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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1623 20 C78/, no. []
1623 21 C78/, no. []
1623 24 Jan. 20 Alexander Tutt and others (named) v William Dodington and others (named). Testamentary settlement of lands in Westharneham, Eastharneham, Birtford and Fisherton, Wilts. C78/223, no. 12 [2]
1623 24 Jan 20 Anne Hudson v Raphe Longworth and others (named). Debts C78/272, no. 11 [3]
1623 30 Jan 20 Thomas Stowers v Phillip Holman, Henry Manley Marriage portion of Dennys Holman, provided for from the estate of George Holman. C78/296, no. 5 [4]
1623 31 Jan 20 William Kirton and others (named) by Thomas Gauge v Anthony Sawbridge and others (named) Testamentary trust settlement of messuages and lands in Essex by will of Thomas Kirton. C78/472, no. 1 [5]
1623 ( ) Feb. 20 Sir Eustace Harte v Anne Kerwyn and others (named). Title to The Spittle farm, in Morden, Surrey. C78/276, no. 1 [6]
1623 1 Feb. 20 Francis and Mercy Greene v Thomas Totnam. Rents due from lands in Halstead,Essex. C78/281, no. 7 [7]
1623 3 Feb. 20 Phillipp Perient v Sir Nicholas Trott and others (named). Trust of lands in Ayott Mountfitchet, Ayott Codicott, Welwyn and Westlington, Herts. C78/281, no. 6 [8]
1623 3 Feb. 20 William and John Ruggles v Johan Ruggles and others (named). Title to lands in Hempstead, Essex. C78/281, no. 10 [9]
1623 3 Feb. 20 Thomas and Margaret Incks and others (named) v Beatrix Cludd Possession of lands in Atcham or Attingham and Edgebould, Salop and tithes of Atcham, Berwicke iuxta Atcham, Cronckhill, Emstry and Chilton, Salop. C78/472, no. 2 [10]
1623 4 Feb. 20 Johan, Martha and Hester Ireland v Thomas Ireland and others (named). Legacies and portions payable from lands in Stite and Shipperfield, Salop. C78/213, no. 7 [11]
1623 4 Feb. 20 Thomas Hampson and another (named) v Thomas Leake and another (named). Cancellation of mortgage and statutues on manor of Longworth, Berks. C78/336, no. 2 [12]
1623 5 Feb. 20 William Tiffen v Sir Paul Banning and others (named). Debts payable from sale of lands in Sigeston, Yorks. C78/258, no. 9 [13]
1623 5 Feb. 20 Michael Bredge or Bridges & others (named) v Nicholas Merrells & another (named). Portions payable from personal estate of Robert Merrells C78/412, no. 16 [14]
1623 6 Feb 20 Anthony Hungerford v Sir Henry Knight, Richard Woodroff. Various acts of violence and damage from twenty years previously and also the mediation of a disputed marriage portion. C78/364, no. 9 [15]
1623 7 Feb. 20 Robert Barnaby v Hugh Thornton and others (named). Assignation of lease and rent arrears of manor of Lawton, Heref. C78/331, no. 8 [16]
1623 8 Feb. 20 John Topp and another (named) v Joane Long and others (named). Possession of lands in Grandon, Somerset. C78/212, no. 3 [17]
1623 8 Feb. 20 Richard and Winifred Kellaway (for infant Peter Bromham) v Elizabeth Bromham. Title to tenements in Dunsfold, Surrey. C78/223, no. 11 [18]
1623 8 Feb. 20 Robert Yardley, Edward Fage, Anthony Fage, John Pitches, Richard Price, Richard Mowse v George Needham, Edmond Needham, William Plomer. Estate of John Parker, late of Radnell, Hertfordshire. Conveyance of the manor of Radwell, conditional upon good and charitable works for the poor of Baldock, Hertfordshire C78/250, no. 7 [19]
1623 8 Feb. 20 Hugh Bullocke v William Lamplugh and William Bing The building of a light-house at Dungeness. C78/268, no. 18 [20]
1623 8 Feb. 20 Daniel Wigmore and others (named) for inhabitants of Ely, Cambs v Sir Thomas Steward and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Streatcham, Isle of Ely, Cambs, given to charitable uses in the town. C78/329, no. 5 [21]
1623 10 Feb. 20 William Court alias Parris, Christopher Preston, Sylvanus Davyus v Henry Hodges. Estate of John Court, Cotleg Farm, Chardstock, Dorset. Leasehold dispute and administration of the estate after the marriage of Dorothy Court to Sylvanus Davys. C78/291, no. 10 [22]
1623 10 Feb. 20 Elizabeth Flesheware alias Huntyngton v Daniel Jackson and Emanuel Flesheware. Estate of Andrewe Huntingdon, whitebaker of London. Establishment of Andrew Flesheware in the same trade, and marriage to Elizabeth. C78/264, no. 1 [23]
1623 11 Feb. 20 Richard Humfrey v John Cotton. Rent arrears of socage lands in Rottendon, Essex. C78/272, no. 6 [24]
1623 11 Feb. 20 Sir Samuel Peyton and others (named) v Sir Thomas and others (named). Legacies from an estate in Cranford, Middx. C78/272, no. 10 [25]
1623 11 Feb. 20 Edmond Stowte v Anne Halfepenny. Forfeiture of mortgaged lands in Debtford, Kent. C78/307, no. 2 [26]
1623 11 Feb. 20 William and Elizabeth Dowrishe and others (named) v George Broughton and another (named). Legacies from trust of lands in Nymett, Episcopi, county not mentioned, by will of John Ridge. C78/334, no. 18 [27]
1623 12 Feb. 20 William Sambach and others (named) copyholders and customary tenants of manor of Shrawley, Worcs v Edmond Rotheram. Ancient customs relating to copyhold tenancies in Shrawley. C78/212 , no. 1 [28]
1623 12 Feb 20 Thomas Preston and others v Thomas Craven and others (named). Debts payable from lands and tithes in Giggleswick, Yorks. C78/244, no. 2 [29]
1623 12 Feb. 20 Henry Donne Lee and others (named) v Edward Wadson and others (named). Bonds in connection with lease of tenements and lands in Carmarthenshire. C78/244, no. 3 [30]
1623 12 Feb 20 John Smeath v Marmaduke Moore, Thomas Baker and others (named). Terms for the 'consolidation' of Westover manor and farm, Somerset, into the hands of Smeath. Deeds and terms set before the Court. C78/266, no. 4 [31]
1623 12 Feb 20 Sir William & Dame Elizabeth Sandis v Robert Wyvell & others (named) tenants of Thorneton, Yorks. Bill (11 June 1614) seeking confirmation of agreement (no date) to survey, re-allocate and enclose common ground called Oxgangland and Cam. C78/358, no. 9 [32]
1623 13 Feb. 20 William Millett v John Lyon and others (named). Mortgage and other encumbrances on manor of Roxbie [Roxby], Lincs. C78/212, no. 4 [33]
1623 13 Feb. 20 John Kensham v Arthur Hill, John Thomas and Roger Hill. Estate of Thomas Gayre, of the parish of Saint Keverne, Cornwall. Terms for new leases. C78/266, no. 3 [34]
1623 13 Feb 20 John Copland v Edward Adgar Possession of mortgaged lands in Wilmington, Kent C78/412, no. 15 [35]
1623 14 Feb. 20 Thomas and John Jones v Gilbert Poison. Accounts re voyages of ship "The Faulcon" from London. C78/259, no. 8 [36]
1623 15 Feb 20 Thomas Mason v Sir Thomas Penruddocke Recovery of mortgaged manor of Yelingbury and lands in Fulham, Middx. C78/218, no. 1 [37]
1623 15 Feb. 20 Thomas Steward v Thomas Steward. Legacies payable from lands in Marham, Norfolk, by will of John Steward. C78/218, no. 5 [38]
1623 17 Feb. 20 Francis, Lord Verulam v Mary Downes and others (named). Purchase of jewels. C78/218, no. 6 [39]
1623 17 Feb. 20 Zachary Letherland and another (harped) v Richard Busbie and another (named). Accounts of brewhouse at Putney, Surrey. C78/234, no. 15 [40]
1623 17 Feb 20 John Waller v Thomas Waller and another (named). Title to manor of Payton Hall, Suffolk C78/336, no. 1 [41]
1623 18 Feb 20 William Hutton v Henry Baldwin Debts, bonds and mortgage of lands in Roxby, Yorks. C78/233, no. 4 [42]
1623 18 Feb 20 Thomas Kirke of Catthorpe, alias Thorpe St Thomas, Leics, yeoman v. John Moore the elder, clerk C78/1236, no. 9 [43]
1623 19 Feb. 20 Robert Fulnetby v Frauncis Withens and another (named). Debts and recognizances in connection with purchase of manors of Ranby and Boothby, Lincs. C78/218, no. 7 [44]
1623 20 Feb 20 Sir Oliver Luke of Woodend, Beds, knight; and Sir John Luke of Flamstead, Herts, knight v. John Scott, clerk; Simon Lenton; and Thomas Lenton C78/1289, no. 5 [45]
1623 24 Feb. 20 Thomas Salkeild v Elianor Benson. Recovery of mortgaged tenement in Thwaites, Cumberland. C78/244, no.4 [46]
1623 14 Feb. 20 Robert Strutt, Henry Pratt and others v John Strutt. Estate of Nicholas Strutt: manor of Whatfield Hall, Suffolk. C78/246, no. 2 [47]
1623 27 Feb 20 Jons Croppenbergh, citizen and haberdasher of London v. Sir Henry Appleton, knight and baronet; Julius Bludder, esq; Thomas Blakemore; William Blakemore; Marie Blackmore; Thomas Binckes & Anne his wife; Abigall Baker; Abigall Baker (sic); Judith Baker; and Anne Baker; Anthony Ware; ___ Gower; and John Baker C78/1157, no. 5 [48]
1623 -- 21 Thomas Ellyott v Edmund Lawrence, John Samwayes, Richard Keate, John Page and others (named). Five tenements and messuages in the City of New Sarum. Dispute over rents and leases. C78/245, no. 1 [49]
1623? 21? Richard Hotchkins or Hotchkis v Marie Griffeths. Debts and trusts declared by Will. C78/272, no. 1 [50]
1623 13 April 21 Stephen Skipwith v John Jennyngs Alleged feoffment with warranty of the manor and rectory of Sandridge, Herts. C78/223, no. 13 [51]
1623 30 April 21 Michael and Judith Warner v John Waterworte, and others (named, master and wardens of the Innholders) of London Lease of tenements in St Stephen of Colmanstreet, London. C78/1206, no. 11 [52]
1623 1 May 21 John Thomas and others (master and wardens of the Sadlers of London) v William Johnson and others (named). Rentcharge issuing from messuages in Saint Olave near London Wall, given to repair church of St. Martin Ongar, London C78/1206, no. 12 [53]
1623 2 May 21 Anthony Welshe v Thomas and Ratchell Morgan. Bonds in connection with a lease of lands in Lanwarne, Mon. C78/331, no. 9 [54]
1623 3 May 21 Edward and Dorothie Nicholas v Thomas Walrond. Delivery and re-assignation of manor and rectory of Aldburye, Wilts. C78/223, no. 7 [55]
1623 3 May 21 Thomas Milward v John Milward and another (named). Title to copyhold tenement in Maighfield, Sussex. C78/234, no. 14 [56]
1623 3 May 21 James Brampton v Sir Valentine Browne and another (named). Purchase of manor of Friskney, Lincs, encumbered with a lease. C78/329, no. 4 [57]
1623 5 May 21 Francis Harvey, Sir Richard Morre, Michael Wright v Francis Wythers and Robert Fullnetby. The bonds for debt of Robert Fulnetby: manor of Fulnetby, Lincolnshire as security. Also the manor of Reynby [?Ranby], Lincs. C78/291, no. 2 [58]
1623 6 May 21 Myles Corney v Sir Nicholas Overbuiy Lease of church of Burton on the Hill, Gloucs. C78/272, no. 3 [59]
1623 7 May 21 Thomas Smyth v John Chapman and others (named). Falsely drawn up deed of mortgage of tenements,lands and lime-kiln in Burnhamthorpe, Norfolk. C78/306, no. 7 [60]
1623 8 May 21 Samuel Collins, Provost and fellows and scholars of Kings College Cambridge, and masters and scholars of free school of Brewton, Somerset, and tenants (some named)

of Stower Provost v Thomas Yeatman and others (named).

Bill (heretofore) alleging refusal by defendants to accept articles of agreement (3 years past) to divide and enclose 1300 acres of waste land in Stower Provost, Dorset and seeking court confirmation of agreement. C78/223, no. 9 [61]
1623 8 May 21 Jonas and Lyonell Pitts v John and William Hunt. Marriage settlement and annuities payable from manor and rectory of Scottowe and manors of Fenhall, Stubbs and Gurneys, Norfolk. C78/306, no. 6 [62]
1623 9 May 21 William Lobb v Richard Brewen and others (named) Debts. C78/218, no. 4 [63]
1623 10 May 21 Dean and Chapter of Hereford Cathedral v Robert and Katherine Lochard and others (named). Title to copyholds in Cannon Pyon, Heref and wardship and custody of the heir. C78/230, no. 7 [64]
1623 12 May 21 Sir Edward Mountford, Robert Stanford, George Birch, Ambrose Birch, George Hadley, John Dudley, Thomas Derbye and others (named) v Edward Banburye, Francis Symcox, Robert Smallbrooke. Debts of George Robserts, late of Oldburye, Shropshire. C78/250, no. 6 [65]
1623 12 May 20 Sir Edward Devereux knight and baronet; Sir Thomas Porter knight; Edward Glover esq; and John Lewes gentleman; v. Sir Thomas Tresham knight; George Purifie esq; Richard Whitehall gentleman; and George Lewes C79/18, no. [66]
1623 13 May 21 Thomas Taylor v Dame Elizabeth Holmeden and Thomas Holmeden. Mansion house and property in the parish of Saint Mary Woolchurch Hame, London. A garden in Coleman Street, disputed title. C78/295, no. 8 [67]
1623 13 May 21 Sir Robert Killigrew v Richard Gedey or Gedie. Profits due from trust settlement of the manors of Lanracke, Killegorack and Botlet, Cornwall. C78/328, no. 4 [68]
1623 17 May 21 Petition by William Tothill and others (the six Clerks of the Chancery). Request for damages for loss of personal belongings in fire in the six clerks' house and office and for assistance in expenses of rebuilding. C78/328, no. 2 [69]
1623 19 May 21 Edmond Bridge v John Cowper and another (named). Title and alleged illegal entry into lands of the manor of West Bradley, Somerset. C78/218, no. 2 [70]
1623 19 May 21 Francis Aspinall v Katherine Aspinall, John Cotes and others Estate of Thomas Rugeley: several properties at Kings Bromley, Amerton, Callowhill, Hickson, Newton and other places in Staffordshire, and also in the town of Derby. C78/250, no. 9 [71]
1623 19 May 21 Henry Cesar v Sir Miles Sandys, Thomas Parke, Robert Clinche or Clenche, Henry Upcher and others (named) The tenants of the manors of Sutton and Mepall, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, as well as the users of the common lands, wastes and marshes, seek the enclosure of the lands and commons for the benefit of their private and collective benefit in agriculture. Landlord and tenants seek a decree for enclosure by mutual agreement. C78/445, no. 7 [72]
1623 19 May 21 Richard Bateman v Charles Knyveton Estate of John Knyveton, two closes at Yolgrave, Derbyshire C78/494, no. 1 [73]
1623 19 May 21 Sir Phillip Woodhouse v Robert Wace and another (named). Bill (Trinity 1620), alleging encroachment on 300 acres of manor of Feltwell Southall which was then illegally enclosed as part of manor of Feltwell, thereby blocking

common ways to church and market. Investigating commission ordered 700 acres of heath in Feltwell to be divided into 3 portions for the 3 manors of Feltwell, Southall and Easthall (Norfolk) as demesne, and authorised that, with agreement of tenants having common rights, these portions could be divided and enclosed.

C78/474, no. 5 [74]
1623 20 May 21 William Payne v Daniel Deligne and others, (named). Sale of lands in Weybred, Suffolk, previously mortgaged C78/277, no. 2 [75]
1623 20 May 21 Sir John Dormer v Sir Jerome Horsey, William Thomason, and Mathew Nelson. Dispute over the lease of Stocking Wood, Parish of Princes Risborough, Bucks. C78/363, no. 1 [76]
1623 21 May 20 Vincent Amcotts v. Alexander Amcotts & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of Anthony Norton her late husband; Thomas Disney; Edward Fulwood; William Wallett; and William Arnold C78/1236, no. 10 [77]
1623 21 May 21 Francis Poole of Farndon, Notts, gent, executor of Robert Poole, esq, his father v. Richard Gymney, clerk; James Gymney his son; and James Leeke, gent C78/1236, no. 8 [78]
1623 23 May 21 Jane Bennett v John Newporte Will and estate of Thomas Hanley, manors of Downton and Hanley William, Worcestershire. Lease of lands to George Abington. C78/295, no. 12 [79]
1623 24 May 21 Susan Holdich v Elizabeth Harborne, William Drury and John Randolph. Loan of money by Henry Holdich from William Harbume, late of Mundham, Norfolk. Mortgage of the manor of Randworth. C78/296, no. 3 [80]
1623 24 May 21 Arthur Smythes v Henry Sherfield and another (named). Trust settlement of the manors of Obden and Sagebury, Worcs and Olneston, Elnerton, Norwicke and Redwicke, Gloucs. C78/223, no. 8 [81]
1623 24 May 21 William Osborne v Samuel Radcliff, Principal and scholars of Brasenose College, Oxford. Annual pension payable from profits of parsonage of Therford, Northants, and detention of glebe lands and tithes. C78/243, no. 12 [82]
1623 24 May 21 George Birkehead and others (named) v Sir Edmund Frere Legacies to school and Almshouse of Blechington, Oxon. C78/272, no. 9 [83]
1623 26 May 21 Thomas and Susan Greene and others (named) v John Lenn and others (named). Testamentary settlement by will of Henry Cooke of lands in Durington, Wiston, Taring and Goring C78/223, no. 10 [84]
1623 26 May 21 William Pitt and others (named) feoffees in trust for 40 poor people in parish of Westminster v Sir Edward Randle. Payment of annuity from manor of Aldbury, Surrey to use of poor in Westminster. C78/236, no. 11 [85]
1623 26 May 21 Sir Henry Fynes v William Tulley and others (one named). Lands in Leake and Leverton, Lincs, used as security for debts. C78/328, no. 3 [86]
1623 28 May 21 John Richardson and others (named) as (1) above v Richard Miller and others (named). Bill (24 May 21 Jas. I) alleging rejection of agreement (12 Feb. 1622) to regulate manorial customs and to divide and enclose part of commons and waste.

Over, Cambs.

C78/328, no. 5 [87]
1623 29 May 21 Henry Chapman v Anne Chapman and others (named). Conveyance in trust of a rent—charge from lands in Shorne, Kent. C78/234, no. 13 [88]
1623 29 May 21 John Haward v Sir Richard Harrison Land on the manor of Wysheley in Hurst, dispute over terms of copyhold tenure. C78/264, no. 9 [89]
1623 29 May 21 Edward Dendye v Sir Richard Cecill. Service rendered to William, late Lord Rosse, in his travels beyond the sea. Claims for disbursements. C78/248, no. 9 [90]
1623 31 May 21 Sir Thomas Moncke and Sir Robert and Arthur Bassett. Purchase of manor and advowson of Beaford, Devon. C78/334, no. 17 [91]
1623 5 June 21 Christopher and Robert Barker v Bonham Norton Office of the Kings Majesties Printer. C78/230, no. 8 [92]
1623 13 June 21 Sir William Garway and others (named) v Thomas, Earl of Suffolke and others (named). Debts on security of lands in Oswestry, Dewport and Trayne, Salop, and validation of leases there. C78/1206, no. 10 [93]
1623 16 June 21 Thomas Bickley v Peter and Mary Locke. Mortgage of farm of Stanshawe, Isle of Pottsey, Hants. C78/223, no. 1 [94]
1623 17 June 21 Robert Dillon v Sir Richard Hill. Debts and mortgage of lands in Bediford, Devon in connection with marriage portion. C78/334, no. 13 [95]
1623 18 June 21 John Page v Edward Staker. Interruption of common pasture rights appertaining to copyhold tenement in manor of Bynstead, Sussex. C78/223, no. 2 [96]
1623 18 June 21 Sir Robert Chichester v George Butler Lease of part of partitioned estate of manor of Owleston, Leics and Exton and Burley, Rutlands. C78/334, no. 12 [97]
1623 19 June 21 Margaret Hoppey and others (some named) v William Wallis and others (some named). Annuity payable from lands in Woodroffe, Kent by will of Sir Henry Lindley. C78/306, no. 10 [98]
1623 20 June 21 Arthur Hopton v John and Rebecca Lawsell and others (named) Conveyance of messuage and lands at Colliers Hatch, Stapleford Tawny, Essex C78/408, no. 12 [99]
1623 21 June 21 William Whittle v James Bland. Dispute over land at Ampton, Suffolk. Disputed sale to Bland. C78/291, no. 11 [100]
1623 21 June 21 Edith and Christian Alder v Henry Godfrey and others (named). Mortgage of manor and advowson of Broughton Pongs, Oxon. C78/234, no.11 [101]
1623 21 June 21 Sir Michael Stanhope, Robert Spencer, William Glover, Thomas Shaw, Sampson Wolnerston, Edward Mages and others v Thomas Mawe. Dispute over the tithes of the manor of Lowdham, Suffolk, and other parish charges C78/445, no. 8 [102]
1623 23 June 21 Governors of Free Grammar School of King Edward VI in Shirbome, Dorset v Sir George Trenchard Bill (before this time) alleging loss of revenue from school lands illegally enclosed with demesne in Litchett Matrevers, Dorset, and seeking other lands in lieu C78/1206, no. 5 [103]
1623 23 June 21 Brigge Founteyne of Sall, Norf, esq; and John Colfer of Briston, Norf, yeoman v. Edward Hamond, clerk C78/1157, no. 7 [104]
1623 25 June 21 John Humfrey v Marie Humfrey and others (named). Debts payable from trust settlement of lands in Rotherfield.(no county given). C78/234, no. 12 [105]
1623 26 June 21 John Young v Stephen, William and Robert Hunt Cutting of timber from Barley Wood in the manor of Crondall, Hants. C78/223, no. 4 [106]
1623 26 June 21 Samuel and Dowcebell Smith and another (named) v Sir James Woolveridge and another (named). Legacies payable from testamentary settlement of the manors of Baddesly, Childworth, Romsey infra and Romsey extra, Hants. C78/223, no. 5 [107]
1623 26 June 21 Dame Mary Cholmondeley v John Lougher. Estate of Thomas Holcrofte, manors of Weverham, Horton, and water mills and other properties in Cheshire. C78/250, no. 5 [108]
1623 26 June 21 Mary Fowser or Fullser v Robert Snelling. Bond of John Fullser to Mathew Grace for payment of a debt to Tobye Wood. C78/445, no. 3 [109]
1623 26 June 21 (Attorney General??? for the poor of St Botolph's without Aldgate?); Peter Wall; Edward Randall; John Webster; and Reignold Thompson v. Thomas Vinton?; William Carpenter; William Price; William Hearte; and Robert Lenton C78/1167, no. 11 [110]
1623 28 June 21 Nicholas Polehill v John Wroth and others (named). Purchase of bedding and clothing for new sheriff of Essex. C78/218, no. 3 [111]
1623 28 June 21 Sir Robert Piggott v Sir Francis and Valentine Castilian. Annuity payable from rectory and tithes of Godalmyn, Surrey. C78/223, no. 3 [112]
1623 28 June 21 Thomas Glosse v Henry Barker and others (named). Debts. C78/272, no. 2 [113]
1623 28 June 21 Hall Ravenscroft v Sir Thomas Ersfield and another (named). Debts owed to estate of Thomas Thorpe to allow payment of legacies by his will. C78/334, no. 14 [114]
1623 30 June 21 Anthony Pelham v Sir George Fitzwilliams. Trust settlement of 2 parts of the manor of Witherne [Withern], Lincs. C78/314, no. 1 [115]
1623 30 June 21 Edward Alcock v Frauncis Coningsby and others (named). Title, under trust settlement of manor of Rampton and lands in Willingham and Cottenham, Cambs. C78/213, no. 9 [116]
1623 30 June 21 Henry Robinson citizen and haberdasher of London and Humfrey Robinson and Arthur Robinson his brothers v John Shawe and many others (not named). Incumbrances on manor of Bucton, Yorks and Fulthorpe, Durham. C78/243, no. 7 [117]
1623 30 June 21 Thomas Horton v Richard Betts, John Such and others. The purchase of the avowson of the Church of Tredington, Worcestershire. C78/268, no. 6 [118]
1623 30 June 21 Robert Smyth v Edward Burby and others (named). Mortgage of houses in city of Coventry, Warwicks. C78/330, no. 7 [119]
1623 30 June 21 William and Elizabeth Pratt v John and Lucy Aborne and others (named). Cancellation of mortgage deed of reversion interests in moiety of six houses near Leadenhall, London. C78/334, no. 16 [120]
1623 2 July 21 Isabell Pryce v Thomas Pryce and others. Possession of leases of lands in St. Thomas Apostle parish, London. C78/331, no. 10 [121]
1623 2 July 21 Henry and Robert Reade v Hugh Whistler and others (named). Title to lease of the rectory of Faccombe and Tangley, Hants. C78/223, no. 6 [122]
1623 2 July 21 Edward Baxter v Tindall Perte, Edward Poulter and others. Dispute over property on the manors of Whetstone and Friern Bamett, Middlesex. C78/268, no. 17 [123]
1623 2 July 21 William Beamond v John Thatcher and others (named). Presentation of chaplain to Burington, Dorset. C78/330, no. 5 [124]
1623 4 July 21 Sir Raph Shelton v William Anthill and others (named). Bonds for payment of debts. C78/306, no. 8 [125]
1623 15 July 21 Robert Townesend v John Swinforth. Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in Potterheigham, Norfolk. C78/306, no. 9 [126]
1623 29 July (Bill) Nicholas Bragge gentleman one of the clerks of George Evelyn esq one of the six clerks of Chancery and John Pearce of Canterbury alderman v. Thomas Smith then esq now knight of the order of the Bath and proprietor or lessee of the parsonage of Sturry, Kent; William Jarvis clerk vicar of Sturry; Thomas Hadd gentleman; and James Allen then churchwardens; Henry Harryson; Thomas Nailer; Stephen Blakesland and others (sic) the parishioners of Sturry AND also v. Sir Peter Manwood knight of the Bath deceased; James Hurst clerk the then incumbent of parson and vicar of the parish church of Hackington; John Pester; and John Smith the then churchwardens ; Roger May gentleman; Peter Fordred and other the parishioners of the same parish of Hackington alias St Stephens in Kent C79/99, no. [127]
1623 30 July 21 Master, scholars and fellows of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge v Sir George Paule and others (named). Arrears of payments of three scholarships to the college by will of Matthew Parker, former Archbishop of Canterbury. C78/236, no. 8 [128]
1623 29 Aug. 21 Richard Harris and another (named) v Zacharie Dyke and Walter Warde. Debts re trade in cow and buffalo hides to Naples. C78/258, no. 8 [129]
1623 29 Aug 21 Richard Harris; and Edward James of London, merchant v. Zacharie Dike; and Walter Warde C78/1157, no. 2 [130]
1623 4 Oct 21 George Williams and others (named) v John Giles Debts and bonds. C78/217, no. 15 [131]
1623 8 Oct. 21 Edward and Rose Roos (or Partridge) v Richard Harlakenden. As (4) (20 James I, 14 June). C78/230, no. 10 [132]
1623 11 Oct. 21 William Langford v Thomas Fry and another (named). Payments due from sale of Gunvile farm (No county given). C78/226, no. 3 [133]
1623 11 Oct. 21 Alexander Harrys v Robert Broxholme Payment of fees for lodgings in Fleet Prison. C78/230, no. 9 [134]
1623 13 Oct. 21 Effa Standish v Thurston Standishe. Use of household goods under marriage settlement. C78/236, no. 10 [135]
1623 15 Oct. 21 The Company of Ironmongers of London v Thomas Wakeman Dispute over the Wardenship of the Company. C78/465, no. 1 [136]
1623 14 Oct 21 Raphe Clarke v John Holland and others (named). Debts in connection with factorship in Lead trade. C78/243, no. 11 [137]
1623 14 Oct. 21 Raphe Clarke v John Holland and others (named). Debts in connection with factorship in Lead trade. C78/243, no. 11 [138]
1623 15 Oct 21 Anthony Cowper and another (named) v Edward Alcock and others (named). Sale of manor and advowson of Rampton, Cambs. C78/212, no. 2 [139]
1623 15 Oct. 21 Christopher Skepper v Ralphe & John Maddison. Marriage settlement of manor of Unthanke, Durham. C78/356, no. 7 [140]
1623 16 Oct. 21 Thomas Hills v Edward Bissaker and others (named). Mortgage of interests under trust settlement of tenements in Crowne Court, Chancery Lane, London. C78/306, no. 4 [141]
1623 18 Oct 21 Thomas, Earl of Kelly v John, Lord Bishop of Oxford and others (named). Possession of lease of rectory of Bray, Berks and its lands. C78/236, no. 9 [142]
1623 20 Oct 21 Thomas Morrison v Sir Henry and Dame Alice Yelverton. Profits due from trust settlement of parsonage of Buckden, Hunts. C78/301, no. 3 [143]
1623 21 Oct. 21 Elizabeth Beere and William Beere v Richard Beere and John Beere. The estate of George Hunt of Farringdon, Devonshire. Disputed marriage settlement. C78/291, no. 6 [144]
1623 22 Oct. 21 Richard Ferard v William Morgan and another (named). Profits due from financial trusts. C78/226, no. 5 [145]
1623 25 Oct. 21 Thomas and Susan Shotbolt v Fraunces Rogers and others (named). Jointure from and encumbrances on manors of Kynerton and Rytton and Adney, Salop. C78/331, no. 7 [146]
1623 25 Oct 21 Sir John Strangwayes and Sir John Windham knight; Sir Thomas Hamond knight & Dame Elizabeth Hamond his wife; Thomas White esq & Frances his wife; Edward Richard esq; and Ann Floyer widow v. Hugh Wyott and Christopher Manwaring esqs and John Bartlett gentleman C78/1919, no. 9 [147]
1623 27 Oct 21 Sir Thomas Josselyn v Sir Miles Sands, Thomas Brewster and others (named). The manor of Littleport: debts and obligations of Sir Thomas. C78/343, no. 10 [148]
1623 28 Oct 21 Robert Killigrewe v Richard Gedolye. Trust settlement of lands in Lanrack, Killigarrack and other lands in Cornwall. C78/274, no. 16 [149]
1623 28 Oct. 21 Phinees Pett and others (named) v William Burnell and others (named), members of the Company of Shipwrights Contributions payable to the Company by terms of its charter. C78/306, no. 5 [150]
1623 29 Oct. 21 Sampson Gage v Sir Edward Rawleigh, Sir John Rowse, John Maunsell, Edward Wisdome, Thomas Grey, Thomas Coney, Henry Tight and others (named). Rectory of the parish of Farmborough, Warwickshire. C78/253, no. 6 [151]
1623 31 Oct. 21 Roger Simpson v Michael and John Lemyng Title to tenement in Carperby, Yorks. C78/234, no. 10 [152]
1623 31 Oct. 21 John and William Robins v Henry Whiting Debts re wood and timber trade. C78/259, no. 9 [153]
1623 31 Oct 21 Elyanor Dennys; and Thomas Dennys the younger, infants and children of Thomas Dennys the elder, gent, anbd Marie his wife, who was daughter of Elyanor Marshall, widow, by Edward Wyott, gent; and John Dodd, scrivener, their guardians v. John Tuckfield, gent C78/1167, no. 10 [154]
1623 4 Nov. 21 Thomas Smith v William Castleton, Robert Parke and Robert Wade. Estate of George Smith, property at Ratlesden, Suffolk. Woolpytt Meadow. C78/253, no. 5 [155]
1623 4 Nov 21 Elizabeth Kirton v Edward Kirton and another (named). Marriage settlement of £1,500. C78/274, no. 14 [156]
1623 6 Nov. 21 Christofer Camp v Richard Hamond. Mortgage of rectory and tithes of Kessingland, Suffolk. C78/259, no. 3 [157]
1623 4 Nov. 21 Francis Raynes v Thomas Elficke. Legacy payable from estate of Jane Raynes. C78/258, no. 7 [158]
1623 5 Nov 20 Thomas Hunte, gent v. Richard Bancrofte, gent C78/1289, no. 6 [159]
1623 6 Nov 21 Sir Arthur Throckmorton and others (named) v Richard Triste Bill (August last) reciting that the manor of Dodford, Northamptonshire, was partly anciently enclosed, and seeking ratification of agreement (18 July last past) to continue enclosure and allot plots in lieu of tithes to church patron C78/642, no. 9 [160]
1623 8 Nov. 21 John Dutton v Sir Paul Tracy. Manor house of Sherborne, Gloucestershire. Demised by Lady Anne Tracy. C78/248, no. 8 [161]
1623 11 Nov 21 Mary Oldham v Robert Napper and another (named). Timber rights in trust settlement of lands in Ongar Park, Essex. C78/281, no. 2 [162]
1623 12 Nov. 21 William Walker, Christopher Beck v Edward Forrest and others (named). Sale of the manor of Old Hutton, by Francis Vaughan, and subsequent division and

apportionment of the commons and wastes amongst the tenants. Enclosure carried out some thirty five years previously. Manor of Old Hatton Westmorland.

C78/291, no. 8 [163]
1623 13 Nov 21 Francis and Prudence Martyn and others (named) v Thomas Fownes and another (named). Settlement of accounts of factorship, and debts owed to estate of Edward Deacon. C78/334, no. 11 [164]
1623 15 Nov. 21 George Spicer v Simon Leech, John Gapwell, Thomas Wakeman and Thomas Flay. The will and estate of William Spicer, houses in the city of Exeter. C78/344, no. 6 [165]
1623 17 Nov. 21 Sir Thomas Walsingham the younger v William Compton and others (named). Debts and bonds re trust settlement of unspecified lands. C78/434, no. 3 [166]
1623 17 Nov. 21 Edward Hobart and others (named) v Miles Hobart. Legacies payable from testamentary settlement of lands in Norfolk and Suffolk by will of Sir Thomas Hobart. C78/306, no. 3 [167]
1623 15 Nov 21 Christopher and Silvester Meysey and others (named) v Richard Lee and others (named) Testamentary settlement of gavelkind lands in Crowland, Kent, by will of Thomas Mills. C78/434, no. 2 [168]
1623 19 Nov. 21 Humphrey Coles and other Burgesses of Chard v John Howse and Christian his wife,

John Wall, Leonard Denys, Thomas Chapman and others (named).

Dispute over the offices of the Borough of Chard, Somerset. Constableship of the Common Seal, and the use of the Town Mead. C78/291, no. 9 [169]
1623 20 Nov 21 Joseph Huddleston v Sir Christofer Martin and others (named). Title to manor of Hutton John, Cumberland C78/217, no. 14 [170]
1623 20 Nov 21 Rt hon William, Viscount Mansfield v Francis Hacker. Trust settlement of lands in Eckington, Derbys. C78/226, no. 4 [171]
1623 20 Nov 21 Kinard and Blanch Delavere v Thomas Baskervile and others (named). Jointure from marriage settlement of manors of Little Kyre, Collington Nethwood Stoke, and Thomebury, Hcref and Worcs C78/230, no. 11 [172]
1623 20 Nov. 21 Rt. Hon. Mervyn, Lord Audley v Caleb Morley and others (named). Patronage of church and parsonage of Stalbridge, Dorset. C78/272, no. 5 [173]
1623 20 Nov 21 Prudence Barrye v Richard Berrye and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Barton, Berrynarber, Stoke Cannon, Blackawton, Dittisham, Affington, Heavitree, Farringdon, Clift Lovington and other lands in Devon. C78/274, no. 15 [174]
1623 20 Nov. 21 Oliver White and Alice Clowbery v John Carewe, Margaret Peter, Jane Tasker, John Riche and others (named). Manor of Rowcombe or Rawcombehugh in the parish of Stokentynhead, Devonshire. Dispute over title to the manor and terms of leases. C78/344, no. 5 [175]
1623 20 Nov 21 Lettice Fitch v Hughe Awdley. Legacy from will of Elizabeth Spencer C78/356, no. 6 [176]
1623 21 Nov 21 Frances (?) Howe, widow, administratrix of John Oldham of Tilbury, Essex and late wife of one William Howe of Muckinge, Essex for herself and Mary Oldam daughter of said Fraunces by said John and Anne Howe, daughter of said Fraunces by said William Howe, whose guardian the said Fraunces was v. Richard Luther; Anthony Luther; Andrian More; Thomas Bancrofte; and Thomas Howe, son and heir of said ___ Howe C78/1157, no. 11 [177]
1623 21 Nov 21 Sir Charles Mountague of Boughton, Northt, Knight of the Bath, then knight and now Lord Mountague; and Sir Charles Mountague of London, knight v. Sir Sidney Mountague, knight; Richard Berrington; and Richard Purifie C78/1159, no. 11 [178]
1623 22 Nov 21 John Taylor v Abraham and Magdalen Cartwright. Auditing of estate of William Taylor. C78/434, no. 1 [179]
1623 22 Nov 21 Edward Coppin v Thomas Gott and others (named). Land at Langall Cum Kirsteed and Seething, Norfolk. Estate of John Coppin. C78/268, no. 8 [180]
1623 22 Nov. 20 Beatrice Odam v John Slaney Lease of lands in Great Lesthorpe, Leics. C78/329, no. 3 [181]
1623 22 Nov 21 Edward Mileham v John Parker, Dorothy Parker Messuages and lands belonging to Dorothy Parker in the parish of Saint Michael Southelmham, Suffolk. Disputed sales of land. C78/343, no. 9 [182]
1623 24 Nov. 21 Rt Hon John, Earl of Bridgwater and others v Richard Trimley and others. Bill (Hilary Term 1620) alleging loss of common rights and objecting to lords rights of free warren in Leighton Buzzard, or Grovebury, Beds and quoting agreement (50 years past) to enclose the outwood for use of lord, but with no compensation to tenants. C78/220, no. 1 [183]
1623 24 Nov 21 Henry Robinson citizen and haberdasher of London and Humfrey Robinson and Arthur Robinson his brothers v Marmaduke Wilde and others (named). Incumbrances as in (7) above under 30 June. C78/243, no.8 [184]
1623 24 Nov 21 Edmund Anguish v Robert Downes and others (named). Bill (20 Oct. last past) re rights of foldcourse and foldage, quoting agreement (2 Oct. 21 Jas. I) to free common lands from Lord's right of foldcourse except for 70 acres which were to be enclosed to his own use. Peverell, Great Melton, Norfolk. C78/272, no. 4 [185]
1623 26 Nov. 21 Amy Colfer v John Colfer. Payment of legacy granted by will of William Colfer. C78/306, no. 2 [186]
1623 27 Nov 21 Gertrude, Lady Chaworth v Anthony Eyre, Maximilian Waterhouse and others (named). The manors of Harthill, Woodhall, Serlby, Farworth and Towarth, also East and West Retford. C78/268, no. 14 [187]
1623 27 Nov 21 Sir John Temple, knight & Dame Dorothy his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Edmond Lee, esq v. Thomas Massam, gent; and John Meade C78/1157, no. 3 [188]
1623 27 Nov 21 John Gell v. Tofte and Lowe C78/1157, no. 4 [189]
1623 28 Nov. 21 John Mallett v John Colles. Accounts and receipts of trust settlement of the manors of Enmore, Coripoole, Charlinch, Sutton Malett, Asherbert, Oke, Lyddiard Episcopi and Coursley, Somerset, Dewdon Malett, Devon, North Wraxall, Wilts, Sharehampton and Laurence Weston, Gloucs. C78/243, no. 10 [190]
1623 28 Nov 21 Sir William Somerville, Thomas Somerville v Sir Thomas Lucye, Humphrey Colles, Edward Somerville and others (named). Estate of Sir William Somerville, deceased. Manor of Edson, alias Edrestone, Warwickshire. Also of Somerviles Aston, Cockburye and Winchcombe, Gloucestershire. Disputed will and leases. C78/247, no. 10 [191]
1623 28 Nov 21 Sir William Cockayne, Sir Henry Rowe, James Cambell, Robert Bateman and other merchants of London v Sir Robert Brooke and John Brooke. The debts of Edward James and Lawrence Greene. C78/295, no. 11 [192]
1623 29 Nov. 21 John Casse, Henry Milbancke, Henry Sparye, John Stokes, William Holgate, John Lord, Thomas Lewes v Thomas Stokes. The manor of Fryers Grange, Aythorpe Rooding, Essex. Settlement of fines and customs of the manor. C78/250, no. 4 [193]
1623 29 Nov 21 John Warner v John Shawe, John Punt, John Hodgson. Performance of the will of Hugh Ley, debts supposedly owed to Punt and others. C78/295, no. 10 [194]
1623 1 Dec. 21 Mathew Warner v William Marston and Richard Smith. Dispute over a lease on property in the parish of Saint Buttolph, Aldersgate, London. Tenement in Colwell Street. C78/291, no. 7 [195]
1623 5 Dec. 21 Cressey Tonge v Richard Whalley Rent charge, from manor of Carcolston, Notts. C78/340, no. 12 [196]
1623 20 Dec. 21 Thomas and Deborah Barney and others v Edward Turnor and others (named). Jointure and portions from manor of Canons, Essex. C78/330, no. 4 [197]
1623 22 Dec 21 Humphry Ambler v Francis Rogers, Thomas Doughty, John Barber, John Ogden, John Barber the Elder and others. Dispute over commercial debts between Greene, Barber and other Chapmen of Worcestershire, and London citizens. C78/296, no. 2 [198]