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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1614 12 C78/, no. []
1614 26 Jan. 11 Thomas Hide of London, Clothworker v William Snowe. Delivery of paid up bonds for cancellation. C78/178, no. 16 [2]
1614 ( )Feb. 11 Robert Hubberstie of White Chappell, Middx v Robert Danser of London, Citizen & Mercer and others (one named). Debts and bonds C78/184, no. 1 [3]
1614 1 Feb. 11 Dame Susan Billingsley v John Hertye, Edward Leeks and Thomas Punter. Estate of Roger Leeke, of Edmonton, Middlesex. Case arising from the building of a mansion at Bray parish, Berkshire. Also sales of land to Humphrey Staverton. C78/148, no. 3 [4]
1614 3 Feb. 11 Sir John Windham v William Pitt, William Lloyd and John Bartram. Close of land called 'Busshouse Close' situate in the parishes of Metton, Fellbrigge, Susteede, Rowton, Norfolk. C78/145, no. 3 [5]
1614 3 Feb. 11 Margarett Ayre v John Cattle and others (named). Surrender of copyhold lands in Oldhurst, Hunts and purchase of jointure lands in Old Weston, Hunts. C78/184, no. 4 [6]
1614 3 Feb. 11 John Gostling v Roberte Gostlinge. As C78/310/8 C78/310, no. 9 [7]
1614 3 Feb. 11 Elias, Paul, Benjamin, Elizabeth and [...] Edwards, children of Lawrence Edwards of York, grocer, decd, by Elias Wood of London, grocer, their guardian v George Hubberstye, William Allen, John Rosse draper, Edward Harrison and Jerome Heydon ironmonger, creditors of Lawrence Edwards. Commission of bankrupcy awarded to the dfts against Lawrence Edwards: claim that the dfts took more than due to them at undervaluations and left other creditors unsatisfied. C78/125, no. 11 [8]
1614 3 Feb. 11 Sir William Armyn of Osgodby [near Grantham], Lincs. v John Freeman esq. Boundary between the plt's marsh called Thackers March and the dft's marsh called Abbot of Croyland's Marsh alias Great Marsh both in Holbeach, Lincs. C78/127, no. 4 [9]
1614 3 Feb. 11 Leonard Harman and another (named) v James Stanley Lease of messuage and dovehouse and lands near Maystreet in Crayford, Kent. C78/437, no. 6 [10]
1614 4 Feb. 11 John Clarke, Thomas Thorogood, William Barret, John Tomlyn, William Levytt, William Pate v Robert Clench, John Merrell and others. Estate of Thomas Barrett: lands at Wicham, Isle of Ely, Foxton and Shepreth, Cambridgeshire. C78/191, no. 6 [11]
1614 4 Feb. 12 Richard Sambrooke v Thomas Moreton. Dispute over the property of Humphrey Brigges at Kemerton, Shropshire, and at Little Chatwell, Staffordshire. C78/252, no. 17 [12]
1614 4 Feb. 11 Johanne Heyborne and others (named) v Edward Heyborne and others (named) Estate of Edmond Heyborne or Heiborne, messuages and lands held at Essendon and Goulden, Oxfordshire C78/496, no. 7 [13]
1614 5 Feb. 11 Roger Otwaye v James Heblethwaite. Marriage settlement of lands in Sedberghe, Yorks. C78/275, no. 4 [14]
1614 7 Feb. 11 Charles Darbye v Sara Mayhew, Augustine Mayhew. Debt owed to Darbye by John Mayhew. Manor of Talmage Cum Wyfelde. C78/185, no. 7 [15]
1614 7 Feb. 11 William Every v Henry Rosewell, Robert Beaton. Estate of William Rosewell, the manors of Stapleton, Lymmyngton and Alford. Also land on the manor of Carsewell. C78/190, no. 5 [16]
1614 8 Feb. 11 Robert Banester v Henry, Lord Bishop of Carlisle and others (named). Payment of tithes due to rectory of Penrith, Cumberland. C78/176, no. 3 [17]
1614 10 Feb. 11 Thomas Roche v Robert Bathurst and another (named). Title to tenement in Tower Street, London. C78/181, no. 7 [18]
1614 10 Feb. 11 Thomas Travers v Marmaduke Jennyng Payment of tithes to vicar by rector of Curry Rivell, Somerset. C78/184, no. 5 [19]
1614 10 Feb. 11 Thomas Streete v Allen Wyborne, Thomas Spike. Property in Bexley, woodlands and other property. C78/185, no. 4 [20]
1614 10 Feb. 11 John Diddlesdon v Thomas Parkis, William Looker. Estate of the late Anne Diddlesdon — messuage at Woking, Surrey. Also meadow land. C78/195, no. 2 [21]
1614 10 Feb. 11 John Beardmore v John Heaton & others (named). Payments due from trust settlement of messuage in Whiston Canes, Staffs. C78/316, no. 6 [22]
1614 11 Feb. 11 Richarde Gryffyn v Edmund Eyre and another (named) Mortgage and lease of tenement in Sainte Buttolphe without Bishoppsgate, London. C78/163, no. 12 [23]
1614 12 Feb. 11 Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford v Sir John Dormer. Dispute over the rectory and parsonage of Burton, Buckinghamshire. C78/145, no. 6 [24]
1614 12 Feb. 11 Sir Edward Darcye, Sir Robert Darcye and others v Henry Newdigate. Manor of Great Asteed, Surrey. The property of Phillip, Earl of Arundell, deceased, and William Dixe. Sale to John Ballett, goldsmith of London. C78/148, no. 10 [25]
1614 12 Feb. 11 John Provost and others v Anthony Brickett and Sir Edmond Unedale. Estate of Sir Henry Ashley, property at Cole Corner, New Sarum. Dispute over title and lease. Premises occupied by an innholder. C78/225, no. 7 [26]
1614 12 Feb. 11 Robert Garlick v John Vale, Thomas Catrell. Estate of the late Symon Farnarde of Chatton, Kent. Disputed lease of a house at Chatton. C78/225, no. 8 [27]
1614 12 Feb. 11 Hugh Sanderson, Richard Lowe's and others (named) v Phillip Lord Wharton and Sir Thomas Wharton Settlement of the customs, fines and terms of copyhold tenure on the manors of Marlon Bampton, Corhallam, Sleagill, Thruby or Thrunby, Newbystaines, Sowerby above Broughe and Naitbye, Westmorland. C78/505, no. 10 [28]
1614 12 Feb. 11 Robert Whithead, Thomas Sympson and many others (named) v Philip Lord Wharton The settlement of the customs, fines and terms of copyhold tenure on the manors of Tebay, Bretherdale, and Longdale in Westmorland. Clear and detailed description of "'Penan fright" C78/505, no. 11 [29]
1614 12 Feb 12 Margaret Fletcher, Christopher Wilson, Christopher Crosthwaite, John Beirson, and others v Philip, Lord Wharton The manors of Deane, Whinfell, Great Stoughton, Little Stoughton, and Birtbye, Croylinge, Caldecke, Cumberland. Settlement of the terms of "Tenantright the

customs and fines of copyhold.

C78/505, no. 12 [30]
1614 12 Feb. 11 Edward, Earl of Hertford v John Gerrard, William Clench, John Durneford, Robert Pope and others (named) Dispute over property on the manor of Kingsbury Regis, Somerset. C78/509, no. 1 [31]
1614 15 Feb. 11 Andrew Cowper of Rolvenden, Kent., yeo. and Lydia his wife, a dau. and heir of Thomas Willard of Rolvenden, decd v James Ellyott, Edward Ellyott, John Ellyott, John Reynoldes and Margaret his wife, all guardians of Stephen and Moses Elliott, the sons of Richard Elliott and Margaret Reynoldes. Possession of a messuage with 50 acres of land called Hoalewishe in Rolvenden which the plts claimed by descent from Willard and the dfts by mortgage from Willard. C78/127, no. 13 [32]
1614 2 March 11 John Browne v John Bathurst, Edward Waer, John Webbe, Robert Coxe, William Woollett, Christopher Saer. Dispute over the manor, rectory and parsonage of Staplehurst, Kent. Payment of tithes. C78/148, no. 9 [33]
1614 12 John Argent doctor of physick v John Jones and John Harrison. Disputed debts C78/145, no. 1 [34]
1614?? Dogmersfield et al, copyhold and customary tenants to Henry, earl of Southampton of the Order of the Garter, knight as of the manor of Dogmersfield v. Henry, earl of Southampton C78/1270, no. 8 [35]
1614 14 April 12 Henry Fleetwood and others (named) v Jane Weekes or Wykes and others (named). Title to copyhold lands in the manor of Hampsted, Middx. C78/173, no. 5 [36]
1614 7 May 12 Elizabeth Bostocke, widow and administratrix of Peter Bostocke late of London, Scrivenor (now the wife of Roger Jones of London) v Sir Henry Pierpoint, Dame Francis his wife, and Robert Pierpoint. Financial dealings between Peter Bostocke, a scrivener, and Dame Francis Pierpoint. C78/193, no. 7 [37]
1614 8 May 12 Benjamin Wytherdyne, Robert Holmes and others v Thomas Sharpe. Estate of William Tosnoth of Bethersden, Kent. Bequest to the poor of the parish. C78/190, no. 1 [38]
1614 14 May 12 Devereux Wogan v Sir Robert Napper and others (named). Debts in connection with cloth trade with Constantinople. C78/181, no. 5 [39]
1614 14 May 12 Gilbert Wright, Citizen and Salter of london v Ursula Hoye, William Cater. Dispute over money and old gold. C78/200, no. 6 [40]
1614 17 May 12 Thomas Greene v Rt. Hon. Henry, Earl of Lincoln. Dispute over the manor of Horbling, Lincolnshire. Also the Rectory and Parsonage of West Laughton and Threckingham, and the Rectory of Billingborough and the manor of Twing [?], Lincs. C78/145, no. 2 [41]
1614 18 May 12 Hester Hewerdyne of Great Broughton, Yorks, Widow v Thomas Emerson and William Monck. Lease of Capital Messuage or Grainge called Great Broughton or Greenhowhe in Cleveland, Yorks. C78/278, no. 12 [42]
1614 20 May 12 Henry Hickocke v William Burford and Walter Burton. Conveyance by Henry Holdford of Long Stantham, Cambs., to Walter Burton of a piece of land in the parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex. C78/197, no. 4 [43]
1614 21 May 12 Benedict Winchcombe v The President and College of Saint Mary Magdalen, Oxford, William Longton and others (named). Dispute over the manor of Langhall, parish of Chalgrove, Oxfordshire. C78/188, no. 6 [44]
1614 21 May 12 Rt hon Henry, Earl of Huntington v John Beaumont. Rents due from lease of rectory of Belton, Leics. C78/316, no. 5 [45]
1614 23 May 12 Roger and Marie Fowe v William Comberford and another (named). Title to watercourse in Barleston, Staffs and stopping of drainage sough serving to keep water out of adjacent coal-mines. C78/322, no. 2 [46]
1614 23 May 12 Sir Richard Amcott and another (named) v Sir Thomas Dallison and others (named). Rent arrears from trust settlement of lands in Bleasby, Lincs. C78/324, no. 14 [47]
1614 24 May 12 Sir John Wildgos, William Gwynne v John Hawkins and William Hawkins. Dispute over the manors of Moulton, Lechlade and Lancarvan, Glamorgan. C78/191, no. 4 [48]
1614 25 May 12 William Mayhewe and others v John Wenchard. Estate of Michael Flegge, several houses and other properties at Stowe Market, Suffolk, including the 'White Lyon.' C78/191, no. 2 [49]
1614 28 May 12 Robert Cleere v Roger Ramsey. Sale of the manors of Westdeerham and Tilney by Sir Henry Woodhouse to Sir Robert Cleere. Disputed mortgage. C78/185, no. 6 [50]
1614 30 May 12 Ann Warham and others (named) v David Birchet and another (named). Legacies and maintenance payments due from testamentary settlement of land in Wignham, Kent. C78/164, no. 1 [51]
1614 30 May 12 Sir Thomas Hobarte v Nicholas Tymperly and James Allington. C78/201, no. 6 [52]
1614 31 May 12 Lettice, Countess Dowager of Leicester v John Robinson & Others (named). Lease of manors of Drayton Bassett and Stonydelphe, Staffs & Warwicks. C78/316, no. 7 [53]
1614 1 June 12 Robert Lowen v Thomas Taylor, Peter Dymsdale. Manor of Cheshunt, Herefordshire. Debts owing by Lowen to Taylor. C78/190, no. 2 [54]
1614 1 June 12 Dame Anne Pemberton v James Pemberton and others (not named). Title to lands in Cheapside and Foster Lane London, Twickenham and Isleworth, Middx. and Langdon on the Hills, Essex. C78/207, no. 5 [55]
1614 3 June 12 James Hollingworth, Robert Gale, Thomas Jemson, James Leake and others (named) v Anthony Thorold. The manor the property of Gabriell Livesey of Kent. Details of the sale of holdings to the tenants and the enclosure of commons and other holdings. C78/197, no. 2 [56]
1614 3 June 12 John Barnby v Edward Saltmarsh and another (named). Trust settlement of lands in Alne and Tollerton, Yorks to provide a curate and schoolmaster in Tollerton. C78/278, no. 14 [57]
1614 6 June 12 George and Judithe Mather and others (named), v Marie Blackwall and others (named). Title to copyhold lands in manor of Alderwaslee and Ashleyheye, Derbys. C78/207, no. 2 [58]
1614 6 June 12 Jane and Thomas Madely v Thomas Chetwinde and others (named). Title, under trust settlement, to Denson Hall and lands in Denson, Taddington and Prestcliff, Derbys. C78/322, no. 1 [59]
1614 18 June 12 Sir William Ailoff, Dame Barbara his wife, Sir Edward Waterhowse and Dame Abigail Waterhowse. Estate of Anne Barker late of London, Middx, natural mother of the said Dame Barbara and Dame Abigail, and execution of her will. C78/202, no. 8 [60]
1614 22 June 12 Michell Shordiche v Thomas Churcher and others (named). Sale of tenements in Ickenham and Hillington, Middx. C78/184, no. 2 [61]
1614 25 June 12 Sir Richard Pawlett and another (named) v Elinor and Richard Lee. Dower rights and withholding of heriots and rents in exchanged lands in manor of Herriard and hamlet of Southrope, Hants C78/224, no. 9 [62]
1614 27 June 12 Alice Hill v Sir Richard Hill. Forfeiture of mortgaged farm called Tregoll, Cornwall. C78/314, no. 7 [63]
1614 28 June 12 Henry Aylett, Edward Spranger v Henry Aylett. Projected marriage of Henry Aylett the younger to Elizabeth Spranger of Northweald Basset, Norfolk. C78/201, no. 4 [64]
1614 28 June 12 William, Lord Pagett and another (named) v George, Bishop of London and another (named). Rent charge due from messuage in West Drayton, Middx. C78/207, no. 4 [65]
1614 28 June 12 Leonard Cooke v Edward Savage The lease of the parsonage of Laffam, Hampshire C78/505, no. 9 [66]
1614 29 June 12 Humfrey Tottenham v Henry Bedell and others (named). Redemption of mortgaged lands in Marston and Wooton, Beds. C78/178, no. 15 [67]
1614 29 June 12 Edward Pritchard v Lewis Watkyn. Estate of Thomas Llewellyn of Merther Tidwell. Property in the county of Brecon. C78/197, no. 3 [68]
1614 29 June 12 Nicholas Weston v Richard Bancroft. Grant of office of Principal Register or actuary of the Archbishopric of Canterbury. C78/323, no. 17 [69]
1614 4 July 12 John Hamond v Richard Allen and others, tenants of manor of Stratton-upon-Fosse, Somerset Title to deposits of coal and licences to dig for it in the common grounds of Stratton-upon-Fosse, Somerset C78/437, no. 7 [70]
1614 5 July 12 John Fishe v Phillippe, Lord Wharton and Lady Dorothy Wharton. Debts and sale of timber from Cardington, Beds. C78/181, no. 6 [71]
1614 6 July 12 Clement Cubitt v John Quantrell, and Nicholas Davison. Estate of the late Robert Tooke of Norwich: properties in the Parish of All Saints and Saint John of Tyberhill, Norwich. C78/185, no. 3 [72]
1614 6 July 12 Richard Preston, and Thomas Corbett v William Lister and Dorothy his wife, Thomas Scrivenor and Marie his wife Land and property at Marston Shewarby, Ruston, Flamborough, Burlington and Cowdon, Yorkshire. Disputed wardships. C78/505, no. 5 [73]
1614 7 July 12 Benedict Winchcombe v William Lord Sandes and William Waller. Dispute over mills at Longstocke, Hampshire. C78/188, no. 5 [74]
1614 7 July 12 Prudence Gargrave, Kartherine Gargrave v Dame Anne Gargrave and Sir Richard Gargrave Estate of Sir Thomas Gargrave, provision for his children. Agreement with Thomas Wentworth, Katherine’ s father. C78/200, no. 8 [75]
1614 7 July 12 Sir John Harpur v John Boulde. Commutation of tithes in kind in Swarkston and Swarston, Derbys. C78/207, no. 3 [76]
1614 7 July 12 Thomas Brerehurst v Edmonde Coxe. Estate of John Brerehurst: meadows, pastures and other lands at Hanford, Staffordshire. Marriage settlement with Margery Coxe. C78/252, no. 14 [77]
1614 8 July 12 Hellen Cutler, Wingfield Honyng and others (named) v Edward Goulding, Mirabell Cutler. Loan by Henry Cutler to Edward Goulding. C78/191, no. 3 [78]
1614 8 July 12 Ellis & Gartrude Rock v John Hayes & others (named). Portions.payable from the manor of Bradridge, Powhill, Devon. C78/314, no. 5 [79]
1614 9 July 12 Sir John Collymore v Samuell Hare and others (named). Grant of impost on all French wines brought into English ports. C78/173, no. 2 [80]
1614 9 July 12 Thomas Slape v George Treble. Dispute over property at Kingston, Somerset, on the manor of Taunton Deane. C78/199, no. 8 [81]
1614 9 July 12 John Pytt v [Christian name eroded] Kellett Debts re fishing voyages C78/642, no. 13 [82]
1614 11 July 12 John Borough and another (named) v Miles and Tobiah Willis. Title to inn "Chequer Board" in Holborn, Middx. C78/163, no. 9 [83]
1614 11 July 12 Edward Paston and others (named) v Sir John Heveningham and others (named). Trust settlement of manors of Maltby, Fleghall Winterton, Begviles Winterton, Maltbies Winterton, Bramptons, Waxtonsham, Cromer Gresham and Bassingham and rectory of Paston, Norfolk. C78/229, no. 4 [84]
1614 12 July 12 Sir Rowland Lacy v William Houlden. Dispute over a lease held by Michaell Austen of Putney, carpenter, or a tenement at Putney, Surrey. C78/175, no. 6 [85]
1614 12 July 12 Edward Rogers, Francis Rogers v John Harrington, William Senyor and Cornishe Sampson. Estate of Lady Jane Rogers. Several properties in Cornwall. C78/187, no. 5 [86]
1614 12 July 12 John & Elizabeth Bassett v Sir Henry Hastinges. Rent-charge issuing from the little park by Leicester and lands in Stocking, Leics. C78/316, no. 3 [87]
1614 12 July 12 Sir George Gresley v Nicholas Elton Cancellation of honoured bonds. C78/316, no. 4 [88]
1614 13 July 12 Tidney Mountagne v The Rt. Hon. Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Edward Fines, Sir Fowle Grevil. Dispute over woods and underwoods at Swaton, Lincs. C78/197, no. 5 [89]
1614 13 July 12 Sir Richard Grobham v Sir John Thorneborough, Nicholas Farrar and Thomas Dowse. Dispute over a Statute Staple for £2,000. C78/201, no. 2 [90]
1614 13 July 12 Nicholas, Thomas and Dorothy Cudworth v Master and College of Holy and Undivided Trinity, Cambridge. Lease of rectory of Darfeild, Yorks. C78/278, no. 10 [91]
1614 13 July 12 Roger Otwaye and others (named) v James and Thomas Heblethwaite. Title to estate of lands in Sedbergh, Yorks. C78/278, no. 11 [92]
1614 13 July 12 Edward Gage and others v Robert Barnaby and others (named). Partition of inherited land in the manor of Brockhampton, Heref. C78/311, no. 3 [93]
1614 13 July 12 Edmond Williamson v Sir Edward Stanley and another named. Lease of house and farm in Evensham, Oxon. C78/322, no. 3 [94]
1614 July 12 Nicholas Gotte, Mary Coppinge v Thomas Coppin and Margaret Coppin. Estate of John Coppin. Lands at Kirkstead, Laughall, Tetchinge, Norfolk. C78/185, no. 5 [95]
1614 14 July 12 John Taylor v Robert Palmer, Robert Crewes. Property in the parish of Saint Martins, Oxford, belonging to John Wright, clothworker of London. C78/149, no. 14 [96]
1614 14 July 12 Edward Kenwards, Edward Herriott and others (named) v Thomas Parker. Estate of William Herriott, late of Eastborne, Sussex. Property on the manor of Eastborne. C78/200, no. 7 [97]
1614 15 July 12 William Butcher v Agnes Butcher and Isaac Norman. Estate and will of William Butcher of Stoake, Suffolk. Property at Clare Hindon and Chindon and other places in Essex. C78/191, no. 5 [98]
1614 15 July 12 Margerie Chapman and others v Christopher Lindley, Richard Harrison and others. Dispute over the lease of Thornethorp Mill, Yorkshire, and other properties lately belonging to Kirkham Monastery. C78/201, no. 3 [99]
1614 15 July 12 Thomas Pescodd of Privett, Hants., yeo. v Richard Cranley gent. Recovery of a messuage called Dorsettes in Hawkley, Hants., which the plt leased to the dft as security for money borrowed: fraud in the drawing of the lease. C78/127, no. 9 [100]
1614 20 July 12 William Maulthus, Margaret his wife v Anthonie Blagrave. Dispute over water mills at Reading. Disputed stinting of water by Commissioners for the Sewers. C78/149, no. 12 [101]
1614 31 Aug. 12 Thomas Elliott of Rygate, Surrey v Edward Morris. Estate of Richard Elliott and execution of his will. C78/201, no. 5 [102]
1614 12 Oct. 12 Thomas Jarvis v John Borrett, Symon Borrett. Estate of William Jarvis. Property at Laxfield, Suffolk. C78/191, no. 1 [103]
1614 14 Oct. 12 Nicholas Cowper v Sir Thomas Lowe and others (named). Accounts of sale of clothes in Amsterdam. C78/181, no. 4 [104]
1614 14 Oct. 12 George Parker v Henry Marsh, Alice his wife, Nicholas Readinge, Mary his wife, John Bowen, Richard Hicks. Lease by the Dean and Chapter of St. Pauls, London, of shops, cellars, yards etc. in the parish of St. Gregory, London. C78/200, no. 5 [105]
1614 14 Oct. 12 Sir Francis Russell v John Dackombe, William Bates, Thomas Grange, Sir Robt Darcey, Sir Oliver Ashley, Sir John Constable, John Talbott, William Broakhurst, Roger Wilson, William Best and Peter Coates The customs of the manor of Dighton, North Allerton, Yorkshire. Reference to a decree of 7 Jas. I. C78/533, no. 19 [106]
1614 15 Oct. 12 Richard and George Chaymblayne v Bostock Fuller and others (named). Sale of mortgaged estate of lands in Somerset to pay debts of Sir Edward Deyer. C78/164, no. 2 [107]
1614 15 Oct. 12 Richard Oliver v Thomas Blaunchflower and others (named). Title to tenements in Radlett, Somerset C78/218, no. 17 [108]
1614 15 Oct. 12 Richard Oliver v Thomas Blanchflower, Thomas Oliver, William Pitford, Arthur Twells. Estate of John Oliver: properties in the parishes of Spaxton and Overstowey, Somerset. C78/253, no. 14 [109]
1614 17 Oct. 12 John Vaughan v Hughe Stringham and another (named). Recovery of mortgaged copyhold lands in Huntington, Heref. C78/169, no. 12 [110]
1614 17 Oct. 12 Thomas Stewkeley v Robert Butler. Manor of Cleeve, Somerset, lately the property of Robert, Earl of Sussex. Disputed leases. C78/199, no. 9 [111]
1614 19 Oct. 12 Thomas Whitfielde v Hugh Ridley, Francis Whitfielde. Estate of George Whitfielde of Whitfielde: manor of Whitfield, Northumberland. C78/175, no. 5 [112]
1614 20 Oct. 12 Elianor Lock v Thomas Underhill and others (named). Possession of copyhold lands in the manor of Loxley, Warwicks. C78/176, no. 1 [113]
1614 20 Oct. 12 Stephen Yorke, Dorothy his wife v Sir Henry Lee. Tithes of Clifton, Oxon belonging to Zachary Sheppard, deceased. C78/188, no. 4 [114]
1614 28 Oct. 12 William Laversage v William Walton and another named. Profits and interests in leases of lands at Stepney, Middx, Elford, Holcombe, Selwood and Froome, Somerset. C78/159, no. 9 [115]
1614 3 Nov. 12 Thomas Poynter and three others, overseers of the poor of the parish of Whitchurch, Hants., and the churchwardens of Whitchurch, Christopher Hooker and others, churchwardens and overseers of Eling, Hants., and John Wheeler of psh Fawley, Hants., for themselves and the inhabitants of the three parishes v William Christmas esq., an overseer of the will of Henry Audley of Holbury, Hants., esq., decd and Cicely his wife, widow and executrix of the said Henry Audley. Execution of the will of Audeley (1606): payment of an annuity of £60 to the use of the poor of the three parishes out of lands bequeathed to his wife. C78/127, no. 5 [116]
1614 4 Nov. 12 John Gostling v Robert Gostlinge. Testamentary disposition of lands in Thwaite Mundham and Ditchington, Norfolk. C78/310, no. 8 [117]
1614 10 Nov. 12 John Hooper v Henry Doddington and another (named). Possession of lands in Compton Bishop, Somerset. C78/437, no. 8 [118]
1614 12 Nov. 12 Christopher Brushe v Thomas Newberie. Estate of Edward Brushe, deceased. Arable land at Waltham, Berkshire. C78/188, no. 3 [119]
1614 12 Nov. 12 Sir Henry Bedingfield v John Sherwin and others (named). Fines for admission to copyhold lands in the manor of Necton, Norfolk. C78/311, no. 22 [120]
1614 14 Nov. 12 John Wrenham v Edward Fisher and others (named). Trust settlement of a lease of manor of Grantcorte in Eastwinche, manor of Blackborough and parsonage of Wormegaye, Norfolk. C78/181, no. 3 [121]
1614 15 Nov. 12 John Sambach and others (named) v William Sheldon and others (named). Title to leasehold and copyhold lands of the manor of Broadway, Worcs. C78/176, no. 2 [122]
1614 15 Nov. 12 Mountjoy Blunt, Henry Earl of Southampton v Sir Edward Bellingham Manors of Wansted and Stonewall, Essex, lately the property of Robert, late Earl of Leicester. Dispute over Wansted Heath. C78/200, no. 1A [123]
1614 17 Nov. 12 John Skillicorne v Robert, Edmund and Charles Woolferston. Mortgages and rent charges of manor of Prees, (no county given). C78/162, no. 1 [124]
1614 21 Nov. 12 Joane, Wrixen v Henry Owby and others (named). Possession of copyhold tenements in Stoke Abbatis, Dorset C78/642, no. 12 [125]
1614 22 Nov. 12 John Wrighte v George Austen. Mortgage of lands in Meon Ecclesia, Hants. C78/310, no. 7 [126]
1614 24 Nov. 12 Thomas Payne v William Pynfolde. Debts on security of copyhold lands in Byworth and Warmingcampe, Sussex. C78/178, no. 7 [127]
1614 24 Nov. 12 Robert Aylwyn of Hawkley, Hants., yeo., son of John Aylwyn decd v Richard Crauley and Thomas Hoggesfleshe, gent. Mortgages of leasehold lands in Hawkley, Hants., made by plt and his father to Crauley: actions on bonds. C78/127, no. 1 [128]
1614 25 Nov. 12 James Lyster of Boulton, Yorks v William and Thomas Wright. Payment for woollen cloth sold at Bolling, Yorks. C78/278, no. 9 [129]
1614 26 Nov. 12 John Smith v Edward Cressett, Roger Bayley and William Shippman. Dispute over the prebend and manor of Underton, Shropshire. Leased to Roger Cressett by Roger Smyth. C78/149, no. 11 [130]
1614 26 Nov. 12 Thomas Vinmer of Sandwich, Kent v Nicholas Colbrand and Marke Berry. Legacy from will of Michael Bland, father of the complts late wife. C78/323, no. 16 [131]