stoford; John Sampson; William Cookney Debts of George Stofford: corn mills at Peyhenbury, Devonshire. C78/290, no. 2 [38]
1627 25 April 3 Dame Abigail Moundford; Dame Meryell Cleere, widow late the wife of Sir Henry Cleere decd; John Smith; William Carewe; Arthur Williams, creditors of Sir Henry Cleere v Sir Henry Bedingfield; Sir Thomas Herne; Thomas Knevitt; Henry Best Mortgage of lands (by trust settlement) in Buckingham Ferry, Ormsbye, Pedhams, Castons, Burgle, Stalham hall, Strotby and Hassingham, Norfolk. C78/214, no. 2 [39]
1627 25 April 3 John Moseley, citizen & clothworker of London v Robert Alsopp and Thomas Alsopp Bonds and debts C78/423, no. 2 [40]
1627 26 April 3 Owen Gwyn, master and fellows and scholars of college of St. John the Evangelist, Cambridge v Bridget Markeham and Thomas Hoard Payment of legacy to the college for new buildings by will of Roger Booth. C78/236, no. 4 [41]
1627 26 April 3 Alice Gleane, widow v Sir Peter Gleane & Lady Maude his wife; Thomas Gleane Legacy and jointure from two messuages in Walterton and Calthorpe, Norfolk. C78/339, no. 7 [42]
1627 26 April 3 The churchwardens of the town and parish of Ashberton, Devon; Samuel Tudball, clerk, schoolmaster there; Thomas Foorde; Roger Cannter, parishioners of the said parish v John Werring brother of William Werring late of Ludbrooke decd; Lawrence Blundell; John Cannter; George Cruse. Estate and will of William Werring, establishment of a grammar school at Ashburton, and provision for its maintenance. C78/345, no. 2 [43]
1627 27 April 3 Sir George Greisley of Dracklowe, Derbs v Rt. Hon. Robert, Earl of Essex; Thomas, Lord Wentworth now Earl of Cleveland; Walter Ferrers; Thomas Mutas; William Wingfield; Humphrey Coles; Henry Coles; William Glover; Anne Glover; Thomas Ryley; William Knighte; Francis Palmer Marriage settlement of lands in Coulton, Staffs. C78/271, no. 11 [44]
1627 28 April 3 John Thorold of Morton, Lincs v George Lascells, Sir Hugh Wirrall. Marriage between Nathaniel Thorold and Anne Lascells. C78/265, no. 7 [45]
1627 28 April 3 Henry Barnes of London & Simon Barnes an infant, son of the said Henry v Mary Rowlandson, widow. Legacy payable from tenements in St. Martins in the Fields, Middx, and Stockwell, Surrey. C78/358, no. 2 [46]
1627 28 April 3 Edward Games v Richard Hoe; John Games & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Steward & Roberta his wife; Sir Humphrey May; Robert Greene; Thomas Sheringham Title to manor of Northendall, Starveing Parva and Guntons, Norfolk C78/440, no. (1) [47]
1627 1 May 3 John Warner v Laurence Lownes. Financial trusts. C78/241, no. 2 [48]
1627 5 May 3 Richard Hawkyns; Richard Wilton; Lawrence Reeve; Richard Machyn; Grace Wolmer, widow; Nathaniel Duffill, creditors of the said Richard Hawkins v William Symons, clerk and Sir Paul Bayninge knight barronet. Trust settlement and mortgage of lands in Margarett Yng als Ginge Margarett, Essex. C78/231, no. 3 [49]
1627 5 May 3 Cuthbert Baildon one of the sons of Sir Francis Baildon of Kippax, Yorks decd v Sir Thomas Dawney; Sir Henry Goodrick; Sir Edward Tirwhitt; Dame Anne Baildon; Christopher Colby Lease and trust of the manors of Ireforth [Irforth or Urforth or Orford in Stainton-le-Vale par.] and Sotherey [Southrey], Lincs. C78/241, no. 3 [50]
1627 5 May 3 Benedict Holland the elder; John Stephens the elder; Richard Grace the elder; William Boughton; William Stevens the younger; William Stevens the elder; John Rutland; Thomas Monntague; Thomas Grace the younger; Thomas Holland; John Pickin; Raphe Stevens (for inhabitants of Grandborowe, Buckinghamshire) v William Abell. Bill (heretofore) alleging closure of rights of way by enclosure of defendants' lands and quoting arbiters’ award (August 1 Chas. I). C78/300, no. 2 [51]
1627 7 May 3 Henry Harrington of London v Dame Anne Molineux, widow Wardship and conveyance of lands in Walton, Brampton, Chesterfield and othef lands in Derbyshire. C78/270, no. 4 [52]
1627 9 May 3 Thomas Bartram of Metton, Norfolk & Johan his wife one of the daughters of Humphrey Wall late of Overlawton in the parish of Kingesland, Herefs v Humphrey Wall; Simon Whitbrooke. Lordship of the manor of Netherlawton, Kingsland, Herefordshire. Also woods, wastes and lands in the parish of Netherlawton, settlement on the marriage of Johan Wall and Thomas Bartram. C78/235, no. 8 [53]
1627 11 May 3 William Saunderson of London v George Pitt. Mortgage of Tavern in Kyng Street, St. Magnus Parish, London. C78/242, no. 4 [54]
1627 25 May 3 Thurstan Tilston of Faire Oake, Staffs v Bayliffs and burgesses of Newport, Salop; Sir Phillip Eyton; Michael Offley. Rights to corporation lease of close in Newport, Salop. C78/400, no. 5 [55]
1627 26 May 3 William Hawkeridg of Romeford, Essex & Elizabeth his wife v Raphe Wright Legacy payable from lands in Stapleford Abbott, Essex. Clement Lincolne decd, father of the complt Elizabeth C78/236, no. 1 [56]
1627 26 May 3 William Bury of Titchmersh, Northants v Henry Bury and William Lincoln. Orchards, gardens and tenements at Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire. C78/269, no. 5 [57]
1627 28 May 3 Gamaliel Holloway of Kislingbury, Northants, clerk v Thomas Gardner of St Andrew in Holborne, Middx. Tithes due to church of Kislingbury, Northants. C78/236, no. 3 [58]
1627 28 May 3 William Calley of Burdropp, Wilts v John Quarles of London. Debts and accounts re partnership in foreign trade. C78/440, no. 3 [59]
1627 29 May 3 Rt. Hon. Diana, Dowager Countess of Oxford, late wife of Henry, late Earl of Oxford decd; Rt. Hon. Robert, Lord Willoughby, cousin & next heir of the said Earl Henry; Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Wentworth; Sir Robert Hatton; Roger Jones; Thomas Williams; Thomas Burton; Sir William Curteyne; [blank] Reade; Thomas Bowme v Francis Trentham; Sir Thomas Trentham; Sir John Peachall; Sir John Stanhope; Thomas Eyre; John Posthumous Stanhope; Thomas Levinge. The debts and bonds for debt of the late Henry, Earl of Oxford. C78/251, no. 5 [60]
1627 29 May 3 Thomas Style of Watringbury, Kent v Anne Homersham; William Pennyman; John Lewes; John Wilkinson & Anne his wife Estate of Richard Wilkinson — property at Chatham, Kent. C78/342, no. 9 [61]
1627 29 May 3 Anthony Blagrave of Soning, Berks & Alice his wife the late wife of James Bond of Bray decd v John Worwsep, John Machill. Estate of James Bond, manor and farm of Trottisworth, land at Chertsey, Thorpe and Egham, Surrey. C78/363, no. 8 [62]
1627 29 May 3 Thomas Gray of Woolbedding, Sussex; John Pratt of Amberston, Hants, taylor; William Wase; Simon Kelsey; William Hagsflesh; William Tarleton; Christopher Bridger; William Todman; John Gosden; Johane Betsworth, widow; Richard Marner; John Atkinson v Richard Bridger; William Parker; William Stent; John Christmas; John Poleing; Richard Wilson Payment of debts of John Lockier of Midhurst, blacksmith, from sale of his lands in Midhurst, Sussex C78/440, no. (5.) [63]
1627 30 May 3 Sir Francis Nethersoll and others (not named) v William Nethersoll the elder & William Nethersoll the younger. The purchase by Alexander Nethersoll, from Guy Willmott of property of Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent. Dispute over customs and gavelkind. C78/435, no. 10 [64]
1627 31 May 3 Robert Brett one of the younger sons of William Brett late of Herne in Tuddington, Beds v Richard Brett. Testamentary settlement of lands in Herne, Tuddington, Beds. C78/270, no. 3 [65]
1627 31 May 3 Richard Butcher of Hurstperpound, Sussex v Thomas Brett & Sarah his wife; John Michell & Anne his wife Title to lands in Woodmancoate, Sussex. C78/280, no. 7 [66]
1627 2 June 3 Alexander Hawtrey of Barford, Oxon v Sir Arthur Maynwaring; Sir Richard Baker; Sir Edward Francis; Arthur Jervis; Arthur Champernowne; George Drake; John Drake; Andrew Fulfer; Benedict Whitrowe; Simon Trowle; Roger Weekes; Richard Elland; Thomas Elland and all the tenants of the manors of Littleham & Exmouth Debts owed by Maynwaring to Lady Woolley: manors of Littleham and Exmouth. C78/290, no. 1 [67]
1627 4 June 3 Richard Dyott and Robert Dyott, clerk v Martha Fitzherbert; John Fitzherbert Lease of farms in Rossington, Derbys. C78/257, no. 14 [68]
1627 4 June 3 Sir Lyonel Talmach and Thomas Cornewallis, executors of Sir Michael Stanhope decd v Sir Thomas Chamberlaine; Dame Elizabeth his wife late wife of Lord Berkly; Annable Cox; Arthur Robinson Debts and wardship of Dame Elizabeth's son. C78/423, no. 3 [69]
1627 4 June 3 Richard Cooke of Cicester, Gloucs, innholder v William Stiche; Tacy his wife & Samuel their son Lease of grounds called the Mearestalls and Coingree near Cirencester, Gloucs. C78/1208, no. 11 [70]
1627 4 June 3 Thomasin Crosse of Hackney, Middx v. John Pierse Management of financial affairs of William Crosse decd, complts late husband C78/1270, no. 2 [71]
1627 5 June 3 John Wilde of the Inner Temple, London v Robert Wilde; Dorothy Thornton, widow Estate of Thomas Wilde, thirty tenements and houses within the City of Worcester. C78/251, no. 7 [72]
1627 5 June 3 Sir Thomas Monck of Podderidge, Devon v Elizabeth Wiche, widow; Richard Wiche; Robert Charleton; William Wiche; John Harvy Mortgage of lands in Podderidge, Devon. C78/333, no. 6 [73]
1627 5 June 3 John Hellyer of Hursburne Tarrent, Hants; Edward Lewys; John Lewys; Christopher Lewys; Richard Lewys; Thomas Lewys; John Bridges & Johan his wife; Mary Lewys (the said Edward, John, Christopher, Richard, Thomas, Joane & Mary being sons & daughters of Richard Lewys of Highworth, Wilts; Richard Freemantle of Furlerton, Hants, son & heir apparent of Richard Freemantle of Wherewell, Hants; Richard Cox of Fachame, Hants son & heir apparent of Richard Coxe of Sennington, Wilts; John Coxe brother of the said Richard; Thomas Golding of Highworth, woollen draper & Mary his wife v Anthonie Hellyer the elder; Bridgett his wife; Anthony Hellyer the younger; John Hellyer; Thomas Bulpitt; John Waterman; William Hellyer Concerning church lands, tithes, houses and other property at Hurstburn Tarrant, Hampshire C78/501, no. 2 [74]
1627 6 June 3 John Wolrich of Dinmore, Herefs v Edward Fox; Giles Wolrich; Richard Blewe Debts on security of manor of Stocke, Salop. C78/236, no. 5 [75]
1627 7 June 3 Isaack Singleton, clerk v William Milborne and John Bloome Bonds, debts and financial trusts. Complts marriage to Crisogon Milborne the eldest daughter of Richard, late Bishop of Carlisle C78/242, no. 5 [76]
1627 7 June 3 George Gascoigne of Otley; Charles Atkinson of Little Cattall; John Rishworth of Riddlesden, all Yorks v Walter Stanhope & Frances his wife. Sale by Christopher Thompson of Esholt als Eshall, Yorkshire to Sir Ferdinando Fairfax and others of land C78/265, no. 6 [77]
1627 8 June 3 Thomas Moreton; Anne his wife; Robert Hall; Katherine his wife; Johane Phillips v Jasper Darknall; Francis Phillipps; Hester his wife; Jane Darknall, widow, late wife of Sebastian Darknall Legacies payable from income of houses in the Strande, St. Clement Danes, London and Coleman Hedge, Middx. John Phillipps of St Clement Danes, innholder, late father of complts Anne, Katherine & Johane C78/279, no. 13 [78]
1627 9 June 3 William Stisted & Susan his wife; Thomas Halman & Allophere his wife; William Hales; Charles Hales; Jane Hales; Mary Hales; Francis Hales v Edward Hobson & Judith his wife Estate of Elizabeth Hales, and provision for her several children. C78/251, no. 6 [79]
1627 9 June 3 Sir Baptist Hickes of Campden, Gloucs; Robert Lillie, clerk, vicar of Campden; Richard Coleman & John Higgins, bailiffs of Campden; Robert Hiron & Thomas Harris of Campden, on behalf of themselves and 300 poor inhabitants of the said parish v Thomas Bason als Butcher the elder; Thomas Bason als Butcher the younger; William Damport; John Gilby; Anthony Jarrett; Anthony Bonner Bill re payments from trust settlement of lands of manor of Lynham, Oxon, given for the erection and maintenance of a school and payments to the poor of Campden, Gloucs. C78/260, no. 7 [80]
1627 9 June 3 James Sutton, clerk v Thomas Kirke; Grace his wife; Joseph Lee, clerk; Timothy Kirke; John Moore, clerk and John Palmer. Estate of John Elkington of Shawell, Leicestershire. Also a tithe barn at Clifton, Warwickshire. C78/290, no. 3 [81]
1627 9 June 3 John Arderne of the City of London, merchant v John Great Debts re trade in drugs and tobacco. Robert Hill, citizen & grocer of London C78/423, no. 1 [82]
1627 9 June 3 Walter Hill of Olveston, Glouc, gentleman v. Ursula Manchell then widow and later wife of John Manchell late of Woodbury in the parish of Gamlinghay, Cambs, esq; and William Baber esq Lease of manor of Woodbury & Cannons Farm in Gamlinghay, Tetworth, Everton & Pott; Cambs, Beds & Hunts C78/1919, no. 4 [83]
1627 11 June 3 Thomas Ward of Baschurch, Shropshire v Edward Thornes; Richard Ward. Debts in connection with marriage settlement of unspecified lands in Salop. C78/400, no. 6 [84]
1627 11 June 3 Robert Homersley of Stoke upon Trent, Staffs v Raphe Homersley; John Homersley; William Homersley; Thomas Bagnold Recovery of deeds relating to assignation of lease of tenement in Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffs. C78/400, no. 7 [85]
1627 11 June 3 Michael Askwith of Angram Grainge, Yorks v Toby, Archbishop of York; Thomas Anteby; Richard Scott; Marmaduke Blakeston Lease of messuage and grange called Angram Grange, Yorks (former possessions of Byland Abbey). C78/428, no. 7 [86]
1627 12 June 3 Thomas Ellyott v Nicholas Ellyott, Wolstone Coward, and James Abbott. Apprenticeship of Thomas as a woollen draper, dispute over the will and estate of Thomas Ellyott. C78/293, no. 9 [87]
1627 13 June 3 James Calthorpp of Snitterley als Blackeney, Norfolk son & heir of Christopher Calthorpp late of Snitterley decd; Robert Stileman of Feildallinge, Norfolk v William Hunt; Peter Bishopp; John Crowe; John Braddocke; Robert Hill; John Howsegoe; Henry Howell; William Williams; Edmond Graye; Robert Sadler; Thomas Egmere; John Base; Robert Blogge; John Neale; Dyonis Chapman, widow; Elizabeth Goulde, widow; Joyce Flemynge, widow; Nicholas Wood; Cuthbert Gray; Thomas Wilsey; George Parker; Humphrey Sheringham; Gregory Taylor; John Suggate; John Smyth; Agnes Longstaffe, widow; Thomas Priest; Robert Lyngey; Robert Wortley; Thomas Neale the elder Estate of Christopher Calthorp: manor of Wineton, alias Wiston, alias Dukes Manor, Norfolk. Dispute over the uses of marshes, and rights of pasture. References to improving activities. C78/251, no. 4 [88]
1627 13 June 3 Thomas Hood cousin & heir of Raphe Hood late of Everton, Hunts decd; Mary the wife; Robert Hood the son; Marie the daughter of the said Thomas Hood; Raphe Hood of Temsford; John Hood & Raphe Hood his sons; Thomas Hawkes; Raphe Hawkes; Olive Luke; Joane Dennys, legatees of the said Raphe Hood v William Baber and Raphe Brownesall. Estate and will of Raphe Hood, property at Temsford, Bedfordshire and at Everton, Beds. C78/297, no. 12 [89]
1627 13 June 3 Dame Martha Button, widow v Robert Key & Mary his wife; William Bagwell Cancellation of bonds. Sir William Button the complts late husband C78/333, no. 4 [90]
1627 13 June 3 John, Earl of Clare; Henry Balthroppe; John Wakeland als Wakelyn; Thomas Gregory v Thomas Brigham; Richard Bellamy; William Rowth Lease of tithes of the rectories of Elkesley and Bothamsale [Bothamsall], Notts. C78/438, no. 8 [91]
1627 15 June 3 Walter Warde of London, merchant v Edward James; Richard Harris and Edward Kirkham of London, merchants; William Woodhowse Debts as (9) above. C78/257, no. 10 [92]
1627 19 June 3 James Hooper of the City of Westminster v Henry Crispe & Francis his wife; Sir Thomas Roberts; Walter Roberts Estate of the late John Hooper of Stockbery, Kent. The parsonage of Stockbery and other properties. C78/295, no. 7 [93]
1627 20 June 3 Sir Robert Winde administrator of Thomas Winde his late father; Richard Holman of Sutton Place, Sheere, Surrey v John Chaworth; Sir George Chaworth; Richard Whalley; John Whalley; Thomas Whalley; Edmund Drury. Execution of the will of Richard Whalley: manor of Sibthorpe and other properties in Nottinghamshire. C78/255, no. 1 [94]
1627 22 June 3 Francis Greene & Agnes Greene younger daughters of Thomas Greene the only son of Robert Greene late of Forncett, Norfolk decd v Robert London & Francis his wife. Portions payable from personal estate of Robert Greene C78/428, no. 8 [95]
1627 22 June 3 George Rodney & Lady Anne Roos his wife v Sir Arthur Lake; Sir Nicholas Fortescue and others (not named) Trust settlement of manor of Walthamstow Toney, Essex. C78/438, no. 6 [96]
1627 27 June 3 Guiccarden Ayloff; Camilla Ayloff & Jane Ayloff children of Thomas Ayloff, sometime of Aveley, Essex decd v Sir William Ayloff Debts and legacies payable by will of Thomas Ayloff from trust of profits of sale of lands in the manor of Upminster Hall, Essex. C78/438, no. 5 [97]
1627 28 June 3 William Clemson, clerk, rector of Great Waldingfield, Suffolk v Paul Powle Right of patronage, tithes, and advowson of rectory of Great Waldingfield, Suffolk C78/428, no. 6 [98]
1627 29 June 3 Jeffery Cockes of Copson, Warks, clerk, uncle & heir of George Cockes late of London decd who was son & heir of Thomas Cockes late of the City of Lichfield, Staffs decd v John Harman. The estate of Thomas Cockes, land at Ivestock, Leicestershire, also a close at Nelson and other lands. Sales of lands to Bartholomew Laxton. C78/261, no. 3 [99]
1627 (bill) Michaelmas Term 3 John Price of Strata Florida, Cardigan, esq v. Edward Price; Hester Powell; and Martha Powell Debts of Edward Price of Newtown, Montgomery, the complts father C78/1159, no. 1 [100]
1627 9 Oct 3 William, Earl of Pembroke v John Carne & Blanch his wife; Sir Edward Lewis; the elder; Sir William Morgan; Thomas Morgan; Sir Edward Lewis the younger; William Wintour; Christopher Turbervile Possession (free from encumbrances) of manor of Listalabone and lands in Llandaph, Whitchurche, Cardiff, Lanishen, Liswaen and Llanderne, Glam. C78/438, no. 5 [101]
1627 11 Oct 3 George Williams of Carmarthen, merchant v Edward Hughes; Evan David; Edward Lloyd Mortgage by surrender in trust of lands in Oistermouth, Glamorgans. C78/303, no. 4 [102]
1627 12 Oct 3 Robert Barton of South Luffenham, Rutland v Robert Audley. Property of Barton on the manor of Gransden, Huntingdonshire. C78/292, no. 5 [103]
1627 15 Oct 3 Godfrey Kinder, an infant by Godfrey Watkinson of Brampton, Derbs v Godfrey Watkinson of Pillesley, Derbs; John Watkinson; John Stevenson and Mathew Phippes. Estate of Godfrey Kinder. Properties at Brampton, Derbyshire. C78/247, no. 2 [104]
1627 19 Oct 3 Sir Charles Snell v John Langton the elder of Bristol, merchant; John Langton the younger; Christopher Stoakes Mortgage of Easton Peirce farm, Wilts and debts resulting from trading voyage to Guyana. C78/438, no. 3 [105]
1627 20 Oct 3 William Pennyman, esq; John Robotham, esq; Roger Pemberton, esq; John Coxe, esq; John Ellys, gent; Robert Woolley, gent; John Powell, gent, all of the parish of St Peters in St Albans; and Thomas Flindell; William Hall, churchwardens of the same parish for themselves and all other the parishioners of the said parish; and also Thomas Addams of Sandridge, yeoman, lessee of said churchwardens and parishioners v. Sir John Jennyngs, Knight of the Bath; and Thomas Lawson Legacy to the poor & churchwardens by Allice Hawes long decd of the income from a messuage etc called Thorpes in Sandridge, Herts C78/1279, no. 6 [106]
1627 22 Oct 3 Sir Richard Lydall of Sonning, Berks & Dame Judith his wife; Francis Slater of London, grocer; Anthony Slater of London, mercer; Phillip Brunskill; Christopher Askew, executors of James Askewe of London decd; Francis Lydall, Thomas Lydall, Henry Lydall, Richard Lydall, Charles Lydall, Andrew Lydall & William Lydall, children of the said Sir Richard Lydall & Dame Judith, infants by William Kenrick & Richard Winch their uncles v Sir Peter Vanlore lately decd; Lawrence Halstead of London, merchant. Debts taken up by Sir Richard Lydall for the Rt. Hon. Earl of Kelly. Bond for debt to Sir William Hewitt. Manor of Sonning, Berkshire. C78/349, no. 7 [107]
1627 23 Oct 3 Stephen Leisieur of Cheeswick, Middx v Sir Anthony Ashby. The case of Dabrigcourt v Ashby, Decree of 11 February 3 Charles I. C78/265, no. 5 [108]
1627 24 Oct 3 Robert Glyn and Henry Glyn v Barnabe Lewis; Richard Vyninge; William Vyning; Michael Sampson; John Jones; John Gullyford Bill (21 Nov. 1623) alleging defacement of boundaries of plots (after exchange of plots and enclosure of 16 or 17 acres of common moors of Wincaulton, Somerset, (10 and 20 years earlier), in an attempt to disinherit the complainants. Court ordered exchanges and enclosures to stand C78/438, no. 2 [109]
1627 25 Oct 3 Willyam Whicherley of London, cooper, executor of Robert Adams late of Ratcliff, Middx, mariner & citizen & pewterer of London & late master of the Trinity House decd v John Brockden. Restoration of personal estate C78/221, no. 1 [110]
1627 25 Oct 3 Sir John Underhill & Alice, Viscountess of Saint Albans his wife v Sir John Constable and William Hatcher. Sale by Henry Axtill to Sir John Constable of the property called 'Cutlers Farm' Redhom, Hertfordshire. C78/264, no. 7 [111]
1627 27 Oct 3 Thomas Brigge als Bridges of Westham, Essex v John Warner; Robert Heath; Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Ley and Hughe Warner. Estate of Hugh Ley, skinner of London. Obligation to Brigge. C78/299, no. 11 [112]
1627 29 Oct 3 William White v Thomas Molyns. Proper assurance of purchased lands in Hermitage, Dorset. C78/438, no. 2 [113]
1627 30 Oct 3 John Broughton of Cliffords Inn, London & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Thomas Blake late of the Middle Temple, administrators of the goods of Thomas Blake not administered by Francis his late wife v Edmond Blake; George Kynge; William Loader; Jonathan Lands; Helen Kefford, widow Legacy payable from profits of inn and tenements in Bishopsgate Street, London by aid of Thomas Blake. C78/241, no. 1 [114]
1627 30 Oct 3 Peter Symons of the City of London, merchant; Helkiah Hesey of the City of London, chirurgion v Michaell Palmer, John Palmer and Thomas Whiffen. Estate of Jacob Verselen, manor of Down Court, Kent. Disputed will. C78/247, no. 3 [115]
1627 30 Oct 3 William Emerton & Mabell his wife; William Warner & Elizabeth his wife; Jane Pescod, Grace Pescod & Mary Pescod daughters of Nicholas Pescod of Ockhanger, Hants v Sir John Compton and Nicholas Pescod son of the said Nicholas Pescod decd Estate of the late Nicholas Pescod: manor of Ockehanger, Hampshire. C78/261, no. 4 [116]
1627 31 Oct 3 Edward Middleton of Buerton, Cheshire v Regnold Scriven; Rowland Burton; John Hughes Lease of lands in Hinstocke, Salop. C78/400, no. 1 [117]
1627 5 Nov 3 Raph Bullocke & Frances Bullocke his daughter v John Chaworth; Thomas Alsopp Trust settlement of manors of Harthill, Wooddall, Selby, Farworth and Torworth and lands in Ouldcote, Stirropp, Maltarsey, West Retford and East Retford, Yorks and Notts. C78/256, no. 7 [118]
1627 9 Nov 3 Roger Williams, citizen & bricklayer of London & Sarah his wife v Robert Alte and Samuel Claridge Trust settlement of tenements in Finch Lane, London. C78/241, no. 5 [119]
1627 10 Nov 3 Sir Hugh Wrottesley v Sir Thomas Skrimshere; Dame Anne his wife; Raphe Sneade; John Cotes; John Stanley Administration of personal estate of William Sneade. C78/400, no. 2 [120]
1627 10 Nov 3 Robert Holland late of London, scrivener, then and for ten years a prisoner in the Kings Bench v John Fletcher and John Wardall Mortgage of tenement in Fleetestreete, London. C78/231, no. 5 [121]
1627 12 Nov 3 Sir Thomas Coventry, Attorney General on behalf of Paul Pearte & Raphe Hope v Rt. hon. William, Earl of Exeter; Richard Langdale; William Langdale; Gerrard Banck and others (not named). Illegal entry into royal manors of Northallerton, Ellingthorpe, Stapleton Breywith, Newby, Rokesby, Delton, Worsall cum Wroughton or Broughton, Beinton and Heywick, Yorks. C78/241, no. 4 [122]
1627 12 Nov 3 Elizabeth Haines one of the daughters of Benedict Haynes late of Hackney decd v Henry Haynes; John Baker and Thomas Deeringe Estate of Benedict Haines, property in Middlesex and other counties. Portion for the advancement of Elizabeth. C78/264, no. 8 [123]
1627 12 Nov 3 John Perryman of Bodmyn, Cornwall & Jane his wife executrix of Stephen Sprey, executor of Nicholas Sprey decd his father v Sir Arthur Gorges; John Sillye; Richard Lanyon Reversion of lands in Pawton Ide and Trevose, Cornwall used as security for debts. C78/287, no. 5 [124]
1627 12 Nov 3 Symon Clotworthy; Christopher Squyer; William Pyncombe; Hugh Spurle; Phillip Morse; Robert Amory, for inhabitants and poor of South Molton, Devon v Hugh Hunt, then mayor of the said town; Thomas Howell; John Badcock; Stephen Domynick; John Cooke; John Allen; Christopher Rashley; William Chappell; John Molford; Oliver Cooke; Henry Pawle; Robert Doddridg; John Pincombe; Robert Sherland. Trust of lands in South Molton, given to charitable uses. C78/333, no. 3 [125]
1627 13 Nov 3 Richard Bennett of Stowe on the Wold, Gloucs an infant by William Freeman v Magdalen Hale; Dame Mary Digby; Joseph Mayne; Gabriel Jackman. Property at Gayhurst, Buckinghamshire. Annuity granted to John Bennett from the issues of the closes. C78/299, no. 7 [126]
1627 13 Nov 3 John Strudwicke of the City of Chichester, Sussex & Katherine his wife one of the daughters & administrators of Thomas Pavyatt of Croyden, Surrey decd v Richard Higgons; Frances, Lady Burgh; Sir William Browne and John Peirce. Estate of Thomas, late Lord Burgh. Godhurst Farm, Cowden, Kent. Also other properties. C78/343, no. 4 [127]
1627 13 Nov 3 George Hancock of Stanford Episcopy v Elizabeth Maior, widow; Sarah Maior. The debts of the late John Maior of London owing to the plaintiff. Four pieces of land on the manor of Bishop Frome as security. Disputed customs and fines of the manor. C78/508, no. 14 [128]
1627 15 Nov 3 Sir Thomas Russell of Strensham, Worcs v Rt. hon Francis, Lord Russell, now Earl of Bedford Trust settlement of the manor of Holmehall, Cambs and lands in Eastham Burnell, Westham, Burnell, East Westham and Plumtree, Essex C78/231, no. 4 [129]
1627 15 Nov 3 William Brooke of Coolinge Parke, Kent v Rt. Hon. William, Earl of Salisbury; Sir William Strowde, Nicholas Cove; Thomas Martyne; George Westcombe & Rhadie his wife; John Paddan; Maximilian Comyn; Benedict Hunt; John Borne; Henry Eastchurch; Thomas Whitborne; Richard Easton; Richard Brecker; Thomas Cooke als Cornelius; Christopher Yewen; John Cove; Thomas Yewen; Edward Babbe; Stephen Howe The estate of the Rt. Hon. Henry Lord Cobham, division of his many properties in Kent, Brooke a claimant upon this estate. C78/293, no. 14 [130]
1627 17 Nov 3 Henry Bing serjeant at law v Sir Thomas Polley, George Bing. Bond for debt by Henry Bing, acting surety for Polley. C78/235, no. 7 [131]
1627 19 Nov 3 Anne Smith, widow, late wife of James Smith late of Coleshull, Warks decd; John Smith, Phillip Smith & Margaret Smith, infants, children of the said James Smith; Richard Bolton & Mary his wife another of the daughters of the said James Smith; Richard Ecles & Margaret his wife another daughter of the said James Smith; Edmond Smith of the City of Coventry, whittanner; Humphrey Mayoe of Coleshull; Richard Mayor of Coleshull; Richard Boothe of Warwick, creditors of the said James Smith decd v Henry Smith the surviving executor of the said James Smith; William Smith the heir of the said James Smith; John Tuckye Debts and portions payable from trust settlement of lands in Coleshill, Warwicks. C78/238, no. 7 [132]
1627 19 Nov 3 George Hill, cousin & heir of John Hill late of Birlingham, Norfolk decd v Thomas Bussy; William Bussy; Henry Keene; Edward Chicheley & Elizabeth his wife Bonds re payments of legacies. C78/257, no. 12 [133]
1627 20 Nov 3 John Bowle, dean of the cathedral church of Salisbury v Valentin Castillian and others (not named). Parsonage, prebend and rectory of Godalming, Surrey. Also other tithes and properties. C78/247, no. 4 [134]
1627 20 Nov 3 Sir Robert Phillipps son & heir of Sir Edward Phillipps v Elizabeth Phillips, widow. Manor of Montagu, Somerset. Disputed estate of the late Sir Edward Phillips. C78/292, no. 2 [135]
1627 20 Nov 3 Joane Whistler, widow; John Whistler her son v Richard Parsons and John Parsons his son & heir Settlement for the marriage of Richard Parsons to Katherine Parsons, deceased. Disputed properties in Sandford. C78/461, no. 4 [136]
1627 22 Nov 3 Thomas Dalwen, citizen tiler & bricklayer of London v Silas Tito, citizen & salter of London. Dispute over the property of Tito at Saffron Hill in the parish of Saint Andrews, Holborn, Middlesex. Shared lease and unlicensed building of houses. C78/255, no. 2 [137]
1627 24 Nov 3 Thomas Bickley of Chidham, Sussex v Peter Locke & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Langrish, widow; Robert Langrish; Richard Langrish; Nicholas Jenman Mortgage of lands called Stampshawe in the Isle of Portsey, Hants. C78/438, no. 1 [138]
1627 24 Nov 3 William Clifton of New Wynfore, Berks v William Hawkins, Richard Miller Estate of John Clifton, deceased, Property in the parish of Saint Alfeige, Canterbury, near Long Wall. C78/461, no. 10 [139]
1627 28 Nov 3 Robert Greenhill & Mary his wife v Richard Warren; William Tilley & Anne his wife Mortgage of lands in Hernyngford Abbott, Hunts. C78/280, no. 6 [140]
1627 28 Nov 3 Jane Hanmer, widow, late wife of John Hanmer late of Penley, Flint decd & one of the daughters & coheirs of John Becka late of Rynton, Denbigh decd v John Jefferyes; Dame Margaret Ireland, widow; John Edwards; David ap John als Glover Rents due from lands in Rinton, Denbighshire and copyhold lands in Bromfield and Yale, Denbighshire. C78/289, no. 8 [141]
1627 28 Nov 3 Jeromias Stevens, clerk v Haniball Potter. Portions payable from trust settlement of the advowson of Wotton, Northants. C78/301, no. 2 [142]
1627 8 Dec 3 Sir William Arundell second son of Thomas, Lord Arundell of Wardor; Rt. Hon. Mary lady Saint John, wife of the said William Arundell v Rt. Hon. Viscount Anthony Mountague and William, Lord Petre. Manors of Stedham, Rustington, Worthing, Verdley, and others in Sussex. Conveyance to Sir Robert Dormer and others in settlement of debts. C78/235, no. 6 [143]
1627 8 Dec 3 Edward Althorne,clerk & Anne his wife daughter & sole heir of John Peare v Thomas Lite; Dame Constance Sidney his wife; Mathew Huntley; Robert Bateman; Thomas Smythwicke Estate of Nicholas Dymerye, sale to John Pearce of the manor of Westonburtt, Gloucestershire. Also the church and manor of Doughton C78/508, no. 13 [144]
1627 20 Dec 3 John Good of Mauldon, Surrey & Sebastian Good his son & heir apparent v Warden and scholars of Merton College; Nathaniel Brent, warden; Peter Turner; William Symonson; Francis Grevile; Alexander Fisher; George Petty; Griffin Higgs; William Seller, fellows & scholars Lease of manor of Maldon and lands in Chesingdon, Surrey. C78/474, no. 6 [145]