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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
early 1585? 27 Edmund Maddocks of Todenham, Glos., gent. and Jane his wife, sister of Thomas Bowlers and dau. of Lewis Bowlers of Penhow, Mon. v Elizabeth Batherne, executor of the will of Thomas Bowlers widow of Richard Baherne and mother of Jane Batherne, and Roger Batherne. Legacies left to Jane Maddocks by Lewis Bowlers and Thomas Bowlers. C78/119, no. 2 [2]
1585 27 William Harmer of Stonehouse, Glos, yeoman v. Olive Keblewhitte, widow. Customary holding of the manor of Purton (Pyrton), Wilts. C78/65, no. 8 [3]
1585 26 Jan. 27 John Horne of Saintbury, Glos, yeoman v. Thomas Shakill. Reversion of a customary holding of the manor of Mickleton, Glos. Case previously heard in council of the Marches and Gloucester assizes. C78/58, no. 10 [4]
26 Jan.  ? John Chappell v. William Willson and Walter Jobson, sometime mayors of Kingston upon Hull, Isabel Acland, Thomas Dalton and John Thorneton, aldermen of the town. Two messuages in Kingston upon Hull. Dismission. (Damaged) C78/64, no. 19 [5]
1585 28 Jan. 27 Dame Anne, widow of Sir Thomas Gresham, dec v. Gregory Fynes, Lord Dacre. Payment of rent for two customary holdings of the manor of Norwood and Southall, Midd, purchased by Sir Thomas Gresham for £350 in July 16 Eliz. C78/53, no. 15 [6]
1585 28 Jan. 27 William Odbye v. John Johnson. Messuage with l½ yardlands in Saddington, Leics. Dismission. C78/68, no. 4 [7]
1585 4 Feb. 27 Henry Cotehaye v. John Welshe of Barnstaple, Devon, merchant and Richard Davye. Customary holding of the manor of Stoodleigh in West Buckland, Devon. C78/53, no. 16 [8]
1585 4 Feb. 27 John Lather alias Lawther of Maldon, Essex, apothecary and wife Katherine v. Edward Jones, gent. Redemption of mortgage of a messuage and lands in Wrexham and Esclusham, Denb. C78/79, no. 5 [9]
1585 5 Feb. 27 Thomas Skrymshere of 'Johnson' [?Gunston], Staffs, gent v. Anthony Beeche, Thomas Shawe and others. Payment of rents for lands in the manor of Chell, Staffs. C78/78, no. 13 [10]
1585 9 Feb. 27 John Rotheram, esq, one of six clerks of chancery v. Elinor and Henry Madox and Richard Wattes. Lease of the third part of messuages with appurtenances in Nonne Eaton [Nuneaton] and Cotton als Potters Coton als Chilvers Coton, Warw late of Thomas Thomson, decd., bequeathed to his sister Emme wife of Robert Chapman, and then conveyed to John Madox, decd, husband of deft Elinor Madox (who was another sister of Thomas Thomson) C78/64, no. 2 [11]
1585 11 Feb. 27 Nicholas Wadham esq., son and executor of John Wadham esq. v James Moore gent., executor or assignee of Elizabeth Pollarde, Anne his wife and Thomas Moore their son. Failure to complete an agreement between John Wadham and plt and Elizabeth Pollarde whereby the parties were to exchange parcels of the manors of Branscombe and Sidbury, Devon. C78/99, no. 11 [12]
1585 11 Feb. 27 Henry Weste, son and heir of John Weste decd v John James son of William James and others. Possession of the freehold of 2 messuages and 100 acres in Downside Chilcompton, psh Midsomer Norton, Som., purchased by the plt from Lord Lawarre who then sold the manor to William James and John Richeman alias Sheperde. C78/99, no. 14 [13]
1585 11 Feb. 27 Robert Huddy/Hoody gent., son of John Huddy decd v James Cappes esq. and Edward Lancaster gent. Possession of the manor of Bearehale in psh Exminster, Devon and messuages in Exminster and Hawkchurch which the plt claims by inheritance from his father. C78/119, no.7 [14]
1585 12 Feb. 27 Customary tenants (named) of manor of Ashford, Derb v. George [Talbot] earl of Shrewsbury, Elizabeth, countess of Shrewsbury and her sons Sir Charles Cavendish and Henry and William Cavendish, esqs. Customs of the manor relating to lead ore, the court baron, leets, fines and rents paid by copyholders in Sheldon. (Decree only) C78/71, no. 12 [15]
1585 16 Feb. 27 Jerome Tycheborne and wife Katherine and William Fawkener and wife Joan v. William Melton. Lease of Longwood Warren [in Owslebury] Hants mortgaged by defendant to Richard Knight, gent, father of female plaintiffs. Decree of 11 Nov 25 Eliz dissolved. See C 78/53/2. Dismission. C78/61, no. 22 [16]
1585 17 Feb. 27 William Stoughton of Worplesdon, Surrey, gent. v Thomas Jones, gent., uncle of plt. Inheritance of crown leases of the manor of Witley and farm of Sattenham and lands in Witley and Thursley, Surrey. C78/99, no. 13 [17]
1585 26 Feb. 27 Humphrey Smythe of Inner Temple, London, esq and wife Anne and her daughter, Anne Crane v. Anthony, Robert and Henry Crane, Sir William Walgrave and William Clopton, esq. Settlement on marriage of Anne, daughter of Thomas Goodwyn of London to Henry Crane and the ratification of an award concerning the same. Manor and advowson of Creeting St. Olave, manors of Mynetts and Thedwards in Creeting and Coddenham, Suff. Manors of Plymtree and Payhembury, Devon and manors and lands elsewhere in Suff and Devon (named). Agreement relating to purchase of Anne Goodwyn's wardship. Directives and memoranda on award written in margin. C78/81, no. 11 [18]
1585 Easter term 27 John Weston of Oldland, Glos, gent v. John Danvers and wife Anne, widow of Leonard Ivye and daughter of Edmund Weston. Agreement concerning a joint purchase of the manor of Hanham Abbots, Glos. Manor of Oldland with land in Hanham and Hinton. Dismission. C78/68, no. 7 [19]
1585 1 April 27 Richard Elmer of London, fishmonger v. William Hamond, esq and Brian Hamond, gent. Estates in the manor of Lennerton [in Sherburn in Elmet], Yorks. Enfeoffment to use. C78/62, no. 6 [20]
1585 29 April 27 Kenelm Byllyng of Belton, Rut, tailor v. Robert Allen of Uppingham, Rut, blacksmith. Customary holding of the manor of Preston cum Uppingham. Dismission. C78/71, no. 14 [21]
1585 1 May 27 William, John, Joan, Katherine and Mary ap Llellow, grandchildren of Maurice ap Llellow of Presteigne, Rad, dec v. Hugh ap Jennar ap William Philo. Messuage with lands in 'Blaneglyn' in Llandinam, Mont. C78/53, no. 9 [22]
1585 8 May 27 John Deane v. Edmund Ludlow, esq. Reversion of a customary holding belonging to the manor of Wyford [in Tadley], Hants. Dismission. (Damaged) C78/53, no. 18 [23]
1585 8 May 27 John Holbache of Whitchurch, Som, gent v. William Bassett, esq. Common of pasture, pannage and fuel in Whytwood in Norton Malreward and Filton alias Whitchurch, Som. Plaintiff claims the defendant is felling timber more often than he should, thereby reducing the uncoppiced areas where he can common without interfering with new growth. Detailed order concerning felling and coppicing. C78/58, no. 1 [24]
1585 10 May 27 John Shorte and wife Joan v. John Skerne, gent. Messuage in Kingston upon Hull lately belonging to John White, alderman of York and father of plaintiff Joan. Dismission. C78/68, no. 5 [25]
1585 13 May 27 William Stanley, gent and wife Jane v. Jane Yonge, widow, George Leigh and William Yonge. Lease of parsonage of Hanbury, Staffs, acquired by plaintiff Jane's father, Thomas Yonge, late archbishop of York, for his daughter. C78/79, no. 7 [26]
1585 13 May 27 John and Nicholas Ellard v. John Webbe. Lease of a messuage and lands in Alvington, Devon. C78/85, no. 3 [27]
1585 14 May 27 John Sampson and wife Christian v. Francis Copley, gent and Henry Bateman. Close of arable land in Doncaster, Yorks. Dismission. C78/62, no. 5 [28]
1585 15 May 27 Robert Longher, doctor of law and master in Chancery v. Francis Cholmeley, esq and others. Lease of manor of Thornton on the Hill, Yorks for rent of £12 p.a. and fine of £400, granted by defendant's father Richard. Defendant seeks to avoid suit on grounds that lease was made on a corrupt bargain of usury. C78/68, no. 6 [29]
1585 17 May 27 William Kellam and other customary tenants (some named) of the manor of Eagle, Lincs and Simon Worsley and other customary tenants (some named) of the manor of North Scarle, Lincs v. Philip Tirwhytt, esq, lord of the manors. Confirmation of customs, including that of borough English. C78/58, no. 9 [30]
1585 17 May 27 Thomas Herring of Wingfield, Suff (now dec) and William Herring (now plaintiff) v. Henry Jernegan of Cossey, Norf, esq., John Godfrey and Randolph Blacklocke and others. Customary lands belonging to the manor of Syleham Comitis, Suff. Timber felling on, and a lease of, the same. C78/63, no. 9 [31]
1585 17 May 27 Thomas Fisher, esq, serjeant of the bakehouse v. Sir Gervase Clifton and George Clifton, esq, infant. Lease of prebend of Farndon and Balderton, Notts. Dismission. C78/78, no. 5 [32]
1585 18 May 27 George Hunt and other copyholders (some named) of the manor of Bentworth , Hall, Hants v. Frederick, Lord Windsor. Ratification of customs of the manor including those relating to fines, heriots, timber, quarrying, descent of holdings and essoins. C78/65, no. 1 [33]
1585 18 May 27 Francis Manners gent. v Cicely Duncombe, widow of Roger Duncombe, Richard Conquest, brother of Cicely and Arthur Hewett of London. Assignment by plt of his crown lease of a farm in Lidlington, Beds. to Roger Duncombe his tenant until the rents had sufficed to settle his debts. C78/119, no. 3 [34]
1585 24 May 27 Thomas Somerfield, John Weekes, Hugh Newman and William Bradley v. Richard Davyes and William Stratford. Rents for Viners Farm [in Rendcombe] and lands in Rendcombe, North Cerney and Woodmancote, Glos, late of Thomas Taylor, dec. Taylor’ s debts, and conveyances of the said properties. Dismission. C78/79, no. 6 [35]
1585 24 May 27 Walter Goodwyn v. John Johnson. Lease of a house called the East Gatehouse of the late abbey of Bermondsey, Surrey. C78/81, no. 12 [36]
1585 28 May 27 Customary tenants (some named) of manor of Withernsea with Owthorne (in Hollym and Owthorne), Yorks v. Henry Constable of Burton Constable, Yorks, esq. Customs of manor relating in particular to fines on surrenders of holdings and to amercements. C78/68, no. 8 [37]
1585 28 May 27 Customary tenants (some named) of manors of Easington cum Skeffling and Kilnsea, Yorks v. Henry Constable Customs as above in C 78/68/8. C78/68, no. 9 [38]
1585 10 June 27 George Goodale and wife Elizabeth daughter of Fulk Pigott, merchant taylor of London, dec v. David ap Jenner and Agnes and Jane Henberye. Remainder of two messuages in Denbigh, Denb, under Pigott's will. C78/64, no. 3 [39]
1585 17 June 27 Ambrose, earl of Warwick, lord of the manor of Old Stratford, Warw. v Francis Smythe of Wootton, Warw., esq., lessee of the demesne lands of the manor. Dft's occupation of lands [named] in the manor of Old Stratford not included in a lease of the demesnes made to his father. C78/99, no. 15 [40]
1585 19 June 27 William Frier, Timothy Pyme and other customary tenants (some named) of the manor of Temple Wickham, Bucks v. Robert Rawnce, gent Customs of the manor relating to timber on holdings and to fines, and an earlier award concerning the same. Issue already aired in Star Chamber and court of Requests. C78/60, no.11 [41]
1585 22 June 27 Thomas Thymblethorpe, gent, executor of Bertram Thymblethorpe v. George Thymblethorpe, gent. Repayment of money acquired by defendant on the execution of a bond of £1,000 made by Bertram Thymblethorpe to defendant. Bond was to save defendant harmless on an obligation for the performance of a pair of indentures made between Bertram and John Branthut. C78/68, no. 10 [42]
1585 22 June 27 Elizabeth Leonard and Emma Leonard, daus. of William Leonard late of Taunton, Som., merchant, decd v Eleanor Hill, widow and executor of Robert Hill of Taunton esq. and Thomas Lechelande, Robert Hill and Lecheland both being overseers of the will of William Leonard. Execution of the will of William Leonard: failure of Hill and Lechelande to pay legacies due to plt. C78/99, no. 16 [43]
1585 24 June 27 John West, son of Edward West of Hockliffe, Beds., decd v Christopher Eastwicke, lord of the manor of Hockliffe. Possession of the plt's copyhold lands held of the manor of Hockliffe: validity of his copy, alleged forfeiture. C78/119, no. 5 [44]
1585 25 June 27 Thomas Vachell of Hants, gent v. Stephen Vachell, esq., his brother Manors and lands called Weston [in Petersfield] and Heath House [in Buriton], Hants and lands in Turville, Hambleden and Bledlow, Bucks. Covenants and uses relating to the same. C78/53, no. 10 [45]
1585 26 June 27 George Bond, alderman of London v. John Alderford, esq. Right of way from highway to Honyam Meadow in Salford, Warw. C78/80, no. 18 [46]
1585 28 June 27 Tabatha Bradborne, widow of William Bradborne for Grace and Faith Bradborne v. Lady Elizabeth Bradborne. Legacies of Sir Humphrey Bradborne late husband of defendant, under a nuncupative codicil, and an agreement between plaintiff's father, Sir Thomas Cocken and Sir Humphrey on the marriage of William to Tabatha. C78/78, no. 6 [47]
1585 29 June 27 Edmund and Anthony Flowerdew of Hethersett, Norf, gents and Anthony's wife Martha v. John Stanley of Testerton, Norf, gent (now dec) Martha's father, Robert Ball,gent and Robert Gybson. Messuage called Gurneys in Scottow with lands there and elsewhere in Norf (named). C78/71, no. 1 [48]
1585 30 June 27 John Mascall v. Anthony Kempe, esq. Admittance to two customary tenements and land held of the manor of Slindon, Sussex and the rate of fine for the same. Messuages and lands in Sidlesham, Itchenor, West Wittering and Birdham, Sussex, part of the manor of Sidlesham. Dismission. C78/71, no. 15 [49]
1585 30 June 27 Adam and Julian ap Howell alias Smythe, son and daughter of Hugh ap Howell alias Smythe v. Roger Wood. Four messuages in St. Chad [in Shrewsbury], Salop and performance of will of Hugh ap Howell. C78/83, no. 8 [50]
1585 11 Oct. 27 Thomas Martyn, citizen of London and son of John Martyn of Guernsey, merchant, dec v. Hugh Dyrvault. Two messuages with gardens in parish of Holy Rood, Southampton, Hants. Dismission. C78/58, no. 12a [51]
1585 11 Oct. 27 William Ratcliff of Foxdenton, Lancs, esq son and heir of Thomas Ratcliff, esq, dec v. John Ratcliff, William's brother, and wife Margery. Third part of the manor of Chadderton with capital mansion and demesne called Foxdenton in Oldham, Lancs. Dismission. C78/64, no. 16 [52]
1585 14 Oct. 27 George Clement of Kings Lynn, sen, gent v. George Clement, jun. Issues of a customary holding of the manor of Guntons in Longham, Norf. Plaintiff is lord of the manor in right of his wife Audrey. C78/71, no. 2 [53]
1585 19 Oct 27 John Boraston v William Haye. Estate of Henry Boraston, property on the manor of Abborley, Worcestershire. C78/138, no. 4 [54]
1585 21 Oct. 27 Sir Henry Portman, Henry Cribbe, John Clothier, John Adams, John Payne, John Higgons, Andrew Southye and others (named) v Thomas Cowper, Bishop of Winchester. Dispute over the manors of Taunton and Taundeane: terms of copyhold tenure, manorial customs and fines. C78/138, no. 6 [55]
1585 26 Oct. 27 Henry Gifford of Somborne, Hants, esq. v. William Powton, William Beckett, Nicholas Hardy and John Hussey, gent. Lands and tenements in East and West Dean and Grimstead, Wilts and Hants, late of William Huland, dec, and articles of agreement concerning the same. C78/77, no. 9 [56]
1585 30 Oct. 27 George Bowyer, citizen and mercer of London v. Nicholas Lestraunge of Hunstanton, Norf, esq. Manor of Docking, Norf, conveyed to plaintiff by Sir Nicholas Lestraunge. C78/76, no. 3 [57]
1585 4 Nov. 27 Robert Stevenson and John Hunter, husbandmen and other copyholders of the manor of Surstwick, Yorks (named) v. Henry Constable, esq. Ratification of articles of agreement concerning the customs of Burstwick manor. Sizes, situations and rents of holdings specified. See C 78/36/36. C78/64, no. 17 [58]
1585 5 Nov. 27 Thomas Russell of Salop v. James Grafton of Wolverhampton, Staffs and George Hare of Coreley, Salop. Capital messuage with 240 acres of land in Coreley, conveyed by Grafton to plaintiff. C78/65, no. 9 [59]
1585 8 Nov. 27 Thomas Cave of Glentworth, Lincs, yeoman v. Margaret Mare Claim, under Thomas Mare's will and a former order by the lord chief justice, to a cottage and land in Hackthorn, Lincs. Land in Welton, Ryland and Dunham [Dunholme], Lincs. C78/62, no. 7 [60]
1585 8 Nov. 27 Peter Towker of Yarnscombe, Devon, yeoman v. John Wode, gent and wife Dorothy and John Ley. Admittance to a customary holding of the manor of Yarnscombe, and custom relating to reversions of copyholds for lives. C78/71, no. 18 [61]
1585 15 Nov. 27 Augustine Porter, gent and wife Elizabeth v. Thomas Beekingham, esq Lands and debts of Dedimus Buckland, Elizabeth's deceased husband. Annuity from property in Southwark, Surrey. Property in London and in Islington, Midd. C78/62, no. 8 [62]
1585 16 Nov. 27 John Hill v. Thomas Hill. Plaintiff's lease for lives of lands called Chyddecombe in return for his procuring a similar lease for defendant of lands called Blackdon [Blackerton] in East Anstey, Devon. C78/61, no. 23 [63]
1585 20 Nov. 28 John Springham, son and heir of Thomas Springham, infant, by Mary Springham his mother and guardian v Thomas Hodge. Possession of a copyhold and 100 acres held of the manor of Harteford Priory (no county given). C78/94, no. 2 [64]
1585 25 Nov. 28 Hugh Davy of Prittlewell, Essex, yeoman v. Lewis Davy and Nicholas Cox, John Davy and Ronald Wilkinson v. Nicholas Cox and Laurence Smyth. Two messuages with cellars, shops and appurtenances in St. Gabriel Fenchurch, London; an enfeoffment to use and an earlier decree concerning the same. C78/64, no. 18 [65]
1585 25 Nov. 28 Sir Gervase Clifton of Clifton, Notts v. Elizabeth Bassett, widow. Lands and tenements held by custom of manor of Carlton in Lindrick, Notts. C78/78, no. 15 [66]
1585 1 Dec. 28 John Rayment, jun, citizen and poulter of London v. David Evans, shoemaker. Payment of rent for lease of a messuage in St. Peter Cornhill, London and a bond concerning the same. C78/76, no. 4 [67]