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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1617 15 C78/, no. []
1617 2 Jan. 14 John Browne v Dorothy Kirkman, John Bassett, George Ashton and others. Property of the late Dorothy Kirkman, wife of the late William Kirkman. Manors of Easterkeale [East Keal], Lincolnshire, and Mutcham and Tetfirth. Also land on the manors of Westerkeale [West Keal], Keale Cotes [Keal Coates] , Stickney and elsewhere in Lincs. Settlement of a marriage between Cicely Kirkman and John Browne. C78/245, no. 5 [2]
1617 7 Jan. 14 Edward Meeke v Sir John Bryon, John Beresford, John Selby and others (named). The rectory of Arnold, Nottinghamshire. Leased to Sir John Bryon. Manors of Coldcot and Ingleton, Yorkshire. C78/249, no. 5 [3]
1617 23 Jan. 14 John Arundell v Richard Prideaux. The estate of the late Sir John Arundell. Manor of Allett, Cornwall. C78/325, no. 14 [4]
1617 24 Jan. 14 Nicholas Meredith v Charles Vaughan and Thomas Vaughan Estate of Nicholas Thomas: property at the parish of Llanvyhangell, Brecon, called Tyre Bayly. C78/202, no. 4 [5]
1617 30 Jan. 14 Barnaby Samborne v Dame Margaret Samborne. Dispute over the farm of Peglynch and Woodborough, Somerset - the purchase of the late Sir Barnaby Samborne. C78/225, no. 6 [6]
1617 3 Feb. 14 Andrew Pomery, William Pomery v George Hext Estate of Thomas Hext, manor of Dunhead Borough, Cornwall. C78/202, no. 10 [7]
1617 4 Feb. 14 Sir Nicholas Saunder v Sir Alexander Clifford. Estate of Nicholas Saunder, deceased. Marriage of Jane Clifford to Luke Ward. C78/193, no. 3 [8]
1617 4 Feb. 14 Raphe Constable, Thomas Gibson, John Gibson, James Gibson and others (named) v Richard Fletcher, Edward Rotheram, David Grigg and others (named). Enclosure of the manor of Rimswell, Yorks, by agreement. Exchanges of land — including the demesne the object of the fictitious case. C78/503, no. 1 [9]
1617 6 Feb. 14 John Davis v John Mudgett. Estate of Agnes Urmeston of Harmondsworth, Middlesex. Provision for Katherine Hollyard, dispute over a marriage portion. C78/335, no. 18 [10]
1617 8 Feb. 15 Henry Saint John v Sir John Saint John, Oliver Saint John and William Saint John The estate of William Saint John: the manor of Kympton, Hampshire, and other lands leased from the Dean and Chapter of Gloucester. C78/505, no. 2 [11]
1617 10 Feb. 14 Robert Warde, George Tookey, Joane Squire and others (named) v Richard Halford. Disputes over land within the township of Edith Weston, Rutland. Manor of Claypoole [Claypole], Lincolnshire. C78/197, no. 1 [12]
1617 11 Feb. 14 Francis Yate v Jasper Scoles and others (named). Bequest by will of Paule Yate of profits of tithes from parish of Longworth, Berks, to build conduit from the brewhouse in Liford, Berks. C78/323, no. 14 [13]
1617 11 Feb. 14 Paule Wise of Daventry v Roger Almont Dispute over the estate of Henry Wise at Kidlington, Oxfordshire, orchards and other property C78/505, no. 3 [14]
1617 15 Feb. 14 Francis Nicholls v William Nicholls. Estate of Sir Francis Nicholls, late of Faxton, Northamptonshire. Manor of Flaxton, and property at Olde Loddington, and Lamporte Loddington. Also a part of the manor of Halsted, Leicestershire. C78/253, no. 11 [15]
1617 22 Mar. 14 Thomas Palmer v John Mayne and another (named). Trust settlement of lands in Whittington, Harton, Longdon Newton, Strethaie, Tamworth, Packington, Freford, Fulsen and Solyhull and other places in Staffs, Leics and Warwicks. C78/311, no. 29 [16]
1617 ? 15 John Benger, Magdalen his wife, William Gawton, Anthony Gawton, and others (named) v William Page and Francis Kylborne. Dispute over the .estate of Robert Faxe of Saint Saviours, Southwark. C78/198, no. 1 [17]
1617 (bill) Henry Wroth, esq & his wife; and Marie Wolley v. Sir Arthur Mainwaring, knight; and William Minterne C78/1289, no. 18 [18]
1617 30 April 15 Thomas Cole, Francis his wife v Sir William Gardner, William Greene, John Arnold, William Sharpe, William Mottram and others Estate of William Brooke, freemason, of Southwark, Surrey. Properties in Rose Alley, parish of Saint Olave's, Southwark. C78/193, no. 13 [19]
1617 8 May 15 Edward and William Saunders v Sir John Brooke and others (some named). Trust settlement of manor of Hatcham Barnes and lands in West Grenewich and Lewisham, Kent and Surrey. C78/332, no. 9 [20]
1617 10 May 15 Francis Haldenby of Haldenby, Yorks, esq v. Francis Foliambe, esq; and Sir John Molyneux, knight and baronet & Dame Anne his wife C78/1270, no. 7 [21]
1617 12 May 15 William, Lord Saint John of Harkwood v Sir Francis Inglefield. The property of Anthony, Viscount Mountaigne. The manors of Stedenham, Rustington, Worthing, Verdley, Battle, Brownehorne, Swynham, Agmerhurst, North Haye, Sussex. Also other properties. C78/325, no. 13 [22]
1617 19 May 15 Anne Clarke v Thomas Bilby. Estate of Edward Gates of Seymour, Yorkshire. Grange or manor farm at Depedale: bond to Sir Thomas Stapleton, Christopher Daniel and Christopher Hunter. C78/193, no. 16 [23]
1617 20 May 15 William Binge and Robert Cole, v Rt. Hon, Thomas, Earl of Arundell, Lord William Howard, Master Henry Howard, John Griffiths, Sir Robert Brett, Thomas Harley, John Peershouse and others (named). Execution of the will of the late Earl of Northampton. Dispute over the manor of Bishops Castle or Castel and other properties in Shropshire. C78/325, no. 16 [24]
1617 21 May 15 Margery Gratwicke v Richard Mercer and another (named). Possession of lease of lands in Chestham in Hendfield, Sussex. C78/311, no. 14 [25]
1617 23 May 15 Stephen Hamerton v John Ardington. Rents due from lands in Hellifield, Craven, Yorks. C78/277, no. 13 [26]
1617 24 May 15 Turrington Norwood, Edmond Ireland and others (named) v John Long and John Reynolds. Stinting of cattle pastures on the manors, and subsequent enclosures for the general good of the land. Enclosure initiated by the landlord and agreed to by an assembly of the commoners concerned. The manors of Astwoodbury and Astwood, Buckinghamshire. C78/291, no. 5 [27]
1617 26 May 15 Richard Wadland v Lewes Pollard. Debts payable from settlement of the manor of Newneham Courteney, Oxon. C78/332, no. 8 [28]
1617 26 May 15 Henry Winchcombe v Edmond .Dunch, Mary Winchcombe and John Wise. Marriage settlement between William Winchcombe and Mary Dunch, property on the manor of Little Shifforde, Berkshire. C78/204, no. 11
1617 27 May 15 John Eardley v Edward Sutton and Richard Eltonhead. Property of Edward Sutton at Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire. Hall House and other properties C78/252, no. 11 [29]
1617 27 May 15 William Helme v Hester Conham, widow of Abraham Conham. Relief from a lease of the parsonage of Byshopston alias Ebblesborne, Wilts, and reference to a past decree in this court. C78/325, no. 15 [30]
1617 1 June 15 Barnaby Lewes and Martha Smith v John Dye. Debts of Hugh Ridge, investigation of his estate in Hollotrowe, Welton and Midsomer Norton, Somerset. C78/325, no. 9 [31]
1617 13 June 15 Sir Robert Rich, knight & Dame Frances his wife; and Sir Christofer Hatton, knight v. Sir Edward Coke, knight, then CJKB & the Lady Elizabeth his wife; Sir William Cecill, knight, lord Burghley; Sir William Tate, knight; Francis Tate, esq; and John Walter, esq C78/1289, no. 15 [32]
1617 16 June 15 Sir Arthur Savage v Edward Sewster and another (named). Marriage treaty and bonds drawn up on false information. C78/310, no. 3 [33]
1617 20 June. 15 Richard Wenman v Sir Henry Savill, Provost of Eton College and the Scholars of Eton College, Thomas Moyle, Paul Risley, Thomas Wheatley and others (named). Enclosure of the common pastures and fields of the manor, and division of the property by agreement between the freeholders and tenants. Manor of Fringford, Oxfordshire. C78/198, no. 3 [34]
1617 20 June 15 Gilbert Dethick of Popler, Middx and Rachell his wife v William Blount, John Blount and Henry Blount brothers to the complt Rachell. Management of estate of Thomas Crompton of the Middle Temple, a former husband of the complt Rachell. C78/449, no. 8 [35]
1617 21 June 15 William Barnewell v Mathew Smith. Debts of Barnewell, surrender of property on the manor of Torpill, Northamptonshire. C78/203, no. 15 [36]
1617 21 June 15 Robert Dixon v Thomas Elkyn and another. Bill re lease of meadow in Stepney, Middx. C78/210, no. 7 [37]
1617 21 June 15 William Greene and Ellinor his wife, late the supposed wife of William Harvey decd v James Harvey Division of personal estate of William Harvey. C78/229, no. 3 [38]
1617 23 June 15 Phillip, Lord Wharton, Richard Lovelace, Edmond Molineux v George Frye. Dispute over the manor of Mapperton, Dorset. Also water mills and other properties. Sales and surveys. C78/202, no. 7 [39]
1617 23 June 15 Sir John Wood and others (named) v Most Rev. Joby, Lord Archbishop of York and others (named). Purchase of advowson of parish of Leeds, Yorks to the use of the parish. C78/277, no. 12 [40]
1617 23 June 15 John Easington of Kirkby Moorside, Yorks., gent. v William Denton clerk. Disputes arising from the sale of the rectory and tithes of Kirkby Moorside from the dft to the plt. C78/125, no. 1 [41]
1617 26 June 15 John Walter (for Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall) v Anthony Clarke & others (named). Disputed customs, fines and inheritance of copyhold tenants in the manor of Fordington, Dorset. C78/314, no. 4 [42]
1617 27 June 15 Richard Taylor v Thomas Williams, Agnes Taylor Disputed lease held by Agnes Taylor, of lands owned by William Deacon of Haylesbury, Wiltshire. C78/325, no. 8 [43]
1617 28 June 15 Anthony Thomas, John Thompson, Hugh Crooke, Francis Enton v Edward Coxe, James Blanchard, Oliver Cordell, John Brewton and others (named). Dispute over mills and other properties in the parish of Saint Olave's, Southwark, Surrey. Lately the property of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem. C78/202, no. 9 [44]
1617 30 June 15 Henry Charlton v Ralphe Bromfield. Licence to keep a wine tavern in St. Albans, Herts. C78/304, no. 11 [45]
1617 30 June 15 Sir William & Dame Radagond Cooke v Richard Connock. Assurance of the conveyance of the manors of Venton and Penport in Cornwall and lands in Tamerton, Kilkhampton & Langellis, Cornwall and Wolfordesworthy, Hartland, Clavelly and Moldesworthy, Devon. C78/314, no. 3 [46]
1617 1 July 15 Lewes Owen v William Richards Title to houses in High Holborne, Middx. C78/277, no. 11 [47]
1617 2 July 15 George Fulshurst v Sir Edward Rawley, Christopher Raleigh and John Raleigh. Estate of Sir George Rawley of Farmborough, Warwickshire. C78/202, no. 1 [48]
1617 3 July 15 William Browne of Colthouse, son of Leonard Browne decd v Sir John Yorke and William Horner. Land at Colthouse, (no county given) [?Nidderdale, North Yorks]. C78/277, no. 10 [49]
1617 8 July 15 Henry Nelson cleric v Sir Thomas Brudenell. Nature and extent of tithes and glebe of Hougham, Lincs. C78/320, no. 2 [50]
1617 9 July 15 Beniamyne Parrie v Watkyn Lewis Davyd. Mortgage of messuage in Langtowne and Clodocke, Heref. C78/311, no. 1 [51]
1617 10 July 15 Sir William Barnes v Sir William Lovelace and another (named). Unpaid rents from lands in Bethersden, Halden, and Great Chart, Kent. C78/277, no. 9 [52]
1617 12 July 15 Nicholas Weblinge v Edward and Elizabeth Price. Annuities payable from lands in Uphall, Essex. C78/169, no. 6 [53]
1617 12 July 15 John Wrenham v Edward Fisher and others (named). Trust settlement of lease of manors of Grantcourt in Eastwinch and Blackborough and parsonage of Wormegay, Norfolk. C78/178, no. 2 [54]
1617 12 July 15 Richard Smyth v Richard Wigge. Estate and will of William Smyth. Disputed property at Samborne, Hampshire. C78/325, no. 6 [55]
1617 14 July 15 Sir John Whitbrooke v Abel Smith and others (named). Statutes extended on manor of Water Newton, Hunts. C78/332, no. 7 [56]
1617 14 July 15 Thomas Fairman v Abraham Hope. Dispute over the estate of Clement Fairman of Rolvenden, Kent. C78/533, no. 6 [57]
1617 16 July 15 John Cannon and Alice his wife, late the wife of David Middleton of London v Robert Middleton and Robert Bateman. Estate of Sir Henry Middleton decd, trust settlement of £4,000 and manor of Blagdon, Somerset (see also C78/275, no. 1). C78/275, no. 2 [58]
1617 17 July 15 Raphe Haulsby the younger v Raphe Haulsby the elder and others (named). Deed of covenant concerning unspecified lands in Yorkshire. C78/277, no. 8 [59]
1617 17 July 15 Edward Ellyott and others (named) v John Rynold or Reynold, John Scale, Edward Badcott and others The estate of Richard Ellyott of Gowdhert, Kent C78/503, no. 14 [60]
1617 19 July 15 Dame Dorothy Parrie v Sir Thomas Knyvet and others (named). Recovery of, and debts payable from, manors of Hampstead Marshall, Benham Lovell, Westbrooke, Holdenham, Easton, Welford and Uffington, Berks. C78/332, no. 6 [61]
1617 22 July 15 Sir John Jowles and others (listed) copyholders and customary tenants of manor of Stepney or Stebenheth and Hackney, Middx. v Rt. hon. Thomas, Lord Wentworth. Ratification of agreement establishing the customs and usages of the manors. C78/211, no.9 [62]
1617 1 Sept. 15 Bray Aylworth v Sir Pawle Tracy and Thomas Aylworth. Proposed marriage between Lucy, daughter of Sir Pawle Tracy and Bray Aylworth of Aylworth, Gloucestershire. Property in the parish of Micheston, Gloucestershire. C78/335, no. 15 [63]
1617 11 Oct. 15 Elizabeth, Lady Berkeley v John Markewick and others (named). Introduction of new customs for copyhold tenants in manor of Bosham, Sussex. C78/320, no. 4 [64]
1617 17 Oct 15 Thomas Webber v William Hatch, and Christopher Hatch. Dispute over land, meadows, gardens, and woods at Hatherley C78/533, no. 8 [65]
1617 18 Oct. 15 Richard Marcoll v Sir John Woodward. Mortgage of ship 'Marie Katherine' of London to pay debts. C78/183, no. 3 [66]
1617 20 Oct. 15 Thomas Nicholas v Edward Walter, Robert Newman, Robert Hawlinge, Thomas Fisher, William Pope and others (named). The estate of Reginald Nicholas of Stratton, Gloucestershire. Manor of Presbury, Gloucestershire, customs of the manor and terms of leases C78/325, no. 12 [67]
1617 21 Oct. 15 Sir David Murrey and John Sims. Debts and bonds in connection with partnership for manufacture of Brimstone and Danske copper. C78/304, no. 10 [68]
1617 26 Oct. 15 Anthony Colley v Edward King, Anthony Lightfoote. Estate of Anthony Colley, deceased. Manor of Gloreston, alias Glouston, Leicestershire. Also the advowson of the church. C78/204, no. 12
1617 27 Oct. 15 Sir Charles Cavendish v Thomas Worsley and another (named). Title to manor of Hovingham, Yorks. C78/311, no. 30 [69]
1617 27 Oct 15 Thomas Hearde v Sir William Smith. Debt of Thomas Hearde of Theydon Mount, Essex to Smith. Mortgage of land in Essex. C78/204, no 9.
1617 27 Oct 15 Edward Starkey v Richard Picton Starkey a clothier of Reading. Dispute over land on the manor of Puriton, Wiltshire C78/503, no. 13 [70]
1617 28 Oct. 15 Edward Lewys v John Newton, Richard Leighton. Estate of William Gwillim and Elyanor his wife. Property called the 'Mookhopp' in the parish of Presteigne, and properties in Kinsham, Herefordshire. C78/335, no. 13 [71]
1617 30 Oct. 15 Richard Walsted, Mary his wife v Dame Anne Bromley, John Balland, Roger Unwyne. Manor of Bishops Wicke, and property in the parish of Bedwordine, Worcestershire. C78/193, no. 14 [72]
1617 4 Nov. 15 Anthony Viscount Montaigne v Sir Robert Dormer, Sir Francis Englefield, Sir John Dormer The advancement of Mary the eldest daughter of Montaigne; sale of the manors of Stedham, Worthing, Yardley, Westbrooke, Borne and Bockingfield. C78/533, no. 3 [73]
1617 11 Nov 15 Harnadge Strecheleighe of Westleighe, Devon v James Leighe als Reynoldes, Thomas Leighe als Reynoldes and William Leighe als Reynoldes. Dispute over the estate of the late William Pike of Morlinche, Somerset, 60 years past, and claiming descent through 4 generations of Pykes and 2 of Strecheleighes. C78/266, no. 5 [74]
1617 12 Nov. 15 John Eyre v Sir Thomas Brereton and others (named). Marriage settlement of tenements in Tilston, Cheshire. C78/320, no. 1 [75]
1617 13 Nov. 15 Gerrard and Samuel Malynes v Severyne Hall. Debts in connection with jewellery trade. C78/183, no. 2 [76]
1617 15 Nov 15 Nicholas Pescodd of Okehanger, Hants, gent, since deceased v. Henry Campyon, esq, since likewise deceased C78/1289, no. 14 [77]
1617 16 Nov. 15 John Cannon and others (named) v Sir Thomas Middleton and others named. Trust settlement of £4,000. Refers to decree of 16 July last (see C78/275, no. 2) C78/275, no. 1 [78]
1617 19 Nov. 15 Thomas Ellyott v Richard Barker. Property of Barker, messuage and garden at Dorchester, marriage settlement between Jane Bull and Ellyott. C78/325, no. 11 [79]
1617 20 Nov. 15 Thomas Wilmott v John Robinson and others (named). Recognizances and bonds in connection with lease of manor of Stockbridge, Yorks. C78/183, no. 1 [80]
1617 24 Nov. 15 Thomas Pigeon v Richard Aldington. Debts and mortgage of lands at Badsey, Worcs. C78/178, no. 11 [81]
1617 25 Nov. 15 Elizabeth Baker, Joanne Eddy, John Eddy v Sir Walter Devereux, Sir Walter Leveson, Edmond Colles, William Dansey and others. Estate of William Colles: manor of Leigh, Worcestershire C78/225, no. 4 [82]
1617 25 Nov. 15 William Hall and others v Sir Walter Devereux, Sir Walter Leveson, Edmond Colles, John Dansey. Estate of John Colles, deceased. Manor of Leigh, Worcestershire. Disputed copyhold tenure of William Halls. C78/225, no. 5 [83]
1617 27 Nov. 15 Edward and Francis Morris v Sir William Cooke and others (named). Marriage treaty of lands in Staverton and Woodburye, Devon. C78/304, no. 15 [84]
1617 27 Nov. 15 Nicholas Salter of London Merchant, William Swayne of London gent executors of the last w & t of Margaret Englishe late of Westminster, Middx, Widow v William Pytt, John Chesterton, John Englishe, Symon Englishe, and Nicholas English. Dispute over the estate of Margaret Englishe, widow of Edmund Englishe, formerly widow of Robert Peter and sister of Thomas Tirrell. C78/325, no. 7 [85]
1617 27 Nov 15 Sir John Cage v Owen and Margarett Lavender. Possession of part of manor of Caxton, Cambs. C78/211, no. 8 [86]
1617 28 Nov 15 William Lord Compton, Sir George Trenchard, John Hoskins and others (named) v William Zane, Richard Zane, William Norris and Richard Clarke Agreement for the enclosure of lands at Long Sutton, Hampshire, owned by Lord Compton. Settlement of the division of the common pastures C78/494, no. 10 [87]
1617 29 Nov. 15 Charles, Earl of Nottingham, Lord High Admiral of England and Margaret Lady Countess of Nottingham v George Hambden, Francis Butler and William Lucas. Provision of a portion for Lady Anne, daughter of Charles. C78/204, no. 10 [88]
1617 1 Dec. 15 Edward Egerton v Humfrey and Anne Welles. Lease of messuage and lands in Chedulton, Staffs. C78/321, no. 11 [89]
1617 3 Dec. 15 Gregory Stoke and others v Lawrence Hinston, William Howse, Reynold Crocker and others (named) Tithes paid to the Dean and Chapter of Wells Cathedral. C78/494, no 9 [90].
1617 6 Dec. 15 William Bednell v William Dodds, Richard Dodds. Estate of Thomas Bednell. Manor of Yeldham Parva, alias Over Yeldham, Essex. C78/193, no. 2 [91]
1617 6 Dec. 15 Edward Holman and Rebecca his wife v Lancellot Vaux The estate of Peter Gill of London. Messuages and tenements in the parish of Saint Olaves. and land at Aldgate, White Friars and Fleet Street. Debts to Moses Orion and Samuel La Meere, merchant strangers C78/503, no. 12 [92]
1617 15 Dec. 15 Launcelot Belt and other inhabitants for the poor of Thirsk v Thomas and Sibel Smith. Payment of legacy to the poor of Thirsk, Yorks from John Cawton the elder late of Hadley, Suffolk, Clothier, who was born in Thirsk. C78/277, no. 7 [93]
1617 16 Dec. 15 Sir John Whitbrooke v Elizabeth Smith and others (named). Statutes extended on manor of Water Newton, Hunts. C78/332, no. 5 [94]
1617 16 Dec 15 (Totally illegible, torn and eroded) v Daniel Franck and others (named). Lease of lands in Ewell, ? Surrey. C78/618, no. 1 [95]