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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1626 1 C78/, no. []
Undated Decree Richard Holworth v Robert Haviland, William Pitt and others (named). Estate of Mathew Haviland, lease of Grange Farm, Kingswood, Wiltshire. Debts owed to the Pitts. C78/297, no. 13 [2]
1626 24 Jan. 1 George Rodney and another (named) v Arthur, Bishop of Bath and Wells and others (named). Trust settlement of manors of Walthamstow, or Walthamstow, Tone, Highall and Lowhall, Essex. C78/457, no. 9 [3]
1626 26 Jan. 1 John Jones, Arbella his wife v Sir Henry Salisburye. Estate of Sir John Salisburye, manor and house of Ffewennye, Denbigh, and other properties. C78/251, no. 14 [4]
1626 26 Jan 1 William, Earl of Exeter v Henry, Lord Morley. The will and estate of the late Earl of Exeter: Lovell Hall and property at Pinchbeck, Spalding and Deeping, Lincolnshire. C78/265, no. 1 [5]
1626 29 Jan. 1 William Ardington v Richard Hatch and others (some named). Title to lands in Chersey, Surrey. C78/271, no. 4 [6]
1626 30 Jan 1 Anne Browne and others (named) v Sir John Browne and another (named). Sale of estate of Valentyne Browne, of the manor of Croft, and lands in Thorpe [Thorpe Tilney], Wayneslett [Wainfleet], Friskney, Burrough [Burgh-le-Marsh], Ingomells [Ingoldmells], Skegness and Causby [?Calceby], Lincs. C78/457, no. 6 [7]
1626 31 Jan. 1 John Cope v Sir William Cope Testamentary settlement of lands in Cotlesford and Heath, Oxon. C78/453, no. 6 [8]
1626 1 Feb. 1 Phinnees Glover, William Glover and others v Mary Glover and John Saunderson. Dispute over the manor of Molton, Northamptonshire. C78/253, no. 1 [9]
1626 7 Feb 1 Dame Grisell Woodhouse and others (named) v Sir Thomas Woodhouse. Annuities payable from manor of Hingham, Norf. C78/217, no. 8 [10]
1626 9 Feb. 1 Sir George Young v Philipone Crowshawe, Sir William Pawlett, Maximilian Wade, Ralph Dumforde and others (named). Dispute over the settlement on the marriage of Sir George to Katherine Crowshawe: manor of Tynhyde Romsey, Wiltshire. C78/247, no. 1 [11]
1626 9 Feb. 1 George Cope v Sir William Cope, Sir William Pope, Phillipp Holman. Performance of the will of John Cope, deceased. Payment of outstanding debts to sundry creditors. C78/251, no. 13 [12]
1626 11 Feb. 1 Richard Hunte v Thomas Coxe and Sir James Stonehouse. Concerning the rectory and parsonage of Bishops Itchington, Warwickshire. C78/290, no. 9 [13]
1626 11 Feb. 1 William Player v Edward Trotman. Bonds re debts of Arthur Player on security of manor, lands, coalmines, stone quarries in Mangersfield or Mangottisfield, Gloucs C78/408, no. 6 [14]
1626 11 Feb. 1 William, Earl of Pembroke v Nicholas Trippet. Possession of tenement in Hansworth, Yorks. C78/457, no. 7 [15]
1626 13 Feb. 1 Ursulla Kempe v Sir Robert Brooke. Estate of John Kempe, and performance of his will by William Abbott of London, grocer. C78/253, no. 3 [16]
1626 13 Feb. 1 John and Anne Wright v Thomas Noone and another (named). Legacy payable from lands in Martlesham, Suffolk, by will of William Noone. C78/221, no. 7 [17]
1626 13 Feb. 1 Randall Manning, Roger Pavyer, Cornelius Godfrey and others. The debts of Edward Jorden, merchant of London. C78/268, no. 3 [18]
1626 13 Feb 1 Thomas Talbott of Grays Inn, Middx, gentleman v. Sir John Townesend knight; John Mansell; Richard Mansell; Thomas Baker; Thomas Ravenscroft; Thomas Coney; William Smethe; Richard Smethe; and Richard Sprott C78/1919, no. 6 [19]
1626 14 Feb. 1 John Warren v William Mayer and others (named). Title to lands in Awkenbury Weston (no county given). C78/270, no. 9 [20]
1626 16 Feb. 1 Sir Robert Covenie, Roger Wisman, John Higham and others (named) v Lady Elizabeth Hatton, the Earl of Danby, Sir Francis Ashley Articles of agreement for the enclosure of the commons of the manors of Whittlesey, Saint Marie, and Whittlesey Saint Andrew, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire; and for the division and enclosure of extensive areas of fenland. Definition of the extent of each manor and also the fixing and settling of the customary fines and terms of copyhold tenure. C78/294, no. 3 [21]
1626 16 Feb. 1 Robert and William Eyre v Hester Eyre or Wortley. Legacies and charitable bequests to the poor of Salisbury, Wilts by will of Christofer Eyre. C78/457, no. 3 [22]
1626 17 Feb. 1 Jonathan Prideaux v Zenobia Prideaux Estate of Richard Prideaux, deceased. Manor of Tresowes, Cornwall. Disputed legacies. C78/290, no. 11 [23]
1626 21 Feb. 1 George Goddard, Edward Gilmore and others v John Barton. Manor and farm of Midgham, Berkshire. Marriage portion of Benedict Goddard. C78/364, no. 2 [24]
1626 21 Feb 1 Richard and Katherine Davy by Francis Parry v Sir Richard Mompesson and others (named) Settlement of parsonage of Bishopston, Sarum, Wilts and management of personal estate by will of Dame Katherine Davy or Mompesson. C78/457, no. 4 [25]
1626 21 Mar 1 William Tirwhitt v Sir Baptist Hicks and another (named). Possession of the manors of Immingham (or Himmingham) Wrawby, Bigby, Glamford Brigge [Brigg], Kettleby Thorpe and Cadney, Lincs. C78/231, no. 2 [26]
1626 2 Dean and Chapter of Christs Church, Oxford v Sir John Hungerford and Sir Anthony Hungerford. Dispute over the church and parsonage of Downe Ampney, Gloucestershire. Exchanges of land. C78/251, no. 9 [27]
Date obscured. 2 John Martyn v The Mayor and Burgesses of Marborough. Dispute over the lands of Marborough School, and the rents and issues thereof. C78/364, no. 1 [28]
1626 31 March 2 John and Sarah Trevillian and others (named) v Richard Williamson. Mortgage and leases of tenement and wharfe in parish of St Katherine near the Tower, London. C78/217, no. 6 [29]
1626 26 April 2 Stephen Wats v John Sellam and others (named). Forfeiture of copyhold lands in Eversley, Hants. C78/340, no. 10 [30]
1626 27 April. 2 Sir Anthony Awcher and others (named) v Robert Cocke and others (named). Debts in connection with agreement to sell moiety of manor of Dovers, or Newhall in Homechurch, Essex. C78/214, no. 7 [31]
1626 27 Apr 2 Henry Lambe v Sir Thomas Finch Debts. C78/239, no. 9 [32]
1626 28 Apr 2 Rowland and Elizabeth Merricke v Robert King or Blundevile Interests in marriage settlement of the manor of Newton Flottman, Norfolk C78/453, no. 5 [33]
1626 30 Apr. 2 William, Viscount Mansfield v Norris Cave and another (named). Rents from unspecified lands C78/447, no. 8 [34]
1626 1 May 2 Christopher Coulson v Elizabeth Morice, Humphrey Morice and Roger Calcott. Complainants interest in a dyehouse, waterhouse and dyeing implements in Hartsborne Alley, Little Allhallows, London. Disputed terms of a lease. C78/295, no. 9 [35]
1626 2 May 2 Thomas and Elizabeth Cornwallis and others (named) v Sir Thomas and Susan Penruddocke. Interests in marriage settlement and trusts of the manor of Sutton and rectory of Bramborough, Cheshire. C78/217, no. 5 [36]
1626 2 May 2 Anthony Feilding v Henry Lummasse and others (named). Debts on security of lands in Sutton Bonyngton, Notts. C78/221, no. 6 [37]
1626 2 May 2 Jane Heath v Dorothy Bennett and another (named). Lease of house in Cheapside, St. Pancras, London. C78/271, no. 5 [38]
1626 2 May 2 Henry Perryn v Henry Peckham and others (named) Trust surrender of copyhold lands in Bishops Waltham, Durley and Shidfeild, Hants. C78/470, no. 11 [39]
1626 6 May 2 William Boreham v James Count and others (named). Legacies payable from rents of lands in Stansfield, Suffolk by will of William Count. C78/214, no. 4 [40]
1626 6 May 2 John Craske and another (named) v Thomas and Margaret Cooper. Annuity from lands in Runton, Norfolk, given to charitable uses in towns of Runton and Holme, Norfolk. C78/334, no. 9 [41]
1626 7 May 2 John Oland or Taylor v Gawin Mallett and others (named). Bill 18 Oct. 1622. (Roll incomplete). Bonds re portions payable from lands in Badealton and maintenance of a lunatic C78/1207, no. 1 [42]
1626 9 May 2 Sir Richard Conquest and others (named) v Sir Edmond Bowyer. Payments due from lands in Wendesworth, Surrey. C78/270, no. 8 [43]
1626 9 May 2 Richard Graham v Sir Thomas Musgrave and others (named). Purchase of manor of Norton Conyers and Norton Parke, Yorks. C78/289, no. 3 [44]
1626 9 May 2 Richard Graham v Sir Thomas Musgrave, Sir John Savile, Sir Robert Mounson, Sir George Dalston, Richard Musgrave and others (named). Dispute over the manor of Norton Conyers, Yorkshire, the pretended property of Sir Thomas Musgrave. Also Norton Park, and the sale of lands and tenements. C78/305, no. 16 [45]
1626 10 May 2 Daniel Holford v Richard Gipps and others (named) Annuities and legacies from will of Valentine Pell, from tenements in Marshland, Norfolk and lands in Lynne, Norfolk and West Thorock, Essex. C78/423, no. 9 [46]
1626 11 May 2 John Turpyn, Frances his daughter v Richard Channon and John Marwood. Estate of Richard Calmadie, late of Farwood, Devonshire. C78/290, no. 8 [47]
1626 11 May 2 Thomas Smyth and others v John Clench. Will and estate of Daniel Godfrey. C78/343, no. 7 [48]
1626 12 May 2 Roger Brett, Ralph Bagge v Sir Henry Bedingfield, Nicholas Bedingfield, William Thurleby, Gerrard Wright and Henry Clerke. Debts owed to Henry Clerke. C78/349, no. 9 [49]
1626 16 May 2 Marie Dequester v Mathew Dequester and others (named). Bonds re payment of marriage and jointure portions from manor of Walley hall and other lands in Essex. C78/258, no. 2 [50]
1626 16 May 2 John and Elizabeth Ashe v Barnabye Leiphe and others (named). Trust settlement of Roundhill farm, Somerset. C78/217, no. 10 [51]
1626 19 May 2 Sir Raphe Maddyson v Sir Raphe Bosvile, Thomas Mabb and Edmond Thorold Estate of Edward Maddyson, property at South Somecotes and other places [inc. Calcethorpe, Cadeby, Grimblethorpe, Gayton, Fonaby, North Somercotes, Skidbrook and Saltfleetby] in Lincolnshire. C78/248, no. 15 [52]
1626 19 May 2 John Duke v William Howes and others (named). Bonds re purchase of manor of Catfield, Norfolk. C78/259, no. 6 [53]
1626 20 May 2 Rt. Hon. Emanuel, Lord Scrope, Lord President of the North Parts v Edward Lasenbye The estate of the late Henry, Lord Scrope: Lordships of Netherhall, Nether Whitwell, Yorkshire. Dispute over an exchange of land C78/502, no. 3 [54]
1626 22 May 2 Sir John and Dame Mary Kidermister v Thomas Garrard Lease of lands in Southfleet, Kent and possession of lands in Dorney, Boveney and Burnham, Bucks. C78/333, no. 13 [55]
1626 23 May 2 John Harman v Joane Cox, Symon Budall or Buddull. Estate of Thomas Cox, deceased. Sale of Pickering Grange, Leicestershire. C78/251, no. 15 [56]
1626 24 May 2 George Morgan v Anthony Stubbs. Dispute over the transactions between the parties in their trade as Merchant Adventurers to Middelburg C78/502, no. 2 [57]
1626 _ June 2 Thomas Fanshawe and others (named) v Peter Leonart and others (named) Settlement of personal estate of Mathias Otten. C78/214, no. 9 [58]
1626 ( ) June 2 John Porter v Sir John Sames and others (named). Debts payable from profits of manors of Little Tottam and Bluntshall, Essex. C78/303, no. 7 [59]
1626 10 June 2 Nicholas Venables v William Crowch Estate of Giles Duncombe, bequest to Richard Brooke. C78/290, no. 4 [60]
1626 12 June 2 Sir Henry Mildmay and another (named) v Susan Halliday. Marriage portion used to buy manor of Wansted and Stonehall, Essex. C78/289, no. 9 [61]
1626 15 June 2 Thomas Browne v Thomas Beeche. Purchase of a farm at Overteyne, Staffordshire, from Rowland Lacan. Debt to Browne. C78/251, no. 12 [62]
1626 17 June 2 William Hall and others v Thomas Goare, Joane Hall and others. The debts of William Hall the Younger. C78/290, no. 10 [63]
1626 17 June 2 Richard Harris v Francis Adams and others (named). Mortgage by surrender of customary lands in Longdon, Salop. C78/334, no. 8 [64]
1626 20 June 2 Sir John and Dame Mary Kidermister v Thomas Garrard and another (named). Possession of manors of Dorney, Boveney and Burnham, Bucks. C78/333, no. 12 [65]
1626 20 June 2 Henry Deereham and others (named) v Sir Thomas Deereham and others (named). Pasture rights on Deereham Green in West Deereham, Norfolk. C78/334, no. 7 [66]
1626 20 June 2 Dorothy Clarke v Sir Thomas Vachell. Interests in trust settlement of the manor of Ashton Thaynes, Somerset and houses in Bristol. C78/1208, no. 12 [67]
1626 21 June 2 Nicholas, George, Henry and Grace Benson v Katherine and Jane Benson and others (named). Dower, debts and maintenance due from profits of sale of copyhold tenements in Sydenham and Thame, Oxon. C78/217, no. 4 [68]
1626 21 June 2 Thomas Petre v Sir Rowland Vaghan and Sir Paul Denning Property at Himworth, Callcott and Ashwell, Hertfordshire. The estate of the late Andrew Gray and Sir Stephen Soane. Also the manor of Slacksteed, Faierleigh, Hampshire. C78/294, no. 4 [69]
1626 22 June 2 Henry Atkyns v Sir John Temple and others (named) Ploughing of pasture lands, contrary to terms of lease of lands in Newport Pagnell, Bucks C78/423, no. 8 [70]
1626 22 June 2 Thomas Moore v Sir William and Elizabeth Guise. Possession of lands of priory of Taunton, Somerset, under testamentary settlement by will of Sir Jasper Moore C78/457, no. 2 [71]
1626 22 June 2 Walter Buckle; Henry Richman & Anne his wife; Elizabeth Buckle; and Anne Buckle v. Peter Rich clerk; Elias Woodroffe clerk; and Francis Buckle gentleman C79/99, no. [72]
1626 22 June 2 Ebbott Huishe of Norton FitzWarren, Som, widow, late the wife of ___ Huishe, esq and before the wife of James Clarke the elder of Norton FitzWarren, esq and administratrix de bonis non of James Clarke, esq, eldest son and executor of James Clarke v. John Maye, esq C78/1159, no. 6 [73]
1626 23 June 2 Ellis Worth, John Comber, Johan Lang v James Baskervile, William Browne and others (named). Dispute over money, between Susan Baskervile and Thomas Greene, her late husband, a player to the late Queen Elizabeth. C78/297, no. 11 [74]
1626 25 June 2 Sir Thomas Culpeper, William Steed, Thomas Steed v Mathew Cradock. Execution of the will of the late William Culpeper, merchant. Partnership of Cradock and Culpeper in the cloth export trade. C78/366, no. 10 [75]
1626 26 June 2 Sir Sigismond Zinzan and others (named) v Sir John Bodley. Legacies raised on lands in Cudham Greenewiche, Kent and houses in St. Peter's Hill, London. C78/270, no. 7 [76]
1626 26 June 2 John Porter, Thomas Porter v George Armond, Jereme Greene, John Browne, Robert Teele and others (named). Pasture called Scottes, being at Gold Anger [Goldhanger], Essex. Sale of the property C78/305, no. 16 [77]
1626 27 June 2 Edward Seymer v Thomas Childe. Lease of land called Woodlocke Downes, Hants C78/214, no. 11 [78]
1626 28 June 2 Thomas Tyler v John and Mary Coates. Increases in customary fines for surrender of copyholds in manor of Burton, Heref. C78/221, no. 5 [79]
1626 28 June 2 William Steade, Thomas Howgill, John Holdsworth, Robert Smith, Michael Bentley and others v William Smith, Thomas Foster and others (named). The debts of William Smith C78/265, no. 10 [80]
1626 30 June 2 Sir Thomas Blackiston v Henry Robinson, Marmaduke Blackiston, Hugh Evans and others (named) Agreement between landlord and tenants for the enclosure of the above manors: also settlement of fines and customs of the manors and terms of copyhold tenure. The manors of Buckton, Fullthorpe, Blackiston and Thorpthulis in Yorkshire and Durham. C78/502, no. 5 [81]
1626 7 July 2 Francis Tunstall and son Marmaduke v Dame Elizabeth Kitson and another (named). Marriage settlement of lands in Brackenburghe and Walborne, Yorks. C78/280, no. 9 [82]
1626 13 July 2 Sir Edward Fisher v John Medger and others (named). Portions payable from mortgage in trust of manor of Odston, Berks. C78/214, no. 5 [83]
1626 7 August 2 Peter Danyell v Thomas Wilcockes. Testamentary bequest of £4,000. C78/289, no. 10 [84]
1626 10 Oct. 2 Francis Harvey v Sir Francis and Mary Fane. Lease of manor of Apethorpe, Northants and other lands in Hunts. and Cambs. C78/280, no. 8 [85]
1626 10 Oct. 2 Richard Dagg v William Inch. Reconveyance of mortgaged rectory of Lannowe or Kewe, Cornwall. C78/447, no.7 [86]
1626 11 Oct. 2 Roger Wilton v William and Richard Chafyn. Trust of lease of messuage and lands in Meere, Wilts C78/470, no. 10 [87]
1626 11 Oct 2 Robert Carpenter of Taunton, Som, gent & Katherine his wife, one of the daughters of Barnstable, Devon v. George Beare; John Downe, clerk; Richard Beaple; Thomas Challacombe; and Gilbert Page C78/1159, no. 5 [88]
1626 14 Oct. 2 William Trigg and another (named) v John Pate. Bill (Mich, term 1622) seeking compensation for loss of tithes following enclosure (no date given) and depopulation of Sistonbury, Leicestershire. C78/270, no. 2 [89]
1626 14 Oct. 2 Simon Baskervile v Nathaniel Garwaye and others (named). Legacies payable from personal estate of Richard Baskervile. C78/339, no. 12 [90]
1626 18 Oct. 2 Bryan Henshawe v Bailiffs and burgesses of Morpeth, Northumberland and others (named). Payment of profits of 3 chantries in Morpeth and Nether Wetton to the use of the Grammar School in Morpeth, Northumberland. C78/239, no. 1 [91]
1626 18 Oct. 2 Bryan Henshawe v The Bailiff and Burgesses of Morpeth, Thomas Pye, Gilbert Wright, and others (named). Concerning the Grammar School of Morpeth. Property in Morpeth intended for the support of the school, and its administration according to Royal Patent. C78/294, no.7 [92]
1626 19 Oct. 2 Thomas Marriott v Martin Hardnett. Mortgage of lands in Hellydon, Northants C78/258, no. 3 [93]
1626 20 Oct. 2 William Abbott and others (named) v Ambrose Abbott and others (named). Legacies and mortgage payments payable from manor of Stanfield hall, Suffolk. C78/214, no. 8 [94]
1626 21 Oct. 2 Alexander Wootton v Sir Richard Ethrington, Raph Sawden and John Noble. The estate of Alexander Wootton, disputed portion in the care of Sir Richard Ethrington. C78/349, no. 8 [95]
1626 21 Oct 2 Margaret and Mathew Chubb v Thomas Stoodleigh. Lease of parsonage and glebe lands of Portland, Dorset C78/432, no. 11 [96]
1626 24 Oct. 2 Michael Rutter, Lewis Hobday, Thomas Jackson and William Jackson v Rowland Bartlett and William Bartlett. Estate of William Catesby of Stratford Upon Avon: a property called 'Willicote' in the Parish of Quineton. Disputed title. C78/363, no. 11 [97]
1626 24 Oct. 2 John Gower v Edward and Mary Woller Bonds re performance of agreement re purchase of manor of Stainesby, Yorks. C78/518, no. 10 []
1626 28 Oct. 2 Joan Whaplett v Bryan Tickle and others (named). Legacy payable from lease of houses in Panyer Alley, London, by will of Robert Tickle. C78/214, no. 6 [98]
1626 28 Oct. 1 John Woodhouse v Sir John Ferrers Estate of Sir Humphrey Bradborne of Lea, Derbyshire C78/421, no. 2 [99]
1626 30 Oct. 2 William Bryant y Sir Richard Hill, Dame Elizabeth his wife, William Clasey and Thomas Elsworthye. Manors of Wells and Tymberscombe: dispute over a lease and customs of copyhold tenure. C78/290, no. 7 [100]
1626 30 Oct. 2 Richard Billing and others (named) v Sir Richard Smith. Sale and mortgage of priory of Launceston, Cornwall. C78/241, no. 12 [101]
1626 30 Oct. 2 Barnard Achin, Thomas Achin, Sir Francis Fulford v Sir Barnard Grevile, John Trelawney and Francis Buller. Manor of Trelawney, dispute going back to the reign of Henry VII. Customs of the manor, terms of copyhold tenure. C78/363, no. 10 [102]
1626 4 Nov. 2 Sir Richard Fleetwood v John Edwards, Stephen Potts. Debts of John Edwards the Elder. C78/251, no. 10 [103]
1626 4 Nov 2 John Saunders and Barnard Gould v John Jeanes, Henry Gawler, Robert Geale, Robert Wills. Property of William, Lord Morley and Mounteagle: Manor of Martocke, Somerset. Also two water grist mills. Dispute over the obligation of tenants to grind corn at the mill, rented by John Saunders. C78/346, no. 8 [104]
1626 4 Nov 2 William Smith v Rowland Bartlett Title to manor and rectory of Stoke Prior, Worcs. C78/333, no. 11 [105]
1626 4 Nov. 2 William, Earl of Derby v Rt Hon Theophilus, Earl of Lincoln. Bonds re purchase of arras hangings. C78/423, no. 5 [106]
1626 6 Nov. 2 Sir Raphe Bosvile, Sir Leonard Bosvile v Sir John Heyward, Thomas Mabb Dispute over the Office of Under Sheriff of Kent, deputy to Gabriel Levesey, the High Sheriff. Grant of the Office to Mabb for very great bonds C78/502, no. 4 [107]
1626 7 Nov 2 Anthony Curwyn v Margaret Lady Strickland, John Lorrimer and others (named). Obligation of Sir Thomas Strickland to Sir Roger Aston. Other bonds for debt. C78/294, no. 6 [108]
1626 7 Nov 1 Thomas Baker of Tupsley, Herefs, yeoman & Fraunces his wife, late wife of Walter Kittermister of Tupley v. Thomas Jones, esq; Richard Hoskins; Anne his wife; Owen Davyes; Walter Foote; Thomas Kittermister; and Anne Whooper, widow C78/1156, no. 10 [109]
1626 9 Nov 2 Sir John White and others (named) v Sir Richard Cecill and others (named). Trust settlement of manor of Tuxford, Notts and lands in Preston, Barmonsey, Stone and Kinwadstone, Somerset. C78/221, no. 4 [110]
1626 10 Nov 2 Bryan Cooke v Francis Hemsworth. Bond for £500, details of bonds and obligations between several parties. C78/265, no. 9 [111]
1626 11 Nov. 2 Dorothy Holworthy, Edward Walker v Thomas Chade, Philipp Atherton, Thomas Percye. Dispute over properties in Bridgewater, Somerset. C78/290, no. 5 [112]
1626 11 Nov. 2 Samuel and Solomon Ward v Robert Townsend and others (named). Possession of lands in Potterheigham and West Somerton, Norfolk. C78/334, no. 6 [113]
1626 13 Nov 2 Sibill Watkin or Parry v John Phillipp and others (named) Possession of messuage and lands in Talgarth, Brecknocks C78/473, no. 15 [114]
1626 15 Nov. 2 Pascady Barrowe v Richard Barrowe Dispute over the estate of Thomas Barrowe, deceased. Barrowe a clerk to the Court of Chancery. Marriage settlement between Thomas and the complainant. Property at

Sturton, Skipton, Yorkshire

C78/507, no. 12 [115]
1626 16 Nov. 2 Isabell Harvey v Humfrey Bagnold, Edward Harding and William Baker Estate of Sir Walter Aston, Newbolte Farm, Staffordshire. Dispute over a lease. C78/248, no. 14 [116]
1626 16 Nov. 2 Symeon Sewell, John Fyncham, John Sedgwicke, John Chambers v Edward Fyncham Lands at Owtwell, Isle of Ely. Dispute over the common rights of the village. C78/251, no. 11 [117]
1626 17 Nov 2 Richard Halford v Thomas Islipp. Bill (Hilary 22 Jas. I) claiming title to 6 acres of land in Edithweston, Rutland, enclosed "without challenge" 40 years earlier. C78/428, no. 10 [118]
1626 18 Nov. 2 Richard Wardley, John Ley v Thomas Ley. Estate of Thomas Ley: properties in the township and manor of Detton, Shropshire. Settlement upon the marriage of Mary Wardley and John Ley. C78/251, no. 8 [119]
1626 18 Nov 2 William, Earl of Pembrooke v Sir Percy Harbert and others (named) Title to lands (subjected to trust) in Powys Montgomeryshire, Barton and Shaston, Dorset Wilne, Wilts, and Stoke Trister, Cuclington and Bayford, Somerset. C78/440, no. 5 [120]
1626 20 Nov. 2 Gregory Willsheere v Michael Loggins, Richard Harlierte, Charles Harbert and others (named). Proposed sale of property at Tainbridge, Gloucestershire by Loggins to Willsheere. C78/294, no. 5 [121]
1626 21 Nov 2 ___ administrator v. Christopher Scroope and Roger Bayne gentleman C78/1919, no. 24 [122]
1626 21 Nov. 2 John Thurlby v Sir Daniel and Dame Elizabeth Deligne and another (named). Possession of copyhold lands held as parsonage-house of Waybread, Suffolk. C78/259, no. 4 [123]
1626 23 Nov. 2 John Wentworth v Rt. Hon. Robert, Earl of Essex and others (named). Return of money deposited at interest. C78/271, no. 6 [124]
1626 23 Nov 2 John Jenyns v Stephen Skipwith and another (named). Possession of lands in the manor of and rectory of Sandridge, Herts. C78/470, no. 8 [125]
1626 24 Nov 2 George and Elizabeth Stebbing v Robert Hardy. Jointure right to use of rooms in manor house of Debenham Butlye, Essex C78/428, no. 12 [126]
1626 25 Nov. 2 Leonard Mawe, master of Trinity College, Cambridge for fellows and scholars v Thomas Lepton. Tithes due to rectory of Over Silton from manor of Kepwick, Yorks. C78/236, no. 2 [127]
1626 25 Nov 2 Marie and Christofer Allanson v Paul Dewes, and another (named). As (5) and (6) above under 28 Oct. C78/257, no. 8 [128]
1626 25 Nov. 2 Mary and Christofer Allanson v Pawle Dewes and another (named). Debts on security of lease of a tenement in Fleet Streete or Blackhorse Alley, London. C78/340, no. 7 [129]
1626 27 Nov 2 Richard Waterhouse v Sir Arthur Ingram arid another (named). Annuities payable from manor of Hallifax and lands in Sowthrom and Heptonstall, Yorks. C78/221, no. 3 [130]
1626 27 Nov 2 Davis Thelwall v William Towerson, John Champion. Estate of Richard Champion of London, draper. Manor of Hassingbrooke, Essex. Property of Dame Elizabeth Champion at Stamford le Hope and several other places. C78/305, no. 11 [131]
1626 28 Nov 2 Richard Carveigh v Thomas Russell and others (named). Possession of mortgaged houses in Truro, Cornwall. C78/333, no. 9 [132]
1626 28 Nov. 2 Robert and William Eyre v Hester Eyre. Division of estate of Christopher Eyre and payment of charitable bequests of his will to poor of Bridewell, London and provision of sermons. C78/440, no. 6 [133]
1626 29 Nov 2 Davis Vaughan v Margaret Lloyd, Francis Maunsell and Richard James. Estate of David Vaughan of Trymfaran, Carnarvon. Property in the parishes of Pembre, Llannelly, and other places. C78/290, no. 6 [134]
1626 28 Nov 2 John Curwen v Dame Margaret Curwen, William Cholmeley, Eldred Curwen, and others (named). Concerning the will and estate of the late Sir Henry Curwen: the manor and lordship of Workington C78/501, no. 4 [135]
1626 1 Dec. 2 Richard Elmy v William Davy, John Holland. Elmy employed as a factor for Davy in the buying of cheese and butter. Davy a London cheesemonger. Financial arrangements for the purchase of cheese. C78/343, no. 5 [136]
1626 1 Dec. 2 William Damport, Anthony Jarrett, John Prior v William Shelden and others (named). Loan to the townspeople of Campden, Gloucestershire, for the securing of a charter of incorporation. C78/363, no. 9 [137]
1626 1 Dec 2 Sir Paul Bayning and others (named) v Thomas, Earl of Cleveland and others (named) Debts, bonds and legacies payable from trust settlement of the manors of Keelcoats [Keale Coates] and Westerkeele [West Keale], Lincs and lands in Ipswich, Whilton and Akenham, Suffolk C78/428, no. 11 [138]
1626 8 Dec 2 Edward Bassett and others (named) v Sir Francis Foliamb and another (named) Annuity payable from trust settlement of tenements and lands formerly belonging to the gild of the blessed Mary and the Holy Cross in Chesterfield, Derbys. C78/423, no. 6 [139]
1626 15 Dec 2 Alice Kynge v Richard Burrell. Leases of tenements in Ram Alley, near Fleet Street, London. C78/241, no. 6 [140]
1626 22 Dec. 2 John Wriothesley v Sir Henrie Spiller and another (named). Admission fines to copyhold lands in manor of Sheperton, Middx. C78/217, no. 2 [141]