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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1624 21 C78/, no. []
1624 22 C78/, no. []
1624 9 Jan. 21 Edward Fust v Henry Fleetwood and others (named). Title to copyhold lands in Hampstead, Middx. C78/277, no. 3 [2]
1624 9 Jan 21 Richard Hamond of Elling, Norf, gent v. Richard Hovell and others (sic) C78/1157, no. 1 [3]
1624 26 Jan. 21 Richard Berrow v Joseph Fowle. Land in the parishes of Wesbury and Newnham, Gloucestershire. C78/268, no. 15 [4]
1624 26 Jan 21 Toby Mathewe v Sir Richard Cecill. Debts. C78/281, no. 4 [5]
1624 27 Jan. 21 George Hungerford and others (named) v Ambrose and Mary Mortymer. Jointure interest in tenement in Bromham, Wilts. C78/226, no. 2 [6]
1624 29 Jan 21 James Daye v Thomas Baker and others (named). Payments due from executors for education of child, payable from personal estate. C78/281, no. 1 [7]
1624 30 Jan. 21 John, Margaret and Alice Sherrington v William Downing and others (named). Trust settlement of messuage and lands in Westleton, Suffolk. C78/259, no. 5 [8]
1624 30 Jan. 21 John Bagley v Richard White and others (named). Possession of a messuage in Hurst, Berks. C78/437, no. 11 [9]
1624 3 Feb. 21 John Lownd v Christian Powle. Payment of purchase money for house and garden in Norwich, Norfolk. C78/233, no. 1 [10]
1624 3 Feb. 21 Charles Stanford, Mary Comberford and others v William Comberford. Dispute over payment by Sir Robert Stanford, deceased, to Mary, on her marriage to William Comberford, and properties at Tamworth, Comberford, Wednesbury and other places in Staffordshire. C78/250, no. 10 [11]
1624 3 Feb. 21 John Mohun v Sir Edward Chichester Manor of Barton, Cornwall - property of Sir Edward. Disputes over several pieces of land, 'Portmellen Close' and others. C78/344, no. 4 [12]
1624 4 Feb. 21 Richard and Margaret Skilling and others (named) v William Noyes and others (named). Legacies and portions from personal estate of Nicholas Bacon and unspecified lands in Wilts C78/437, no. 12 [13]
1624 6 Feb. 21 Mary Walweyn v Edward Greene. Rents due from lands in Stanlacke, Birchentin and Appleton, Oxon and Berks. C78/281, no. 3 [14]
1624 6 Feb. 21 Anthony Dormer and others (named) v Sir William Burlacy and another (named). Trust settlement of rectory of Great Missenden, Bucks. C78/281, no. 5 [15]
1624 9 Feb. 21 Christofer Manwaringe v John Mayne and others. Lease of the manor of Woodburne, Devon. C78/274, no. 13 [16]
1624 10 Feb. 21 Lord Henry Powlet v John Pettit and another (named) Legacies payable by will of William, Lord St John, from the manors of Stratfield, Turges, Bramley and Oakeland, Hants to assist poor scholars and the parishes of Basing and Bramley, Hants C78/1206, no. 4 [17]
1624 12 Feb. 21 Thomas and Elizabeth Colthurste v John Soan and another (named). Legacies payable from lease of farm and lands in Maldon and Southminster, Essex, by will of Martin Stammer. C78/219, no. 3 [18]
1624 12 Feb. 21 Henry Nutting, Edmond Rose and others (named) v Richard Jenkinson and others (named). The will and estate of Christopher Amys: sale of land to Benjamin Cowper, Alderman of Great Yarmouth. C78/268, no. 19 [19]
1624 18 Feb 21 Sir John Temple, knight & Dame Dorothy his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Edmond Lee, esq v. Thomas Massam, gent; and John Meade C78/1157, no. 3 [20]
1624 20 Feb 21 William Reade v Phillipe Stone Debts and bonds of Christopher Stone. Lease on a house and garden made by the Mayor and Citizens of Bath. C78/248, no. 16 [21]
1624 23 Feb. 21 William Smethe and Richard Smethe v Sir Samuel Tryon, Sir John Townesend, Phillip Holman. Disputed sales and purchases — the manors of Huntington and Winforton, Herefordshire. Winforton Church, woods, underwoods and other properties. C78/295, no. 13 [22]
1624 5 March 21 Dame Katherine Devereux v Sir Walter Devereux Delivery of personal estate of

Edward Devereux

C78/213, no. 10 [23]
1624 6 Mar 21 John Worcester v John Hercey, Christopher Pincham, Richard Wootton and others (named). Estates of Francis Wootton, London merchant, Elizabeth Wootton and John Wootton. Tenement in the parish of Saint Albans in Great Wold Street. Part of

the manor of Mayfield, Sussex.

C78/264, no. 2 [24]
1624 6 Mar. 21 Francis Wootton and others (named) v John Stanymott, John Wotton and Christopher Pincham. Estate of Elizabeth Wootton: property in the parish of Saint Albans, Wood Street, and in the City of London. Leased to Pincham. C78/264, no. 4 [25]
1624 12 April 22 Sir William Garraway and others (named) v Rt Hon Thomas, Earl of Suffolk and others (named). Lands of the manors of Oswestrie, Dewport and Traine, Salop, used as security for debts. C78/217, no. 12 [26]
1624 16 Apr 22 Blanche Glover v Sir John Bingley Marriage of Blanche, widow of Godfrey Bradshaw to Alexander Glover. Lease of a tenement in Westminster to Thomas Bludder. C78/295, no. 1 [27]
1624 20 Apr 22 Sir John Bennett v Sir Thomas Clarke Lease of house of late priory of Marton, Yorks. C78/236, no. 7 [28]
1624 22 April 22 Patrick Megram v Josias and Priscilla Harris. Leases of houses in Litle Brittayne Street and Aldersgate Street, London. C78/230, no. 12 [29]
1624 28 Apr 22 William and Jane Goddard v John Goddard and others (named). Interests in a marriage settlement of lands in Brimpton, Berks. C78/234, no. 9 [30]
1624 28 April 22 Underwood Wolmer v Francis Cory. Land at Iketshall, Suffolk. C78/268, no. 20 [31]
1624 29 April 22 Henry Tymberlake v Sir William Cope and others (named). Mortgage of lands in Witchcombe, Oxon, Wakering, Essex and wharves and tenements in London. C78/339, no. 4 [32]
1624 1 May 22 John Cridland v Sir John Windham, Edward Popham, Lady Anne Portmay, Walter Couch and John Gavett. The manor of Williton, Somerset. Disputed title of a lease of Edward VII and a grant of Henry VIII. C78/291, no. 3 [33]
1624 1 May 22 Katherine and Robert Newdick v Marie Short and another (named). Title to lease of manor of West Ambresbury, Wilts. C78/243, no. 9 [34]
1624 4 May 22 Elizabeth, Lady Rawleigh v Sir Peter Vanlore Debts and bonds. C78/330, no. 3 [35]
1624 5 May 22 John Watte v Paul Bayning Marriage of Mary Bayning to John Watte. Disputed settlement. C78/268, no. 13 [36]
1624 8 May 22 Robert Snelling v Richard Dowe. The will of Richard Brooke, the manor of Jennetts, Helmingsham, Suffolk. Disputed title to properties. C78/445, no. 4 [37]
1624 8 May 22 Anne Bilson, widow; Sir John Bingham, knight; and Alice his wife; Thomas Barnes, esq; and Bridget his wife; and Elizabeth Colnett, widow, the sisters and coheirs of sir Richard Mills, knight v. Thomas Wroughton, esq & Marie Mills his wife late the wife of said Richard Mills, knight; and others (sic) C78/1289, no. 19 [38]
1624 9 May 22 Thomas Lumsden v Mary Fenwick and others (named). Cancellation of bonds. C78/218, no. 16 [39]
1624 10 May 22 Sir Henry Jernegan v Thomas Jones and another named. Trust settlement of the manor, castle and park of Winkfield, Suffolk. C78/230, no. 13 [40]
1624 10 May 22 John Arrundell and others (named) v Dame Grace Smith and others (named). Legacies payable from lands in Exeter, Devon and other places in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, by will of Sir Richard Smith. C78/241, no. 11 [41]
1624 21 May 22 The Master and Fellows of Caius and Gonvile College, Cambridge v Sir Charles Cornwallis and others (named). Dispute over property on the manors of Burnham and Burnham Wymondham, Norfolk. C78/268, no. 16 [42]
1624 28 May 22 Mathewe Coxe v William Moore and others (named). Barring of copyhold estate in manor of Shepton Mallett, Somerset C78/476, no. 1 [43]
1624 ( ) June 22 John Richardson and others (named), Master and fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and freeholders and copyholders of Over, Cambs. v Richard Miller and

another (named)

Bill (28 May 21 Jas. I) alleging rejection by defendants of agreement (12 Feb. 1622) to divide and enclose part of common and waste and seeking ratification of that agreement. C78/328, no. 1 [44]
1624 3 June 22 John Burman v Laurence and Edmond Dolton. Bill (24 May 1623) reciting agreement (2 Oct. 20 Jas I) for division, re-allocation and enclosure of commons of Wollescott and Walcott, Warwickshire and alleging subsequent waste committed on new allotments. C78/213, no. 6 [45]
1624 3 June 22 John Wiles v William Turner Debts and accounts of factorship re trade with Portugal. C78/219, no. 6 [46]
1624 5 June 22 Francis Veale v Lawrence Walker. Detention of leases and money payable by will of Thomas Callis. C78/217, no. 13 [47]
1624 7 June 22 The Lady Elizabth Gryffyn, widow, one of the daughters of George, late lord Audley, earl of Castlehaven and sometimes the wife of Sir John Stawell, knight, and afterwards the wife of Sir Thomas Gryffine, knight for herself and for Katherine Stawell, an infant, one of hte daughters of said Sir John Stawell and the said Elizabeth v. Sir Edward Hixt, knight; John Stawell, esq; and Robert Lawrence C78/1159, no. 10 [48]
1624 10 June 22 James Waferer, Francis Bendlowes and others (named) v Sir John Sulyard, Sir Thomas Cutler and others. The estate of Arden Waferer — the manors of Clapham, and Okeley, and the parsonage of Clapham, Bedfordshire. C78/268, no. 10 [49]
1624 14 June 22 Thomas Birkbeck and others (named) v John Lowther and others (named). Bill (heretofore) alleging previous incumbrances and leases of the manor, existing at the time of an agreement (17 Jas. I) for tenants to purchase the fee simple of the manor in individual allotments, reserving the lord's right to enclose 10 acres of the manor and 200 acres of commons to his own use. Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland. C78/277, no. 1 [50]
1624 14 June 22 John Atkinson v Judith, Lady Platts. Will and estate of Sir Hugh Platts - debt owed by the estate. C78/292, no. 6 [51]
1624 14 June 22 Thomas Barnby v Arthur Pilkington Lease of part of the manor of Bradley, Yorks and right to build iron forge. C78/236, no. 12 [52]
1624 14 June 22 John Atkinson v Judith, Lady Platts. Will and estate of Sir Hugh Platts - debt owed by the estate. C78/292, no. 6 [53]
1624 14 June 22 Thomas Gentle; John Clarke; Robert Tailor; John Lockyer; John Taylor; Thomas Scott; John Lachemore; William Beaton; Richard Hopkins; and John Boyer of Chilton Cantels, Som yeoman; Richard Billing; John Billing; Robert Alexander; John Marsh; Abraham Marshe; and William Chinock of East Lidford, Som yeomen v. John, earl of Bristol; John Perham esq; Sir Edward Perham knight his son and heir; John Foyle gentleman; Frances Wolford; and Andrew Dudeney C78/1919, no. 8 [54]
1624 15 June 22 William Wall, Mary his wife, David Lorchard and others v Thomas Lorchard, William Pritchard, Christopher Cowden and others Dispute over an earlier case and decree. C78/250, no. 1 [55]
1624 16 June 22 Ursula Manchall, Sir Edward Ratcliffe, Sir Edward Hind v William Baver. Conditions attaching to leases belonging to Manchall. Messuage of 'Woodberry', and management of other properties in Cambridgeshire. C78/291, no. 4 [56]
1624 16 June 22 Dame Mary Wingfield v Sir James Wingfield and others (not named). Allocation of lands in Keyston, Hunts in lieu of jointure interest in manor of Kimbolton, Hunts. C78/213, no. 8 [57]
1624 16 June 22 James Grove v Thomas Harris, Thomas Woolrich, Anne Gattacre, John Gattacre. Dispute over a tenement called Lintrich; parish of Alveley, Shropshire. Tenement on the manor of Gattacre. C78/250, no. 3 [58]
1624 16 June 22 Elizabeth Haughton v Olive Wombwell and others (named). Estate of Thomas Leighe, deceased some fifty years. Land in the town field and elsewhere in Middleton, Yorkshire. Disputed marriage settlement. C78/297, no. 14 [59]
1624 16 June 22 Richard Burrell v John Warde Property in Rame Alley, Fleet Street, London. C78/445, no. 4 [60]
1624 19 June 22 John Froome and another (named) v George Froome. Interests in marriage treaty re lands in Worgreat, Wareham and Bere Regis, Dorset. C78/432, no. 15 [61]
1624 17 June 22 John Buick v Sir William de Gray and others (named) Recognizances for payment of annuity C78/408, no. 10 [62]
1624 24 June 22 John Cotes v Myles, Bishop of Gloucester, Edward Vaughan, John Morris, George Eve, and others (named). Dispute over sales and conveyances of land on the manor of Burton, Herefordshire. C78/250, no. 2 [63]
1624 30 June 22 Henry Wetherfeild and others (named) v George Trappes Rent charge from 'Rose' Inn and other tenements in Clerkenwell and Turmillstreet, Middx. C78/476, no. 2 [64]
1624 2 July 22 Thomas Randall parson of St Mary's church, Feltwell, Norfolk; Thomas Thorne parson of St Nicholas' church, Feltwell; Charles Scott; Richard Tirrell; Robert Daye; Adam Parsley the elder; John Stalon the elder; Richard Deersley; Richard Ward als Webster; Osbert Parsley; John Stalon the younger; Thomas Daye; Adam Swanton; John Swanton; Osbert Rudland; Osbert Denton the younger; Nathaniel Kente; Walter Deersley; Robert Fuller; Thomas Fuller; Robert Wilkyn; Robert Barthorpe; Peter Turnor; and Adam Stalon of Feltwell yeomen; and Osbert Denton the elder; Thomas Rudland the elder; William Barker; Richard Denton; John Wheatley the elder; Henry Mylls; John Browne; Thomas Rudland the younger; John Rudland; John Wheateley the younger; Thomas Hall the elder; Thomas Hall the younger; Robert Swanton; Robert Rumball; Adam Miles; Thomas Power the elder; Robert Stearne; Richard Teve; Marke Walter; William Rumball; and Thomas Power the younger of Feltwell husbandmen for all tenants or inhabitants of Feltwell having or claiming right title or interest of commonage in the fens and marshes of Feltwell v Sir Thomas Woodhowse; The Masters Fellows and Scholars of Christs College, Cambridge; Edmond Monndeford; and Robert Wate. Bill of Complaint (15 May 1624) seeking ratification of articles of agreement (7 April 22 Jas. I) to allow lords of the four manors of Southall, Easthall, Duntons and Feltwell, in parish of Feltwell, Norfolk to divide 200 acres of fen for their own use, and for parsons and tenants to have common rights in the rest of the fen, and the right to divide it among them. C78/279, no. 10 [65]
1624 17 July 22 William Holliday and another (named) v Robert Beeseley and others (named). Debts of Jeremy Thorneton and his custody on Bill of Middlesex by Sheriff of Middlesex. C78/218, no. 10 [66]
1624 25 Sept 22 John Owfielde and others (named) v James Scambler and others (named). Trust of lands in Hoggesden, Middx C78/618, no. 7 [67]
1624 Mich. term 22 John Tucker v Thomas Moore and others (named) Debts payable from trust settlement of parsonage rectory and tithes of Huyshe or Hewishe, Somerset. C78/423, no. 10 [68]
1624 12 Oct. 22 Bartholomew and Julius Ferrers v Elizabeth Archer and others (named) Bonds and debts. C78/434, no. 7 [69]
1624 14 Oct 22 Sir Richard Lumley and others (named) v Sir Hercules Pawlett and another (named). Bonds and debts payable from lands in Kinscleere, Hants. C78/213, no. 3 [70]
1624 15 Oct. 22 Thomas and Barnard Secker v William Cooke and others (named). Lease of messuage and lands in Little Walsingham, Norfolk. C78/329, no. 2 [71]
1624 16 Oct 22 Elizabeth Ringer, John Ringer and others (named) v William Spooner. Estate of John Ringer — manor of Thurston C78/268, no. 7 [72]
1624 16 Oct. 22 Robert and Thomasine Loggin v Sir Simon Clarke. Legacies payable from manor of Newball Revell, Warwicks. C78/302, no. 14 [73]
1624 16 Oct. 22 Henry Wade or Waade v Anne Povy Debts and profits from money invested in fishing in Newfoundland. C78/432, no. 14 [74]
1624 18 Oct. 22 Richard Billinge and others (named) v Sir Richard Smith and another (named). Mortgate of site of former priory of Lanceston, Cornwall. C78/241, no. 12 [75]
1624 19 Oct. 22 Robert Blackwell and another (named), v Rt. hon. Theophilus, Earl of Lincoln and another (named). Arrears of annuity from lands in Enfield, Middx. C78/243, no. 5 [76]
1624 21 Oct. 22 James and Ashton Stansfield v Thomas Nettleton Trust settlement of lands in Dewesbury, Yorks. C78/243, no.6 [77]
1624 22 Oct. 22 William Graves, Nathaniel Cony v Raphe Denton, Thomas Cony, Thomas Frankland, Edmond Lollie. Estate of Edmond Cony late of Kirton [Kirton in Holland], Lincolnshire. Administration of his estate, settlement of debts and sales of land. C78/296, no. 1 [78]
1624 23 Oct. 22 Richard Scott v Thomas Harris and others (named). Mortgage of messuage in Franckwell, Shrewsbury, Salop. C78/329, no. 1 [79]
1624 25 Oct 22 John Ferne, Rowland Alsoppe v Roger Kerchivall, Anthony Stone, Arthur Mower and others (named). Sales of lead to Roger Kerchivall. C78/247, no. 8 [80]
1624 25 Oct. 22 William Sambach v William Stephens and others (named). Lease of Quodman Crofte, Broadway, Worcs. C78/303, no. 2 [81]
1624 25 Oct. 22 Rowland Pinchester and others (named) v Sebastian Darknall and another (named). Dispute between executors of John Phillips re sale of his goods. C78/306, no. 1 [82]
1624 25 Oct. 22 Robert Bowers v Robert Cole and another (named). Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in Willingale, Essex. C78/434, no. 7 [83]
1624 27 Oct. 22 Lionel Edgar v Agnes Church, John Stannard, John Stowe and others Estate of John Edgar: property in Suffolk. Also the purchase of land at Crettingham from Robert York. C78/445, no. 10 [84]
1624 28 Oct 22 Sir John Horton v Raphe Baily. Lease of messuages in Bath, Somerset. C78/241, no. 12 [85]
1624 30 Oct. 22 Roger Wallis v Robert Johnson, John Dymer, Edmond Palmer and others (named). The debts and obligations of Robert Johnson. C78/268, no. 12 [86]
1624 6 Nov. 22 Christofer Loveday v William Tymmes and others (named). Division of two moieties of manor of over Itchington, Warwicks between co-owners. C78/379, no. 10 [87]
1624 6 Nov 22 Henrie Hunlocke of Wingerworth, Derbs, esq; and Godfrey Clarke of Somersall, Derbs, gent, executors of Raphe Clarke of Chesterfield, Derbs v. John Hollend & Elizabeth his wife; and Edward Deane C78/1156, no. 11 [88]
1624 8 Nov. 22 Sir Edward Frere v Sir John Curson and others (named). Marriage settlement of the manor of Blechingdon, Oxon. C78/234, no. 8 [89]
1624 11 Nov 22 Robert Collyns v Anne Gattaker, James Grover, Thomas Elliott and others (named). Dispute over the manor of Gattacre, Shropshire. C78/251, no. 17 [90]
1624 13 Nov. 22 Daniel and Eliab Harvey v Robert Parkhurst and another (named). Bonds re legacies from financial trusts set up by Thomas Harvey. C78/1206, no. 9 [91]
1624 15 Nov 22 John Newhouse v Bartholome Edwards and others (named). Legacy payable from profits of houses in Friday Street, London and Maidstone, Kent, by will of John Newhouse the elder. C78/217, no. 11 [92]
1624 15 Nov. 22 Katherine Newman v Sir Peter Fretchvile and others (named). Mortgage of part of manor of Barleborough, Derbys. C78/234, no. 7 [93]
1624 15 Nov 22 Anthony Gearing v Isaack Gearing and others (named). Title to manor of Sherston Pinckney and lands in Brinkworth, Wilts. C78/243, no. 4 [94]
1624 16 Nov. 22 Henry Jones and another (named) v Dame Mary Ellen and another (named). Payments due under marriage settlement of the rectory of Llanrihangell, Castle Gwalter and the lordship of Llanbadawe, Cardigans. C78/303, no. 1 [95]
1624 17 Nov. 22 Sir Peeter Wroth v Thomas Street. Sale of wood in Bexley, Kent. C78/274, no. 12 [96]
1624 18 Nov. 22 Robert Cooke v John Lane. Estate of John Humberstone of Bandsey, Suffolk. Proposed marriage between Cooke and Anne Humberstone C78/445, no. 6 [97]
1624 20 Nov 22 Toby, Archbishop of York and others (named) v Michael Askwith. Lease of messuage called Angram Grange, Yorks. C78/219, no. 7 [98]
1624 22 Nov 22 Jane Hopkins v William Hopkins and others (named) Legacies and maintenance payments payable from personal estate of Sampson Hopkins. C78/213, no. 2 [99]
1624 23 Nov. 22 David Gwynn v William Wynn and others (named). Lease in trust of prebend of Meliden, Flints. C78/331, no. 4 [100]
1624 23 Nov. 22 William Juxon, William Walronde, William Thomas, William Priest v George, Lord Bishop of Chichester, and John Holbrooke. Dispute over offices within the Registries of the Archdeaconry of Chichester. C78/247, no. 9 [101]
1624 23 Nov 22 Martin Sydley and Robert Flynt v Thomas Watts, Francis Bayter and George Gardiner. Estate of Robert Flynt, provision for his children, sale of the manor of Little Ellingham, Norfolk. Estate indebted to the Crown. C78/343, no. 8 [102]
1624 24 Nov 22 Henry Waade v James Walker and others Mortgage of manor of Allington or Athlington, Dorset. C78/432, no. 13 [103]
1624 25 Nov 22 Sir Baptist Hicks v Sir Paul Bannynge Mortgage of messuages in Chipping Campden and Broad Campden, Gloucs. C78/230, no. 14 [104]
1624 25 Nov. 22 Henry Smith v Mabel and Samuel Cowley. Purchase of encumbered lands in Warbleton, Sussex. C78/287, no. 4 [105]
1624 25 Nov 22 Lyonell Bacon and others (named) v Charles Walgrave and others (named). Annuity payable from manors of Ingham, Norf and Weybredd, Suffolk. C78/408, no. 8 [106]
1624 26 Nov. 22 John Midleton v Nicholas Fawcett. Lease of tithes of rectory of Kirbye Lonsdale, Westmorland. C78/340, no. 11 [107]
1624 26 Nov. 22 Sir William and Dame Jane Harman v Sir Richard Smith and others (named) Lease and jointure interest in manor of Threshfield in Craven, Yorks. C78/434, no. 6 [108]
1624 27 Nov. 22 Sir Fraunces Cottington and others (named) v Thomas Garrard and others (named). Purchase of manors of Barnham, Dorney and Boveney, Bucks. C78/331, no. 5 [109]
1624 27 Nov 21 John Holton v Cristofer Palmer Arrears of jointure from lands in Burghe and Weston, Suffolk. C78/259, no. 7 [110]
1624 27 Nov. 22 Rt. Hon. Anne, Countess Dowager of Dorset and Edward, Earl of Dorset v John Godley and others (named). Bill (Trinity 1623) alleging tearing down of enclosures by tenants after agreement (Nov. 1621) to enclose 500 acres of Chayley common in manor of Hourndeane for the lords of the manor and to assign 160 acres to be allotted in plots to the tenants as compensation for loss of common rights. Court ordered new tenants to be bound by the agreement. Hourndeane, Sussex C78/279, no. 9 [111]
1624 27 Nov. 22 William Swayne v Sir John Catcher and others (named). Debts, bonds and mortgage of lands in Leigh Penshurst and Chiddingstone, Kent, and Saint Benett Finke, and St Peter the poor in Broadstreet, London C78/1206, no. 8 [112]
1624 29 Nov 22 Arthur Hill v Robert and Amye Hill Payments due from lease of lands in Trembrace, Cornwall. C78/217, no. 7 [113]
1624 29 Nov 22 Sir Charles Cornwallis and Dorothy his wife v Dr. Robert Pearson, John Vaughan and others. Marriage between Sir Charles and Dame Dorothy, and dispute over settlement. C78/268, no. 2 [114]
1624 29 Nov 22 The Lady Elizabeth Griffyn, relict of Sir Thomas Gryffine, knight, one of the daughters of George, late lord Awdley and earl of Castlehaven v. John Shotbolt, esq; Phillipp Shotbolt; and Thomas Taylor, gent C78/1159, no. 8 [115]
1624 30 Nov. 22 Andrew Kynaston v Thomas Lord. The estate of Richard Lleny, messuages, land and mills at Chirckland, Denbighshire. C78/267, no. 3 [116]
1624 1 Dec. 22 Thomas and Mary Wilcoxe v Raphe Jackson. Payments due in connection with conveyance of lands in Buttermere, Wilts. C78/230, no.15 [117]
1624 3 Dec 22 Thomasine Owfield v Mary Crowth and others (named). Purchase of encumbered manor of Bathampton, Somerset. C78/243, no. 3 [118]
1624 3 Dec 22 Richard Bulkeley v Lady Mary Bulkeley Jointure from marriage settlement of lands in Crymlyn, Mylyn and Bewmarres, Anglesey C78/330, no. 2 [119]
1624 3 Dec. 22 Thomas Mannors v Sir Arthur Capell and another (named). Annuity payable from rectory of Barton, Lincs and tithes of Horkestone [Horkstow] and Dymonsdale [?], Lincs. C78/258, no. 6 [120]
1624 3 Dec 21 C78/1919, no. 1 [121]
1624 6 Dec 22 Stephen Scott v Edward Russett and another (named). Bonds in connection with East India trade. C78/302, no. 13 [122]
1624 13 Dec. 22 Gilbert Seaton v Richard Gosson and others (named). Debts and mortgages of lands in Barne Elmes, Surrey. C78/300, no. 4 [123]
1624 14 Dec 22 Stephan and George Bucke v Robert Bucke. Testamentary settlement of manor of Skiddbrooke [Skidbrook] and Greenepooles [?], Lincs. C78/219, no. 5 [124]
1624 24 Dec. 22 Edward Knight v Barbara Mainwaringe. Interests in a lease of the manor of Brookesend, Isle of Thanet, Kent. C78/330, no. 1 [125]