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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1622 19 C78/, no. []
1622 20 C78/, no. []
1622 9 Jan 19 George Bennet v Thomas Digby and others (named). Bonds and incumbrances on purchased estate of manor and advowson of Ouldby or Welby, Leics. C78/472, no. 4 [2]
1622 18 Jan. 19 Giles Lynnett and others v Sir John Poynte, Robert Poynte, Nicholas Webb and others (named). Dispute over lands at Latteridge, Gloucestershire, purchased by Sir John Poynter. C78/262, no. 10 [3]
1622 24 Jan 19 Coningesby Freeman v Samuel Lassalls and others (named). Bonds and debts. C78/336, no. 9 [4]
1622 25 Jan. 19 Elizabeth Hide v John Harleston and William Hoo. Marriage portion of Elizabeth Hide. C78/268, no. 11 [5]
1622 25 Jan. 19 Humfrey Walrond and others (named) v William Walrond. Profits from trust settlement of lands in Ilmyster, Dumpoll, Hilcombe, Galbridge, East Lambrooke and Ashwill, Somerset. C78/330, no. 10 [6]
1622 28 Jan 19 Sir Richard Farmer, Sir Basil Brooke and Fridiswide Stratford, widow v Edgar Sparrowhawke, Richard Markwicke, Robert Hildesley and John Breach. Settlement of the customs of the manor of Wokefield, Berks. C78/262, no. 8 [7]
1622 29 Jan. 19 Mary Polhill v Thomas Milles and others (named). Annuities, legacies and maintenance payments due from testamentary settlement of lands in Wrooteham, Richeborowe, and Ashe near Sandwich, Kent. C78/229, no. 1 [8]
1622 29 Jan 19 Ellen Cardell v Robert Lloid and another (named). Cancellation of bonds. C78/468, no. 17 [9]
1622 30 Jan. 20 Sir Thomas Coventry v John Smith, Benjamin Crokley Dispute over the grammar school of Wootton Under Edge: Gloucestershire. Purchase by Katherine Lady Berkley of properties for the support of the said school. Lands in Nidly, Northnidly, Wyke, Gloucestershire. Disputes over boundaries, leases and titles. C78/327, no. 4 [10]
1622 31 Jan. 19 Jane Perient v Sir Thomas Perient. Legacy from unspecified lands in Essex by will of Thomas Perient. C78/331, no. 12 [11]
1622 4 Feb. 19 Gyles Parker, John Theaker, and Robert Hull v Sir John Gibson, Thomas Thurman, Edward Nicholson, John Toppin, William Grasen, Thomas Nicholson, William Lockewood, Elizabeth Lockwood, Thomas Craike, Robert Willson, Robert Gallaway, Thomas Cookeson, Robert Allinson, Christopher Thurman, Thomas Temple, Christopher Hessey, Robert Thurman, William Harrison, Katherin Skelton, Robert Mortimer, Thomas Pearepointe, Thomas Johnson, William Richardson, Thomas Davill, Thomas Hornesey, Thomas Perte, Christopher Johnson, Leonard Johnson, Christopher Jackson, Elizabeth Joye, Gregorie Bullocke, Robert Cundall, Richard Gallawaye, Henry Pensex, Thomas Kirbe, William Skelton, William Watson, Christopher Greene, George Howsman, Margaret Hornesey and John Tindall Bill seeking review of former decree (no date) regulating customs of the manor of Craike, Yorks (Dismission). C78/434, no. 4 [12]
1622 5 Feb. 19 Sir John Danvers v Rt hon Theophilus, Earl of Lincoln and another (named). Title to garden plot in grounds of house called Moorehouse in Chelsey, Middx. C78/224, no. 13 [13]
1622 5 Feb. 19 Frances Shrimpling v Robert Skarth and another (named). Will and trusts in land in Tilney, Norfolk and Bungay, Suffolk. C78/272, no. 16 [14]
1622 7 Feb 19 Peter Jones v George Chapman and others (named). Debts C78/233, no. 6 [15]
1622 7 Feb 19 Edward Sherborne v John Ibson Patronage of office of "Register of the Court and Council for the North parts." C78/233, no. 7 [16]
1622 7 Feb. 19 William Blackhead v John Howell, Henry Inxon Estate of Anthony Howson of Yarmouth, beerbrewer. The setting up of two brewhouses at Yarmouth. Disputed debts and ownership. C78/245, no. 10 [17]
1622 7 Feb. 19 John Humphrey of Burrowgreene, Cambs v Gilbert Holleston, Dame Jane his wife, Roger Stutvile and Gyles Alington. Estate of Thomas Humphrey, Great Grandfather to the complt. Messuage called Cockyns, land & rights to sheepwalk in Brinckly, Cambs. C78/268, no. 1 [18]
1622 8 Feb. 19 Thomas Hall of London, Merchant v William Palmer of Barnestaple, Devon, John Symons and John Viaary. Bills of Exchange, Rochell in France. C78/468, no. 16 [19]
1622 9 Feb. 19 Grymbauld Pauncefoot of Tewksbury, Gloucs v James Walweyn, Ann his wife, John Stratford, John Mannsell. Dispute over loans and debts. C78/246, no. 8 [20]
1622 11 Feb. 19 William, Viscount Mansfield v William Hamond Trust settlement of manors of Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset and Fledborowe, Notts. C78/224, no. 7 [21]
1622 18 Feb. 19 William Sherman, John Rushall and others (named) v Lady Anne Andrewe, Sir William Chauncey, Robert Ramsford, Edmond Farmer and others. The estate of the late Enseby Andrew, of Charwelton, Northamptonshire. Sales and leases of land. C78/253, no. 9 [22]
1622 23 Feb. 19 Decree for clerk of the Hanaper. Increase in fees. C78/312, no. 3 [23]
1622 27 Feb. 19 William Robinson v Edward Barkeham. Payment of purchase money for lands in Fishtos [Fishtoft], Lincs. C78/336, no. 10 [24]
1622 1 March 19 Richard Croshawe and another (named) v Henry Roper and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Heynor [Heanor], Derbys. C78/244, no. 13 [25]
1622 1 Mar 19 George Pitt of London, Gent, James Trussell and William Taylor Citizens & mercers of London v Sir John Keneday. Debts of money and wares. C78/272, no. 17 [26]
1622 22 March 19 William Finch and others (named) v Gilbert Wright and others (named) Master and Wardens of the Salters, of London Funds for the fortification of Londonderry and Colraine, Ireland. C78/1206, no. 14 [27]
Undated but circa 20 Jas. I 20 Henry Coney and Phillip Ferrers v Reginald Home, Henry Howard, William Robbins and others (named). Dispute arising from the enclosure of the commons of the below towns by William Duncombe, without regard to the rights of the tenants. Appointment of commissioners for the proper apportionment of the lands. Kenworth, Flampsteed, Stodham and Humbershoe, Hertfordshire. Also Buckwood, Bedfordshire. C78/292, no. 7 [28]
1622 9 April 20 William Harvy doctor of physick v Thomas Brondixe, William Knight, Richard Symonds and others Dispute over land at Romney Marshes C78/493, no. 1 [29]
1622 1 May 20 Sir George Tipping v Sir Thomas Popeblunt Marriage of Jolin Tipping and Anne Pigott. C78/261, no. 7 [30]
1622 7 May 20 Martha Allen and others (named) v Ellen Stevenson and others (named). Unpaid bonds C78/272, no. 15 [31]
1622 8 May 20 Sir Thomas Southwell and another (named) v Henry Jernegan. Separation of intermingled copyholdings in manor of Carbrook, Norfolk. C78/329, no. 8 [32]
1622 8 May 20 George and Elizabeth Quarnell and others (named) v Nicholas Weblinge. Legacy from tenements in London and Uphall and Barking, Essex and Southwark, Surrey, by will of Wessell Weblinge. C78/336, no. 7 [33]
1622 8 May 20 George Biddulphe v Richard Francis and others Dispute over land on the manor of Tickenhall, Derbyshire C78/421, no. 6 [34]
1622 8 May 20 George Biddulphe v Richard Francis, Robert Willimot, Edward Thriglie, Thomas Yonger and others (named) Dispute over the sale of the manor of Tickenhall, Derbyshire. C78/421, no. 8 [35]
1622 10 May 20 Cressy Tonge v Richard Whalley Rent-charges due from manor of Carcolston or Carecolston, Notts. C78/336, no. 3 [36]
1622 11 May 20 John Barrey, Thomas Dash v Emanuell Dadd and others. Property of John Ludlowe: lordship of Cams Oizell(?) C78/246, no. 16 [37]
1622 13 May 20 William Lyde als Joyner of the City of Oxford v James Ratray Bonds C78/468, no. 18 [38]
1622 14 May 20 Mary Walsteed v Thomas Walsteed, John Rowland alias Styner Dispute over the Mott House and other property at Great Barr, Staffordshire. C78/250, no. 13 [39]
1622 15 May 20 John Worseter v John Hearcye and Jane Hearcye Estate of John Hearcye: property in London and the suburbs. Also in Berkshire and Warwickshire. C78/264, no. 3 [40]
1622 15 May 20 Robert White v Richard Cope Disputed settlement on the marriage of Thomas Rawlyns and Marie his wife. Land on the manors of Great and Little Wakering, Essex C78/493, no. 8 [41]
1622 16 May 20 William Curde and others (named) v Thomas and Richard Willisse. Inheritance of copyhold lands in Horningsey, Cambs. C78/281, no. 14 [42]
1622 17 May 20 Thomas Barnby of Barnby Hall, Yorks v Margaret Greves, Valentyne Burdett, Agnes his wife and Michael Clerke Recovery of possession of fourth part of a forge in Silkeston and lands in Dodworth, and farm in Hedingley, Leeds. C78/243, no. 13 [43]
1622 18 May 20 William Chaplyn v Roger Chaplyn. Estate of William Chaplyn: property on the manor of Taunton Prioratus, Somerset. C78/246, no. 11 [44]
1622 18 May 20 Paul Abrahall and Jane his wife, daughter & executrix of Margaret Clerke, widow decd v Roger Walrond and Margaret Wood, widow & executrix of Symon Wood decd. Payment of a pension. C78/281, no. 15 [45]
1622 20 May 20 Sir Edward Harrington and others (named) v Richard Sampson Bill (7 Feb. 1619) reciting agreement (no date) to exchange plots and have general enclosure of commons of Knoston, Leicestershire, and alleging incumbent's dissatisfaction with his new plot and his refusal to accept the agreement, and seeking ratification of the agreement. C78/453, no. 7 [46]
1622 21 May 20 Richard Gregson v Johan Lucy, John Everard, Mary Gregson. Dispute over conveyance of a moiety of the town of Turvaston, Derbyshire. C78/253, no. 7 [47]
1622 22 May 20 Thomas Harris v Robert George and others (named). Lease of lands in Cirencester and Bisley, Gloucs and Brokenborow, Wilts. C78/272, no. 14 [48]
1622 23 May 20 Henry and Jane Wrothe and another (named) v Sir Arthur Mainwaring and another (named) Testamentary trust settlement of manors of Burgham, Pirford and Wistey, Surrey C78/472, no. 3 [49]
1622 25 May 20 Sir Anthony Hungerford v Richard Corbett and others (named), Dean and chapter of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. Agreement to divide commons previously held jointly by the three manors of Burton Inge, Burton Abbott and Burton Winslow in Black Burton, Oxon. C78/224, no. 14 [50]
1622 25 May 20 Richard Lyne and others (named) v John Lyne. Legacies payable from lands in Cambridge by will of William Lyne. C78/233, no.3 [51]
1622 25 May 20 Edward, Earl Stafford and others (named) v Thomas Patche and others (named) Agreement re heriots, fines and customs for customary tenants of the tithing of Oldbury in the manor of Thornebury, Gloucs C78/654, no. 1 [52]
1622 27 May 20 Robert Wallis and another (named) v Adlington Humfrey and others (named). Debts and bonds in connection with purchase of lands in Hampreston, Great Canford and Wymborne Mynster, Dorset. C78/224, no. 8 [53]
1622 27 May 20 Helen and Richard Upsdale v Richard and Thomas Upsdale. Title to copyhold lands in the manor of Eastmeon and lands in Froxfield, Hants. C78/224, no. 11 [54]
1622 27 May 20 John Protheroe and another (named) v Isabell Deane and another (named). Debts on security of Castle of Laughorne. (No county given) C78/336, no. 8 [55]
1622 28 May 20 John Arnold v Thomas and Edith Stoughton. Marriage portion payable from rents of manor of Horseys Melcombe, Dorset. C78/224, no. 14 [56]
1622 28 May 20 Sir Thomas Rookeby v Sir Raphe Lawson and another (named). Lease of lands in Thwait and Romboldchurch, Yorks. C78/244, no. 12 [57]
1622 28 May 20 John Beswall v Richard Jevon. Estate of John Young, properties in Herefordshire. C78/250, no. 15 [58]
1622 28 May 20 John Keble v Sir William Soame and others (named). Title to lands in Saxton Hamblett and Stowe Markett, Suffolk. C78/279, no. 11 [59]
1622 30 May 20 Bartholomew Styles of Metfield, Suffolk v Bartholomew Styles sen. of Wethersdall, Suffolk and James Styles Marriage of Bartholomew jun. and Frances Chansey - dispute with Ezechiel Chansey over intended marriage settlement C78/496, no. 12 [60]
1622 31 May 20 Robert Frye and others (named) v Elizabeth and Richard Sheldon. Leases of lands in Spatchley, Worcs and Manstron, Dorset, used as dower and jointure. C78/224, no. 10 [61]
1622 31 May 20 William Dare, Thomas Dare and others (named) v Henry Henley, Robert Beyman, Hugh Goodsall and Richard Saunders. The will and estate of Robert Henley, late of Leigh, Somerset. C78/246, no. 12 [62]
1622 31 May Circa 20 Jas. I Sir Ephraim Widdrington of Nether Trewhitt, Northumberland v Thomas Orde, Katherine his wife and George Orde. Estate of Robert Gallon (tempus 24 Hen VII), late of Trewhitt, decd, Great Grandfather of the deft Katherine. Towns of Nether-Trewhitt, Over Trewhitt, Little Tofton, Rothberry [Rothbury], Northumberland. C78/296, no. 7 [63]
1622 31 May 20 Stephen Higgens of the Parish of Savoy, Middx, Apothecary v Roger Smith, William Smith, Humfrey Smith and Walter Gilmore. Debts for apothecary wares and medicines payable by will of Sir William Smith late of the Parish of St Martin in the Fields, Middx. C78/1206, no. 19 [64]
1622 3 June 20 Edmond Wright v Bryan Cooke and another (named). Mortgage of tenements in Norton and Stubwalden, Yorks. C78/244, no. 11 [65]
1622 3 June. 20 William and Paul Romney v Edward Broad and others. Rents due from lands in Huckley and Kings Barton, Gloucs C78/281, no. 16 [66]
1622 5 June 20 Charles Fox of Greete, Salop v Robert Leighton, Elizabeth Leighton, Sir Richard Greaves, Edward Scriven and Richard Leighton. The debts of Sir Edward Leighton of Watlesborough, Salop and Thomas Leighton his son & heir. C78/267, no. 5 [67]
1622 8 June 20 George Warner of Thorpe Hubbenham, Northants, Richard Greene, William Sharpe, Silvester Warner and Francis Warner v Sir William Kniveton, Margaret Davenport, Sir Gilbert Kniveton, Sir George Chaworth, John Chaworth and Richard Northen. Sale of lands at Browne Wolston, Stretton, Marston, Ryton, Warwickshire, by the Davenports to George Warner. C78/245, no. 6 [68]
1622 13 June 20 Temperance Cole v Walter Herlackenden. Property of Walter Herlackenden of Tunstall, Kent, deceased. Great Brewhouse, Milton, Kent. Settlement of a marriage between Thomas Awdeley, fishmonger of London and Elizabeth Herlackenden. C78/245, no. 3 [69]
1622 13 June 20 Thomas Withe and others (named) v Gregory Church and another (named). Arrears of annuity and maintenance of an idiot payable from lease of lands in Framesden and Crelingham, Suffolk. C78/462, no. 1 [70]
1622 15 June 20 Rose Partridge v Richard Harlakenden Title to copyhold lands of the manors of Giles Colne and Giles Colne Priory, Essex. C78/230, no. 4 [71]
1622 17 June 20 Richard Hunter v George Mouse. Provision for the complainant’s family. C78/296, no. 4 [72]
1622 21 June 20 Richard Bromfield and others (named) v Walter Brooke and others (named). Regulation of fines, heriots and manorial customs in the manor of Lapley Aston, Staffs. C78/233, no. 2 [73]
1622 22 June 20 John Freeborne v Sir Stephen Lesieur Lease of lands in Stratfeldsey, Hants. C78/234, no. 1 [74]
1622 22 June 20 William Rayley v John Rayley Testamentary settlement of lands in Claye, Norfolk. C78/329, no. 7 [75]
1622 25 June 20 Paul Peart and Raphe [?Hope?] of London, Gent v Marmaduke Constable of Nunthorpe, Yorks, Leonard Chapman, William Symon, Richard Langdale, William Langdall and others (not named). Title and interests in manors of Worsall als Little Worsall als Low Worsall, Breywith, Heywicke als Hinke upon the Bridge, Ellingthorpe, Broughton als Great Broughton, Seymor, Middleton upon Leaven and Roxby, Yorks, formerly the property of Sir James Strangewaies decd. C78/219, no. 9 [76]
1622 25 June 20 Robert Dancastle v Richard Hill and another (named). Debts and legacies payable by will of Roger Higgs. C78/234, no. 3 [77]
1622 25 June 20 Robert Hester v John Hester the Elder, Agnes Hester, William Hester, Richard Clerke and others (named). Relief from the foul practises of John Hester against the estate of Robert Hester’s father. Frauds and deceits. C78/264, no. 5 [78]
1622 25 June 20 John Stukeley v Edward Carey The will of Sir George Carey. The manor of Frithwellstock, Devonshire. C78/267, no. 6 [79]
1622 25 June 20 Adam and Anne Abraham v Thomas Bowridge and others (named). Possession and titles to copyhold lands in Combe St Nicholas, Somerset. C78/330, no. 9 [80]
1622 26 June 20 Samuel Peacock v Henry Robinson. Lease of lands in Bishops Wilton, Yorks, as security for debts. C78/244, no. 9 [81]
1622 27 June 20 Sir Garrard Sammes and another (named) v John Porter Bonds. C78/213, no. 4 [82]
1622 27 June 20 Sir Rowland Cotton v Rt. hon. Gilbert, Lord Gerard Co-ownership of manor of Asheley, Staffs. C78/236, no. 15 [83]
1622 27 June 20 Alexander Williams and Anthony Williams v Robert Lane. Bonds and Statute Staple for debt. C78/245, no. 2 [84]
1622 27 June 20 Richard Herbert v Dame Anne Davy. Concerning accounts of money and other transactions between Herbert and Robert Davy, deceased. C78/246, no. 10 [85]
1622 29 June 20 Thomas Landen v John Lowndes Estate of Randle Rode, late of Odde Rodde, Chester. C78/250, no. 16 [86]
1622 29 June 20 Agnes Dover v Richard Arden. Lease of lands in Trigwoorth, Ablode and Sauthurst, Gloucs. C78/272, no. 8 [87]
1622 29 June 20 George, lord bishop of Chichester v Sir Henry Goring and others (named) Lease of pasture and meadow lands, and tithes of the rectory of Amberly, Sussex C78/408, no. 13 [88]
1622 1 July. 20 Dorothy Trappes v Raph Traps and other (named). Payment of legacy from lands in Milkstreet, London, Lewisham, Kent, Debtford and Hatcham, Surrey. C78/281, no. 11 [89]
1622 2 July 20 Elizabeth Waller v Benedict Winchcombe. Payment of annuity from lands in Ashley, Leckford, Somborne and Tymsbury Moore in Hants and City of Winchester. C78/281, no. 12 [90]
1622 2 July 20 William Tothill v Sir Robert Riche and another (named). Damages for fire in Six Clerk's House and Offices, Chancery Lane. C78/328, no. 7 [91]
1622 4 July 20 Raphe Clarke v John Holland and others (named). Debts. C78/236, no. 14 [92]
1622 4 July 20 Rt Hon Francis, Lord Verulam and Lady Alice v Rt Hon George, Lord Marquesse of Buckingham. Lease of York house in St Martins in the Field, Middx. C78/218, no. 13 [93]
1622 4 July 20 Francis Neve v John Barsham and others (named) Right of way over copyhold lands in Colkirke, Norfolk. C78/218, no. 14 [94]
1622 4 July 20 Sir John Carew v Hugh Broughton and others (named). Division of shared premises in West Studley, Devon. C78/219, no. 8 [95]
1622 4 July 20 John Hall and others (named) v Edmund Goddier and others (named). Tithe to lands in Heythropp, Burford and Enston, Oxon. C78/281, no. 8 [96]
1622 4 July 20 Dean and chapter of St. Peter, Westminster, lords of manor of Islipp, Oxfordshire, and others (named) v Thomas Eldridge and others (named). Bill (19 June 1616) alleging disputes over common rights in manors of Islipp and Noake and quoting agreement (7 years past) to enclose the lower wood and part of Noake wood for use of lords who were to abandon claims to common rights in the rest of the common lands. Also quoting earlier chancery order (19 Feb. 17 Jas. I). C78/300, no. 5 [97]
1622 4 July 20 Nicholas Eversfield and others (named) v Richard, Earl of Dorset Customs and usages regulating copyhold and customary lands in manor of Framfield, Sussex. C78/434, no. 9 [98]
1622 4 July 20 Sir John Lenthall v Richard Poure Purchase and possession of the manors of Poures and Adderbury in Blechingdon, Oxon C78/642, no. 10 [99]
1622 6 July 20 Abraham Musgrave v Henry Hunter, Samuel Smith, Richard Keyes. Dispute over property called Meere Farm, parish of Bentworth, Hampshire. C78/246, no. 1 [100]
1622 6 July 20 Rees ap William v David Morris and another (named). Marriage settlement of lands in Movoniog, Bodiscaven, Talybryri, Carwedveneth and Beranige, Denbighshire. C78/287, no. 7 [101]
1622 8 July 20 Phillipp, Lord Wharton v William and George Chamberlaine. Illegal entry into tenements in manor of Ravenstondale, Westmorland C78/258, no. 1 [102]
1622 8 July 20 The Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Horsmonden, Kent v Phillip Sandon Dispute over a gift of money by Lady Abergavenye for the buying of land for the support of the poor C78/493, no. 2 [103]
1622 8 July 20 Thomas Forster v Sir Claudius Forster and Dame Elizabeth his wife The estate of the late Sir John Forster: lands in the parishes of Burton, Elforde, Feltham and other places C78/493, no. 6 [104]
1622 8 July 20 John Reynes and others (named) v Ralph Astley and others (named) Bill (1596) alleging that church has lost lands and tithes as a result of enclosure (no date). Court ordered enclosure to stand and tithes to be paid in kind. Hockliffe or Hockley C78/642, no. 11 [105]
1622 8 July 20 Samuel, bishop of Norwich v. Augustine Sotherton, esq C78/1236, no. 11 [106]
1622 9 July 20 George Ward v Sir Edward Cooke and others (named). Debts. C78/218, no. 12 [107]
1622 9 July 20 Sir Ewseby Isham v Edward Glover. Marriage settlement of the manor of Mannceter [Mancetter], Warwicks and the farm of Baxterley, Bentley, Hurley, Shastocke [Shustoke] and Kingsbery [Kingsbury] all in Warwickshire. C78/330, no. 6 [108]
1622 9 July 20 Philip Toupe v Richard Lee, Lawrence Adams, William Fell. Will and estate of William Cosby, houses and gardens at Totnes, Devonshire. C78/344, no. 7 [109]
1622 9 July 20 John Heaton & Ellen his wife, lately wife of Edmond Palmer; and Richard Palmer, brother and administrator of Edmond Palmer v. Robert Hall; and William Dickins C78/1157, no. 10 [110]
1622 12 July 20 Sir William Borlase v The Archbishop of Canterbury, Richard Bacon, Richard Pilkington and the Master and Scholars of Balliol College, Oxford Estate of Elizabeth Perriam, tenement at Medmenham, Buckinghamshire. C78/250, no. 12 [111]
1622 12 July 20 John Savage v Thomas Cupper. Dispute over a holding at Daybrooke, on the manor of Powicke, Worcestershire. C78/250, no. 14 [112]
1622 13 July 20 Rowland Eyre v William, Earl of Pembroke and Dame Mary Title to manor of Hathersedge, Derbys and lands in Padley, Hamstall and Redware, Staffs. C78/224, no. 6 [113]
1622 13 July 20 Sir Gerrard Lowther v Thomas Holmes, William Wood, Edward Burrowes and Thomas Butterfeild The enclosure of the commons and the customs of the manor of Ingleton [Yorkshire] C78/493, no. 7 [114]
1622 14 July 20 Francis Beamont v Michaell and Timothy Saunders. Lease of Colemyne in Bedworth, Warwicks. C78/336, no. 6 [115]
1622 16 July 20 Robert Beeve v William Whitehead Debts and recognizances. C78/328, no. 8 [116]
1622 17 July 20 John Cawdell and others, inhabitants and church wardens of Baldocke, Herts v Thomas Wynne and others (named). Legacy given by will of John Wynne to build almshouses in Baldocke, Herts. C78/218, no. 8 [117]
1622 17 July 20 Sir John Hare and another (named) v Rt. hon. Henry Viscount Maunderill and others (named). Testamentary settlement of personal estate of Hugh Hare. C78/244, no. 10 [118]
1622 20 July 20

George Lascells of Kneveton [Kneeton], Notts v Richard Gymney, Clerke [of East Stoke with Syerston] and Diana his wife

Manorial customs relating to letting certain fields lie fallow in the manor of Scierston [Syerston] Notts. C78/230, no. 5 [119]
1622 24 July 20 Thomas, Lord Bruce and Lady Anne v Edward, Earl of Bedford and lady Lucy and others (named). Lease and trust of manors of Combe, Binley and Simte, Warwicks. C78/219, no. 2 [120]
1622 10 Aug. 20 John Yardley v Robert Frith and others (named). Rents due from land in Rainham, Essex. C78/218, no. 9 [121]
1622 20 Sept 20 Thomas Freeborne v Sir Stephen Lesieur and others (named) As (1) above under 22 June. C78/234, no. 2 [122]
1622 10 Oct 20 Henry Westbrooke v John Hollowaye The will of William Pigott, a tenement and land in Berkshire. C78/262, no. 5 [123]
1622 12 Oct 20 Henry Atkins v Sir Anthony Chester and Dame Elizabeth Chester Bill (before this time) re title to 60 acres formerly demesne lands of dissolved priory of Tickford, Buckinghamshire, described as "now enclosed and divided". No date given for enclosure. C78/423, no. 8 [124]
1622 14 Oct. 20 Francis Fisher v William Blanchard and another (named). Recovery of legacy put out at interest. C78/224, no. 2 [125]
1622 14 Oct 20 Hugh Turner v William Turner and Thomas Turner. Property of John Turner, held of the Rt. Hon. Lord Petre at Axminster, Devonshire. C78/246, no. 5 [126]
1622 14 Oct. 20 Robert Collyns and another (named) v Elizabeth Lady Kitson. Debts and bonds. C78/336, no. 5 [127]
1622 14 Oct 20 Patricke Derricke v Robert Baker and others (named). Lease of tenements in St Martins in the Fields, Middx. C78/1206, no. 16 [128]
1622 15 Oct. 20 Sir Henry Hungate, Dame Anne his wife, John Micklebrough, John Shorte, and others (named) v Samuel, Lord Bishop of Norwich. Dispute over Ingham Grange, Ingham, Norfolk. Rents and tithes. C78/246, no. 9 [129]
1622 15 Oct. 20 John Watkys v John Masser, Joyce Allenson and others Dispute over lands and property on the manor of Weme, Shropshire. C78/267, no. 4 [130]
1622 15 Oct. 20 Thomas Isborn and others (named) v John Holmes and others (named). Unpaid legacies levied on lands in Surlingham, Norfolk. C78/272, no. 13 [131]
1622 17 Oct 20 Jane Durdant v Sir Michael Greene, Sir George Symeon and others (named). Dispute over the manors of Great Milton, Chilworth and Little Milton, Oxfordshire. C78/262, no. 6 [132]
1622 19 Oct. 20 John Bancroft, master and fellows of University College, Oxford v William Freeston and another (named). Payments due to use of poor and Grammar School in Northampton, from trust settlement of Lands in Pomfrett, Owston and Ferriebrigg, Yorks. C78/244, no. 8 [133]
1622 19 Oct 20 Christofer Warwick v Robert Sadler and others (named). Salary due for office of Clerk of Company of Feltmakers, of London. C78/334, no. 20 [134]
1622 20 Oct. 20 John Payres, Sir John Bennet v John Martial The administration of wills in the counties of Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire C78/493, no. 4 [135]
1622 21 Oct. 20 Richard Culme of Cannon Leigh,Devon, esquier v. Andrew Maunder and Lewes Brooke. Property of Maunder, a shoemaker, in the parish of Ufculme, Devonshire. C78/246, no. 4 [136]
1622 24 Oct 20 John Kingman v Sir Richard Grobham and another (named). Interests in a lease and reversion of farm of Wishford, Wilts. C78/224, no. 5 [137]
1622 26 Oct. 20 Rowland Shute v Francis Cartwright, Sir Richard Amcott and George Wynterborne. Gift from Anthony Cartwright, draper of Market Rasen, Lincolnshire to his grandson, William Shute. C78/292, no. 8 [138]
1622 26 Oct. 20 Sir William Brouncker v Christopher Awbrey and John Awbrey. Dispute over the Office of the Surveyorship of the Yssues of Jurors Lost and to be lost within the Realm of England, granted by James I. C78/246, no. 7 [139]
1622 29 Oct. 20 Thomas Nightingale v Henry Hudlestone and others (named). Mortgage of manor of Overhall in Ashedon and Claveringe Park, Essex. C78/330, no. 8 [140]
1622 29 Oct. 20 James Gilbert v George Low Arrears of payments (from profits of alum mines in Yorks) for purchase of manor of Charleton Under Horethorne, Somerset. C78/328, no. 6 [141]
1622 29 Oct. 20 John Pearce v Bartholomew Clotworthy. Dispute over the title to an orchard and garden at Stoke Ruis, Devonshire. C78/344, no. 1 [142]
1622 30 Oct 20 Edward Holmes and another (named) v Richard Smith. Right of way for carts over lands in Haworth, Yorks. C78/244, no. 7 [143]
1622 4 Nov. 20 Henry Lucas v Henry Bing and others (named). Debts due from lands in Cambridge, Triplowe, Foxton, Shelford, Fulmer, Great Abington, Little Abington and Grancester rectory, Cambs. C78/272, no. 12 [144]
1622 5 Nov 20 Thomas Richardson v Robert Hutton Dispute over a burgage plot in South Street, Durham C78/493, no. 5 [145]
1622 6 Nov 20 Nicholas and Anne Delbridge and others (named) v John and Julyan Peard and others (not named). Debts and accounts of factorship of John Peard the younger. C78/334, no. 15 [146]
1622 7 Nov. 20 William Sydey v Joseph Sydey and others (named). Accounts of trust of personal estate of John Sydey and leases of lands in Maplesteede in Hemingham, Essex C78/1206, no. 18 [147]
1622 9 Nov. 20 Sir Francis Leeke and another (named) v Thomas Harrison. Trust settlement of manor and advowson of Howton next Newarke, Notts. C78/244, no. 1 [148]
1622 9 Nov 20 Rt. hon. William, Earl of Devon v Peter Proby Rents due from lands of manor of Lattymers, Bucks. C78/244, no. 6 [149]
1622 9 Nov 20 Anne Leveson, alias Phitton, John Longher v Dame Christian Leveson, Sir Edward Barrett, Sir Francis Fane, Sir Richard Newport, Sir Robert Harley, John Terricke and others (named). The estate of Sir Richard Leveson: manor of Lilleshall, Shropshire. Also the manors of Newporte, Bewbridge, Broughton, Wicksall, Ludson, Crudgington, Sleape, Kynnersley, Tibberton, Cherington and others. Dispute over will. C78/250, no. 11 [150]
1622 11 Nov 20 Arthur Lindley of Leatheley, Yorks, esq v. Sir Guy Palmes, knight; and Thomas Faulx, esq C78/1157, no. 9 [151]
1622 12 Nov. 20 Robert Cocke v George Ognell and another (named). Debts payable from manors of Monckshall and Staynes, Suffolk. C78/230, no. 6 [152]
1622 12 Nov 20 William Whorwood and Mary his wife v John Needs and Elizabeth Needs, Edward Sharpe, Thomas Fatterley and John Bessender. Estate of George Watkins — property at Isleworth, Braynford, Hownslow and Heston, Middlesex. Leases from the Earl of Northumberland. C78/296, no. 6 [153]
1622 13 Nov 20 Thomas Willoughby and Peter Willoughby v Caward Maplisden and Jarvys Maplisden Dispute over the will of John Fremlin. C78/493, no. 3 [154]
1622 14 Nov 20 Arthur Smythes and others (named) v Thomas Weedon and others (named) Bonds and debts and mortgage of unspecified lands as payment for silk and gold lace. C78/224, no. 3 [155]
1622 16 Nov 20 Michael Throckmorton v Robert Smyth, Judith his wife and Adam Bingham. Debt of Sir Pedtrasye Smarte to William Clarke, grocer. C78/250, no. 8 [156]
1622 16 Nov. 20 Henry Hyde and others (named) v Thomas Lambert. Blocking of way through coppice to common lands of the manor of Chickladen, Wilts. C78/303, no. 6 [157]
1622 16 Nov. 20 Margaret Hyth and others (named) v Dame Jane Sidney and others (named). Title to lands in Houghton, Norfolk. C78/336, no. 4 [158]
1622 18 Nov. 20 Humfrye Yeo v Robert Gawman. Rents and payments due from lands in Shebbeare, Devon. C78/276, no. 2 [159]
1622 18 Nov 20 Sir Francis Wortley and others (named) v Sir Simeon Steward and others (named). Trust settlement of two manors in Ashover and advowson of Ashover parish church, Derbys. C78/244, no. 5 [160]
1622 18 Nov 20 Sir William Harrington v Sir Robert Banister. Proposed sale of the manor and castle of Bagworth Thornton and Lyndrige, Leicestershire. Dispute oyer surveys and extents. C78/295, no. 3 [161]
1622 19 Nov 20 Thomas Collupp and others (named) v Edward Rookewood. Recognizances raised on security of lands in Ware and Great Ammell, Herts. C78/281, no. 9 [162]
1622 19 Nov 20 ____ v. ______ ; Francis Baylye; and Thomas God___ C78/1157, no. 6 [163]
1622 21 Nov 20 John Chappell v Anne Peare and others (named). Legacies payable by will of John Peare, from trust sale of manors of Westonburt, Doughton and Tockington, Gloucs. C78/468, no. 15 [164]
1622 22 Nov. 20 William Chatfield v John Hare and others (named). Sale of lands in Catherington, Hants. C78/224, no. 1 [165]
1622 22 Nov 20 John Hopkins and others (named) v John Stratford and another (named). Debts and bonds on security of manor of Prescott, Gloucs. C78/236, no. 13 [166]
1622 22 Nov 20 George Cruse v William Hore, Mabel Bearde Estate of John Wolcott of Bottor, Devonshire. Lands at Bovitray and Ilfington, Devon. C78/246, no. 3 [167]
1622 23 Nov. 20 Gregory and Martha Norton v Sir George Gunter Legacy payable from tenements in Racton and Westbourne, Sussex by will of Bradshawe Drewe. C78/224, no. 4 [168]
1622 23 Nov. 20 Robert and Julian Doyley v Leonard Lovie. Testamentary settlement of the manor of Willsworthy and Rillaton and Pengelley, Devon and Cornwall. C78/329, no. 6 [169]
1622 25 Nov 20 Sir Richard Carnesewe v William Caade Debts and bonds. C78/213, no. 11 [170]
1622 25 Nov 20 Robert Rosse and David Baniard v William Kente. Bargain for the sale of malt to Kente a merchant of the City of Lincoln. Details of bargains and transactions. C78/343, no. 11 [171]
1622 25 Nov 20 John Dodderidge and others (named) v John Morrice Possession of parsonage and prebend of Ilfrecombe, Devon. C78/642, no. 8 [172]
1622 26 Nov 20 John Cooke v John Wheatley. Debts and administration of personal estate of Jolm Bamerde. C78/408, no. 11 [173]
1622 27 Nov. 20 Richard and Phillippa Deane v Sir Warwick Hele and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Bawnton or Bothenhampton, Dorset. C78/334, no. 19 [174]
1622 28 Nov. 20 William and Daniel Cage v William Grymwood and another (named). Title to tenements in Lynsey or Lyllesley and Monks Elye, Suffolk. C78/219, no. 1 [175]
1622 28 Nov 20 William Townesend v Nicholas Miller and another (named) Mortgage of messuage in Westham, Essex. C78/1206, no. 17 [176]
1622 29 Nov. 20 Evan Lloyd v Rice and Mary Thomas. Mortgage of messuage and lands at Yr Allt, Montgomeryshire. C78/331, no. 6 [177]
1622 29 Nov 20 William Southcott v Thomas Southcott, John Forde and others (named). John Forde and William Stannynge bound to Giles Kirkham for the debt of the complainant to one Suggins. The tithes of the parsonage of Withercombe, Devonshire, the security. C78/344, no. 2 [178]
1622 30 Nov. 20 Henry Lambe v William Jewell, John Maptide, Henry Roberts, Thomas Burham and others (named). Estate of John Nunne of Bury Saint Edmonds. Manor of Fowlden, Norfolk. C78/364, no. 8 [179]
1622 30 Nov 20 Nicholas Marshe v Sir Edward Duncombe Case arising from the enclosure of the common lands of the manor of Battlesden. Arable enclosures spoken of as 'recent' and those of the common lands as being'ancient'. Patronage of the Church of Battlesden, Bedfordshire, and preservation of the glebe lands by the restoration of the arable lands in accordance with the Tillage Laws C78/494, no. 2 [180]
1622 10 Dec 20 Paul Dewes, Clerk to the Court of Chancery v John Bennett, Serjeant at Arms. Disputed loan: property in Saint Martins in the Fields. Attempted fraudulent concealment of enrolled indentures of a mortgage by Bennett. C78/343, no. 6 [181]
1622 23 Dec 20 Edward Clarke v Godfrey Clarke and Henry Hunloke. Maintenance payments and legacy due from personal estate of Rafe Clarke late of Chesterfield, Derbys. C78/234, no. 16 [182]