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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1615 13 C78/, no. []
1615 Hilary Term 12 Margery Legassick of Ermington, Devon, widow, lately the wife of John Legassick decd v John Moyle and John Norracott Lease of messuage and lands in Ermington, Devon. C78/178, no. 6 [2]
1615 24 Jan 12 Sir Peter Saltonstall and Edward Saltonstall v Sir Samuel Saltonstall. Title to lands in Minchings Lane, London. C78/275, no. 3 [3]
1615 26 Jan 12 Aaron Best v Richard Blackett & Agnes his wife. Title to lands at Woodside and Croydon, Surrey. C78/163, no. 11 [4]
1615 26 Jan 12 Aaron Best v Richard Blackett and Agnes his wife. Property at Woodside, Croydon, Surrey. Two houses and orchards, sale of land to Richard Burston. C78/245, no. 7 [5]
1615 26 Jan 12 John Osborne of the Middle Temple, London, gent. and Elizabeth his wife v Robert Lyfford. Possession of the manor of Newington alias Newington Lucis and other lands in Newington juxta Sittingbourne, Kent, which the plt's father purchased from the dft and leased back to the him. C78/127, no. 8 [6]
1615 26 Jan 12 Thomas Fairman son & heir of John Fairman who was the only brother of Clement Fairman late of Rolvenden, Kent decd v Abraham Hope of Rolvenden. The estate of Clement Fairman - property at Rolvenden, Kent. Also houses. C78/533, no. 18 [7]
1615 27 Jan 12 John Acheson of Pevensey, Sussex, clerk; Edward Milward of Pevensey v Coortesse Coell. Parsonage of Pevensey, Sussex. C78/187, no. 4 [8]
1615 27 Jan 12 Christopher Cornelius v William Shottwell, Edward Tutt, Edward Abbott and Nicholas Blake. Loans and dealings between Jesper Fridlock, Julian Fridlock and Richard Kemys. C78/202, no. 17 [9]
1615 27 Jan 12 John Tayler of Gloucester, alderman v Thomas Tayler, his son. Breach of trust concerning a lease of a messuage in Aylsgate St., psh St Michael the Archangel in Gloucester, held by feoffees for the repair of the church there; refusal of the dft to make an assignment of the lease on the plt's request. C78/125, no. 2 [10]
1615 27 Jan 12 Clement Tayler of Cackham, Sussex & Clement Tayler his son v Richard Turket and George Arderne Title to copyhold lands in manor of Cackham, Sussex. C78/437, no. 9 [11]
1615 28 Jan 12 Walter Dennys of Barnestaple, Devon v Richard Ley; Robert Lawne; Henry Hartnoll Lands and properties at Winsford, Somerset. John Dennys & Katherine his wife, father & mother of the complt C78/533, no. 17 [12]
1615 30 Jan 12 Edward Hippesley & Thomas Hippesley sons of John Hippesley & Dorothy his wife decd; Dorothy Hippesley one of the daughters of the said John & Dorothy v Ferdinando Hippesley; Robert Hippesley; George Dorington Legacies from profits of sale of leases of tithes in Bradley, Somerset. C78/163, no. 10 [13]
1615 4 Feb 12 Thomas Napper of Tyntenhall, Somerset v Sir Thomas Freke and Roman Spracklinge. Dispute over pasture land at Tyntenhall, Somerset. Mention of projected enclosure. C78/199, no. 7 [14]
1615 4 Feb 12 Henry Ryde son & heir of Thomas Ryde sometime of Sende, Surrey decd by William Crowcher of Sende v John Upfold. Rents from lands in Cranley, Surrey. C78/310, no. 4 [15]
1615 4 Feb 12 John Bancroft, master for fellows of University College, Oxford v Elizabeth Harbert, widow[ Nicholas Harbert and others (not named). Title to lands in forest of Come Bwygg and lands in Gustard, Wardree, Lanwnog, Uchchoid and Arrustley, Montgomeryshire. C78/331, no. 23 [16]
1615 6 Feb 12 Humphrey Baker of Baston, Lincs., gent., son of Humphrey Baker elder, decd v John Brown esq., Edward Moore gent., Brian Wilson and Bridget his wife, former wife of the plt's father, Sampson Baker, eldest son of plt's father, Robert Crosdale & Elizabeth his wife Sum of £200 left by Humphrey Barker with Edward Moore for the use of his widow and children: payment of an annuity to the dft due by an earlier order of the court. C78/127, no. 12 [17]
1615 6 Feb 12 Henry Gravenor v George Biller and John Ley. Statute Staple for a thousand pounds. C78/533, no. 16 [18]
1615 7 Feb 12 Richard Archer of Thoydon Mount, Essex; John Archer & Francis Archer brother & sister of the said Richard Archer; Francis Wiberd; Apollo Wiberd; Thomas Wiberd; Henry Stocke; Adam Stocke; Robert Stocke; William Stocke; Thomas Stocke; Phillip Brown, citizen of London; John Tendring of Brightlingsea, Essex & Anne hsi wife; Robert Symcotts, citizen of London & Mary his wife; Nicholas Whitehead of Waltham Holy Cross, Essex & Margaret his wife v Robert Bradley; Henry Archer The will and estate of Richard Archer of Lamborne, Essex. C78/149, no. 13 [19]
1615 7 Feb 12 Ralph Pattison & Margaret his wife; Thomas Mayre (which Margaret & Thomas were executors of Thomas Mayre) v John Hall and Christopher Mayre The estate of Thomas Mayre C78/503, no. 11 [20]
1615 9 Feb 12 William Porter of the Middle Temple, London v Sir Charles Foxe; John Cage; Mary his wife; John Upley Trust settlement of lands and coalmines in Burwardeslye, Salop and Frampton upon Severne, Goldsdon, Freethorne and Swyndon, Gloucs. C78/159, no. 7 [21]
1615 9 Feb 12 Edward Smyth v John Grange; Robert Fludd; William Holte Debts and incumbrances on lands in St Gyles in the Fields, Middx. C78/159, no. 8 [22]
1615 9 Feb 12 Robert Harrison v Jane Palcock late the wife of Edward Palcock decd & now the wife of William Wayte. Purchase by Harrison of Norbiton Hall, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, from Robert Holland. Edward Palcock’s bond for debt. C78/200, no. 4 [23]
1615 11 Feb 12 John Longe of Much Dunmowe, Essex, yeoman v. John Lorde Sale of land and loans of money at Much Dunmow, Essex. C78/195, no. 9 [24]
1615 11 Feb 12 Benedick Buckingham of South Tawton, Devon, weaver v Johane Bodley, widow; George Trobridge; George Berry & Johane his wife; Gervase Lendon & Margaret his wife; John Slee & Richard(sic) his wife. Estate of William Buckingham: property at Hatchleigh, Idesleigh, and Winckleigh, Hampshire. Disputed inheritance. C78/199, no. 6 [25]
1615 13 Feb 12 William Comden of Gowdehurst, Kent v Edward Bathurst of Gowdhurst. Marriage settlement of lands in Gowdehurst, Kent. C78/181, no. 2 [26]
1615 14 Feb 12 John Netherwoods of Kew, Surrey; Elizabeth Somner; Beatrice Somner v Richard Somner and Robert Browne. Estate of Edward Somner, late of Kew, Surrey. Parcell of land on the manor of Richmond. C78/200, no. 2 [27]
1615 14 Feb 12 Francis Castillion of Benham Valens, Berks v Richard Worseley. Proposed marriage between Castillion and Elizabeth St. John. Rectory and parsonage of Speene, Berks as a jointure. C78/200, no. 3 [28]
1615 15 Feb 12 Robert Barnes of Wolledge, Kent v George Dowglasse. Estate of Sir Robert Remington late of Barroper, Hants, consisting of horses, cattle, corn and household goods, withheld from executor. C78/183, no. 5 [29]
1615 15 Feb 12 Raphe Ashton; John Parker; James Haworth, clerk v Thomas Talbott and Ursula Talbot, widow, his mother. Trust settlement of manor of Bashall, Yorks and lands in Swinden, Yorks. C78/278, no. 13 [30]
1615 20 Feb 12 Margret Hoberte, widow, late wife of Henry Hubberte of Hales Hall, Norfolk decd v Anthonye Hubbard; Thomas Girlinge; William Barnes; Richard Goodman; John Moldringe; Anne Hoberte Title to, and jointure from, manors of Blyford and Owlton, Suffolk. C78/304, no. 7 [31]
1615 23 Feb 12 Melchior Gibbon of Sewerby, Yorks v Richard Preston; Thomas Birde; William Waycoe and Joseph Trowtbecke. The property of Richard Preston of Moreton, Yorkshire. C78/188, no. 2 [32]
1615 25 Feb 12 Anne Hungate late the wife of William Hungate esq. and before the wife of Henry Hoogane decd v. Henry Crooke, clerk Estate of Henry Hoogane, tithes at Neckton, Norfolk. C78/249, no. 8 [33]
1615 27 Feb 12 Mary Unwyn, widow, late the wife of Hercules Unwyn the elder; and Hercules Unwyn their youngest son of about 2 years v. John Smith, esq Copyhold lands in Laminshe, Essex C78/1270, no. 9 [34]
1615 28 Feb 12 Sir Henry Nevill of Pillingbeare, Berks & Dame Elizabeth Peryam, widow of Sir William Peryam decd, and before that the widow of Sir Henry Nevill decd, father of the said Sir Henry Nevill v Sir Robert Albany; Humphrey Westend; Margaret Westend; Richard Bowyer; John Hathorn; Christopher Horsnaile; Edward Stafferton; Thomas Hillar; William Dollyn; Alexander Goodgroome; Henry Goodgroome; Henry Horsenayle; William Godfrey; Henry Fynch, customary tenants of Warfield, Berks Dispute over the fines and customs of the manor of Warfield, Berkshire. C78/201, no. 1 [35]
1615 13 March 12 Sir Roger Owen of Condover, Shropshire v Sir John Brett; Sir Henry Robinson; John Washborne and Robert Riche. Dispute over a house at Bashingshawe, London. C78/149, no. 10 [36]
1615 (Day obscured) 13 Thomas Makernes of Thingdon, Northants son & heir of Edmund Makernes decd by Thomas Younge v George Makernes and William Makernes. Title to copyhold lands in Thingdon, Northants. C78/207, no. 1 [37]
1615 19 April 13 Anne Bridgeman, widow v Thomas Ley the father & Thomas Ley the son. Projected marriage between Thomas Ley and Bridgeman’s daughter: dispute over Monckley Farm. C78/202, no. 19 [38]
1615 1 May 13 Barbara Myll, widow v Robert Angell. Trust lease of house and lands at Putney, Surrey. C78/331, no. 19 [39]
1615 3 May 13 Humphrey Oram of Cumpton Dundon, Somerset v Thomas Simcock; Emme Marchannt and William Jenning. Estate of Christopher Symcock late of Butley, Somerset. C78/149, no. 9 [40]
1615 3 May 13 Humphrey Orum of Compton Dandun, Somerset v Thomas Symcock; Eme Marchant, widow; William Jennyngs. Estate of Christopher Symcock of Butley, Somerset. C78/187, no. 3 [41]
1615 4 May 13 John Vandenbenden of the City of London, merchant stranger v Ambrose Jennings and Abraham Jennings his brother, merchants. Dispute over a charter party made at Plymouth for the fitting out of two ships. C78/335, no. 16 [42]
1615 9 May 13 Dorothy Kyrton of Thrupp Monndevill, Northants, widow v Sir William Cope, and Erasmus Drydon. Wardship of Thomas Kyrton, son & heir of Stephen Kyrton of Thrupp Mondevill, Northants. C78/199, no. 4 [43]
1615 10 May 13 Richard, Earl of Clanricard; Lady Frances his wife; Robert, Earl of Essex v Sir John Scudamore; John Rudhale; Robert Kyrle; William Scudamor; John Stratford; John Markey; John Dewe; Lumley Dewe; Anthony Stratford; Margaret Rudhall; Richard Clarke; Edmond Yeeme; Walter Harris; James Hardewicke; James Smith; John Croose; Thomas Griffythes; Robert Richardes; John Sipprannce; John Morton; John Seymor Pasture rights in Bishops Wood in Rosse Forren, Walford, Heref. C78/308, no. 1 [44]
1615 10 May 13 Richard Meverell one of the younger sons of Sampson Meverell sometime of Throwley, Staffs decd v Dame Elizabeth Leighton, widow. Testamentary settlement, by will of Sampson Meverell, of unspecified lands in Staffs, Wilts, Derbys, Cheshire and Notts. C78/311, no. 18 [45]
1615 10 May 13 Richard, Earl of Clanricard; Lady Frances his wife; Robert, Earl of Essex v Sir John Scudamore; John Rudhall; Robert Kirle; William Scudamore; John Stratford; John Markey; John Dewe; Lumley Dewe; Anthony Stratford; Margaret Rudhall; Richard Clarke; Edmond Yeem; Walter Harris; James Hardwicke; James Smith; John Croose; Thomas Griffithes; Robert Richards; John Sipprannce; John Moorton; John Seymore Bill (Trinity term 1614) seeking ratification of agreement (14 March last past) to enclose and divide 2,000 acres of Bushopps wood in manor of Rosse Forren, parish of Walford, Herefordshire C78/423, no. 4B [46]
1615 11 May 13 Edward Emptage & Anne his wife; Mark Howse & Amy his wife; Henry Greene & Agnes his wife; Dorothy Syms sister of Richard Syms late of Litteborne, Kent decd son & heir of Robert Syms late of Litleborne also decd, father unto the said Anne, Amy, Agnes & Dorothy v Margaret Syms, widow; Robert Broome, clerk; John Bungaye. Property of Robert Syms, land at Littleborne, Wickhambruxe, Kent and other properties. C78/149, no. 6 [47]
1615 15 May 13 Agnes Bowerman, widow, daughter of William Giles late decd v Sir Francis Popham; Alexander Walker; George Prowse and William Budd. Manor of Wellington, Somerset. Dispute concerning leases granted by Queen Elizabeth. C78/199, no. 5 [48]
1615 15 May 13 William Ilseley of Stapenhill, Derbs v William Warren. Joint interests in copyhold lands of the manor of Stapenhill, Derbys. C78/321, no. 6 [49]
1615 17 May 13 Richard Rosseter the elder; Richard Rosseter the younger his son & heir apparent v Sir William Pelham of Brockelsbie, Lincs; Sir Richard Williamson and Roger Anderson. Agreement between Pelham and Rosseter, and between Anderson and the freeholders for the exchange of lands for the purpose of improvement. Manors of Cadney, Howsham and Newstede, Lincolnshire. C78/198, no. 10 [50]
1615 20 May 13 John Protheroe v Rice Protheroe. Property of James Protheroe, father of complt & deft, the Manor House of Laugharne, Carmarthenshire. C78/185, no. 1 [51]
1615 20 May 13 Nicholas Hurte of Blowre, Staffs, John Owfield; Elizabeth his wife; John Owfield the younger, Roger Owfield & William Owfield, sons of the said John Owfield v Roger Hurte; Elizabeth his wife; Nicholas Hurt and others (not named) Purchase by Nicholas Hurte and George Jackson of a property at Clifton, Derbyshire. C78/202, no. 18 [52]
1615 20 May 13 Thomas Drayner of the Inner Temple London esq. v John Tindall of Bletchingley, Surrey, esq., whose wife was Margaret, a kinswoman of the plt's. Possession of a house in St Bartholomew the Great near Smithfield and annuity given to the plt by Margaret Tindall. C78/127, no. 10 [53]
1615 22 May 13 John Barrowe of Pottersbury, Northants and John Barrowe his son v Walter Toye of Byfield, Northants. Projected marriage between John Barrowe the son and Elizabeth Toye, daughter of the deft. C78/203, no. 17 [54]
1615 22 May 13 Thomas Moore an infant, son of Edward Moore of Bowyat in the parish of Otterborne, Hants v Thomas Wells Title to copyhold tenements and lands of the manor of Bowyat, Otterborne, Hants. C78/314, no. 6 [55]
1615 24 May 13 Henry Warren the elder of Winwicke, Northants v Edward Warren Possession of lands in Winwicke, Northants. C78/311, no. 16 [56]
1615 9 June 13 Edward Conyers v Peter Palmer; James Netlam; Allan Tharolde Alleged lease of a tenement and lands in North Wellingham [North Willingham], Lincs. C78/311, no. 20 [57]
1615 10 June 13 William Aston of Parkehall, Staffs v Richard Berisforde; Olive his wife; Katherine Blythe; Richard Berisforde Possession, and trust settlement of lands and watermills in Shustocke, Warwicks. William Blythe of Shustocke. C78/321, no. 5 [58]
1615 12 June 13 Thomas, Lord Gerrard, baron of Gerrards Bromley, Staffs v William Abnett; John Holte; John Wereham; Humphrey Smith; William Bunghey; Thomas Shawe; Thomas Rowley; Thomas Lovatt; Richard Parker; Richard Yardley; William Wood; John Smithe, tenants of the manor of Awdley, Staffs Disputes over the customs of the manor Awdley, Staffordshire, and also about the digging of ironstone. C78/175, no. 4 [59]
1615 12 June 13 Emmanuel Lord Scrope v Peter Lasenbye esq., Christopher Lasenbye and Edward Lasenbie gent. Possession of two closes called Ellemire and Crookes in the lordship of Nether Whitwell alias Whitwell in the Whynnes, Yorks, exchanged between Peter Lasenbie and Henry Lord Scrope, plt's grandfather and demised to dfts. C78/127, no. 6 [60]
1615 13 June 13 James Woodley of Ashburton, Devon v Thomas Ford; Richard Pomeroye; John Ford; William Haywood Manor and Borough of Ashburton: disputed titles. C78/535, no. 3 [61]
1615 16 June 13 William Hammond of Little Brickhill, Bucks v Sir Pexall Brocas. Dispute over herbage and pannage at Little Brickhill Wood, Buckinghamshire. C78/188, no. 1 [62]
1615 17 June 13 Sir John Byron the younger of Coldwicke, Notts and then of Ryton, Lancs v Gabriell Tuder & Mary his wife. Title to lands in Rathdale, Lancs. C78/278, no. 4 [63]
1615 17 June 13 Maximillian Waterhouse of Harthill, Yorks and Anne his wife, daughter & heir of Sheffield Savile decd v William Andrewe, Anne his wife, Christopher Barbor and Katherine Savile. Cancellation of paid-up bonds. C78/278, no. 7 [64]
1615 22 June 13 Edmond Wyndham of Kensforde, Somerset v John Fugars & Alice his wife; Robert Jurden & Elizabeth his wife. Dispute over a property called "Charnewell" in the parish of Cruwys Morchard, Devon. C78/199, no. 1 [65]
1615 22 June 13 William Pennyman; Thomas Cox; William Dobson; Roger Pemberton; John Robotham; John Spencer; Henry Jackson; John Appowell; John Clarke, for all poor parishioners of St. Peter's parish, St. Albans, Herts; Robert Kychinor; Edward How; [blank], churchwardens of the parish; Pearce Clarke; John Watts, overseers of the poor v William Packington and Richard Sadler Annuity to use of poor in St. Peter's parish, St. Albans, Herts, from lands in St. Albans. C78/304, no. 12 [66]
1615 22 June 13 John Cole of Marchaiow, Cornwall v Richard Eastcott and Honor his wife, Nicholas Hawke & Temperance his wife; Thomas Dungey & Jane his wife; Nicholas Webber & Anne his wife; John Eastcott & Marie his wife; Honor Clavell, widow Land at Hartland, Devonshire, called 'Dodworth' and 'Biteford' C78/533, no. 14 [67]
1615 26 June 13 John Shorte of Lyttleham, Devon v Sir George Smyth of Madforde, Devon & Lady Grace his wife Dispute over a property called "Hay Parke" in the parish of Littleham, Devon. C78/199, no. 3 [68]
1615 26 June 13 Arthur Dowe of Lymeington, Hants v Jane Hardy, widow. Estate of Bartholomew Dowe, manor of Keyhaven, Hampshire. Execution of his will. C78/203, no. 12 [69]
1615 26 June 13 William Currer; Samuel Oley, clerk; Nicholas Walker; John Oldfield; Stephen Francke; Thomas Hudson; John Dobson; John Lang; Robert Butler; Robert Laycocke, for all inhabitants of Bingley, Yorks v Abraham Bynnes & Sibell his wife. Perpetual exchange of lands given to poor and for school of Bingley for more suitable lands. C78/278, no. 8 [70]
1615 26 June 13 Sir Henry Fynes of Yaxley, Hunts v Henry, Earl of Lincoln and Thomas, Lord Clinton his son & heir apparent The marriage portion of Elizabeth Norris on her marriage to Sir Henry Fynes of Yaxley, Huntingdonshire. Property at Chanon Row, Westminster, also the manor of Thorpe Tilney, Lincolnshire, land and houses about the City of Lincoln and a wood at Southwood. C78/533, no. 15 [71]
1615 28 June 13 Johane Huyshe, widow, administratrix of her late husband James Huyshe decd and also of her late father John Tedcastle late of London, merchant taylor decd v Sir John Swynnerton, citizen & alderman of London The estates and administrations of the wills of John Tedcastle, merchant taylor of London, and James Huyshe. C78/193, no. 11 [72]
1615 28 June 13 Roger Otwaie of Midleton, Westmorland & Anne his wife and Christopher Heblethwaite administrators of James Heblethwaite the younger late of Sedberghe, Yorks decd the late father of the said Anne & Christopher v James Heblethwaite the elder and Thomas Heblethwaite. Title to estate of lands in Sedbergh, Yorks. C78/278, no. 3 [73]
1615 28 June 13 Henry Sacheverell of Morley, Derbs v John Bamforth the son Refs previous bill submitted against John Bamforth the elder decd. Estate of Sir Henry Secheverall: orchard, gardens and other properties at Hollbrooke, Derbyshire C78/535, no. 2 [74]
1615 29 June 13 Faith Creswell, widow v Walter Cowper, Richard Lumley & Susan his wife Estate of Richard Creswell, parcel of land on the manor of Hall Place, Hampshire. C78/193, no. 10 [75]
1615 29 June 13 Nicholas Hunt of Catrington, Hants v George Wood; Richard Wood; Thomas Juning & Anne his wife Possession and rent arrears from tenement and brewhouse in Petersfeild, Hants. C78/163, no. 7 [76]
1615 12 July 13 Sir Edward Watson of Rockingham, Northants and Sir Lewis Watson his son & heir apparent v John Sherewood; Richard Wignell; Thomas Collyn; Robert Bate; William Bringhurst; Lawrence Parker; Henry Lamberte; Richard Dawkyn; Robert Cooke; Thomas Boydon Disputed fines and dues for copyhold tenants of the manor of Eston iuxta Willand, (No county given)[Easton juxta Welland or Great Easton, Leics]. C78/163, no. 8 [77]
1615 15 July 13 Thomas Gwilliam, gent & Barbara his wife; and Bridget Powell v. Hugh Powell, esq; Henry Snell, gent & Ellinor his wife Will of Walter Powell of Whitchurch, Herefs dated 15 Oct 1573 C78/1289, no. 17 [78]
1615 Oct 13 William Tytherleigh of Tiverton, schoolmaster v John Parker; Walter Cade; Roger Slee; Johan Slee, widow; Richard Hill als Spurwaye; Richard Prowse; Humphrey Coleman; Edward Amye; John West; Nicholas Skynner; John Blundell; John Cogan; John French; James Osmonde; Richard Arscott; Ellys Bennett The will and charitable bequests of Robert Comyn, alias Chilcott, merchant of London C78/535, no. 1 [79]
1615 9 Oct 13 George Gale of Crediton, Devon v Nicholas Salter, Sir Arthur Harris, Thomas Holland, William Boggans. Dispute over Puddesforth Wood, parish of Tunstall, Devon. C78/202, no. 15 [80]
1615 11 Oct 13 Sara Baker, widow, late wife of John Baker decd; .......... heir of the said John Baker v John Trygge and Joseph G... Possession of copyhold lands in the manor of Crondall, Hants. C78/1202, no. 12 [81]
1615 16 Oct 13 John Poole, citizen & mercer of London; Thomas Glascocke of Bubbingworth, Essex; Richard Weaver, citizen & turner of London; Andrew Finch of Grenesteed Greene, Essex v John Westwood; Richard Westwood. The property of Edmond Walsingham of Chislehurst, Kent. Also property at Bubbingworth, Essex. C78/253, no. 13 [82]
1615 21 Oct 13 Edward Herris v John Hansley, Richard Merricke and Francis Prentice. Dispute over the Lee Heath Park, Essex, the property of Sir William Herrice. C78/149, no. 8 [83]
1615 21 Oct 13 Robert White of London, silkweaver v Adrian Moore, George Marshall and Thomas Jones. Estate of James White of London, silkweaver, deceased. Property in the parish of Ratcliffe, Middlesex. C78/175, no. 2 [84]
1615 21 Oct 13 Marie Goddard widow of Thomas Goddard the younger decd, son & heir of Thomas Goddard of East Rudham, Norfolk, for and on behalf of her son Guybon Goddard v Thomas Goddard the elder and John Rosse. Discharge of a debt and provision of a portion for Marie. C78/202, no. 13 [85]
1615 21 Oct 13 Margaret Luttrell of Shalcombe in the Isle of Wight, Hants, widow, sometime the wife & relict of Thomas Hobson late of Ningewood in the Isle of Wight long since decd v John Fitzjames. Estate of Thomas Hobson, manor of Shalcombe, Isle of Wight. C78/202, no. 14 [86]
1615 21 Oct 13 Roger Townsend of Cantley, Norfolk & Elizabeth his wife v Edmund Farrour. Interests in lands at Attlebridge, Norfolk C78/311, no. 26 [87]
1615 23 Oct 13 Thomas Wastlyn, citizen & joiner of London v John Brewer and William Piggen. Lease on a property in Popes Lane, parish of Saint John Zacharie, London. Granted by the Canons of Saint Pauls. C78/149, no. 3 [88]
1615 25 Oct 13 Elizabeth Wheatcrofte, widow, late wife of William Wheatcrofte late of Brampton, Derbs decd v Thomas Crofte. Estate of William Wheatcrofte, property in Cutthorpe, parish of Brampton, Derbyshire. C78/193, no. 6 [89]
1615 26 Oct 13 Robert Scarlett & Anne his wife of Wiston, Sussex v William Hoord, Edward Lutwiche, Thomas Baldwyn and Thomas Lutwiche. Estate of Edward Lutwiche, properties in Middlesex and Shropshire. C78/202, no. 12 [90]
1615 28 Oct 13 Richard Colvile of Newton Colvile, Isle of Ely, Cambs and Sara his wife one of the daughters of Martha, late wife of Robert Bromley decd and before that the wife of Thomas Lawrence decd late father of the said Sara v Sir John Lawrence. Dispute over the property of Robert Bromley, deceased. C78/149, no. 5 [91]
1615 30 Oct 13 Thomas Slapp; Timothy Eaton; Erasmus Pymmes & Anne his wife; Thomas Case; Richard Monnson; Richard Etheridge; Edmund Barnewell & Jone his wife; Thomas Hunter & Agnes his wife; John Barnes & Alice his wife; Gilbert Levitt & Elizabeth his wife; John Hunter of Necton, Norfolk; Henry Strowd of Holme Hale; Thomas Brice of North Pickenham, Norfolk v Sir Henry Beddingfield. Dispute over the terms of copyhold tenure on the manor of Necton, Norfolk. C78/193, no. 9 [92]
1615 2 Nov 13 William Albany of Oxsteade, Surrey v William Sharley of Oxstead. Lands in Oxstead and Tanridge, Surrey, used in part payment of debts, but incorrectly measured. C78/163, no. 5 [93]
1615 6 Nov 13 Ann Edwards; Thomas Edwards; John Edwards; Francis Edwards; Talbot Edwards; Marie Edwards v Olive, Lady Stapleton and Sherington Talbot. Legacies and portions payable from personal estate of Richard Edwards. C78/323, no. 9 [94]
1615 8 Nov 13 John Selby of Enfield, Middx, carpenter & Margery his wife, sister & heir of John Bristowe late of Enfield decd v Nicholas Raynton and Walter Mur...; ... Lofte Possession of messuage and lands in Enfield, Middx. C78/1202, no. 10 [95]
1615 10 Nov 13 John Mayowe of Polenan, Cornwall, merchant v Abraham Jennings, merchant. Accounts of trading venture from Fowy, Corwall of pilchards to Naples and alum to England in the "Swann" of Fowy. C78/311, no. 25 [96]
1615 13 Nov 13 Sir John Wyndham of Orchard, Somerset v Sir Henry Gawdy, Richard Curtis, John Billingford, John Goodwyn, Thomas Symthe Estate of Sir Christopher Hare. Manor of Thurston, Norfolk. Mention of an earlier enclosure, and dispute over the use of marsh grounds. C78/149, no. 4 [97]
1615 13 Nov 13 Sir Edward Dymocke of Kyme, Lincs v Richard Enderby. Property called the 'Rookery' in the Parish of Connisby [Coningsby], Lincolnshire. Also a sheepwalk at Methringham [Metheringham], Lincs. C78/175, no. 3 [98]
1615 13 Nov 13 George Baynard of Basingstoke v Sir Edmund Carey and Sir William Wall Financial trusts invested in the office of Keepership of Hyde Park, Middx. C78/1202, no. 11 [99]
1615 16 Nov 13 Sir Thomas Puckeringe son & heir of Sir John Puckeringe decd v Sir Charles Percie & Lady Dorothy his wife late the wife & executrix of Edmond Houchins decd; Edmond Anslowe; John Osbaston; William Bull. Debts of William Bourton of Kemton, Warwickshire. Manor of Little Kington, and property at Combrooke, Brookhampton and other places in Warwickshire. C78/325, no. 3 [100]
1615 16 Nov 13 Simon Brograve of Braugham, Herts & Dorothy his wife v Richard Francke & Anne his wife; Sir Leventhorpe Francke Marriage settlement and reversion interests in the manors of Aldebury, Cockhamstead and Darcyes, Herts C78/1202, no. 9 [101]
1615 17 Nov 13 Mary Coopen of Lawshill, Suffolk, Singlewoman v Joseph Holt, Richard Hayward and Anthony Hardy. Debts. C78/163, no. 4 [102]
1615 17 Nov 13 Thomas Lock of Marten, Surrey v Robert Lock and Frances Lock The estate of Mathew Lock, land and property in London and Surrey C78/533, no. 12 [103]
1615 21 Nov 13 Toby Willis of the University of Oxford, scholar v William Shute; William Ledsham; Edward Ledsham Financial encumbrances on tenements in St Brides, London. Miles Willis of London, merchant, the complts father C78/183, no. 4 [104]
1615 21 Nov 13 Anthony, Viscount Mountague v Sir Robert Dormer, Sir Francis Englefield and Sir John Dormer. Dispute over the sale of the manors of Stedham, Yardley, Westbrook, Bockingfield, Dome and other properties. C78/533, no. 11 [105]
1615 22 Nov 13 Symon Greenelyng of St Maries Hill, London, merchant taylor & Sara his wife late the wife of Henry Evererd of Waltham, Kent decd v Sir Norton Knatchbull, Henry Paramour, William Newton, William Hudson, and George Bynge. Estate of Henry Everard. Peacock Farmhouse at Tarre, Isle of Thanet, Kent. C78/202, no. 11 [106]
1615 22 Nov 13 James Fugars of Poughill, Devon v James Courtney; Edmond Manley and others (not named) Dispute over a gristmill called "Poughill Mill" at Poughill, Devonshire and other mills and properties. C78/533, no. 13 [107]
1615 23 Nov 13 Thomas Anger & Elizabeth his wife; Oliver Joy als Gee & Ursula his wife v John Baron the elder & John Baron the younger Dispute over the purchase of a moiety of the manor of Leventhorpes, Cambridgeshire. C78/149, no. 7 [108]
1615 23 Nov 13 Anne Bennett, widow, sister & one of the coheirs of Clement Dawbney late of Okingham, Berks v Brian Janson of London, merchant; Robert Lee of Binfield, Berks & Richard Lee his brother Estate of the late Clement Dawbney — properties in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. C78/451, no. 7 [109]
1615 23 Nov 13 John Earle, citizen & merchant taylor of London v Anne Cripps, widow & John Cripps her son. Property of John Cripps of East Grinstead, Sussex. Lease of property and house called "Conyboroughs". C78/199, no. 2 [110]
1615 25 Nov 13 Archade Knight of London v William Fisher; Dyonise Knight wife of the said complt; Christopher Adams Purchase of manor of St Peters Amprey in Gloucs and Wilts. C78/181, no. 1 [111]
1615 25 Nov 13 Ockenden Cowper of Cowfolde, Sussex, executor of Laurence Stannynough decd v Dame Anne Pemberton, widow. Cancellation of honoured bonds. C78/311, no. 17 [112]
1615 28 Nov 13 Richard Stone v Thomas Hill and John Hill. Mortgage by surrender of copyhold tenements in Slape, Dorset. C78/163, no. 2 [113]
1615 9 Dec 13 William Pendocke of Torlaston, Notts; John Pendocke of Keyworth, Notts v Gervas Richmond Recovery of lands assigned to raise money to repair church of Torlaston [Tollerton], Notts. C78/278, no. 2 [114]
1615 15 Dec 13 Helkiah Crooke of the City of London v Peter Palmer. Lease of manor of North Willingham, Lincs. C78/163, no. 6 [115]