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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1625 22 C78/ , no. []
1625 1 C78/, no. []
1625 27 Jan 22 Sir Edmond Wheeler v Bridgett Leake and others (named). Lease of brewhouse, wharves and tenements in parish of St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey. C78/241, no. 7 [2]
1625 27 Jan. 22 Thomas Windsor v Abraham Savery and another (named). Bonds payable by will of Andrew Windsor from unspecified manors in Bucks, Berks and Hants. C78/618, no. 8 [3]
1625 31 Jan 22 William Knolles v Thomas Moore and Richard Sheldon. Debt of Sheldon to Jeffrey Moore for a hundred pounds. C78/347, no. 4 [4]
1625 31 Jan 22 Francis Doughty v Edward Vaughan and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Llangathen, Llangwade, Llany Larden, Kylsaen, Llantharoge, Llanarthney, Llannyhangell, Abberbethedge, Aberquillye, Carmarthen, Drusloyne and Athelgayre, Carmarthenshire C78/408, no. 7 [5]
1625 1 Feb. 22 Rt. Hon. Edward, Earl of Dorset and others (named) v Pierce Powell and others (named). Trust settlement of manor of Holborne, Middx. C78/273, no. 6 [6]
1625 1 Feb. 22 Phillip and Alice Landen and others (named) v William Downehalth and others (named). Shares of surplus estate of William Hickes of lands in Fenny Stanton, (no county given). C78/434, no. 5 [7]
1625 3 Feb. 22 Thomas Tendering v Richard Dowcett. Verbal agreement for the marriage of Richard Dowcett the Younger and Elisabeth Tendering. C78/294, no. 2 [8]
1625 5 Feb 22 Benjamin Deicrowe v John Chamblen. Debts owed by Muscovy company. C78/217, no. 3 [9]
1625 5 Feb. 22 Charles Glemham v Sir William Withipoll. Annuity payable from unspecified manors in Suffolk. C78/219, no. 4 [10]
1625 5 Feb 22 Francis Bayldon and others (named) v Dame Anne Bayldon and another (named). Redemption of lease of the herbage and pannage of the Park of Phipping in Snayth [Snaith] and Cowick, Yorks. C78/241, no. 8 [11]
1625 7 Feb. 22 Mathew Rogers v Elizabeth Holland and another (named). Lease and mortgage of messuage of houses in Holborn, Middx. C78/241, no. 9 [12]
1625 10 Feb. 22 Thomas Hood the Younger v Richard Hood, Richard Knightley, Joseph Craddocke, Sir Robert Bevill. The property of Thomas Hood, Burdon Park, Leicestershire. Marriage settlement between Richard Hood and the defendants. C78/291, no. 1 [13]
1625 10 Feb 22 Bryan Stapleton v John Wilkinson and others. The estate of John Clarke: land in Herefordshire. C78/268, no. 9 [14]
1625 10 Feb 22 Thomas Bradley v William & Abraham Bradley Redemption of mortgaged copyhold lands in Boxsted, Essex, surrendered to raise capital for cloth trade C78/412, no. 14 [15]
1625 12 Feb. 22 Sir Anthony Ashley v Sir Stephen Lazure. Settlement after the marriage of Henry Dabridgcourte, of Stratfield Sey to the daughter of Sir Henry Ashley late of Wimborne Saint Giles, Dorset. The manor of Kingston, Dorset. C78/235, no. 11 [16]
1625 12 Feb. 22 Edmond Hierne v Richard Kenricke and another (named). Lands in Astroppe, Oxon, used as security for debts. C78/300, no. 3 [17]
1625 12 Feb. 22 Henry, Earl of Kent v Rt. hon. William, Lord Viscount Mansfield and another (named). Legacies and debts payable by will of Earl of Shrewsbury, from lands in Derbys and Staffs C78/437, no. 13 [18]
1625 12 Feb 22 John Cooper now deceased; Emannuel Quarman of Lottisham, Som; and Samuel Quarman, yeoman v. Edmond Bridges, esq C78/1159, no. 9 [19]
1625 14 Feb. 22 William Wollascott v George Goddard and others (named) Copyhold customs re widow's estate and demising without licence in the manors of Shalford and Wolhampton, Berks C78/408, no. 9 [20]
1625 16 Feb. 22 William Mathewe v Edmund Mathewe Conveyance of manors of Landaff and Radir, Glam. in trust to pay debts. C78/217, no. 9 [21]
1625 25 Feb. 22 James Kennedy v Sir Peter Vaulore and others (not named). Recovery of manors in Tunbridge and Hadlowe, Kent. C78/241, no. 10 [22]
1625 27 Feb. 22 John Redesdell and Dorcas his wife, Richard Mather and Thomas French v John Soan, Richard Browning Estate of Raphe Beeder: dispute over execution of his will. C78/445, no. 9 [23]
1625 7 March 22 George Lowe, George Hancoxe, John Crayford, Thomas Overing, John Pasmore and other (named) v George Mynne and William Acton. The estate and debts of Bevill Lewes, merchant of London, deceased. C78/247, no. 7 [24]
1625 13 April. 1 Sir William and Dame Elizabeth Sheffield v Edmond, Lord Sheffield and others (named). Marriage settlement of manors of Steeton and Bolton Percy in the city of York. C78/618, no. 24 [25]
1625 23 Apr. 1 Nicholas Parker v John Wollaston, Henry Stone, George Hawe, John Byrch, John Clarkson. Estate of Nicholas Parker, deceased. Property called Peakers, Staffordshire. Also, holdings on the manor of Walsall. C78/251, no. 3 [26]
1625 23 Apr. 1 Hugh Halswell v Katherine Pacy, Samuel Hurdacre, Samuel Miller, James Hobbs. Purchase by Halswell of the farm of Shiplade, Somerset, from the late Percival Pacy C78/455, no. 7 [27]
1625 6 May 1 Christopher Barrett v Thomas Richardes & others (named). Rent and mortgage arrears from lands in St. Martins in the Fields, Middx. C78/358, no. 6 [28]
1625 7 May 1 Henry Cruttenden, Humphrey Dixon v Stephen Panckherst, and John Coop. Manor of Leigh Hollanden, Kent, the property of the late Richard Waller. C78/508, no. 6 [29]
1625 10 May 1 William, Bishop of St. Davids v Edward Games. Forgotten boundaries of lands in Newton, Brecknockshire. C78/331, no. 3 [30]
1625 10 May 1 Thomas Barker v Thomas Sheppard and another (named). Payments for cloth. C78/270, no. 10 [31]
1625 13 May 1 Hugh Roberts and Elizabeth Roberts v Phillip Ferrers. Provision from the estate of Anthony Jey for the advancement of his children. C78/263, no. 4 [32]
1625 13 May 1 Richard Byrde of Bissiter, Oxon & Margaret his wife v. Isabell Goodman; John Colles; Elizabeth his wife; John Rawlinson & Elizabeth his wife C78/1159, no. 7 [33]
1625 16 May 1 Sir Henry Mynne v Sir Henry Berkley and another (named). Interests in trust and lease of lands in Cawdhill, Wymondham and Edmundthorpe, Leics. C78/288, no. 11 [34]
1625 17 May 1 Sir Edward Bullocke and another (named) v Sir Thomas Beckingham and another (named). Annuity from manor of Tollshunt Major or Tolleshunt Graunge [Essex]. C78/334, no. 10 [35]
1625 18 May 1 Sir Robert Cooke v Sir Richard Verney and others (named). Trust settlement of manors of Ribbesford, Worcs, Lassington and Kingshome, Gloucs, Hartwell Parke, Northants and the office and clerkship of His Majesty's Liveries C78/470, no. 12 [36]
1625 19 May 1 Margaret Harrington v Frauncis Freeman and another (named). Arrears of an annuity payable from the glebe of Kelston parsonage, Somerset. C78/214, no. 1 [37]
1625 19 May 1 Giles Master v Isaack Sedley, Richard Goodson, Edward Emptaye Rectory of Cleham, Kent. Dispute with Sir Richard Harrison, George Carleton and others over leases. C78/235, no. 10 [38]
1625 20 May 1 Susanna Holliday v Mayor and burgesses of Gloucester. Legacies left by will of William Holliday to be invested to the use of the town for apprenticing poor children. C78/221, no. 2 [39]
1625 20 May 1 Sir Thomas Holt v Sir John Ferrers, Sir Humphrey Ferrers. Property on the manor of Aston iuxta Birmingham, Warwickshire. C78/251, no. 16 [40]
1625 20 May 1 Bartholomew Clotworthy v Mathew Sutcliff, Hugh Stukeley, Deane of Exeter, John Stukeley. Marriage of John Stukeley and Honor Halse. Estate of Sir Lewis Stukeley, purchase of the manor of Barton. C78/347, no. 2 [41]
1625 20 May 1 John Dickins, Roger Thomason, Bridget his wife v Raphe Rookley the Elder, Thomas Jackson and others (named). Estate of John Hedworth. A grange and messuage called 'Saltmelaide', 'Beacon Houses' and the disputed will of Hedworth. C78/294, no. 8 [42]
1625 20 May 1 Thomas Andrewe v George Hodges and another (named). Bonds and extents on lands in Shilsworth, Northants. C78/258, no. 5 [43]
1625 25 May 1 James Steele; and John Steele, infants, by John Greene, their guardian v. Lewes Moore; Edward Moore; Edward Castelford; and John Castleford C78/1279, no. 8 [44]
1625 26 May 1 Henry Seckford and wife v Ardenn Waferer. Jointure of lands at Clapham, Beds. C78/270, no. 11 [45]
1625 27 May 1 Richard Marwell v Thomas Poulett Jointure interest, and presentation to parsonage of Radypole and lands in Purtington, Dorset C78/432, no. 12 [46]
1625 28 May 1 Edward Broughton v Daniel Price Alleged breach of contract regarding a lease of the manor of Canon Peon, Heref. C78/231, no. 1 [47]
1625 28 May 1 Anthony and Mary Rooper v Mary Gerrard. Settlement of manors and advowsons of Weston and Aston Wylne, Shardlowe, Morley and Smalley, Derbys C78/618, no. 25 [48]
1625 30 May 1 Sir Richard Lumley and others (named) v Sir Hercules Pawlett and another (named) Bonds and debts payable from sale of mortgaged lands in Cannon Court and Kingscleere, Hants. C78/214, no. 3 [49]
1625 30 May 1 John Ockham v Saint John Kessell and Thomas Hale. Estate of Richard Hale of Walthamstow, Essex. C78/264, no. 6 [50]
1625 30 May 1 Sir John Heveningham v Sir Walter Devereux Dispute over the manor of Lound and several lands at Blunston, Somerton and other places in Suffolk. C78/268, no. 5 [51]
1625 30 May 1 Thomas Mathewes v Edward ap Thomas and others (named). Title to lands in Wooderton and Hockleton, Salop. C78/274, no. 11 [52]
1625 31 May 1 Nicholas Bushell of Whitby, Laurence Knagges, Thomas Addison, John Nigtholme [Bill has Sleightholme], John Skinner and Robert Harbutt [Bill has Garbutt] for inhabitants of Goatland in Pickering, Yorks v Sir Edmond Carew, Dame Elizabeth his wife, Sir Richard Etherington, George Etherington, Samuel Rabancks and John Barton and also against Henry Lord Danvers and Robert Lord Carewe of Leppington. Purchase of fees-simple in Goatland, by tenants and leaseholders. C78/226, no. 1 [53]
1625 1 June 1 Thomas Harbert and Mary his wife v Hill. Estate of William Edwardes, bequest to Mary his daughter. C78/253, no. 4 [54]
1625 1 June 1 George Lowe, George Hancoxe v Sir William Cockayne and Basil Lewes. The property of Bevill Lewes: several houses and properties at Waltham, Kent. Disputed conveyance. C78/247, no. 6 [55]
1625 1 June 1 Roger Owen v John Barcrofte, John Golwen. Concerning the apprenticeship of Owen, and dispute over the Golden Eagle, Canning Street, and other property and financial matters. C78/290, no. 13 [56]
1625 4 June 1 Christofer Searle v John and Samuell Searle Possession of Barking Marsh and other lands in Barking, Essex. C78/303, no. 8 [57]
1625 4 June 1 Richard Harris and another (named) v Walter Warde and another (named). Debts re trade in cow and buffalo hides to Naples. C78/258, no. 4 [58]
1625 6 June 1 John Smith of North Nibley, Glouc, esq v. Thomas Russell & Christian his wife; George Horte & Margaret his wife; and Thomas Munday C78/1919, no. 7 [59]
1625 10 June 1 William Olliver v William Mace, Walter Underwood, Henry Boone, Thomas Marshall and Nicholas Leaker. Estate of John Olliver, manor of Taunton Deane, Somerset. C78/290, no. 12 [60]
1625 11 June 1 Edward Broade v Francis Broade, Robert Austen. Debts and obligations of Francis Broade. C78/294, no. 9 [61]
1625 12 June 1 Sackville Torner v Sir John Rivers, Sir George Rivers, Richard Amberst, George Corthopp and Henry Rivers Manor of Causerne, an iron mill and other properties. C78/248, no. 7 [62]
1625 2 July 1 John Woodes v Sir Thomas Cornwall, Charles Weaver and others Mansion House at Stapleton, Herefordshire. Also dispute over a corn mill. Woodes a woollen draper. C78/261, no. 8 [63]
1625 5 July 1 John Waterhouse v Mary Waterhouse and others (named). Estate of John Waterhouse of Harthill, Yorkshire. Land at Conesbrough. C78/268, no. 4 [64]
1625 10 Oct. 1 Walter Balconquall, Dean of Rochester v Thomas Horsmanden, Daniel Horsmanden and John Streater. Patronage of the vicarage of Gondhurst, Kent C78/235, no. 9 [65]
1625 10 Oct. 1 William Turner v Sir William Callye. Dispute over trading matters, Callye having a cloth business at London. C78/441, no. 12 [66]
1625 10 Oct 1 William Turner v Sir William Calley. Dispute over the dealings of the parties in the cloth trade. The manors of Higheway and Cleneancy, Wiltshire security for trading debts. C78/455, no. 6 [67]
1625 14 Oct. 1 Charles Goslett v Thomas Potts, David Ramsey, George Etheridge, Mathew Johan. Debts of Thomas Alabaster, skinner of London and John Dorrington, grocer of London. C78/248, no. 4 [68]
1625 6 Nov 1 Susan Frampton and others v Walter Frampton and others Estate of Allayn Frampton: farm and lands at Tarrant Hinton, and lands on the manor of Piniperne, Dorset C78/441, no. 9 [69]
1625 8 Nov 1 Sir Edmund Morgan v William Morgan. Possession of lands in Sherenewton, Mon. C78/457, no. 8 [70]
1625 10 Nov. 1 Sir William Seymour, Baron Beuchamp and Earl of Hertford v George Rodney. Estate of Sir Edward Seymour: Netley alias Lettley House, and other properties in Hampshire. C78/508, no. 5 [71]
1625 17 Nov. 1 Walter Long and others v Sir William Guise, Richard Wood and William Lawrence Dispute over the execution of the will of Giles Coxe — properties in the city of Gloucester. C78/441, no. 13 [72]
1625 17 Nov 1 Walter Longe and others v Richard Wood, William Lawrence, Lowys Roberts and William Guyse Estate of Giles Coxe of Tanthurst, Gloucestershire. Disputed will C78/455, no. 5 [73]
1625 18 Nov. 1 Henry Martin v John Daye. Estate of Humphrey Daye, several properties in Lincolnshire. Disputed performance of his will.

[inc. inter alia, Wainfleet, Theddlethorpe, Chappel Hill by Coningsby, Gayton-le-Marsh, Brigsley, Wragholme, Somercotes, Skidbrook, Hundleby, Halton Holegate, Ingoldmells, Burgh-le-Marsh, Withcall, Sausthorpe(?) and Hagworthingham].

C78/253, no. 2 [74]
1625 19 Nov 22 Sir Harbotell Grimston, Dame Elizabeth Grymeston v Anne Coppinger, George Coppinger and John Coppinger. Dispute over the property of Raphe Coppinger of the parish of All Hallows, Hooe, Kent. Properties, messuages, tenements in the said parish, and at Stoake Halstowe,

Dorden and Newington.

C78/445, no. 2 [75]
1625 20 Nov Circa 1 Chas. I William Bell v Robert Powlson, John Booth and William Cawood. Dispute over five tenements at King Street, Westminster. The property of the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter. C78/294, no. 1 [76]
1625 21 Nov 1 William Randolph, Thomas Fulnetby, George Astley, Rice Thomas and others v Sir Edward Zouch. William Randolph the servant of the late Lord Zouch, and Fulnetby his steward, seek recognition for their services from the estate of the late Lord Zouch. C78/341, no. 9 [77]
1625 22 Nov. 1 Sir Thomas and Sir Francis Mansell v Lewys Thomas. Mortgage of lands in Lysworney, Glam. C78/331, no. 1 [78]
1625 22 Nov 1 Edward Wollascott v Henry Arderne, Hugh Keate, Thomas Flexney, Thomas Rawlins, Francis Townesend, John Martyn and others (named). Estate of William Palmer, late of Cassington, Oxfordshire. Parsonage of Cassington, rectory of Easton Maudit, Northamptonshire. C78/342, no. 11 [79]
1625 22 Nov 1 Sir John Stradling and others (some named), purchasors of lands of Edmond Mathew v Sir Hugh Smith and others (named). Sale of fraudulently encumbered lands in Landaff, and Cormett, Owne, Radir, Whitchurch, Pentrich, Lantrissent, Cardiff, Aberdaer, Llannoonno, Llantwill, Vardre, and Saint Fagans, Glam. C78/457, no. 5 [80]
1625 24 Nov. 1 Richard and Dorothy Jones v Richard Burton and others (named). Possession of messuages in Reading, Berks. C78/331, no. 2 [81]
1625 24 Nov. 1 Roger Ratcliffe v William Ratcliff, William Wilson, Ralph Salvyn, Ralph Harding, Charles Ratcliff & Robert Porrett The estate of the late Katherine Ratcliff — Ugthorpe Manor, Yorkshire, part of disputed inheritance. C78/502, no. 6 [82]
1625 24 Nov 1 Sir John Worssnam or Wolstenholme and others (named) v Carew Sanders and another (named). Bill (Mich 1624) seeking ratification of agreement (no date) to have general enclosure of the common fields of Cole Ashby, Northamptonshire C78/607, no. 1 [83]
1625 26 Nov. 1 Thomas Goulding, Francis Goulding v Susan Goulding Property of Thomas Goulding, marriage to Susan Strangeman: dispute over revenues and issues of his estate C78/508, no. 4 [84]
1625 29 Nov 1 Edward Sheldon v Sir Thomas Russell and another (named). Debts payable from trust of lands in Pepleton, Ownall and Tamworth, Warwicks and Wootton Warden, Warwicks. C78/214, no. 10 [85]
1625 18 Dec. 1 William Kidder v William Frenche and others. Estate of Christopher Newland, merchant at Malaga, Spain. C78/261, no. 1 [86]