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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1589 ? 31 Richard Palmes of Overton, Hants, gent v. Jane Hicklinge, Thomas Pildrim and Thomas Southe. Customary holding of manor of Overton conveyed by William Pildrim to plaintiff; and an agreement concerning a lease and the issues of the same. (Damaged) C78/62, no. 16 [2]
1589 24 Jan 31 Thomas Clarke of Ayot, Herts., yeo. and Edward Bigge of Beachehide, psh Sandridge, yeo., copyholders of the manor of Ayot St Lawrence, Herts. v Lucy Bristowe, widow of Nicholas Bristowe eldest of Kimpton, Herts., decd, Nicholas Bristowe elder, his son and now lord of the manor of Ayot St Lawrence, Nicholas Bristowe younger, his son, William Bristowe of Whethampstead and Robert Bristow of Hatfield, sons of Nicholas Bristowe the eldest, Thomas Bristowe, William Hide & Mary his wife, John Barley & Elizabeth his wife, Christopher Trowghton & Elizabeth his wife Refusal of the dfts to complete an exchange of the plts' copyholds for other lands of Nicholas Bristowe decd. C78/120, no. 18 [3]
1589 25 Jan 31 Alexander Beale of Maidstone, Kent, yeoman v. Simon Taylor, merchant taylor of London. Lease of capital messuage called Babherste with lands in Frittenden, Kent and annuities and rent charges encumbering the premises. C78/75, no. 10 [4]
1589 25 Jan 31 Robert Bisse and Richard Bisse, younger sons of Richard Bisse of Publow, Som., clothman, decd v Anthony Skutt esq. Lease of lands in Publow and Leigh, Som., including a capital messuage called Publoe, all the estate of Richard Bisse decd: grant of the term by Lawrence Baynard (who married the plt's mother) to the dft and others. C78/120, no. 8 [5]
1589 28 Jan 31 Laurence Loggyn of Longdon, Staffs, gent v. William Unwyn, Robert Chetwin and John Okott. Customary holding of manor of Tunstall in Oldcott and Brieryhurst [in Wolstanton], Staffs. C78/76, no. 8 [6]
1589 1 Feb 31 Dorothy, Elizabeth, Isabel and Anne, daughters of Richard Grenevile of Little Pollicott, Bucks, esq v. Walter Dennys, esq and wife Alice. Payment of legacies of £100 apiece to plaintiffs under will of Edward Grenevile of Wotton Underwood, Bucks, esq. Defendant Alice is Grenevile's widow and executrix. C78/67, no. 7 [7]
1589 5 Feb 31 John Wincoll of Clopton, Suff, clerk v. Humphrey White. Assignment of a lease of the rectory of Brightlingsea, Essex. C78/78, no. 22 [8]
1589 8 Feb 31 William Colles, citizen and grocer of London v. Humphrey Coningsby, esq and wife Mary, Ralph Turnor, John Binge and Nicholas Barnes. Lease of manor of Sopwell [in St. Peters] and messuages, lands and houses in and around St. Albans, Herts. C78/79, no. 17 [9]
1589 10 Feb 31 Hugh Hamlyn of Ermington, Devon, yeoman, Lewis Frynke of Brixton, Devon, husbandman, Francis Ryche of Ermington, husbandman and Christopher Holme of Brixton, yeoman v. John Fortescue, sen, esq and his son, John Fortescue jun, and John Cole alias Colles, gent. Leases for lives of tenements with lands in Ermington, Brixton (including a nursery) and in Spriddlestone, Devon. C78/69, no. 2 [10]
1589 11 Feb 31 Thomas Nedler v. William Froste and wife Jane and Edward Carleton. Copyhold and freehold property in Ealing, Midd and the conveyance of the same to cover the debts of the plaintiff, currently imprisoned in Wood Street compter, London. Dismission. C78/72, no. 11 [11]
1589 12 Feb 31 Henry Mathewe, esq, v. Sir Edward Stradling. Conveyance of lease of manor of Llandaff, Glam under will of William Mathew of Radyr, Glam, esq. C78/78, no. 19 [12]
1589 13 Feb 31 John Ireland of Framlingham, Suff v. John Driver. Copyhold and freehold property in Framlingham and Kettleburgh, Suff and the plaintiff's conveyances of the same to cover his debts. Dismission. C78/72, no. 10 [13]
1589 15 Feb 31 Allen Kettle v. Robert Hayes and wife Martha, Richard Parker and William Harding. Messuage with lands in Betsham in Southfleet, Kent. Former bill v. John Browne, yeoman, dec. Dismission. C78/69, no. 5 [14]
1589 17 Feb 31 John Joule, John Hanke, John Webbe, William Cadley, John Rawlyn, Thomas Gerrey, John Hawke of Bowden, Cornwall v. William and John Hender, Francis Sayer and John Trevillian. Fines for holdings payable by tenants of manor of Polyphant (in Lewannick) Corn on induction of parsons to Minster Rectory, Corn. C78/80, no. 27 [15]
1589 17 Feb 31 John ap Morgan and wife Gwinivere v. John ap David ap Llewellyn, Rice ap John Fowke and Henry ap John ap David ap Madock. Messuage with lands in Gyffylliog, Denb and will of John ap Laurence. C78/81, no. 17 [16]
1589 18 Feb 31 George Fulwood, gent and wife Anne v. Ashton Aylworth, gent, Richard Marple, gent and wife Susan and Richard Bentley. Performance of will of Thomas Bentley of St. Andrews, Holborn, Midd. Lease of Bentley's lands in Midd to Aylworth to provide for education of his son and daughter, the plaintiff Anne, and for the payment of his debts and legacies. C78/69, no. 4 [17]
1589 28 March 31 John Merchaunt alias Jenynges, son of John Merchaunt alias Jenynges v Peter Lawde alias Laward and Thomas Lane. Possession of closes and a messuage called Gardyners Moor in Swallowfield, Wilts., the closes mortgaged to Lawde by plt's father as security for sums borrowed and let to Lane during the plt's minority. C78/117, no. 18 [18]
1589 12 April 31 Michael Boys of Staple Inn, Midd and wife Katherine and Jane Mearing, daughter of Sir William Mearing of Meering, Notts, dec v. Peter Roos, esq. Legacies under will of Sir William Mearing, mortgage of manor of Fyttons and Gloucester with lands in Sternthorpe [in Sutton on Trent] and Sutton on Trent, Notts; wardship of William Rygges and lands in Lincs and lease of rectory of South Scarle, Notts. C78/73, no. 4 [19]
1589 17 April 31 Joan Tew als Lewis of 'Ambersley’ [? Ombersley], Worcs, widow v. James ap David the younger of Whaton, Radnor, gent. Redemption of mortgage of two tenements with lands in Pilleth and Llangunllo, Rad. Case already dismissed from council of the Marches. Dismission. C78/85, no. 11 [20]
1589 23 April 31 Roger Robotham, citizen and cloth-worker of London v. Thomas Snagge. Debts and imprisonment of John Easton of London, gent and lands and tenements in Letchworth, Herts. C78/79, no. 18 [21]
1589 26 April 31 Thomas Wood of London 'Sikeweaver' and Dionesse Niccolson of Kirkby Mall..., Yorks, widow v. William Sowlby and Gilbert Sleightholme. Customary holding of manor of Kirkby Moorside, Yorks. Dismission. C78/62, no. 15 [22]
1589 28 April 31 Robert Hide, gent v. John Styll, D.D. master of Trinity College, Cambridge and fellows and scholars of the college. Miswording in the plaintiff's lease of the rectory of Eaton, Beds from Trinity College, and the validity of the lease. C78/67, no. 8 [23]
1589 29 April 31 Anthony, Henry and Nathaniel Harford, brothers of Richard Harford of Bosbury, Heref, dec v. Martha Harford and Walter Lea, gent. Lands called Tewkesbury Park in Tewkesbury and lands in Bosbury and elsewhere in Heref and Glos. An earlier decree of 26 Feb 28 Eliz and an annuity of 20 marks. C78/69, no. 3 [24]
1589 5 May 31 Purnell Sparke, widow, of Churchstanton, Devon, daughter of John Bonner, gent, dec v. Thomas Walker Legacies under will of John Bonner. C78/83, no. 6 [25]
1589 9 May 31 Edward Byrket of West Wycombe, Bucks, turner v. George Robinson and Miles Byrket. Customary holding of a messuage and 5 ‘cattalles’ of land in Troutbeck in Windemere, Westm held by tenant right. C78/73, no. 8 [26]
1589 9 May 31 John Hodges alias Bailye of Wood Stanway, Glos, yeoman and William Hodges alias Bailye, clerk of Martin James, esq, Registrar of Chancery v. Parrys Slaughter of Slaughter, Glos gent. Lease of tenement, close and yardland in Upper Slaughter, Glos. C78/78, no. 23 [27]
1589 3 June 31 William Beale of Waddesdon, Bucks, labourer, Thomas Green of Quarrendon, Bucks, shepherd v. John Purefey, clerk and George Cawfield. Customary holdings of the manor of Waddesdon; timber rights and fines for admission. C78/78, no. 25 [28]
1589 4 June 31 Gregory Walmer of Bloxham [Bloxholm], Lincs., esq. v John Preston. Relief from various bonds entered into with the dft for arranging loans from William Search of London, scrivenor: surrender of the receivership of crown revenues in Suff. and Cambridge by Philip Bassett esq. to plt, and other bonds made between the parties. C78/120, no. 7 [29]
1589 5 June 31 John Purte, Henry Parke, Roger Pointer, George Aldred and others (not named), tenants & copyholders of the manors of Barford [in Bereford] and Cossey, Norf v. Martin Sydley, esq. and Robert Sylvester. Admittance to copyhold lands held of the manor of Barford and common of pasture. Case previously heard in Star Chamber (see STAC Sydley) and Court of Requests. See C 78/73/12 Dismission. C78/73, no. 5 [30]
1589 6 June 31 Humphrey Holte v. Thomas Duncombe, gent and Lawrence Meridall. Freehold and copyhold land in Great Brickhill, Bucks. Case previously heard in court of requests. C78/78, no. 21 [31]
1589 7 June 31 William Dunche of Little Wittenham, Berks, esq v. Sir Henry, Lord Norris of Rycote [Oxon], Lord Lieutenant of Berks and Oxon. Repayment of plaintiff's charges for erecting a beacon on his land at 'Wick Hill' in Cumnor, Berks. Neither party is sure who should bear the cost and Chancery appoints a commission to discover the same. C78/67, no. 9 [32]
1589 7 June 31 Thomas Palmer and wife Barbara for Thomas Waller v. Richard Smyth and wife Christian, Thomas Berrye and wife Julian and Nicholas Cadman. Customary holding of the manor of Framlingham, Suff and will of plaintiff's grandfather, Thomas Waller C78/79, no. 19 [33]
1589 7 June 31 Thomas Churche of Milton, Kent, miller v. Soloman Pordage of Rodmersham, Kent, gent. Repairs to a mill and millhouse in Sittingbourne, Kent. Dismission. C78/81, no. 25 [34]
1589 10 June 31 Thomas Cludd, gent v. Brian Lassells, esq, Anthony Brakenburie gent and wife Mary. Lease of rectory of Beckingham, Notts. C78/62, no. 14 [35]
1589 11 June 31 Robert Scrope of Hambledon, Bucks, esq v. Michael Scott. Messuage with lands in Whiteleaf in Monks Risborough, Bucks. Dismission. C78/78, no. 20 [36]
1589 11 June 31 Robert Fynche and Nicholas Fynche of Redborn, Herts., yeo. v Nicholas Bestney, Benjamin Bestney, sons and executors of Robert Bestney of [blank], Herts., gent., decd and John Dove gent. Action on a bond of £200 in which the plt, together with John Dove gent., bound to Robert Bestney for payment of £100. C78/121, no. 5 [37]
1589 14 June 31 Richard Parkyns of Bunny, Notts, esq and Henry Stanley of Sutton Bonnington, Notts, gent v. Robert Eyre, Henry Cressey, Christopher Power, John Teverey, Philip Vincent and wife Anne. Performance of will of Richard Cleyton; legacies and profits of messuages and lands in Kirkby, Yorks and a messuage with lands in Bunny, Notts. C78/78, no. 24 [38]
1589 16 June 31 Henry Janynge of Barton, Suff v. Robert Futter, gent and Anne and Katherine Cotton. Promise, by Edm. Cotton of portion of 100 marks on marriage of plaintiff with Cotton's daughter Jane. Will of Edmund Cotton and manors of 'Conyers' in Barton and North Hall in Hepworth, Suff. C78/83, no. 5 [39]
1589 18 June 31 Sir John Harrington and wife Dame Anne v. William Daye, Provost of Eton College, Bucks, Peter Ranckall of Oxon, yeoman and Robert Debancke, clerk, vicar of Minster Lovell, Oxon. Tithes of the demesnes of the manor of Minster Lovell, Oxon. C78/67, no. 10 [40]
1589 18 June 31 Richard Langdon of Dartmouth, Devon v. Geoffrey Babbe. Redemption of mortgage of a lease of a messuage and close in the borough of Dartmouth and of certain plate. Dismission. C78/72, no. 12 [41]
1589 10 Oct 31 Robert Smyth of Lingwood, Norf and Edmund Churche of Maultby, Norf, yeomen v. Edward Paston, esq. Customs of the manors of Blofield and Beighton, Norf, relating to fines on entry to holdings. Dismission. C78/70, no. 19 [42]
1589 10 Oct 31 John Clopton of Sledwyche [in Whorlton] Durh, esq. v. Richard Walwyn, esq. Debt of James David Powell of Llanyre, Rad, gent and goods of Richard Haynes of Withington, Heref, dec. Dismission. C78/77, no. 1 [43]
1589 10 Oct 31 Francis Tempest of Doncaster, Yorks., gent., and Bridget his wife, widow of Nicholas Haulgh decd v Thomas Ellis, Nicholas Yates and Robert Browne, the last two being executors of William Haulgh, plt's son, decd. Possession of a lease of the parsonage of Wigtoft, Lincs. C78/123, no. 11 [44]
1589 16 Oct 31 Thomas Dickinson of London, haberdasher and Joan his wife v John White of Edmonton, Midd., yeo. and Joan his wife, widow of [ ] Hill and mother of Joan the plt. Bond to pay the plt Joan £40 from the moiety of an inn called `The Greene Dragon' in psh. St Ethelburga, London, at the time of her marriage. C78/86, no. 1 [45]
1589 18 Oct 31 Avice Carter, widow of William Carter late of Denham, Berks., decd and John Carter their son v Sir Henry Norris, Lord Norris of Rycote, lord of the manor of Denham, Berks. Reversion of two copyholds and 4 yardlands in Denham called Combes and Bottoms. C78/94, no. 17 [46]
1589 20 Oct 31 John Brown of Frampton, Dors., esq., son of John Brown decd v Robert Freake esq. Breach of trust: an assignment made by the plt's father of his lease of the rectory of Frampton, Dorset to the dft on trust that he would surrender the lease and take a new one to the use of the plt's father and his children. C78/123, no. 15 [47]
1589 21 Oct 31 Thomas Moreton of Winterborne Clenstone, Dors, esq. v. William Rogers of Milborne Stileham, Dors, yeoman. Ratification of an award concerning the hedging and boundaries of defendant's lands and a right of way through them. Bonds to abide by the same. C78/72, no. 15 [48]
1589 21 Oct 31 Lady Elynor Zowch, widow of Sir John Zowch, Knight decd v. John Zowch, son of Lady Elynor Zowch. Payment of an annuity charged on manor house and park of Alfreton, Derb, granted in lieu of jointure, and of another annuity out of lands in Alfreton and elsewhere in Derb. Lease of rectory of Attenborough, Notts and a house in Derby. C78/85, no. 9 [49]
1589 25 Oct 31 Clement, Edmund and William Rookewood v. Robert Rookewood, esq. Provision of annuities out of estate of Robert Rookewood of Lavenham, Suff, esq, dec and payment of his debts. Dismission. C78/80, no. 28 [50]
1589 26 Oct 31 John Dowse and Thomas Swetaple of Overton, Hants v. Richard Fyssher, Robert Fraunces, Francis Palmes, William Jefferye, John Hall, William Hunte and Hugh Denbye. Profits of office of portreeve of borough of Overton. Question of whether it is the freeholders of the borough or the bishop of Winchester who hold the right to appoint the portreeve and dispense profits of fairs and markets which go with the office. C78/67, no. 5 [51]
1589 3 Nov 31 James Norman, citizen and salter of London v. Robert Myles, goldsmith. Lease of a house called the Mill House at the back of the Sign of St. George in parish of St. Mary Whitechapel, London. C78/73, no. 6 [52]
1589 4 Nov 31 Stephen Astell, Thomas Fox, William Johnson, William Bloxam, Thomas Astell, William Cley, Robte Johnson and Frannces Clarke for themselves and the other customary tenants & copyholders of the manor of Wigston, Leics v. Sir John Danvers and wife Dame Elizabeth, John Calley, gent and William Arnold. Customary holdings of the manor and customs relating to surrenders of holdings and timber rights. Dismission. C78/73, no. 7 [53]
1589 11 Nov 31 David Owen v. Jennett Griffith, widow and Richard Roland Win. Close in 'Bodlegadie', Angles. C78/69, no. 7 [54]
1589 15 Nov 31 Dorothy Rowpe, widow, administratrix of William Ford decd v. Thomas Southcott, esq. Lease of messuages, mills and woods in the manor of Stoke Fleming, Devon. Dismission. C78/72, no. 18 [55]
1589 15 Nov 31 John Hamond, doctor of law and master in Chancery v. Richard Wright and wife Jane and Daniel Curtes. Two messuages with land in Chrishall, Essex. C78/80, no. 29 [56]
1589 17 Nov 32 William Symes, merchant of Chard, Som v. Sir Henry Portman. Lease of the moiety of West Close in Poundisford Park, held by custom of the manor of Taunton ,Dean, Som. C78/70, no. 18 [57]
1589 20 Nov 31 Anne Jorden, widow of Nicholas Jorden decd and Henry Jorden son & heir of the said Nicholas v. William Clement. Cottages and lands held by custom of the honour of Hampton Court, Midd. C78/69, no. 14 [58]
1589 25 Nov 32 Dame Anne Gresham, widow of Sir Thomas Gresham v. George Creswell. Lease of moiety of the farm of Nunkeeling, Yorks. C78/82, no. 1 [59]
1589 27 Nov 32 John Roscaroke of Roscarrok, Corn, esq v. Thomas Bruerton of Exeter, merchant. Mortgage of the manors of Liskeard and Trenant, Corn. C78/72, no. 13 [60]
1589 28 Nov 32 Pexall Brocas of Grays Inn, Midd, esq v. Sir John Savage and wife Dame Elinor. Will of Sir Richard Pexall, late husband of Dame Elinor, and manors and lands (named) in Hants, Berks, Wilts, Midd, Surrey, London and Northants. C78/79, no. 20 [61]
1589 1 Dec 32 Isabel Rande of Newcastle upon Tyne, widow of Henry Rande of Newcastle, decd v Robert Duddeley of Tynemouth, Northumb, gent. Possession of property in Newcastle conveyed by Henry Rande to Cuthbert Warde and Robert Redshawe to the use of the plt and her husband for their lives. C78/86, no. 2 [62]
1589 11 Dec 32 William Cavendishe of Derb, esq v. Roland Bond and Christopher Spryntall. Bill of debt owed by George Savell to plaintiff. Dismission. C78/67, no. 18 [63]
1589 11 Dec 32 Henry Poole of Muswell, Oxon, esq v. Sir Andrew Noell. Agreements relating to an exchange of leases of freehold and copyhold lands in Dalby on the Wolds, Leics. C78/67, no. 21 [64]