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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1601 24 Jan. 43 Christopher Norton and Margaret Norton, by George Coppyn esq., their prochein ami, Henry Norton, Robert Norton and others, children of Thomas Norton esq., and Alice his wife, both decd v Thomas Cranmer gent., brother of Alice Norton and executor of the will of Thomas Norton. Administration of the estate of Thomas Norton (d. 1585), purchase of the wardship of Henry Norton by dft, his failure to account etc. C78/110, no. 8 [2]
1601 27 Jan. 43 Humphrey Tyndall, DD and Dean of Ely and the chapter there v Thomas Jarnace who married Theodore, widow and executrix of Richard Massye decd, Nicholas Massye, John Daye and Robert Siblye. Title to a messuage called West Fenne alias West Fenne House and lands in Ely, Camb. whether held by lease of the Dean and Chapter or a copyhold of the bishop of Ely's manor of Ely Barton and the dfts' freehold. C78/113, no. 20 [3]
1601 28 Jan. 43 Decree in (i) Elizabeth Daynes, wid. of William Daynes of Fishley, Norf., gent., decd and Thomas Gilbert gent. v John Myngaye, William Myngaye, William and Elizabeth Daynes, children of William Daynes decd; (ii) William and Elizabeth Daynes, children of William Daynes decd and Robert Green, gent., their prochain ami v Elizabeth Daynes wid., Thomas Gilbert and William Goodwyn. Obligation of £2,000 made by William Daynes decd to Thomas Gilbert for performance of articles made between Daynes and Elizabeth before their marriage. C78/113, no. 22 [4]
1601 30 Jan. 43 Clement Mayowe of Ditchett, Som., yeo. and Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Sir Ralph Hopton late of Witham Friary, Som., decd v Arthur Hopton esq. and Rachel his wife, lords of the manor of Ditchett. Refusal to admit plt to a tenement and water grist mill held as a copyhold of the manor and bequeathed to Elizabeth by Sir Ralph Hopton. C78/118, no. 8 [5]
1601 31 Jan. 43 Edward Watson of Rockingham, Northants., esq., lessee of the manor and rectory of [Great] Easton, Bringhurst and Drayton, Leics. v Richard Waldram gent., copyholder of the manor. Dft's claim to parcels of the glebe, his removal of meerstones etc in the fields of Drayton. C78/101, no. 4 [6]
1601 31 Jan. 43 Dorothy Cleyton wid., widow and administratrix of George Cleyton of London, mercer, dft's factor in Germany v Adam Washington of London, merchant. Detention of the goods and chattels of George Cleyton. C78/107, no. 17 [7]
1601 5 Feb. 43 Thomas Byrde, uncle and guardian to William Cole, infant son of Thomas Cole decd v Robert Chaundler alias Chaundflower, who married the widow and executrix of Thomas Cole, and Nicholas Cole. Payment of legacies due to plt from the estate of his father Thomas Cole. C78/113, no. 21 [8]
1601 5 Feb. 43 William Brockhurst of London, cutler and Emery his wife v William Smythe. Alleged forfeiture of a copyhold messuage called Three Houses in psh St Peter's near St Albans, Herts. held of the manor of Park and now granted to the plt. C78/103, no. 2 [9]
1601 6 Feb. 43 William Blackmore of London, merchant taylor and Susan his wife, granddaughter of Ellen ap Howell, decd, Thomas Waters of Sutton Hill, Salop., yeo. and Joan his wife, dau. of Ellen ap Howell v Meredith Llewellyn and Sybel his wife, widow of John ap Jevan David ap Jevan, a son of Ellen ap Howell. Descent of messuages in Marthravell and Kenhinvar, Mont. late of Ellen ap Howell. C78/101, no. 6 [10]
1601 11 Feb. 43 William Haskett, John Perry, Nicholas Gane and others, tenants of the manors of North Cadbury, South Cadbury and Mapperton, Som. v Sir Francis Hastings, former owner of the manors, Alexander Ewens esq., Francis Kellawaye and Frances his wife, and eight others. Confirmation of leasehold and copyhold estates made to the plt by Sir Francis Hastings. C78/113, no. 24 [11]
1601 11 Feb. 43 William Stone, Richard Robins, Thomas Robins and William Clerke, for the inhabitants of Chedworth, Glos. v Lawrence Dutton, Thomas Slye and Robert Wilson. Possession of a messuage and cottage in Chedworth let by the churchwardens for the support of the church and poor there. C78/113, no. 19 [12]
1601 12 Feb. 43 John Boulton, John Fisher, Roger Robinson, John Jackson, William Iredale and others (named) v Anthony Patrickson and others (named). Settlement over the customs of the manors of Lowswater and Thrackwaite or Thrackthwaite, Cumberland. C78/141, no. 9 [13]
1601 12 Feb. 43 Dame Mary Baskerville, wife of Sir James Scudamore and widow and adminstratrix of Sir James Baskerville, decd v Nicholas Baskerville esq., brother of Sir Thomas, Richard Wheatehill and Eleanor his wife. Crown leases of the herbage and pannage of Wedgnock Park and Fernhill Wood [psh Warwick St. Mary], Warws., which Baskervile purchased and bequeathed to the plt for life. C78/101, no. 5 [14]
1601 12 Feb. 43 William Oliver of Seal, Kent, gent. v Elizabeth Eldridge, widow of Thomas Eldridge of Bidborough, Kent, yeo., decd, Samuel Eldridge and Jonas Eldridge. Possession a moiety of a messuage and 80 acres of land in Bidborough, Kent, purchased by the plt: relief from ejectione firmae brought by dft. C78/129, no. 1 [15]
1601 13 Feb. 43 Nicholas Tabor and William Fuller, churchwardens of Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex on behalf of the parishioners v Christopher Jennye esq. and Robert Booth, clerk, parson of the church. Possession of two messuages in Ramsden Bellhouse claimed by the plt to belong to the church, one of which claimed by Jennye as a part of his demesne lands. C78/107, no. 16 [16]
1601 17 Feb. 43 Dame Mary Spencer, widow of Sir John Spencer of Althorp, Northants., decd and dau. and heir of Sir Robert Catlyne, late Lord chief justice in King's Bench, decd v Henry Dawson, Walter Albon, Henry Taylor and Humphrey Bottomley. Arrears of rent from a lease of the manor of Sandy, Beds. leased to William Thomas gent., servant to Sir Robert and assigned to the dfts. C78/109, no. 2 [17]
1601 12 March 43 John Langton, son and heir of William Langton of Benington [Bennington], Lincs., decd v James Gardyner, Mary his wife, the dau. of William Langton by his first wife, Thomas Browne DCL and Robert Sandes of North Witham, Lincs. Possession of a capital messuage in Benington which William Langton held by the curtesy of his first wife and which conveyed in trust to Browne and Sandes, to be reconveyed to William Langton. C78/128, no. 2 [18]
1601 19 March 43 Edmund Dockwray of Sheldon, Warw., gent. v John Lacy, lord of the manor of Yardley, Roland Lacy, Arthur Adams, Anthony Elcocke and William Bothe. Admittance to copyhold lands called Adams Lands held of the manor of Yardley, Worw., surrendered to the plt by dft Adams. C78/110, no. 10 [19]
1601 28 March 43 (i) Mary Sandes, widow of Richard Sandes gent., for herself and Anthony Sandes her son, an infant v John Lovell gent. and Nicholas Radishe gent., decd: (ii) John Lovell v Lawrence Samborne gent., lessee of the premises: (iii) Lawrence Samborne v John Lovell. Possession of a farm called Powndes in East Garston, Berks., claimed by Mary Sandes to have been purchased by her husband, claimed by Lovell to have been sold to him by Sandes, with Radishe claiming to extend a statute made by Richard Sandes on the premises, Samborne claiming by lease from Sandes and seeking relief from a statute levied on the premises by Lovell. [The court urged that the premises be sold to the mutual benefit of the parties.] C78/128, no. 16 [20]
1601 4 May 43 Thomas Prater v Bartholomew Prater. Dispute over the title to property at Stanton Barnards, Wiltshire. C78/136, no. 15 [21]
1601 4 May 43 Thomas Prater v Bartholomewe Prater. Title to messuage and farm in Staunton Barnard, Wilts. C78/320, no. 13 [22]
1601 5 May 43 The Principal and Scholars of Brasenose College, Oxford v George Broome esq., son and heir of Sir Christopher Broome decd and Edmund Powell, son and heir of Edmund Powell of Sandford, Oxon., decd. Possession of 60 acres of wood in Headington, Oxon. called Minchery Wood and a messuage in Forest Hill, purchased by the plt of Sir Christopher Broome. C78/113, no. 14 [23]
1601 5 May 43 Walter Wayte of Andover, Hants., woollen draper v William Wrathwell. Relief from a bond of £200 for which the plt bound at the dft's request with Christopher Asheleye, under-sheriff to William Uvedale, sheriff of Hants., for performance of the office of under-sheriff. C78/110, no. 9 [24]
1601 9 May 43 William Gresham v William Singleton. Lease of moiety of grange in Ripon, Yorks. C78/308, no. 11 [25]
1601 9 May 43 Lawrence Shuttleworth clerk, parson of Whichford, Warw. v Ralph Sheldon esq., lord of the manor of Whichford and Robert Wyncott, gent. Plt's losses resulting from Sheldon's enclosure of open field in Whichford. C78/110, no. 11 [26]
1601 9 May 43 (i) Oliver Lottisham and Ashborne Lottisham gents, cousins and co-heirs of Hugh Lottisham esq., decd v Paul Ambrose Vincent [sic] and Hugh Anderton and the cross suit (ii) Paul Ambrose Vincent v Ashborne Lottisham and Oliver Lottisham gents. Possession of copyhold lands late of Hugh Lottisham held of the manor of Tottenham Court, Midd. in Kentish Town which the plts claim by inheritance. C78/128, no. 15 [27]
1601 11 May 43 Peter Waslinge v Anne Walbury and Raphe Tidgweeke. Bonds for debt to Marmaduke Constable. C78/141, no. 8 [28]
1601 11 May 43 John Thornton gent., John Peachie and Edward Cropley, inhabitants of Soham, Cambs. and feoffees of lands there held for charitable uses v Edward Barnes of Soham, gent., Richard Seamon, another feoffee and William Williamson. Possession of lands in Soham bequeathed by Richard Bond and others to feoffees towards the payment of fifteenths, repairs of the church and the relief of the poor: refusal of the dfts to pay rents, their securing of a lease of other town lands called Newe Close of the Duchy of Lancaster, etc. Cf C78/116 no.1. C78/116, no. 4 [29]
1601 14 May 43 Alexander Hawkins of Waltham Cross, psh Cheshunt, Herts., gent., son and heir of George Hawkins v Robert Sibthorpe, Thomas Waler, Stephen Brett, John Dawlton and nine others. Possession of copyhold lands held of the manor of Sawbridgeworth, Herts., late of Stephen Hawkins, citizen and grocer of London, decd. C78/118, no. 2 [30]
1601 15 May 43 John Wolveredge of New Inn, Midd., gent., one executor of the will of Clemence Mothe wid. v William Watson, the other executor. Execution of the will of Clemence Mothe (1597); bond between the parties in which plt agreed to make a true account to the dft within seven days on penalty of £300. C78/107, no. 19 [31]
1601 16 May 43 Nicholas Saunderson of Reresbye [Revesby], Lincs., esq., and William Maultbye of Greetwell, Lincs., gent., formerly undersheriff to John Meers esq. v John Furlong. Possession of land in Toft and Newton by Toft, Lincs. which conveyed by Maultbye to secure Furlong harmless from bonds entered into on Maultbye's behalf with John Meers for the performance of the under-sheriff's office. C78/107, no. 18 [32]
1601 19 May 43 Richard Moore v John and Grace Smythe. Lease of lands in Northembley, Gloucs. C78/320, no. 14 [33]
1601 19 May 43 Humfry Pype v William, Bishop of Lincoln, William Loyd, Edward Dutton and William Leicester. Dispute over an annuity given by Edward Jones to the complainant, and other financial matters. C78/141, no. 5 [34]
1601 25 May 43 John Mules of Westminster, Midd., gent., and Margaret his wife v Henry Shieres and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Joan Leeche alias Holderness, decd. Execution of the will of Michael Gies of St Clement without Temple Bar, Mddx, gent., possession of lands in Harrow on the Hill, Mddx, bequeathed by him to plt Margaret Mules on condition that she pay legacies: attempt of plt to secure the forfeiture of plt's bequest by contrieving the non-payment of legacies. Cf C78/107 no. 14. C78/107, no. 20 [35]
1601 25 May 43 John Swynerton yngr of London, merchant v Sir Philip Butler and Lady Jane his wife, widow and administratrix of Charles Yertsweirte esq. Relief from bond made by plt for the payment of sums to Yertsweirte if he could secure for the plt the continuance of a lease of the customs on French and Rhenish wines. C78/101, no. 7 [36]
1601 25 May 43 Mary Reve, widow of John Reve of Eton College, Bucks., clerk, for herself and for John Reve, Mary Reve, Anne Reve, Elizabeth Reve and Helena Reve, their children v John Newton and Thomas Reve, brother of John Reve. Lease of copyhold lands in Marsh Gibbon, Bucks. held of the hospital of Ewelme, Oxon., held by the dft in trust for the plt and her children. C78/107, no. 21 [37]
1601 25 May 43 Edward Cage, citizen and grocer of London, executor of Rowland Elrington of London, haberdasher, decd v Edward Elrington and William Elrington, testator's brothers. Execution of the will of Rowland Elrington; accounts and recovery of debts belonging to his estate; citation of the plt in the Court of Delegates by the dfts. C78/107, no. 22 [38]
1601 25 May 43 John Geffries of Stokeinteignhead, Devon, tailor v John Carew gent., owner of a third part of the manor of Rocombe alias Rocombe Hew, psh Stokeinteignhead. Action on a bond: refusal to admit the plt to the third part of a copyhold. C78/128, no. 14 [39]
1601 25 May 43 Richard Moore v Sir Richard Barkeley, Jane Smythe and Hugh Smythe. Manor of Ridgewaye, Gloucs., and property in the City of Bristol. C78/139, no. 1 [40]
1601 12 June 43 Robert Mitton, citizen and haberdasher of London v Jeffrey Roberts, haberdasher of London. Dissolution of a partnership between the parties in the trade of hats and caps. C78/113, no. 16 [41]
1601 13 June 43 Anne Barker of London, widow of John Barker of Ipswich, Suff., esq, decd and Abigail Barker their dau. v Robert Barker, son and executor of John Barker. Execution of the will of John Barker (1589): payment of a legacy of £1,000 due to Abigail Barker at age 20 or on marriage and an annuity of £60 pa for her maintenance during her minority. C78/128, no. 13 [42]
1601 18 June 43 Edward Bugges elder of Harlow, Essex, gent., John Gladwyne elder and John Gladwyne younger, feoffees of a tenement and land in Harlow called the `Ould Pole' and others, on behalf of the poor inhabitants there v William Sompner elder, William Sompner younger, Nicholas Sibley and Thomas Wood, other feoffees. Breach of trust established by one John Swerder, citizen and goldsmith of London by deed of 2 Henry VII for payment of the fifteenth of the payment of the poorer inhabitants: diversion of funds by the dfts towards payment of their own fifteenths. C78/112, no. 2 [43]
1601 20 June 43 Henry Hawkesworth and Janet his wife, widow of Thomas Hawkesworth yeo., decd and Richard Dudley v Thomas Bromeheade and John Hawkesworth, tenants of lands in Nether Bradfield, Yorks, late the estate of Thomas Hawksworth, Robert Hawksworth, son and heir of Thomas Hawksworth decd, and others. Relief from a bond made by Janet Hawksworth with Robert Hawksworth and Thomas Bromehead in which she bound not to sue for her dower in her husband's lands and accept an annuity of £3 in lieu. C78/113, no. 17 [44]
1601 20 June 43 John Hawthorne and John Merrye, both of Charlton Kings, Glos., yeo v Richard Goodriche and Robert Goodriche his son. Possession of copyhold lands in psh Charlton Kings held of the manor of Cheltenham. C78/113, no. 15 [45]
1601 20 June 43 Thomas Pagitt of the Middle Temple, London, esq., apprentice in the law v John Lane, Robert Lane and others. Possession of the manor of Walgrave, Northants., which John Lane dft and Edward Lane sold to William Saunders whose son Edward conveyed the manor to plt in 32 Eliz. Cf C78/111 no. 2 C78/103, no. 1 [46]
1601 22 June 43 Mary Baskerville, wife of Sir James Scudamore and widow and administratrix of Sir Thomas Baskerville, late captain of the castle of

Ramaykyns/Ramekins in the Low Countries, decd v Nicholas Baskerville esq., brother of Sir Thomas and his successor as captain, and Richard Wheatehill and Eleanor his wife.

Recovery of £80 paid to the dft Baskerville for the costs of bedding for the castle of Ramaykyns/Ramekins which Sir Thomas bought at his own expense. C78/101, no. 8 [47]
1601 29 June 43 Arthur Wynsen, John Dugdall, Arthur Miller v Katherine Chayline. Land and property of the late Richard Cooke of Overwhittacre, Warwickshire. A moiety of the manor of Overwhittacre. C78/135, no. 11 [48]
1601 29 June 43 William Maples v Elizabeth Maples, Awdrey Maples and Edward Rye. Estate of Francis Maples, The White Hart, Doncaster, and other properties. C78/141, no. 7 [49]
1601 30 June 43 John Jefferie v Thomas Downinge. Recovery of cattle under-sold and messuage in Crowfield, Suffolk, used as security for debts. C78/308, no. 10 [50]
1601 30 June 43 Dean and Chapter of Wells, Som., owners of the parsonage impropriate of St Cuthbert in Wells v Nicholas Halswell esq. and Andrew Bourman of Wells, gent., tenant of Halswell's tenement in Easton in psh St Cuthbert. Payment of a bushel and a peck of wheat called St Martin's wheat owed to the plt in the right of their parsonage. C78/118, no. 7 [51]
1601 30 June 43 John Goddard, Henry Goddard, Thomas Goddard and Richard Goddard, sons of John Goddard decd, eldest son of John Goddard of Brimpton, Berks., decd v Henry Goddard, plts' uncle. Payment of annuities granted to the plt by John Goddard their grandfather out of his lands in Brimpton, Woolhampton and Aldermaston, Berks. called Waterhouselande. C78/128, no. 12 [52]
1601 1 July 43 Mary Bernard v Robert Gerrard. Proposed marriage between the parties, dispute over the marriage portion and a jointure. C78/134, no. 15 [53]
1601 1 July 43 Henry Rosse of psh St Clement Danes, London, goldsmith, formerly husband of Elizabeth Cowper, dau. of Thomas Cowper of Westminster, yeo., decd v John Burges and Katherine his wife, dau. and executrix of Thomas Cowper, and Ellen Cowper, another dau. and executrix. Promise by Thomas Cowper to pay plt £200, £100 on marriage to his daughter Elizabeth and £100 on the birth of their first child. C78/101, no. 9 [54]
1601 7 July 43 James Barley of Woodhouse, Derb. esq., brother and executor of the will of Peter Barley esq., decd v Rowland Eyre, Thomas Eyre, Gervais Eyre, younger son of Rowland Eyre and others. Execution of the will of Peter Barley: frauds in mortgages of the manor of Barley made to Rowland Eyre by Peter Barley. C78/118, no. 4 [55]
1601 19 Oct. 43 John Baxter of London, embroiderer, son of Thomas Baxter decd v Robert Adams, Robert Clerk and Mary Baxter, mother of plt and executor of the will of Thomas Baxter. Estate of Thomas Baxter; alleged settlement of lands in pshs Cavendish and Clare, Suff. on Robert Adams to the use of Thomas Baxter for life with remainder to plt and his heirs. C78/108, no. 2 [56]
1601 9 Oct. 43 William Smith of Theydon Mount, Essex, esq., brother and executor of Sir Thomas Smith, the Queen's principal secretary, decd v John Wood esq., a nephew and another executor of Sir Thomas. Estate of Sir Thomas Smith decd, breach of trusts expressed in his will, failure to complete the building of a house and tomb at Theydon Mount. C78/124, no. 1 [57]
1601 20 Oct 43 Thomas Lorkyn, son and administrator of John Larkin of Ingatestone, Essex v John Paschall esq. and Jane his wife, widow and executrix of the will of William Larke, gent., decd and William Nashe. Possession of a leasehold messuage and lands called Westlondes, psh Mountnessing, Essex, and lands there held of the manor of Bluntes, Essex. C78/122, no. 6 [58]
1601 24 Oct. 43 John & Elizabeth Stradlinge v Sir Henry Guildorde and others (named). Legacy from unspecified manors in Sussex, by will of John Gage. C78/319, no. 20 [59]
1601 26 Oct. 43 Walter Sturye or Sturie v Humfrey Lee. Trust settlement of the manor of Rossall, and other lands in Salop. C78/308, no. 6 [60]
1601 26 Oct. 43 Richard Marshall v Jane Younge, William Watkinson, Alice Drewrie, James Hobson, John Scott and others (named). Estate of Richard Marshall, properties in Coin Street, York. C78/141, no. 6 [61]
1601 29 Oct. 43 Anthony Reynold of Veryan, Corn., yeo. v Adolf [`Adulphus'] Cary esq., Elizabeth his wife, Sir Henry Wallop and Dame Anne his wife, George Southweeke and Anthony Goldsmythe. Validity of a lease for three lives of a messuage in the manor of Elerkey, Cornw., which the dfts sought to avoid. C78/128, no. 9 [62]
1601 5 Nov. 43 Henry Besbiche, John Norton and Edward Greene, overseers of the will of Alexander Horden esq., decd v Hugh Base and Geoffrey Place, executors of the will. Execution of the will of Alexander Horden (1597): refusal of the dfts to pay legacies, surrender of the testator's crown lease of the rectory of Stokenhall, Devon to secure another in their names; other frauds. C78/128, no. 10 [63]
1601 5 Nov. 43 William Tothill v Mayor and citizens of London, Governors of Hospital of King Edward VI (Christ's Hospital). Lease of brewhouse, ditch and waste ground in Wapping, Middx. C78/450, no. 14 []
1601 12 Nov. 43 Henry Lord Mordaunt v Edward Barnardiston. Redemption of a term for 1,000 years of a farm in Nether Caldecote, psh Northill, Beds. made to the plt and his heirs revocable on payment of £100. C78/103, no. 8 [64]
1601 16 Nov. 43 Richard Brooke of Ware, Herts., maltster v Parnell Smythe, widow and executor of Jacob Smythe, late of London, brewer, decd. Debt of £563 which owed to the plt by the estate of Jacob Smythe for malt and wheat delivered for brewing. C78/103, no. 3 [65]
1601 18 Nov. 44 Thomas and Rachael Lockett v Richard and Elianor Ewens. Share in the estate of Richards Ewens of lands in Dicheat, Somerset. C78/320, no. 12 [66]
1601 19 Nov. 44 Robert Crockett v Simpson Edeswicke and another (named). Possession of lease of messuage and lands in Leighton, Cheshire. C78/308, no. 12 [67]
1601 28 Nov. 44 Edward Morgan & another (named) v Edward Hurst and others (named). Trust settlement of unspecified manors and lands in Brecknock and Monmouth and personal estate of Walter Wynter. C78/319, no. 7 [68]
1601 28 Nov. 44 Warden and Scholars of Merton College, Oxford v Richard Grey, John St George and Thomas Tey. Non-payment of rents for a lease of the plt's manor of Gamlingay alias Avenalls in Gamlingay, Camb. C78/103, no. 4 [69]
1601 28 Nov 44 Edward Lord Zouche, Robert Lord Willoughby, son and executor of Peregrine Lord Willoughby decd, Robert Lord Rich, Sir Drew Drury, Sir John Peyton of `Beweper Hall' and Katherine Bartye, a dau. of Peregrine Lord Willoughby v Amy Fulstowe, dau. and executrix of Richard Fulstowe decd. Execution of the wills of Peregrine Lord Willoughby (1599) and Richard Fulstowe: recovery of £4,000 lent to Lord Sheffield on the proposed marriage of Charles Sheffield esq. with Katherine Barty. C78/122, no. 7 [70]
1601 5 Dec. 44 John Togood v William Wall gent., John Wall, Bevis Theloall and William Tanner. Mortgage of a shop in Cheapside called the `Broodehenne' and a tenement in Hoxston, Midd.; debts of the plt to the dfts. C78/128, no. 11 [71]