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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1610 8 C78/152, no. []
1610 20 Jan. 7 Thomas Foxe and another (named) v Edward Hodierne and others (named). Payment of losses and damages resulting from trading voyage to Ireland. C78/167, no. 11 [2]
1610 23 Jan. 7 John Barrey and wife v John Warne and others. Bill re trust settlement of lands in Wincton, Hants. C78/180, no. 20 [3]
1610 25 Jan. 7 Thomas Gawdye v Robert Russell. Dispute over an annuity issuing from the manor of Waybred and other properties at Wethersdale, Wingfield and Fresingfield, Suffolk. C78/188, no. 11 [4]
1610 26 Jan. 7 John Kerrye v John, David and Edward Shepparde. Lease of watergriste mill and lands in Weston, Somerset. C78/177, no. 1 [5]
1610 27 Jan. 7 Sir Edward Randill v Richard Elliott and another (named). Disputed area of wasteland between manors of Alburye and Weston, Surrey. C78/167, no. 12 [6]
1610 28 Jan. 7 Francis Moore v John Hungerford Felling of trees in manor of Weston, Berks C78/176, no. 9 [7]
1610 29 Jan. 7 Sir Edward Watson of Rockingham, Northants v Thomas and Marie Digbie of Sandon, Staffs. Debts in connection with purchase of wardship of Richard Erdswick. C78/171, no. 12 [8]
1610 30 Jan. 7 James Hobart, Anthony Hobart v Margaret Hobart and Prudence Hobart. Estate of Henry Hobart, deceased. Manors of Blyford and Owlton, Suffolk. Manors of Hales Hall, Banyards, Lalfords and Butleys, Norfolk, and other properties. C78/154, no. 9 [9]
1610 30 Jan. 7 Clement Dawbney and others v Mary Symes and another. Bill re title to lands in Upton Gray, Hants. C78/180, no. 19 [10]
1610 1 Feb. 7 Evan Griffith v Gronowe ap Jevan. Waste committed in administration of minors, estate of lands in Glamorgans. C78/319, no. 3 [11]
1610 1 Feb. 7 Sir William Harbert v James Morgan. Rent arrears from farm called Birts Cowte, Heref. C78/319, no. 5 [12]
1610 5 Feb. 7 Richard Margery v Mayor and Aldermen of Boston, Lincs and others. Title to house and close in Boston, Lincs. C78/171, no. 10 [13]
1610 7 Feb. 7 Thomas Pell late of Clopton, Suffolk v Jefferye Sterlynge, Robert Sterlynge. Dealings in land and mortgages. C78/154, no. 8 [14]
1610 8 Feb. 7 Frauncis Smaleman v John Blunte and others (named). Mortgage and financial incumbrances on the manor of Stockton, Heref. C78/176, no. 8 [15]
1610 8 Feb. 7 George Rombold v Alice Rombold and others. Bill re descent of a house in Appleshawe, Hants. C78/180, no. 18 [16]
1610 9 Feb. 7 John Steyner v John Guye, William Steyner. Lease of Dallens Box Orchard, Newnham, Gloucestershire. C78/154, no. 6 [17]
1610 9 Feb. 7 Christopher Waad v Thomas Flint. Possession of messuage and lands in Allesley, Warwicks. C78/319, no. 4 [18]
1610 12 Feb. 7 Joyce Cony v Robert Cony and others (named). Cancellation of bonds and title to manor house of Burton in Coggells [Burton Coggles], Lincs. C78/167, no. 9 [19]
1610 12 Feb. 7 George Shirley v John Thompson and others (named). Interests in lands in Brackley, Northants. C78/179, no. 19 [20]
1610 12 Feb. 7 William Turnor & others (named) v Thomas Seaman & another (named). Legacies payable from trust settlement of two copyhold tenements in Madley, Suffolk. C78/318, no. 13 [21]
1610 12 Feb. 7 James Ley v William Leversaidge, John Leversaidge and others (named). Dispute over the conditions of the sale of the manor of Westbury, Wiltshire. C78/509, no. 7 [22]
1610 13 Feb. 7 John Francis, Edmond Waldham, Thomas Francis and others v Sir John Leighe and George Farwell. Manors of Lynge, Aishpriors and Skilgate, Somerset. Also properties at Lambeth and Lambeth Deane, Surrey. C78/152, no. 2 [23]
1610 13 Feb. 7 George Maunser v William Cheeseman. Bill re debts on security of lands in Mayfield, Sussex. C78/180, no. 17 [24]
1610 14 Feb. 7 Alice Hooker, John Huntley and others (named) v Richard Stratforde, Robert Churchman. Provision by Richard Hooker, deceased, of marriage portions for his daughters. C78/133, no. 3 [25]
1610 16 Feb. 7 Sir Edward Ayscogh v Richard Rosseter & others (named). Leases of tenements and lands in Caster [Caistor], Lincs. C78/319, no. 2 [26]
1610 19 Apr. 8 Johane Shorland v Walter Dennys, Dame Mary his wife and Alice Shorland. Dispute over the manor of Ashbrittle, Somerset. The property hitherto of Sir John Sidenham. Terms of copyhold leases. C78/134, no. 1 [27]
1610 23 April 8 James Lakes, Thomas Lakes, John Lakes, Oliver Hill, Thomas Dackham and others (named) v Stephen Lakes and John Deane. The will and estate of Thomas Lakes, Doctor of Physick. Deane a scrivenor of London. C78/146, no. 9 [28]
1610 26 April 8 William and Julian Byrde v Roberte Jackson and others (named). Lease of messuage in Longney, Gloucs C78/172, no. 6 [29]
1610 27 April 8 William Smith of South Stoke, Som., yeo. v William Rowswell of Englecombe [?Englishcombe], Som., gent. Possession of the farm of South Stoke which plt's father mortgaged by lease to the dft. C78/125, no. 9 [30]
1610 29 Apr 8 Marie Fountayne and others (named) v Marie and Henry Lucas. Legacies and debts payable from personal estate of Edward Lucas. C78/323, no. 21 [31]
1610 3 May 8 Toby Middleton v Alice Cobbe, William Cobbe. The estate of George Brewster, property at Yardley, Hertfordshire. Also at Bromley Common, Kent. Sale of property to William Cobbe. C78/245, no. 4 [32]
1610 9 May 8 Elizabeth Reade v Rt. Hon. Henry, Earl of Lincoln. Concerning the buying of cattle to stock waste ground. C78/188, no. 13 [33]
1610 12 May 8 Rt. Hon. Richard Bourke, Earl of Clanricard v Elizabeth Levett. Properties called the Park of South Frithe, parish of Timbridge, Kent. Disputes over woods and underwoods. C78/175, no. 14 [34]
1610 14 May 8 Lady Margaret Dowager Countess of Cumberland v John Hutchinson, Richard Langton, William Spenceley, William Shance and others, and also the tenants of Stanemore. Dispute over the payment of fines according to the custom of the manors of Kirkby Stephen and Stanemore. .Case arising from the death of late Earl. C78/153, no. 4 [35]
1610 17 May 8 Humphrey Archer v Edward Weedon, John Leeswood and others. The estate of Anthony Gibbe of Rickmansworth. C78/496, no. 5 [36]
1610 19 May 8 John Brock v Margarett Whiddoh. Cancellation of honoured bonds. C78/182, no. 5 [37]
1610 19 May 8 John Sewster of the town of Bedford and Jane his wife executrix of the last w & t of Robert Bell late of the town of Bedford v John Everett. Legacies by will of Robert Bell payable from profits of partnership in horse-dealing. C78/318, no. 4 [38]
1610 21 May 8 Anne Crouche v Nicholas Crouch and another (named). Legacies payable by will of William Crouch from lands in Buntingford, Herts. C78/171, no. 11 [39]
1610 21 May 8 John Robynson v Sir Edward Plumpton and another (named). Title to manors of Ryther, Ossendike and Stockbridge, and advowson of Ryther church, Yorks. C78/227, no. 6 [40]
1610 21 May 8 John Redgwell and another, for poor of Clare, Suffolk v Sir William Walgrave and others. Charges for pasture rights to lands called Erbury in Clare, Suffolk. C78/183, no. 7 [41]
1610 21 May 8 Alice Pikes, widow v the mayor and commonality of the city of Bristol Commissioners upon the Statute of Charitable Uses. Ruling over land called the 'Bartholomew Land' in the City of Bristol, leased to Nicholas Thorne. Foundation and upkeep of a Grammar School. C78/190, no. 3 [42]
1610 21 May 8 Sir John Stanhope v John and Robert Wrighte. Definition of boundaries of lands in Spondon, Derbys. C78/206, no. 9 [43]
1610 21 May 8 Richard Page v William Pymell, Oswald Emerson Agreement between the Mayor and Alderman of Coventry and William Wilkes, taylor, concerning property at Gofford Street, Coventry C78/495, no. 6 [44]
1610 12 June 8 George Prowse, Phillip Kympland, George Parsons, John Thomas, William Troode v John Cade. Dispute over the manor of Buckland. Dealings in land by Cade. C78/152, no. 1 [45]
1610 12 June 8 Robert Robinson, Citizen of London & Merchant of the Staple v Sir Edward Grevill and Richard Lane. Debts owed to the complts late father John Robinson of London. C78/172, no. 4 [46]
1610 12 June 8 Johane Hoste v Segar Corsellis arid others (named). Financial trusts set up by will of John de Wee. C78/172, no. 5 [47]
1610 12 June 8 John Earle the younger v John Earle the elder. Title to messuage in Crudwell, Wilts C78/174, no. 11 [48]
1610 16 June 8 John Whateley v Sir Henry Clare. Dispute over the advowson of the church of Stanton Lacy, Shropshire. C78/145, no. 22 [49]
1610 16 June 8 Sir Richard Anderson, Robert Okey, John Greves v Robert Symonds. Dispute over the manor of Norton, within the City of Gloucester. Leases of properties. C78/131, no. 9 [50]
1610 18 June 8 John Williams v John Bradley, Margaret his wife. Settlements of debts by the sale of lands in Bromlowe, Shropshire to John Bradley. C78/145, no. 18 [51]
1610 19 June 8 William Baker and others (named) v Sir Arnold Lygon and another (named). Possession of lease of manor of Swindon, Gloucs. C78/174, no. 8 [52]
1610 19 June 8 Sir Nathaniel Bacon v Sir Thomas & Dame Meriell Knivett. Rentcharge and jointure payable from unspecified lands in Norfolk. C78/318, no. 6 [53]
1610 20 June 8 Robert Waller v Haynes, Dean of Exeter Dispute over the manors of Sodbury, Dawlishe and Bramscombe, Devonshire C78/535, no. 5 [54]
1610 21 June 8 John Smithe v Sir Thomas Barnerdiston. Definition of boundaries of glebe lands of churches of Keddington and Wratting Magna, Suffolk. C78/179, no. 18 [55]
1610 23 June 8 George Shirley v Edward Underhill. Possession of manor of Nether Etington or Etington, Warwicks and other property in Over Etington, Oxhull, Fullreadye and Whatcott, also Warwicks. C78/179, no. 20 [56]
1610 25 June 8 Paule Dewes v Humphrey Lownes, Thomas Hunt and John Langley. Lease by the Bishop of London to Henry Marshe, upon a shop in the churchyard of Saint Pauls Church. C78/152, no. 14 [57]
1610 25 June 8 Edmond Dell v William Dell and others (named). Inheritance of copyhold lands in Ishamsteed, Bucks. C78/184, no. 13 [58]
1610 26 June 8 Rafe Sadler v Sir Anthony Myldmaie and others (named). Jointure interest and rent arrears from the manor and rectory of Lacocke and manor of Bewlewe and lands in Box and Broomham and Nethermoore, Wilts. C78/186, no. 9 [59]
1610 26 June 8 Rafe Sadler v Sir Anthony Mildmaie, Dame Grace his wife, Dame Olyve Stapleton, Sir Francis Fane and Dame Mary Fane. Estate of Sir Henry Sherinton of Lacock, Wiltshire. Manor and rectory of Lacock and the Manor of Benlowe. C78/186, no. 9 [60]
1610 27 June 8 John Smythe v Andrewe Charleton and Rowland Jurden. Dispute over the title of the grange and other lands at Aston Eyre, Shropshire. C78/145, no. 17 [61]
1610 27 June 8 John Dagger v John Hemings. Mortgage of "Globe" playhouse in parish of St Mary Overies, London. C78/227, no. 5 [62]
1610 28 June 8 Thomas Owen v Marie Warter and another. Bill re mortgage of lands in Castle Heningham, Sible Heningham and Great Maplesteede, Essex. C78/180, no. 12 [63]
1610 29 June 8 Thomas Stevens v Rose Fletcher and others. Bill re debts on security of lands in East Mallinge and Birling, Kent. C78/180, no. 16 [64]
1610 10 Oct. 8 Henry Hasting and others (named) v Rt. Hon. Phillipp Lord Wharton and others (named). Marriage settlement of lands in Lowdham, Gunthorpe, Lamley, Lenton, Radford, Cathroppe, Willoughbie, Carleton in Notts and other lands in Warwicks and Dorset C78/278, no. 15 [65]
1610 13 Oct. 8 Thomas Barrowe v Anthonie Oxhenhead and others. Bill re title to lands in Sturton, Yorks. C78/180, no. 7 [66]
1610 15 Oct. 8 William Lord Compton v James Bushop, Ursula his wife. Estate of the late Henry Lord Compton. Employment of John Bushopp, bailiff of the manors of Woolford and Long Compton, Warwickshire. Also the manor of Emlode, Worcestershire. C78/335, no. 1 [67]
1610 18 Oct. 8 Jane Willson and others (named) v Anne Smith or Willowes and others (named). Forced marriage and surrender of copyhold lands in White Chappell, Middx. to bar intended inheritors. C78/161, no. 3 [68]
1610 19 Oct. 8 Philippe Bagwell v Peter Bagwell and others (named). Testamentary settlement of lands in Coliton, Devon. C78/171, no. 8 [69]
1610 20 Oct. 8 Andrew Knighte v Valentine Knighte, Thomas Kirbe, Richard Davies, Richard Gosling, Charles Denham, Thomas West. Estate of William Knighte of Abthorpe, Northamptonshire. Manor of Tymsburie, Hampshire. Manor of Hoo. Also dispute over marriage settlement between Ursula Pargiter and Richard Knighte. C78/188, no. 14 [70]
1610 22 Oct. 8 John Savage v Edward Mitton, William Skevington, Roger Fowke, Katherine Woolfreestone and Roger Pratt. Dispute over the estates of the prebend of Lichfield. C78/153, no. 3 [71]
1610 23 Oct. 8 Robert Berry v Elizabeth Symons, Robert Barnefield, Thomas Pyott, John Lutwich. Estate of Roger Symons of Newport, Shropshire. Purchase of lands on the manor of Aston Parva, Shropshire, for the advancement of his children. C78/145, no. 19 [72]
1610 30 Oct. 8 Rt Hon Sir William Russell v Arnolde Oldesworth and another (named). Payment of legacies by will of Anne, Countess of Warwick. C78/172, no. 3 [73]
1610 6 Nov. 8 James Cottington v Thomas Burges or Bridges and another (named). Title to lands in Leigh Super Mendipp and Colverd and Kylmersdon, Somerset. C78/164, no. 6 [74]
1610 8 Nov. 8 George Hockenhall and others (named) v William, Lord Russell. Payment of annuities by will of Anne, Countess of Warwick. C78/172, no. 2 [75]
1610 10 Nov. 8 John Downe v John Trevilian. Estate of John Trevilian, manor house of Barton and demesne of Bazell, Cornwall. Disputed leases. C78/145, no. 20 [76]
1610 12 Nov. 8 John Hone v John and James Arderne. Title to messuage in Cotesford, Oxon. C78/179, no. 17 [77]
1610 12 Nov. 8 Edward Paston v Sir Thomas Eden and others (named). Estate of the late Sir Thomas Paston, the manors of Middleton Hall, Brandon, alias Brandon Hall, Essex. Dispute over the issues of these properties. C78/188, no. 15 [78]
1610 12 Nov. 8 Thomas Dainporte v Edmund and William Stile. Possession of a share in gavelkind lands in Wickham and Beckenham, Kent. C78/229, no. 6 [79]
1610 13 Nov. 8 Frauncis and Martha Rowdon and others (named) v Thomas and Margaret Covell. Legacies payable by will of Robert Combes, from lands in Harmondsworth, Middx. C78/168, no. 12 [80]
1610 13 Nov. 8 Henry Frend, Thomas Gouldfinche, Lawrence Cawett, Thomas Cleverlie and others (named) v Dr. Arthur Lake (Master of the Hospital of St. Crosse, near Winchester), John Whitbie, John Makes, Henry Crocker and others (named.) Dispute over the customs of the manor of Ashton, Hampshire. Terms of copyhold tenure. C78/136, no. 2 [81]
1610 13 Nov. 8 Henry Frende and others (named) for selves and all customary tenants of manor of Ashton, Hants v Arthur Lake, master of St. Crosse Hospital near Winchester and others (named) inmates Customs and privileges of the manor of Ashton in Bishops Waltham, Hants. C78/186, no. 10 [82]
1610 13 Nov. 8 Thomas Gould and others (named) v Arthur Lake, Master of Saint Cross Hospital, near Winchester. The manor of Ashton, Hampshire. Dispute over the customs of the manor and terms of copyhold tenure. C78/186, no. 10 [83] Ref. seems not to work
1610 15 Nov. 8 Toby Machin v Isabell Machin. Estate of Anthony Machin. Property on the manor of Chettenham, Gloucestershire. C78/153, no. 2 [84]
1610 15 Nov. 8 John Mawer v John Watson, William Corneforthe and Robert Hudspeethe. Title to tenement in Gilligate, Durham. Claimed by the complt as heir to Richard Corneforthe & Margaret his wife C78/169, no. 7 [85]
1610 16 Nov. 8 Thomas Sackvill, Sir William Rooper v Rt. Hon. Earl of Lincoln. Estate of Vincent Welbie, debt to the Earl. C78/152, no. 6 [86]
1610 19 Nov. 8 Dean and canons of chapel of St George, Windsor Castle v William Windnam and others. Bill re claim to include lands outside the manor of Wantage, Berks as part of that manor. C78/180, no. 15 [87]
1610 20 Nov. 8 Seth Holme v Richard Burrell and others (named). Debts, bonds and mortgage of manor of Huntington, Yorks. C78/227, no. 4 [88]
1610 22 Nov. 8 George and Dorothy Sherley v John Lovedon. Rents in kind (wheat) due to manor of Shrevenham, Salop. from lands in Buscott, Berks. C78/174, no. 10 [89]
1610 26 Nov. 8 John and Anne Radcliff v William Blobold and others (named). Debts in connection with a jointure of lands in Wetherfield, Essex. C78/166, no. 15 [90]
1610 26 Nov. 8 Richard Whalle of North Tuddenham, Norfolk v Thomas Whalle. Cancellation of honoured bonds. C78/318, no. 12 [91]
1610 27 Nov. 8 John Perrie v William Huntbatch, Arthur Perrie. Property of the late Arthur Perrie at Little Saredon, Staffordshire. Bond of debt to Huntbatch and disputed marriage settlement. C78/135, no. 4 [92]
1610 28 Nov. 8 The Commonalty and Citizens of London. The Governors of the Hospital of Saint Bartholomew, West Smithfield v Richard Hunter, George Mowse, Henry Cartwrighte. Concerning property belonging to the Hospital, and building nearby. C78/146, no. 12 [93]
1610 28 Nov. 8 Masters and fellows of Jesus College and Magdalen College, Cambridge, Mayor, Aldermen & churchwardens of Chesterfield, Derbys v Marie Ireton & others (named). Legacies to poor of Chesterfield, Brampton and Wingerworth, Derbys and fellowships at Cambridge University payable by will of Godfrey Foliambe from parsonage of Adenborough, Notts and glebe tithes and lands in Asheover, Derbys. C78/317, no. 4 [94]