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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1593 ? Hilary? 35 Paul Alexander v Sir Thomas Lucas and cross suit, Lucas v Alexander. Enrolment of the certificate of Mr Coke, attorney-general and Mr Serjeant Williams, counsel of the parties, made by order of the court, 30 Jan. [n.y.], assuring a lease made by Sir Thomas Lucas to Paul Alexander and Dorothy his wife of Grenham Farm [?psh Greenham], Berks., conveyance of woods excepted in the lease. C78/121, no. 11 [2]
1593 25 Jan 35 John Stone, schoolmaster of North Leach, Glos, Thomas Freman, bailiff of North Leach and Thomas Dutton of North Leach for the inhabitants of the town v. Thomas Apparry and Eustace Apparry, and William Westwood and Robert Westwood. Issues of parsonage and land in Chedworth, Glos, left in trust under will of Hugh Westwood, esq to found a grammar school in North Leach. C78/83, no. 1 [3]
1593 29 Jan 35 Richard Bacon of West Grinstead, Sussex, husbn, son of Thomas Baon decd v Thomas Shirley esq., lord of the manor of West Grinstead, and Richard Shirley gent. Alleged forfeiture of a copyhold and « yardland called Tucknames by plt's father; profits of the tenement during the plt's minority. C78/104, no. 4 [4]
1593 3 May 35 George Evelyn of Wotton, Surrey, esq. v Henry Owen, late of Wotton, gent., John Prestall and Simon Edolff/Edolphe gent. Relief from recognisances acknowledged to Edolff by Henry Owen, John Prestall and John Elliott decd, which Owen sought to have extended on the manor of Wotton which he had sold to the plt. C78/124, no. 14 [5]
1593 11 May 35 Thomas Docton of Hartland, Devon v. Hugh Pollard, esq and Charles Pruste, gent. Lease of the capital messuage and barton called Thorry in Hartland. (Damaged) C78/74, no. 18 [6]
1593 15 May 35 Henry Earl of Lincoln and Lady Elizabeth his wife, widow of William Norris decd, son and heir apparent of Henry Lord Norris v Henry Lord Norris of Rycote, Oxon., Dame Margery his wife, Sir John Norris, Lord President of Munster and James Croft esq. Detention of the manor of Weston-on-the-Green, Oxon, and felling of timber by Lord Norris, which claimed by the Countess of Lincoln for her jointure. C78/121, no. 9 [7]
1593 18 May 35 Richard Seager and wife Agnes, William Adams, John Dier and Edward Baker and wife Alice v. John Smyth. Two messuages with lands in Olveston, Glos. Dismission. C78/81, no. 29 [8]
1593 19 May 35 Richard Edwardes, clerk to Martin James, esq, late registrar of Chancery v. Edmund Underwood, Thomas Stringer, John and William Wallis, William Richard and John Hemmynge and Richard Haselwood. Common of pasture in Wallettes Mead in Langford, Beds. Plaintiff claims it belongs to his customary holding of the manor of Henlow, Beds. Ratification of an award concerning the same. C78/76, no. 1 [9]
1593 21 May 35 Richard Challons of Pelline, Cornwall, gent v. John Brode. Lease of messuage with land in Tywardreath Corn. Dismission. C78/81, no. 28 [10]
1593 28 May 35 William Barnes of Auckland, Durh gent, Emmanuel Barnes, DD and John Barnes v. Roger Gifford, queen's physician. Lease, originally granted to the Crown by bishop of Durham, of Wolsingham Park and mill, Quarrington Grange and ground called Chapel Walles, Durh, and Sowerby under Cotcliffe Grange, Yorks. C78/82, no. 11 [11]
1593 28 May 35 Sir Edmund Anderson v George Asheby esq., Bonaventure Asheby, Oliver Gerrard, John Hedger, Edmund Atcley, John Tompson, William Kirton, Richard Kirton and Thomas Baylie, freeholders and copyholders of lands in Harefield, Midd. Ratification of the enclosure by the plt of a third part of waste grounds called the Moor and Heath in Harefield. C78/106, no. 2 [12]
1593 16 June 35 Cornelius Avenante of London, merchant taylor v. Sir Rowland Haywarde and Peter Osborne, esq, governors of the company of mineral and battery works, Sir Richard Martyn, Francis Bartie the elder, Andrew Palmer, Richard Hanbery, Humphrey Michell, Thomas Cesar, Richard Collyns, John Challoner Operations of the company including distribution of shares, leases of the wireworks at Tintern, Monm and of other works in Monm, Derb and Isleworth, Midd. C78/71, no. 24 [13]
1593 16 June 35 Zache Wood, citizen and sadler of London, who married Elizabeth, dau. and heir of William Gibson, citizen and carpenter of London, decd v John Bland, surviving overseer of the will of William Gibson. Administration of the will of William Gibson; profits of a lease of messuages in the Blackfriars, London, which the plt claims in the right of his wife by the bequest of her father. C78/106, no. 1 [14]
1593 18 June 35 Richard Edwardes, clerk to Laurence Wasshington, esq, registrar of Chancery v. John and Thomas Clerk. Ratification of indentures relating to the customs of the manor of Henlow, Beds. C78/76, no. 2 [15]
1593 15 Nov 35 Edward Cary esq. and William Dodington, gent., executors of the will of Sir Walter Mildmay decd v Anthony Mildmay esq., son and heir to Sir Walter. Administration of the estate of Sir Walter Mildmay, lease by Sir Walter to the plts of the manor of Great Leesthorpe [in Pickwell psh], Leics. in trust for the settlement of his debts and legacies. C78/93, no. 13 [16]
1593 19 Nov 36 Adam Mitton of Shrewsbury, Salop., gent. and Jane his wife, who was divorced from Thomas Griffyn esq., decd, son and heir of Sir Thomas Griffyn late of Braybrooke, Northants., decd v Edward Griffyn esq., son of Thomas Griffyn esq., decd. Claim to the profits of the manors of Warden alias Chipping Warden alias West Warden, Northants., formerly the estate of Sir Thomas Griffyn, and settled on the the plt Jane Mitton and Thomas Griffyn on their marriage. C78/102, no. 3 [17]
1593 20 Nov 36 John Nott, son and heir of John Nott late of Abberley, Worcs., decd v William Welshe, lord of the manor of Abberley, Richard Nott, plt's uncle, Edmund Nott and William Child, steward of the manor. Inheritance of a copyhold of two messuages and 1« yardlands called Croundallend in Abberley. C78/90, no. 1 [18]
1593 22 Nov 36 John Clark of Holborn, Midd., innholder, decd, revived in the name of Elizabeth Clark his widow v William Waller of Winchester, Hants., esq. Mortgage and bond made between the parties; possession of a house and inn called the `Antilloppe' in Holborn which assigned by Clark to the dft as security for sums borrowed by him of the dft. C78/117, no. 2 [19]
1593 22 Nov 36 Robert earl of Essex, and Geilly Merrick esq., comptroller of the earl's household v John Garnons, owner of the manors of Huntington English and Huntington Welsh, Heref. Payment of a rent of £50 issueing charge out of the manors purchased by the earl in the name of Merrick. C78/124, no. 13 [20]
1593 26 Nov 36 Katherine Phillippes, Jane verch John, Eleanor verch Thomas, Joan verch Thomas, Mary verch William and Joan verch William for themselves and other kinswomen of Thomas Howell decd, merchant of Seville, Spain v the master and wardens of the Drapers Guild, London, viz. Benedict Barneham of London, alderman, William Keltriche, William Carway, Edwyne Babington, John Taylor, wardens of the said fraternity Bequest by Thomas Howell of 12000 ducats of gold to the master and wardens of the Drapers' Guild to purchase an annuity for the support of orphaned women of Howell's kin. C78/126, no. 8 [21]