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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
no date Elizabeth Cuttes, widow of Henry Cuttes, for her son George Cuttes v. Henry Cuttes. Payment of legacies to children of Henry Cuttes under his will, of which the defendant, the eldest son, is executor. Manor of Binbury in Thornham, Kent. Order only. C78/66, no. 1 [2]
1582 24 Jan. 24 Isabel Tydball wid., John Tydball her son, Simon Saffen and Joan his wife, dau. of Isabel v Davy Slocombe, John Slocombe and Richard Slocombe, all sons of Davy Slocombe elder. Possession of a copyhold tenement called Stone land in Brompton Ralph in the manor of North Petherton, Som. C78/98, no. 4A [3]
1582 25 Jan. 24 Francis Shilling and other tenants of Neatishead, Norf v. Edmund, bishop of Norwich, George Thymblethorp and William Rookewoode, gent. Fines of leases on the manor of Neatishead, and leases of the manor to Thymblethorpe and Rookewood from bishops of Norwich. Detailed schedule of tenants' fine rates (itemizing acreage) for demesne lands and all tithable lands, as drawn up by arbitrator. See also C 78/18. C78/54, no. 10 [4]
1582 26 Jan. 24 Edward Rosse yngr of Ipswich, Suff., gent., son of John Rosse v Edward Reignoldes yngr of Holton, Suff., gent. and Rose his wife, widow of Edward Rosse, plt's grandfather. Claim of Rose Reignoldes to a lease of a messuage and 100 acres in Salcott, Fyrby, Great and Little Wigborough and Nayland Park, Essex, as dower. C78/98, no. 10 [5]
1582 27 Jan. 24 Thomas Symeon v. John Symeon alias Symondes. Messuages and lands called Stockfield's Lands in Turville, Bucks. Dismission. C78/66, no. 3 [6]
1582 30 Jan. 24 William Lentall (now dec) and Margaret Lenthall, his widow, and sons Peter and John Lenthall v. Lady Margaret Tailboys, widow of Sir Peter Carew and wife of Sir John Clifton Reversion of a customary holding of the manor of Mohun's Ottery [in Luppit], Devon and lease of certain other property belonging to the manor. C78/61, no. 5 [7]
1582 1 Feb. 24 Robert Hayward of Old Newton, Suff, gent v. Richard Freston, esq. Admission to a close of land and pasture called Newclose, held by custom of the manor of Wickham Skeith and the rate of a fine already taken for admission to a part of the close. Defendant claims close is part of his demesne. C78/59, no. 1 [8]
1582 3 Feb. 24 Sir John Ryvers, citizen and alderman of London v. Humphrey Walrond, of Bradfield, Devon, esq, William Walrond, Thomas Willoughbie, esq and Humphrey Bridges, gent. Lease of a moiety of the capital messuage of the manor of Hepsbroke with lands in Penshurst, Kent. C78/54, no. 11 [9]
1582 5 Feb . 24 Matthew Ogle of Causey Park, Northumb, gent v. Emmanuel Trumbull. Redemption of manor of Swalwell and other lands in Durham, mortgaged to defendant's father, Thomas Trumbull, citizen and fishmonger of London. On the way to repay the last £40 of money owed by plaintiff to Trumbul, the money was taken to the Queen's use to pay soldiers during the Northern Rebellion. C78/63, no. 1 [10]
1582 7 Feb. 24 Henry Dell v. William Dell and wife Joan and Thomas Knighte and wife Ellen. Customary holding of the manor of Gorhambury (in St. Michael's), Herts. C78/61, no. 16 [11]
1582 8 Feb. 24 Henry Russell of Oxford University, gent v. Jane Vyne, widow Farm called Lowches in Long Wittenham Berks conveyed to St. John's College, Oxford by Sir Thomas White, and a lease of the same. C78/66, no. 2 [12]
1582 8 Feb. 24 Thomas Gyles, citizen and haberdasher of London v. Jerome Bellson, Richard Shipham, John Slaughter, Thomas Sandford and others (named) Moiety of houses and tenements in Southwark, Surrey, late of William Chester, citizen and skinner of London. Issues from the same employed for maintenance of the poor and a school-master. C78/80, no. 9 [13]
1582 10 Feb 24 Gertrude and Joan Slade, daughter of Thomas Slade, dec v. Robert Walker and William Lerayd. Tenements with appurtenances in Fleet Street, London called the Rose Tavern and the George. Dismission. C78/59, no. 2 [14]
1582 10 Feb. 24 Nicholas Glasse v. Nicholas and Robert Troute. Customary holding of the manor of Dulverton, Som. Dismission. C78/68, no. 21 [15]
1582 10 Feb. 24 Ellen Heath, widow v. Henry and Anthony Brox, Richard Heath and wife Ellen and others. Bonds for the performance of covenants between plaintiff's deceased husband Hugh and Henry Brox. Dower rights in a customary holding of the manor of Horton, Staffs. Tithe corn withheld from plaintiff. Three several bills: the second two dismissed C78/68, no. 22 [16]
1582 11 Feb. 24 George Turvile, gent and wife Elizabeth v. Henry Bridges, esq. Lease of site and demesne of dissolved monastery of Bruern, Oxon, and moiety of a lease of parsonages of Swinbrook, Idbury and Fifield, Oxon. C78/77, no. 3a [17]
1582 7 May 24 John, Grace, Mary and Katherine Nowell, children of Roger Howell of Little Mearley, Lancs, gent, dec v. Arthur Mawde, Alexander Wood, Brian Lister and others (named). Rents from lands and tenements in Bingley, Keighley, Laycock and else where in Yorks (named) extended to Nowell for John Paslowe's debts. C78/61, no. 9 [18]
1582 14 May 24 James Mascall of St. Giles in the Fields, Midd, ale brewer v. Thomas and John Harrys, William and Thomas Browne and John Coo. Two tenements called the Cheker and King's Head and other tenements in St. Giles in the Fields, Midd once mortgaged to Thomas Browne, with other lands (named, including the manor of St. Giles), by Lord Mountjoy and wife Lady Katherine and since redeemed. C78/54, no. 12 [19]
1582 15 May 24 John and Geoffrey Wylkyns v. John Borington. Reversion of a lease of a messuage and land called Venn (Fenne) in Bishopsteignton, Devon. C78/61, no. 18B [20]
1582 21 May 24 John Duncombe and other customary tenants (named) of the manor of Ivinghoe, Bucks v. Anthony Mason of Kew, Surrey, esq. Ratification of indentures between tenants and lord concerning an agreed schedule of the customs of the manor of Ivinghoe. Rental of customary lands given, and schedule of customs recited. C78/66, no. 4 [21]
1582 21 May 24 Richard Busshop, husbandman, Thomas Donne, William Hodges and William Searle, husbandman, customary tenants of the manor of churchdown, Glos v. John Chamberlain, esq. Admittance to customary holdings in Little Shurdington and Hucclecote, Glos belonging to manor of Churchdown and ratification of an agreement on customs of the manor, especially those relating to estates of inheritance and fines for admittance. C78/77, no. 4 [22]
1582 22 May 24 Ralph Troublefield v. John Hawkyns, John Dyson and George and John Burton. Customary holding in Brompton in Kensington, Midd belonging to the manor of Earl's Court. Dismission. C78/54, no. 13 [23]
1582 22 May 24 Thomas Lane of Bentley, Staffs, esq. v. Thomas Wollaston of Walsall, Staffs, William Gorwey, James Ducye and others (named). The free exercise of the plaintiff's office of the bailiwick of Bentley Hay, Staffs. Annuity of £15 to be paid from the manor and town of Bentley towards a free school in Walsall. C78/54, no. 14 [24]
1582 25 May 24 Edward Zouche of Pitton, Wilts, esq (now dec.), Christian (then) his wife v. Richard Sydenham, gent, Jane Sydenham, widow, John Browne, esq, and others (named). Payment of an annuity from the manor of Wynford Eagle, Dors. C78/54, no. 17 [25]
1582 27 May 24 Edward and George Moore, esqs and wives Mary and Anne, daughters of Sir Adrian Poynings, dec v. Sir Richard Rogers and wife Dame Mary, widow of Sir Adrian. Partition of Sir Adrian's estates between his three daughters and coheirs, and the jointure of Dame Mary Rogers. Manors, lands and farms in West Lulworth, Winfrith, Ringstead [in Osmington], Hollworth (in Owermoigne) and elsewhere in Dorset (named) and a messuage in St. Bennetts, Paul's Wharf, London. C78/68, no. 23 [26]
1582 28 May 24 John Morris of Little Faringdon, Berks [Oxon], gent v. Thomas Morris. Manor of Little Faringdon with appurtenances in Berks and Oxon and charges on the same, including dower rights. Property in Highworth and Hannington, Wilts and in Eastleach Turville and Southrop, Glos. C78/55, no. 19 [27]
1582 16 June 24 Guy Thompson v. Joan and Alice Goodye. Five acres of land on Thatchers Hill in Rodmersham, Kent. Dismission. C78/59, no. 5 [28]
1582 16 June 24 Francis Samwell, esq. v. Robert Harlowe and wife Martha; Robert Harlowe and wife Martha v. Francis Samwell. Leases of the great tythe barn and tithes of Piddington Rectory, Northants. Dismission. C78/59, no. 6 [29]
1582 19 June 24 Thomas Kynersley, esq v. Robert Felton and the copyholders of the manor of Ackleton. Customs of the manor relating to escheats and an attempt to reverse a decree of 19 Oct. 21 Eliz where present defendants were plaintiffs and vice versa. See C 78/51/21. C78/57, no. 4 [30]
1582 20 June 24 John and Richard Palmer of the city of London, merchants v. Sir James Hawes. Claims to raisins saved after the Salamon was wrecked on its way from Andalucia to Antwerp. Prices fetched by raisins saved dry, 'somewhat wett' and 'sore wett'. Plaintiff claims defendant took all raisins saved and decree awards him compensation. C78/59, no. 4 [31]
1582 21 June 24 Anthony Gell, esq v. William Blackwall, gent. Lands and rents in Wirksworth (Derb), some late of St. Helen's Chantry in Wirksworth. (Damaged) C78/56, no. 13 [32]
1582 23 June 24 Dennis Fyssher, citizen and linen draper of London v. Nicholas Raynton and Robert Thorpe. Annuity of £10 from the manor of Lechlade, Glos under will of Dennis Toppes, esq., which manor was divided up under the same will. Dismission. C78/54, no. 16 [33]
1582 26 June 24 John Myles v. Samuel Marrowe, Henry Gee and George Bramwell. Admittance to two customary holdings of the manor of Berkswell, Warw. Defendant Marrowe claims plaintiff is a villein regardant. C78/54, no. 21 [34]
1582 26 June 24 Laurence Greves and wife Anne, William Frauncys, Roger Atkinson and others (named) v. John Wyseman, gent. Admittance to a customary holding of the manor of Great Canfield, Essex. Customs relating to admittance on death of previous holder. C78/59, no. 11 [35]
1582 28 June 24 John Goodman v. Edward Wood, gent. Defendant's refusal to abide by decrees of 22 and 23 Eliz. concerning Goodman's claim to admittance to sheep foldage in Stapleford. See C78/55/8, 14. C78/55, no. 15 [36]
1582 29 June 24 Hugh Culme of Wycrofte, Devon, gent. and Thomas Estmond of Lodge, psh Chardstock, Dors., gent. v John Mantell, Robert Clemente, Richard Parrys, William Owseleye and 11 others. Division of the profits of a lease of the manor of Chardstock, Dors., made by the Bishop of Salisbury to Ralph Henslowe esq., decd., in 1 Edward VI and assigned in shares to the parties plt and dft. C78/98, no. 1 [37]
1582 30 June 24 Thomas Webbe, gent v. Edmund Webbe, gent. Annuity of 20 marks from lands in Overtown, Wilts, and will of Thomas Webbe, dec. Lands in Rodbourne Cheney and Overtown, Wilts. C78/59, no. 3 [38]
1582 2 July 24 Thomas Reve of Thwaite, Suff v. Robert Crane, esq. Descent of lands in Thwaite and elsewhere in Suff held by custom of the manor of Brockford Hall, Suff under will of John Reve, dec. C78/54, no. 15 [39]
1582 3 July 24 Edward Hopkinson v. Adam Wolley. Rectory of Ilkeston, Derb and covenants on marriage of defendant to plaintiff's sister, Grace Hopkinson. C78/78, no. 2 [40]
1582 4 July 24 John Price and Robert Johnes v. Hugh ap Hoell and wife Anne and Hoell ap Harrye. Lease of rectory of Ysgeifiog (Skyviocke), Flint. C78/81, no. 6B [41]
1582 4 July 24 Ralph Vyne v. Stephen Vyne. Messuages and lands in Westwood [in Ash], Surrey and Rickford [in Worplesdon], Surrey and the moiety of the manor of Wyke [in Ash]. Enfeoffment to use and will of Henry Vyne, plaintiff's father. Lease of manor of Piddington, Oxon. C78/61, no. 18A [42]
1582 6 July 24 Sir Richard Barkley, Mathew Smyth and John Sackefeylde v Roger Jones and Richard More. Estate of John White, late of Bristol. Manor of Ridgeways, Gloucestershire, disputed inheritance. C78/137, no. 2 [43]
1582 8 Nov. 24 Arthur Hewett, citizen and draper of London v. John Kitchen, esq. Debts of defendant's wife Anne, widow of George Foreman and of William Chyvall, draper. Lease of a garden (place not given) from the chamber of the city of London. Dismission. C78/58, no. 6 [44]
1582 9 Nov. 24 John Wirdnam, jun of Farnborough, Berks, yeoman v. John Yonge of Blewbury, Berks and wife Margaret and John Plott. Lease of copyhold lands in Farnborough. C78/55, no. 16 [45]
1582 13 Nov. 24 William Standish of Winchester, Hants, gent v. John Barrowe and wife Mary. Will of William Standish of Thornborough, Bucks, whom defendants claim died intestate. Lease of tenements in Southwark St. Olave, Surrey.and leases of a messuage with lands in Thornborough, of pastures called 'Wykye’ [?Wickey in Little Staughton], Beds and of lands in Syresham, Northants. C78/59, no. 10 [46]
1582 16 Nov. 24 Edward Lacon, and wife Joan v. Edward Wilson, gent and Thomas Clarke. Annuities charged at the manor of Willian, Herts. The manor was granted for life to the plaintiff Joan on her marriage to Edward Wilson's son (now dec). C78/57, no. 3 [47]
1582 17 Nov 25 George Wylton of London, chandler v. Francis Stiche, chandler. Redemption of the mortgage of a lease of a tenement in St. Sepulchre, London. Plaintiff mortgaged it to defendant for £17 in wares. C78/54, no. 22 [48]
1582 17 Nov. 25 Christopher Meade and wife Mary v. Nicholas Style. Copyhold land in Walthamstow, Essex, held of the manor of Tottenham, Midd and late of Sir Humphrey Styles, dec. Borough English and inheritance by sons of the half blood. Dismission. C78/80, no. 13 [49]
1582 24 Nov. 25 Thomas Evans of Tarrant Monkton, Dors, gent v. Robert Daishewood. Pasture rights of the rectory tenants of Tarrant Monkton on the site of the manor there. Dismission. C78/68, no. 25 [50]
1582 27 Nov. 25 Christopher Stone and wife Thomasine and Barbara Oare, widow v. Rice ap Owen and Hugh Rice ap Owen. Messuage with closes of land in ‘Garth Gelonnyn Fawr' [?Garthgellin], Mont. Dismission. C78/68, no. 24 [51]
1582 27 Nov. 25 John West v. Jaques Garrett. Debt for chattels and merchandise. Decree only. C78/66, no. 5 [52]
1582 28 Nov. 25 Alice Degle, daughter of Moses Degle of Monks Mill in Great Faringdon, Berks, yeoman v. Arthur Lewes and wife Margaret. Lease of a messuage and mill called Monks Mill with appurtenances in Wadley, [in Great Faringdon], Berks [Oxon] from Oriel College, Oxon. C78/55, no. 17 [53]
1582 1 Dec. 24 Marmaduke Walker of London, yeoman v. Adam Lathes and John Hodgeson. Customary holding of the manor of Legburthwaite, Cumb held by tenant right. Defendant claims that, as plaintiff's ancestor was a convicted felon, he forfeited all his rights in his holding of the manor. Case already heard in the Council of the North.


C78/57, no. 10 [54]